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EastPoint Sports moves Distribution ERP into the Cloud Industry

Sporting Goods Distributor


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Could not scale for rapid company growth due to difficult accessibility for remote workforce Required constant maintenance on key hardware systems, creating a heavy burden on IT team Needed to sustain business continuity and customizations of current solution


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Helped the company scale for growth with enhanced accessibility for remote teams Reduced time-consuming maintenance processes for the IT department Ease of implementation ensured business continuity and retained customizations

Major Sporting Goods Company Moves to Aptean Distribution ERP in the Cloud—Enables Company to Scale for Rapid Growth EastPoint Sports, LLC designs and delivers home recreational products. They were founded by Mike Nally in 2009 and carried just one product. Now, they are a leader in home recreational games. They offer various indoor and outdoor sporting products, such as pool tables, cornhole sets, horseshoes, volleyball sets, table tennis and more. The company continues adding more games and toys to its extensive lineup. EastPoint Sports have been an Aptean customer since 2010. They have used Aptean Distribution ERP to improve forecasting, ensure retail compliance and better communicate with trading partners through integrated Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). But after experiencing rapid growth, they required faster accessibility to meet the evolving needs of their remote workforce while still giving them the continuity to fulfill customer orders. Systems Administrator Geeta Gurnani determined that EastPoint needed to migrate its ERP system to the cloud. While the onpremise deployment was adequate, they required a solution with less hardware maintenance. “We had to do a lot of server management and upkeep maintenance. And the load increased as the company grew,” says Geeta.

Agility was vital, as the company was on a rapid growth trajectory. “We’re a growing company that’s staying as nimble as we were when we began. I think that’s extremely important given the current marketplace,” states Jay Vintamilla, Director of eCommerce Sales and Marketing.

The Solution: Aptean Distribution ERP in the Cloud Aptean Distribution ERP in the cloud was a natural fit. Aptean’s cloud ERP provided EastPoint Sports with the flexibility they needed to grow and alleviated the extra costs that come with managing on-premise hardware. Before cloud implementation, Gurnani had to manage the remote logins through the internal network, and if something went wrong, she had to spend hours fixing it to ensure the team had access. She states, “Overall, we were struggling internally with accessibility because our servers would go down. We had a very heavy load with people working remotely.” The cloud solution made accessibility much easier for the growing remote team. With Aptean Distribution ERP in the cloud, Geeta has been able to get new employees onboarded in minutes. She states, “Now, we just provide them with the link, and they’re good to go.” An internal team led by Geeta reviewed several demos of the cloud-based Aptean Distribution ERP. Aptean’s knowledgeable service team, robust business intelligence solution and comprehensive vendor portal set Aptean apart from other cloud vendors. For EastPoint, choosing Aptean was a natural progression. “We unanimously chose Aptean’s Distribution ERP cloud solution as a group.” Case Study | EastPoint Sports


Outstanding Support and Ease of Implementation Aptean implementation team's industry expertise and knowledge of their client helped EastPoint’s IT department throughout the process and resulted in minimized business disruption. Gurnani states, “We’ve been using the system for a long time, and since the solution was so robust we wanted to continue to use it. In addition, we have a lot of customizations in place. So, when upgrading the system, many technical details come into play that general support teams cannot help with. It benefited us that Aptean was already familiar with those intricacies and could help us through those concerns.”

“As the sole systems administrator, I rely heavily on Aptean’s support team and they have been really great.” Geeta Gurnani, Systems administrator, EastPoint Sports

The streamlined integration of the system with EDI was essential to EastPoint because the company’s trading partners depend on it. Moving over to fully-managed EDI reduced tasks that took days to complete to mere hours. “Aptean manages all EDI aspects for us, so we don't have to. That's a burden off our team that frees up time for more strategic business initiatives.” Aptean’s benefits didn’t stop with the product—the service team served as an unparalleled partner. “The biggest highlight was working with our Aptean team,” says Gurnani. “They were really helpful and incredibly knowledgeable. Working with people who know the system in-depth and understand our industry was a real treat. [They] were always able to make time for us and help when we had roadblocks. It's always a pleasure to have people like that on your team when going through an ERP implementation or upgrade process.”

Case Study | EastPoint Sports


The Future: Playing to Win As EastPoint looks to the future, the focus is driving improvements for continued growth of their remote team. These plans will entail further utilization of the capabilities of Aptean Distribution ERP in the cloud. The ease of access and scalability of the cloud ERP system will continue to benefit the IT team as the company grows and adds new employees. The IT team is thrilled with the processing speed and the rapid reporting, and they no longer have to manage on-premise hardware. EastPoint is looking forward to taking advantage of upgraded features, including Aptean Business Intelligence and Aptean’s vendor portal. Aptean has been working with the EastPoint employees through assessments and “health checks” and suggesting new processes that could save them additional time and effort. According to EastPoint, “In our industry, just like the games we make, the competition is fierce. We play to win, and we are passionate about doing so. When you have a group of passionate people working as a team to achieve success, you get something very special.” Aptean Distribution ERP in the cloud will help them do just that.

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