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Christina Appen

Kimberly Brock of Milton was named Georgia Author of the Year in 2013 for her first novel, “The River Witch.” As a stay-at-home mother of three and a Pilates instructor, Brock has a busy schedule, yet can’t resist the pull of a good story. Learn more in The Interview on page 12.

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GOOD EATS Bon Appétit! Alpharetta’s lunch bunch

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Bon Appétit! Alpharetta lunch club blends good food with good friends The Bon Appétit ladies. In front, from left are Marlene Burns, Suzanne Devoe, Lynn Adams and Judy Bredahl. In back, from left, are Kim Roden, Kay Hammond, Donna Henderson and Carol Ballin. Not pictured: Carol Faust, Jean Kimmerle, Kathy Ryan and Shirley Griffin.



ood food mixed with lively conversation is the perfect recipe for a fun time. Nobody knows this better than the ladies of the Bon Appétit lunch club in Alpharetta. The 12 women met years ago through the Alpharetta Roswell Newcomer’s Club (ARNC), a gathering place for those new to the area who are seeking friends with similar interests and hobbies. Hailing from Connecticut to Texas and everywhere in-between, the women soon discovered a common interest in the culinary arts and participated in a cooking group through the ARNC. In 2006, the friends split off to form their own Bon Appétit group, meeting monthly in each other’s homes. Lynn Adams hosted the group at her Milton home in March. As hostess, she chose the menu and prepared the main entrée. She then assigned gourmet recipes to other group members who prepared appetizers, bread, salad, veggies, dessert and a specialty cocktail. The one rule in Bon Appétit is that each recipe must be new and un-tried. “We are fearless women,” said Kim Roden. “We are constantly searching through cookbooks and food magazines for challenging recipes to try.” Most Bon Appétit members are seasoned cooks, but Donna Henderson joined the group hoping to gain experience. “I’ve learned a lot,” she admitted, recalling the time Roden asked her to prepare a difficult blood orange chocolate cake recipe. “It took me three days to prepare and was very labor intensive, but it was rich and delicious, and so worth it.” “I knew she could do it – she is a wonderful baker,” said Roden. Sometimes a hostess will create a menu centered around a specific type of food such as Italian, French or Southern fare. For April’s gathering, Judy Bredahl is planning a New Orleans-style feast. Sometimes the recipes are more personal, such as when Kay Hammond featured all of her mother’s cherished dishes. Adams’ March menu was inspired by the memory of enjoying slow-cooked, savory Veal Osso Bucco at a friend’s home. She found a similar recipe in a Barefoot Contessa cookbook but chose to use beef instead, due to the steep price tag on 12 pieces of veal. She paired the dish with 6 | | april2014

Hostess Lynn Adams prepares a Bon Appétit luncheon.

Suzanne Devoe, Carol Ballin and Kay Hammond enjoy appetizers before their meal.

white truffle mashed potatoes. She asked Roden to prepare a shredded beet dish, using dried cherries and balsamic vinegar. “I’ve never made beets in my life,” confessed Roden. “I turned on two vent fans to get rid of the smell and my fingers were bright red when I finished, but it’s all part of the Bon Appétit adventure.” Suzanne Devoe prepared green beans with a roasted onion vinaigrette. “It wasn’t difficult and I only deviated from the recipe a little bit. It smells so good and I’m looking forward to tasting it,” she said. Kay Hammond had a bit of trouble preparing a tomato and cannellini bean dip appetizer when her blender burned out on the morning of the luncheon. “I knew there was trouble when my husband spotted smoke,” she said with a laugh. Undeterred, she headed to Adams’ home a bit early to borrow a blender and finish the job. After enjoying their meal, the friends always receive

a printed menu and copies of each recipe, and then spend time sharing opinions and suggestions for modifications or improvements. On the bottom of the March menu, Adams included a classic quote from renowned chef Julia Child: “The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking, you’ve got to have a ‘what the hell’ attitude!” Through the years, there have been a few recipes that the ladies deemed too difficult, or not worth the effort (like the blueberry chicken that tasted good, but turned a ghastly shade of blue), but overall, there have been very few outright failures and many delicious successes. “We love to experiment with food – to try something different and take risks,” said Adams. “But at the end of the day, what we enjoy most about Bon Appétit is sitting around the table with good friends, enjoying our time together.”

