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Empty Nest | November 2013

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Doctor’s Hearing Center now open in Johns Creek Doctor’s Hearing Center is now open in Johns Creek to provide hearing care for the general community, diagnostic hearing and balance services for physicians and industry or academic hearing screenings. We offer hearing consultations, audiologic testing, the latest technology in hearing aids, hearing aid repairs, wax removal, tinnitus or ringing in the ears treatment and advice on hearing health programs available. Dr. Robin Andrews is an expert on correcting hearing problems. Physicians trust Dr. Andrews and for over 30 years have been referring patients to assist in patient diagnosis and management. He has been in private practice since 1984 and has helped many Georgians with their hearing health. Dr. Andrews specializes in the treatment of hearing loss due to nerve damage and diagnostics for balance and dizziness. He has worked with

Neurologists, Primary Care Physicians, Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeons, Veterans Administration and many industries. Hearing loss is the third most common chronic condition presented to the primary care physician. The first is heart disease and the second is low back pain. How do you know if you have hearing loss or diminished hearing? Do You: Hear but don’t understand what people say? Ask people to repeat what they say? Get complaints that your TV is too loud? Have difficulty understanding women and children? Ringing or noise in your ears? Miss common sounds like telephones and doorbells ringing? Hearing loss can occur if you have a family history of hearing loss, noise exposure,

diabetes or heart disease. Join us in our excitement to be here in Johns Creek by taking that next step to help yourself or someone you know

or love. Call 770-676-7208 or stop in at 11180 State Bridge Road, Suite 207, to set up an appointment to get the expert

hearing care you need and deserve. –Dr. Robin Andrews Audiologist Board Certified

Is Now The Time? At The Gardens of Roswell we make the transition easier.

Is Mom having a tough time remembering your favorite holiday recipies, need assistance with daily activities and and becoming isolated from friends and family? It may be time to consider Gardens of Roswell Assisted Living and Memory Care. Our warm and inviting one level community, beautiful courtyards and decor feel like home. New friends and an extended family provide comfort, companionship, compassion and care for your loved one. When the time comes visit us at The Gardens of Roswell and become part of our family.

7770-649-0808 70-649-0808

OF ROSWELL Assisted Livingg and SEASONS memory care

2725 227 725 25 H Holcomb olcomb ol mb B Bridge ridddgge Ro R Roa Road oad ad Alpharetta, A Al lph pharret etta et t , GA ta A 30022 3002222

9212 Nesbit Ferry Rd • Alpharetta, GA A 30022 • • 770-992-0505 Ta T Tape ape pest stry ryH ry HousseA Hous Ho eAss ssiis isteeddLLiv iste iviin g.c m g.

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Staying fit for a good long time (NAPSI)—There could be good news for many of the estimated 40 million people age 65 and over in the country today. They can expect to have a longer, happier and healthier retirement experience if they are exercising their minds, bodies and spirits.

Why Work Out Exercise not only helps increase bone density and functional abilities, it can improve mental and emotional health, support a sense of purpose and provide opportunity for socialization. Exercise For Older People According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, older adults need at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity such as brisk walking every week and musclestrengthening activities on two or more days a week. Residents in Brookdale retirement communities across the nation enjoy Brookdale Fitness B-Fit, a unique program that aims to maximize seniors’ functional abilities. The classes have residents perform exercises that incorporate components of tai chi, brainchallenging movements and meditative relaxation. Offered at least three days a week, the Brookdale program is based on the latest guidelines of the American College of Sports Medicine. The new guidelines include cardiovascular, resistance training, flexibility

and neuromotor components of exercise. “The neuromotor aspect includes tai chi movements as a way to improve balance and reduce falls,” explained Kevin O’Neil, M.D., Brookdale’s Chief Medical Officer. Resident Martha Jean Wells praises the program. “It helps both physically and mentally. Plus, there is something everyone can do. I’m 84, and there are ladies older than me who are participating.” Each class can be customized to meet the needs of each resident, regardless of their challenges. It’s one of several Signature Programs by the leading owner and operator of senior living communities. Others include Optimum Life Health Talks, educational opportunities for residents to learn about health and wellness topics from nurses or therapists; The Ageless Spirit, a program that provides opportunities for residents to explore the role of spirituality in their individual lives, health and overall wellbeing; and My Life Story, a reminiscence and writing program that helps residents share their life story with loved ones. Through its Innovative Senior Care program, the company also offers a range of outpatient therapy, home health, personalized living and hospice services. For more information, visit

Active Senior Living!

