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SWIM SPAS In a category where the competitors all offer essentially the same giant white box of water, the Aquatic Training Vessels™ (ATVs) from Marquis have dramatically reshaped the look and direction for the industry

There’s No Stopping Swim Spas Whether it’s a value for money party spa or a high end training aid for an athlete, in the UK, it seems swim spas have now been widely accepted as an alternative to the more traditional choices of an above-ground or smaller one-piece pool. With new brands entering the market in 2016 and new models on offer from manufacturers keen to secure their piece of the market, it seems there’s no stopping the swim spa success story and we take a closer look By Jon Wadeson


s a product that offers all the benefits of both swimming pools and hot tubs, wrapped up conveniently in a single, easy to own package, it’s no real surprise that swim spas have been a big hit with end users and their popularity continues to grow. Confirming the sector’s popularity, Paul Thomas, Spa Product Manager at SCP UK said: “Swim spa sales have been growing year on year for the last decade but in the last 12 months, swim spa sales growth is outstripping anything else in the hot tub and spa category. Enquiries are up and dealers brave enough to put a display model on show are reaping the rewards.” With success comes competition, and in the quest for their own piece of the market, 47-50_SPN_June_16_Swim_Spas.indd 47

hot tub brands that didn’t have swim spa options have added them and the result is the widest ever choice of models. One of the relative latecomers to the swim spas party was the Marquis brand, but they had kept a close eye on developments within the sector. “The original decision to innovate with robust polymers rather than the typical melted acrylic found in other brands, and to now offer a new 518cm length/135cm depth unit with Whitewater4 propulsion, have powered strong consumer interest and Aquatic Training Vessel sales over the past year,” stated Jim Johnston, VP Marketing at Marquis Corp. “It has been an excellent year!” he concluded. So what do the next 12 months have in store for the sector? Continued growth

seems certain so this issue, we look at just some of the brands and models that are likely to add to the swim spa success story.

VITA SPAS OFFER AN XSTREAM SWIM SPA SELECTION Comprising six models, the XStream series of swim spas from Vita Spas combines the best aspects of swimming pools, hot tubs and home gyms. The flagship model of the Vita Spa Swim Spa Series is the XStream Duo Pro. Powered by four 7hp pumps, it has a spacious 16.5ft swim zone for the taller swimmer, plus a separate temp zone duo seater spa. It also has large dual cartridge filtration, high efficient recycled insulation, BiOzone water management, latest technology M7 heating,

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