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Sponsored Section • health & wellnessAugust 2014

Sponsored Section | August 2014

Back to school wellness essentials Functional endocrinology By: Eileen M. Wrobleski, ND, CNC, HHP All summer long, children get ample doses of sunshine and fresh air, two natural immune system builders that carry them through the summer months, free of sickness. Then it seems as soon as the windows close with back-to-school, they come down with every little bug that comes their way! To keep them healthy, take note of these wellness essentials, which are of particular importance as you send your sweetie into an unavoidably germy school habitat. Find a whole-food multi-vitamin and mineral supplement. The body only recognizes that which is natural, and excretes all that is synthetic. If your child needs a chewable, make sure it is sweetened with stevia or xylitol, as sugar causes a suppression of the immune system for six hours after consumption. Vitamin D-3 is essential to fighting infections and chronic inflammation. Children age one and older should supplement with 600 to 1,000 IU’s daily, in pill form or a suspension of liquid medium-chain triglycerides.

Most of the immune system is housed in the gut, so supplement with a good probiotic. Capsules can be opened and sprinkled on food. If relying on yogurt for probiotics, choose plain Greek and add stevia to taste, to avoid the up-to-30 grams of sugar that typically comes with yogurt cups. Pack a small bottle of nanoparticle silver spray in your child’s back pack, to use as a chemical-free hand sanitizer and to spray in the mouth to kill viruses, bacteria and fungi. For more information on these Back to School Wellness Essentials, call Abundant Life Wellness at 770-663-7898, or visit

The body is self-healing, when given proper nutrition and care. At Abundant Life Wellness, we work with you to address the underlying cause of your health issue, not just the symptoms. • Holistic Wellness for Adults and Children • Acute and Chronic Care • Homeopathic, Herbal and Nutritional Therapies • ZYTO Bioenergetic Assessment • Lymphatic Drainage Therapy • Ionic Footbath • Migun Thermal Massage Bed • Broad-Spectrum Infrared Sauna • Detox Packages • Advanced Relaxation Therapy Room

Eileen M. Wrobleski Naturopath Certified Nutritional Counselor

We now offer Thermography

12670 Crabapple Rd., Suite 200 Milton, GA 30004


Dr. Daniel Falor is a Doctor of Chiropractic, has a Master’s Degrees in both Clinical Nutrition and Herbal Medicine, and specializes in Functional Medicine, specifically the Endocrine (hormone) system. His areas of expertise include metabolic disorders, such as Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, obesity, Type II Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome. What Is Functional Endocrinology? Functional Endocrinology is a specialized segment of Functional Medicine. The term “endocrinology” in its classic definition means the study of the endocrine system, which is the body’s hormone system. Where the “traditional” endocrinologist focuses on hormone replacement, surgery, and medications, Functional Endocrinology uses the body’s normal response to dietary modifications, nutritional supplementation and exercise in order to balance hormone activity. How Is Functional Medicine Different? Functional Medicine looks at people as a whole system, as opposed to individual areas looked at separately. Using advanced diagnostic testing;

comprehensive blood testing and saliva testing, among others, Dr. Falor can identify the underlying cause of a patient’s health problem. By shifting the traditional disease-centered focus of medical practice to a more patientcentered approach, functional medicine addresses the whole person, not just a set of symptoms. It has been said “Your Health Is Your Greatest Wealth”. Getting your body to achieve normal function will have a dramatic impact on how you look as well as how you feel. Dr. Falor’s patients report that they find renewed energy, loss of weight, improved biological function, and an overall better outlook on their lives.

August 2014

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Cataracts? See your world more clearly.

