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SCP’s Aquaness Bike Range Offers In-water Exercise Options With in-water exercise really taking off over recent months, SCP are well placed to supply the growing sector with their Aquaness Bike range. Aquabiking (or Aquacycling) is a sport for everyone with many virtues combining the benefits of the bike for water aerobics. It’s a great sport in order to keep fit, sculpt legs, improve the figure and fight against cellulite. Gentle on the joints, Aquabiking uses the resistance of water, combines cardiovascular virtues to those pedalling with a constant

water massage which promotes the venous and lymphatic drainage, which effectively fights against the feeling of heavy legs, water retention and cellulite. SCP’s Aquaness Bikes are suitable for professional athletes, physical training, injury recovery and rehabilitation and general fitness for all ages. With models suitable for both a pool or swim spa, the range has an option suitable for private or public and medical rehabilitation uses. The robust and durable V2 option is remarkably light, weighing in at 15.2 kg and has been finished in a two component epoxy paint which provides a high resistance to salt and chlorine. Suitable for use in a setting with a depth of up to 1.6m, the V2 features an adjustable collar seat height for quick release, adjustable aluminium handlebar, stainless steel nuts and bolts and protective pads with optional suckers. The V2 along with its V1 and V3 stable mates are available in blue or white as standard but with grey, red, pink and yellow options available on request, there should be a suitable colour option available for the majority of needs.

savings on the cost of environmental control. The other good news is that the product is extremely competitively priced, so attractive costs together with improved performance all add up to easier sales and increased profits for dealers alongside increased savings and peace of mind for pool owners and operators. Naturally automatic dosing systems are available for HeatCover but any existing liquid cover dosing systems should also be compatible. Bob concluded: “As appointed sole UK agents for HeatCover, Peter Marshall will spearhead the HeatCover UK operation and I will be on hand to provide technical and administrative support.”

Traditionally, engaging and motivating swimmers has proved to be a difficult challenge for operators but, thanks to the successful integration of SWIMTAG, Serco is evidencing success in this area and has recently installed the system at a fourth site in Kent. Alex Carty, Southern Aquatics Support Manager, said: “Until recently, engaging with swimmers and implementing interventions which motivate and inspire has been very difficult because the tools have just not been available. Couple this with the fact that lane swimming is highly repetitive with very little social interaction and it becomes easy to understand why many people struggle to remain engaged long term. This is where SWIMTAG has really added value. “SWIMTAG has provided multiple benefits but the main one for us is the opportunity it creates to make swimming social. All users gain access to the online challenges created and maintained by SWIMTAG.” Last year, Serco Leisure installed SWIMTAG at three sites and in May this year, the brand added an installation at Maidstone Leisure Centre on the back of product success at the other three centres. Alex said: “Across the four sites offering SWIMTAG, more than 14,500 sessions have been logged using the system, since December 2016. This gives Serco an incredible bank of data which allows us to better understand the swim habits of our users and make data comparisons between sites. “We will now start to really interrogate the data with the aim of replicating best practice across our other sites.”

HeatCover UK 07739 628444

SWIMTAG 01225 282117

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Next Generation Liquid Pool Cover ‘Uncovered’ Bob White, a well-known figure in the pool industry for many years and responsible for establishing the European market for liquid pool covers, has ‘uncovered’ what he considers to be the next generation of liquid pool cover. When approached by former colleague and associate Peter Marshall with tales of a new and superior liquid pool cover, Bob just had to investigate it further. “I was so impressed with the claimed performance of HeatCover and knowing the potential of liquid pool covers I just couldn’t resist the challenge,” said Bob. The new product – HeatCover – claims to be a much-improved liquid cover formulation which has been developed and fully tested in Belgium. An independent efficacy report on HeatCover issued by Ghent University and which is based on their controlled evaporation tests, indicates a typical 50% reduction in evaporation when using HeatCover at water temperatures of 26°C - 32°C. Reduced evaporation equals savings on water heating costs but with indoor pools it also means considerable 23_SPN_Aug_17_Prod_News.indd 23

Serco Evidences Increased Engagement With Swim Users

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