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May 2014

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May, 2014

Bianco Primary Care is quality focused As medical students, husband and wife Drs. Michael and Shelley Bianco saw a problem emerging in healthcare. Time after time they heard their physician preceptors tell patients that there was only time to discuss one health concern during appointments. With costs growing and reimbursements from insurance and Medicare shrinking, doctors are being forced to see more patients each day. The practice of medicine has become quantity focused rather than quality focused. Drs. Michael and Shelley Bianco want to change this. Bianco Primary Care is a new type of general practice that gives doctors and patients more time together. This time allows patients the ability to talk with their doctor about health concerns without feeling rushed. They are able to take the time to really listen, to develop a personal relationship with their patients and to offer more

than just an additional prescription. This caliber of care is delivered within the concierge or subscription model of primary care. In this type of medical practice, patients pay an annual fee that guarantees them more time with their physician. This fee, about the cost of a daily Starbucks coffee, allows the physician to have a smaller patient pool for their practice, giving them the ability to see fewer patients in the day and spend more time with those patients. Joining a concierge medical practice restores the strong doctor-patient relationship that many of us can still remember. Becoming a patient of Bianco Primary Care means same day or next day appointments that start on-time, having access to your doctor by phone or email 24/7, and developing a personal and meaningful relationship with your doctor. Additionally, Drs. Michael

and Shelley Bianco offer nutrition counseling, coordination

with specialists and housecalls. Bianco Primary Care is

accepting new patients, call for an appointment today!

Customized Healthcare With Old-Fashioned Service. “With healthcare becoming less personal and more complex you deserve more than the standard level of care.”


Dr. Shelley Bianco D.O.

• Having a personal and meaningful connection with your doctor • Having a doctor that has the time to listen • Having a doctor you can call at a moments notice– any time, any day • Making a same day appointment that starts on time • Unhurried office visits

12315 Crabapple Road, Suite 108 • Alpharetta GA 30004 (in the Silos Plaza next to Alpine Bakery & Atlanta Fitness)

Dr. Michael Bianco D.O.


We are accepting new patients. Call us today to see how personal healthcare can be.

Phone: 678-254-2333

May 2014

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Heavy menstrual bleeding By DR. TSAKIRIS

Vibrant health with infrared therapies Infrared light accounts for half of the sun’s energy and is essential for human life. Discovered by NASA to be the safest, most beneficial natural light wave, infrared is used in hospital nurseries to warm newborns. It penetrates the body six to eight inches, positively affecting all body systems. Infrared causes a cell’s mitochondria (powerhouses) to vibrate at higher frequencies and more efficiently produce ATP, which provides energy and has an active role in enzymatic reactions and detoxification.In addition to detoxifying the body, infrared stimulates the circulatory system, increases blood flow, dilates blood vessels, elevates core

temperature and increases metabolism, while also stimulating the lymphatic system to improve immunity and reduce inflammation. Infrared has been shown to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels; help with weight loss and pain relief; heal skin wounds, acne and eczema; provide profound relaxation; and destroy cancer and viral cells without harming surrounding healthy cells.Experience these health benefits by utilizing BioMat, Migun, and Sunlighten Broad-Spectrum Infrared Sauna infrared therapies at Abundant Life Wellness, 12670 Crabapple Rd., Suite 200, in Milton. 770-6637898.

The body is self-healing, given proper nutrition and care. At Abundant Life Wellness, we work with you to address the underlying cause, not just the symptoms. • Holistic Wellness for Adults and Children • Zyto Bioenergetic Assessment • Homeopathics and Botanicals • Lymphatic Drainage Therapy • Ionic Footbath • Broad-Spectrum Infrared Sauna • Facial Microcurrent • Advanced Relaxation Therapy Room • Detox Packages

