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Selected by Breyer® - An Arabian Horse Ambassador Selected by Breyer® Model Horses to be immortalized as a model earlier this year and invited as a guest to appear at BreyerFest held at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky, July 13th-15th, *Empres embodies what it means to be a versatile Arabian. One of only a very few horses from Canada to be chosen for such an honor, *Empres’ fabulous disposition and winning ways make him a great ambassador for the Arabian horse. *Empres++++// has top wins in five countries: Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, U.S. and Canada! *Empres (Monogramm x Empressa, by Probat) with his owner Prue Critchley of Manitoba.

Born at Michałów State Stud, Poland in 1995, under the direction of Ignacy Jaworowski, *Empres (Monogramm x Empressa, by Probat) was raced as a 3-year-old at the Warsaw track. He stood at stud at Michałów and other Polish stud farms for three years, siring 25 foals in Poland. Many of these have gone on to prove themselves on the track and at shows in Europe; some producing highly successful offspring themselves. In 2002, *Empres was sold to Klarenbeek Arabians, Netherlands, where he was shown with great success and used at stud. He was imported to the U.S. in 2007 and was shown at several shows, including Scottsdale, where he achieved top fives and top tens in halter and sport horse. Arriving in Canada in April 2011, *Empres is very proudly owned by Prue Critchley of Manitoba. A Canadian National Champion Sport Horse Stallion 2012, *Empres continued his winning ways, earning numerous titles in Halter, Hunter, Western, Dressage Side Saddle and Native Costume at the national and regional levels. Standing at 14.3hh+, he has the conformation and genetics to sire superior sport and show horses and is an AHA Sweepstakes Nominated Sire. Described as a kind and well-mannered stallion with a “teddy bear” disposition, *Empres is loved by many across the world. Fans can meet *Empres at BreyerFest Off to the Races – 2018 *Empres will be presented to his adoring fans daily in the Covered Arena. Be sure to get your model signed by Prue Critchley and have your photo taken with *Empres! More information and tickets can be found at www.BreyerHorses.com Since 1950, Breyer has provided fans of the model horse treasured keepsakes. No less than 15 Arabian horse models have been available to the breed’s devotees.

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Learning ... Those who already spend time with Arabian horses will bear testament to the fact that above the beauty, the excitement, the joy and laughter that they bring to our lives, above all they are teachers. Through centuries of intimate contact with mankind, these horses are incredible teachers of many things, in many ways, born to take us forward in this world in a myriad of ways, and perhaps, especially ... today. In this issue, we highlight just a few of the diverse ways that Arabian horses are assisting mankind’s progress in this 21st century, despite the notion that horses are supposedly no longer essential to our survival. With an intentionally inbred empathy for people developed over thousands of years of breeding, these horses are born schoolmasters in ways too numerous to mention, and have something for all of us, from the very youngest, to at-risk youngsters, to later in life beginning riders and beyond. We hope you’ll enjoy these stories about how Arabian horses give back, and that you will be able to find an Arabian Discovery farm or Lesson program in your area to stop by to meet these great animals in person. They will be happy to see you, and so will the humans they own. Onward!

Mary Trowbridge Mary Trowbridge

On the cover: MSU Horse Teaching and Research Center staff members Paige Bittner (left) and Kelley Arsonault (right), with Madison Deal and MSU Spartan Sequel. See full story on page 4.

Pictured: Anna Redmond with Lets Get Loded (LBA Lode Star x Aura Spring) and C Hondoo++// (Enzo x Enchantes Bey)

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BY SCOTT BENJAMIN Updated by Karen L. Waite, Ph. D., 2018 The horse has been fundamental to the identity and universal renown of Michigan State University since its inception in 1855 as the very first Land Grant College in the United States. Then known as Michigan Agricultural College, the management and breeding of horses was an essential component of the Animal Husbandry department, the core curriculum of which included lectures on equine health, nutrition, ranch management and farriery. The equine herd in residence and proudly reared by one of the most skilled and qualified group of horsemen on the continent was comprised of primarily draft horses, both first-rate Belgians and world-class quality Percherons. Teams of both breeds competed both regionally and nationally, winning top honours for several decades in succession while bringing great acclaim to the college and establishing Michigan State as a leader in providing the highest level of equine training and education, as well as affirming the breeding program as a source of superior equine bloodstock. The relationship of MSU with the light horse began in 1932 with the donation of the purebred Arabian stallion Amidore. The donor was none other than cereal magnate W.K. Kellogg, a Michigan native who had been supporting research and education at Michigan State for several years. His prized herd of Arabian horses was amongst the best in the world in the early 20th century, comprised primarily of foundation stock from the world-renowned Crabbet Park of Lady Wentworth in England. At his Kellogg Ranch in Pomona, California, W.K. Ar abian Horse Times | 4 | ENV ISION • #3

Kellogg became the first mainstream promoter of the Arabian horse to the masses through his weekly Sunday Shows, all-day family events in which the Arabian horse was featured as the equine breed of choice. It was at the Kellogg Ranch that middle-America mixed with many of the most influential people in the country, from business magnates to Hollywood stars, all in the context of enjoying and appreciating the world’s oldest and most celebrated equine breed: the Arabian horse. Amidore was joined by two purebred Arabian mares in 1942, creating the core of the Arabian breeding program at the university, with the first foals born in 1944. MSU can boast over 80 years of Arabian ownership, while the proud and noble tradition of breeding Arabian horses has endured for seven decades in central Michigan under university supervision. Both facts impressively establish Michigan State as the oldest Arabian breeding program in the country east of the Mississippi, and the third oldest on the continent behind Al-Marah Arabians and Kellogg Arabians/Cal Poly. Today, the Arabian herd at the Michigan State Horse Teaching and Research Center is comprised of 55 top quality horses from a broad genetic base, which includes many of the top bloodlines available in North America over the last half century. The original Kellogg base of mares was expanded to include the Crabbet import Silfretta in 1957, an Aristocrat dam of multiple-champions who has since established the most important dam family within the program. Top sires, such as Bask, Shaikh Al Badi, Aladdinn, Cognac, El Paso, Monogramm, Afire Bey V and El Nabila B, have been introduced through the decades to strengthen and expand the genetic base of the breeding herd. Other important sires, like the Nazeer son Ghalii imported from Egypt and U.S. National Champion Emanor imported from Poland, have also stood at university directly, contributing their genetic worth to the long-term value of the breeding program. The Arabian herd is maintained for instructional purposes for aspiring equine professionals enrolled in collegiate educational programs, making Michigan State the only university in the world committed to using the Arabian horse as the primary teaching tool for hands-on practical horse management and equine science. The Arabian horse is used to teach the basic horse and farm management, reproductive management, equine nutrition, Arabian horse breeding, equine judging, horsemanship, handling and training, and competitive showing. All handling, training and exhibition of horses at MSU is conducted exclusively by students. Michigan State is proud to support a show team of horses and students annually, competing both regionally and nationally with great success, exposing aspiring young equine professionals to the highest level of equine competition within the context of the Arabian horse world, and most importantly, with the Arabian horse as the primary tool for success. It is always an incredibly proud moment for the program to witness students who began with limited equine background and most often no exposure to the Arabian horse, standing in the winner’s circle while receiving Top Ten, Reserve National Champion, and National Champion recognition with an Arabian horse that was trained and prepared by the students themselves under the guidance of university personnel. Ar abian Horse Times | 5 | ENV ISION • #3

Michigan State currently offers two instructional programs in equine studies with the Department of Animal Science. The Institute of Agricultural Technology Horse Management program is a two-year certificate-granting program for students interested in working with horses with more hands-on application and in entry-level management positions. Twenty students are accepted to the program annually, which includes a full-semester of externship experience within the equine industry. The Animal Science Department offers a Bachelor of Science degree, with educational pursuits leading either towards Animal Biology/Pre-veterinary or Animal Industries. The Animal Science curriculum at MSU is rich with a broad range of equine specific and related courses taught by leading instructors and researchers in the industry, allowing students to gain a world-class equine education while earning a universally respected BS degree in Animal Science. At present, Michigan State is home to approximately 200 equine oriented students enrolled in both programs. In the Fall of 2018, MSU will also reintroduce a Farrier School at MSU, dedicated to developing well educated, highly skilled farriers in the Midwest. Each spring, the equine program conducts an auction of Arabian horses called the MSU Spartan Spectacular. Over the course of four months, sale horses are prepared, conditioned, trained and body clipped exclusively by students, all of whom are assigned individual project horses. During sale previews and on auction day, students also act as the first point of contact from potential buyers interested in purchasing sale prospects. Many students, having fallen in love with the Arabian horse through this experience, have ended up purchasing their project horses on auction day. Servicing primarily the youth and amateur market in Michigan, the Spartan Spectacular also serves as a principal exposure point for equine enthusiasts from all breeds and backgrounds to the consummate versatility, trainability and intelligence of the Arabian horse. As a result, literally dozens, if not hundreds, of first-time Arabian owners have been introduced to the breed through the annual MSU auction over the last quarter century. Supporting the educational and outreach efforts of the equine programs at Michigan State is “Friends of The MSU Horse Teaching and Research Center�, an organization created by a concerned group of Arabian enthusiasts committed

