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Pictured: Gio Guzzo with “Royal Emanuel” owned by Royal Arabians of Scottsdale, Arizonia. Photo by Natalia Guzzo

No Need You can hear hooves before you can see My gallant horse trotting over to me He snorts and whistles, loud and clear To let everyone know that he is here I hate to keep him chained inside I feel as if my horse I hide I head to the stable to let him out The first thing I spot is his lengthy snout This issue is a special one, highlighting a program that has been experienced first-hand. The Arabian Horse Reading and Literacy Program is designed to encourage young children to read by introducing them to horses, engaging them through information and learning about horses, and then encouraging them to read by giving them time with horses to read directly to them. The current program is based on the original program, The Black Stallion Literacy Project, that used a few unpublished short stories penned by Walter Farley for his young grandchildren’s enjoyment. Mr. Farley was the prolific writer of The Black Stallion books, of which there were 19 sequels after the original Black Stallion. When the Black Stallion Literacy project closed up approximately five years ago, Gary Millar of Edmonton, Alberta, realized how important the program could become in making horses resonate with today’s children, and he picked up the mantle to design and launch The Arabian Horse Reading and Literacy Program. Today, Gary has had hundreds, if not thousands of young children through his farm in Edmonton, all exposed to the Arabian horse and all invigorated by the close interaction with a very interested listener, his horses, to expand their horizons. The poem to the right was written by one of those students, Jayne Waldon, a middle schooler at Parkview Junior High in Edmonton, and we loved it enough to share it here. Take a moment to go to the website, www.arabianhorsereading.com.

Mary Trowbridge

Large dark eyes stare out at me Long brown mane and white spots three Lengthy muzzle, rounded nose He runs as fast as the strong wind blows Creamy as chocolate, tough as steel He can go days without a meal He will gallop, canter and run Leaping happily in the sun The wind starts up, and doesn’t stop My horse finds a hill and climbs to the top Bounding high, quick and steady My horse and I are always ready Mystical is how I describe My Arabian horse so full of pride Standing high over the world below No need for spectacle, no need for show ~Jayne Waldon

On the Cover: Emma Effinger with Minuette In E Major Photo by Michael Troxler

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Cover Story:

Arabian Horse Reading And Literacy Project by KATHY TROXLER

Once upon a time ... there was a boy named Walter Farley who loved horses and books. So strong was his love for both, that while he was still quite young, he wrote a book that would become a best-seller and created characters that children are still reading about today. Seventy-eight years after those first young readers fell in love with The Black Stallion, thousands of children every year still become fans of Alec, his black Arabian stallion, and horses of all shapes and sizes, thanks in no small part to a very ambitious collaboration between Walter Farley’s son, Tim, and Mark Miller of Al-Marah Arabians. Their dream was to not only bring children closer to the world of horses, but to use their powerful presence to ignite a love of reading. Their creation, the Black Stallion Literacy Project (BSLP), ran from 2000 to 2010 and was an undertaking of such scope, that it would have deterred many, but not these two. Thanks to their vision and perseverance, untold thousands of children received their very own copy of the books and had their first contact with a horse. The original Black Stallion Literacy Project is no more, but its spirit does live on, thanks largely to the Arabian Horse

Ar abian Horse Times | 2 | ENV ISION #7

Reading and Literacy Project founded by Gary Millar. Evolution and growth notwithstanding, from the very beginning there was one very important component that has remained the heart and soul of the program today—the meet and greet with real life horses! The initial meet and greet, referred to as “First Touch”, which could take place either at a farm or by transporting horses to the school, is the almost magical first contact between the kids and the horses, and provides the catalyst for sparking a love of reading. Being able to see and touch actual horses provides a rich “real world” connection and context to the words found between the pages of the books. The second component, called “Second Connection”, is a follow-up visit where the kids read aloud to the horses and participate in various activities.

