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Filtration Solutions For Installations Big And Small Some of the most important products that lie at the centre of any modern and efficient water cleansing system are those associated with filtration. What was for a while a fairly uninspiring sector has seen a number of innovations over recent years and filtration products, in their many guises, are now viewed as essential for providing effective water management and cost savings. This issue, we showcase just some of the available filtration solutions By Jon Wadeson


hen it comes to options for the filtration of water in pools and spas, there really is a wide range of choices available both in terms of filters and filter media. And I guess that shouldn’t come as any real surprise as the variety of environments that filtration has to operate in is vast. But whether it’s for a grand Olympic sized swimming pool or a modest two-seater hot tub, the need and importance is the same for both owners and users alike, albeit on somewhat different scales! Normally hidden away behind the scenes, and often viewed as somewhat low tech or uninspiring, products within the filtration sector have benefitted from a number of recent innovations and improved solutions are now on offer for what is without doubt, a critical part of any pool and spa set up. As a result of the advances made, some products have become more user-friendly, others more flexible in their use, and some are flexing their green credentials by helping to reduce the amount of water used too. All of these factors lead directly or indirectly to lower operating costs – so the developments are very much welcomed. With plenty of options already available, combined with an ever-widening range of emerging technologies and products, it can often be hard to stay on top of what’s on offer, so this issue we highlight just some of the latest filtration options.

TPF’S CERAMIFLO MEMBRANES PROVIDE ULTRAFILTRATION Danish company Liqtech have provided membrane filtration technology to a multitude of industries for many years and more recently they have pioneered a pool filtration system. Recognising the potential for microfiltration, Total Pool Filtration (TPF) established an agreement with Liqtech to develop the UK market under brand name Ceramiflo. A three-year period of research and development has allowed TPF to make some improvements to the operation and the maintenance of the Danish system and fully

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automated membrane cleaning has been integrated into their package. Ceramiflo membranes have a 3mu pour size which consistently filters out 85% of all 2-3mu particulates. This is an extremely robust strategy in the removal of crypto sized particulates which are understood to be 4-6mu in size. The membranes are made of silicon carbide which is extremely durable and resistant to degradation. This compares very favourable against traditional filters which require costly media changes and refurbishments. There are currently two Ceramiflo systems installed in the UK and a six-membrane system is due to be installed in Trafford this autumn. The systems are entirely automatic and are monitored over the internet as part of the Ceramiflo service contract. Staff intervention is now simplified with no need to operate and backwash their filters. Ceramiflo is very compact so when old plant is due for replacement, they can often slot into the plant room with the original filters remaining. Furthermore, they are often installed seamlessly with no interruption or disruption to bathing. As a smart choice for pool operators there are some big gains to be had in terms of sustainability. Ceramiflo removes more dirt from the pool and that dirt is frequently removed from the membranes, leading to a drop in chlorine usage. Finally, since the membranes are cleaned mainly with air, backwash water usage is reduced by up to 60%.

Total Pool Filtration’s Ceramiflo systems are entirely automatic and are monitored over the internet as part of the Ceramiflo service contract

Available exclusively through Bosta UK, Norsup’s Supra (left) and Duplex side mount filters

INTRODUCING THE NORSUP SUPRA AND DUPLEX SAND FILTERS Trends in filtration differ from country to country which is why Norsup, the exclusive installer brand available through Bosta UK, looks at the best that Europe has available. Bosta look to offer the best possible solutions for sand and glass media filters with added service and maintenance features to benefit the installer. The Norsup Duplex side mount filter has taken inspiration from the large German pool market. Two-piece sand filters are the most popular type of filter in Germany as they offer the easiest maintenance for sand changes of any filter. Manufactured in high quality fibreglass reinforced polyester with Praher 6-way valve, Norsup offer a very strong and reliable filter, so strong in fact that Bosta offer a ten year warranty on the tank and five years on the multiport valve. From 18” to 26” diameter the Duplex filter can be used in all domestic pool installations. Secondly, Bosta have the Norsup Supra side mount filter. Discerning customers now look for exceptional design as well as reliability, and the Supra filter manages both. The fibreglass reinforced polyester tank has been given an additional weatherproof gelcoated finish to improve the look of the filter. The large 400mm service opening at the top is also a significant design feature. Strength and access are achieved with this unique lid that assists engineers when servicing the filter annually. These filters range from 20” up to 30” for all types of domestic pool. Both the Norsup Duplex and Supra sand filters are part of a coordinated plant room design that sets this range apart from ordinary pool equipment, heightening the exclusive look of any plant room.

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