We love to experiment with food – to try something different and take risks. Lynn Adams

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Recipes from Bon Appétit’s March menu: Pink BELLINI COCKTAIL 1 cup sugar ½ cup water 2 (16-oz) bags frozen peaches, thawed 1 teaspoon grated orange peel 2 bottles Prosecco wine, chilled Raspberry liqueur Thaw frozen peaches. Stir sugar and water in saucepan over medium heat until sugar dissolves, about five minutes. Cool completely. Puree peaches and orange peel in large blender with the sugar syrup until smooth. Strain through a fine-meshed strainer and into a clear glass bowl or pitcher. For each serving, pour three tablespoons of peach puree into a champagne flute. Place a few drops of raspberry liqueur over, then slowly pour enough Prosecco into flute to fill. Gently stir to blend, and garnish with orange peel twist, if wanted.

Lemon CHILI SHRIMP Sticks 2 garlic cloves, crushed ½ inch piece fresh ginger, grated 2 tablespoons finely chopped cilantro ½ tablespoon Chinese hot chili sauce 1 tablespoon light soy sauce 1 tablespoon honey 3 tablespoons lemon juice 20 raw medium to large shrimp, peeled and deveined 20 6-inch wooden skewers, presoaked in water

Combine first seven ingredients in a non-metallic bowl. Add shrimp and toss in marinade to coat each one well. Cover and refrigerate for one hour. Thread one shrimp onto each presoaked skewer. Preheat boiler. Preheat a ridged cast-iron griddle or broiler pan. Broil shrimp until they turn pink and lose their transparency, about three minutes on each side. Serve hot, warm or at room temperature.

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mpowerment can take many forms, especially when it comes to improving and enriching communities. In honor of International Women’s Day, Habitat for Humanity is taking empowerment to a whole new level with the Women Build initiative. On March 7, Habitat for Humanity – North Central Georgia commenced registration for individuals and groups of women to team together in an effort to raise funds to purchase building materials for a new Habitat home for the Kalombo family. Typically, construction is a male-dominated occupation, but with the Women Build initiative, Habitat for Humanity – North Central Georgia is enabling and encouraging women to learn new skills and accomplish a major goal together. Colleen Fogarty, resource development director, began her career with Habitat for Humanity in 2006 and has since spearheaded the movement to expand the Women Build project. Habitat for Humanity is split into separate affiliates and chapters throughout the nation. Habitat for Humanity –North Central Georgia covers North Fulton, Dawson, Cherokee and Forsyth counties. Originally, Habitat for Humanity – North Central Georgia participated in Women Build for one week each year, but Fogarty decided to grow the idea by taking on an entire Women Build project for her Habitat chapter. Women Build not only empowers women to help families in need, but also to learn skills that they may otherwise never acquire. Having only women on site is unorthodox, but helpful to the learning process within the volunteer work. “Because it’s all women working alongside you, it’s a less intimidating prospect,” Fogarty said. “The women will learn how to frame the house, handle the trimming and hang the doors, along with other tasks that they might not be familiar with.” Despite the heavy male influence in the construction field, Fogarty said, “I love doing the drywall and hanging siding. Those are some of my favorite days.” This particular Women Build project is geared to create a new home for Bijoux Kalombo and her two sets of twin sons, ages 5 and 7. At the tender age of 13, Kalombo came to the United States from the Democratic Republic of Congo. After overcoming the obstacle of an abusive marriage, she now lives as a single mother and has made terrific leaps and bounds in her life. She works as a daycare teacher and currently resides with her mother in order to 10 | | april2014

