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Aptean Respond Driving
Effective Complaints Handling Respond’s Seller’s Proof
Business Value with
Challenges Are Mounting › Reducing Operational Expenses › Growing Revenue › Reducing Risk › Improving CX › Reducing Customer Churn › Reducing fines & AFCA fees Brochure | Driving Business Value with Effective Complaints Handling | 3

Firm A

UK’s largest independent insurance distribution platform and a top 20 broker globally

Firm B

UK personal lines insurance provider that include car, bike, van and home insurance, etc

Operating Expense

› 13% reduction in complaint handling headcount = Saved £160K per annum

Operational Efficiency

› Reduced the MI production time from 3 weeks to 1 week, and from multiple people to 1 person

Customer Experience

› The licensing model allowed for everybody to create and address customer complaints

Regulatory Risk and Cost

› Passed FCA (UK’s ASIC) review with flying colours. (Previously were fined for compliance breaches, before Respond)

Operating Expense

› Process 40K complaints a year. Saving £20 per complaint after implementing Respond

Operational Efficiency

› FOS (UK’s AFCA) referrals reduced 30%

› 14% less escalations to Customer Resolutions

Regulatory Risk and Cost

› Saved £250,000 per annum via reduction in FOS referrals and associated fees.

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Firm C

One of the largest insurance brands in the world processing 240,000 complaints per annum

Firm D

A commercial bank in the United Kingdom, established in August 2004

Operating Expense

› Saved 80 FTE @ a fully loaded cost of £23,000 per annum = £1,840,000 per annum

Operational Efficiency

› Improved resolution rates by 83% with out increase in head count

› Reduced case capture by 87% from 13 minutes to 2 = £368,000 in savings

Customer Experience

› Guidewire integration simplified complaint journeys, it reduces the need for complaint handlers to go fishing for information in different systems

› Vulnerability Detection has helped deliver consistency across the operation

Operating Expense

› Saved £34,650 per annum, or 1.5FTE or 35.5% reduction is complaint staffing costs

Operational Efficiency

› Reduced the 30 minute daily task of service level calculations to zero

Customer Experience

› Increased FPOC resolution from 9% to 44%

› Respond provided clear ownership of complaints

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Firm E

Operating Expense

› Saved £62,500 by going digital

› Saved 2.5FTE or £52,500 by using Respond templated communication

Operational Efficiency

› Supported the move from office based to home working

› Contact Centre Provider changed - Needed to support 21 different brands, achieved in 10 days

Customer Experience

› Increased speed of acknowledgements by 40%

Firm F

Operating Expense

› Reduced analytics headcount by 75% saving £75K per annum with Respond BI.

› Before BI, 4 FTE producing ~2,000 reports. After BI, 1 FTE producing ~4,000 reports

Operational Efficiency

› Using BI, the firm was able to work out capacity planning and resource requirements

Customer Experience

› Combining complaints data with wider organisational data the firm can generate targeted insights to drive organisational change

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A leading digital distributor of insurance and household financial services A multinational general insurance company headquartered in London.

Firm G

UK merchant banking group

Firm H

A car financing company that offers loan services.

Operating Expense

› Saved 1.5 FTE through automation = £35,000 per annum

› £70,000 saved migrating to SaaS - Reduced IT Support staff costs

Operational Efficiency

› Reduced complaint logging by 20%, from 4minutes 48 seconds to 4 minutes (74,000 /year) = £14,000 saved

Customer Experience

› Streamlined the complaints handling process across the business = far more responsive to customer needs

Operating Expense

› Saved £168,000 in FOS (EDR team) headcount, team from 9 FTE to 2

Operational Efficiency

› Reduced staff attrition from 52% to 3%

› Saved fees and costs associated with hiring and onboarding 25 complaint professionals per annum = £150,000

Customer Experience

› Saved shift start up time, used to take up to an hour for a complaint handler to be fully ready to start work

Regulatory Risk and Cost

› 28% reduction in FOS referrals = Saved £108,550 in FOS fees

› Reduced 56-day (UK’s standard complaint SLA) breach from 26% to 1%

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By investing in a robust, industry-specific technology solutions that is:


› Tech innovation to help you outpace the competition


› Modular infrastructure that grows with you


› Purpose built and right-sized for your distinct needs


› Insights to drive intelligent decisions and exponential growth

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Who is the right partner?

Small Start-up Companies

Industry-specific focus

Personalised support

Inability to invest

Lagging innovation

Uncertain stability

Large Tech Providers

Strong tech focus

Vast capital resources

Leading innovation

Inadequate industry focus

Impersonal support

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Why buy from Aptean?

› We guide your digital transformation

› Industry specific designed products

› Purpose built for today, and ready for what’s next

› Growth strategy with R&D focus

› Cloud first thinking

› We nurture your business’ growth

› Dedicated support team with extensive experience

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Ready for a WorldClass Complaints Management System

Want to simplify complaint handling while improving outcomes and elevating customer experience?

Then you’re in the right place. Our case and complaints management software, Aptean Respond, is ready to help you rise to the challenge.

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Aptean is one of the world’s leading providers of purpose-built, industry-specific software that helps manufacturers and distributors effectively run and grow their businesses. With both cloud and on-premise deployment options, Aptean’s products, services and unmatched expertise help businesses of all sizes to be Ready for What’s Next, Now®. Aptean is headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia and has offices in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. To learn more about Aptean and the markets we serve, visit www.aptean.com. Copyright @ Aptean 2023. All rights reserved. Are You Ready to Learn More? Future-proof, scalable innovation and focused functionality to drive your exponential growth. Contact us at info@aptean.com or visit www.aptean.com.
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