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Golden Coast Expands Sales Team As Hot Tub Craze Continues To help keep pace with increasing demand for its widely acclaimed tubhub range, Golden Coast has recruited a new addition to its sales team. Experienced in customerfacing roles, Chantelle Hampstead made the move to Golden Coast in order to take on a more dedicated sales position. “It feels like the perfect move,” she explained. “I’ve joined the market leader in supplies to the wet leisure industry, and I will be selling great products from a really exciting range designed specifically to help hot tub owners gain the maximum enjoyment from their spa experience.” To familiarise herself with a collection that covers everything from access and maintenance to relaxation and entertainment products, Chantelle has been working closely with the Golden Coast technical department. “They’ve been demonstrating all the products and helping ensure I fully understand how they work,” said Chantelle. “That’s been invaluable in making sure I started my role with a really solid grounding. “I’ve also been getting to know our customers and understanding their businesses, learning about their preferences and how they like to work. What everyone seems to like is the

Sunbeach HB1200 Utilises Climacube Technology For Energy Savings

fact that it’s a one-stop-shop for everything from steps and cover lifters to spa pillows, lighting, and of course, rubber ducks. My particular favourite is the inSPArations aromatherapy products. There are some really lovely fragrances available.” Adam Clark, Sales Director at Golden Coast added: “The sector has been really receptive to tubhub since we launched it earlier this year, as it gives the trade more opportunities to generate additional sales at the point of purchase. As the latest welcome addition to #TeamGC, Chantelle will be supporting tubhub customers as well as the wider sales team to help deliver the exceptional levels of customer service that Golden Coast is renowned for.” Golden Coast 01271 378100 www.goldenc.com

With the recent COP26 Climate Change Conference in the news, and with energy prices rising, efficiency is on everyone’s mind at the moment. So there has never been a better time to look at alternative sources of energy. Poole-based Park Leisure Solutions Ltd, the manufacturers of Climacube, have spent the last 20 years building and perfecting a range of water heating products specifically designed for the water leisure market. They promise savings of up to 80% power and 60% time in bringing a hot tub or spa from ambient to a useable 36°C temperature using patented thermodynamic technologies. Whilst this may seem like magic, the Climacube system uses a heat pump-like approach to take heat energy from the surrounding air, even in temperatures that seem positively chilly. Whilst this process does draw some power from a regular 13A power supply, it still manages to put 7kW of energy into the water for each 1kW of electricity used. A range of different Climacubes

have been developed to suit domestic hot tubs, spas and swim spas in holiday park environments. There’s even large scale units designed to heat whole holiday lodges. Each is designed to be either installed along with the spa, or can be retrofitted onto already installed units, and can work alongside or independently of any existing water heating. On top of this, UK hot tub brand Sunbeach Spas have partnered with Climacube to bring to market the Sunbeach HB1200 – a compact unit utilising all of Climacube’s energy saving technology, designed for domestic and holiday park spas up to 1,200 litre capacity. In the coming years, the market is likely to see changes in the permitted ways to provide heating. With the Sunbeach HB1200 being available from early 2022, saving energy, money and the planet could be one of the easiest New Year’s resolutions to keep! Sunbeach Spas 01623 706185 www.sunbeachspas.co.uk

Jacuzzi® Presents Its New Website Dedicated To Wellness And Hydrotherapy Iconic spa manufacturer Jacuzzi® has consolidated its digital brand with a new global website approach, built to deliver an industry leading digital experience. Completely redesigned to offer an immersive experience of the world of wellness and bathroom furnishings, the new website features product information, and articles on design and wellness, plus news, interactive images, evocative videos and other content. The new corporate website is an international project that brings together all the Group’s geographical markets, from the United States to Europe and Asia. This continues the company’s commitment to growing its online presence, initiated years ago with its first steps on the main social networks and digital platforms and completed in 2020/21 with web-specific solutions for trade users and end consumers.

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The new website also includes Jacuzzi® Sensational Wellness™, the portal for the hospitality industry, and Jacuzzi® Spa Virtual Experience, the recently launched service which enables end users to view their desired spa in sophisticated 3D-modelled environments. The unified format of the website, created with responsive graphics, leverages the linear, elegant style characteristic of Jacuzzi® products to guide the user in their exploration of the company’s

many products: spas, swim spas, baths, shower systems, saunas and more. From the technical point of view, the new site was implemented in collaboration with CapGemini on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform, to ensure total compatibility with the specific requirements of Jacuzzi® users around the world, while facilitating implementation and updates, to ensure an ever faster response to the changing needs of each separate marketplace. The architecture of the new site is focused on user experience, to ensure that clients can find products and wellness solutions efficiently both on the site itself and when using search engines. Jacuzzi UK 0113 272 7430 www.jacuzzi.co.uk

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