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July 2014 | July 2014

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Milan Eye Center welcomes eye cosmetic surgeon Dr. Kiran Sajja Milan Eye Center is excited to announce the arrival of Dr. Kiran Sajja, a Board-Certified ophthalmologist specializing in functional and cosmetic eyelid and facial surgery. Dr. Sajja has a unique blend of experience, compassion and artistry that he shares with

each and every patient. With the addition of Dr. Sajja, Milan Eye Center will expand the unsurpassed level of care and services provided to the Atlanta community. Dr. Sajja cares for patients with a wide variety of conditions, including eyelid droopi-

ness, eyelid bagginess, and tearing. Eyelid ptosis or “eyelid droopiness” is most often related to stretching or detachment of the muscle used to open your eyes. Over time, this condition can interfere with your vision resulting in

Milan Eye Center


Kiran Sajja, M.D. Joining Milan Eye Center in June Dr. Sajja’s procedures include: Eyelid Lifts, Blepharoplasty, Botox and Fillers.

Dr. Kiran Sajja is a Board-Certified ophthalmologist who specializes in the medical and surgical treatment of the eyelids, face, orbit and lacrimal system. At Milan Eye Center, Dr. Sajja has dedicated his practice to reconstructive and aesthetic oculofacial plastic surgery.

a decreased field of view or overall dimming of your vision. Common complaints often include needing more light to read, difficulty driving, and headaches. Eyelid ptosis is often associated with a tired or disinterested appearance. This condition can be corrected with a quick, minimally-invasive outpatient surgical procedure which is often covered by your medical insurance. Eyelid dermatochalasis or “eyelid bagginess” is related to stretching and thinning of the eyelid skin. This often affects both the upper and lower eyelids giving a puffy or wrinkled appearance. At times, the excess skin can rest on or over your eyelashes interfering with your vision. Other common complaints include eyelid redness or itchiness, tearing, or headache. Women often note difficulty applying and maintaining eye make-up, such as mascara, eyeliner or eye shadow. This condition can be significantly improved with an easy outpatient surgical procedure. An evaluation with Dr. Sajja would determine if the procedure is covered by your medical insurance. Tearing or “watery eyes” can be separated into two main issues: producing too many tears or not effectively draining the tears away. Common complaints include blurred vision, itchiness, redness and discharge. During an evaluation with Dr. Sajja, he will perform a comprehensive examination of your eyes and your

tear drainage system to determine the possible causes of your watery eyes. Based on your symptoms and examination, Dr. Sajja Sajja will discuss a treatment regimen including diet, medication and surgical intervention. Many procedures are performed in the office with little to no down time; and are often covered by your medical insurance. In addition, Dr. Sajja has considerable experience in cosmetic concerns of the eyelids and face employing advanced surgical techniques and facial injectibles, such as Botox®, Juvederm® XC, Belotero®, and Restylane®. Dr. Sajja will perform a detailed evaluation and provide recommendations to allow you to achieve a balanced, youthful and energetic appearance. Dr. Sajja will be joining Milan Eye Center on June 9th. Call 678-688-4575 for more information on Dr. Sajja and his procedures. Milan Eye Center has four convenient locations around Atlanta: Johns Creek, Cumming, Canton, and Buford. Milan Eye Center is a premier ophthalmology practice and is affiliated with Atlanta’s finest hospitals including Northside Forsyth, Northside Cherokee, and Emory Johns Creek Hospital.

Friend us on Milan R. Patel, M.D. Niraj Desai, M.D. Gina Borgnini, O.D. Cataract & Refractive Cataract & Refractive Optometrist Surgeon Surgeon

Look for our ad series and visit us at for more information on specific services and ways to learn more.