Your Vision Is Our Priority Leading the way with laser-assisted cataract surgery Our mission has always been to help set the standard in cataract care and lens implantation. Today, our tradition of eye care excellence continues with the introduction of a breakthrough procedure. Now, we are offering laser-assisted cataract surgery, the most advanced technique for cataract surgery available today. After researching and testing the available technologies, we confidently selected the Catalys Femtosecond Laser for our patients. The laser is designed to increase the safety and precision of key aspects of the cataract procedure. The Catalys laser enables us to not only perform bladeless cataract surgery while reducing astigmatism, but also create a precise circular opening in the cataract while softening the cataract prior to its removal. Dr. Kaufman is a leading board certified ophthalmologist in Northern Georgia. Fellowship trained to sub-specialize in laservision correction, corneal disorders, and cataract surgery, he is the Director of Cataract and Refractive Surgery at North Georgia Eye Clinic. Dr. Kaufman graduated with high honors from Vanderbilt University. He also received his Doctor of Medicine from Vanderbilt. Dr. Kaufman completed an internship in internal medicine at the Matthew B. Kaufman, MD University of Virginia and a residency in ophthalmology at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. He elected to further his training by accepting a fellowship in cataract and corneal surgery at the University of California. While in California, Dr. Kaufman had the privilege to train directly with Dr. Peter McDonnell, the current chairman of the Department of Ophthalmology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Dr. Kaufman has also served as a faculty instructor at the University of California and has published articles on topics including LASIK and cataract surgery. He has been the recipient of many awards and honors throughout his professional and academic career.

Potential benefits of laser-assisted cataract surgery: • Precise incisions and capsulorrhexis (a circular opening in the cataract) results in more stable lens position and improved visual performance. • Softening of the cataract helps to reduce the amount of energy required for its removal. Using less energy inside the eye results in less inflammation and often a quicker recovery. • Correction of mild to moderate amounts of astigmatism improves post-operative surgical vision and may reduce the need for glasses.

ing 14 m Co ll 20 Fa

Our new expanded office 1230 Bald Ridge Marina Rd., Ste 100 • Cumming, GA 30041

Cumming: 3275 Market Place Blvd., Suite 100, Cumming, Georgia 30041 • ph: 770-292-1999 • fx: 770-889-1315 •




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Problems with your thyroid gland Tired? Can’t lose weight? It might be your thyroid. The thyroid gland, which is found in the neck, is key to your body’s metabolism, energy level, temperature regulation, and even mental clarity. The best way to check for thyroid problems is through a blood test. However, most doctors neither perform this test correctly, nor do they know how to properly interpret the results. I see many patients in my office who

were told by another doctor that their thyroid is “normal,” yet testing in my office shows that their thyroid function is severely compromised. When I diagnose thyroid imbalance, the solution is sometimes as simple as addressing nutrient deficiencies. More commonly, I prescribe thyroid hormone to replace what the body is no longer making. However, I only prescribe natural thyroid hormone – such as Armour

Thyroid – because it safely provides the body with the exact thyroid hormone it needs. I also dose it in a specific way to ensure great results.The wonderful thing about restoring thyroid hormone levels is that patients feel better, have more energy, lose weight, and simply feel like a new person. I feel so strongly about thyroid health that I discuss it with all of my adult patients. I would love to discuss it with you, too!

More restful sleep may be in your future Do you lose sleep due to snoring? Does your partner lose sleep due to your snoring? Do you wake up tired in the morning? Snoring is a serious condition and can be an early warning sign of sleep apnea. An estimated 160 million people are affected by snoring and many of them suffer from obstructive sleep apnea. Lack of sleep places undue stress on your heart and other major organs. Untreated Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) can lead to heart attacks, strokes and excessive daytime sleepiness. More than 100,000 people are killed or injured each year in crashes attributed to a driver who has fallen asleep at the wheel. Sufficient sleep is fundamental to your overall health and wellness. Dr. Dan Myers of The Cos-

metic Dentistry Center of Alpharetta has made treatment of this serious condition a priority. A sleep study by your physician would be recommended to determine the severity of the condition. The appropriate oral myers appliance or a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine would be suggested for treatment. There are other approved types of oral devices that can give you relief and from snoring and eliminate sleep apnea. Contact Dr. Myers at 678.293.8758 for a complimentary consultation.

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August 2014

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Cataracts and advancements in cataract surgery A cataract is a common condition in which the normally clear lens of the eye becomes increasingly cloudy. Compared to vision with a clear lens, your vision with a cataract my look fuzzy, colors might be muted, and you may experience difficulty reading signs while driving at night. The symptoms of cataracts are progressive and cannot be corrected with glasses or contacts. When symptoms become bothersome or limit your daily activities, it is time to consider treatment. Treatment for cataracts involves removal of the cataract and replacement with an artificial lens. During your cataract procedure, your vision will be restored with the implantation of the intraocular lens (IOL) of your choice. The decision as to which type of IOL you want is an important one, because it will affect how you will see for the rest of your life. IOLs are available with optics that provide a wide range of visual clarity and focusing capabilities. The goal is to give you the best overall quality of postoperative vision with the lens that is best suited for your eye. Monofocal IOLs provide a single zone of clear focus and are usually targeted to provide clear distance vision when pa-