$10 Far-Infrared Massage Session Walk-in or by Appointment

Almost every woman can recount an embarrassing episode involving an unexpected heavy menstrual flow and a white outfit. If these episodes are happening frequently you may have a condition known as menorrhagia. Menorrhagia can be from many medical problems including fibroids, endometrial polyps, hormone disturbances, and even in some cases cancer. Many women can become so anemic that they may require a blood transfusion. A few decades ago this condition would have been treated with a hysterectomy. This is a major surgery with possible complications and traditionally 6 weeks out of work. Today we have many other options. For example, birth control pills and progesterone medications can be effective in reducing blood flow. The Mirena IUD is a form of contraception that is long acting, can be placed in an office visit, and generally eliminates the menstrual flow. We also have an in office procedure called an endometrial ablation that is quick and very effective in reducing or eliminating menstrual periods. This procedure is generally done with a twilight sleep, although, in some cases can be done without anesthesia. The procedure

takes approximately 20 minutes and since there is no surgical incision recovery time is less than 24 hours. Most people can get back to work the next day. Only your gynecologist can evaluate your particular problem and determine the best treatment for you. Be sure not to ignore your symptom of heavy menstrual flow or assume that it is a normal condition. With so many easy and effective options for treatment there is no reason not to get back to wearing white again while you are on your menses.

Are You Experiencing Heavy Menstrual Periods? � 10 min. office procedure

� Little recovery time – no incision

� Avoids the need for hysterectomy Eileen M. Wrobleski Naturopath Certified Nutritional Counselor

� Covered by most insurance plans

� Avoids the need for any hospitalization Saturday Appointments Available

Chattahoochee Gynecology Laura A. Tsakiris, M.D. 6610 McGinnis Ferry Rd, Suite 100, Duluth 12670 Crabapple Rd., Suite 200 Milton, GA 30004



We offer friendly, personal service!


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May 2014

Georgetown Pediatrics

“Invisible” alternative to braces

Georgetown Pediatrics, P.C. is one of the oldest private practices specializing in Pediatric Medicine. Founded in 1968 in the Dunwoody area, the practice serves patients primarily in its four locations, Alpharetta, pettaway Cumming, Johns Creek, and Dunwoody markets. Our doctors are all board certified as Fellows of the American Academy of Pediatrics and our nurse practitioners all hold the Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioners certification. We are committed to delivering the gonzalez highest quality of care with unparalleled execution to patients from birth to the age of twenty-one. As board-certified practitioners, we practice medicine according to the guidelines mandated by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Centers for Disease Control, and the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. Our providers also have areas of interest ranging from early childhood development, asthma, obesity and weight management, infectious diseases, and all other areas of general pediatrics. We are also excited to introduce our two newest providers joining the staff, Dr. Glenda Pettaway and Dr. Richelle

The first thing people notice about you is your smile. You won’t show off your smile if you don’t like the way it looks. “I’m too old for braces” or “I don’t want metal teeth” keeps most adults from having straight teeth. Those obstacles are gone now that Invisalign is available! Invisalign uses clear trays as devices to orthodontically move your teeth. No metal brackets, no metal wires. These clear braces fit precisely over your teeth to gradually move your teeth to that beautiful smile you dreamed of! Typically, Invisalign moves your teeth more quickly than traditional braces. Troubles associated with cleaning around traditional braces (brackets and wires) are eliminated. Just remove your tray, brush and floss, then place your Invisalign tray back on and get on with your day! No more worries about food getting caught in your braces. Simply remove your trays before eating, and replace them when you are finished. It’s one of the simplest ways to enhance your smile. The process starts with a consultation in our office. During this visit, several photographs will be taken of your teeth. Together with you, our experienced team will discuss the results you desire for your teeth and smile. If you decide that Invisalign is the right choice for you, we will make impressions for your teeth. Your final results are designed and presented for viewing with a CAD-CAM type software. At your next appointment, you will begin your first clear tray and realize how

Gonzalez at our Alpharetta location, 3400-A Old Milton Parkway, Suite 510. For more information about our practice, please visit us at www., like us on Facebook or meet us at our Expectantly Expecting Class on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

easy and great it is to straighten your teeth. Before you know it, everyone will notice how much more you smile! You will wish you started sooner. At Haynes Bridge Dental Care we are available to show you how easy it is to get started now. Call us today at 470-297-6700 to receive $200 off Invisalign treatment. We are located in between Publix and Starbucks in the Haynes Bridge Village Shopping Center.


Your Dental Experience... the way you want it.