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to ensuring the continued use of Arabian horses within the teaching programs at MSU. Membership dues are used to support student-related activities at the Center, while most significantly, “Friends” funds entries, travel and lodging for students competing with the MSU Arabian horses at all local, regional and national horse shows. In 2011, Friends made an important step to ensuring the legacy of the Arabian horse at Michigan State by establishing the “The Endowment for the Preservation of the Arabian Breeding Program at MSU”. Endowment funding is supported by membership dues and annual fundraising activities, including the annual MSU Friends Arabian Horse Show conducted on campus at the MSU Pavilion. Proceeds from the endowment, when fully funded, will partially be used to fund breeding costs for the use of outside top-quality stallions, ensuring students access to the highest quality Arabians possible. Funding for the endowment is currently being solicited at all levels, through membership in Friends, as well through outside sources. The aim of the endowment is to ensure the maintenance and expansion of a world-class breeding and teaching program at Michigan State University for the 21st century and beyond, with the Arabian horse at the center of all endeavors. Michigan State University is a Land Grant/AAU university with over 48,000 students in residence. As the original Land Grant institution in the world committed to teaching practical agriculture and science, Michigan State continues to be a leader in both, as well as in agricultural research. The Arabian herd is an integral part of both teaching and research, with non-invasive research studies regularly conducted in nutrition, exercise physiology, behavior, and breeding and genetics. Outreach programs managed onsite educate the citizens of Michigan on practical horse management as well as equine evaluation and judging. At the very heart of this world-class institution leading the world in equine education and research is the Arabian horse, an essential partner with whom Michigan State University has prospered for over three-quarters of a century. As the leading educational ambassador for the Arabian horse worldwide, Michigan State University continues to ensure the legacy of the noble breed not only survives, but thrives for generations to come, by exposing the broadest spectrum as well as the ambitious future of the equine industry to the rich history, inherent wonder and incomparable value of the Arabian horse.

For information on MSU Horse Academic Programs and the MSU Farrier School, please contact Karen L. Waite, Ph. D., Faculty Coordinator (517) 432-0383 or kwaite@msu.edu. For information on MSU horses, contact Paula Hitzler, Manager of the MSU Horse Teaching and Research Center (517) 355-7484 or phitzler@msu.edu. Visit the website: www.msuarabians.com or like us on Facebook: MSU Friends of HTRC.

ARABIAN HORSES BRING OUT THE BEST IN EVERYONE... Durand family grateful for unexpected surprise after their home is destroyed by fire. DURAND (WJRT) (03/04/18) -- Just a few weeks ago, the Deal family in Durand lost their home and much of their belongings to a fire. In that fire, much of their daughter Madison’s toy horse collection was also destroyed. Sunday, Madison and the Deal’s were greeted with a surprise from a family friend -- through the kindness of complete strangers, Madison’s horse collection was replaced. “A couple people brought big piles of their personal collections over and we had people sending them from Amazon. They came from all over the country,” said family friend Wendy Peterson. “When somebody loses all of their possessions, it kind of feels very lonely for them I’m sure. I wanted to do something for her to allow her to know that there are people out there that cared about her,” Peterson said. Peterson says she simply reached out to her friends on Facebook asking for donations to help replace Madison’s horse collection. Little did she know she would end up with around 200 Arabian horses. Madison’s Mother Angela is grateful for the unexpected gift as the family continues to heal after the house fire. “Through this whole process what we’ve tried to teach her the most is that things can be replaced, but at least we’re all okay,” Madison’s Mother Angela said. The Deal’s are currently living in a rental home until they decide whether or not they’ll rebuild. As for Madison, she’s very grateful for the generosity of people who pitched in to help her start a new horse collection. ~ Story by Mark Bullion, ABC 12, Flint, Michigan Ar abian Horse Times | 7 | ENV ISION • #3

The VersaTile a rabian ... G ood -naTured, Quick To learn, a nd WillinG To Please a ny aGe of r ider

The Arabian horse is one of the most versatile horses on earth. They pretty much excel at whatever you ask of them. Whether you see yourself as a leisure trail or competitive rider, or love them just because, the Arabian horse will capture your heart.

TRAIL Be it for pure pleasure or show, Arabians are skillful, eye appealing and confident. When properly trained, they move over obstacles without hesitation and are safe and a pleasurable ride.

WESTERN This Arabian is calm, willing, has an obedient attitude with smooth, soft gaits and is happy and content to do its job. They are ideal for sitting in a saddle all day.

ENDURANCE From the time of nomads, Arabians have been the choice for prevailing in the harshest, most inhospitable conditions. Able to cross vast distances with minimal rest, food and water, their makeup has served them well--dense bone, economic body size and weight, long shoulder, deep heart girth and huge nostrils that allow for maximum air intake. Their well-constructed feet and legs are durable, and their bravery and acute intelligence are prized. They are able to carry their riders over thousands of miles, the dominating choice today when competing against other breeds.

HALTER Essentially a breeding class, each horse is judged on its correctness of conformation, its movement, or “way of going” and those desirable qualities which he or she might pass on to offspring.

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WORKING WESTERN This style highlights the agility and willingness of these horses to be guided by their riders, demonstrating difficult movements necessary in working cattle. The rider controls each maneuver of quick spins, straight sliding stops and lead changes. They exhibit smoothness, finesse, quickness, attitude and authority.

EVENTING On a high spirited, alert, athletic, bold and willing Arabian with the talent for jumping, you’ll love this sport.

RACING Racing is in the heart and soul of every Arabian horse. With its own long history of racing, the athleticism, speed and beauty of this desert horse made it the perfect choice. Keeping this in mind, Arabian racing today makes perfect sense. Considered the original race horse, when English breeders wanted to add speed and endurance to their horses, they turned to the Arabian. The result? the Thoroughbred. Arabian racing is the fastest growing segment in the racing industry today.

HUNTER This Arabian requires manners, performance ability, and quality and conformation suitable for a hunter. They cover the ground easily with a long, low, efficient stride that accommodates an all-day ride.

NATIVE COSTUME Representative of those used by ancient Bedouins when they charged across the desert sands to engage their enemy in battle, the beauty of the Arabian horse and the colorful heritage of the costumes make this one of the most exciting and popular disciplines.

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DRESSAGE Dressage is considered ‘classical training’ because it uses gymnastic exercises—a series of movements and figures—which have been studied and developed for centuries. When done systematically and correctly, the exercises will cause the horse to be supple on both sides and to respond willingly and obediently, moving freely forward with pure gaits and an even tempo.

ENGLISH Be it English pleasure, park or informal combination, this Arabian demonstrates animated, balanced motion with a desire to go forward with impulsion from the rear, expressed in long, lofty strides that eat up the arena beneath their feet as they flow over the ground. All gaits are performed with willingness and obvious ease, cadence, balance and smoothness. These fine horses combine their athleticism with grace and style typical of the Arabian horse.

DRIVING Drivers skillfully maneuver their horses through various gaits performed with fluid motion that is brilliant and eye appealing. The beautiful combination of an Arabian horse and elegant fine harness equipment makes this discipline a crowd favorite.

SPORT HORSE In this division, Arabians are evaluated in performance, manners, conformation, suitability as a working sport horse and quality. They push from behind, travel uphill, exhibit good length of stride and move with straight, rhythmic, balanced gaits. Conformation is evaluated in terms of potential trainability, potential performance and predisposition to soundness.

SHOW HACK Combining the precision of dressage and the brilliance of the Arabian horse itself, this discipline has its roots in classical movements of the collected and extended gait, the hand gallop, the halt and the reinback. All movements are natural, which amply demonstrates the Arabians’ pride, elegance and versatility.

