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Pictured above: Afire Storrm, S Justadream and JJ Astounding Echo all carrying foals. Pictured below: Sienna Apal

By Colleen Scott At a time of the year when most Arabian breeding farms are focusing on stallions, Dave and Tammy Corning and their daughter, Sienna Snell, of DST Arabians, in Olympia, Washington, point out that mares are half the story. Not only are fine mares critical in the production of top-class foals, but the most successful stallions, they believe, come equipped with strong, potent dam lines. That is the core logic at DST: if the stallion is as fine as theirs is, the broodmares must be similarly qualified. At DST, the young sire Justify has more than demonstrated his quality, offering a solid record of halter winners and now an advance guard of performance champions. At the head of the farm’s mare program is the 10-time U.S. National Champion S Justadream, dam of Justify. Playing an equal role in the band are JJ Astounding Echo, Afire Storrm, Gloria Apal, and the Half-Arabian dynamo, She Be Afire. In the near future, two Justify daughters will be taking their place in the group, set to produce the second generation of the stallion’s legacy.


Natsir ~ Justify x SA Misha Apal Available for purchase

At the same time that she is satisfying her duties as a broodmare, Gloria Apal (Psytadel x SA Misha Apal, by A.S. Natsir-Apal), is the newest show star for DST: at last year’s Las Vegas World Cup Show, she was the highest-scoring mare in competition. Two of her Justify babies already have sold to Belgium, and her Justify son, Apalo, was purchased by Belvedere Farms last year. For the Cornings and Snell—who previously owned her dam and know the potential of the line—the sky is the limit on her future. In 2011, she’ll be showing at Scottsdale before going home to be bred. continued

"Justify has been a real pleasure to work with. He is a very gifted horse under saddle. Every one of his babies that I have ridden have been good movers, well-mannered, and beautiful. I feel very fortunate to be able to ride Justify and his babies. I am sure he is destined to become a great sire of halter and performance horses." ~ Greg Harris DST Arabians in Olympia, Washington.

JA N UA RY 2011 | 35

At the picturesque Washington farm that is home to DST Arabians, the breeding decisions to date have resulted in a list of champions that increasingly represent the broad spectrum of the show ring. As Justify’s foals, who sparkled from the beginning in halter, have reached the age for under-saddle training, many of their trophies bear titles in western and hunter, and they show talent in country English. The earliest Justify performance stars at the national level are the full brothers Jeepers Kreepers, U.S. National Reserve Champion in the Half-Arabian Western Pleasure Futurity, and He Be Jeebie, U.S. and Canadian National top ten in Half-Arabian Western Pleasure Junior Horse. Both were U.S. National top tens in halter as well, and He Be Jeebie has added a U.S. National top ten in the Hunter Pleasure Futurity to his record. But that’s not all. The purebred Lightnin Storrm, whose halter record includes the titles of World Cup Champion Junior Gelding (as a yearling) and Scottsdale Junior Champion Gelding, will be debuting in country English this year, and he appears fully capable of adding to his tri-color collection. The coming contingent is so strong that the Cornings Multi-National Champion S Justadream

and Snell say that Justify is likely to have representatives in all three performance divisions at the 2011 U.S. Nationals. The story is breaking: for serious breeders of multi-faceted Arabians, sons and daughters of Justify—and the elite mares of DST Arabians—are a must-see.

"I have a Western Pleasure Futurity horse by Justify. It is well-balanced, athletic, and very good-minded. I am looking forward to showing it this year." ~Tommy Garland

“I have had the opportunity to see many great Arabian stallions as young colts and that is when I first saw Justify. He was a shockingly beautiful, bright chestnut weanling colt in the front pasture of Midwest Station I. Bob and Janene Boggs were very proud of him because all could tell at first glance he was very special. That day I saw a unique look of beauty and type. He had a beautiful curved neck, and high tail carriage that floated across the grass. That is what I see in the Justify foals. The sons and daughters of Justify are wonderful show horses. They have a great showing attitude. I am proud to have been a part of the Justify get with the promotion and showing of Mmonsignor (Justify colt). I know firsthand, the support one receives from the Justify family.” ~Jerry Schall



“The Justify offspring that I have had the pleasure to train are among the brightest stars in our Arabian industry. Not only are they personable, intelligent and attractive, but they have a sincere desire to please. That intent is always there which makes them the first horse I look forward to working with each day. My attention peaks every time I receive a phone call that a Justify son or daughter is heading my way!” ~Gary McDonald Just My Pstyle ~ Justify x Pstylin

