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Clear Comfort’s Groundbreaking CCW25™ AOP System Is Now Available

RotoSpa Team Celebrate Regional Manufacturing Award Win The RotoSpa team is delighted to announce that they were the winners of the ‘Excellence in Manufacturing 2022’ award at the annual Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce Awards! The RotoSpa team have worked incredibly hard and truly deserve this honour. As a company, they are proud to be flying the British manufacturing flag for their local town of Sutton Coldfield and honouring Birmingham the ‘City of a Thousand Trades’. In 2021, the company invested in developing a new West Midlands based production facility. Coupled with the Sutton Coldfield, Head Office, newly constructed training centre and flagship showroom, the development plan provided numerous opportunities for local job creation and the business is growing rapidly. The company’s vision for 2022 is to be the leading manufacturer of rotationally moulded spas in the

UK, recognised for the integrity of their people, the ethics of the business practices and the quality of their products and service. As a manufacturer, it is vital that the brand is constantly striving to create a product that is more energy efficient than before. With RotoSpa’s larger manufacturing plant, they are taking steps with the Greater Birmingham Grow Hub to implement lowering their carbon emissions further, as well as ‘offsetting’ their carbon footprint. The company’s existing tree planting initiative is underway with UK ‘Woodland Trust’ donations, who they will continue to support throughout 2022. The win follows being featured on ITV show ‘Made in Britain’ – a documentary series which takes a behind the scenes look at British industry. RotoSpa 0121 354 3428 www.rotospa.co.uk

Manufactured in the USA, the CCW25 delivers the market-leading Clear Comfort AOP full-flow water treatment in a compact design that installs seamlessly across all portable spas and swim spas. Designed for ease and wellness, the CCW25 is an effortless way for owners to experience the best water that protects their health and their spa. Without compromising on performance, Clear Comfort has delivered on its high quality, low-touch water care, and powerful full-flow treatment. The CCW25 provides spa water that looks and smells as good as it feels with freedom from toxic chemical handling after every use. Additionally, the CCW25 AOP system introduces the industry’s fastest system maintenance method with a sustainable cartridge replacement that takes less than one minute each year. “We are proud to extend our market-leading, low-chemical water treatment systems to benefit spa owners, dealers, and manufacturers,” said Steve Berens, CEO of Clear Comfort. “Customers are yearning for simpler, healthier water treatment and we are proud to bring them a new level of ease and protection.” The CCW25’s intuitive integration and reduced need to troubleshoot can help spa dealers efficiently serve a wider range of customers in less time. The CCW25’s spa-specific, compact design provides the convenience and ultimate flexibility needed for a wide variety of mounting configurations. Built for factory integration or aftermarket addition, the CCW25 accommodates full-flow water treatment for all types of portable spas, swim spas, plunge pools and more. The CCW25 brings noncorrosive water care, while minimising chlorine, bromine and other toxic chemicals to healthier levels better than drinking water. Additionally, Clear Comfort’s new CCW25 allows spa owners to have clearer water that’s kind to eyes, skin, lungs, surfaces and equipment. Clear Comfort +1 303 872 4477 www.clearcomfort.com

Marquis® And Make-A-Wish® Celebrate 1,000th Wish

Born with epilepsy, Haiden has limited mobility and heated water offers him freedom of movement, and always brings a smile to his face. Thanks to the combined efforts of Make-A-Wish®, Marquis® Hot Tubs, and local retailer Seattle Hot Tub, Haiden’s wish has been granted. His wish marks a historic milestone: one thousand wishes granted by Marquis and Make-A-Wish since their partnership began. First inspired by a wish for a hot tub back in 2000, the partnership has since generated more than $6.8m in donations and discounts to Make-A-Wish® America, Make-A-Wish® Canada, and Make-A-Wish® United Kingdom. Thanks to wish kids, Marquis remains committed to giving exceptional hydrotherapy to children with critical illnesses.

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“A wish experience can be a turning point for a child battling a critical illness, giving them the strength needed to fight, and often overcome, their illness. It’s because of partners like Marquis that we can continue to transform lives, one wish at a time,” said Make-A-Wish America’s LuAnn Bott. Sam Collins, President of Marquis, expressed similar appreciation. “The MakeA-Wish partnership continues to inspire our employees and the local Marquis dealers who help to fulfill hot tub wishes,” said Collins. “It’s our privilege to celebrate

this milestone with Haiden and his family, and we look forward to fulfilling many more wishes in the years ahead.” In celebration of the 1,000th wish, Marquis introduced a new version of its aptly-named ‘Wish’ model. The new design includes advanced therapy features exclusive to its flagship Crown Collection. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Wish is donated to Make-A-Wish® to help grant wishes for children with critical health conditions. Marquis +1 800 275 0888 www.marquisspas.com

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