Priyal Gadani, O.D. Optometrist

2011 and 2012 One of America’s Top Doctors by U.S. News and World Report

6300 Hospital Pkwy, Suite 325 | Johns Creek 970 Sanders Rd, Suite 100 | Cumming

Learn more at

Call today for a consultation 678-688-4575


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July 2014

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Belmont Village offers food for thought Nutritional Basics for Brain Health Research indicates that the right diet can help maintain your brain. Like the heart, the brain needs the right balance of nutrients to function well. A brain-healthy diet is most effective when combined with physical and mental activity and social interaction. Belmont Village’s Smart Tips for Brain Health: Eat in moderation and eat more protective foods that may reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke and protect brain cells. Avoid artery-clogging saturated fats and cholesterol that can put you at higher risk for Alzheimer’s. Use monoor polyunsaturated fats like olive oil. Bake or grill – don’t fry! Eat your brussel sprouts! Darkskinned fruits and vegetables are highest in naturally occurring antioxidants – kale, spinach, broccoli, beets, red bell pepper, and eggplant are other great options. Plum picks for antioxidant-rich fruits include, well, plums. Also, prunes, raisins, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, oranges, red grapes and cherries Reel in beneficial omega-3 fatty acids by eating cold water catches like halibut, mackerel, salmon, trout, and tuna.

Go nuts for almonds, pecans and walnuts – they’re a good source of vitamin E. Vitamin E, or vitamins E and C together, vitamin B12 and folate all may lower your risk of developing Alzheimer’s. A brain-healthy diet helps your body use these vitamins effectively. Belmont Village Senior Living provides a range of memory care and enrichment programs designed to help maintain mental acuity. For more information, please visit 3

Healthy gum care in the empty nest population A healthy, beautiful smile begins with proper oral hygiene. But don’t forget about your gums! You gums are the gatekeeper to the health of your teeth, their roots, and the internal systems of your body. Current research is showing a strengthening relationship between gum health and heart disease. Age Researchers have found that older people are more at risk for periodontal disease. Nearly 70% of people over the age of 65 are reported to be affected in some way by periodontitis (gum disease). The causes of gum disease can come from various sources including genetics, medications, smoking or tobacco use, poor nutrition or obesity, or stress. Direct oral causes include poor oral care at home, not brushing or flossing regularly, the lack of routinely scheduled dental office hygiene appointments, or grinding and clenching. The main goal of treating periodontal disease is to control the infection. This can be accomplished by beginning a program with your dentist and hygienist of routine periodontal maintenance appointments. Depending of the severity of infection a deep cleaning (scaling and root planing)

appointment may be advised with your dental hygienist or a visit to a specialist in gum care, a periodontist, may be advised. Our staff at Haynes Bridge Dental Care are experienced in various tequniques of periodontal care and would be happy to help you start your path towards healthy gums and a happy smile. Call us today to schedule your first visit. 470-297-69700. Or visit our website at

Peace of Mind... and Outstanding Dental Care at Affordable Prices.

No Insurance? No Problem!

You can still have access to great and affordable dental care! Haynes Bridge Dental Care is pleased to provide those dental patients who do not have dental insurance our exclusive and affordable Dental Concierge Membership. Get similar benefits of having insurance without all of the hassles! Distinctive Residential Settings | Chef-Prepared Dining and Bistro Premier Programs for Health and Wellness | Award-Winning Memory Care Professionally Supervised Therapy and Rehabilitation Programs Buckhead (404) 252-6271 Johns Creek (770) 813-9505 PCH 008034, 008036 © 2014 Belmont Village, L.P.

No Deductibles. No Claims Process. No Maximum Annual Benefit! Signup before June 31st and you can choose one of the Special Bonus Gifts below!

FREE Custom Fit Athletic Mouthguard ($299 Value) New plan members only. Sports mouthguards will be custom fit to your teeth in our office. Cannot be combined.

