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Polyflor Launches Next Generation Safety Flooring

The Story Of Plastica

And The Argonauts Polysafe Quattro PUR safety flooring in Chalk Dune

Polyflor, the UK’s vinyl flooring specialist, has announced the launch of their new Polysafe Quattro collection. This innovative safety flooring range offers barefoot and shod sustainable wet slip resistance with a stud-free finish for enhanced comfort underfoot. The range has been specifically designed to provide a high degree of slip resistance in continually wet areas such as changing rooms, walk-in showers, wet rooms, adapted bathrooms, spas and pool surrounds. Polysafe Quattro has been engineered to offer enhanced slip resistance for bare feet and footwear, achieving 50+ on the Pendulum Test (Slider 96) plus Class B to DIN 51097 for barefoot use and also conforming to the EN 13845 European safety flooring standard. It is available as a 2mm gauge flexible sheet which allows it to be thermally welded, coved up walls and easily installed around drains and awkward corners for a hygienic and watertight wall to floor finish. Polysafe Quattro is available in a carefully developed

colour palette of 12 shades, including warm neutrals, fresh blues and soothing greys that will complement any interior design scheme in any setting. Six shades feature a subtle tonal chip design, whilst the other six are a solid colour with complementary aggregate. Tom Rollo, Polyflor’s Marketing Manager, commented:, “Polysafe Quattro has been designed to enhance both commercial and residential interiors and encourage a sense of wellbeing. This range is an exciting addition to our safety flooring portfolio offering an aesthetically pleasing yet practical solution for areas where there is a high slip risk, so users can feel comfortable and safe.” Manufactured in the UK, Polysafe Quattro is 100% recyclable through the Recofloor vinyl take back scheme and contains recycled material. The collection has also achieved a generic BRE A+ rating (ENP 415) in major use areas. Polyflor Ltd 0161 767 1111

Did you know that Plastica Pools now manufacture superior quality, British made swimming pool pumps? You may already recognise the name ‘Argonaut’. These pumps have been widely used and have a strong history and reputation in the industry. Balboa, the original Argonaut manufacturer, approached Plastica in 2016 with an offer to purchase and produce the Argonaut pump range. Knowing Plastica’s expertise and experience within the swimming pool trade, they were a natural choice. Plastica already distributed the pumps and had the facilities and knowledge to manufacture them. A deal was finalised by December 2016 and the complex process of taking over production began. Edward, Plastica’s Managing Director, commented: “Firstly, all the moulding tools had to be repatriated to the UK from the USA. After various upgrades, all parts are now moulded in-house or by an external UK-based specialist moulding company. We undertake all assembly work in our St Leonards on Sea facility.” The swimming pool trade has access to a full selection of spare parts with same day dispatch. Fraser, Plastica’s new Technical Co-ordinator, managed the building of the pump production room and oversees the ongoing production of the pumps. Fraser said: “Our production area now includes calibrated tooling, workbenches with custom jigs, air testing equipment, a quality control centre and a new packaging facility!” The reputation of the Argonaut pump is formidable. It’s had a long career in not just the swimming pool industry, but also many other environments that require a pump to move liquids. It’s particularly popular because of its resilience to salt water. Plastica has taken the Argonaut pump range under its wing and is keen to continue adapting and improving it for the benefit of the trade and end users. Plastica Pools 01424 857802

A New Year And A New Launch For Dripool Many things have changed in the pool industry over the last thirty five years. When Dripool produced their first safety cover way back in 1985, an automatic cover for a swimming pool was considered a luxury item. Fast forward to 2018 and that same cover is considered the norm or even essential. To remain at the cutting edge of innovation requires continual R & D and one of the advantages of being the UK’s only designers and manufacturers is that Dripool are able to continually update and improve their systems. The latest upgrade within the company’s extensive product range is the Dripool “H”, a re-engineering of their original, over-coping cover which incorporates full hydraulic 22+25_SPN_Feb_18_Prod+Eco_News.indd 25

capability. The Dripool ‘H’ is the ideal solution for covering all shapes and types of pool. The use of hydraulic motors and pumps replaces the need for electrical motors, brushes and batteries, reducing damage should chamber flooding occur. A new control system that utilises a micro controller with programmable ATmega328 chip, ensures continued reliability, whilst future proofing the system. This brings the overcoping option into line with all other Dripool products and backwards compatibility ensures use with all existing Dripool systems. This is extremely

important as once a client has invested in a Dripool system, they can rest assured that their new cover is designed for life. Another benefit for the end user in 2018 is Dripool’s new warranty scheme. The company have always provided a one year warranty from commissioning but felt it was important to allow new customers an extended period for further reassurance and all new Dripool systems now carry a fully inclusive, three year manufacturer’s warranty. Dripool 02380 663131

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SPN (Swimming Pool News) April 2018  

Informing the pool and spa industry since 1959. Covering the UK's wet leisure market, SPN (Swimming Pool News) is the UK's longest running a...

SPN (Swimming Pool News) April 2018  

Informing the pool and spa industry since 1959. Covering the UK's wet leisure market, SPN (Swimming Pool News) is the UK's longest running a...