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November 2012

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November 2012

Do you qualify for Veteran’s assistance? Each November 11th on Veterans Day we celebrate and honor the heroism of so many who served the United States through their service in the military. As a sign of gratitude the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers many programs and services for veterans and their surviving spouses. The War Veteran’s Aid and Attendance Pension is one of special interest to veterans and their spouses who may require assistance with activities of daily living. The Aid and Attendance benefit is designed to supplement, or in some instances cover, the cost of Assisted Living care. With a total maximum benefit of $22,113 annually there is great incentive for completing the application process, but specific criteria must be met to qualify, below are several: • The Veteran had to serve a minimum of 90 days of active military service and at least one day of that service had to occur during a period of war. The veteran’s discharge had to be under conditions other than dishonorable.

• The veteran or surviving spouse need assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, or feeding. Documentation showing the need for assistance with activities of daily living, in the form of the assisted living community resident assessment, and physician’s resident assessment must be provided for aid and attendance benefits at some point during the claim processing. • Income and net worth limits must also be met since this is a need based program. From application to completion the Aid and Attendance Pension process can be a daunting task. Several local advisers offer assistance as they guide through the maze of paperwork. If you have any questions regarding this procedure or would like more information on how to contact an adviser please feel free to contact Sheila McArdle RN, Executive Director of Tapestry House Assisted Living and Gardens of Roswell Assisted Living at (770) 649-0808.


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November 2012

Could My Thyroid Be The Reason Why I am tired? Yes. You may be one of the 13 million people in this country that go to the doctor with sudden weight gain, fatigue, hot flashes, infertility, depression or some other unexplained symptom and ask about your thyroid. Your doctor sends you for blood work and it comes back normal. According to the American Academy of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) there are 27 million people in this country dr. lisa tabick dr. ouellette with thyroid conditions and Cattarulla only half (13 million) are diagHow Can I Heal My Body, nosed. You can go 20-30 years with symptoms before your blood work is Increase My Energy And abnormal. Start To Feel Better?

Can My Diet Be The Cause of My Thyroid Problems? Yes. Food Intolerance can cause inflammation and cause your immune system to attack itself. Many people suffer from gastrointestinal problems such as I.B.S, Crohn’s, Celiac and leaky gut, which allow foreign proteins to cross through the gut and cause the immune system to malfunction.

The first step is to schedule an appointment to have an in-depth consultation with our trained team of professionals. Let us perform the proper testing to determine the hidden, underlying cause of your fatigue and thyroid problems. We will evaluate your thyroid and adrenal glands from a different perspective while determining if there are food sensitivities that may be contributing to your poor health. We will make recommendations that will help you to get back to being your best self.

Tired all the Time?


You will not pay an up-front deposit to begin service and you will not have to give an extensive no�ce to end service.


You will know that your loved ones will have the same Cerďż˝ďŹ ed Nursing Assistants each service day to establish a strong bond and trust.


You can be conďŹ dent that all of our caregivers are State licensed Cerďż˝ďŹ ed Nursing Assistants and have passed a complete complex background check.


You can be sure that your billing will be accurate to the minute with our electronic �me tracking system and that our rates are lower than franchised agencies.


As family caregivers you will be provided resources to help you proac�vely serve your loved ones.

Just don’t feel like yourself? It may not be your fault Fatigue • Fuzzy Brain • Sleep Problems • Insomnia

All symptoms of poorly functioning Adrenal Glands causing your Hormones to be out of balance. Adrenal and Hormone imbalances affect overall health leading to Thyroid, Bowel and eventually Heart problems.

Age Well; Thrive Get to the root cause and GET YOUR ENERGY BACK! At little to no cost to you!


11550 Jones Bridge Rd, Ste 4 Alpharetta, GA 30022

Second Location Now in Milton ďż˝

12315 Crabapple Road Ste 144 Alpharetta, GA 30004

Call today to schedule your FREE Consultation appointment Max 360 Health is now a Division of Renew Health



November 2012

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Belmont Village offers support for couples with varying needs Most couples would say they were firm in their commitment when they took their marriage vows. Time and circumstances pull many apart, but those who make it 30, 40, 50, even 60 + years probably consider themselves on solid ground. However, it’s not uncommon for couples who have spent most of their lives together to face the threat of separation in later years because of varying health needs. Differences in health and cognitive abilities can have a significant impact on the relationship dynamic, as one partner steps into the caregiving role. This often creates stress for both that can make time together difficult and time apart worrisome. “One of the hidden benefits we’ve seen with our couples, is that because we have a nurse and a trained caregiving staff on-site 24/7, we’re able to give them back their personal space in a way that alleviates guilt, fear, and very real physical and emotional strain, allowing them to better enjoy their time together,” said Jan Boatright, executive director of Belmont

