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Certikin Hits The Heights In Manchester Making waves on the Manchester hotel scene is the Grade II listed King Street Townhouse. Owned by the Eclectic Hotel group and opened just this year, the Italian Renaissance-style building which dates from 1872 has been shortlisted for the Greater Manchester Building of the Year award and made the Conde Nast 2016 hot list for best hotels in the world. Helping the hotel achieve such accolades is the City’s first rooftop infinity spa-pool, installed by Cheshire pool specialists Swimlife UK Ltd. Sited seven floors atop the building and overlooking the clock tower and spires of the Manchester Town Hall, it offers hotel residents uninterrupted views of the Manchester city skyline. Owners, Eclectic Hotels said their intention was to expand on the allure and unique qualities of this historic building respectfully and they have certainly achieved it! The spa pool, which measures 4.5 x 4.3 and 1.2m in depth, features Certikin filtration – two 800 alpine super plus filters,

plus a complete CertiDos auto chemical dosing system and four 1hp blowers, two 3hp Euroswim circulation pumps and one Blue Lagoon 75W UV system. Eamonn O’Loughlin, owner of Eclectic Hotels, said: “In today’s workcentred world, people value their free time more than anything, therefore it was imperative we provided our guests with a soothing haven of serenity, relaxation and tranquil surroundings, a world away from the busy life below. We are proud to say the new rooftop spa does just that.” Gary Seddon, Managing Director of Warrington based Swimlife, said: “We have been dealing with Certikin for over 25 years. In my professional opinion, Certikin is at the frontline of technical support, prompt service and the delivery of premium quality goods. We have come to rely on the company’s filters, pumps and chemical dosing units because they are the very best and we wouldn’t look anywhere else. Furthermore,

Restructuring Of Distribution Facilitates Future Growth For SCP UK

SCP UK have announced that it has taken the decision to consolidate their two warehouse facilities currently located at Basildon and Gatwick into one main central warehouse at Gatwick. The recent Brexit decision has had many implications for UK businesses and escalated SCP’s decision to restructure and consolidate the inventory management and distribution within the UK. Dash Ganeson, Managing and Finance Director of SCP UK stated that: “This exercise will be completed and come into effect with the expiry of the lease at the Basildon location by February/March 2017, in time to be well prepared for the new season. The SCP Gatwick branch location will expand its current size by taking back the full warehouse capacity, including the area previously sublet, to consolidate with a total area of 45,000 sq ft. This will be ample space from this main location to manage successfully our future growth, and to serve the customer base within the UK from one central warehouse.”  Dash added: “To maintain and grow its presence, SCP UK will be establishing a satellite sales office within the Basildon area. All the sales personnel at Basildon will relocate to this new sales office within the Eastern region. This decision was taken by our group taking into consideration the reality of the current situation of the UK market in general and in order to manage their supply chain better. “With the new revamped organisation and through one single central warehouse, SCP UK will be able to offer more focus and efficiency in the management of the Operations and Distribution within the UK customer base. The transition to a single branch operation for the UK will start immediately. We expect to complete this transition by the end of January 2017. I strongly believe that it was the right decision to take for the long term benefit of SCP UK as a company, and it should provide renewed business opportunity to all our vendors and customers.” SCP UK 01293 813215

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Certikin provides an excellent after sales service in the commissioning of dosing equipment following installation by our engineers.” Certikin International 01993 777200 Swimlife UK Ltd 01925 850 000

Wet Leisure Industry Survey 2016 Is Now Open As the Wet Leisure Industry Survey opens for a sixth year, its sponsor, Golden Coast, is urging businesses to invest just a few minutes of time in ensuring that – in a year marked by Brexit, change and uncertainty – the industry benefits from its most comprehensive and representative overview ever. The largest study of its kind in the UK, the annual survey in partnership with The British Swimming Pool Federation (BSPF), gathers information on changing tastes, economic factors and business performance: to deliver the industry with the essential market intelligence it needs to adapt and grow in the year ahead. According to Chris Hayes, Managing Director of the BSPF: “The annual Wet Leisure Survey is an excellent initiative for our industry to get a snap shot of what business owners are experiencing and to identify any trends that may be happening. “The BSPF supports this survey to understand better how companies are thinking and feeling about the industry and to know how best to support and reflect the views contained within the survey when lobbying at home and abroad.” The survey began in 2011 and, ever since, Golden Coast has always revealed results at

SPATEX. The same is planned for 2017, but, in addition to that, Golden Coast has launched a new website, www.wetleisure. com, which provides access to the results of every year’s survey. Helpfully, it presents them in a highly accessible way. Golden Coast Managing Director Jamie Adams said: “We are pleased to see more and more individuals and companies getting involved as this improves the results exponentially. After all, the more people who respond, the more accurate and useful the results. “When it comes to knowing exactly what is going on in our industry, those working out in the field – like you – are best placed to reveal what is happening in the wet leisure industry. Alternatively, you may prefer to complete your survey using the survey forms sent out in the post in October. “Answering the 16 questions shouldn’t take very long and it is your chance not just to get your voice heard, but also help the whole of the industry access the information we all need to take better business decisions and become more successful in the future.” Golden Coast 01271 378100 28/11/2016 09:21

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