All-female crew to build new Habitat for Humanity house

Women Build not only empowers women to help families in need, but also to learn skills that they may otherwise never acquire. provide for her sons. Now, with the help of Habitat for Humanity – North Central Georgia, Kalombo will be able to live with her sons in a beautiful new home that will afford her and her family the space and stability they need to be happy and thrive. Homeownership does not just change an applicant’s living situation, but also their mindset, instilling a sense of pride and solidity. Furthermore, Habitat houses contribute to a more successful community overall. Residents who live in a relatively empty neighborhood will have new neighbors they can bond with, while Kalombo’s children will have the opportunity to play and make friends with neighborhood children. This opportunity is not easily won. After applying for a Habitat home, applicants must endure a rigorous process of reviews in order to be rewarded their new home, and then must take education courses that teach them to be prepared and responsible homeowners. The courses cover everything from home maintenance skills to neighbor friendliness. Ultimately, the Habitat house and subsequent homeowner classes help to create more permanent, stable environments for families who may have felt that homeownership was a dream that was simply out of reach. It takes great resilience, patience and moral consistency to build such wonderful havens for families in need. Thanks to people like Fogarty and the priceless volunteers of Habitat for Humanity – North Central Georgia, those families in need are becoming empowered, productive citizens of Georgia and beyond. Learn more about the Women Build project at womenbuild. ■

1. Bijoux Kalombo and her two sets of twin sons. 2. Habitat volunteer hard at work at a Women Build site. 3. Volunteer paints the porch of a Habitat home. 4. Colleen Fogarty with the Shafik family at their Habitat home site. ALL PHOTOS PROVIDED BY COLLEEN FOGARTY





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Living the Literary Life Milton author Kimberly Brock named 2013 Georgia Author of the Year



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imberly Brock is a busy suburban mom. Running a household, raising three kids and teaching private Pilates lessons in her Milton home keeps her on the go. Yet she still finds time to listen to her creative muse – that persistent inner voice that compels her to drop everything from time to time and lose herself in a compelling story of her own making. Brock is a born storyteller. She remembers convincing elementary school classmates that her great-great grandfather was a Cherokee chief whose ghost haunted the mounds of dirt bordering the school playground, which in her story, was the cursed site of a long-forgotten Cherokee burial ground. Brock’s principal eventually made her fess up and apologize when the other children

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▼ INTERVIEW, Continued from Page 12 became too scared to go out to recess. The imaginative young Brock went on to major in theater, never dreaming that she would one day write and publish a real novel. Yet in 2013, Brock found herself accepting the distinguished Georgia Author of the Year Award from the Georgia Writers Association for her first novel, “The River Witch.” “It still surprises me,” she admitted, referring to her early literary success. “But my kids are so impressed.” Brock wrote “The River Witch” over the course of five years, in bits and pieces during stolen moments of her busy life – scribbling away in notebooks while standing at the kitchen counter, soaking in the bathtub, waiting in the carpool line or sitting on an airplane. She says story ideas are always simmering around in her “crockpot of a head.” Her first novel, described as Southern mystical fiction, tells the tale of Roslyn Byrne, who seeks refuge on a remote Georgia coastal isle after a series of personal tragedies leaves her lost and broken. Soon, her life becomes entwined with that of young Damascus Trezevant, a local girl who brings alligators, pumpkin seeds and hoodoo into Roslyn’s world. “I’ve always loved the Georgia coast and its history,” said Brock, who, true to Southern literary tradition, used the haunting beauty of the island’s landscape to reflect her characters’ inner struggles. “There’s just something about women and water,” she mused, referring to the dark, flowing river that flows by Roslyn’s old, wooden cabin. Creatures within that murky water play an important role in the story. While researching the book, Roslyn discovered that male alligators roar to attract other females during the mating season. She spent “way too many hours” listening to deep, rumbling gator bellows on the computer and incorporated the sound into her story. “I was intrigued by the idea of an ancient creature that continues to survive,” she said. “Its island habitat continues to shift and change, yet here’s this dinosaur, still doing its thing. The roar is a terrifying sound, yet it is a cry of love. “I love that about writing,” she said. “Finding a little-known piece of history or science and introducing it to readers through a memorable story.” Her second novel, set in North Georgia at the end of World War II, will also feature a little-known bit of local history, but Brock is coy about sharing more details. “It’s something I discovered about 13 years ago, and it has taken me this long to figure out how to write about it,” she said. How soon can we expect her new novel? “Well, sometime between now and when I die,” Brock said with a sly smile, adding that she does not intend to start cranking out books for commercial gain. “That’s not why I write,” she said. “I write so that one day my kids and their kids can pick up my book and say, ‘That’s what she thought.’ “I have my grandfather’s Bible, which is well worn and full of his scribbles and 14 | | april2014

