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Keeping Up Appearances Maintaining the looks of any kind of pool or spa requires some effort on the part of owners but as time goes by, often the only solution to ensure use is a complete makeover. Thankfully, specialist products and processes combined with expert knowledge mean that the downtime for any repair, refurbishment or renovation is often not as disruptive as it once was and we highlight some of the solutions By Jon Wadeson


o keep any pool looking at glorious best and in use requires varying degrees of ongoing maintenance. But whilst products that affect the performance of a pool are generally hidden away, a pool’s looks are in plain sight and there’s nothing more unappealing than one that looks like it’s clearly seen better days. Worse still is a pool which is obviously not 100% safe and requires repairs to tiling or other features. A pool that can’t be appreciated is a real shame, but more than that, it’s a waste and so too is the investment made in it. Arguably that’s not so much of a problem for a back garden pool which may only see a few days use during a warm summer, but for many other pool environments, there’s a need for use every day of the week and a pool which can’t be used causes disruption to schedules, creates a drop in revenues and can often ruin a hard-earned reputation too. Thankfully, there are numerous companies across the industry who offer tried and tested products and services to efficiently and costeffectively improve the aesthetics, function and often safety of pools, whilst minimising the downtime which will inevitably occur.

STONEFLEX ADDS TEXTURE TO SCP’S PROFLEX LINER RANGE Available through SCP UK, Proflex Swimming Pool Liners by Haogenplast are high-quality, durable, 100% watertight vinyl reinforced swimming pool liners that deliver long term performance. Designed with built-in versatility, they are

With their Stoneflex options, SCP have textured, stonelike designs available for any pool renovation 63-66_SPN_Dec_17_Repairs&Renovation.indd 63

Swimming pools that are beginning to look like they’ve seen better days can get an instant make-over with Certikin’s smart HDPE grating

an optimal solution when renovating existing pools. The liner can be installed over almost any type of surface and easily adapts to all pool shapes and configurations. The advanced manufacturing and design of Proflex pool liners results in a high quality combination of functionality and aesthetics, for an effective pool lining solution that blends harmoniously with the surroundings. In addition, Proflex delivers enhanced protection against mechanical abrasion and wear, plus offers superior performance in watertight sealing, for improved longevity and durability. Developed and produced according to the specifications of standard (NF 5 54-8032, EN 15836-2-2011), Proflex liners meet strict standards of quality, in a product that is easy to install in swimming pools of any shape, size or type. The versatility, professional installation and exceptional properties of Proflex liners make it one of the industry leaders worldwide. Proflex liners are available in a range of

solid colours and patterns, and a new option introduced this year was the premium design Stoneflex range. The unique stone-like design is formulated with specialised enhanced lacquering formula – demonstrating exceptional clean-ability properties for their stone design as well as dry, non-plastic and non-slip grip. Proflex liners are available as rolls only (25m x 1.65m) or SCP UK offer a professional on-site installation service.

IDEAL FOR A POOL REVAMP – CERTIKIN’S HDPE GRATING Swimming pools that are beginning to look like they’ve seen better days can get an instant make-over with Certikin’s smart high density polyethylene grating (HDPE). The overflow grating combines eye-catching good looks and high impact strength, has extreme chemical resistance and is UV stable. It can be made to suit any existing or new grating channel and it comes in any depth, any width and it comes in a variety of

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SPN (Swimming Pool News) December 2017  
SPN (Swimming Pool News) December 2017  

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