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Flexible Construction – Easy Block Systems From SolidPOOL Used in over 25 countries worldwide SolidPOOL offers an innovative, lightweight, permanent shuttering and construction block system which allows users to build pools, spas and water features like never before. The product provides a continuous reinforced concrete wall which is suitable for above and in-ground pools in all soil conditions. At just 3.5kg per block, it’s lightweight and features simple clip together technology, meaning the need for skilled labour is virtually eliminated. This makes it ideal for self-builders and a fast solution for pool builders too. Being only 150mm thick, and with no need for props outside the shell, excavation costs are

greatly reduced and the project can be back filled before water is added. Perfect for limited access sites, SolidPOOL can be built in any weather and the system can also be used for indoor pool builds – it meets all the current building codes and U-values when constructed with 100mm of insulation. The revolutionary flexible block is available for free form pools and makes the SolidPOOL ideal for any pool imaginable. The liner lock and ring beam are fixed to the pool before being filled with concrete completing the pool shell. Once poured the blocks are so smooth there is no need to render the pool, saving more time and money. Fittings are simply and

Changes By Menerga Mean Greater Efficiency With Less Refrigerant Heat pumps in Menerga systems featuring ThermoCondHP heat recovery for public indoor swimming pools are to be standardequipped with the refrigerant R410A. This conversion will achieve not only greater efficiency in these systems but will also enable especially significant reduction of up to 40% in the refrigerant charge. The special benefits offered by the refrigerant R410A include – in addition to greater volumetric cooling capacity than with refrigerant R407C – its excellent characteristics as well in heat transfer in the evaporator and the condenser. A system optimally designed to match these characteristics enables achievement of extremely great unit efficiency. This coordination assures a minimum of operating costs for the dehumidification and heating of indoor swimming pools. Heat pumps in Menerga solutions for the air conditioning of public indoor swimming pools are equipped with micro-channel condensers. These specially coated condensers satisfy strict requirements for corrosion protection and make a key contribution to the reduction achieved in the refrigerant charge. This in turn represents a major advantage with respect to the European F-Gas Regulation. Menerga GmbH +49 (0) 208 9981 120

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SolidPOOL’s revolutionary flexible block

precisely cut out of the block prior to the pour. Any type of filtration can be used with the SolidPOOL wall system, and a one-piece filtration unit is now available that simply attaches

to one end of the pool and eliminates a lot of pipe work. Orbro-Reed Landscapes 01903 905447

A Cost-effective Solution For Water Accessibility The Pool Lift Company is developing its range of pool lift products to appeal to all budgets and has introduced the new Eco Pool Lift, a portable and cost effective disabled access pool lift solution that also delivers on design and performance. The new Eco Pool Lift enables the operator to transport the user manually from the changing area to the pool side without having to use a wheelchair. Safety features include a service brake on the rear wheels and 2-point safety belts (4 and 5-point harnesses are also available). The Eco Pool Lift has a removable leg support and comes with a headrest. At the pool side the operator uses a simple mobile pushbutton panel to control the up and down movement. This smart device is battery assisted allowing the operator to lower and lift its user in and out of the water smoothly with minimal effort. The Eco Pool Lift has

a maximum capacity of 136 kg and an arm travel of 1260 mm. Lowering time into the water with weight is 20 seconds and lifting is 25 seconds. The Eco Pool Lift has all the essential elements needed to ensure good performance in terms of reliability and safety for its user at a reasonable cost. Its compact design means it can be easily moved around in small spaces and neatly stored away when not in use. This portable pool lift device is suitable for any swimming pool which is ground level (no wall or raised edge) and the person is being lifted down into the water. For more information about the full range of products or to arrange a full site survey please visit the company’s website where you will also discover a new Pool Lift finder tool. The Pool Lift Company 01256 896000 03/06/2018 23:28

SPN (Swimming Pool News) June 2018  

Informing the pool and spa industry since 1959. Covering the UK's wet leisure market, SPN (Swimming Pool News) is the UK's longest running a...

SPN (Swimming Pool News) June 2018  

Informing the pool and spa industry since 1959. Covering the UK's wet leisure market, SPN (Swimming Pool News) is the UK's longest running a...