FREE Opalescence Teeth Whitening Custom Trays ($360 Value)

New plan members only. Sports mouthguards will be custom fit to your teeth in our office. Cannot be combined. | 470.297.6700 9925 Haynes Bridge Road | Suite 700 | Johns Creek, GA 30022 (located in the Haynes Bridge Publix Shopping Center)


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» Ask Pam:

Our expert in senior care since 2006 Summer is here and now is the time to start fresh and make some positive changes for the rest of the year. At Senior Helpers, we know that caring for a spouse or an elderly relative can be challenging, and there is no need to approach this alone. Let Senior Helpers provide the one-on-one care that your loved one deserves! With services starting at just one hour, Senior Helpers truly is your hometown solution for Senior Care. Q; Help Help HELP!! My wife is coming home from Emory Johns Creek Hospital in a few weeks and she needs total care. She had hip replacement surgery and is non weight bearing and I have to keep working. Can your caregivers help with after care? -Craig J. Pam; Craig, Yes we can 100% help your wife with the transition home from the hospital. All of our services are custom and flexible so we can adjust as she recovers. Give me a call at our office (770-442-2154) so we can discuss a care plan! Q; I am a retired teacher and I have a longterm care insurance plan for both my husband and myself. My husband has some memory issues and I've heard that Senior Helpers is the best, are your services covered by Long Term Care insurance? -Paula, Milton Resident. Pam; Yes we can! I can help you with getting everything set-up with your Long Term Care Insurance Company. Many of our clients use LTC insurance for our services and this is a wonderful way to pay for private home care. Q; Your caregiver, Brigit, helps my neighbor and she is fabulous! Can you send me some-

one as great as Brigit to help with my mother? My Mother lives at home alone in Buckhead and needs some assistance. -Diane S. Pam; Brigit is a fabulous caregiver and thank you for the compliment. The good news is that we have lots of loving and compassionate caregivers like Brigit who would love to come and work with your Mother.


We cover metro Atlanta and serve many families in Buckhead. Call my office and let's set-up a time to meet and come up with a schedule and care plan for your mother! Senior Helpers is Family Owned & Managed and has been helping families since 2006. Located in Alpharetta, Senior Helpers is your Hometown solution for Private Home Care and Transportation. Pam Hodgson owns Senior Helpers with her adult children, Elizabeth Jackson and Matt Fredenberg. Having lived in North Fulton for the past 30 years, Pam has a tremendous heart for helping families with caring for their loved ones. Senior Helpers has specially trained Caregivers (Certified Nursing Assistants mostly) that can provide care anywhere from one hour a day to live-in and 24/7. Senior Helpers is Licensed in the State of Georgia and all employees are bonded/licensed and insured and have passed all background checks and screenings. For more information about Senior Helpers services, please call 770-442-2154! Or visit at

July 2014

Life is a highway Generally speaking, most people pay attention to auto maintenance. Whether it’s tires, brakes, transmission, or just a dirty windshield, most of people make sure their cars perform the way they should. People count on their cars to perform effectively. No one wants a surprise, especially in a critical situation. But in stark contrast, people often give less attention to their own physical function than they do to several critical performance factors related to their automobiles. The metaphor of car maintenance standing in for health maintenance is common but relevant. Many people allow their physical conditions to deteriorate beyond the point which they would ever tolerate in their cars… or even lawnmowers! The immediate consequences of such neglect manifest as diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. What changes are required with respect to our physical health and welfare? As with our cars, a “long view” is needed. Our cars require routine check-ups, and we as flesh-

and-blood organisms, require similar “scheduled maintenance”. Feeling fine is not necessarily a good guide to how we are doing hudec from a health perspective. The solution to helping prevent many potentially serious health problems is to make sure you have regular checkups. Scheduling for such check-ups will be specific to the individual, based upon age, past medical history, and family history. From blood pressure to spinal check-ups, the critical takeaway is to practice preventive health care based on the “long view”. Perform personal maintenance and service checks as needed. Dr. Kevin Hudec Hudec Chiropractic Center 10595 Old Alabama Rd. Connector Suite 9A Alpharetta, GA 30022 770-641-7811

New Chiropractic Technology... Old Fashioned, Personalized Care • Alzheimer and Dementia Care • Transportation and Errands • Bathing, Dressing and Light Housekeeping • Fall Risk Care

• Caregivers Available from 1 hr./day to 24/7 and Live-in • Assisted Living Placement Assistance • Custom and Flexible Schedules

Seven Signs of Stress • Headaches • Fatigue • Sleep Disturbances • Low Back Pain

• Neck Pain • Sciatica • Poor Posture

If you have one or more of these symptoms ults That Make A Difference! Difference! we provide Proven Results Re-live old fashioned personalized sonalized care with the speed, efficiency, convenience and outstanding results that modern technology has to offer. Precise, effective and painless treatment with no popping or cracking. Dr. Kevin Hudec has been serving the Alpharetta and Roswell communities since 1995.

