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New Heatstar Phoenix MP Offers Outstanding Levels Of Heat Recovery Pool installers can recommend the new Phoenix MP unit to their clients with absolute confidence. Why? Because the new Phoenix MP substantially exceeds UK Building Regulations legal requirements for pool heat recovery systems and because the Phoenix MP (Multi-Pass) system enhances the heat saved from expelled pool room air to over 95%.

The Phoenix MP is able to outperform alternative equipment formats because it combines two different technologies to achieve unrivalled heat recovery performance. The expelled warm room air is first passed through the dehumidifying heat pump to enable ‘active’ heat extraction and then through a large ‘Multi-

Pass’ twin heat recuperator arrangement, where remaining heat within the air is passively conducted via a series of adjoining plates directly to the incoming colder fresh air. The combined effect of utilising both the active heat extraction by the dehumidifying heat pump and the passive heat recovery of the recuperators can enhance the heat saved from the expelled air to over 95% dry and over 160% if also including allowance for latent recovery. To enhance heat recovery efficiency further, the Phoenix MP features two plate heat recuperators utilised in sequence. After the expelled room air is passed through and exits the first recuperator, it is then passed through a second separate recuperator where yet more heat is transferred to the incoming outside fresh air. This Multi-Pass arrangement can enhance heat recovery efficiency up to 95%. Each Phoenix MP unit is tailored to the precise individual requirements of the application, obviating the need to under or over size performance aspects or tolerate inappropriate equipment

room layout. Dehumidification rates, air flows and heating duties are all selected individually to give a completely balanced, highly effective system, operating at ideal efficiency. Therefore, whether the pool room is a large conservatory or a small basement, the Phoenix MP will always be the perfect uncompromised approach. The unit can be configured so that the position of the control panel, pipes, air-duct spigots and maintenance access can also all be orientated during manufacture to accommodate the ideal equipment room layout. Even special weatherproof models are available for external positioning. Ideal for all newly designed indoor swimming pools where a higher level of demand is anticipated, the Phoenix MP provides effective humidity control, active heat recovery, full rate fresh air and both air and pool water heating – all from a single easily installed unit. Heatstar 01983 521465

Pioneering Product For Water Treatment Specialist Water treatment specialist HydroChem is planning a busy year, with turnover set to increase as the company becomes a national distributor for a new pioneering product. The company, which is the longest serving water treatment company in the North East, will be distributing and monitoring EndoTherm, an award-winning non-corrosive heating system additive. EndoTherm has been proven to help save businesses an average of 15% on their heating bills following successful trials with the likes of leisure centres, museums, NHS buildings and large homes. Most recently, the product helped Middlesbrough Council make a saving of more than 20% on its energy bills following two successful five-month trials. As well as saving as much as £3,636, Middlesbrough Council also saved 26,000 kg of C02; enough to run an average car nonstop for 42 days or keeping a 42-inch LCD TV on for over 18 years. 25_SPN_June_17_News_Eco.indd 25

“We’re definitely looking forward to showing our business customers this, especially after seeing first-hand what it is capable of,” said HydroChem UK’s Water Treatment Sales Manager, Paul Abbott. “We are constantly on the lookout for the newest in pioneering technology to make our customers savings and we really can’t wait to show our clients this product. “When we say a ‘15% reduction in energy bills’ it

might not sound like a lot, but imagine a business that is spending £10,000 on heating a year, that’s £1,500 that could be used for so much more. “As a business, we know all about wanting to find ways to save money but this one seems like one of the easiest.” HydroChem has been one of the leading water treatment companies in the north for almost three decades, working with both business and residential clients on a range of services including chemical cleaning, disinfection, cooling tower systems management and risk assessment of Legionella and other bacterial issues. HydroChem Group 01429 860836

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