tients do not have astigmatism. Toric Monofocal IOLs or Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery can be used for patients that have astigmatism. Multifocal and Accommodating IOLs can potentially provide a more broad range of vision: near, intermediate, and distance, often with minimal, if any, need for glasses or contact lenses. Patients with astigmatism that want a more broad range of vision can also have it corrected when choosing one of these lenses. Which lens is right for you depends on your ocular health, occupational needs, and lifestyle interests. Many of the steps of cataract surgery that are traditionally performed using handheld instruments can now be completed using the precision of a laser. Although traditional cataract surgery continues to be very successful, laserassisted cataract surgery has many added benefits over tradition cataract surgery. 3D Imaging – Like a fingerprint, every eye has a unique size and shape. Prior to treatment, the laser system images your eye and makes precise 3D maps of relevant structures. This enables the surgeon to create a tailored treatment plan that is uniquely customized for your eye.

Laser Precision – The surgeon can use the laser to create precise incisions, including a circular opening in the lens capsule kaufman to access and remove the cataract. The improved accuracy of the incision helps the surgeon place the new artificial lens where intended. Gentle Approach – The surgeon can use the laser to soften the hard cataract. Softening of the lens with the laser potentially enables the surgeon to more gently remove the cataract and reduce the amount of energy used inside the eye. This may result in less inflammation, and quicker recovery of post-surgical vision. If you have been diagnosed with cataracts and are becoming limited in your day to day activities due to the impairment of your vision, today’s advancements in technology and surgical technique have made it the perfect time to consider cataract surgery. Matthew B. Kaufman, MD is the Director of Cataract and Refractive Surgery for North Georgia Eye Clinic, Cumming, GA.

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Better care can mean better quality of life.

DaVita® now has a dialysis center y in your neighborhood. Modalities: Hemodialysis Pertoneal Dialysis In-Center Self-Care Dialysis

MCFARLAND DIALYSIS 6225 Atlanta Highway, Suite 117 Alpharetta, Georgia 30004 Call us at 770-569-1275 to schedule a tour of the dialysis center and find out how Davita’s personalized approach to kidney care can improve your quality of life.

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Sponsored Section • health & wellnessAugust 2014

Peace of Mind... and Outstanding Dental Care at Affordable Prices.

No Insurance? No Problem!

You can still have access to great and affordable dental care! Haynes Bridge Dental Care is pleased to provide those dental patients who do not have dental insurance our exclusive and affordable Dental Concierge Membership. Get similar benefits of having insurance without all of the hassles!

No Deductibles. No Claims Process. No Maximum Annual Benefit! Signup before June 31st and you can choose one of the Special Bonus Gifts below!

FREE Custom Fit Athletic Mouthguard ($299 Value) New plan members only. Sports mouthguards will be custom fit to your teeth in our office. Cannot be combined.

What is SuperSlow Zone? A. SuperSlow Zone® is a unique strength training studio providing a total body workout in approximately 20 minutes one to two times per week. Q. What makes SuperSlow Zone Different? A. SuperSlow Zone® exercise protocol is the original and accredited slow-motion, personal strength training workout offering personalized fitness based on each client’s goals. Our studio provides you with a safe, distraction-free full body training experience that correctly and safely builds muscle and increases resting metabolism allowing your body to burn more calories. Q. How is the SuperSlow Zone® studio different from a gym? A. At SuperSlow Zone®, we provide each client with personalized training in a semi-private, clinically controlled environment which enables focus on achieving maximum results. The training room temperature is kept

at 68° to dissipate heat, clients use state-of-the-art, medical-grade Nautilus® equipment with 1-on-1 strength training instruction from an Accredited, Certified SSZ Instructor. Q. What about Cardio? A.Improved cardiovascular conditioning can be achieved with your SuperSlow Zone® workouts! Strength training performed with adequate resistance and intensity, with little to no rest between machines, increases the demand on the cardiovascular system and provides significant stimulation for improved cardiovascular efficiency. The cardiovascular system supports muscular work by supplying oxygen and nutrients to and removing metabolic wastes from working muscles during physically demanding activities. Strength training at SuperSlow Zone® is a safe and efficient method for improving cardiovascular conditioning.

