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Certikin Is The Perfect Fit For Retirement Village Pool In Hampshire The engine room of this striking pool and fitness suite – designed and built by Warwickshire-based Buckingham Pools for a luxury retirement development in Romsey, Hampshire – proudly boasts the Certikin name. The health and wellness complex is built with versatility and functionality in mind to provide the residents with a relaxing facility in which to unwind. In constant use, the pool features a Fluvo Rondo counter-current unit supplied by Certikin. The unit comes with separate rotary buttons to provide the desired setting for air and water adjustment. Certikin also supplied the complete filtration system – two SLX filters and three Hydrostar circulation pumps providing a turnover of less than three hours to optimise the usability. Alongside the pumps, Certikin has also supplied three inverters to make them variable speed. Easy to install and programme, these inverters offer a potential cost saving payback of less than six months. The pool, measuring 12m x 6m, is meticulously finished with large-format, marble effect tiles. With the perfectly edged built-in step-entry, the interior finish completes an elegant look with the stylish surrounding décor and marble feature walls to contrast with the exposed walnut wood-effect floor tiles. The underwater lighting installations enhance the relaxing ambience to offer daylong activity, whether swimming or lounging.

Buckingham Pools 01926 852351 www.buckinghampools.com

Certikin International 01993 777200 www.certikin.co.uk

Save Water At Your Leisure With Deer Technology

Saving water is a challenge for most businesses but when you run a leisure centre containing a 25-metre swimming pool, children’s pool, gyms and a sports hall with shower facilities, the challenge can seem mighty. For Stretford Sports Village, operated by Trafford Leisure Community Interest Company Ltd (Trafford Leisure), careful monitoring of water usage is vital to help keep membership fees and prices as low as possible. In addition, sustainability and environmental consciousness are additional goals today of course. Trafford Leisure needed to obtain regular, reliable data to fully understand their consumption patterns and cost. Unfortunately, the location of the water meter, deep inside a manhole on another business’ property which is frequently flooded, meant the water retailer was unable to fulfil this need with regular manual readings. To take control of the situation, Trafford Leisure turned to Deer Technology.

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The LimpetReader was developed to be installed quickly without interrupting the supply and with minimal ongoing costs. The product attaches to the faceplate of the existing meter and incorporates multiple miniature cameras that capture the entire meter register display at time intervals specified by the customer. The images are then automatically and securely sent to the Deer Technology’s server where the images are converted into a date and time stamped data value. Trafford Leisure is then able to import the data into the proprietary systems for analysis, allowing trends to be identified and inaccurate estimated bills to be disputed. As well as making sure billing is correct, regular readings can also help identify leaks with unexpected rises in consumption meaning costly leaks can be rectified quickly. Deer Technology 01639 363146 www.deertechnology.com

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