20% OFF

Any Service *Including co-pay Expires 4/30/14

“I believe everyone should be given the opportunity to learn how they can make their smile healthy and it is my goal to teach all my patients on a 1 on 1 platform what we can do to help them achieve that perfect smile.” – Dr. Soulimiotis

9925 Haynes Bridge Road | Suite 700 | Johns Creek, GA 30022 (located in the Haynes Bridge Publix Shopping Center)

May 2014

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Headaches who really Protect yourself from suffers? Everyone skin cancer “Sorry, I can’t make it to your game, again. My head is killing me”. Judy is a 40 year mother, who suffers with chronic headaches and recently she has noticed that her relationship with her family is suffering. Missing ball games, moody, grumpy and the laundry is piling up. Is this you? Headaches are very common and most of us get them at some time or another. Research indicates that 45 million Americans suffer from some sort of headache and they cause you to change how you conduct your daily life, how you interact with friends and loved ones and how you feel about yourself. According to a 2003 survey of 1142 adults about headaches, Dr. Lipton and his colleagues’ discoverd that 19 percent missed at least 3 days of family or social activities during the preceding 3 months, 32 percent avoided making plans and 63 percent reported a negative impact on relationships with their children. So what can be done to eliminate my headaches? Great question, first identify the trigger or triggers and avoid them as much as possible. Another option is medication, which most people prefer not to use due to the side effects of long term use. There is a drugless and natural approach. More and more people are utilizing chiropractic treatment as the answer

Provided By NORTHSIDE HOSPITAL CANCER INSTITUTE According to the American Cancer Society, skin cancer is the most common form of cancer for those living in the United States and more than two million cases of skin cancer are newly diagnosed each year. Protect yourself this sunny season so you can enjoy being outside – cancer free.

Plan ahead. If possible, avoid being outdoors between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., when the sun’s rays are the most harmful. If you are outside during peak hours, seek shade or covered areas.

to the headaches. Chiropractic focuses on the structural and physical cause. Muscle tension and nerve interference from improper spinal alignment are becoming more prominent due to hours of sitting at the computer. Dr. Hudec will work with you to discover the cause of your headaches and then offer a sound solution to help eliminate and prevent them in the future. Call today for your free consultation 770641-7811

New Chiropractic Technology... Old Fashioned, Personalized Care

Wear and reapply sunscreen. Choose an SPF of at least 30 and apply at least 20 minutes before going outside. Reapply every two hours, especially if you are sweating or swimming because sunscreen particles break apart after exposure to the sun. And don’t forget to apply sunscreen on overcast days too --- clouds do not block UV rays; they filter them—and sometimes only slightly. Check medications. Some medicines, including acne treatment and birth control, can make your skin extra sensitive to sun exposure. Check with your doctor to see if yours may have

such an effect. Ditch the tanning bed. In the US alone, 419,000 new skin cancer cases are attributed to indoor tanning each year. In fact, a recent study reveals that the number of skin cancer cases due to tanning beds is higher than the number of lung cancer cases due to smoking worldwide. Continued exposure also brings wrinkles, brown spots, blotchiness and leathery looking skin-- not exactly the “look” you’re trying to achieve when fake baking. Free Skin Cancer Screenings Beginning in May, Northside Hospital will be hosting free skin cancer screenings to help you understand your risk for developing skin cancer. For dates, locations and registration information go to

Get Skinny Fast!

Lose up to 30 lbs in 30 Days with our weight loss program featuring HCG Therapy • It’s Natural • Burns Abnormal Fat Quickly • Doctor Guided

Seven Signs of Stress • Headaches • Fatigue • Sleep Disturbances • Low Back Pain

• Neck Pain • Sciatica • Poor Posture

LIKE US AT InShapeMD Cumming

If you have one or more of these symptoms ults That Make A Difference! Difference! we provide Proven Results Re-live old fashioned personalized sonalized care with the speed, efficiency, convenience and outstanding results that modern technology has to offer. Precise, effective and painless treatment with no popping or cracking.

10% OFF* All Products and Services! *Cannot be combined with any other offer. New patients only. Good at this location only. Expires 5/31/14

Call Now! 470-297-3962

Dr. Kevin Hudec has been serving the Alpharetta and Roswell communities since 1995.