Sttardom ~ Justify x Afire Star

“Just My Pstyle and Sttardom are exceptional horses. Justify sires big, pretty, athletic horses that have the intelligence to excel in both halter and performance. I’m really high on these horses.” ~Bob Locke

JA N UA RY 2011 | 37

360-866-8138 38 | A R A BI A N HOR SE T I MES

Multi-National Champion Justafire DGL x Acquaintance, by Eukaliptus 1998 chestnut mare

Justify Sire of National Champions Magnum Psyche x S Justadream 2003 chestnut stallion

A producer of beauty and type ... Napal Gazal Al Shaqab x S Justadream 2008 bay colt ~ Available for purchase

Jueliette Magnum Psyche x S Justadream 2009 chestnut filly ~ Available for purchase

JA N UA RY 2011 | 39

360-866-8138 40 | A R A BI A N HOR SE T I MES

Producer of Multiple Scottsdale Winners Astoundd x Primrose Carol, by Aladdinn Echo 2002 bay mare


A producer of extreme quality ...

Astoundding Beauty Justify x JJ Astounding Echo 2008 bay filly

Astoundding Jewel


Justify x JJ Astounding Echo 2009 bay filly~ Available for purchase

Justify x JJ Astounding Echo 2010 bay colt ~ Available for purchase

JA N UA RY 2011 | 41

360-866-8138 42 | A R A BI A N HOR SE T I MES

Multi-National Champion Mare ~ Full sister to Afires Heir Afire Bey V x Brassmis, by Brass 2001 chestnut mare

Perfect Storrm Justify x Afire Storrm ~ 2006 chestnut mare

Lightnin Storrm Justify x Afire Storrm 2006 chestnut gelding

A producer of versatility and attitude ...

“I like to think of horses and people as “forging a partnership.” Using this concept as a foundation, the get of Justify easily oblige due to their affectionate nature. We all can agree that timing is everything and the Justify get’s willingness to please on a daily basis makes training nothing less than a pleasure. The Justify get are not only light on their feet, but also quick in their minds. Already rewarded for their stand-up beauty, the time has come for their presence to be recognized in the performance arena.” ~Mike Lamb

“I’ve had the honor of working with Justify and his foals. I have come to find them to be very athletic, have great attitudes and great dispositions. Because of those qualities, we’ve been seeing their success in the show ring, not only in halter, but also in performance.” ~João Batista Rodrigues

Sacred Storrm Justify x Afire Storrm ~ 2009 chestnut mare

JA N UA RY 2011 | 43

Scottsdale International Arabian Breeders Classic Mares 6 & Older with Andy Sellman

360-866-8138 44 | A R A BI A N HOR SE T I MES

Arabian World Cup Champion Mare Psytadel x SA Misha Apal, by A.S. Natsir-Apal 2003 grey mare

Glorius Apal Justify x Gloria Apal ~ 2007 grey stallion

A producer of type and refinement ... Apalo Justify x Gloria Apal 2008 chestnut colt

Virginia Apal Justify x Gloria Apal ~ 2007 chestnut mare

“I have really enjoyed the Justify offspring that I’ve been around. I have several favorites that I’ve shown and who I’ve watched show. His foals are very trainable, flexible and beautiful! I had the pleasure of showing Apalo (Justify x Gloria Apal) to a regional championship, Las Vegas reserve championship and national top ten for Mickey Womble of Belvedere Farm. He is a great horse to be around and has his mother and father’s distinctive type. I just love him. I’m looking forward to working with more Justify foals in the future.” ~Andy Sellman

JA N UA RY 2011 | 45

Multi-National Champion Mare Baske Afire x She Be Jammin, by Phi Slama Jama 2002 bay Half-Arabian mare

360-866-8138 46 | A R A BI A N HOR SE T I MES

Jeepers Kreepers Justify x She Be Afire 2007 H/A chestnut gelding

A producer of talent and presence ...

“Although they look different, He Be Jeebie and Jeepers Kreepers, who are full brothers, are very similar. They are as high a quality western pleasure horse you could hope for. They are beautiful horses with minds just as good as their looks. They are good thinkers and good movers. They are exactly what you would hope for if you were to draw one up.� ~Gordon Potts

He Be Jeebie Justify x She Be Afire 2006 H/A bay gelding

JA N UA RY 2011 | 47

Sire of excellence world wide ...


David & Tammy Corning and Sienna Snell P.O. Box 12689, Olympia, WA 98508-2689 • 360-866-8138 •


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