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New plan members only. Sports mouthguards will be custom fit to your teeth in our office. Cannot be combined. | 470.297.6700 9925 Haynes Bridge Road | Suite 700 | Johns Creek, GA 30022 (located in the Haynes Bridge Publix Shopping Center)

Frustrated With Your Current Gym Results? Our personal training gets you results with your time in mind.

YOUR PREMIER PERSONAL WELLNESS & EXCERCISE STUDIO You can get this Total Body Workout in just 20 minutes, 1-2 times a week. Did you know that the benefits of SuperSlow Zone training include: improved cardiovascular fitness; greater muscular strength, endurance, and tone; and increased metabolism and energy? Start reaping these benefits now by scheduling a complimentary consultation and sample workout at SuperSlow Zone today!

CALL 678-691-2969 12540 BROADWELL RD., SUITE 2103, MILTON, GA 30004


August 2014

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Grand opening of Back in the Game Laser Therapy Suwanee, GA – Back in the Game Laser Therapy is proud to provide the highest level of pain relief with the LightForce™ EX Deep Tissue Therapy Laser. Laser Therapy is a surgery-free, drug-free option for individuals suffering from both acute and chronic pain. Treatments are fast, safe, and painless. Most patients see results in 3 to 5 treatment sessions and the treatments have a therapeutic effect continuing for up to 18 hours after the treatment. Laser Therapy is clinically proven to reduce pain and inflammation associated with many common musculoskeletal conditions, such as lower

back pain, bursitis, tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis. Laser Therapy is endorsed by professional clinical organizations, including the World Health Organization (WHO), American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), and the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP®) and over 3,000 research studies have been conducted in the field. The LightForce™ EX Deep Tissue Therapy Laser by LiteCure® Medical is FDA cleared and represents a great advance in medical technology. About Back in the Game Laser Therapy Back in the Game Laser Therapy is a Suwanee based practice specializing in drug free, surgery free pain


Back in the Game Laser Therapy is providing Drug-Free, Surgery Free Pain Relief to the Johns Creek Area. Visit our website today at

relief. Call today to find out how Back in the Game Laser Therapy can help improve your quality of life by reducing the pain and inflammation associated with your painful musculoskeletal condition. Back in the Game Laser Therapy 4310 Johns Creek Parkway Suwanee, GA 30024 770-545-6354

Get your heart rate up at least 30 minutes a day.

Getting your heart rate up 30 minutes a day at least five days a week has countless health benefits. Why not get up and move? It’s good for the heart, blood pressure and weight control. And at the game, it helps you rock the house.

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4310 Johns Creek Parkway Suite 130, Suwanee GA 30024

Preferred Healthcare Partner of the Atlanta Falcons. And their fans.


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Be his advocate for prostate cancer Provided by the Northside Hospital Cancer Institute Prostate cancer affects roughly one in every six American men each year. Unfortunately, it’s not a health topic that men like to discuss, or even think about. However, just as with any cancer, early detection is a key component to successful treatment and survival. Women can play a crucial role in ensuring that the men in their lives schedule necessary medical tests, screenings and appointments. Below are some basic facts about prostate cancer screenings as well as some tips on how to get “him” to the doc’s office. What’s His Risk? The risk for developing prostate cancer increases with age, especially for men over the age of 65. Obesity is another major risk factor. Men, who are at an average risk for developing prostate cancer, should start to think about screening beginning at age 50. Men, who are at a high risk, including African-American men and men with several first-degree relatives who had prostate cancer at an early age, should start discussing screening with their doctor around age 45. If the man in your life is unsure where he stands, encourage him to talk with his doctor to determine if prostate

cancer screening is right for him. What He Can Expect Typical prostate screenings include a rectal exam and a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood test. If a suspicious lump or area is found during the rectal exam, or if a PSA test reveals higher-than–normal results, a biopsy of the prostate may be performed to confirm if cancer is present. If he’s reluctant to have the exam, remind him that the pros of screening far outweigh the cons (enduring a few moments of discomfort). If you have a “macho man” on your hands, use his pride to your advantage and dare him to go to the doctor. If that doesn’t work, take matters into your own hands and just schedule his doctor’s appointment yourself – he’ll thank you later. Free Prostate Cancer Screenings Northside Hospital is offering free prostate cancer screenings. Appointments are required. For more information and eligibility criteria, visit www. Wednesday, Sept. 10, 6-8 p.m. Northside Hospital Atlanta, Sandy Springs Wednesday, Oct. 8, 6-8 p.m. Northside Hospital-Forsyth, Cumming