Gary Millar, Millar Venture Arabians, Alberta, Canada Inspired by a BSLP presentation to the AHA Board of Directors, Gary Millar founded the Arabian Horse Reading Literacy Project in 2008. Since that time, Gary and his horses have played host to countless children at his ranch in Edmonton and currently has on-going relationships with multiple schools in the area. How did he actually get started? “I just started with one friend who was a principle in a school,” says Gary. “I told him about the project and he started the ball rolling. Once you get the kids in front of the horses, it’s easy. Oddly enough, sometimes it’s the teachers that are initially skeptical. But, in my experience, one visit, and they’re believers and generally leave saying, ‘We’ll be back.’” A recent letter from one of the teachers and a typical response to the program: “Words truly can not express my amazement and joy yesterday at your farm. My students and parents were thrilled that they could be part of such a wonderful experience. I had two extremes on the bus ride back to school; half of my students fell asleep and the other half had permanent smiles. Whether it was Denise actually touching and reading to a horse so close that it touched her head, Ira seeming to always have Tucker (the dog) by her side, or Justin just being so totally engaged and showing his caring heart, it was probably the best teaching experience I have ever had. What you have built is something very special that every child should have the chance to experience.

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Getting parent volunteers at our school can be difficult, but this was something the children begged them to be a part of, even filling in Dad’s name on the permission form so that I would speak to them and ask them to come.” In addition to actively running his own literacy program, the Arabian Horse Reading and Literacy Project that Gary created has become a rich resource for anyone else that would like to set up something similar in their area. While Farley’s books are still very much a part of the program, they have expanded the reading list and curriculum to include books about horses by other authors

Trowbridge riding instructor Shannon Ginnetti, joined

and have created new original content which they have self-published.

Trowbridge Arabians in 2015 and is in charge of the Trowbridge Summer Camp. “Pat and Mary have been involved in incorporating literacy into their

Mary & Pat Trowbridge, Trowbridge Arabians Ltd., Bridgewater, CT

horse program for a long time, but for me, this is all new,” says Shannon.

Mary and Pat Trowbridge have long been forces to be reckoned with when it

Southern Connecticut State University working on a degree in elementary

comes to supporting the horse community, so it’s no surprise that they have

education. I’ve added some literacy activities with my students enrolled in

included a literacy program at Trowbridge Arabians for over 15 years. In the

our summer camp. Getting to witness how these kids are taking to reading to

past, Trowbridge Arabians has partnered with as many as three elementary

the Arabian horse is absolutely incredible and quite honestly, the kids don’t

schools to provide the Arabian Horse Reading and Literacy Program for first

want to leave the stalls when their reading is completed! As a future educator,

graders and were the first to ever offer such a program in Connecticut. First

it is so wonderful to see both of my worlds collide and how the horses help

grade classes from the areas three schools—Burnham School in Bridgewater,

children become inspired to read!”

Booth Free School in Roxbury and Washington Elementary, visited the

“I’m a riding instructor at Trowbridge’s, but I am also presently enrolled at

are given a tour of the farm, watch demonstrations and are given a copy of

Isaac and Jessie Taylor, Taylor Ranch, Payson, Utah

Little Black, A Pony. During their second visit, as per the plan, the students

Isaac and Jessie Taylor are just beginning their journey with the Arabian

Trowbridge Farm twice each year. On their first visit, the first-grade students

read to the horses!

Ar abian Horse Times | 4 | ENV ISION #7

Horse Reading and Literacy program. Long-time friends with Region 17 Director Tex Kam, it was during one of his visits to Taylor Ranch that Tex shared his experience with the power of the program with Isaac and Jessie. Says Jessie, “We’ve known Tex for a long time, but it was just recently that he mentioned the success they’ve had incorporating the literacy program with the other publicity for the Region 17 Western Canadian Breeders Championship show. It sounded like a fantastic idea and Tex put me in contact with Gary so we could get the ball rolling in Utah. “Gary has spent hours on the phone with me answering all my questions. He’s sent me the images he uses for his activity day and given me so much advice, best practices and do’s and don’ts. Since we were starting in the spring (and not the beginning of a school year), he suggested that we start with our current lesson kids and that’s what I’ve done. I also contacted every school, Boys and Girls Club, etc, in a 30-mile radius to see if they’d like to be a part of the program in the fall. We even took one of our lesson horses to our local library on their ‘Family Night’ to promote the event.” Utilizing Gary’s suggestions and support materials from the program, the Taylors started their program on June 28th. For their first event, they began by combining their current group of riding students and a group of newcomers, inviting all involved to a “First Touch” event. Following the established model, the kids met the Taylor Ranch Arabian horses, received their books and also received a small poster of an Arabian horse to take home to practice reading to. Jessie also taught the kids a little bit about how horses communicate with humans and the history of the Arabian horse. On July 26th, the kids will come back for their Second Connection visit. It’s during this visit that the kids will participate in various horse related activities

