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Relax, Exercise Or Party – The Choice Is Yours! For customers that want to both relax and occasionally exercise in water, entrylevel swim spas ticks each box. Increasingly chosen as a replacement for a traditional small pool, these counter-current equipped products are often referred to as party spas and are aimed at budget conscious families rather than athletes that need a training aid for a serious workout. With retail prices under £20,000, we take a look at what’s available By Jon Wadeson


s a single product that offers all the benefits of both a small swimming pool and a hot tub or spa in a relatively affordable and straightforward to own and maintain package, it’s not surprising that entry-level swim spas have fared well in the UK, particularly over the last two seasons. For families who need to provide some water based fun and entertainment whilst keeping an eye on the pennies, there’s clearly a lot to like. The versatility of the products found at the lower end of the swim spa price range mean that owners have an area where the kids can let off some steam, and at other times, there’s also the option of a dedicated pool for casual exercising in. When the kids have gone to bed, there’s a further option of a tranquil space in which to relax – a godsend in these increasingly trying times! As an introduction to counter-current swimming, entry-level options provide a package which has always represented nothing short of outstanding value for money and this, combined with their multi-use ability has ensured their popularity. With a number of manufacturers providing budget-friendly models, we look closer at what’s available at the entry point of the swim spa market.

that are unlike any others on the market, Sunbeach’s swim spas create a smooth, straight stream of counter-current with up to 2,000+ gallons per minute of flow, free of both turbulence and air bubbles to give a sublime swimming experience, no matter what the ability level of the user might be. With power, also comes control. Unlike swim spas with limited, physical control valves, the included inverter system allows for full electronic control of the jet speed ensuring that users will always be able to find a comfortable swim speed, no matter what their ability level. Finally, build. These share the same pedigree of design and construction as the company’s Oasis Spas range, including the full-foam, multi-density insulation system for superlative heat retention and energy saving. One popular choice has been Sunbeach’s OD-39 model. This 6-seater fully-featured budget swim spa is produced with a Silver White Marble Aristech acrylic shell and features the latest Gecko touch screen control panel, Gecko in.stream 2 audio system, plus Ozonator and double filtration system for ease of maintenance. Whether it’s relaxing after a hard day, splashing around with the kids or setting a new personal best, with options for every budget, Sunbeach Spas’ Ultimate Swim Experience has all the options covered.

THE PEDIGREE SHINES THROUGH ON SUNBEACH’S SWIM SPA RANGE Whether it’s a dedicated swim spa, or a combined swim and hot tub unit, fun, fitness and relaxation are within reach of more people than ever before. To meet the rise in demand, the water leisure industry has expanded enormously, bringing newer and more innovative models to market. And East Midlands-based Sunbeach Spas is flying ahead in that regard. The company’s Ultimate Swim Experience range features eight dedicated swim spas and combined units, each of which sets themselves ahead of the crowd with three key features: Firstly, power. With up to 4 turbo jets

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Sunbeach’s six-seater OD-39 swim spa model shares the same pedigree of design and construction as the company’s Oasis Spas range

Available through Artesian Spas, the TidalFit Core Swim 14 is one of the newer models to join the company’s successful line up

ACTIVEPLUS EP-12 – AN EXERCISE ONLY ENTRY-LEVEL OPTION FROM TIDALFIT Available through Artesian Spas, the TidalFit ActivePlus EP-12 is the baby of the TidalFit models but still manages to pack a punch. Launched several years ago, this 12ft exercise only swim spa is perfect for families and casual or infrequent swimmers who are looking to maximise swim space. With its small footprint, this budget-friendly option is equipped with dual adjustable swim jets, advanced touch screen control system, 3kW heater and maintenance free Grandwood cabinet as standard. An optional hydrotherapy system can be specified which includes 28 Helix Jets, a 3hp 1-speed pump plus BellagioFall water feature. There’s also the further option to have a twin bench version with 12 additional Helix jets. TidalFit owners are also able to have their own choice of inclusive music to enhance aquatic workouts. Artesian’s user-friendly stereo options allow owners simply to connect any smart device through Bluetooth to stream any favourite songs instantly. Whether owners choose to add Diamond AOP, ProPure Ozone or Ozone to their TidalFit, each provides water purification for a crystal clean swim spa. Diamond AOP is revolutionary and is the company’s most advanced water purification system, incorporating both ozone, a mixing chamber and UV light to sterilise the spa water 24 hours a day.

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