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To understand and therefore appreciate the phenomenon of Justify, one must carefully consider the larger-than-life forces that have come together to create not only the stallion himself, but also his wildly successful progeny. As any student of noteworthy subjects knows, the best way to understand is to start at the beginning ...

When one evaluates the uppermost portion of Justify’s pedigree, the foundation for the stallion’s success as both a show horse and sire becomes immediately apparent. There are no less than six generations of sires producing sires. First comes Justify’s dad, Magnum Psyche, and then his sire, Padrons Psyche, inarguably two of the most successful sires in breed history of both breeding and performance horses. Then, of course, there is the legendary *Padron, whose charisma and exotic beauty established new trends for the breed when he danced into the lives of Arabian enthusiasts some three decades ago. Another generation back, *Padron’s sire is Patron, a stallion coveted by American breeders for his beauty and prepotency. Then we travel back again in time to the Tersk Stud’s foundation stallion, Aswan, and to his sire, Nazeer, thought by many to have been Egypt’s most influential and valuable breeding stallion. Each of these stallions is revered not only for who they were as individuals, but also for what they were able to pass on to the next generation of breeding stallions. In each case, the most important of those attributes was extreme Arabian type. Justify continues in that tradition -- passing on some of the best qualities from each of his generations.




To complete one’s understanding of how Justify has earned a spot as one of the most sought-after stallions today, one must also take into consideration the tail female line of Justify’s remarkable pedigree. Ten times a National Champion, Justify’s dam, S Justadream, may be the single most decorated Arabian mare in breed history. S Justadream’s dam, Acquaintance, was a product of one of the finest and most highly regarded breeding programs of the 20th century, the LaCroix family’s Lasma Arabians. Out of the incomparable *Bask daughter Acquanetta, Acquaintance was a great granddaughter of Lasma’s beloved Athena, whose own dam, Habina, was known as the The Queen of Lasma. Athena’s sire, The Real McCoy, was a magnificent stallion best known for producing extreme type and long necks. Acquaintance’s sire, (grandsire of S Justadream and great grandsire of Justify) *Eukaliptus, was yet another source of the extreme Arabian type that is so sought after today. Leased by Lasma because the Polish State Stud simply would not part with him, *Eukaliptus was by the great Polish stallion *Bandos, a maternal half-brother to *Bask. Like *Bask, *Bandos was known for producing offspring with long, long, flexible necks. While being a student of history requires this evaluation of the past to understand the present, it is also required to understand the great promise of the future, a promise that has already just begun to shimmer in show rings around the world. Clearly, the stage was set by Justify’s ancestors for greatness. As with every new foal that is born, one wonders, can he or she carry the torch for those generations that have come before? In the case of Justify, the answer is a resounding yes. From the time the general public first laid eyes on him in the 2004 Region 14 Breeders Sweepstakes Yearling Colt Championship Class, which Justify won, he captured hearts and imaginations. It wasn’t long before so many breedings were requested of this stallion that his show career had to be limited. One particularly restrictive factor relative to ongoing competition for Justify has been that many of the mares in his court belong to clients from countries that require the stallion to be quarantined during the collecting and freezing of semen. Needless to say, this restriction limits not only travel but also conditioning.




But the results have been worth it. Justify’s first foal crop hit the ground in 2006. Today, (taken from Datasource 1-8-10) he has nearly 100 offspring, with each year’s group of youngsters surpassing the achievements of the previous. With four crops now being shown, they’ve continued in the tradition of their great ancestors, garnering titles in the Arabian Breeders World Cup, at Scottsdale and in national and regional competitions the world over. This past year has been a particularly successful one for Justify’s yearlings. Sttardom (x Afire Star) claimed the Region 10 Yearling Colts/Geldings Championship, Iowa Gold Star Champion Auction Colt, Top Ten Minnesota Breeders Yearling Colts; Sienna Apal (x SA Misha Apal) was named Region 10 Reserve Champion Arabian Yearling Filly, Top Ten in Scottsdale Sign. Auction fillies, Top Ten Iowa Gold Star Futurity, Top Ten Minnesota Breeders Yearling Filly and Reserve Champion World Breeders Cup Auction Filly; Prince Afire ER (x GFA Firen Lace) captured the Region 18 Arabian Yearling Colts/Geldings Championship title and Aria Elita (x BK Tamina) was the Region 6 Arabian Yearling Filly Champion. At the U.S. Nationals, Monticeto LN (x JD Allove Story) was named to the Top Ten in the Arabian Yearling Colts/Geldings Breeders Sweepstakes class. 2009 was also the first year Justify’s offspring entered the performance arena, handily proving that pretty is as pretty does. The highly decorated halter sensation, He Be Jeebie (x She Be Afire), was Top Ten in the Half-Arabian Hunter Pleasure Futurity class. The sky appears to be the limit for Justify, as his offspring continue building upon the foundation laid long, long ago by the most influential Arabian mares and stallions in the world. It is his destiny to become included in that select group of stallions.

HE BE JEEBIE Justify x She Be Afire, 2006 H/A Gelding Owned by Lori & Robert Cantero JANUARY 2010 | JUSTIFY 9

APALO Justify x Gloria Apal. 2008 Colt Owned by DST Arabians SACRED STORRM Justify x Afire Storrm, 2009 Filly Owned by DST Arabians


ASTOUNDDING JEWEL Justify x JJ Astounding Echo, 2009 Filly Owned by DST Arabians


Full sisters PALITRAH & JULIAH B

PALITRAH Justify x Bint Bey Shah, 2006 Mare IFT Aria Impresario for 2010

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JULIAH B Justify x Bint Bey Shah, 2009 Filly

STTARDOM Justify x Afire Star, 2008 Colt Owned by DST Arabians



ARIA ELITA Justify x BK Tamina 2008 Region 6 Champion Yearling Filly

ARIA JAMINA Justify x BK Tamina

Owned Arabian Horse Futures Ken and Joanne White Tracy White MIDWEST STATION I, INC. Contact Bob & Janene Boggs • 763.420.7252 • JANUARY 2010 | JUSTIFY 15

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