I write so that one day my kids and their kids can pick up my book and say, ‘That’s what she thought.’ Kimberly Brock notes, and when I see an underlined passage, I wonder, ‘Why did that catch his eye? What was he feeling that day?’” Believing in the power of books to speak to the soul, Brock discovered a new way to use her literary influence to help others. Through her volunteer work with She Reads, a national online book club featuring women’s fiction authors, Brock works with publishers to send free copies of She Reads’ featured novel each month to charity groups such as a book club for homeless women in Denver, Colo. “These women show up every month for a meal and a book discussion, sometimes bringing their kids along. Talking about the book leads to real conversations, and soon, relationships are formed and they start to support one another,” said Brock. In an online interview, Brock said, “I love the power of books to connect people through conversations that might otherwise never be possible. I’ve seen it over and over… how stories reach people. That’s what I’m passionate about – the connections, the assurance that we are not alone in our experiences.” Brock enjoys visiting with local book clubs and meeting fellow readers. To learn more, visit ■

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Fluid skirts with longer hemlines take the stage for spring



pring is a time of newness. You smell the freshly thawed earth. You see new leaf and flower buds, new baby animals and new spring silhouettes in fashion. One of the new silhouettes I am most excited about is the fluid skirts, midi and tea length hemlines on dresses in 2014. If you have been shying away from pencil skirts and sheath dresses in the past, this is the style you have been waiting for. The fuller skirts create an hourglass silhouette. They are a wonderful option if you are curvy. The nipped in waist highlights your natural waist. Worrying about gathers creating bulk around your middle? Choose a full skirt that has box pleats that are sewn flat against the upper hip and then open to allow ease of fit through the lower hip. The midi

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length is three or four inches below the knee and is a true friend to the female figure. It ends at the thinnest part of a woman’s leg and is the most flattering silhouette. The midi allows a woman sit without revealing too much during a business meeting, church service or classroom setting. The tea length hemline is not just for formal wear anymore. This length ends at the bottom of the calf of a woman’s leg. The fashion designers are unapologetically using gorgeous floral and lots of fluid fabrics. They embrace the fully feminine look of the tea length hemline. The tea length hemline allows fluid movement. To make it look current and updated, pair it with a crop top or collarless short jacket. Just like nature breathing a sigh of relief as the sun warms the earth and brings back the warmer temperatures, I can hear a sigh of relief from many women as they embrace the “new” silhouette of dresses for 2014: a fluid skirt and midi and tea length hemlines. ■ THY P


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FUN, flirty FASHIONS Step into the latest looks for spring 2014

BY KATIE VANBRACKLE Spring has finally sprung, and after such a long winter, we are especially excited to ditch the boots and coats and browse our favorite stores for the latest spring looks. Bring on the sandals! Arlene Goldstein, Belk’s vice president of trend merchandising and fashion direction, says spring 2014 trends are all about making a statement – wearing things that have impact, with bold silhouettes to attract the attention of passersby. Goldstein specializes in converting the latest fashion trends into wearable looks for everyday women – what she calls “runway to real way.” We can’t buy everything we see, however, so Goldstein advises us to carefully choose a few new, trendy pieces that will make the most impact when combined with our existing wardrobe staples. Here, Goldstein shares some of her favorite looks for this spring, all available at Belk (www. Don’t wait until Memorial Day to wear your pure whites! (‘Vivian’ by BCBG, $268)

We see the return of pearls this season, but not “your mama’s pearls.” These pearls are meant to be mixed with metals. Express your own personality by blending real and faux. (Kate Spade necklace, $178; studs, $58)

▲ The floral motif is very important for spring 2014. You’ll see floral detailing on everything from dresses to jewelry, handbags and hosiery. Dressmaker details, like this bateau neckline, celebrate the feminine form. (Adriana Papell, $220) Shoes take on a new personality this spring, with the return of single sole pumps and sandals, although platforms will not disappear. A chunky, substantial heel is making a re-appearance. (‘Olyvia’ by Steven, $99)

18 | | april2014

▲ As for color trends, look for the family of pinks, from the palest blush to deepest fuschia, to continue to gain momentum and carry over into 2015. (Jessica Simpson ‘Carlyle’ satchel, $108)


