Aptean Routing & Scheduling Whitepaper: 6 Ways to Cut Transport Operation Costs (UK)

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6 Ways to Cut Costs from Your Transport Operation with Aptean Routing & Scheduling

Aptean Routing & Scheduling

1. Optimising Your Delivery Routes

Reducing miles and fuel consumption

Deciding which route your vehicles should take to the delivery destination is not always as simple as choosing the shortest distance.

Physical height, weight and load-type restrictions, one-way streets, roadworks or congestion caused by local events, can make the shortest distance route impossible.

The impact felt by these factors is then compounded when planning a multi-drop route as extra miles and time incurred affect the arrival times of subsequent deliveries.

Aptean’s advanced route optimisation algorithms, coupled with detailed mapping options, calculate the best route for your vehicles in seconds.

Comparing the distances between each delivery point and your warehouse, the system creates a feasible route sequence that will ensure minimum mileage and fuel consumption.

By optimising the drop sequence and route, Aptean Routing & Scheduling can increase the number of drops per vehicle and reduce the number of trips required to complete the day’s deliveries. This can result in substantial cost savings including fuel consumption, ongoing vehicle maintenance costs and driver wages.

2 Whitepaper | 6 Ways to Cut Costs from Your Transport Operation with Aptean Routing & Scheduling

2. Cut your planning time

Explore new transport strategies and improve vehicle utilisation

With so many factors and variables to consider for each delivery, transport planning can be a time-intensive job. But with Aptean Routing & Scheduling, you can cut your planning time from hours to minutes with just a few clicks!

As standard, our implementation specialists configure the software for your business, with vehicle types and sizes, loading times, delivery restrictions, meal breaks, and pre-agreed delivery time windows.

By cutting your planning time to just a few minutes, planners have more time to prepare for seasonal demand fluctuations and investigate alternative transport strategies.

With Aptean you can use your transport team’s expertise and knowledge to improve efficiency further, saving money and miles.

With less time spent planning your routes and schedules, order cut off times can be relaxed, often resulting in more orders being placed and fulfilled each day – decreasing your cost per drop. For many businesses, those extra hours gained equate to better use of vehicle capacity, helping to manage fluctuations in volumes or business growth without the need for additional trucks.

3 Whitepaper | 6 Ways to Cut Costs from Your Transport Operation with Aptean Routing & Scheduling

3. Maximise vehicle and fleet utilisation

Improving drops per vehicle and reducing agency vehicle requirements

As your transport operation grows, the opportunity for inefficiency can increase too. Over reliance on hire vehicles to cope with extra demand and under-utilised own-fleet vehicles can often prove costly – but it doesn’t have to be this way.

You can often achieve a higher number of drops per trip by optimising your drop sequence. This, in turn, can determine the number of vehicles you need in your fleet and ensure agency resources are only used where necessary, reducing your cost per drop.

If you have a fleet of mixed vehicle sizes, Aptean Routing & Scheduling can allocate loads based on pre-defined rules specific to your business to help further increase the number of drops per vehicle. To help cut your agency costs further, our software enables you to prioritise allocating work to your own fleet before using expensive agency resources, ensuring your vehicles are not sitting at the depot while you pay for a hire vehicle and driver.

4 Whitepaper | 6 Ways to Cut Costs from Your Transport Operation with Aptean Routing & Scheduling

4. Improve planning with real-time data

Comparing planned vs. actual schedules

Ensuring your transport plan is optimised for efficiency is important, but what happens out on the road can have a massive impact on whether you reach your cost savings goals.

Without visibility, opportunities for further cost reduction through improved planning are often missed.

By linking your vehicle tracking systems with Aptean Route Execution Paragon Edition you can review planned vs. actual activity reports. This highlights areas where costs could be cut simply by amending your planning parameters.

For example, if there is excessive slack in the plan you may be able to cut the planned unloading time by 10 minutes which could mean that an extra drop can be added to the trip.

By giving your transport planners visibility of real-world activity they can refine planning parameters for a more realistic and cost-efficient schedule.

5 Whitepaper | 6 Ways to Cut Costs from Your Transport Operation with Aptean Routing & Scheduling

5. Improve reliability

Consistently accurate arrival times and reducing failed deliveries

Accurate and realistic delivery times are crucial to controlling transport costs. Too much slack in your unloading time parameters could result in under-utilised trucks.

And just as important – not allowing your drivers enough time to unload before the next delivery is due could cause failed deliveries later in your schedule.

With Aptean, the emphasis is on ensuring your plan is feasible in the real-world. You may be able to cut a truck from your fleet by allocating an extra five drops to every route, but if there isn’t enough travel time allocated between drops or hours available in the driver’s shift to achieve those additional drops, then you will be failing deliveries and losing more money than you save in the long run.

Aptean’s route optimisation algorithms calculate exact times and distances between each of your deliveries, factoring in the maximum speed of the vehicle, additional time required for unloading and driver meal breaks. This extra level of detail means you can confidently offer delivery time windows to your customers and ensure your vehicles are fully utilised.

Enhanced mapping options enable you to improve your predicted arrival times to include average road speeds and route restrictions – allowing you to maximise delivery volumes on every route and reduce your costs.

6 Whitepaper | 6 Ways to Cut Costs from Your Transport Operation with Aptean Routing & Scheduling

6. Modelling Business Changes

Estimate cost savings based on historic routing data

Every day your route planning system and vehicle tracking devices collect valuable data about your operation. So why not use that information to make educated decisions about your business?

With Aptean Routing & Scheduling you can use your historic routing and scheduling data from daily activities to model and analyse the cost implications of alternative transport strategies or business growth.

Without interrupting your daily transport operations, you can set up a copy of your base data to reflect on your current processes.

Then all you have to do is experiment with your parameters – such as vehicle capacity, warehouse location or loading/unloading times, to get an immediate comparison of fleet requirements, total miles, total driver hours and operating costs.

And because the system is using your existing business rules and historical data as a base, you can be sure that the operational and cost savings are specific to your business rather than being based on industry averages and estimates.

7 Whitepaper | 6 Ways to Cut Costs from Your Transport Operation with Aptean Routing & Scheduling

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