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HIGH SCHOOL PROGRAMS Opportunities for Students and Youth to get Involved in the Global Sphere Prior to College GLOBAL GLIMPSE Who: High school students from partner schools in CA, CO, IL, MA, and NY. What: Leadership programing for High School students of all backgrounds with an international travel component. Need based scholarships are available. GLOBAL KIDS Who: Middle and high school students in underserved communities in D.C. and NYC. What: After school and summer programs that including workshops, college support, activism education, summer programs, international travel, digital learning, and mentoring support from a global lens.

High School Programs LEARNSERVE INTERNATIONAL Who: High school students in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. What: In-School, extracurricular, and summer programs on social entrepreneurship, civic engagement, and business from global lens. TEENS OF COLOR ABROAD Who: BIPOC high school students in the U.S. What: Full language immersion study program, either online or in-person abroad. Full funding is available. WORLDSAAVY Who: K-12 students in the U.S. enrolled in a partner school. What: Educating youth on how they can make a difference in their community through workshops, challenges, festivals, trainings for teachers, and projects focused on global issues.

UNDERGRADUATE RESOURCES External Scholarships and Funding Guide for Undergraduate Students AMERICAN FOREIGN SERVICE ASSOCIATION AND THURSDAY LUNCHEON GROUP SUMMER INTERNSHIPS Who: Minority undergraduate students. What: Summer internships at State Department. Stipend for living expenses and other costs provided. Applications due November 1. AMERICAN PAKISTAN FOUNDATION FOREIGN POLICY FELLOWSHIP Who: College sophomores, juniors and seniors. Also open to graduate students and recent grads. Pakistani American students are strongly encouraged to apply but open to all minority students interested in foreign policy. What: Fellows have the unique opportunity to learn about the nuts and bolts of the U.S. foreign policy sector from experienced professionals through a 10 month fellowship. Scholarships available to offset the costs of the program. CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS Who: U.S. students who are at least 18 years of age by date of application, holding a high school diploma, GED, or working toward a Bachelor's degree. What: Financial needs-based initiative that exposes awardees to intelligence challenges while gaining work experience relevant to their college major.

UNDERGRADUATE RESOURCES External Scholarships and Funding Guide for Undergraduate Students CONGRESSIONAL HISPANIC CAUCUS PUBLIC POLICY FELLOWSHIP Who: Recent college graduates from an undergraduate or graduate program. What: Nine months of work experience in Washington, D.C. with significant exposure to leaders in congressional offices, federal agencies, national nonprofit advocacy organizations, government-related institutes, and more. FREDERICK DOUGLASS GLOBAL FELLOW SCHOLARSHIP Who: Students of color with demonstrated experience in leadership, social justice, agitation for positive change, and cross-cultural understanding. What: A unique international program that aims to develop change leaders who make an impact on their community and the world. Fellows are sent to host cities and institutions where they can study abroad. PUBLIC POLICY LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE Who: U.S. sophomores and juniors at two or four year universities with leadership experience. What: Multiple day conference at Harvard where students interested in graduate studies of public policy and leadership convene. Opportunities to win funding for graduate studies and connect with current students, alumni, and staff.

STUDY ABROAD PROGRAMS Programs and Organizations Aiding Studying Abroad Your campus may have a study abroad program, established third party partner, or foreign campus/sister university where you can study abroad. Funding may be available through your university, however, additional funding can be accessed: DIVERSE INTERNATIONAL WOMEN OF COLOR Who: Women of color accepted to a virtual or in person study abroad program. What: Five $500 scholarships to study in person and two $250 scholarships for virtual programs. DIVERSITY ABROAD SCHOLARSHIP Who: Minority Students, first generation college students, low income students, and those who overcame adversity. What: Scholarships to go abroad in a variety of countries for students of all programs.