November 2013

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Intimate personal care home community in the heart of Roswell with a ranch style home-like setting and 24 personalized suites. Hands-on Local Ownership 3 Home Cooked Meals Daily Weekly Housekeeping, Laundry and Linen Service Medication Supervision On-site Physician Care

350 Market Place | Roswell, GA 30075 770-552-1091 |

Come Home to Hearthstone

Put it in the paper! Your Engagement, Wedding, Anniversary, Birth, or Graduation!

•Country Club Atmosphere •Beautiful Patios and Gardens •Movie Theater •Ice Cream Parlor •Respite and Short Term Stays

•Medication Management Programs •Individualized Care Plans •Exercise Room •Spacious Apartments •Incredible Social Activities & Outings.

Call today to schedule your tour! Ivy Hall

5690 StateBridge Rd., Alpharetta, GA 30022 (770) 814-0114

Exceeding expectations, enriching cherished lives.

Call today for pricing & info! 770-442-3278 x100 319 North Main Street • Alpharetta



November 2013

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Belmont Village presents 10 tips for maintaining your brain Experts say changes in the brain begin as early as two decades before symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease are present. But there are things you can do to help the brain build new neuro-connections and create cognitive reserve to draw on as you age. In recognition of National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month, Belmont Village Senior Living offers some smart advice for maintaining the brain. Top 10 Brain Boosters: Eat Right – What’s good for the heart is good for the

brain – A heart-healthy diet promotes blood flow to the brain; include plenty of darkskinned fruits and vegetables for protective antioxidants. Exercise – No avoiding it – Minimum 30 minutes a day, with a mix of cardio and strength training. Challenge Your Brain – The best brain exercises teach you something new and are a mental stretch. Stay Social – Isolation and inactivity can lead to depression, which contributes to certain dementias. Reduce Stress – Chronic stress releases a cascade of

hormones that eventually affects memory. Sleep, Sleep, Sleep – Sleep deprivation disrupts the coordinated activity of an important brain network. Be Present – Stop multitasking - Interruptions interfere with short and long-term memory formation and older brains have a harder time quickly switching between tasks, hence the “senior moment.” Embrace Your Spirituality – This is different for everyone, but it’s basically your values and how you connect with the world. Whether

it’s doing good works or taking time for prayer or meditation, attending to your spiritual side creates well-being and reduces stress. Maintain Your Purpose – We all need a reason to get up in the morning. Feeling that your life has meaning and that you’re in control fosters positive attitudes and emotions. Evaluate and Adjust – Don’t get stuck in a rut – just as with physical exercise, mental work-outs have to be adjusted periodically to remain

effective and interesting. The best tip? “Don’t wait to start, and don’t give up hope. There’s no cure for Alzheimer’s, but maintaining your brain is the best way to slow decline, regardless of age,” said Belmont Village gerontologist Beverly Sanborn, LCSW. For more information: Belmont Village Johns Creek, 770-813-9505; Belmont Village Buckhead, 404-252-6271.

Celebrating the Golden Age Distinctive Residential Settings Premier Programs for Health and Wellness Award-Winning Memory Care

Buckhead (404) 252-6271 Johns Creek (770) 813-9505 PCH 008034, 008036 © 2013 Belmont Village, L.P.

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November 2013


Ask Pam »

Your Expert in Senior Care for the past 8 years By PAM HODGSON Senior Helpers

Personal care community the way it used to be One inclusive fee, no levels of care and a 2 year rent guarantee! All this to simplify your life! Does it seem like your loved one’s need for care is continually changing along with the cost associated with that care? Are you caught off guard with additional expenses during these tough economic times?  Are you questioning how long you will be able to afford quality care for someone that means so much to you?  Finding the right mix of “peace of mind” and economic value for the services rendered to a frail loved one can be a difficult situation.  Often times, families searching for care for a loved one are lured in with incentives such as special introductory rates and waived entrance fees.  Only to find that considerations for specific care weren’t accounted for causing addi-