ADHD – not just in children anymore Adult ADHD is associated with multiple comorbidities such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and other personality disorders. Adult ADHD is a valid psychiatric disorder of adulthood distinct from these other conditions. Adult attention deficit disorder differs from the childhood variant because the hyperactivity in adults may be replaced by other symptoms such as anxiety, impulsivity and inattentiveness. In fact, prior to 2002 there were no diagnostic guidelines, but there have been great advances since. Some of the symptoms that characterize Adult ADHD are:

ADHD is a relatively common psychiatric disorder among adults. The prevalence is thought to be 3.5%-5.3%, which accounts for more than 11 million cases in the United States alone. With increased public awareness, adult ADHD became a topic of great interest so clinicians should be able to diagnose, treat, and manage patients with this disorder. Etiology is still uncertain. Genetics however is believed to play a prominent role, followed in importance by acquired injuries to the brain. ADHD was widely thought to be strictly a disorder of childhood. Now there are numerous scientific papers and clinical trials that acknowledge the existence of an adult version of this disorder, which can be traced back to the younger years. Before this time ADHD in adults was known as Minimal Brain Damage or Dysfunction (MBD).

1. Often fails to give close attention to details or makes careless mistakes in school-work, work or other activities. 2. Often has difficulty sustaining attention in tasks or play activities. 3. Often does not seem to listen when spoke to directly. 4. Often does not follow through on instructions and fails to finish schoolwork, chores or duties in the workplace (not due to oppositional behavior or failure to understand directions) 5. Often has difficulty organizing tasks and activities. 6. Often avoids, dislikes, or is reluctant to engage in tasks that require sustained mental effort (such as schoolwork or homework)Often loses things necessary for tasks and activities (eg. School assignments, pencils, keys) 7. Is often easily distracted by extraneous stimuli. PAID ADVERTORIAL

8. Is often forgetful in daily activities.

Some children with ADHD continue to have it as adults. And many adults who have the disorder don’t know it. They may feel that it is impossible to get organized, keep a job, or remember and keep appointments. Daily tasks such as getting up in the morning, preparing to leave the house for work, arriving at work on time, and being productive on the job can be especially challenging for adults with ADHD. These adults may have a history of failure at school, problems at work, failed relationships and traffic accidents. Like teens, adults with ADHD may seem restless and may try to complete several tasks as once, most of them unsuccessfully. They also tend to prefer “quick fixes,” rather than taking the steps needed to achieve greater rewards. Treatment is very rewarding. The first medications to be approved by the FDA belonged to a non-stimulant group of medications: Atomoxetine. The FDA later approved stimulants such as methylphenidate and mixed amphetamine salts. Group delivered cognitive behavioral therapy is recommended in some cases as a supportive treatment. If you or someone you know may have Adult ADHD, call Johns Creek Family Medicine at 770-771-6591 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Zack Charkawi.

August 2014

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Milan Eye Center welcomes eye cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kiran Sajja Milan Eye Center is excited to announce the arrival of Dr. Kiran Sajja, a Board-Certified ophthalmologist specializing in functional and cosmetic eyelid and facial surgery. Dr. Sajja has a unique blend of experience, compassion and artistry that he shares with each and every patient. With the addition of Dr. Sajja, Milan Eye Center will expand the unsurpassed level of care and services provided to the Atlanta community. Dr. Sajja cares for patients with a wide variety of conditions, including eyelid droopiness, eyelid bagginess, and tearing. Eyelid ptosis or “eyelid droopiness” is most often related to stretching or detachment of the muscle used to open your eyes. Over time, this condition can interfere with your vision resulting in a decreased field of view or overall dimming of your vision. Common complaints often include needing more light to