Study Abroad Programs GILMAN FELLOWSHIP Who: U.S. undergraduate students with limited financial means. What: Scholarships, up to full funding, for students with financial limitations to intern and study abroad. IFSA DIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIP Who: Students of color, first-generation college students, students who attend state schools, and students from minority serving institutions studying through IFSA. What: Scholarships ranging from $1,250 to $10,000 for study abroad programs. ISEP COMMUNITY SCHOLARSHIP Who: Students of color, first-generation students, veterans, LGBTQIA, students with disabilities, STEM students, and second language students attending ISEP schools. What: $500 scholarship for students who study abroad through ISEP. STATE DEPARTMENT STUDY ABROAD SCHOLARSHIPS Who: High school through graduate students and teachers going abroad. What: Scholarships, programs, jobs, travel information, digital materials, webinars, online courses, and student stories.


Reach out to your school's Office for Career Development and Office for Diversity and Inclusion to learn more about campus and career support services available for free as part of your tuition fees. Many universities may have workshops, resources, staff to support students, programs, and events to make the campus environment welcoming and help students succeed. Student Programs:

Every university offers unique programs and organizations that you can find through student services. Many student bodies have groups that support diversity both on campus and in professional fields. While you are in school, see what is available as you can connect with other students and alumni. These organizations help you gain experience that will aid you in your future career.

INCOMING GRADUATE STUDENT RESOURCES External Scholarships, Grants, and Fellowships for Aiding Incoming Graduate Students CIA GRADUATE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM Who: U.S. graduate students demonstrating financial need. What: The program offers tuition reimbursement, paid internships, healthcare, employee benefits, and vacation time. Recipients must work for the CIA full time after graduating for at least 1.5x the length of their degree program. CHARLES B. RANGEL FELLOWSHIP Who: U.S. citizens pursuing graduate degrees in International Affairs. What: The fellowship funds two year of graduate school programs for International Affairs and related fields. The program provides mentorship, internships, and professional development opportunities. Upon completion of studies, fellows are appointed as Foreign Service Officers for the U.S. State Department.

INCOMING GRADUATE STUDENT RESOURCES DONALD M. PAYNE FELLOWSHIP Who: U.S. incoming graduate students seeking admission to a two year degree program in International Affairs or related field with a minimum 3.2 GPA. What: Up to 15 fellowships are awarded to cover cost of tuition and room and board at a U.S. graduate institution for a degree in a relevant field. Upon graduating, Fellows are appointed as Foreign Service Officers for the U.S. Agency for International Development. NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR EQUAL OPPORTUNITY IN HIGHER EDUCATION GRANT PROGRAM Who: Black Graduate through Doctoral Students studying at an HBCU or PBI. What: Grant opportunities available in diverse fields (not necessarily related to International Affairs), ranging from undergraduate to doctoral studies. P.D. SOROS FELLOWSHIP Who: Immigrants and Children of Immigrants under 30. What: $90,000 toward graduate studies at an in-person institution. This is not specific to international affairs or public policy; fellows can study in any degree field. THOMAS R. PICKERING FELLOWSHIP Who: U.S. citizens pursuing graduate degrees in International Affairs What: The fellowship funds two year of graduate school programs for International Affairs and related fields. The program provides mentorship, internships, and professional development opportunities. Upon completion of studies, Fellows are appointed as Foreign Service Officers for the U.S. State Department.

CURRENT GRADUATE STUDENT RESOURCES External Scholarships, Grants, and Fellowships for Aiding Current Masters, Law, and Doctoral Students APSA DIVERSITY FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM Who: Doctoral students in early stages of studies in political science. What: $4,000 scholarship over two years that aids studies prior to thesis. ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSIONAL SCHOOLS OF INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS Who: Primarily graduate student focused, but certain job postings are relevant for all career professionals. What: Connects students to employers via job boards for opportunities at all career levels, provides a scholarship and funding hub for International Affairs related opportunities, and drives collaboration among graduate institutions and employers. FORD FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS Who: Current doctoral students in policy or global affairs. What: Funding, up to three years, for doctoral students interested in returning to teach at the collegiate level.

CURRENT GRADUATE STUDENT RESOURCES ISLAMIC SCHOLARSHIP FUND Who: Current graduate, law, and doctoral Muslim students with U.S. citizenship. Some funding available to undergraduate students. What: Internships in Washington D.C., media focused grants, scholarships for international affairs and policy studies, mentorship programs, webinars, and resources. PUBLIC POLICY FELLOWSHIP Who: Current graduate or law student interested in Public Policy and Technology. What: Six month paid fellowship working at Twitter focusing in tech policy, government relations, or social impact work.