10595 Old Alabama Road Con #9A, Alpharetta, GA 30022

(770) 641-7811 1595 Peachtree Parkway, Suite 206

Located in the Kroger Plaza at Peachtree Parkway and Sharon Road


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May 2014

Dental Implants »

Do you struggle to eat the foods you like, worry about smiling because of missing teeth or a loose, unsteady denture? Have we got a solution for you By DR. USHMA Patel from Center for Advanced Dentistry If you have dentures you probably hate them. Rather than give you a finger-wagging lecture about “you should have taken better care of your teeth in your youth,” I think I’ll just tell you what you can do to finally get rid of that glass of water on your nightstand. How do you do it? Dental Implants. This amazing breakthrough in dental technology can free you from slipping, loose or otherwise bothersome dentures forever. With implants you can once again enjoy the full flavor of your food. They can let you enjoy foods you couldn’t eat before. Implants are a permanent solution for missing teeth. Here’s how they work: Small anchors are placed into the bone structure in the same place your natural teeth were once located. Then dental restorations are placed over the anchors. The result is natural looking teeth that look so much like real teeth that only a dentist can tell the difference. And sometimes even we have a hard

time! Consider this: Modern medicine can provide prosthetic devices such as artificial limbs, “glass” eyes, even cosmetically rebuilt ears and other body parts. But no one expects these to perform in the same way the original equipment did. In other words, you wouldn’t expect to be able to see out of an artificial

eye or bend the toes of a prosthetic foot. Yet with modern dentistry we can replace the natural equipment (teeth) with human made devices that not only look exactly like the original, but also perform in the same way too. Even if you only have a partial denture, you can benefit from implants. It’s possible that you may only need one or

two implants which can then eliminate the need to use a partial denture. Restore your confidence and improve your life. Ask us what dental implants can do for you! For more information call Dr. Ushma Patel from Center for Advanced Dentistry at 678-894-7926 or visit

ADHD – not just in children anymore Adult ADHD is associated with multiple comorbidities such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and other personality disorders. Adult ADHD is a valid psychiatric disorder of adulthood distinct from these other conditions. Adult attention deficit disorder differs from the childhood variant because the hyperactivity in adults may be replaced by other symptoms such as anxiety, impulsivity and inattentiveness. In fact, prior to 2002 there were no diagnostic guidelines, but there have been great advances since. Some of the symptoms that characterize Adult ADHD are:

ADHD is a relatively common psychiatric disorder among adults. The prevalence is thought to be 3.5%-5.3%, which accounts for more than 11 million cases in the United States alone. With increased public awareness, adult ADHD became a topic of great interest so clinicians should be able to diagnose, treat, and manage patients with this disorder. Etiology is still uncertain. Genetics however is believed to play a prominent role, followed in importance by acquired injuries to the brain. ADHD was widely thought to be strictly a disorder of childhood. Now there are numerous scientific papers and clinical trials that acknowledge the existence of an adult version of this disorder, which can be traced back to the younger years. Before this time ADHD in adults was known as Minimal Brain Damage or Dysfunction (MBD).

1. Often fails to give close attention to details or makes careless mistakes in school-work, work or other activities. 2. Often has difficulty sustaining attention in tasks or play activities. 3. Often does not seem to listen when spoke to directly. 4. Often does not follow through on instructions and fails to finish schoolwork, chores or duties in the workplace (not due to oppositional behavior or failure to understand directions) 5. Often has difficulty organizing tasks and activities. 6. Often avoids, dislikes, or is reluctant to engage in tasks that require sustained mental effort (such as schoolwork or homework)Often loses things necessary for tasks and activities (eg. School assignments, pencils, keys) 7. Is often easily distracted by extraneous stimuli. PAID ADVERTORIAL

8. Is often forgetful in daily activities.

Some children with ADHD continue to have it as adults. And many adults who have the disorder don’t know it. They may feel that it is impossible to get organized, keep a job, or remember and keep appointments. Daily tasks such as getting up in the morning, preparing to leave the house for work, arriving at work on time, and being productive on the job can be especially challenging for adults with ADHD. These adults may have a history of failure at school, problems at work, failed relationships and traffic accidents. Like teens, adults with ADHD may seem restless and may try to complete several tasks as once, most of them unsuccessfully. They also tend to prefer “quick fixes,” rather than taking the steps needed to achieve greater rewards. Treatment is very rewarding. The first medications to be approved by the FDA belonged to a non-stimulant group of medications: Atomoxetine. The FDA later approved stimulants such as methylphenidate and mixed amphetamine salts. Group delivered cognitive behavioral therapy is recommended in some cases as a supportive treatment. If you or someone you know may have Adult ADHD, call Johns Creek Family Medicine at 770-771-6591 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Zack Charkawi.