Village at Johns Creek. “Between the support we provide in terms of healthcare, therapy and daily living, and the range of lifestyle options, both spouses are able to comfortably interact with peers socially and maintain their mental and physical fitness, nutrition, spirituality and creativity in ways that are appropriate to each partner’s needs.” Belmont Village is a premier provider of independent living, assisted living and memory care. Residents enjoy chef-prepared meals, transportation services, and a full daily calendar of fitness and social activities and events. Physical, occupational and speech therapies are available and a licensed nurse is on-site 24/7. Enrichment programs include MBA Club®, for more active residents focused on maintaining brain and body. Belmont Village also provides a dedicated Person-Centered Living® program for Alzheimer’s care. For more information, please visit or call 770-813-9505.

Peace of Mind and Financial Certainty Does it seem like your loved one’s need for care is continually changing along with the cost associated with that care? Are you caught off guard with additional expenses during these tough economic times? Are you questioning how long you will be able to afford quality care for someone that means so much to you? Finding the right mix of “peace of mind” and economic value for the services rendered to a frail loved one can be a difficult situation. Often times, families searching for care for a loved one are lured in with incentives such as special introductory rates and waived entrance fees. Only to find that considerations for specific care weren’t accounted for

causing additional fees and quickly escalating the overall cost of care. To avoid surprise expenses it is imperative that families carefully explore all options available. This can seem to be a daunting task but in the end the security of knowing your care choice is one that you can feel good about long term is worth the extra effort. A move can be hard on an aging loved one, every effort made to assure it is a positive long term decision will be worth it. Hearthstone Assisted Living Community prides itself on easing this process by providing peace of mind and


Why Clients Are So Happy With Advantage In-Home Senior Care time our caregivers spend There are many reasons serving you or your loved why our clients stay happy one. The CNA documents with Advantage Senior Care. daily tasks in the Client Care Agency owner, Carolyn MatPlan Book for accurate retingly, stays close to her clicord keeping. ents and their families to as• Clients want their imsure piece of mind and client portant medical care records satisfaction. We understand organized, up to date and what is important to families easily assessable for the in need of quality in-home family, physicians, the hoscare. pital and other facilities that • Clients want an agency provide care. We provide that does not require an our clients with a Health and up-front deposit to begin Medical Records Organizer service and will not refree of charge. Included are quire an extensive notice pages for the list of medicato end service. tions, medical history, doctor visits, hospitaliza• Clients want a caregiver who is an experienced tions, surgeries, and record of falls along with State licensed certified nursing assistant (CNA) a medical address book. and carefully selected for superior service. All of our caregivers go through a thorough screen- • Clients want that extra care and training for the family caregivers that help prepare for the ing process prior to being selected to serve our clients’ safety and well-being. We know that clients. Besides detailed interviews, confirmfamily caregivers are often faced with unexing their state CNA license, and conducting a pected and stressful situations.  Our goal is complex background check, we interview both to provide the family with many valuable tools business and personal references. As a result, and resources to help the family better underwe hire only the best caregivers. stand and cope with many senior care issues.  • Clients want to form a strong bond and trustAmong these are: ing relationship with their caregiver and so do • An important assessment tool to help we. Only with continuity of care can the best families plan ahead for life stages of their and most caring assistance be provided. We loved ones guarantee that the same caregiver(s) will be • An award winning Fall Prevention Checkwith our clients throughout the term of service.  list booklet • Clients want to be sure that their billing and • A workbook to help resolve transportathe daily record of caregiver duties are action Issues curate. Our electronic time tracking software • Effective communications for loved ones requires that our CNAs sign in and out using with dementia the client’s home phone and an 800 number.  • Oxygen safety in the home There will never be any doubt as to the precise

www .N orth F ulton . com

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November 2012


Ask Pam… Your Expert in Holiday Senior Care The Holidays are quickly approaching. Now is the time to schedule extra care for your loved ones to maximize the Holiday Season. We all look forward to family, friends, parties and travel during this time so; take the time now to plan for the care of your loved ones during this busy time. Senior Helpers carefully selects Caregivers to provide the best possible care for your loved one. Caregivers can even stay with your loved one while you go out-of-town for the Holidays! Senior Helpers can assist your loved one anywhere they are staying: their/your home, independent/assisted living, hospital, Rehab center… Caregivers can provide companionship, light housekeeping, meal preparation, fall risk care, transportation, as well as help with bathing, dressing, and other activities of daily living. Senior Helpers Caregivers are screened and trained to provide excellent care for your loved one. Custom short and long term shifts are available from one hour a day to twenty-four hour and live-in care. The first step is for Pam to come and meet with you and your loved one. During this

free assessment, Pam comes up with the best plan to meet the needs of your loves one. Pam matches a caregiver with your loved one, based on personality and level of care needed.

