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August 2013

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Jump Start Your Home Sale By Eve Jones – Harry Norman A little known fact: the first three weeks are the most critical when selling your home. Why is that? Because new list-

ings initially generate a lot of excitement among agents and buyers. There are many buyers out there waiting for the right home to magically appear on the market. And, agents are checking the

multiple listing service “hot sheets” (new listings) every day. With all this attention, you had better be ready! There’s a saying in our business, “real estate is a beauty contest”. I’d like to add

to that, “and, beauty is only skin deep”. Yes, your home should be clean, clutter-free and hopefully, updated but, beneath the surface are some of the most important features of a home; mechanical/HVAC systems, roof, structural integrity, siding and trim condition, hot water heaters, windows etc. This is the non-sexy stuff that, if left to chance, can kill a deal. Many of the homes in North Fulton are advancing to 20+ years in age and require maintenance and systems replacements. Some sellers mistake replacing an 18 year old HVAC unit or replacing/painting wood rot for an “upgrade”. These are not upgrades.

They are simply maintenance (and, the joys of homeownership!). Buyers do not want to fix your problems that should have been addressed long ago. Here’s where a fullservice Realtor can really earn his/her commission on the front-end of a sale by finding an inspector who can help you identify issues before you get all those agents and buyers excited about your home! And, that agent will have reliable contractors to do the repairs. This is the “putting the horse before the cart” approach to selling and the thing that may keep the buyer “in-love” with your home all the way to the closing table.

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Who is the most optimistic about a home as an investment? By Jody White – Atlanta Fine Homes

“Homeownership is an investment in your future and the future of our country. It is one of the major ways young American families begin to accumulate wealth,” says Paul Bishop, NAR (National Association of Realtors) vice president of research. Millennials are more confident than any other age group that their recent home purchase was a good investment according to a new study released last week by the NAR. The inaugural 2013 National Association of Realtors Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends evaluated the generational differences of recent homebuyers and sellers and found that while eight out of 10 recent buyers considered their home purchase a good

financial investment, the number was even higher, 85 percent, for young buyers under the age of 32. These Buyers are known as Millennials. The oldest of the Millennial generation are now entering the years in which people typically buy a first home, and despite the recent downturn, home ownership still matters to them. They are looking forward to owning a place of their own. Buying furniture for their new place --inside and outside! The sheer size of the Millennial generation, the largest in history after the baby boomers, is expected to give a powerful boost to long-run housing demand, though in the short-term, mortgage accessibility and student debt repayment remain challenges. But let’s look at the bright side, the Millennials are eager and willing to invest time and energy toward buying a home. So, if you are thinking about selling your three bedroom home and moving up to something with four or five bedrooms, the Millennial Buyer is your target— those Buyers born between 1980 and 2000. The median age of Millennial homebuyers was 28, their median income was $66,200 and they typically bought a 1,700-square foot home costing $165,000. The typical Gen X buyer (those born between 1965 and 1979) was 39 years old, had a median income of $93,100, and purchased a 2,100– square foot home costing $235,000.

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August 2013 4

Housing Market Health — How Atlanta compares to the U.S. By:Jenni Bonura Considering a move? Here is some current data on three key economic factors that may influence your decision: APPRECIATION: 1 year price appreciation in Atlanta is 31.1% compared to 11.2% nationally. The three year appreciation rate of 4.5% was lower than the 5.8% national number but recent significant gains indicate strength in our market. (Source: NAR Local Market Report 1Q2013) JOB GROWTH: According to the National Association of Realtors Local Market Report 1Q2013, “Atlanta’s unemployment rate lags the national average, but has improved relative to the same period last year. Local employment growth is strong compared to other markets”. Atlanta’s 1 year job growth rate is 2.4% versus 1.6% nationally. SUPPLY and DEMAND: New construction is returning to our market but levels are still far below the long term average. For several years prior to 2008, the foreclosure rates in Georgia were higher than the national average but since 2009, we are lower than the national average. The

low number of new homes and decreases in foreclosure inventory both impact the supply of homes. These are contributing factors as to why price gains have occurred in the last year. (Source: Mortgage Bankers’ Association) In summary, the Atlanta

market has positive economic indicators especially within the last year especially compared to the national averages. If these numbers remain consistent and continue to trend positively then we have many bright days ahead. If you are considering a move,

the most valuable advice you can receive is from a local expert - someone who understands the macroeconomic view but also can cite relevant statistics on a neighborhood by neighborhood basis. A true expert is someone you can trust who can provide person-

al attention and real estate expertise. If you need a recommendation for a local expert, an agent from Harry Norman, Realtors, please call me directly at 770-594-4901.