May 2014

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What was that? By DR. DEBORAH WOODWARD Say What? How many mailers are in your box each day for hearing devices? If you think hearing devices are being marketed more and more these days you are correct. But with “hearing stores” popping up in every other strip mall, the warehouse clubs, magazine ads, and the internet, the confusion for those in need of assistance is increasing at the same rate. Facts, Myths, and Where do I start? Fact: Over 36 million Americans – more than 1 in every 10 - have some level of reduction in hearing sensitivity AND most people are amazed when they learn that 65% of these are BELOW retirement age! Myth: “If I had a real problem my family doctor would have told me.” Fact: Family physicians rarely incorporate hearing screenings as part of your annual physical (especially if you are under age 55). With limited training in the areas of hearing loss and assistive devices, contacting a Doctor of Audiology should be your first step if a problem is suspected. Myth: “I hear what I need to hear and get along fine.” Fact: You only hear what your hearing capacity PERMITS. Reality, for you, is now altered. ‘If you can’t hear it how do you know you missed it?’ “Only my spouse complains.” “I ignore it. It doesn’t bother me.” “I just ask people not to mumble and speak up.” “No one I know likes their hearings aids.” “After I fix my teeth.” IT IS TIME TO BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF. People with untreated hearing loss experience a decreased quality of life. It has been proven to cause varied levels of sadness, depression, anxiety, paranoia, and poor social relationships. They also have more difficulty in their careers and often earn thousands of dollars less than their ‘hearing’ peers.

HELP IS AVAILABLE and an achievable solution is not as challenging as you may think. Myth: “My insurance doesn’t cover hearing care.” Fact: Go to a credentialed Doctor of Audiology. They are able to contract with the major insurance companies. Complete diagnostic hearing testing is typically covered once a year and more plans are now including hearing aid benefits of some type. In comparison, most other location types cannot access or file for your insurance benefits. Myth: I will save money if I buy on-line or at my warehouse club. I can buy them at low cost, stick them in, and “Shazaam- I can hear!” Do not be fooled by thinking you can pay one low price up front for your device(s) and you are good for years to come. The reality is that it takes the proper consultation, fitting, programming, and as needed FOLLOW-UP to become a happy and successful long term hearing instrument wearer. Fact: Like Dad used to say, you do get what you pay for. But better hearing can be achieved at even entry-level price points from today’s plethora of high quality solutions. Those making the decision for the first time to better their quality of life are, in most cases, unaware of what the commitment entails or what questions to ask. Each person is unique and there is no “one solution fits all”, however, EVERY person will need some level of continued service and expert consultation. Warehouse clubs, and internet sites typically run on the business model of the seemingly attractive low upfront pricing with short warranty periods and, either zero, or very limited follow up services included. The right medical provider will offer you the CHOICE between a competitive yet still more inclusive ‘pay-as-you-go’ plan, or the more accepted plan that includes unlimited service and office visits plus longer warran-

ties to ensure and continually enhance user satisfaction. Where do I begin? Consult with a Doctor of Audiology or a licensed Audiologist to properly determine the unique course of direction for YOUR individual success.

These providers are medically trained and continually certified as hearing technology and options evolve. The knowledge and patience of your service provider to fit you with the very best option that meets your hearing needs AND budget will ensure that you can truly

transform your quality of life. Dr. Deborah Woodward at the Johns Creek Audiology & Hearing Center has helped, and continues to direct, thousands of people in their individual journeys to hear more of what they did not even know they were missing.