▲ White lace is reinvented in modern designs featuring both eyelet and laser cutting. (French Connection, $148)

▲ Digital technology reinvents the tropical print with a watercolor look. (‘Evie’ tote by Kate Spade, $178) The digital era is reflected in fashion this spring, with bold, blocky color and architectural lines used in shift dresses that hang away from the body. (Rachel Roy, $355)

▲ Tribal patterns are hot this season, and leather carries over from fall, used here in a faux leather laser-cut top. (Karen Kane top, $88; pencil skirt, $92)


Shoes this season have strong ankle interest, covering up more of the foot. (‘Hyanne’ by Guess, $99)

▲ The jumpsuit makes a comeback, used here with a boxy jacket and harem pants. (Eileen Fisher, jacket, $298; jumpsuit, $218)

CLEAN SLATE ▲ Exotic locations inspire bold, colorful prints for spring. (Cynthia Rowley, $119) ▲ Black and white is a big trend, serving as a palate cleanser as we move into the spring season. (Dooney and Bourke ‘Chelsea Shopper,’ $298)

Spring 2014 trends are all about making a statement

▲ Spring shoes make use of a wide variety of materials such as shell, cork, metal, animal prints or clear Lucite, used in this black city sandal. (Michael Kors, ‘Lani’ sandal, $145)

Link bracelets and necklaces with tortoise carry over from fall to spring. Blend lots of bracelets for “arm candy,” and yes, you can wear them on your watch arm. (Michael Kors jewelry collection, $65 – $225) april2014 | | 19



Members of the Potterstone Book Club, from left, are Sharon Heideck, Jenny Fettes, Jill Smith, Denise Theriault, Donna Johnson, Valerie Sherman, Cherie Gill, Stefanie McClain and Lynda Empoliti. Not pictured: Brenda Homrich, Maureen Tinetti.

FromBus StoptoBook Club



s a former librarian, Lynda Empoliti facilitated several book clubs in New Jersey. When she moved to Georgia in 2006, she was surprised to discover that her new neighborhood was without one. Families in Potterstone, a small Milton subdivision, were very social, enjoying tennis games, progressive dinners and a monthly Keeno group, but no book club. One day at the bus stop, Empoliti announced to her group of mom friends, “So, I really want to start a book club. Who’s in?”

Fourteen women quickly signed up. After all, said Cherie Gill, “We couldn’t have Lynda thinking that her Southern neighbors weren’t well-read.” The group meets every six weeks instead of monthly, to allow a bit more time to read the books. As with any group of busy women, there are always a few who don’t finish the novel, but come anyway for wine and good conversation. The group’s February meeting landed right in the middle of “Snowpocalypse, part deux.” Fellow Milton resident Kimberly Brock (see ‘The Interview,’ page 12) was scheduled to join the ladies as a guest author, but icy roads kept her homebound. Whether from pure book club

Potterstone neighbors read and relax together devotion, or a case of snowed-in cabin fever, eight women decided to pull on boots and trudge through icy yards to Donna Johnson’s home to discuss Brock’s book anyway. Those who have read “The River Witch” know that pumpkins play a prominent role in the story, and Johnson, a talented baker, had a spread of freshly baked treats on hand. With warm pumpkin cream-cheese muffins in hand, the neighbors settled down for a fireside chat. “We have fun together at Keeno,” said Sharon Heideck, “but book club is a smaller group, which gives us a chance to have deeper conversations. We learn about

► See SHE READS, Page 22

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20 | | april2014

april2014 | | 21

▼ SHE READS, Continued from Page 20 each other.” “Like childhood memories,” said Denise Theriault. “Something in each book relates to real life.” After reading “What We Keep,” a novel about old memories, everyone came to book club with their high school yearbooks and laughed over prom photos. “Book discussions bring up topics you’d normally never talk about,” said Jill Smith. “And we feel safe within our group, knowing that we are immune from judgment on our opinions.” Such a comfort level comes naturally in a neighborhood group, said Jenny Fettes.