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Roughly Roughly eighteight yearsyears ago, ago, my daughter my daughter accompanied accompanied my wife my wife on a on tripa to tripantoArabian an Arabian horsehorse farmfarm in Minnesota, in Minnesota, just to justview to view a bitaofbit of the Arabian the Arabian horsehorse backback riding riding scene. scene. Nothing Nothing aboutabout it resonated it resonated at the at time; the time; horses horses for me for me equated equated withwith JohnJohn Wayne, Wayne, the rodeo the rodeo and the and the cavalry cavalry coming coming overover the hill. the hill. All good. All good. In fact, In fact, I hadI flown had flown my Cessna my Cessna 185 over 185 over the sprawling the sprawling barnbarn complex complex and white and white fences fences on multiple on multiple occasions occasions en route en route to a friend’s to a friend’s farmfarm field,field, without without a second a second thought. thought. Perhaps Perhaps I should I should havehave thought thought a little a little harder. harder. Fast Fast forward forward to the to present. the present. It’s June. It’s June. Maybe Maybe July. July. AndAnd it’s hot. it’s hot. The The largelarge fan behind fan behind me isme is spooling spooling up a up combination a combination of dust of dust mixed mixed withwith strong strong overtones overtones of ammonia, of ammonia, hay and hay maand manure,nure, an odor an odor I believe I believe unique unique to the to horse the horse barnbarn in midsummer. in midsummer. Around Around me, girls me, girls of various of various ages ages sit atsit makeup at makeup mirrors, mirrors, theirtheir mothers mothers and/or and/or friends friends darting darting around around themthem like well-orlike well-orchestrated chestrated NASCAR NASCAR pit crews. pit crews. Those Those whose whose classes classes are upcoming, are upcoming, mullmull around around individually individually or inorsmall in small groups, groups, dressed dressed in 3-piece in 3-piece suitssuits and hats, and hats, the sweat the sweat continually continually threatening threatening the the recently recently and carefully and carefully applied applied makeup. makeup. Out Out of the of corner the corner of myofeye, my eye, I spyIthe spy veterinarian the veterinarian and his andentourage, his entourage, heading heading downdown the row the of row stalls. of stalls. I pray I pray he doesn’t he doesn’t stop stop in in frontfront of our of horse. our horse. AfterAfter whatwhat seems seems an eternity, an eternity, my daughter’s my daughter’s classclass is fastis approaching. fast approaching. The The trainers trainers and grooms and grooms are moving are moving quickly, quickly, which which amazes amazes me given me given the level the level of heat of heat in the in building. the building. It seems It seems to me, to always, me, always, that that theythey will not will have not have the the horsehorse and rider and rider readyready on time, on time, but they but they havehave nevernever failedfailed yet. yet. My daughter My daughter is nervous. is nervous. So am SoI.am She I. She is myischild, my child, and Iand want I want her to her to succeed. succeed. No, INo, want I want her to herwin. to win. I take I take my appointed my appointed spot spot in the in corner the corner of of the arena the arena on the on rail, the rail, and yell and to yellher to as her she as enters she enters the arena. the arena. I cheer I cheer her her on, but on, she but isshe focused is focused on the on ride, the ride, and Iand know I know she doesn’t she doesn’t hearhear me. Ime. watch I watch the various the various gatesgates closely, closely, but in butallinhonesty, all honesty, I understand I understand nonenone of this. of this. I I grewgrew up on uphome on home runs,runs, goals,goals, touchdowns. touchdowns. RightRight lead,lead, wrong wrong lead,lead, diag-diagonals, onals, post post this, this, post post that,that, get collected. get collected. I amInot am capable not capable of appreciating of appreciating thesethese subtleties. subtleties. My choice My choice for winner for winner rarelyrarely makes makes the top the ten. top ten. So what So what then,then, really, really, is this is all thisabout? all about? My experience My experience has shown has shown this affair this affair to betoa be highly a highly subjective, subjective, politicized, politicized, very very expensive expensive formform of performance of performance art. What art. What do we, do or we,more or more importantly, importantly, our children, our children, gain gain fromfrom this this activity? activity? I would I would argueargue the following the following … much. … much. OverOver the course the course of years, of years, I have I have watched watched an interminably an interminably shy child shy child evolve evolve into into a confident, a confident, focused focused young young woman, woman, not deterred not deterred by difficult by difficult situations situations or unfavorable or unfavorable odds.odds. She She has made has made manymany friends friends among among her peer her peer group, group, and can and hold can hold her own her own amongst amongst adults, adults, for better for better or worse or worse (particularly (particularly her own her own parents). parents). AndAnd whilewhile somesome of this of is this clearly is clearly rooted rooted in the in normal the normal maturational maturational process, process, I attribute I attribute a significant a significant portion portion of her of growth her growth as as an individual an individual to the to riding the riding experience. experience. Maneuvering Maneuvering a tona of ton horse of horse fleshflesh around around the arena the arena can be cannobeeasy no easy task,task, eveneven less so lesswhen so when in front in front of friends, of friends, peers, peers, judges judges and judgmental and judgmental parents. parents. The The emotional emotional highhigh of a top of a ten, top ten, reserve reserve or championship or championship ride,ride, perhaps perhaps followed followed by the by low the of low getting of getting the the gate gate in tomorrow’s in tomorrow’s class,class, has to hasbetoequally be equally emotionally emotionally taxing. taxing. To my Toknowledge, my knowledge, therethere are no aremajor no major college college scholarships scholarships awaiting awaiting the the best best serpentine serpentine pattern, pattern, no endorsements no endorsements for afor topa ten, top ten, and no andprofessional no professional walk,walk, trot, trot, canter canter or equitation or equitation circuits. circuits. What What therethere is however, is however, is characis character. Character ter. Character and confidence and confidence in life’s in life’s tribulations, tribulations, character character and humility and humility in victory, in victory, character character and dignity and dignity in defeat. in defeat. Properly Properly positioned positioned feet aside, feet aside, this for thisme, for is me, theis greatest the greatest lesson lesson our children our children can learn. can learn. Now,Now, tell me tellagain me again how how muchmuch that that hat cost? hat cost?

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AAFather’s Father’sTake Take On OnThe TheValue Value OfOfArabian ArabianHorses Horses

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Libby Ferguson Training Springfield | 417-894-8221 RGB Training & Sales www.libbyfergusonhorsetraining.com Skaneateles | 315-209-9186 www.rgbriding.com Clanton Performance Horses Watching Hawk Arabians Riding Club** Rome | 315-271-9073 Peculiar | 816-709-9054 www.clantonperformancehorses.com www.watchinghawkarabians.com Fired Up Ranch NORTH CAROLINA Lee’s Summit | 816-529-9195 https://firedupranch.weebly.com/ Chesapeake Training Center Rocky Mount | 757-377-9903 NEVADA



Thell Arabs@Greene Field Farm Crystal Arabians Greene | 401-255-6568 Lehi | 801-455-8347 Facebook: Greene Field Farm www.Crystalarabians.com SOUTH DAKOTA Glory Bound Arabians Brandon | 605-582-6188 Performance Plus Farms, LLC** Sioux Falls | 605-361-3334 www.pparabians.com TENNESSEE Copperhill Arabians Mt. Juliet | 615-927-9915 www.Copperhillarabians.com

Daniel Training Center LLC Riverton | 801-477-7080 Taylor Ranch Riding Prog. Payson | 801-722-5396 www.taylorarabians.com VIRGINIA Dabney Mill Equestrian Centre Petersburg | 804-314-5216 Facebook: Dabney-MillEquestrian-Centre

Jessica Cole Training Center Baraboo | jcts@jvlnet.com www.Jessicacoletrainingstables.com LeFever Training Center Roberts | 612-965-4122 www.Lefevertc.com P&H Horse & Cattle Co. Almena | 715-641-0354 www.pamandhoytrose.com Price Performance Horses New Berlin | 612-418-8401 www.priceperformancehorses.com St Croix Training Center Hudson | 612-709-3638 www.Stcroixtc.com