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Hearing Begins with YOU

May is “Better Speech and Hearing Month”

Timeline of a stroke Driving home from dinner, you glance over at your husband and you know something isn’t right. His right arm appears limp—paralyzed even. His speech is slurred. And his mouth is drooping. What is happening? If you said he might be having a stroke, you’re right. Here’s a closer look at what happens during a stroke, from the experts at Gwinnett Medical Center-Duluth, and what you need to know about our country’s leading cause of disability and the third most frequent cause of death in Georgia. The First Minute Your brain needs blood and oxygen to function. During a stroke, a blood vessel responsible for taking oxygen and nutrients to the brain is affected in one of two ways. The first kind of stroke is called hemorrhagic, which happens when a blood vessel bursts. The more common type is called an ischemic stroke, says

See how easy it is to transform your quality of life by joining us for a free demonstration and 2 week trial of the latest hearing technology fit to your individual needs.

Dr. Deborah Woodward Doctor of Audiology

Arun Lakhanpal, MD, Gwinnett Medical Center’s inpatient neurologist. During an ischemic stroke, a clot blocks a blood vessel and blood can’t get to the brain. “In ischemic strokes, the brain may continue to get some blood through back channels (collaterals),” Dr. Lakhanpal says. “That may allow the tissue to survive for tens of minutes to a few

Dermatology and Family Medicine Family Medicine F M Geriatrics Diagnosis & Treatment Of Adult ADHD

Call now to secure a NO RISK appointment during this May event.

Choose to Enjoy Better Hearing!

May 2014

Dr. Zack Charkawi

Johns Creek Family Medicine for the Extra Level of Care

• Comprehensive medical care for the entire family for pediatric adult and geriatric patients • Caring, thorough, and individualized philosophy • Well trained warm and efficient staff • Accepting new patients and sick walk in


4045 Johns Creek Parkway, Suite B Johns Creek We Accept all Major Insurance Plans

• Office welcomes most insurances including Medicare

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6300 Hospital Parkway, Suite 100 Johns Creek, GA 30097 770.771.6591

hours.” But every minute that goes by, 2 million brain cells die. That’s why experts say that “time lost is brain lost.” It’s also why it’s important to get help right away. Remember: When blood flow to the brain stops, the symptoms come on suddenly. The most common signs follow the memory guide FAST: F: Facial drooping A: Arm weakness S: Speech difficulty T: Time. If any of the previous three signs is present, call 911.  The First Hour For people who have had an ischemic stroke, a drug called tPA can be given to bust the clot. The first hour after the onset of symptoms is known as the “golden hour.” That’s when the drug has shown the most benefit—helping to restore blood flow and prevent further cognitive and physical problems.  Remember: It might be tempting to drive your loved one to the hospital. But calling 911 is a better option. Emergency medical responders will begin tests on the way to the hospital.  The First Three Hours While getting treatment within the first hour is best, the window might be a little wider for some. “The clot-busting drug tPA is approved for use up to three hours,” Dr. Lakhanpal says. “But it shows some benefits up to 4.5 hours’’ in some patients. So, if you think someone is having a stroke, don’t wait to see whether the symptoms go away on their own. The longer you wait, the greater the risk of long-term brain damage and death. At Gwinnett Medical Center, we are nationally recognized leaders in stroke care, with multiple accreditations and awards. To learn more about our comprehensive stroke care, visit

May 2014

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Milan Eye Center welcomes eye cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kiran Sajja insurance. Eyelid dermatochalasis or “eyelid bagginess” is related to stretching and thinning of the eyelid skin. This often affects both the upper and lower eyelids giving a puffy or wrinkled appearance. At times, the excess skin can rest on or over your eyelashes interfering with your vision. Other common complaints include eyelid redness or itchiness, tearing, or headache. Women often note difficulty applying and maintaining eye make-up, such as mascara, eyeliner or eye shadow. This condition can be significantly improved with an easy outpatient surgical procedure. An evaluation with Dr. Sajja would determine if the procedure is covered by your medical insurance. Tearing or “watery eyes” can be separated into two main issues: producing too many tears or not effectively draining the tears away. Common complaints include blurred vision, itchiness, redness and discharge. During an evaluation with Dr. Sajja, he will perform a comprehensive examination of your eyes and your tear drainage system to determine the possible causes of your watery eyes. Based on your symptoms and examina-

