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Thanks to the latest technology, the testing of water has become more sophisticated, accurate and convenient than ever before. Over recent years, it is a sector that has been one of the most innovative within the wet leisure industry with technology literally revolutionising the testing process. It’s a sector that doesn’t stand still for long and we take a closer look at what is currently available By Andrea Hartshorne


he selection and ease of use of the water testing systems available to all nowadays means that there are absolutely no excuses for not testing pool and spa water correctly, regularly and precisely. “You put sunscreen on your children. You don’t let them jump in the pool right after eating. But do you test the pool water first to make sure it has been sanitised properly? “What does it mean when your pool water has a strong chlorine smell? What happens if the pH of the water is too low? How often should you be testing the water in your spa?” says Jessi Papke of Hach. Her point being, like most things in life, it’s a case of education, routine and having the right tools to do the job easily and conveniently. Thankfully, today’s accurate pool water testing products offer a solution for everyone’s pocket and as manufacturers continue to develop, refine and improve systems the ease of ensuring safe water for recreational needs continues. Human error 45-48_SPN_Aug_15_Water_Testing_Feature_rev.indd 45

will always exist but these fantastically easyto-use systems mean that the chance of these errors is now minimal.

All collected results can be viewed on a smart device and the user can then send these results via email to be hosted for any potential auditing requirements. Domestic

ACCURATE WATER TESTING MADE EASY For most public pool operators, accurate water testing is part of everyday life. When servicing a public pool, it is critical not only to read (with extreme accuracy) but also to record and react to those results. For the maintenance engineer, traceability is vital so accurate log keeping (whether manually or electronically) is paramount. New technology in the industry has now made this even simpler. The Lovibond® PM 630 multi-parameter instrument has been designed to reduce the possibility for human error. Equipped with Bluetooth® to enable data management and data exchange with a tablet or smartphone, the instrument interacts with the Lovibond® AquaLX® App, available to download free of charge in Android™ and iOS® versions.

The Lovibond® PM 630 multi-parameter instrument has been designed to reduce the possibility for human error

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