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July 2013 5

Hiring a decorator saves time, money At some point in your life, you A neutral, third party evaluation. your home; they see the broader realize that there are those things You love the sofa your Aunt landscape. They have skills you should contract out and those Mary gave you, but not everyone that you don’t just becauseButler they Lisa Swayne Stephanie projects you can tackle yourself. else loves it. Unfortunately you do it every day. Realtor Realtor Most of us see decorating as one of have been living with it for 20 When getting ready to sell, those tasks we can do—after all, we years, so you don’t even see how its there are plenty678.296.1774 of ways to get 770.241.9165 all know what we like and dislike, peacock print clashes with everythe most for your home. The don’t we? thing else in your living room. team at Butler/Swayne can help The truth is that hiring someA plan that keeps you within you navigate through the proone to decorate your home as you your budget. A designer will create cess swiftly and easily. get ready to sell will save you time a plan that helps you spend your The Butler/Swayne Team and money. The right decorating money efficiently, getting the most was recognized by Prudential professional can add a great deal impact of your dollars. They won’t Real Estate Affiliates for their of universally appealing aesthetic come out of Home Goods with a sales success in 2012, placStephanie Butler to your home, which in turn can cart full of cute, but unplanned, ing in the top 1% of all agents Realtor increase showings and sales. “In items. worldwide in overall sales and the end, using the services of a Contacts in the industry ranking in the Top 5 Team for 678.296.1774 professional will help speed up A great decorator knows who Prudential Georgia Realty. They the makeover process, drive down has the best items for the best offer an extensive knowledge the time your house spends on price. You get access to unique fur- of the communities where they live lighted on HGTV and in USA Today, UNDER NEW LISTING the open market and get you more 6 ACRE nitureESTATE and accessories that are not CONTRACT in, work in and serve, including the Atlanta Business Chronicle, the money at the bargaining table,” available to the general public. Alpharetta, and Atlanta Journal Constitution and Gates Mill: 770 the Gates Mill Way 540ofDorris Road: pool/tennis court/ Highland Manor: 15905 Milton PtMilton, Roswell fered Maureen Desrosiers of Dining Get amazing end result Sandy Springs area.5 With over Northside Woman. Learn more at bd • 6.5 ba 20 • fin terr level gated • 6 bd • 5 an full ba • 3 half ba 5 bd • 5.5 ba in Design. There are several additrained and experienced deco- • years combined experience, clients FMLS #4234660 • $599,000 FMLS#4224819 •A$1,895,000 FMLS #4207260 $665,000 Deidre Beirne tional reasons why you can’t afford rator sees things differently and look to the team for knowledge and Realtor not to invest in a decorator: will create an amazing vision for insights. They have been high404.783.3372

Making the garage a family-friendly space (NAPSI)—In the flurry of toTo help, here are some day’s active family lifestyles, it garage design tips from Easyis clear that the garage is no Closets—an online provider of longer just the domain of the do-it-yourself custom storage family car. For many houseand organization systems for holds, this versatile space all areas of the home. is used by every member of • Establish the transition NEW PRICE the family. It has become the area—the space that’s reserved Chartwell: 9750 Rod Road logical place to store tools and 5 bd for •hanging 4 full ba coats, • 2 halfstoring ba gear for sports, hobbies, yard shoes and boots, and setting FMLS #4228215 • $525,000 work and playtime, along with down packages, groceries or out-of-season items that would mail when you’re opening the otherwise take up room inside door. the home. • Next, determine a needHowever, with so much to it-now area for quick and easy hold and family members comaccess to things like dog food ing and going all the time, the and leashes, water bottles and challenge is to keep this space other beverages, or recycling neat and well organized. bins.