For more information, go to the Arabian Horse Reading and Literacy Project website at www.arabianhorsereading.com, or contact Gary Millar at gary@millarcom.com.

that all incorporate a reading element assisted by one of the most powerful teaching aides available—an Arabian horse! Long story short … horses plus books is as close to a sure thing as you can get!

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For the teachers who make a “Forever Impact.”

TRIFON (1992-2019)

Gary Millar’s Arabian stallion Trifon (Matrifik x On Fyre), made a career later in life visiting schools in Canada with the Arabian Horse Reading Literacy Project. The mission was to “motivate kids to want to read and discover the joys of reading and learning through the magic of contact with live horses and quality books.” For over ten years, Gary and Trifon traveled to schools, gave kids books, and invited over 1,000 kids to visit the farm to learn about horses and read to all of Trifon’s horse friends.

In his memory, students who truly benefit from participating in reading to the horses are selected by their teachers to receive “The Trifon Award”. Recipients of his award receive a $20 gift card from Indigo books and their choice of a “Read to the Horses’ Birthday Party for four friends or a complimentary horseback riding lesson at Millar Venture Arabians Farm. All this work makes Trifon an honorary Arabian Ambassador, and his work will carry on.

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McCartney Swears & Jaime Johnson photos

For many, the first step in the dream of owning a horse is owning a Breyer model horse. And on the second week of July, they came in record breaking droves to the Kentucky Horse Park, for a horse experience like no other. Over 20,000 horse fanatics walked through BreyerFest and were treated to horse presentations of all breeds. The Horse Hero theme highlighted police horses, military honorees, drill teams and family superstars. Our beautiful Arabians were represented by Firelight Arabians and their friends who took part in daily demonstrations showing off the versatility of Arabian horses, and meet-n-greets with selfie framed photo shoots! Ar abian Horse Times | 7 | ENV ISION #7

ARABIAN 4-LEGGED AMBASSADORS PRESENTED AT BREYERFEST 2019: Whimsey Tex Groovin Kid Sweetie Jack City Freeza Raz Izzy Diego Knight Peggy Luna Bruce Sage

Xanadus Whimsical++ TL Lone Srar++++// Groovin++// JAG Kalico Kid+// WMF Sweet Adventure Jagged Little Pill Synchronicity KP Trinity Jalfreza *Empres++++// Written in the Stars+ Arkynstone JAG Royal Knightt JAG Lady Pegasus+/ WM Silver Moon Pasa Doblle FSF Silver Sage

ARABIAN 2-LEGGED AMBASSADOR PARTICIPANTS AT BREYERFEST 2019: Lorie Henderson David Cusac Sandy Enscoe Pamela Brooks Bethany Edwards Caitlin Heinz Kathy Gilker Megan Gilker Thomas Jessica Gilker McCartney Swears Katie Lauer Nick Lauer Madeleine Hofmayer Ellie Troutman

Ar abian Horse Times | 8 | ENV ISION #7

Alyssa Jacobs Danny Thompson Ashley Staley Keegan Gay Tabitha Taylor Kelsey Mills Katie Mitchell Brinley Swears Holly Kratzenberg Lana Chaffin Debbie Swigart Deneb Thompson Donna Lassanske Becca Watson

