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Products To Improve Efficiency And Save Money Products to help improve the way a pool runs and that reduce costs are important for all owners, but none more so than those in a commercial setting. This issue, we take a look at ten ideas that will have a substantial impact on the operation of a commercial pool. It’s a must read for anyone working in the sector and probably beyond too! By Jon Wadeson


uring the times of austerity, spending decisions were subjected to microscopic examination like never before. That was true for both businesses in the leisure sector and for the general public and its hard earned disposable income. The good news is that thankfully the pressure on spending seems to have lifted somewhat, certainly for the wider working population and in comparison to previous years. This will hopefully mean that more people spend again on leisure activities including swimming. I really hope that is the case because the bad news is that in a recent Sport England survey, swimming was highlighted as a sport that was seeing its number decline at a worrying rate. Of course, austerity and the need to watch the pennies may have caused this drop rather than people no longer enjoying a swim and I’m sure this is largely the case. If not, the concerning trend will without question put more pressure on commercial pool operators around the UK, making the need to run more efficiently and save money even more of a priority. Saving money is easier said than done though and Golden Coast Managing Director Jamie Adams offers a few words of caution to those involved in the decision making process, advising them to think very carefully about their choice of equipment and systems so as to avoid costly repercussions in the future. “As we have learned through 38 years in the business, there is much more to choosing pool equipment than looking at its catalogue price,” says Jamie. “Firstly, you should consider its effectiveness. Will it deliver paying customers with the levels of enjoyment, health and safety that will keep them coming back? Can you avoid the cost and reputational damage that comes with poor customer experience or even tragic accidents? 65-72_SPN_Aug_2015_Commercial_Pools_rev.indd 65

“Then think about other expenses. How easy will it be to install? What will be its ongoing costs in terms of energy consumption and maintenance? Does it have the build quality to provide long-lasting service with minimal spending on repairs and replacements?” It’s advice that should be seriously noted, especially as many commercial pools are looking to take the plunge and make the investment in new equipment with the hope of realising savings. False economy can create issues further down the line, often negating any initial savings and sadly usually costing more in the long run. Running a successful commercial swimming pool has never been an easy task or cheap task, but thankfully we live in times where technology, innovation and choice are helping more than ever. So with the right advice and with countless products available to help pool operators improve their facilities, efficiency, ‘green’ credentials and bottom lines, this issue, we take a look at ten product areas that can help commercial operators this year.


Having A Pool Cover Will Dramatically Increase Profitability Adding a pool cover to a commercial swimming pool will dramatically reduce running costs, or to look at it another way, adding one will dramatically increase profitability. Whichever way you view it, there’s no doubt that a pool cover is an absolute must for any commercial site and operators are often amazed at how much money this can equate to. All pools are of course different and have varying factors but using a cover when the pool is not in use is important as commercial cover manufacturer Aquamat estimates that a 20m x 10m pool which is covered for 8 hours per night will make savings of £40 per night – that’s £14,600 per year! For a 25m x 12.5m pool the annual saving would be £22,800 per year! In both cases the savings in just one year are more than the cost of an Aquamat cover including installation. Of course there are many other great suppliers and brands providing cover solutions and you should get estimates and comparisons but there will be savings to be

Commercial cover manufacturer Aquamat estimates that a 20m x 10m pool which is covered for 8 hours per night will make savings of £14,600 per year!

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SPN (Swimming Pool News) August 2015  

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