Milan Eye Center is excited to announce the arrival of Dr. Kiran Sajja, a Board-Certified ophthalmologist specializing in functional and cosmetic eyelid and facial surgery. Dr. Sajja has a unique blend of experience, compassion and artistry that he shares with each and every patient. With the addition of Dr. Sajja, Milan Eye Center will expand the unsurpassed level of care and services provided to the Atlanta community. Dr. Sajja cares for patients with a wide variety of conditions, including eyelid droopiness, eyelid bagginess, and tearing. Eyelid ptosis or “eyelid droopiness” is most often related to stretching or detachment of the muscle used to open your eyes. Over time, this condition can interfere with your vision resulting in a decreased field of view or overall dimming of your vision. Common complaints often include needing more light to read, difficulty driving, and headaches. Eyelid ptosis is often associated with a tired or disinterested appearance. This condition can be corrected with a quick, minimally-invasive outpatient surgical procedure which is often covered by your medical

tion, Dr. Sajja will discuss a treatment regimen including diet, medication and surgical intervention. Many procedures are performed in the office with little to no down time; and are often covered by your medical insurance. In addition, Dr. Sajja has considerable experience in cosmetic concerns of the eyelids and face employing advanced surgical techniques and facial injectibles, such as Botox®, Juvederm® XC, Belotero®, and Restylane®. Dr. Sajja will perform a detailed evaluation and provide recommendations

to allow you to achieve a balanced, youthful and energetic appearance. Dr. Sajja will be joining Milan Eye Center on June 9th. Call 678-688-4575 for more information on Dr. Sajja and his procedures. Milan Eye Center has four convenient locations around Atlanta: Johns Creek, Cumming, Canton, and Buford. Milan Eye Center is a premier ophthalmology practice and is affiliated with Atlanta’s finest hospitals including Northside Forsyth, Northside Cherokee, and Emory Johns Creek Hos-

Milan Eye Center


A Beautiful, Natural Looking, Healthy

Kiran Sajja, M.D.

SMILE Today it’s easier and more affordable than ever.


Joining Milan Eye Center in June Dr. Sajja’s procedures include: Eyelid Lifts, Blepharoplasty, Botox and Fillers.

Dr. Kiran Sajja is a Board-Certified ophthalmologist who specializes in the medical and surgical treatment of the eyelids, face, orbit and lacrimal system. At Milan Eye Center, Dr. Sajja has dedicated his practice to reconstructive and aesthetic oculofacial plastic surgery.

Doctors trust Dr. Ushma Patel when it comes to their families. • Sedation Dentistry – relax through your entire visit • Dental Implants – permanent replacements for missing teeth • Short Term Cosmetic Orthodontics • Teeth Whitening, dazzling results – ZOOM! now available! • Digital X-Rays – 90% less radiation

• Non-Surgical Periodontal Gum Treatment • Mercury-Free, tooth colored white fillings • Porcelain veneers for crooked or stained teeth • Straighten Teeth Instantly • FDA approved NON-DRUG migraine prevention


Dr. Ushma Patel, D.M.D 6916 McGinnis Ferry Road, Suite 500 • Suwanee, GA

Milan R. Patel, M.D. Niraj Desai, M.D. Gina Borgnini, O.D. Cataract & Refractive Cataract & Refractive Optometrist Surgeon Surgeon

Look for our ad series and visit us at for more information on specific services and ways to learn more.

Priyal Gadani, O.D. Optometrist

2011 and 2012 One of America’s Top Doctors by U.S. News and World Report

6300 Hospital Pkwy, Suite 325 | Johns Creek 970 Sanders Rd, Suite 100 | Cumming

Learn more at

Call today for a consultation 678-688-4575


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• Sudden numbness or weakness of face, arm or leg, especially on one side of the body • Sudden confusion, trouble speaking or understanding • Sudden trouble walking, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination • Sudden trouble with seeing (double vision, blurred vision, no vision) • Sudden severe headache with no known cause Remember: stroke is an emergency. Call 911 at the first signs of stroke.

Gwinnett Medical Center provides a full continuum of stroke care that is nationally accredited. Our hospitals in Lawrenceville and Duluth have earned Joint Commission Certification as Primary Stroke Centers. Further, our Glancy Rehabilitation Center earned the designation as a Stroke Specialty Program from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. For more information about stroke care at Gwinnett Medical Center, visit

May 2014

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