McCartney Swears & Jaime Johnson photos Ar abian Horse Times | 9 | ENV ISION #7

An Ugly Duckling Becomes A Swan by JIM MARONEY On Tax Day 1999, a grey Arabian filly was born in Oswego, New York. She was a full sister to many beautiful brothers and sisters that held National and Regional titles in both halter and performance. She quickly established that she had a sweet and kind nature and she was so sweet, that her barn name became “Princess,” hence her registered name, Princessah (sired by Sensational Bey and out of KS Siroune). She was also born with an unattractive blaze, mud brown color, some leg and feet issues and such a quiet demeanor, that she was not meant to pursue the early halter career of her older siblings. When Princessah was three, she was fortunate to be put under the tutelage of Tim Jedra, who not only started her happy career under saddle, but also recognized her potential as a

horse that could clear fences. He soon had her clearing a course of jumps in elegant fashion. This skill brought her to the attention of Laurie Becksted who owned KS Sierra Bey, Princessah’s full sister, who had already achieved many halter and performance championships. Laurie purchased Princessah, brought her home to Canada, and her barn name became Chessy (but also known at various times as Chester, Cheesey and Chucky Cheese … all affectionate nicknames). While Chessy was with Laurie, a young girl named Kayla Brown became infatuated with her and Laurie, who already had her “Heart Horse” in Sierra, recognized the intense bond between Kayla and Chessy and put this sweet mare in Kayla’s ownership. During Kayla’s high school years, she and Chessy did myriad activities together and their bond deepened and grew. Chessy had matured and her body had developed and smoothed out under a silver coat. Her leg issues were minimized with good farrier care and the unattractive blaze had faded into the whitened color she had become. These were extremely happy years for Chessy and her performance skills grew stronger.

Princessah (AKA “Chessy”) pictured with her sisters (above) and one of many (right) who is forever touched by the grace and heart of a princess!

As the old saying goes, “Into every life, a little rain must fall...” and in Chessy’s case, it fell hard. Kayla was going away to college and would have neither the time nor money to continue with the idyllic life that she and Chessy had shared. Chessy was offered up for sale and Kayla was convinced that she was selling Chessy into a good living situation. Unfortunately, the new owners did not provide a good home, nor a safe home for Chessy. She was rarely out of her stall and her stall was rarely cleaned. Her feet were neglected, and her nutrition suffered as well. She was

described as being unmanageable and dangerous. It was not long before Kayla and Laurie found out that Chessy, their sweet princess, had been consigned to an auction in which most of the horses were sold for the Canadian meat market. It was at this point that Laurie contacted Jim Maroney who had owned Chessy’s sire, Sensational Bey, and had helped raise Princessah. Jim paid the purchase price to get Chessy out of the auction. Laurie brought her to her place for rehab and arranged for transportation to Jim’s farm Ennistymon, where Chessy found her perfect job.

I’m Jackson Day and I’m Here to Stay!

The True Story of a Medically Challenged Horse Who Found Fun, Friends and Fame Book writen by JACQUELYN DAY & JAN JANETTE Along with life’s struggles, comes the dynamic ones who tackle them! This is the true story of a medically challenged horse who found fun, friends, and fame told in text and photos. This book shows how we can all find fun and new adventures even when life’s hardships get in the way. Life’s limitations can lead to new achievements ... Oh, and YES, he’s an Arabian horse! Kim Callaghan H H H H H ~ Challenged students loved this story! “I am a teacher who helps students who struggle in school. I read this book to my small class of 7-8 year old children and they loved it! They especially enjoyed the real life pictures of Jackson and were interested in how Jackson learned how to pull a cart and do other things because he couldn’t be ridden. The story theme of ‘Never Give Up’ resonates with children who are challenged everyday like Jackson! Wonderful life lessons from the book as well! A great story to motivate students!!” Alice Hoy H H H H H ~ Must read for all ages! This is an adorable book. It’s listed as a children’s book but anyone of any age will love it just as much as a child. It gives inspiration to all. I got it for myself, but I’m going to share it with my grandson, who is 11 but he will enjoy it too, since he loves all animals. I know the author but have never met Jackson because he lives across the country from me. But reading the book and looking at the pictures makes me feel as though I do know him. Good luck with this book Jacki. You and Jackson deserve a standing ovation for your love and dedication to his fun filled and challenged life.