“These women see me at the bus stop every day, walking my dog in my sweatpants,” she said. “I can totally be myself and feel at ease.” Brenda Homrich said she loves the way other people’s perspectives open her eyes to something about the story or a character that she had not considered. Stefanie McClain remembered the time Maureen Tinetti’s husband came down to the basement during book club, expecting to find the usual boisterous, noisy Keeno scene. Instead, he found a group of women talking quietly. “He was like, ‘Wow! You guys really ARE discussing the book,’” she laughed. “We’re always very good about discussing the book first,” said Gill. “Then we tend to veer wildly off topic.” “Which makes it fun,” added Valerie Sherman.

The group will take on any topic, any genre, but tends to avoid really long books. “Some of us have time We wa management issues, Share yont to hear from you! ur group okay people?” joked favorite ’s sto bo through oks with fellowry and Empoliti. N She Rea orthside Womreaders “Poor editor K ds. Please contaan’s Maureen has been katie@n atie VanBrack ct orthside le woman.c at trying to get us to read om. ‘Team of Rivals’ for years, but it’s thick. It’s a doorstop. It’s not gonna happen.”

CALLING ALL b oo on the n k clubs


The Potterstone Book Club (PBC) recommends the following titles to fellow readers: Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons By Lorna Landvik PBC says: This book made us all think of our neighbor, Debby Kania, who died in 2008. Don’t be deceived by the fluffy title – the story has great character development. Laughter is the glue that holds together a group of neighbors through 40 eventful years of careers, children, bold beginnings, heartbreaking endings and second chances. The women of Freesia Court are convinced that there is nothing good coffee, delectable desserts and a strong shoulder can’t fix.

The Shadow of the Wind

Bel Canto By Ann Patchett PBC says: Thoughtprovoking and powerful. You totally don’t expect it to go where it goes. A ragtag band of terrorists crashes a birthday party at the mansion of an unnamed South American vice president, taking a variety of hostages. Negotiators wrangle over terms and demands as the days stretch into months. Joined by no common language except music, the 58 international hostages and their captors forge unexpected bonds. Time stands still, priorities rearrange themselves. Ultimately, of course, something has to give. ■

By Carlos Ruiz Zafon PBC says: A story within a story. This is one of those books with so many layers, you can’t read it just once. The year is 1945. As Barcelona slowly heals in the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War, an antiquarian book dealer’s son finds solace in a mysterious book entitled “The Shadow of the Wind.” When he tries to find the author’s other books, he opens the door into one of Barcelona’s darkest secrets – an epic story of murder, madness and doomed love.


At Salon Isis, we will provide you with the most innovative and creative styling, coloring, and cutting techniques available. We offer highly competitive pricing on the highest quality hair services and always strive for absolute customer satisfaction. Ready Read for something different? Welcome to Salon Isis, housing some of the best talent in Atlanta. We take pride hou in our o work; we have fun and we know it’s all about you!! Call Ca us for an appointment and let us work our magic! Feel Fe free to drop by for a salon tour and see what we Fe have h to offer! We look forward to your visit! ha


Valid for first time clients only. One coupon per customer.

1645 Market Place Blvd. Cumming, GA 30041

770.781.3022 22 | | april2014

Moms agree, the Expression is Priceless. The Best Breakfast in Atlanta is located here in Alpharetta.

Eating breakfast can be just a meal or it can be an event. Discover just how fresh our food is. Made from scratch, healthy and savory. The Original Pancake House has become the place for adults and children to indulge. Come enjoy the vast selection and smiles.

$5 OFF $3 OFF Any purchase of $25 or more

Any purchase of $13 or more

One coupon per table. Not valid with any other offer. Expires May 1, 2014

One coupon per table. Not valid with any other offer. Expires May 1, 2014

GA 400

The Original Pancake House

Regions Bank

Windward Pkwy.


The Best Breakfast in Atlanta

(678) 393-1355 5530 Windward Pkwy Alpharetta Mon-Fri 6:30am-2:30pm Sat & Sun 7am - 3pm

april2014 | | 23



Local jewelry artist to appear at Alpharetta Arts StreetFest this month


amille Kohler is a self-taught jewelry artist with a bachelor’s of fine arts degree in photography from the University of Georgia. She uses her photographic eye to create a fun and colorful line of resin jewelry made with vintage fabrics, feedsack fabrics from the ‘30s and ‘40s, chiyogami papers and other odds and upcycled ends. Kohler will display her Cameoko jewelry line at the 10th annual Alpharetta Arts StreetFest, April 26-27.

