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A pool that can’t be enjoyed is an asset that is going to waste. That’s not so much of a problem for domestic owners, but for commercial operators, that’s lost revenue and potentially a damaged reputation too”

On-Site Pool Linings deal with the UK distribution and installation of DLW delifol liners, a product which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor

The product is an environmentally compliant, high performance coating with super fast curing properties allowing for rapid installation. When the material cures, it forms an incredibly hard wearing, tough elastomeric finish. In addition to swimming pools, other areas of application include: waterparks and playgrounds, bund and balance tanks, shower and toilet areas – in fact, anything that needs sealing!

THERE’S NO NEED TO INCUR EXTRA COSTS WITH UPS Using techniques gained from the North Sea commercial driving industries, Universal Pool Services (UPS) is able to solve the majority of pool repair problems by working underwater, eliminating the need to drain the pool. This has major advantages over conventional methods and offers significant benefits to pool and leisure centre managers. Cost savings in the order of 80% can be expected compared with the full costs of conventional working. This is especially welcome today with competitive tendering and continual water shortages. Work carried out in the pool by conventional methods involves the cost of draining, refilling and reheating the pool and adding fresh chemicals. Income is lost and customers inconvenienced while the pool is closed. UPS’s solution eliminates the need to close a pool and incur extra costs and lost resources. The only cost incurred is that for the work to be completed. All UPS repair and installation contracts are carried out overnight and their personnel ensure that the pool is clean, safe and ready for customer use at the start of the next day. There’s no disruption to the customer, no loss of water, and no loss of income. Working to very exacting standards underwater demands a high level of disciplined teamwork, professionalism and

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equipment. Universal Pool Services fulfils these rigorous requirements admirably. As well as being experienced tradesmen, all UPS underwater diving personnel are professional divers and registered with the Health and Safety Executive as required by law. The company also carries all the relevant insurances needed for working with both Local Authorities and the private sector. Where required, all UPS equipment and materials conform to the relevant British Standard. For replacement or refurbishment projects, the company can also supply a range of ultra-safe products which are available in high performance plastic and stainless steel. The range includes deck level gratings, step assemblies, inlet diffusers and bench seating.

DLW DELIFOL WAKES UP TIRED LOOKING POOLS On-Site Pool Linings deal with the UK distribution and installation of DLW delifol liners, a product which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor pools of any purpose. The linings can be used for renovation of an old tired shell and can be installed on top of any existing pool finish with the minimum of preparation. delifol features a tough 1.5 mm thick PVC membrane which is reinforced with a strong woven webbing set into the material during manufacture, this gives it the stability to resist stretching under the extreme pressure of water. The chemical formulation, constantly checked and monitored gives it the perfect balance to protect it from damage from sunlight, pool chemicals and the extremes of weather and temperature whilst keeping it supple enough to be laid into the most awkward of shapes. The edges of the material are over-lapped, welded and sealed with the very latest hot-air welding tools. The material remains flexible to absorb any slight movement of the shell

and existing cracks and can be installed on top of any existing pool finish with the minimum of preparation. The product can only be installed by specialist fitters. The work is quick and clean and with no ‘curing time’ to wait for so re-filling can begin whilst the finishing touches are being made. The pool can be back in action very quickly, making it very economical. delifol is treated to protect against damage from sunlight, pool chemicals and algae growth and meets the highest European physical and chemical standards. It is also guaranteed to remain water-tight for a full ten years and is suitable for pools heated up to a maximum of 34°C (94°F).

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