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Efficiently Utilising The Energy Around Us The heating of water within pools and spas can be achieved through a variety of solutions, but heat pumps have become a firm favourite for many due to their economical benefits combined with environmentally friendly operation. There’s plenty of options available too with numerous manufactures providing these energy efficient choices and with a steady flow of new or improved models on offer in 2017, we take a closer look at what’s available By Jon Wadeson


eat pumps are an efficient and environmentally friendly option for heating pool water, and with them producing several times more energy than they consume, they easily outperform some more conventional heating methods. So it’s no real surprise that the industry was quick to invest in heat pump technology, allowing pool owners to enjoy the ongoing savings that can be achieved through their use. The latest models on offer are becoming increasingly sophisticated and intelligent in their operation too, with many designs now featuring Inverter technology – something which will only adds to their appeal and use. With numerous brands, models and options now available, careful research and professional advice is a must, but there’s a perfect heat pump solution on offer for any pool configuration and in this issue, we look at various options on offer for the season ahead.

CERTIKIN TURNS UP THE HEAT WITH CALOREX PROPAC With ambient air temperatures becoming more erratic, the challenge is to provide a reliable and economic solution to swimming pool heating, whatever the weather – and Calorex and Certikin have come to the rescue with the ProPac heat pump. The ‘green’ range of highly efficient Calorex ProPac heat pumps are designed The ‘green’ range of highly efficient Calorex ProPac heat pumps are designed to provide an industry leading coefficient of performance

to provide an industry leading coefficient of performance, saving CO2 and reducing operating costs. Within the range, ProPac domestic ‘Y’ models will provide reliable heat for a pool, even in the harshest winter conditions. Models in the range feature an Intelligent, electronically controlled defrost that allows the units to operate reliably in air temperatures as low as -15°C! The defrost system gives the unit exceptional early and late season performance. ProPac models include digital display controls which enable easy adjustment of the pool water set point temperature and clear symbols which show the actual water temperature and operational status of the unit. The ProPac can also synchronise a pool pump to run only when the pool requires heating, significantly cutting down on pool pump running time. Used with a time clock that operates the pool pump for a block period, minimum pool water turnover rates are maintained. In addition, ProPac Y models include: • Titanium full flow heat exchanger • High efficiency, sound insulated, rotary (PP 8 and 12) or scroll (PP 16 and 22) compressors • Fully ERP compliancy • A small footprint – the ProPac range is designed with space in mind. • A three year limited parts and labour guarantee. Five year guarantee against corrosion of the Titanium heat exchanger coils. Ten year anti corrosion warranty on the ProPac casing Built in the UK under ISO 9001 accreditation and fully supported by a nationwide service network, these ProPacs comply with the size requirements for permitted development rights (models 8-22).

BOSTA’S HYDRO-PRO INVERTER OFFERS AN INTELLIGENT SOLUTION Bosta UK offers one of the most competitive packages for swimming pool heat pumps in 49-52_SPN_June_17_Heat_Pumps_Rev.indd 49

The Hydro-Pro range of heat pumps from Bosta are one the UK’s best selling heat pump ranges and includes the Hydro-Pro inverter

the UK providing a range of units to cover small above-ground units right up to large scale in-ground pools. The company’s Hydro-S units are designed for the above-ground summer season pool market and range from 3kW up to 12kW. With retail prices starting from £530, these units are a cost effective way to heat aboveground pools through the season. The Hydro-Pro range of heat pumps from Bosta are one of the UK’s best selling heat pump ranges, with over 700 sold in the UK in 2016. They offer efficient heating and reliability for the pool owner at some of most competitive prices in the market. They are now available with up to three years full parts and labour warranty too, meaning pool owners can enjoy a heated pool all year round with complete peace of mind. To enjoy one of the most efficient heat pumps on the UK market, there are a number of reasons why pool retailers, installers and owners alike should be taking a closer look at Bosta’s Hydro-Pro inverter, including: • COP values of 8.2 at an air temperature of 15 degrees, and COP of 13 at an air temperature of 27 degrees • All inverter units fitted with soft start to allow up to 35kW in single phase

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