Ennistymon has many visitors every year: school classes, 4-H groups, scout groups, disabled youths and adults, and people who just love horses. Since Chessy has so many skills, she meets riders and horse lovers at their level. She has participated in weddings and she loves being led around by kids having their first experience with a horse. Her coat is now the fleabitten grey that adds dignity to her overall look. She has a silver mane and tail and beautiful eyes. Everyone loves her and her life is again purposeful and idyllic. She lives with her other full sister, Sensation of Silk, and her half-sister, Channces Are. She is the perfect introductory Arabian and is the kind of ambassador a princess should be.

Have your own heartwarming Arabian horse experience? We want to know about it! Contact Envision contributors Mary Trowbridge, Mary@Trowbridgesltd.com or Jenn Trickey, jenn@jenntrickey.com

Carol A H H H H H ~ Heartwarming from beginning to end. A truly inspirational story for all ages. We all have challenges of some sort to overcome and if a horse can give it his all in doing so, there’s no reason why we can’t as well. Heartwarming from beginning to end. Loved it.

You can find I’m Jackson Day on Amazon!

The sunny yellow horse created by Britto Romero and mascot of the Babies Heart Fund is currently holding court in New Milford, CT at the Union Savings Bank’s East Street Branch. He’s spending some time there awaiting his new home at the New York Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center. In the meantime, he’s helping to raise awareness of such worthwhile programs such as the Arabian Horse Reading and Literacy Project.

Saber has had a very busy summer. In June he was stationed at the Region 8 Championship Show in Denver, CO. Saber wasn’t alone in supporting the Wounded Warrior Project at this event, because the Region 8 Pro-Am Challenge class raised funds as well, and included a presentation by WWP spokesman Sal Gonzalez, who also greeted every exhibitor in the class and presented the award to the winner! In July, Saber was on the move again, to a very different setting, when he, and owner Grace Rushing, visited the 53rd Signal Battalion in Colorado Springs and were invited to be included in the Command Group and staff photo.

Hero For Humanity was sponsored by Region 9 and gifted to the 3d Cavalry Association of Fort Hood, TX. Fort Hood resident, Mackenzie Lima, designed and painted Hero’s patriotic theme, and he has found a fantastic home with great people at ROCK in Georgetown, TX. ROCK offers all kinds of equine assisted activities, including therapy specifically for Veterans.

Star and The Friends of Vail were very prominent at the 2019 Arabian Youth National Championship Show. In addition to being the focal point for Positive Vibes in the Jim Norick Arena, Star and The Friends of Vail were part of the Backyard Bash benefiting The Friends of Vail and AHYA.

The Arabian horse community demonstrated its life-sized heart for charities and the people who they are created for. With mountainous pride, this incredible “herd” is growing and continues to help gain awareness for good causes all over.

For the second year in a row, a Horse For Humanity was the high-selling lot in William Shatner’s Hollywood Horse Show Charity Auction. The proceeds of the sale of this stunning tribute to Sundance Kid V—sponsored by Frank and Sarah Chisholm of Palmetto Arabians and painted by renowned artist Edward Lentsch—benefitted 16 charities in the Los Angeles area.

Ar abian Horse Times | 13 | ENV ISION #7

Donated by Palmetto Arabians and pictured with William Shatner, Tom Bergeron and Wade Hayes.

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Ar abian Horse Times | 14 | ENV ISION #7




Ar abian Horse Times | 15 | ENV ISION #7


DRESSAGE: Dressage uses gymnastic exercises—a series of movements and figures. When done systematically and correctly, the horse will be soft and supple on both sides and will respond willingly and obediently.

DRIVING: Drivers skillfully maneuver their horses through various gaits performed with fluid motion in harness.

ENDURANCE: Arabians are able to carry their riders over thousands of miles, the dominating choice today when competing against other breeds.

JUMPING: The jumping horse is forward thinking and moving with a confident heart and attitude over jumps.