read, difficulty driving, and headaches. Eyelid ptosis is often associated with a tired or disinterested appearance. This condition can be corrected with a quick, minimally-invasive outpatient surgical procedure which is often covered by your medical insurance. Eyelid dermatochalasis or “eyelid bagginess” is related to stretching and thinning of the eyelid skin. This often affects both the upper and lower eyelids giving a puffy or wrinkled appearance. At times, the excess skin can rest on or over your eyelashes interfering with your vision. Other common complaints include eyelid redness or itchiness, tearing, or headache. Women often note difficulty applying and maintaining eye make-up, such as mascara, eyeliner or eye shadow. This condition can be significantly improved with an easy outpatient surgical procedure. An evaluation with Dr. Sajja would determine if the procedure is covered by your

medical insurance. Tearing or “watery eyes” can be separated into two main issues: producing too many tears or not effectively draining the tears away. Common complaints include blurred vision, itchiness, redness and discharge. During an evaluation with Dr. Sajja, he will perform a comprehensive examination of your eyes and your tear drainage system to determine the possible causes of your watery eyes. Based on your symptoms and examination, Dr. Sajja will discuss a treatment regimen including

diet, medication and surgical intervention. Many procedures are performed in the office with little to no down time; and are often covered by your medical insurance. In addition, Dr. Sajja has considerable experience in cosmetic concerns of the eyelids and face employing advanced surgical techniques and facial injectibles, such as Botox®, Juvederm® XC, Belotero®, and Restylane®. Dr. Sajja will perform a detailed evaluation and provide recommendations to allow you

to achieve a balanced, youthful and energetic appearance. Dr. Sajja will be joining Milan Eye Center on June 9th. Call 678-688-4575 for more information on Dr. Sajja and his procedures. Milan Eye Center has four convenient locations around Atlanta: Johns Creek, Cumming, Canton, and Buford. Milan Eye Center is a premier ophthalmology practice and is affiliated with Atlanta’s finest hospitals including Northside Forsyth, Northside Cherokee, and Emory Johns Creek Hospital.

Milan Eye Center


Specializing in Your

Health & Wellness Natural therapies including: Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

Kiran Sajja, M.D.

IV Nutrition Anti-Aging Treatments Nutritional Supplements

Joining Milan Eye Center in June Dr. Sajja’s procedures include: Eyelid Lifts, Blepharoplasty, Botox and Fillers.

Dr. Kiran Sajja is a Board-Certified ophthalmologist who specializes in the medical and surgical treatment of the eyelids, face, orbit and lacrimal system. At Milan Eye Center, Dr. Sajja has dedicated his practice to reconstructive and aesthetic oculofacial plastic surgery.

Milan R. Patel, M.D. Niraj Desai, M.D. Gina Borgnini, O.D. Cataract & Refractive Cataract & Refractive Optometrist Surgeon Surgeon

Jonathan Stegall, MD

10700 Medlock Bridge Road, Suite 207 Johns Creek, GA 30097 (700) 551-2730 • www.

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Priyal Gadani, O.D. Optometrist

2011 and 2012 One of America’s Top Doctors by U.S. News and World Report

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A difference you can see. Johns Creek and Suwanee’s source for exceptional eyecare: • Comprehensive Ophthalmology • Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus • Cataract Surgery • LASIK and Refractive Surgery • Oculoplastic Surgery and Cosmetic Services • Optometry • Eyewear and Contact Lenses for all ages

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STYLE, BEAUTY, CONFIDENCE Salon Encore has a team of professional Hairstylist with artistic talent. Offering the highest level of quality and service. The salon prides itself on creating today’s latest and greatest trends. We offer Haircut & Design, Color, Highlights, Hair Extentions, Straighteners & Perm Waving and Hair care treatments. All our services include a blow dry. Come relax and experience it for yourself.

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1790 Peachtree Pkwy • Bldg 200, Ste 204 Cumming, GA 30041 • 678-341-9412

August is Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month Prevent Blindness America (PBA) has declared August as Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month in an effort to educate parents on the importance of healthy vision for their children. As kids head back for a new school year, a comprehensive eye exam is essential to make sure children are seeing their best so they get the most out of their education. Thomas Eye Group in Suwanee performs pediatric eye exams to examine the health of the eyes and to see if there is a refractive error that requires glasses. It also includes a check to make sure eyes focus well together ruling out a “lazy” or wandering eye that can hinder depth perception. If necessary, your doctor can prescribe treatment including eyeglasses, contact

lenses or other options depending on your child’s needs. Some common signs of vision problems in children include headache and fatigue, holding reading material closer than normal, turning or tilting the head to use one eye only or consistently performing below potential in school and sports. But vision changes can occur without you or your child noticing them and a school or pediatrician’s vision screening is not a substitute for a thorough eye examination. Visit or call 770-809-3366 for more eye care information and to schedule a visit with the pediatric specialists at Thomas Eye Group in Suwanee. Make sure your kids get off to a good start this year by making vision a priority.

