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Liquid Cooled Thinking From SwimDrive A new variable speed product called SwimDrive is set to revolutionise the UK hot tub, swim spa and pool markets, thanks to some seriously innovative design. Chief Technology Officer Nabeel Shirazee has developed the unique, liquid cooled variable speed drive from concept to reality with support from the Dovey Group and the Welsh Government. With a worldwide patent pending, the UK designed technology is offering a unique opportunity for the pool and spa industry. A recent addition to the SwimDrive team, Jane Veysey of All Swim Ltd, will be adding considerable sales and marketing knowledge to introduce this exciting new product to the global marketplace. SwimDrive is a completely new concept in variable speed drive technology, the first of its kind with inline liquid cooling and heat energy recovery. It is able to operate efficiently in hot environments, returning much of the generated heat back into the flowing water of the system and with a built in active power factor correction (APFC) feature, energy savings are dramatic. When operating at 80% speed it saves 45% energy and at 50% speed saves 80% energy. It is very much a ‘green’ product. The variable speed drive also allows precise control of water flow

so hot tub and swim spa users have the potential for far more intense, tailored hydrotherapy experiences with improved massage performance. Manufacturers can reap significant benefits from exploiting this new technology. In a typical hot tub or swim spa application, it can replace the 24/7 cycle pump and 2 speed pumps, reduce the need for plumbing and increase the service life of the pump by running at considerably lower speeds. Ideal for use in both new and existing installations, the system is compatible with all RS485 spa controllers but can be customised to particular requirements too. The SwimDrive team are understandably excited about the prospects for both the commercial and domestic markets in 2017 and have already secured interest from some major industry players. SwimDrive Limited 02920 344 150

Winter Is Coming – And IVERNEA Is Ready For It Slatted cover systems represent a huge investment, so with winter on its way, now is the time to remind pool owners to protect their slatted covers during the colder months and IVERNEA is a great option to consider. Available exclusively through Golden Coast, DEL’s winter shield is an economical way to defend slatted covers against damaging UV rays. While it’s compatible with all of DEL’s in-ground and aboveground models, the unique cover also can be used to protect other manufacturers’ systems from harsh winter climates. Designed for use between October and April, the IVERNEA shield helps to keep slatted covers clean and damagefree. In addition, thanks to its robust polyethylene fabric sheet featuring a peripheral screen which filters rainwater – trapping dirt and leaves – it helps owners maintain water quality over the long winter. Easy to attach, the clip and elasticated cord system fits directly onto the cover slats – with no need for unsightly fixtures. IVERNEA, which is available in green or blue, is only suitable for use with solid colour PVC or polycarbonate slats, but these form the basis for most slatted covers. “We are always looking for practical and innovative product offerings for our customers and IVERNEA is just that,” says Golden Coast’s, Managing Director Jamie Adams. “Affordable and effective, IVERNEA lets you offer your customer the advice and solutions they need to keep their pool cover in tip-top shape – whatever weather winter brings with it.” Golden Coast 01271 378100

The Future Is Brilliant White With New Weberfix Pro Lite Tile Adhesive The new weberfix pro lite wall tile adhesive, designed for fixing all ceramic and porcelain tiles in interior applications, is both lightweight and Brilliant White. This high performance flexible adhesive enables extra coverage without increasing the load which is vital in eliminating the effect of any expansion or contraction in the substrate. “weberfix pro lite is a very sophisticated wall tile adhesive,” said Tracey Dempster, Head of Marketing at Saint-Gobain Weber, “which has excellent non-slip and very high grab qualities. It is ideal where extra

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water resistance is required, such as in wet rooms, domestic and commercial showers, kitchens and bathrooms, but it is equally suitable to dry conditions. This new product will be supported with 200 Weber Rewards loyalty points. And while we’re making tilers happy with extra points we’ve manufactured weberfix pro lite adhesive in Brilliant White which gives the applicator more confidence when using light coloured tiles or grout.” weberfix pro lite adhesive meets D2 TE Classification for improved dispersion and reduced slip as well as its extended opening time which is up to 30 minutes after spreading. weberfix pro lite is quick and easy to apply and supplied ready mixed in 13kg pails (approximately 10L). This adhesive

requires no priming and is ready for grout in 24 hours. weberfix pro lite is manufactured in the UK helping to ensure product quality, uniformity and availability with reduced transportation costs and CO2 emissions. Saint-Gobain Weber has a team of experienced technical advisors available to provide advice both at the specification stage and during application. Detailed specifications can be provided for specific projects and site visits, and on-site support can be arranged on request. Saint-Gobain Weber 0870 333 0070 28/11/2016 09:28

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