Ar abian Horse Times | 16 | ENV ISION #7

ENGLISH: Balanced motion with a desire to go forward with impulsion from the rear, expressed in long, lofty strides that eat up the arena beneath their feet.

HALTER: A breeding class, in which each horse is presented “in-hand� and is judged on its correctness of conformation, its movement, and Arabian Type.

HUNTER: On the flat or over fences, a hunter covers the ground easily with a long, low, efficient stride that could accommodate an all-day ride.

NATIVE COSTUME: Representative of those used by ancient Bedouins, the beauty of the Arabian horse and the colorful heritage of the costumes make this one of the most exciting and popular disciplines.


Racing is in the heart and soul of every Arabian horse with its own long history of racing, athleticism and speed.

SHOW HACK: This discipline has its roots in classical movements of dressage of the collected and extended gait, the hand gallop, the halt and the reinback.

TRAIL: For pure pleasure or show, Arabians move over obstacles without hesitation and are safe and a pleasurable ride.


This Arabian is calm, willing, has an obedient attitude with smooth, soft gaits and is happy and content to do its job.

WORKING WESTERN: The agility and willingness of these horses guided by their riders, demonstrates difficult movements necessary in working cattle.

Answer Key: 1 - Trail; 2 - Racing; 3 - Halter; 4 - Working Western; 5 - Endurance; 6 - Jumping; 7 - Driving; 8 - Hunter; 9 - Western; 10 - Show Hack; 11 - Dressage; 12 - English; 13 - Native Costume

It’s Never Too Late …

Testimonials Of Late In Life Riders

What brought you to the decision to start riding? From a young girl I always loved horses. I lived my passion initially through my children riding and showing. As they grew up and left the horse world for other dreams, I decided it was time to do it for me! What would you tell someone who is older to encourage them to start riding? Riding at an older age develops great trust and builds personal confidence. Learning to ride such a grand majestic animal develops a unique bond that will not only teach you patience, but also kindness and compassion. Riding is a great exercise for an older rider. It keeps us feeling young! How have you found riding to enhance your life and life skills? What do you love most about it? Riding has enhanced my life in so many ways. As a Registered nurse, I love caring for people. When I care for my horse, I receive so much back from their affection. I love to spend time grooming, bathing and riding my horse. It is a complete circle in your relationship with each other. What are some of the obstacles you’ve encountered, starting this sport later in life? Four years ago, I had a tragic car accident and was not sure I would ever walk again. However, my strong faith and love for my horses gave me the will and drive to get better and back in the saddle. Almost a year later, I sat on my horse and have never slowed down since. How does riding compare to other hobbies you’ve had? Riding can be a hobby for any age. For myself, it is a passion. Anything else you’d like to share with folks new to Arabian horses? I was attracted to the Arabian horse world because it is so amateur friendly. No matter what your age or level of riding, there is always that feeling of belonging. What would be the first step of someone who wants to begin riding, but has no horses of their own or a place to keep them? First step is to visit an Arabian horse barn. There you will find the most friendly, compassionate people who want to help you make your goals/dreams come true. It can start as simple as spending the day, watching others ride and care for their horses, or taking a lesson. From there the possibilities are endless, some you could never imagine. I started riding with Elizabeth Pizzonia just short of three years after my accident. I just want to take some lessons, I told her, to see if I could still ride an English saddle seat horse. She welcomed me with open arms. It took a lot to build up my stamina, on my favorite lesson horse, Prism, and with Elizabeth’s great encouragement and patience. I bought my new Half-Arabian mare, Have You Ever, for my 61st birthday in March this year. A wonderful gift from my husband and the perfect match for me by Elizabeth (she just won 3x National Champion at Youth with Mason DeRegnaucourt). Wow! Can one get involved with Arabians other than the show ring? Anyone can get involved with Arabians. They are loyal, compassionate animals who give their hearts and all for you. I personally have a purebred Arabian gelding at home who is my trail and camping buddy. He loves the trails more than the show ring. Why Arabians and not another breed? The Arabian horse is unlike any other breed as they are very versatile, and they love to be with people. To the rumor that Arabians are “crazy,” what do you say? There is no such thing as a “crazy Arabian.” The Arabian horse is the foundation horse of all breeds. They are graceful, highly intelligent and affectionate. They are excellent for therapeutic riding programs, as family horses, and they show in any discipline. Your choices are unlimited.