Westridge Farms Emmanuel Equine Facility River Falls | 715-426-9640 OHIO Strasburg | 540-974-5794 Reno-Tahoe Equestrian Centre www.Westridgefarms.com Irvine Training** www.emmanuelequine.webs.com Reno | 775-853-1385 TA Equestrian Academy Maryville | 865-801-0612 www.Renotahoearabians.com CANADA Troy | 937-308-5313 www.Irvinetraining.net Evergreen Farm, LLC** Berryville | 540-955-0529 Fitzpatrick Perf. Horses @ Cutter Facebook: TA Equestrian Cara Arabians Academy Music City Riding Academy** www.Evergreenfarm.info Ridge Ranch LLC Foothills, Alberta Lebanon | 615-495-7346 Carson Valley | 775-721-3855 403-860-2527 Facebook: caraarabianstables www. www.musiccityridingacademy.com Garlands Powhatan | 804-598-3657 fitzpatrickperformancehorses.com OREGON www.Tommygarland.com Kim Seward Training Mystic Rose Arabians** Diamond B Training/Lessons** Eads | 901-465-2119 Ardrossan, Alberta Newberg | 503-539-3763 Liberty Arabians, Ltd.** 780-777-3260 NEW HAMPSHIRE www.mysticrosearabians.com Suffolk | 757-934-3566 www.highlandparkequestrian.com www.diamondbtrainingstable.com Facebook: Liberty Arabians Ltd Abaria Stables Semiahmoo Stables Concord | 603-731-2163 TEXAS Sarkozi Training Centre Surrey, BC | 604-536-9440 www.abarisarabians.com PENNSYLVANIA Virginia Beach |757-471-3712 www.Semiahmoostables.com Bay Area Equestrian Center Facebook: SterlingMeadows Pearland | 281-996-1515 Blue Goose Stable, LLC NEW JERSEY www.baectx.com Cochranville | 610-999-5231 **Denotes also a Discovery Farm www.bluegoosestable.com WASHINGTON Carousel Farm BayWood Equestrian Center Augusta | 973-219-1044 Princeton | 214-499-1737 C & G Ranch Command Performance www.carouselfarmsnj.com www.baywoodequestrian.com Evans City | 724-355-8498 Ridgefield | 360-901-2854 www.candgranch.com www. Good Times Farm Beahr Ridge Arabians & commandperformancetraining. Freehold | 732-409-2882 Training Center** Crescendo Training Centre** com www.goodtimefarm.com Ennis | 319-231-5075 Ephrata | 717-354-5585 www.crescendotrainingcentre.com www.beahrridgearabians.com MS Performance Horses Tranquility Farm Monroe | 425-750-8465 Chester | 908-966-3200 Joyner Arabians Ryan Show Horses www.tranquilityhorsefarm.com El Paso | 915-276-5471 Gettysburg | 609-558-0643 N Joy Arabians www.Joynerarabians.com www.ryanshowhorses.com Olympia | 360-456-6339 www.njoyarabiansllc.com NEW MEXICO Legacy Arabians Travelda Riding Academy Terrell | 972-679-5720 Quakertown | 502-548-9429 Timepiece Arab & Sport Horses Valencia Farms www.traveldaridingacademy.com www.Legacyarabians.com Olympia | 360-943-9076 Corrales | 505-899-5336 www.Timepiecearabians.com www.Valenciafarms.com The Brass Ring Valley View Farms Burleson | 817-447-0001 Springtown | 610-972-7079 www.thebrassringinc.com www.valleyviewfarms.us WISCONSIN NEW YORK Tezmaral Arabians** Watergap Stables, LLC** Dan Barker Performance Horses Burnett Riding Argyle | 214-533-9123 Christiana |610-593-2000 Waterford | 414-702-0047 Weedsport | 315-708-4178 www.tezmaralarabians.com www.watergapstables.com www.danbarkertraining.com www.meaghanburnett.com/ CatoRidingLessons/ Weddle Training Stables** Whoa Nellie Equine Services Jericho Creek Farm** Austin | 512-657-8612 Willow Hill | 717-729-4473 Eagle | 262-594-3667 Northridge Farm www.Weddleshowhorse.com www.trainmyhorse.net www.jerichocreekfarms.net Lockport | 716-983-0496 Facebook: Northridge-Farm

Ar abian Horse Times | 13 | ENV ISION • #3

•aHa Discovery Farms•

"This unique program offers you the opportunity to explore Arabian horses at farms where knowledgeable owners are delighted to introduce you to their horses and answer questions in a relaxed, no-pressure, non-sales atmosphere. You’ll learn all about the breed characteristics, and gain first hand knowledge of what makes this breed truly special. There are hundreds of Discovery Farms across the country and you can easily locate several near you." —Arabian Horse Association ALABAMA Cool Fire Farms Hazel Green | 256-829-1514 Facebook: CoolFireFarms Wildoaks Arabians Wilmer | 251-649-9279 ARIZONA Amurath Arabians Scottsdale | 602-377-7885 www.amuratharabians.com

Breezy G Ranch Palmdale | 661-722-5170 Facebook: Breezy G Ranch

Silver Maple Farm Santa Ynez | 805-688-9873 www.smfarabs.com

Bright Future Farms Walnut Creek | 925-938-9613 www.arabsporthorse.com

Stachowski Farm West San Marcos | 760-505-7447

Caliente Creek Ranch Moorpark | 805-439-0187 www.calientecreekranch.com

Varian Arabians Arroyo | 805-489-5802 www.varianarabians.com

Victoria Arabians Williston | 352-528-6914 victoriaarabians.com Websters Arabians Mount Dora | 352-988-3040 www.webstersarabians.com

Double M Ranch Sandpoint | 208-263-3760 Facebook: Double-M-Ranch JP Arabians, LLC Meridian | 208-888-0954 Facebook: JP-Arabians-LLC Lost Juniper Ranch Oreana | 208-834-2086 www.lostjuniperranch.com

MorThanA Dream Arabians Windmaster Farms Genesse | 208-285-1223 DeFuniak Spgs. | 850-834-3060 mdarabs.com|aboutus.htm Circle T Ranch Arabians Ventura Farms www.windmasterfarms.com Hemet | 760-936-3483 Thousand Oaks | 80- 496-0767 ILLINOIS Cherokee Arabians Facebook: CircleTRanchArabians www.venturafarms.com GEORGIA Hidden Hollow Stables & Gilbert | 480-899-5257 Beaux Chevaux Farm Training Facebook: Cherokee Arabians Day Dream Arabians, Inc. Windamere Arabians Alpharette | 678-947-0959 Dunlap | 309-243-7979 Santa Ynez | 925-736-0942 Weed | 530-938-3558 Facebook: Beaux-Chevaux-Farm hiddenhollowstables.com Fable Arabians www.daydreamarabians.com windamere.com Tucson | 520-298-7393 Beaver Creek Farm Smith Horse Company www.fablearabians.com Fair Oaks Arabians COLORADO Dewy Rose | 706-213-1197 Kankakee | 815-530-8472 Lincoln | 916-408-2499 Al Zarka Arabians, LLC www.beavercreekarabians.com www.smithhorsecompany.com Jeffrey Wilms Trng./Mngt., Inc. www.fairoaksarabians.com Falcon | 719-683-4712 Fort McDowell | 480-614-8812 www.alzarkaarabians.com Burnt Hickory Arabians VanGo Arabians www.jeffreywilms.com Gazon Arabians Ranger | 770-846-9027 Amboy | 815-857-4411 Woodlake | 559-564-2133 Cynthia Richardson burnthickoryarabians.com Facebook: VanGo-Arabians Mary Campbell Training Center Longmont | 303-652-1442 Tucson | 520-885-1237 Hidden River Ranch Country Cove Arabians Waggoner Stables www.ridinglessonstucson.com Equestrian Center Gateways To Canton | 770-704-9295 Farmington | 309-338-5128 Hesperia | 760-662-9242 Transformation Farm Facebook: Waggoner-Stables Nelson Farms, Inc. Facebook:HiddenRiverRanch Longmont | 303-859-7385 Deep Creek Arabians Tucson | 520-647-3009 EquestrianCenter gatewaystotransformation.com Zebulon | 770-567-4937 INDIANA www.Nelsonfarmsinc.com Heartland Arabians Jack Tone Ranch Holly Arabians Dreym Bay Farm Hancock County Rio Estancia Arabians, LLC Stockton | 209-931-4972 Peyton | 719-749-0331 Newnan | 770-252-2705 317-467-3663 Rio Verde | 480-473-3520 www.fadjur.com www.hollyarabians.com www.dreymbayfarm.com heartlandarabians.com Arabians and More Litchfield Park | 623-224-5100 www.arabiansandmore.com

Central Coast Arabians Atascadero | 805-461-6535

The New Albion Stud Davis | 530-756-3911 cmkarabians.com

TanZyr Arabians Live Oak | 407-716-2878 tanzyr.bizlandcom|horses |tanzyrarabians.html

Sundust Arabians and Pintos Cave Creek | 480-488-5711 www.sundustaz.com

Langeford Chino Hills | 562-945-0933 www.langeford.com

MJC Ranch Bennett | 303-644-3651 www.mjcranch.com

Koweta Arabians Monticello | 706-468-2549 www.kowetaarabians.com

ARKANSAS Daystar Arabians Hackett | 479 639-2401 Facebook: daystar.arabians

Las Colinas Pilot Hill | 530-823-5951

Monument Asil Arabians Stud Monument | 719-481-4354 www.monumentasil.com

Paradise Arabians, Ltd. Lafayette | 706-694-8336 www.paradisearabians.com

Skatrud Arabians Knightstown | 317-418-6381 www.skatrudarabians.com

KENTUCKY Bella Vista Equestrian Center Lawrenceburg | 304-389-5717 Facebook: Bella-Vista-Equestrian-Center Hidden Hollow Arabians Bradfordsville | 270-337-2000 www.hiddenhollowpreserve.com Lawson Arabians Russellville | 270-725-1652 Facebook:lawsonarabiansathidde nriverfarm Martha Murdock Stables Versailles | 859-879-18 42 Peregrine Bloodstock LLC Lexington | 859-221-5094 www.peregrinearabians.com Sequoyah Ranch Jonesville | 859-462-0370 Stonehurst Riding Club Louisville | 502-241-1268 www.stonehurstridingclub.com LOUISIANA V & J Arabians Doyline | 318-745-9921 MAINE Mountain View Arabians Madison | 207-696-8399 www.mountainviewarabians.com MASSACHUSETTS Ash Lane Farm New Braintree | 508-867-9927 ashlanefarm.com Near River Farm LLC Douglas | 508-476-9974 www.nearriverarabians.com