PRE-PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS Organizations Working with Students at Any Level to Help Develop Professional Skills BLACKS IN GOVERNMENT FLAG PROGRAM Who: Black high school, undergraduate, and graduate students in the U.S. What: Career mentorship, internships, scholarships, and training opportunities to develop leadership for public policy professionals. CONGRESSIONAL BLACK CAUCUS FOUNDATION POLICY FELLOWSHIP Who: Individuals with a demonstrated commitment to social justice aimed at improving the living conditions for the African American community. What: Year long placement in the Senate, House of Representatives, and other select offices. Fellows attend leadership development seminars, complete a community service project, participate in implementation of policy forums and produce policy papers. CONGRESSIONAL HISPANIC CAUCUS INSTITUTE Who: Students and early career LatinX youth. What: Leadership training opportunities to develop public service and policy experience, fellowships, networking, and general career support.

PRE-PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS CONGRESSIONAL HISPANIC CAUCUS PUBLIC POLICY FELLOWSHIP Who: Recent graduates from undergraduate or graduate school programs. What: The fellowship offers nine months of work experience in Washington, D.C. with exposure to leaders in congressional offices, federal agencies, national nonprofit advocacy organizations, government-related institutes, and more. EN VOZ ALTA Who: Undergraduate and Graduate Latina students. What: Career mentoring from peace and security Latina professionals to inspire and strengthen the pipeline to the field. GLOBAL ACCESS PIPELINE Who: High school students to career professionals, with focus on early career. What: Organization working to enhance equality and diversity in International Affairs through pre-collegiate leadership programming and courses, collegiate programming and referral system, and mid career professional training. There is also professional networking and events held for members. GLOBAL CC TRANSFER Who: Graduates from community colleges. What: Mentorship programs, internships, scholarships, and summer programming designed to support community college students to transfer to a four year university. The program facilitates access to programs that support students to enroll in graduate school and careers.

PRE-PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS MINORITY ACCESS NATIONAL DIVERSITY & INCLUSION INTERNSHIP PROGRAM Who: Undergraduate and Graduate Students of color. What: The program provides internship opportunities, travel programs, preemployment training, career counseling, financial management guidance, and professional development programming. RAY FELLOWSHIP Who: Graduates less than one year out of undergraduate studies without graduate degrees who want to pursue climate and energy policy but do not field experience. What: Two year paid fellowship for recent graduates to work in climate and energy policy. Participants placed in member organization and gain career development, networking, and mentorship opportunities. ROBINA FRANKLIN WILLIAMS INTERNSHIP PROGRAM Who: Undergraduate and and graduate level students in the U.S. What: Paid internships at the Council of Foreign Relations. Interns have opportunities to work in various job functions in D.C. or NYC offices and have access to a series of skill-based workshops, training, and career advice sessions. THE SADIE COLLECTIVE Who: Black, female professionals at any point in their career with a greater focus on early career stages. What: Organization working to address pipeline and pathway issues that hinder Black women in Economics through providing programs for students, conferences, and career advancement events.

PROFESSIONAL OPPORTUNITIES Organizations Working Across All Career Levels In the International Affairs Field to make the Workplace more Inclusive and Diverse BLACK CHINA CAUCUS Who: Black professionals working in the China Sphere. What: The caucus provides career mentoring, networking opportunities, opportunities to discuss research, and speaker events. BLACK PROFESSIONALS IN INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS Who: Students to senior professionals. What: The association provides career networking and professional development opportunities through career fairs, mentoring, and professional community support. BUSH FELLOWSHIP Who: Adults over 24 from Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, or member of a native nation within the region. What: $100,000 investment into community projects, leadership initiatives, and strategic development programs to build up communities in the region.

