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Bowman EC Heat Exchangers To Get Universal Fit End Covers

PoolMat – The Simplest Way To Customise A Pool Available exclusively from Certikin, PoolMat is a high quality motif manufactured on heavy-duty vinyl with UV and chemical resistant inks which simply sits on the pool floor. The beauty of it is that no adhesives, no suction and no specialist fixing is required. It has to be the easiest way to decorate a swimming pool. The PoolMat is held down by its own weight and the pool water. All you need to do is slide the mat into the water, position it where you want it and ensure there is no air or water trapped underneath. It can literally be installed in seconds into a full or partially full pool and is suitable for all smooth-surface pool types (not tiled) on a level surface. If you want a change, simply lift the PoolMat and move it around the pool, or alternate with other PoolMats. Available in a range of pre-manufactured designs in a standard 59” (4’ 11” / 1.5m) diameter or custom made on

provision of artwork, to almost any size. PoolMat can be manufactured in a multitude of designs and colour combinations. Monograms, company logos, names and even photographic images can be incorporated. Certikin International 01993 778855

Bowman EC swimming pool heat exchangers have proved to be extremely popular due to their excellent heat transfer performance, operational reliability, plus easy installation into the pools pipework, facilitated by composite end covers with solvent weld connectors. Currently, these heat exchangers are supplied with two alternative diameter connectors, enabling the unit to be installed into either imperial 1.5” nominal pipe size (48mm O/D) or metric 50mm O/D pool pipework. This has meant that one of the connector sizes is always surplus to requirements, resulting in two composite components – per heat exchanger – invariably being thrown away. As part of Bowman’s continual product improvement programme, the end cover assembly for its EC models has now developed to feature a new ‘Universal Fit’ design, which eliminates the need for separate connectors, as it covers both pipe diameters in a single unit. By combining both diameters in a single unit, installation time is reduced and waste material eliminated. The heat exchanger is installed into the pool’s pipework in exactly the same way as the current model, using solvent weld to secure the pipes inside the ‘socket union’ connector. Universal Fit end covers will not alter any external dimensions of the heat exchangers, but may require slightly longer pool supply pipework. The innovation will be introduced on a roll out basis for EC heat exchangers during 2017. E J Bowman 0121 359 5401

Save 95% Energy With LumiPlus DC PAR56 Lighting AstralPool has launched a new generation of LED lighting that maximises energy efficiency. The new LED LumiPlus DC PAR56 lighting range has been developed to obtain top lighting performance underwater and unbeatable lighting efficiency. LumiPlus DC PAR56 comes with the most advanced LED lighting technology and is equipped with a state-of-the-art circuit board that keeps energy consumption down to as low as 14W. The energy saving is further enhanced thanks to the introduction of a power pack that consumes 3W as

22 April 2017 SPN 22_SPN_Apr_17_Prod_News.indd 22

a substitute for the 16W transformer normally used. LumiPlus DC PAR56 delivers a 95% energy saving in comparison with conventional or halogen lighting and up to half in comparison with any other LED luminaire in the market. LumiPlus DC PAR56 is fitted with top quality lighting (TQL) thanks to the new design of the lenses, which improves the quality and distribution of light – it does not cast shadows or light spots, and gives a sensation of a unique pool, thus making it a

differentiating feature. The new LumiPlus DC range runs on direct current (DC) from the power pack. To convert to the 24V DC that feeds the new LumiPlus range, only an AstralPool power pack may be installed. The lamp and spotlight have white light. LumiPlus DC PAR56 V1 has a lighting performance of 1,485 lm with a consumption of 14W, whilst LumiPlus DC PAR56 V2 has a lighting performance of 4,320 lm and a consumption of 32W. AstralPool UK Ltd 01329 514000 27/03/2017 23:52

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