IOWA Arabian Addiction Horses Prople | 515-462-2594 MICHIGAN Legendary Arabians www.arabs-iowa.com|aahmain.htm Ambiance Arabians Ltd Caliente | 661-861-1763 Powderhorn Creek Ranch Pullen Arabians Howell | 517-214-0456 Egyptian Star Arabians www.legendaryarabians.com Powderhorn | 970-641-9043 Lakeland | 678-773-6826 Legacy N Farm & Kennel www.ambiancearabians.com Mena | 479-243-0555 www.powderhorncreekranch.com www.pullenarabians.com Granville | 712-395-3700 Morgan Farms Arabians www.legacy-n.com Arbor Meadow My Lord’s Arabian Horse Farm Templeton | 805-434-5412 Wildflower Farms Signal Fire Ranch Grass Lake | 734-426-2853 Gassville | 870-481-5478 Castle Rock | 303-814-2214 Danielsville | 706-789-2010 Strub Arabians www.arbormeadowfarm.com Facebook: MyLordsArabians Nordy Arabians Facebook: Facebook: SignalfireRanch Lamotte | 563-773-2330 Hydesville | 707-768-2003 wildflowerfarmsarabians www.strubarabians.com Armstrong Arabians Stone Arabians www.nordyarabians.com Sun Valley Arabians Holton | 231-652-9687 Malvern | 501-865-1200 FLORIDA Lizella | 478-788-9357 Susan’s Arabians & Pintos www.armstrongarabians.com Paragon Arabians Comet’s Tail Arabians www.sunvalleyarabians.com Humboldt | 515-368-1234 Sunnyland Arabians McKinleyville | 707-839-2100 Branford | 386-935-2711 Facebook: Susans-Arabians-Pintos Bowland Arabians Mountain View | 870-591-6212 Facebook: ParagonArabians Myspace: comets_tail_arabians Talaria Farms Sanford | 970-824-2480 Newnan | 404-892-1975 KANSAS www.arabhorse. CALIFORNIA Pa-Sha’s Vista Arabians Gulfwinds Farm www.talariafarms.com Hacienda Del S-Par Arabians com|stallions|synafix| AK Arabians Ramona | 619-789-0981 Pensacola | 850-476-3396 Stilwell | 913-897-2652 Escondido | 949-310-0355 Top of The Hill Arabians www.haciendadelspar.com Ricia E. Araabians www.akarabians.com Rock View Ranch Hawk S Flight Farm Marshallville | 706-695-6141 North Street | 810-385-2094 Agua Dulce | 661-565-5689 Sarasota | 941-925 1730 R4C Ranch www.riciaearabians.com Alamo Oaks Arabians www.rockviewranch.com www.hawksflightfarm.com Zandai Arabians Tonganoxie | 913-645-7649 Mtn. Ranch | 209-754-4140 Cumming | 770-887-0472 www.r4c-ranch.com Rogers Arabians Sapphire Arabians, LLC HeavenSent Farm www.zandai-arabian-horses.com Lathrop | 816-740-3862 Alexandria Arabians Hidden Hills | 818-269-6140 Ocala | 352-369-5678 Renaissance Farms www.rogersarabians.com Santa Rosa | 707-585-2233 www.plumtreeranch.blogspot.com IDAHO Manhatten | 785-776-5269 Alexandraarabians.com M & M Arabian Enterprises Acevedo Arabians www.showscene.com|renfarm.htn Singinghearts Farm Schell Ranch Arabians Burleson | 817-295-0796 Blackfoot | 208-760-0816 Rogersville | 417-753-7750 Blackhawk Valley Arabians Pauma Valley | 760-742-3574 Facebook: MM-Show-Horses Acevedoarabians.com Sunset Hill Farms Facebook:Singinghearts-Farm Pleasanton | 925-248-4555 Rose Hill | 316-776-0570 blackhawkvalleyarabians.com Sherman Ranch Shansumako Farm Carsons Arabians www.sunsethillfarms.com Tuscani Pleasanton | 925-216-6316 Malabar | 321-725-6773 Juliaetta | 208-843-2610 Niles | 269-683-5449 theshermanranch.com www.shansumako.com www.carsonsarabians.com www.tuscaniarabians.com Ar abian Horse Times | 14 | ENV ISION • #3

Twin Creek Farms Morley | 231-856-4693 www.twincreekfarms.net

Weidel’s Boxwood Farm Pennington | 609-737-1036 www.weidelboxwood.com

Herder Arabians Oakwood | 210-896-0296 www.herderarabians.com

Wildwood Arabians Ionia | 616-527-2042 www.wildwoodarabians.com

NEW MEXICO Arab-Del-Shep Farms Edgewood | 505-869-3262

MINNESOTA Conway Arabians, Inc. Chatfield | 507-867-0060 www.conwayarabians.com

Foothills Arabians Silver City | 575-538-5080 www.foothillsarabians.com

Pegasus Arabians Berlin Heights | 419-588-3000 Round Mountain Arabians www.pegasusarabians.com Abbeville | 870-746-4500 www.roundmountainarabians.com Renaissance Arabians S. Charleston | 937-572-3279 Southern Heritage Farm rearabians.com Spartanburg | 864-582-5402

Sunset Ridge Ranch South Haven | 320-558-2980 www.sunsetridgeranch.com MISSISSIPPI Magnolia Arabian Stud Raymond | 601-857-5633 MISSOURI Cressant Hill Arabians Truxton | 636-597-4023 www.cressanthill.com

Romance Arabians|Rococo Sport Horses Corrales | 505-890-8386 www.rococosporthorses.com NEW YORK Baraka Arabians Brewerton | 315-668-2782 Facebook: barakaarabians Clover Ridge Farm Lockport | 716-440-9006 www.cloverridge.com

Herbst Farms - Arabian SH Farmington | 573-756-6592 Facebook: HerbstFarms

Cold Brook Arabians Cayuta | 607-594-2414 www.lightlink.com|cbarab

J & D Arabians Fair Grove | 417-224-6196 www.janddarabians.com

Graps Arabian Horses Van Etten | 607-589-6238

Khysus Arabian Horses Raymondille | 573-548-0219 ashleycreekhorseco.net Will-O-Bar Arabians, Inc. Kirksville | 217-898-8942 MONTANA Gold Creek Arabians Hamilton | 406-363-6647 hgoldcreekarabians.com Magic Carpet Horse Farm Helena | 406-442-6243 Sapphire Arabians Florence | 406-273-4395 NEBRASKA Wings of a Dream Arabians Martell | 402-794-4974 NEVADA Franktown Meadows Eq. Facility Carson City | 775-782-0353 franktownmeadows.com NEW HAMPSHIRE Great Rock Horse Farm Lancaster | 603-788-4203 www. europeanestheticsandwellness. com

Grassroots Arabians Holland | 716-537-2744 Grove Hill Arabians Holley | 585-638-5712 www.grovehillarabians.com Hidden Horse Farm Ltd Canandaigua | 315-573-4336 Hy-Wynne Farm Akron | 716-542-9841 Facebook: Hy-Wynne-Farm Stone Image Arabians Canajoharie | 518-673-3679 www.telenet.net|~stone Sugar Hill Farm, LLC Victor | 585-924-8240 www.sugarhillarabians.com NORTH CAROLINA Cedar Ridge Farm Egyptian Arabians, LLC Haw River | 702-845-6752 crfegypt.com Sans Souci Show Horses Marion | 828-442-6442 sanssouciarabianhorses.com NORTH DAKOTA Cedar Coulee Pintabians Ray | 701-859-3221 www.ccpintabians.com

Honeysuckle Rose North Troy | 603-242-3491 Domist Arabians www.honeysucklerosenorth.com Baldwin | 701-258-7350 Domistarabians.com Windover Acres Arabians Alstead | 603-558-5501 My-Bon Arabians Garrison | 701-337-5581 NEW JERSEY www.mybonarabians.com Dorsett Farms Woolwich Twp. | 856-476-0870 OHIO dorsettfarms.com Academy Farms Ltd Medina | 330-239-3526 Pennfields Farm Stockton | 908-656-1206 Esser Valley Arabians, LLC www.pennfieldsfarm.com Cleves | 513-941-2737 esservalleyarabians.com

Stachowski Farm, Inc Mantua | 330-274-2494 www.stachowski.com Stowe Arabians Springfield | 937-605-4779 www.stowearabians.com Winfield Farm & Forgea Grafton | 330-483-3646 www.winfieldfarm.com OKLAHOMA Amerikan Farms Agra | 918-375-2689 www.amerikanfarms.com

SOUTH CAROLINA Highland Farm LLC Batesburg-Leesville 803-920-7638

SOUTH DAKOTA Thundering Hooves Arabians Oral | 605-424-2722 Facebook: Thundering-HoovesArabians Triple H Worthing | 605 212-9105

