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Swimming Against The Current When it comes to increasing the functionality of a smaller pool space, countercurrent systems are perhaps one of the most effective add-ons for both new and existing installations. It’s a combination which has been a great success for swim spas and an increasing number of pools are now incorporating them. Affordable and easy to install, they deliver a more complete experience and in this issue, we take a look at the brands that are providing the power behind these systems By Jon Wadeson


here’s a number of reasons why a larger swimming pool isn’t always a possibility or even a necessity. Perhaps space or even the budget are restricted. Maybe there are aesthetic reasons why a large pool just won’t work. Whatever the reason, sometimes a small pool is the only viable option but whilst fun, they often just seem to lack that certain something – and often, it’s the ability to enjoy a proper, uninterrupted swim. For many pools and their owners, the solution is a counter-current system – a product which enhances the usability of smaller pools, adds some much-needed wow factor and puts them more on a par with their bigger rivals. In many ways, you could even argue they surpass their larger rivals. Once installed, a counter-current system makes it possible to have unlimited fun, swim for as long as a user likes plus their introduction can often provide hydrotherapy options too. With built-in and over-the-wall options available, there are no excuses for not exercising in smaller pools or maximising their potential, and we take a closer look at some of the counter-current options that are available.

excellence. Ultra-stylish, the Fluvo systems are built into the wall of the pool so only the attractive face plate is visible. The latest Fluvo model, the award winning XANAS counter-current unit, is state-of-theart, both aesthetically and in terms of its high performance. It is designed with the regular swimmer in mind, who is looking to add another dimension to his pool and wants fun and rewarding exercise. Suitable for liner, STATE-OF-THE-ART SOLUTIONS concrete and one-piece pools, the XANAS FROM CERTIKIN features an extra-flat design with a brushed Looking to inject some extra excitement and stainless steel or ABS drop-shaped grill. It fun into a swimming pool? Look no further can be specified with rotary knobs in single or than Certikin’s Fluvo range of hydrotherapy three-phase, with the latter having the option equipment which stands out as a beacon of of pressure sensitive switches. The Fluvo X-Jet takes the power of the counter-current to another level for the serious swimmer and athlete. The wide area output flow creates a uniform current along the full width of the body, just like a wave in the ocean, rather than being pointed at a single point, like the flow offered by some inferior counter-current units. Control is through touch sensitive buttons which operate the one or two pump units. Certikin also supplies its Available from Certikin, own branded entry-level the award winning XANAS counter-current system – an counter-current unit, is state of the art, both aesthetically affordable option designed and in terms of its high for small private pools. It is performance equipped with a 3hp pump to

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For performance-oriented training and professionallevel workouts, choose the Speck BADU Jet Turbo Pro from Golden Coast

create a counter-stream of water and, being adjustable, it is suitable for swimmers of all abilities. The directional inlet allows a 15-degree inclination in any direction and also features an adjustable air/water mixer for a relaxing bubble massage effect.

ONE OF THE BIGGEST RANGES IN THE BUSINESS Wet leisure distributor Golden Coast provides one of the widest selections of counter-current units in the trade, with models to suit all kinds of pool installations and requirements. For customers looking to build a countercurrent unit into their pool, a number of models are available. The Speck BADU Jet Wave is a powerful system featuring swim, massage and wave functions. The elegant BADU Jet Vogue offers similar benefits and is housed within a sophisticated, award-winning, stainless steel design. Meanwhile, the powerful BADU Jet Primavera features twin jets – perfect for sports enthusiasts. For performance-oriented training and professional-level workouts, choose the Speck BADU Jet Turbo Pro. It operates at a high output of up to 350m3/h and produces a soft current for a more natural swimming experience, whilst remaining efficient and quiet. The Turbo Pro is built to last and is extremely safe, as all electrical components are hermetically separated from the pool water. For versatility and style, Golden Coast offers a range of Pahlén stainless steel countercurrent units. With a motor power of

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