PROFESSIONAL OPPORTUNITIES CONGRESSIONAL BLACK CAUCUS INSTITUTE Who: Young adults to career professionals. What: The institute provides training opportunities in civic engagement and advocacy, summer campaign training, and global consulting with the United Nations Social and Economic Council. INTERNATIONAL CAREER ADVANCEMENT PROGRAM Who: Mid-career professionals working in international business and public affairs. What: Provides leadership training, career advising, assistance in policy analysis and implementation, wider social networks, career contacts and a strong support group. LATINX IN CHINA NETWORK Who: LatinX or Caribbean students and professionals working in China specific careers. What: A professional network that supports and amplifies voices of professionals from LatinX and Caribbean communities who are China experts. Networking events for students and professionals. Provides a resource guide to members. NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF ASIAN AMERICAN PROFESSIONALS Who: Professionals at any stage in their career of AAPI descent. What: Leadership summit, women's events, Leadership academy, career center and fairs, self care resources, and online/in person events across various industries.

PROFESSIONAL OPPORTUNITIES NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF BLACK ENGAGEMENT WITH ASIA Who: Black professionals working in Asian and Indo-Pacific affairs. What: Database connecting professionals across different industries related to Asia and virtual speaker events. Career mentoring available for college students OCA- ASIAN PACIFIC ADVOCATES Who: High School through career professionals of AAPI descent in the U.S. What: Advocacy organizations that provides internships, scholarships, women's interest groups, networking, mentoring, advocacy in policy, networking opportunities, and professional development. STATE DEPARTMENT AFFINITY GROUPS Who: Various groups of State Department employees designed to improve diversity across various functions. What: Each agency offers different programs for participants, including speaker events, mentoring, scholarships, and more: Arab-Americans in Foreign Affairs Agencies Asian American Foreign Affairs Association Blacks in Government, Carl T. Rowan Chapter Council for Career Enhancement and Professionalization Disability Action Group Executive Women at State glifaa GRACE Hispanic Employee Council of Foreign Affairs Agencies Mosaic Native American Foreign Affairs Council Pickering and Rangel Fellows Association Presidential Management Fellowship Advisory Council Returned Peace Corps Volunteers at State South Asian-American Employee Association Thursday Luncheon Group Veterans at State

WOMEN'S PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS Organizations Working to Support Women in International Affairs ORGANIZATION OF WOMEN IN INTERNATIONAL TRADE Who: Women working in International Business professions around the world. What: Global professional organization that supports education and networking through events, conferences, and webinars. WOMEN IN FOREIGN POLICY Who: Women from all backgrounds from college student throughout their careers. What: Organization promoting women in International Affairs through global issue discussions and mentoring opportunities across a variety of career fields. WOMEN OF COLOR ADVANCING PEACE, SECURITY, AND CONFLICT TRANSFORMATION Who: Women of Color in Professional Careers in the United States (NY, West Coast, Georgia), France, UK, Ghana, and Canada. What: Working groups in all fields of International Affairs (human rights, cybersecurity, peace keeping, health, diplomacy, and more), promotion of professional highlights to organizations looking to recruit, mentorship and youth development programs, and networking events and opportunities .

ABOUT APSIA AND OUR RESOURCES APSIA is comprised of member and affiliate schools from around the world who are dedicated to the improvement of professional education in international affairs and the advancement thereby of international understanding, prosperity, peace, and security. Fellowships & Scholarships: With more than 50 listed fellowships and scholarships, APSIA has made the search for funding easier. By selecting different areas on the fellowships and scholarships page users will be directed to qualifying fellowships and scholarships.

Member Directory: APSIA simplifies the graduate school search process by equipping users with program summaries, lists of related masters programs, and up to date news on its website. In addition, APSIA offers quizzes to help identify programs that might be of interest.

International Career Guide: Explore what you can do with an international affairs degree! Find pro tips, career resources, and sample employers to help guide you along your desired career path within the private, public, non-profit, and multilateral sectors.

Upcoming Events: APSIA hosts webinars with member schools, fellowship programs, and other organizations dedicated to professional development. Along with online events, APSIA holds graduate school fairs that connect interested parties with top schools.

Job Board: APSIA makes finding jobs and internships easier. Designed to reach students and professionals at any level, APSIA maintains a job board with current listings of opportunities across all sectors in international affairs.

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