Kim Lacy Arlington | 425-343-2905 www.hiddenfallsfarm.net

Gratia Arabian Bloodstock Kemper | 512-556-2436

MS Performance Horses Monroe | 425-750-8465 Facebook: MS-PerformanceHorses

Hackberry Arabians Manvel | 713-715-9300 www.hackberryarabians.com

Logans Run Arabians Hempstead | 979-826-8514 logansrunarabians.wixsite. com|mysite-1

Genesis Equestrian Center College Grove | 615-395-4228 Facebook: Genesis-EquestrianCenter

Miars Enterprises LP | Miars Arabian Ranch Murchinson | 903-681-0302 www.miarsarabians.com

Blackberry Run Arabians Debut Arabians Royersford | 610-960-2434 Combine | 817-483-5344 www.blackberryrunarabians.com debutarabians.com Executive East|Valley View Farms Dempsey Arabians Springtown | 610-972-7079 Kerrville | 830-895-5665 Facebook: rideatvalleyviewfarms www.arabiancuttinghorse.com DeShazer Arabians Cypress | 281-351-7829 www.egyptianarabians.com

Graci Arabians Lehinghton | 212-426-6231 www.graciarabians.com

Sunshine Acres Arabians Spokane | 509-847-4701 www.sunshineacresarabians.com Yellow Rose Arabian Horses Graham | 253-847-2879 yellowrosearabianhorses.com

Rising K Arabians Harlingen | 956-364-2945

WISCONSIN Dah-Ban Arabians Maribel | 920-863-8253 www.dahbanarabians.com

Royal Legend Arabians Bryan | 979-589-1638 royallegend.com

Fox Hollow Farm Clinton | 608-676-5159 Facebook: FoxHollowFarmInc

Tall C Arabians Cypress | 281-469-1095

Waterville Farm Oconomowoc | 262-965-3052 Facebook: Waterville-Farm

Twin Fiddles Ranch Alvarado | 817-783-3620 www.twinfiddles.com West Desert Arabians Apline | 432-386-3255

Windfeather Training Center Green Bay | 920-536-0447 Facebook: WindfeatherTraining-Center

WYOMING VIRGINIA Ayres Acres Arabians Amethyst Acres Equine Ctr., LLC Cody | 307-587-4012 Buchanan | 540-254-1017 www.witez.com www.amethystacres.com Bitterroot Ranch Arabian Hill Horse Park Dubois | 307-455-2778 Franktown | 757-442-2447 www.bitterrootranch.com Arabians Destiny Farmville | 434-392-5672 www.arabiansdestiny.com

Grayco Arabians Helena | 406-227-8409

Hugus Alfalfa & Arab Pintos Castaway Arabians Farm Pavillion | 307-856-0212 Boones Mill | 540-759-9479 www.arabpinto.com Facebook: castawayarabiansfarm Paintbrush Arabians Desert Rose Ranch Arabians Casper | 307-266-6768 Hume | 540-635-6912 www.desert-rose-arabians.com CANADA Millar Venture Arabians Ladamas Arabians Saskatchewan | 780-499-9219 Warrenton | 540-351-6056 www.ladamasarabians.com Whispering Wind Arabians Galax | 276 236-4446 WASHINGTON Columbia Stallion Station Pasco | 509-546-0784 www.columbiastallionstation.com

Dogwood Springs Arabians Avinger | 903-645-5933 Hidden Meadows Arabians www.dogwoodspringsarabians.com Gig Harlor | 253-853-5428 www.hiddenmeadowsarabians.com Roze Arabians Ltd. Dvorak Arabian Horse Farm Elizabethtown | 717-585-0855 Quinian | 903-356-2456 Kettle River Arabians www.rozearabians.com dvorakarabianhorsefarm.com Kettle Falls | 509-738-6489 Ar abian Horse Times | 15 | ENV ISION • #3

R.O. Lervick Arabians Sranwood | 206-629-3565 www.rolervickarabians.com

Honey Creek Farms Mabank | 214-418-1328 Facebook: Honey-Creek-Farms- Shahidova Arabians Performance-Horses Tenino | 360-264-5854 www.shahidovaarabians.com LD Arabians Cedar Creek | 512-284-0402 Shalwyn Arabians ldarabians.com Walla Walla | 509-529-4067

TENNESSEE Ali Sheba Arabians Dickson | 615-740-0870

Dreamcatcher Arabian Horses LLC Stillwater | 405-385-0883 Nedia Arabians Facebook: DreamcatcerShelbyville | 931-639-9374 Arabian-Horses Sanchas Arabians Firedance Farms Arabians Tullahoma | 717-982-5858 Okmulgee | 918-756-3757 sanchasarabians.com firedancefarms.net SE Legacy Bloodstock The Fourty Acres Bell Buckle | 615-525-3327 Sand Springs | 918-363-8468 Spring Hollow Farm Vallejo III, Inc. Nashville | 615-765-7065 Afton | 918-740-3536 www.vallejoiii.com SS Egyptian Arabians Moscow | 901-877-0881 OREGON www.ssarabians.com Scarab Farm Arabians Malin | 541-723-2017 TEXAS 4J Pecan Acres Arabian Farm Maranatha Arabians Rosharon | 281-595-3453 Scio | 541-251 0069 www.maranathaarabians.com Arabians Ltd. Waco | 800-973-1445 Circle T Horse Ranch, LLC www.arabiansltd.com Salem | 971-222-5808 Facebook: Circle-T-Ranch C S Arabians Crockett | 281-221-9809 Bella Vita Arabians www.csarabians.com Eugene | 909-731-2882 www.bellavita-arabians.com Cherokee Hills Farm Troup | 903-842-2354 PENNSYLVANIA www.cherokeehillsfarm.com Applegate Arabians Hegins | 570-682-8412 Dave Rhea Training Center Facebook: Applegate-Arabians Aubrey | 940-440-0601

Foxcote Show Horses York | 717-324-2180 www.foxcoteshowhorses.net

Desert Horses Palmer | 972-658-2000 www.deserthorses.com

Taking the Reins: Giving Arabians and At-Risk Girls Hope by KARA LARSON

This story opens with an end goal. “Taking the Reins” (TTR) is a non-profit that operates with the intention of empowerment. When Executive Director Jane Haven shared what she hopes to pass along to the young girls involved with the program, she eloquently stated, “I want every girl that TTR touches to realize her value. I want our girls to know that they deserve success in their lives and that they are capable of being leaders in their communities. Our slogan is ‘empowering girls through horsepower.’ With empowerment comes choice, and hopefully, our girls are learning that they can choose to take the reins of their horse and their life.” Executive Director of Taking the Reins, Jane Haven with Spring Duet.

Ar abian Horse Times | 16 | ENV ISION • #3

Anyone lucky enough to know the intricacies of life with the Arabian horse can appreciate the experience Taking the Reins offers. This is a non-profit that deserves attention. A vision currently spearheaded by Haven, someone with a big history with the Arabian horse, Taking the Reins is an equestrian program that transforms the lives of the children it serves. Jane grew up in Western Colorado on the Arabian horse ranch, Desert Hills Arabians. Her family raised and showed horses with trainers like Bob Smith and Gene LaCroix. She spent school breaks in apprenticeships at Lasma and eventually chose to attend Cal Poly Pomona because of the Arabian horse program. Jane’s family was involved in many aspects of the Arabian industry. Her father became the AHA President in 1986 and her brother trained at Varian Arabians during the late 70s and early 80s, and then returned to Desert Hills as a trainer for many years. After Cal Poly, Jane attended graduate school and received her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. While living in Los Angeles, Jane focused on building a career, but she was also working on bringing Arabian horses back into her life. She would soon find a way to make them a huge part of her life once again. Jane first learned about Taking the Reins in 1998, the year it was founded. She shares, “I knew a volunteer and she asked me to donate. At that point, the program rented space at a boarding facility next door to our current location. There were several lesson horses and the program served around 75 girls.” And it was in 2000 that Jane was asked as a Clinical Psychologist to help develop a system of assessing the impact the program was having on the youth that participated. So, Jane and a student of hers began looking at changes in self-esteem of the girls enrolled in TTR's program. During this time, Jane formed West Haven Arabians and continued breeding and showing her own horses. She also became the Youth Director for Region 2 for several years, the President of the AHASFV club, as well as an AHA Delegate. In 2012, the founder of Taking the Reins stepped down, and the board approached Jane about applying for the job of Executive Director. Jane shares, “I had retired from my career as a Psychologist and decided that becoming the Executive Director of TTR would allow me to combine my love of horses with my experience of youth and education. In March of 2013, I took over the directorship of Taking the Reins.”

