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Products To Take The Chill Out Of Pool And Spa Water Heat pumps are a popular choice for warming the waters of swimming pools and spas, but there are a number of alternative products available which can also perform the task. The effectiveness varies with each product, but whether a gas boiler, electric option, or even a passive solution, the range of water heating options mean there’s something for all types of installations and budgets. In this issue, we take a look at some of the available products By Jon Wadeson


hen it comes to the heating of water in swimming pools and spas in the UK, there really is a wide set of options available to suit an equally varied number of installation types and environments. Whilst environmental systems and heat pumps provide some of the latest sophisticated technologies to meet the needs of many owners, gas boilers, electric options, passive solutions and even solar power all play their part in the heating mix, and in doing so, offer flexibility for the many settings in which pools and spas can be found. And with energy prices escalating at a frightening rate, efficiency is more crucial than ever before. So whether it’s for a large, frequently used swimming pool, a busy winter spa or for a garden splasher that’s used for only a short spell during the summer months, in this issue we take a closer look at some of the non heat pump options that are warming up the waters of pools and spas up and down the UK.

ELECRO OPTIONS FOR SMALLER INSTALLATIONS If a smaller water heating solution is required, Elecro Engineering offer a number of electric options which are supplied through leading distributors including Certikin and SCP UK. Firstly, there’s the Elecro Nano Splasher – a 3kW electric heater that is ‘Plug & Play’ and as the name would suggest, offers an ideal solution for soft/hard sided and splasher pools. Then there’s the Elecro Evolution 2 which provides efficiency, safety, and above all

reliability to heat a pool effortlessly to the desired temperature. There’s a range of eight power options available, from 1kW to 24kW. Stepping up the Elecro range, there’s also the Optima Compact. Available in nine power options, the top of the range comes with touchscreen, and is ideal for pools and spas. This fully titanium heater ensures maximum reliability and efficiency. The Optima Compact range can be easily operated using the digital thermostat, accurate to 0.5°C and is ready for integration to a Building Management System. The heater’s outlet manifold accommodates a flow switch, with gold tipped reed, that provides a signal to the control board for ultimate reliability and safety. Although aesthetically different than the Nano Splasher and Evolution 2, the Optima Compact’s design makes it a highly robust and durable product too. All of these products offer quick and easy to install options, feature silent operation and each is fully equipped and pre-wired meaning they can be floor or vertically wall mounted.

EASY AND EFFECTIVE HEATING WITH PAHLÉN AND GOLDEN COAST Whether for an indoor or outdoor pool, get it swim-ready in no time with the Pahlén range of electric heaters from Golden Coast. The Pahlén Compact Heater has an AISI 316L acid-proof stainless steel body and Incoloy 825 heating elements. If there is a high risk of corrosion (e.g., with saltwater pools) it is available with a titanium body and Nic-Tech treated elements. Golden Coast also provides the Pahlén Aqua Compact Heater fitted with either Incoloy 825 or titanium elements.

The Elecro Evolution 2 and Optima Compact are two models in a range of electric heaters that are perfect for smaller installations

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Available from Golden Coast, Pahlén’s Aqua Compact Heater (above/below) and Maxi-Flo tube heat exchanger

Both heaters offer 3kW-18kW power ratings and are equipped with an integral thermostat (0°C - 45°C) and overheating cut out. For extra safety and peace of mind, Pahlén electric heaters are fitted with a flow or pressure switch to protect the element from damage. Adam Clark, Sales Director at Golden Coast said: “The Pahlén electric heaters are quick to install as they can be connected to existing power mains. Once up and running, the water flows through the heater and is warmed by the heating element, ensuring that the pool is ready to enjoy as soon as possible.” Also available are Pahlén swimming pool heat exchangers, which can be connected to sources such as boilers, heat pumps or solar panel systems. Cross flow operation enables high output and exceptional heat transfer. The Pahlén Maxi-Flo is a tube heat exchanger that offers capacities of 40-117kW, and is suitable for installations that operate under high pressure. It is made of acid-proof stainless steel and can be easily installed using adjustable stainless steel attachments. For extra durability, the Hi-Temp spiral heat exchanger is made of thermoplastic with a high glass content and a coil of acid-proof stainless steel.

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