Wash, rinse, Encore! SALON ENCORE is the glamorous and healthy beauty destination in Atlanta where celebrity hairstylist BILL MURPHY and his popular brand RECITALS products are revolutionizing the standards of haircare. Renowned for styling supermodels and celebrities including Brooke Shields, Pamela Anderson and baseball star Javier Lopez, Bill earned several North American Hairstyling Awards nominations and was appointed artistic director for a prestige spa brand in Georgia. He consequently opened Salon Encore and decided to establish his own haircare line here. Based on his firm belief that beauty is best achieved through nourishing and healthy ways, Bill searched worldwide for the finest natural and organic ingredients. He spent three years developing Recitals’ unique formulations, which contain the highest quality argan and sea buckthorn oils as well as botanicals and rejuvenating Dead Sea salt minerals. Completely free of parabens, silicones and the harsh chemical detergents present in traditional products, Recitals and Bill Murphy are currently re-

ceiving rapidly growing attention in the national media. Apart from his expert advice being sought after in various publications and websites, Bill’s innovative approach to coloring, cutting and styling are showcased at Salon Encore where women and men experience the full range of services that also includes highlights, extensions, straightening, perms and treatments. Clients are pampered by Bill and his exceptionally trained staff to achieve anything - from getting the latest look or a classic makeover to restoring damaged tresses or maintaining vibrant and beautiful hair color. Experience the new touchstone of beauty with Bill Murphy and Recitals and you too will be calling “Encore”!”

August 2014

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Haynes Bridge Dental Care introduces dental concierge membership Every month there are new scientific studies released that link Oral Health (and more specifically Periodontitis) to other more serious health risks, including heart disease, stroke and respiratory disease. Yet many individuals forgo regular dental care for themselves and for their children because they do not have dental insurance. Take a look at some of these figures: • In 2008, 4.6 million children went without needed dental care because their families lacked the financial means to pay for it. • When people don’t visit the dentist regularly, they end up in the emergency room. 60,000 ER visits for nontraumatic dental problems or other oral health issues cost Georgia taxpayers more than $23 million according to recent Pew report. • The Surgeon General reports that more than 64 million work hours are lost each year because of untreated dental problems. Treatment of dental issues can help reduce the risk of more severe, and costly, medical conditions. Routine dental visits are the key to prevention. But even more troubling is the fact that families who have dental insurance still end up having to pay large amounts out-of-pocket, because their annual coverage comes with a maximum benefit. For example, if you total your car, your insurance coverage will likely provide you with a new one. Dental insurance? You’ll pay 50% for three new tires and then the annual maximum runs out. You will still need to pay 100% out-of-pocket for the steering wheel, engine, and

paint (that’s cosmetic!). Access to affordable, personalized and comprehensive dental care is important. Haynes Bridge Dental Care located in Johns Creek - has created an exclusive Dental Concierge Membership program for the Johns Creek Community that is straightforward and open to anyone. No Deductibles. No Claims Process. No Maximum Annual Benefit! This program is available for employers and individuals. It allows members to pay a monthly fee and gain access to heavily discounted dental services (discounted at

an average of 55%!). More importantly, Haynes Bridge Dental Care is not a big corporate dental practice that will force you to see a different doctor each time you visit. Their dental practice is familyowned and offers a comprehensive set of dental services, including Preventative, highend Cosmetic and Restorative, including special services for Seniors. Call Haynes Bridge Dental Care today at 470.297.6700 or visit them online at www. for more information on this program.

Dermatology and Family Medicine Family Medicine F M Geriatrics Diagnosis & Treatment Of Adult ADHD

Dr. Zack Charkawi

Johns Creek Family Medicine for the Extra Level of Care

• Comprehensive medical care for the entire family for pediatric adult and geriatric patients • Caring, thorough, and individualized philosophy • Well trained warm and efficient staff • Accepting new patients and sick walk in • Office welcomes most insurances including Medicare

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Health & Wellness, August 2014  
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