Ar abian Horse Times | 18 | ENV ISION #7

When anyone speaks about Arabian horses, the following words always come up: versatile, kind, smart, engaging, loving, bonding ... In whatever they do, they all do it with those special qualities. Meet a few we’ve picked to introduce you to with very different lives, yet all share their spread of joy in such volume. They are this issue’s Arabian Ambassador Merit Badge honorees!

Ar abian Horse Times | 19 | ENV ISION #7

Brandon Bessey Illustration

“Raz” is the epitome of a gentleman as he meets and greets his fans everywhere. Traveling is no big deal to Raz; he’s an expert. He was born in Poland and moved to Canada in 2011 where he lives now. Shown in-hand and under saddle, there is really nothing this kind guy hasn’t done! All the pluses and dashes after his name (++++//) explain that for him. We last caught up with Raz at BreyerFest, and why not? He has his own Breyer model horse created just for him. The kid’s line up around the corner to get their picture with Raz, and he “smiles” for everyone! He’s pictured left at The Museum of the Horse at the Kentucky Horse Park meeting his great-granddad, Bask.

Registered name: Empres++++// 1995 Bay Arabian Stallion (Monogramm x Empressa) Owned & loved by Prue Critchley of Manitoba, Canada

Registered name: Hariry Al Shaqab 2010 Grey Arabian Stallion (Marwan Al Shaqab x White Silkk) Owned & loved by Al Shaqab Stud of Doha, Qatar

“Harry” currently enjoys his life on U.S. soil in Texas, however, is a world traveler indeed. A crowd favorite in every arena he’s been to, Harry’s beauty and charisma has earned him National Champion titles in over a half-dozen countries. The more the crowd loves him, the more he earns the crown. The magical white stallion is everything fairytales are made of, and this guy has the kind heart and intelligent mind that goes with it. When he’s home on his farm, he loves to be ridden and has foals all over the world with his same energy and brilliance!

Ar abian Horse Times | 20 | ENV ISION #7

Teresa Vickery photos

We met “Sage” doing “his thing” at BreyerFest this year, with his talented owner and partner Becca Watson. The pair wows the crowd as one of the amazing “Trixie Chicks,” a trick riding team out of Poplarville, Mississippi. Sage proudly wears the Connie Griffith Memorial saddle which the pair won with their 2nd place finish at the NFR Trick Riding National Finals in Las Vegas. “I just really wanted an Arabian,” says Becca. “When I first got Sage, I had a hard time catching him in his pasture, but once we clicked, it is a bond forever. He’s my everything!” Performing dangerous stunts on a galloping horse around an arena takes an incredible amount of training and trust. These two have it! Registered name: FSF Silver Sage 2003 Grey Half-Arabian Gelding (Ibn Yalim x Yalim Lzbeth) Owned & loved by Rebecca Watson of Galesburg, Illinois

Ar abian Horse Times | 21 | ENV ISION #7

Everyone needs a “Rock” in their life, and that’s why this Ambassador made our list. Rock is up for any cause, anyone in need of a friend, a smile, or just a shoulder to lean on. He’s made multiple trips to children’s homes, summer camps, and has even carried the U.S. National flag in Central Park. From performing as a giant finger-painting canvas, to a reading teacher, to teaching hundreds of people how to ride, Rock celebrates the kindness and connection Arabians so undeniably display. He’s the farm favorite. We love our Rock and he loves his job inside and out! Registered name: CP Rock On+/ 2003 Grey Arabian Gelding (Hucklebey Berry x First Danse) Owned & loved by Linda Reed of Newtown, Connecticut