UNDER CONTRACT White Columns (gated): 225 Eagles Cir 5 bd • 5.5 ba • pool FMLS #4201212 • $825,000

6 ACRE ESTATE UNDER CONTRACT NEW LISTING • Decide which area is best to work on these projects. garage cabinets are available for long, thin yard Road: and maintein several depthGates and height Mill: 770 Gates Mill W 540 Dorris pool/tennis court/ Highland Manor: 15905 Milton Pt nance tools like•shovels, Multipurpose Space options, and can5 bd even be ba • fin terr level • 6.5 gated 6 bd • 5 rakes full ba • 3 halfAba 5 bd • 5.5 ba and clippers. To help homeowners comcustomized to meet variety • $599,000 FMLSa#4234660 FMLS#4224819 • $1,895,000 FMLS #4207260 • $665,000 • Identify elevation zones, plete the conversion of their of width requirements. To Laura Falk creating a storage area for garage to a truly multipurpose maximize space, Realtor the company large itemsNEW that may be stored family space, NEW EasyClosets also offers slatwall panels to 770.715.0325 LISTING LISTING out of the way for months at a created organization solutions hold hooks, racks and baskets. Huntington Estates: 5085 Huntwood Way Clairmonte: 12175 Clairmonte Ave time, camping that 4keep in order, The cabinets come in seven on5 bd such • 4 baas• coolers, basement bd •the 2.5 garage ba gear and holiday decorations. improve appearance, and trend colors and with stylish FMLS #4231456 • $535,000 FMLSits #4235944 • $305,000 Reserve easy-to-reach areas for make it easy for family memhardware that coordinates with the kids to keep their sports bers to find or put away the today’s homes. equipment. things they need. Designed and engineered • Plan an area for frequent“Transforming the garage especially for the garage envily used items such as active into a hardworking, multironment, the solutions feagear, outdoor games and clean- purpose space can actually ture heavy-duty cabinets with ing supplies. empower a family’s active lifeintegrated full back panels, Jetta Hampson Realtor • Stake out a workspace for style,” said EasyClosets organione-inch-thick sturdy shelves, NEW PRICE NEW LISTING NEW LISTING 678.462.5602 hobbies and interests. Denise Scopas. and doors Estates: 5085 Huntwood Waywith wide-opening Chartwell: 9750From Rod Road zation expertHuntington Clairmonte: 12175 Clairmon gardening5to woodHomeowners choose Legs 5 bd can • 4 ba • basementEuro-style hinges. bdfishing, • 4 full ba • 2 half ba 4 bd • 2.5can ba working or automotive shelves, drawalso be added for additional FMLS #4231456 • $535,000 FMLS #4228215work, • $525,000 from cabinets, FMLS #4235944 • $305,000 designate a space for organizers, work surfaces and clever support or style. ing tools and supplies needed accessories. EasyClosets SOLD SOLD

Now Is The Time To Sell.

Six Hills: 13185 Owens Way 6 bd • 6.5 ba • pool FMLS#4073782 • $1,295,000

Holcombe’s Farm: 625 Oak Farm Ln 5 bd • 4.5 ba • basement FMLS #4201249 • $535,000

Median Sold Price by Month

The above information is believed to be accurate but it is not warranted. Subject Jun-2012 to errors, vs Jun-2013: The median sold price is up 9% changes, omissions, prior sales, and withdrawals without notice.750 Equal Housing Opportunity.


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700 650 600 UNDER CONTRACT SOLD SOLD 550 FOLLOW US ON: 500 (gated): 225 Eagles Cir Holcombe’s Farm: 625 Oak White Columns Six Hills: 13185 Owens Way 5 bd • 4.5 ba • basement 5 bd • 5.5450 ba • pool 6 bd • 6.5 ba • pool 400 FMLS #4201249 • $535,000 FMLS #4201212 • $825,000 FMLS#4073782 • $1,295,000 350 300 The 250above information is believed to be accurate but it is not warranted. Subject to errors, changes, omissions, prior sales, and withdrawals without notice. Equal Housing Opportunity. 200 150 100 50 0 FOLLOW US ON: Jun-12 Jul-12 Aug-12 Sep-12 Oct -12 Nov -12 Dec-12 Jan-13 Feb-13 Mar -13 Apr -13 May -13 Jun -13

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Jun-2012 555,000

Jun-2013 602,500

Jun-2012 vs. Jun-2013 Change 47,500

% 9

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