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A Brief History Taking the Reins was founded upon the vision of two women who recognized the extraordinary potential of an equine-based educational program for Los Angeles’ most at-risk urban girls. The program’s website states, ‘The only program of its kind in Los Angeles, Taking the Reins gives girls the opportunity to ride and care for horses, study equine science, practice creative arts, and be physically active outdoors within a structured and safe environment.’ As a community-based 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization, Taking the Reins teaches life skills to middle- and high-school girls from schools and organizations in the local community through horse care, riding, and in the Urban Farming Program. TTR focuses on offering their program at no, or very low, cost to participants, meaning that the organization survives on donations from individuals, as well as grants from charitable foundations and corporations. All donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law (tax id is #95-4688657). Located in a 100-year-old barn located near Griffith Park in the Atwater Village neighborhood of Los Angeles, Taking the Reins transformed this 2.5-acre site into an urban barn with horses, an

organic garden, and a learning center for programs and classes. This beautiful farm offers a rural setting to urban girls just minutes from their day-to-day city environment—a pairing that has proved to be an interesting and inspiring combination. In the case of TTR, location plays a large role in the existence and success of the program. In its impact, Jane shares, “If we were not in LA, our mission would be completely different. From its inception, we at TTR developed a program to meet the needs of LA at-risk youth that had limited access to the natural environment and the ‘elite’ sport of riding horses. Our program brings back the accessibility of horses that once existed throughout our country. In a city like LA, one has to have wealth to have access to land and animals. I am thankful that a place like Taking the Reins exists for the youth we serve, but also for the Los Angeles community at large.” Beyond the lack of access to a natural environment, there is the issue of the universal struggles occurring during the self-conscious and trying teenage years. This may be inescapable for all; however, Taking the Reins works to help young girls face their challenges

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and and grow grow as as individuals. individuals. With With these these goals goals in in mind, mind, thethe website website states, states, ‘Taking ‘Taking thethe Reins Reins responds responds to to thethe documented documented and and demonstrated demonstrated needs needs of of teenage teenage girls girls in in Los Los Angeles Angeles who who face face particular particular challenges challenges to to growing growing upup healthy healthy and and prepared prepared forfor a a successful successful future. future. The The girls girls wewe serve serve areare likely likely to to livelive in in poverty. poverty. Few Few have have easy easy access access to to public public outdoor outdoor spaces; spaces; few few exercise exercise or or participate participate in in sports. sports. Their Their families families have have scarce scarce resources resources and and thethe girls girls have have many many barriers barriers to to overcome overcome to to obtain obtain good good health health and and educational educational achievement.’ achievement.’ The The sitesite continues, continues, ‘With ‘With some some very very patient patient horses, horses, a a deeply deeply committed committed staff, staff, a dedicated a dedicated board board of of directors, directors, and and passionate passionate volunteers, volunteers, Taking Taking thethe Reins Reins continues continues to to grow, grow, serving serving more more than than 1,700 1,700 girls, girls, empowering empowering them them to to bebe strong, strong, confident, confident, and and courageous.’ courageous.’

Up UpClose CloseAnd AndPersonal Personal Taking Taking thethe Reins Reins becomes becomes a learning a learning experience experience forfor allall involved. involved. Jane Jane shared shared what what sheshe hashas learned learned about about horses, horses, kids, kids, and and herself herself since since taking taking onon this this position. position. First, First, forfor thethe horses. horses. “I “I have have learned learned that that being being a lesson a lesson horse horse is is a very a very hard hard jobjob and and many many dodo notnot have have the temperament to the temperament to handle handle thethe job. job. During During mymy time time at at TTR, TTR, wewe have have had had Arabians, Arabians, Saddlebreds, Saddlebreds, Morgans, Morgans, Quarter Quarter Horses, Horses, a Thoroughbred, a Thoroughbred, a a Caspian, Caspian, and and several several pony pony breeds breeds as as lesson lesson horses. horses. Currently Currently wewe have have 1414 horses horses and and 1010 of of them them areare Arabians.” Arabians.” This This is an is an impressive impressive Arabian Arabian ratio. ratio. But But forfor Jane, Jane, thethe reasoning reasoning is simply is simply that that they they areare best best suited suited forfor thethe job. job. “It“It takes takes a horse a horse that that is patient is patient and and kind kind and and one one that that likes likes attention attention and and being being handled handled byby many many different different types types of of children. children. Retired Retired Arabian Arabian show show horses horses have have learned learned to tolerate a to tolerate a lot of lot of change, change, as as well well as as new new and and different different people people and and situations situations in in their their life, life, therefore therefore they they seem seem to to dodo well well in in this this type type of of lesson lesson program.” program.” Jane Jane adds, adds, “The “The Arabians Arabians in in ourour program program seem seem to excel at to excel at ‘reading’ ‘reading’ their their rider. rider. Becoming Becoming slow slow and and quiet quiet forfor thethe beginner, beginner, yetyet stepping stepping upup forfor thethe advanced advanced girlgirl who who is preparing is preparing forfor a show.” a show.” The The second second part part of of thethe equation equation at at Taking Taking thethe Reins—the Reins—the kids—has kids—has also also been been a source a source of of inspiration inspiration forfor Jane. Jane. “Over “Over 80% 80% of of thethe 1111 to to 1818 year year oldold girls girls wewe serve serve livelive in in high high risk risk environments environments and and attend attend title title one one schools. schools. ByBy definition, definition, their their families families areare low low income. income. AllAll of of thethe children children wewe serve serve have have the academic and the academic and personal personal potential potential to to become become high achievers and high achievers and future future leaders.” leaders.” And And from from herher experience experience working working with with thethe girls, girls, Jane Jane offers, offers, “Before “Before coming coming to to TTR, TTR, many many young young people people I had I had contact contact

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with, with,especially in especially in the the horse horse world, world,came came from families from families of privilege and of privilege and were were growing growing up up in in safe safe environments. environments.At At TTR, TTR,II have have come come to to know know that that kids kids are are kids—regardless kids—regardless of of life life circumstance. circumstance.II have have learned learned that that there there needs needs to to be be aa balance balance when when nurturing nurturing the the development development of of youth. youth.IfIf you you provide provide too too much much rich rich nutrition, nutrition,they they will will founder; founder; not not enough enough nutrition, nutrition,they they will will starve. starve.II have have learned learned that that regardless regardless of of color, color,life life circumstance, circumstance,family family background, background, and and even even age, age,ifif kids kids are are provided provided aa safe, safe,nurturing, nurturing, and educational and educational environment environment when when they they share share aa passion, passion, like like horses, horses,and and they they are are given given the opportunity the opportunity to to know know and and support support each each other, other,they they will will form form meaningful meaningful friendships friendships and and become lifelong learners become lifelong learners and and achievers.” achievers.” What What does does Jane Jane find find to to be be the the most most rewarding rewarding aspect aspect of of the the program? program?“I “I love love providing providing the the kind kind of of‘farm’ ‘farm’environment environment that that meant meant so so much much to to me me growing growing up up to to over over 260 260 urban urban youth youth aa year. year.To To witness witness a child's apprehension as a child's apprehension as they they touch touch our our barn barn cat, cat,goat, goat,or or chicken, chicken,much much less less aa horse, horse,for for the the first first time; time;and and then then seeing seeing the the transformation transformation as as they they take take control control of of leading leading aa horse horse and and eventually eventually cantering, cantering,isis pretty pretty magical.” magical.”The The most most challenging challenging part? part?“To “To know know that that we we have have girls girls that that want want to experience everything to experience everythingTTR TTR has has to to offer, offer, but but due due to to their their life life circumstance, circumstance,they they are are only only able able to to come come for for one one camp session. camp session.We We serve serve homeless homeless youth, youth,kids kids whose whose parents parents are are incarcerated, incarcerated,or or girls girls with with aa single single parent parent who who isis very very ill. ill.These These girls girls are are living living unstable, fragile lives, unstable, fragile lives,so so even even short short term consistency of services is term consistency of services is made made difficult.” difficult.”

