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Make The Most Of The Holidays With A Wood-fired Hot Tub Sitting by the fireplace, gazing through the window as the snowflakes swirl down from above, slowly turning the landscape into a winter wonderland – this is the kind of scene that Christmas time so vividly evokes. In Sweden, rather than merely admire the snowy outdoors from afar, it is customary to head out and fire up a wood-burning hot tub in order to truly bask in the white surroundings. The sound of the logs crackling, the steam of the warm water, a smell reminiscent of childhood campfires – this unique experience can be shared with family and friends in the privacy of one’s own garden. When December comes around and Christmas season is officially in full swing, a Skargards hot tub serves as the perfect private oasis, providing a momentary escape from the holiday frenzy. It’s an opportunity

to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature in a warm, relaxing atmosphere. With a selection of three premium hot tub models to choose from, Skargards has strived to infuse the traditional wood-fired concept with innovative enhancements. While hallmarks like the wooden exterior and the wood stove have been preserved, new technologies, high-quality materials and elegant design have come together to confer modern qualities to the Skargards brand of wood-fired hot tubs. The result – customers can look forward to discovering an authentic Swedish experience and, in so doing, create new Christmas memories, no matter how cold the weather may get. Now a market leader in Europe, the Swedish company delivers its products to customer doorsteps in 12 countries including

Abacus Helps Create Wellness Experience

A natural spa in the city of Bath, Thermae Bath Spa, has recently created a wellness suite that offers a range of state-of-the-art spa facilities which include Roman and Georgian steam rooms, experience showers and a celestial relaxation room. Abacus was commissioned by DaleSauna to manufacture key components of the spa from its Elements range of products. The Spa’s new wellness suite references both the architectural and social history of Bath while showcasing the most recent technology available in spa design. Elements offers the ability to create bespoke features. Based on waterproof structural expanded polystyrene (EPS), the product enables great design capability along with being completely waterproof in high moisture environments. Within the Roman-inspired steam room, the traditional style seating, which included integral lighting, was supplied by Abacus from its Elements range before being clad in limestone. In the

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Sweden, Norway, Denmark and of course, the UK too. Skargards Hot Tubs 0800 098 8988

3 Ways To Add Value To Any Swim Spa

Georgian steam room, Elements was used to form throne seats together with arched wall pieces to accommodate faux arch window sections. To help create the dreamlike environment of the celestial relaxation room, Abacus supplied five Elements relaxation loungers, complete with electric heat mats, ready to receive glass mosaic tiles. In addition, the column circumferences had to be perfectly-sized so the applied porcelain and glass mosaics would be seamless. The experience showers were also supplied by Abacus. These included four Abacus Temptation built-in overhead shower heads, two sets of six Emotion body jets and three chromotherapy Temptation shower heads that provide a combination of water and colour therapy.

Interest in swim spas continues to increase, according to the State of the Wet Leisure Industry Survey 2016. With years of experience as the UK’s largest independent distributor to the wet leisure industry, Golden Coast has extensive knowledge of this sector of the industry and Managing Director Jamie Adams offers three great ideas to add value to any swim spa project. Golden Coast’s Essentials Range is packed with ideas and one of the range’s most popular lines is the Signature Spa Steps. “When we hear feedback from our customers on the Signature Spa Steps, it’s clear why they’re such a big seller,” said Jamie. “Owners love their understated looks, practical features and exceptionally high build quality.” Available in three colours options, the set features four highdensity, non-slip resin steps and dual handrails for added safety. The handrails also feature both towel bars and drink holders. Another popular item from the Essentials Range is the Cover Caddy swim spa conversion kit. “While installers love the Cover Caddy’s versatility, owners love its powerful gas spring that makes lifting and opening covers easier than you ever imagined,” said Jamie. Designed for use with a Cover Caddy and suitable for swim spas up to 1.4m high, the kit includes taller caddy legs and ‘U’ arms, together with stronger pistons to cope with the additional weight. To cover a swim spa, two Cover Caddys and two conversion kits are required. Lastly, there’s the Pool Blaster Catfish. Designed for use with swim spas, the battery-powered vacuum is powerful enough to suck up sand, leaves and other detritus with ease… but small enough to clean right into the corners. “Typically, cleaning is the real downside of owning a swim spa. But, thanks to this truly innovative cleaner, cleaning is quick and easy,” concluded Jamie.

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SPN (Swimming Pool News) December 2017  

Informing the pool and spa industry since 1959. Covering the UK's wet leisure market, SPN (Swimming Pool News) is the UK's longest running a...

SPN (Swimming Pool News) December 2017  

Informing the pool and spa industry since 1959. Covering the UK's wet leisure market, SPN (Swimming Pool News) is the UK's longest running a...