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Once, there was a fluff family who lived in a purple house.

Today, they began their move to the yellow house.

Érase una familia de pelusas vivía en una casa violeta. Little fluffy kept his toys in que his backpack.

Hoy comenzaba mudanza Little fluffy was la very happy.a la casa amarilla.

The fluff family brought their suitcases to the box.

Little fluffy blew and blew to inflate the balloons.

Little fluffy had an idea.

The fluff family jumped into the box for the move.

They tied the balloons to go up.

Little fluffy said goodbye to his purple house,

he saw the red, the green and the blue house.

Little fluffy heard a noise, he looked.

The balloon had popped!

The box began to spin, go up and go down.

The fluff family shouted, Help!

Little fluffy released the popped balloon.

Mom fluff and dad fluff were dizzy.

Little fluffy released the balloons to go down.

The fluff family had arrived to the yellow house.

The fluffs are moving houses  

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