Senior Helpers: Matt Fredenberg, Elizabeth Jackson, Pam Hodgson, Hutch Hodgson

770.442.2154 Your Local Senior Care Expert.


10595 Old Alabama Road Con #9A, Alpharetta, GA 30022

(770) 641-7811

July 2014

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Cataracts and advancements in cataract surgery A cataract is a common condition in which the normally clear lens of the eye becomes increasingly cloudy. Compared to vision with a clear lens, your vision with a cataract my look fuzzy, colors might be muted, and you may experience difficulty reading signs while driving at night. The symptoms of cataracts are progressive and cannot be corrected with glasses or contacts. When symptoms become bothersome or limit your daily activities, it is time to consider treatment. Treatment for cataracts involves removal of the cataract and replacement with an artificial lens. During your cataract procedure, your vision will be restored with the implantation of the intraocular lens (IOL) of your choice. The decision as to which type of IOL you want is an important one, because it will affect how you will see for the rest of your life. IOLs are available with optics that provide a wide range of visual clarity and focusing capabilities. The goal is to give you the best overall quality of postoperative vision with the lens that is best suited for your eye. Monofocal IOLs provide a

single zone of clear focus and are usually targeted to provide clear distance vision when patients do not have astigmatism. Toric Monofocal IOLs or Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery can be used for patients that have astigmatism. Multifocal and Accommodating IOLs can potentially provide a more broad range of vision: near, intermediate, and distance, often with minimal, if any, need for glasses or contact lenses. Patients with astigmatism that want a more broad range of vision can also have it corrected when choosing one of these lenses. Which lens is right for you depends on your ocular health, occupational needs, and lifestyle interests. Many of the steps of cataract surgery that are traditionally performed using handheld instruments can now be completed using the precision of a laser. Although traditional cataract surgery continues to be very successful, laserassisted cataract surgery has many added benefits over tradition cataract surgery. 3D Imaging – Like a fingerprint, every eye has a unique size and shape. Prior to treatment, the laser system images your eye and makes precise 3D maps of relevant

structures. This enables the surgeon to create a tailored treatment plan that is uniquely customized for your eye. Laser Precision – The surgeon can use the laser to create precise incisions, including a circular opening in the lens capsule to access and remove the cataract. The improved accuracy of the incision helps the surgeon place the new artificial lens where intended.

8 secrets to heal hypothyroidism and other hormone problems By Dr. Sean Savedoff

with cataracts and are becoming limited in your day to day activities due to the impairment of your vision, today’s advancements in technology and surgical technique have made it the perfect time to consider cataract surgery. Matthew B. Kaufman, MD is the Director of Cataract and Refractive Surgery for North Georgia Eye Clinic, Cumming, GA.

Restore your THYROID and increase your energy naturally. You are cordially invited to join us for dinner

Every week I get questions about hormone imbalance and a slow metabolism.  These are conditions that are chronically plaguing both men and women all across America.   What causes most of these issues?  Problems with the thyroid.! The causes of thyroid issues can be varied, but the 4 most common causes are: 1. Toxicity: Radiation and Heavy Metal exposure 2. Deficiency: In Iodine and Selenium 3. Food Intolerance: Gluten and A1 Casein Allergy 4. Hormone Imbalance – High Cortisol from stress, too many carbs, too little fat in diet. Most often thyroid conditions are treated with pharmaceutical’s like Synthroid, which have damaging side effects to your overall health.  The great news is there are all-natural remedies that can help support thyroid function! Here are the 8 Secrets to fixing your thyroid issues: 1. Go Gluten and A1 Casein FREE 2. NO BPA  3. Check Your Iodine Levels  4. Heavy Metal Detox  5. More Selenium 