tional fees and quickly escalating the overall cost of care.     To avoid surprise expenses it is imperative that families carefully explore all options available.  This can seem to be a daunting task but in the end the security of knowing your care choice is one that you can feel good about long term is worth the extra effort.  A move can be hard on an aging loved one, every effort made to assure it is a positive long term decision will be worth it.   Hearthstone Personal Care Community prides itself on easing this process by providing peace of mind and financial certainty for our families thru transparency of care at one simple all inclusive rate. From the time that you

enter our doors, you will feel the warmth and compassion that is an integral part of daily life here. Our team values each person’s individuality and their personal needs with the respect that each person deserves.  We work to enhance the life of each individual producing comfort and security.  Come for a tour of our cozy, tranquil assisted living community located in the heart of Roswell.  We are a small 24 suite property providing the utmost in personal care and attention for your loved one and all for one low monthly fee of $ 2895 with only the addition of Supportive Care for residents requiring assistance with incontinence issues..  Come home to peace of mind, come home to Hearthstone.

Facing End of Life Issues Families with loved ones facing end of life have many new and often unthought-of challenges to confront. The emotional toll for families coupled with decisions about living arrangements, financial guidance and care can be overwhelming. A proactive approach to address difficult issues beforehand can ease the burden for everyone involved during this difficult time.What are advance directives and how do I obtain? Advance directives are legal documents (including a Living Will and Power of Attorney) that allow you to convey your decisions about end-of-life care ahead of time. To obtain you will can search on-line or contact an attorney who can provide and assist with completion. Are there different types

of senior living communities? For end-of-life care there are several options for living arrangements. The most popular are assisted living, skilled nursing facilities, and in-patient hospice. Assisted living can provide end-of-life care with assistance from hospice and palliative services while maintaining a home-like feel. What are hospice and palliative care? Hospice and palliative care is designed to help reduce both the physical pain and emotional suffering of patients during their final stages of illness. Contrary to what many people think, hospice is not a physical place. It is a service that comes to wherever people live, whether that’s a hospital, an assisted living facility or a home. What does Medicare pay

for? Medicare coverage can be difficult to understand. Part A, Part B, Part C, and Part D all provide assistance or cover in full different needs including pharmaceuticals, hospitalizations, short-term rehab and skilled nursing services, physical and occupational therapy, medical equipment, and many others. A doctor’s order is needed in all cases to receive benefits. More information can be found at… publications/pubs/pdf/10050.pdf If you have additional questions, the knowledgeable staff at Gardens of Roswell Assisted Living and Memory Care and Tapestry House Assisted Living is more than happy to lend a hand. Contact Zee Jennings or Julie Taylor at 770-992-0505 or 770-649-0808 respectively.

Senior Helpers, when experience matters. Caring for a loved one can be challenging and straining, don’t take a risk, use Senior Helpers, the experts in Senior Care. Sometimes a little extra help is needed around the Holidays, plan ahead this year! You may need someone to stay with your Mom while you visit family or run errands or you may need assistance getting your Father bathed and ready for a special event... You don’t have to do it alone. Allow Senior Helpers to provide the extra care you need this Holiday Season! Q; My wife recently had a stroke and is recovering at Northside Hospital, I’m nervous for her to come home because I do not have the physical strength to take care of her. Can Senior Helpers help me? Pam; Yes, we would love to help! We have developed a hospital/rehab to home tran-

• Alzheimer and Dementia Care • Transportation and Errands • Bathing, Dressing and Light Housekeeping • Fall Risk Care

sition program that assists families just like you. Our experienced caregivers can will help with the entire transition process. I would love to meet with you while your wife is still at the hospital and come up with a game plan to make this transition home as smooth as possible! Whether your loved one is dealing with the normal struggles of aging or coping with the affects of Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, there’s no need to go it alone– let Senior Helpers help! Call Senior Helpers today at 770-442-2154. From our Family to Yours. Senior Helpers Is Family Owned and Managed and has been providing care for those in need for the past 8 years.

• Caregivers Available from 1 hr./day to 24/7 and Live-in • Assisted Living Placement Assistance • Custom and Flexible Schedules

Senior Helpers: Matt Fredenberg, Elizabeth Jackson, Pam Hodgson, Hutch Hodgson

770.442.2154 Ask about our assisted living placement.


November 2013

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November 2013 Empty Nest  
November 2013 Empty Nest