The The Value Value Of Of Taking Taking The The Reins Reins In In Jane’s Jane’s eyes, eyes,the the horse horse industry industry needs needs people people that that value value the the culture culture of of horses horses and rural life. and rural life.“Because “Because of of their their exposure exposure through throughTTR, TTR,many many of of the the kids kids have have aa great great desire desire to to live live in in less less urban areas urban areas and and to to eventually eventually own own their their own own horses.” horses.”Jane Jane adds, adds,“Each “Each year year for for the the last last several several years, years,TTR TTR graduating graduating seniors seniors have have been been accepted accepted into into Animal Animal Science Science majors majors at at CSU, CSU,Arizona Arizona State, State,and and Cal Cal Poly Poly Pomona. Pomona.In In 2016, 2016,TTR TTR will will have have six six girls girls applying applying to to Animal Animal Science Science programs. programs.All All six six have have GPA's GPA's of of 2.5 2.5 to to 3.96 3.96 and and all all six six will will be be the the first first in in their their family family to to attend attend college.” college.” With Withthe theArabian Arabianbreed breedspecifically, specifically,Jane Janesays, says,“One “Oneof ofour ourgirls girlsisis now nowthe theYouth YouthVice ViceDirector Directorof ofRegion Region22and andwill willattend attendAHYA AHYA convention conventionin inMarch. March.27 27of ofour ourkids kidsstudied studiedHippology Hippologyand and Judging Judgingin in2013/2014. 2013/2014.In Inthe thelast lasttwo twoyears, years,TTR TTRsent senteight eightgirls girls to toYouth YouthNationals. Nationals.They Theyearned earnedeight eighttop topten tenawards, awards,the theSenior Senior National NationalChampion ChampionHippology Hippologyaward, award,and andthe thereserve reservechampion champion team teamaward. award.Two Twoof ofour ourgirls girlswent wentto toU.S. U.S.Nationals Nationalsthis thisyear year to tocompete competein injudging judgingand andended endedup up5th 5thplace placein intheir theirdivision. division. All Allof ofthese thesekids kidssaw sawtheir theirfirst firstever evercollege collegecampus campusduring duringtheir their preparation, thanks preparation, thanksto tothe thevolunteer volunteercoaching coachingfrom fromMark MarkStinson Stinson at atCal CalPoly PolyPomona. Pomona.Trust Trustme, me,they theyLOVE LOVEArabians!” Arabians!”

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The End Of The Day In her journey with TTR and with the kids, Jane has not only afforded them with knowledge, opportunity, and access to the healing power of horses, but they have given her something in return. “I am humbled by their hunger for knowledge and their desire to be with horses. Throughout my life, I always had easy access to horses and the natural environment. Many of our girls ride buses for two hours round trip, just to grow and eat a fresh tomato, learn about gardening, watch a farrier trim a hoof, clean stalls, and, of course, ride horses. They love having ‘their’ barn to feel and be a part of.” There is no doubt, that Jane Haven has a rewarding, yet challenging job. Every day, she walks away from her work knowing that she is making real change for many young girls. “I realize the benefits of TTR every day. I have my own riding horse there, as well as one of my favorite mares that is now a show horse for the kids. I also enjoy working with my adult daughter, Liz. Liz coaches our show team and provides horse care two and 1/2 days a week, while she attends college. I also confess, I forage almost daily in our wonderful abundant garden. Much of my happiness comes from being surrounded with a Board and staff that are committed to the mission of serving youth, providing a sanctuary for retired horses that still have so much to offer, and creating an environment that is an oasis in a dense urban city.”

Taking the Reins inspires positive personal growth, hope for the future, and a wonderful outlet to interact with horses and nature. With empowerment at the heart of the program, Taking the Reins provides something beautiful in the lives of at-risk youth while furnishing a loving home for many retired show horses. One of the girls in the program shares a quote she once read, ‘The moment I put my left foot in the stirrup, step up on the horse and settle into the saddle, I just come alive. That is the greatest feeling in the world. It isn’t a feeling of power or superiority or even the anticipation that I’m going to do something; it’s just this general feeling of harmony with … the whole world!’ Taking the Reins needs your support. Take a tour of the beautiful farm, donate to ensure the future of TTR, volunteer your time, or simply contact Taking the Reins via their website. Your donation will provide health care for the wonderful lesson horses and enrich the lives of at-risk LA youth, unlocking a sense of purpose and achievement. For $500, the routine medical costs (farrier, vet care) for one horse are covered for a year. And $2,000 includes all costs associated for a year’s worth of participation for one child. To make a tax-deductible donation, go to TTR’s website at takingthereins.org. n

Since this article last printed ... Dr. Jane Haven wished to share some updates and the impact this program has had: • Jane’s daughter, Liz, volunteers as a Hippology and ‘Show team” coach. Having attended two Youth Nationals and three U.S. Nationals, every girl has placed top ten in individual and team judging. • Most shows attended are local all-breed fun shows and not USEF shows, with a few girls competing in class A shows, again with volunteer instructors. • Currently, the program serves 650 children a year, 350 in the equestrian program and 300 in an environmental science and garden/nutrition program. • 80-85% of the children who participate live in poverty. • In the last five years, 98% of girls with the program for four or more years, have gone on to college, most in the science fields, and all but one are the first in their family to go to college.

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Reprint from AHT, Dec. 2014 w/updates.

Find An Arabian Horse Near You!

Cedar Ridge Arabians’ Open House in Jordan, Minnesota, on Saturday, May 12, 2018, was created to introduce new people to the Arabian horse, giving them an opportunity to see Cedar Ridge and fall in love with the horses through a hands-on experience. Approximately 400 people came and went throughout the day, participating in training and lesson demonstrations, learning about mares and foals, and even getting a chance to ride an Arabian for the first time. Many took a “selfie” with the wonder-horse Toi Boi LOA, and Bbeam Me Up was the perfect poster child to introduce people to the joys of riding an Arabian, as she took wonderful care of each and every rider who climbed aboard. Reach out to your closest Arabian horse farm … we bet they’ll be happy to visit with you; we welcome it!

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It’s Never To Late … Testimonials Of Late In Life Riders

Beth oucher B

with Love Struck Baby, aka Lucy

What caused you to decide to start riding? I like challenging myself to learn new things. After watching my girls ride and show for more than 10 years, I decided to try it myself. Now that they are adults, it allows me to continue to be involved with them in the sport. What would you tell someone who is older to encourage them to start riding? You can do it! Be patient, train and work for it. Find a trainer that you trust and respect. I have also appreciated outstanding support from everyone within the Arabian community. Other riders are always willing to help you without making you feel bad because you are a new rider. It is part of the culture that I admire, where even experienced riders routinely help and coach each other. How have you found riding to enhance your life and life skills? What do you love most about it? I love riding because there is no script; it’s more of an ongoing conversation between you and your horse. Every day, every ride, every horse and every environment is different, which means that you need to be sensitive and adaptable. You must be able to trust yourself, each other, and above all, communicate. I think these attributes are a great reflection of skills we all need, to manage the chaos of real life. What are some of the obstacles you’ve encountered, starting this sport later in life? The challenges are both physical and mental. Riding is more physically demanding than it looks. The first few rides quickly revealed what muscles I hadn’t worked in a while. It’s the mental challenges that were the most significant obstacle for me, specifically fear. Fear of getting hurt and fear of not being able to do it. With time and training, I have made progress here. I still have great respect for the potential of being injured, but I realize now that the best way to stay safe is to learn how to ride properly so you are not afraid. Your horse needs you to be confident. How does riding compare to other hobbies you’ve had? Riding has become more than a hobby for me; it’s weaving into my lifestyle! I reorganize weekends and weeknights to ride and defer “normal” vacations, so we can go to more horse shows. I can’t think of any other hobby that’s had that impact on our lives. Anything else you’d like to share with folks new to Arabian horses? Just as dog breeds have their unique characteristics, I truly believe that Arabians are the most sensitive, intelligent and beautiful horses. I am certain there are much easier horses to ride and show, but I wonder if you can have the same intensity and strong bond that you get with an Arabian. Beth works at a Property & Casualty Insurer. Along with her team, she is responsible for supporting and introducing new technology for the business. Right now, they are working on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. She loves working in technology because it is forever changing and there is always something new to learn. Technology also allows her to balance her office and barn life by allowing her to work anywhere, anytime, using mobile video, meeting and chat capabilities.

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Just another great example ... “Great job, Apaladin!” exclaimed 6-year-old pigtailed Erika, as she was trotting for the first time in the high walled round pen off the lounge line. “I hope my dad can see me!” My heart melted seeing Apaladin, with his perfect, steady head set, take such incredible care of this precious little girl. It’s like he knew this was his job: to give a little girl with a painful story one moment of sheer bliss. As I stood in the middle of the round pen, so proud of Erika’s bravery riding an Arabian stallion, I lost it, when she told Apaladin, “You’re doing great.” Yes … Apaladin was doing great! Who would have thought that a National award-winning English, halter and ever famous, Scottsdale Liberty class champion stallion would spend his retirement years letting kids have their first horse experiences on him. It’s like teaching a teen how to drive with a Lamborghini. But what better way to bless vulnerable children, than let them experience something beyond what they could imagine. As I saw ear to ear smiles on these kids and saw how Apaladin intuitively cared for them, I knew this was something very special. I believe these incredible animals are so good for our souls. They teach us trust, confidence, unconditional love and maybe best of all, provide us with moments where we can escape from the pain. I inquired of Erika, “Why do you like riding Apaladin?” With a big breath she sighed, “Because when I ride him, I feel like I’m flying, and I feel so happy.”

Apaladin++ (AA Apollo Bey x Amanda Of Aerie) is proudly owned by Susan & Rebecca Durr in Washington State. They consider owning this stallion such a blessing and love knowing that others, especially kids, are impacted by him too. Rebecca has plans to reach many vulnerable youth through the avenue of horses.