Q: My Mother is 87 and lives in our guest suite in the basement. She LOVES this time of year and LOVES buying presents, wrapping, hosting etc. I work fulltime and do not have the time (or energy!) to help her with all of this. What are my options?

Q: My husband uses a walker and needs a lot of help on a daily basis. We always have all of our children and grandchildren over for the Holidays, and I need some extra help, can you help?? PAM: Yes! Our loving caregivers can assist your husband during the Holidays so that you can focus on hosting and preparing for your family to come visit! Call Pam to discuss your exact needs and how Senior Helpers can help! Q: My husband and I have lived in our home for 35 years in North Fulton and it I time to start looking for assisted livings options. Is this something that Senior Helpers can help us with?

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financial certainty for our families thru transparency of care at one simple all inclusive rate. From the time that you enter our doors, you will feel the warmth and compassion that is an integral part of daily life here. Our team values each person’s individuality and their personal needs with the respect that each person deserves. We work to enhance

PAM: Our Caregivers, or Personal Assistants, can help your Mother (which in turns helps you a lot) with many things during the Holidays: Driving to Holiday Events and Shopping, Gift Wrapping & assistance with getting ready for events…and so much more!

PAM: Yes we can! We work closely with Assisted Livings in the area and we would love to help guide you in the right direction to find the perfect community for you and your husband. This is a FREE service that we offer!

the life of each individual producing comfort and security. Come for a tour of our cozy, tranquil assisted living community located in the heart of Roswell. We are a small 24 suite property providing the utmost in personal care and attention for your loved one and all for one low monthly fee of $ 2595 with only the addition of Supportive Care for residents requiring assistance with incontinence issues.. Come home to peace of mind, come home to Hearthstone.

Senior Helpers is a family owned and managed company based in Alpharetta that serves the Greater North Atlanta Area. They are State-licensed and insured and provides professional and loving caregivers.

focuses on: • Dependability of Service • Peace of mind for the family • High Quality of life for our Clients • Continuity of Caregivers • Open and Effective Communication The holidays are a special time and with a little planning, you will be able to enjoy your family and friends to the maximum. Please give Pam a call today at 770.442.2154 so that she can meet your loved one and set up your Senior Helper Caregiver!

Please Send Your Questions to: phodgson@ Pam Hodgson Senior Helpers 770-442-2154 294 South Main Street #500 Alpharetta, Ga. 30009

Senior Helpers

• Alzheimer and Dementia Care • Transportation and Errands • Bathing, Dressing and Light Housekeeping

• 24/7 and Live-in Caregivers • Assisted Living Placement Assistance • Custom and Flexible Schedules

Senior Helpers: Matt Fredenberg, Elizabeth Jackson, Pam Hodgson, Hutch Hodgson

770.442.2154 Ask about our interactive caregivers.


November 2012

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Our commitment to our clients goes beyond ensuring they make it to their appointments safely and on time… It’s about maintaining a level of independence. It’s about being discreet. It’s about our clients having a sense of pride when they call to schedule a ride. Regardless of your destination; whether it’s a medical appointment at Emory or a Musical at the Fox Theater, you never have to worry about calling additional attention to yourself by showing up in a vehicle that is more concerned about advertising its own business than getting you safely and discreetly to your destination.

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If there is someplace you need to be but are hesitant to ask friends or family for a ride, your worries are over. With Mobility Partners you will never miss out on anything again! Our experienced Mobility Specialists understand the value of being courteous, punctual, and are sensitive to the needs of those individuals with limited mobility. Each specialist is trained in client safety and passes a Mobility Partner’s background check. We offer a range of transportation services to get you where you need to go. Call us today at 678-221-4006 or visit our website at www.MobilityPartners. org to schedule your ride.

Empty Nest November 2012  
Empty Nest November 2012  

The November edition of the Empty Nest special section