Registered name: WM Silver Moon 2012 Black Half-Arabian Mare (R Silverton x Sarah) Owned & loved by Tayler Rinehart & Ellie Troutman of LaGrange, Kentucky

“Luna” is our movie star! Yup, she’s already starred on the silver screen in Orphan Horse with her leading man, Jon Voight and is now James Caan’s partner in a new movie coming out this Spring! “He said she’s his best movie horse and now his true love!” says Ellie Troutman. “He’d like to take her to California when he leaves, and I am pretty sure she would follow him anywhere.” Luna carried the flag in the opening ceremonies of BreyerFest this year, and what after? Well, what all gracious celebrities do, she met her fans for selfies and hugs … one after another!

Ar abian Horse Times | 22 | ENV ISION #7

Registered name: Xanadus Whimsical++ 1996 Grey Arabian Mare (Princeofroses R-F x Shurwin) Owned & loved by Lorie Henderson of Fisherville, Kentucky

If you can imagine a Disney animation of the kindest, sweetest mother of all; the one with the butterflies that follow them around and can make flowers bloom by just passing by ... you know Whimsey. This gentle ambassador has graced uncountable Girl Scout troops, classrooms and birthday parties. An extremely decorated show horse herself, Whimsey has assigned herself to be the “kindness patrol.” She’s as sweet and honest as they come and the perfect caregiver in every role she is asked to play.

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Arabian Horses ... Friends in ALL places! By EMMA KERSEY-DOHERTY Dartagnan SBA was beautifully presented for his Junior Stallion Championship photograph and victory pass at the Alamo Spring Fiesta Show in Belton, TX, by Isabella Ake, age 9. Isabella and her family visited the show to watch “Dart” compete as they were the winning bidders for his breeding through the Arabian Sport Horse Nationals benefit auction. The Ake family, comprised of proud parents, Arthur and Ania, and their four children, Marcus (18), Vanessa (16), Adam (14) and Isabella (9), are excited to breed their registered Appaloosa mare “Tinkerbelle” to Dart in 2020, for a Half-Arabian family and show horse. “We had an amazing day,” Ania shares. “Arabians have the power to transform anybody into that little horse crazy kid, no matter their age. The breed’s beautiful personality comes from a variety of traits: tenderness, intelligence, loyalty, and the ability to deeply connect and build this strong bond with their humans. I was so looking forward to visiting the show and finally meeting this young stallion and his owner—who has become my friend—in person. I counted the days, wondering if Dart would really be as gentle and loving as he appeared in his videos. Finally, as soon as we approached, I felt and saw how sweet he is. My daughters and their friend gathered around and hugged him several times and gave him kisses, and not once did he shy away or show any discomfort. This colt adores people! What a great family horse!” “Emma, Dart’s owner, was so kind, and honored us with the invitation to be included in the championship photo. My 9-year-old daughter’s eyes lit up when she was handed the lead to hold him. This special day became even more memorable when Emma asked Isabella to lead Dart, this breathtaking and kind stallion, out of the arena, past other horses in the collecting ring and barn, to his stall. She was one proud girl! She will forever cherish this day, and our family is so excited for the addition of our next Arabian horse by Dartagnan SBA.” Both Isabella and her sister, Vanessa, who enjoy pleasure riding and taking their horses on trail rides and to parades, enjoyed their first time at an Arabian horse show and plan to return next year as exhibitors with their Arabian geldings. “The horses were all very beautiful and diverse in personality and looks,” Vanessa says. “It was really great to see the Arabian for what they are, a loving, loyal, family friendly horse. I was absolutely stunned and so thrilled to meet Dart; all he wanted to do was cuddle! I would never have guessed he was a stallion.” Looking back on the show, too, Isabella says, “It was the best day ever. I can’t believe how nice Dart was, and Emma too. He is so cuddly. I never thought I would walk an Arabian stallion all by myself with all the other horses around. I mean, we have Arabians too, but we don’t have a stallion. I can’t wait to see Dart again. He is so soft and nice.”

We wish the Ake family the best in their continued journey with the Arabian horse, their new foal by Dartagnan SBA, and their show ring debut next year!

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