Gentle Approach – The surgeon can use the laser to soften the hard cataract. Softening of the lens with the laser potentially enables the surgeon to more gently remove the cataract and reduce the amount of energy used inside the eye. This may result in less inflammation, and quicker recovery of post-surgical vision. If you have been diagnosed

Tuesday, July 29th 7pm The Diner at Northpoint Enjoy dinner on us while learning how you can effectively heal your thyroid and increase your energy and vitality. 6. Adaptogen Supplements 7. Silver Fillings Removal  8. Lower Carbohydrate Intake  Join me, Dr. Sean Savedoff for a FREE Dinner Seminar where you can: Discover WHY your lab tests may read normal but you STILL SUFFER with all the same thyroid symptoms. Once and for all discover how easy it is to live life free of fatigue and other thyroid disease symptoms! If you are ready to correct the cause of your problem, tired of treating the symptoms and taking useless drugs, or just sick and tired of being sick and tired… this seminar is FOR YOU. RSVP to reserve your FREE Dinner Seat – 678-297-0901. Tuesday, July 29th, 2014 7pm

Best Nutritionist

Reserve your seat by Monday, July 28th Seating is limited for this seminar. Call to reserve a space:


Renew Health Medical

11550 Jones Bridge Rd., Suite 4 Alpharetta, GA 30022

Best of North Fulton & South Forsyth



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July 2014

Cataracts? See your world more clearly.

Your Vision Is Our Priority Leading the way with laser-assisted cataract surgery Our mission has always been to help set the standard in cataract care and lens implantation. Today, our tradition of eye care excellence continues with the introduction of a breakthrough procedure. Now, we are offering laser-assisted cataract surgery, the most advanced technique for cataract surgery available today. After researching and testing the available technologies, we confidently selected the Catalys Femtosecond Laser for our patients. The laser is designed to increase the safety and precision of key aspects of the cataract procedure. The Catalys laser enables us to not only perform bladeless cataract surgery while reducing astigmatism, but also create a precise circular opening in the cataract while softening the cataract prior to its removal. Dr. Kaufman is a leading board certified ophthalmologist in Northern Georgia. Fellowship trained to sub-specialize in laservision correction, corneal disorders, and cataract surgery, he is the Director of Cataract and Refractive Surgery at North Georgia Eye Clinic. Dr. Kaufman graduated with high honors from Vanderbilt University. He also received his Doctor of Medicine from Vanderbilt. Dr. Kaufman completed an internship in internal medicine at the Matthew B. Kaufman, MD University of Virginia and a residency in ophthalmology at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. He elected to further his training by accepting a fellowship in cataract and corneal surgery at the University of California. While in California, Dr. Kaufman had the privilege to train directly with Dr. Peter McDonnell, the current chairman of the Department of Ophthalmology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Dr. Kaufman has also served as a faculty instructor at the University of California and has published articles on topics including LASIK and cataract surgery. He has been the recipient of many awards and honors throughout his professional and academic career.

Potential benefits of laser-assisted cataract surgery: • Precise incisions and capsulorrhexis (a circular opening in the cataract) results in more stable lens position and improved visual performance. • Softening of the cataract helps to reduce the amount of energy required for its removal. Using less energy inside the eye results in less inflammation and often a quicker recovery. • Correction of mild to moderate amounts of astigmatism improves post-operative surgical vision and may reduce the need for glasses.

ing 14 m Co ll 20 Fa

Our new expanded office 1230 Bald Ridge Marina Rd., Ste 100 • Cumming, GA 30041

Cumming: 3275 Market Place Blvd., Suite 100, Cumming, Georgia 30041 • ph: 770-292-1999 • fx: 770-889-1315 •



Empty Nest, July 2014  
Empty Nest, July 2014