NORTHSIDE WOMAN: How did you get started with jewelry design? Camille Kohler: Making jewelry was always something fun that I did growing up – starting with friendship bracelets and working up to beaded jewelry, wire, natural stones and macramé. I chose photography as a career path, but missed working creatively with my hands. After the birth of my first child in 2008, I felt the urge to start my own handcrafted business.

Need a Bridal Gift?

Brides, need a gift for your attendants?

www.H H l Ad t om Gallery 35 (Alpharetta) Ga

One way to pay for your wedding? Host a bridal shower! Have your friends bring their unused or broken gold or silver as their gift to you... call for more details! Call Renee Morrison


Expires May 1, 2014

No Obligation Consultation

24 | | april2014

Spring is in the air at Dal Cuore New York Trattoria

Rd. idge

s Br Jone


Waffle House

. e Rd

Regular price of bottle not to exceed $50.

ridg te B Sta

Wine Down Wednesdays & Thursdays – 1/2 Price Wines

tor nec Con

Vintage textiles and patterns from early to mid-century are steeped with beauty from a simpler time and have a story all their own.

Ray Moss

Finally in Atlanta – Authentic New York Italian food inspired by real New Yorkers. We use only the freshest ingredients and keep it simple – our dishes are prepared to order with only the finest, highest quality ingredients. From our fresh seafood flown in daily to our freshly cut organic chicken and milk-fed veal, our food is not to be missed. Dal Cuore is a hidden gem – we may be a little hard to find, but once you do you’ll keep coming back! Kroger

Camille Kohler We are opening Sundays 12-8 starting EASTER Sunday. Make your reservations now!

What inspires you as an artist? Vintage mid-century designs have always appealed to me, and my first jewelry creations were using wallpaper scraps with atomic designs from the ‘50s and ‘60s. Then I started experimenting with washi papers, photographs and other types of paper. Wanting to branch out more, I was drawn into the world of vintage fabrics, especially feedsack fabrics which are steeped with history and beauty. I adore the floral fabrics and the way textures can be seen through the resin – and how I’m able to take a scrap of fabric and make it into something beautiful that women want to wear. The patterns are full of life, feminine and easy to wear every day for women of all ages.

Dal Cuore ore New York Trattoria

2100 Ray Moss Connector, Johns Creek, GA 30022 (at State Bridge and Jones Bridge, behind QT and Waffle House) Wed.-Sat. 5pm till close • Sun.-Tues. for catering/parties (on/off premises)

678-867-0854 •

Honest, Low Pricing from Your Local Furniture Retailer

Where do you find your vintage materials? I have found beautiful fabrics at estate sales, but mainly I get my fabrics from quilters who have smaller, unique pieces to sell. Printed and patterned feedsack fabrics were what farmers’ wives used during the Depression and World War II to create dresses, toys and quilts. I’ve always marveled at the beauty in these fabrics and that they are still accessible. It’s a reminder that recycling, far from new or trendy, is the way countless generations survived and thrived.

How do you blend being a stay-at-home mom and an artist? We converted one of the bedrooms in our Atlanta home into a jewelry studio. It’s spacious, with plenty of window light. My two daughters (ages 2 and 6) inspire me daily, and my husband, Dan, also an artist and a photographer, is extremely supportive. He has always been a midcentury design enthusiast and has

Family Owned for 25 Years

encouraged my own vintage textile obsession/love.

Where can people find your Cameoko jewelry line? I show my work at 10 to 15 art shows each year, and am very excited to be returning to the Alpharetta Arts StreetFest this year. My parents live in Alpharetta, so it feels like home to me. I also sell my jewelry on, at Homegrown in Decatur, the Beehive in the Atlanta Edgewood shopping district, Inman Dry Goods in Inman Park, Kudzu in Decatur and a few stores in Asheville, N.C., as well. cameokojewelry. ■ — Katie VanBrackle

Spring Savings

Accent Your Home with Melange by Hooker Furniture M

Visit us today for your Office Furniture and Home Furniture. New Location: 11442 Alpharetta Hwy • Roswell, GA 30076 • 770-998-4899 april2014 | | 25


Blooms for Butterflies

Proudly keeping homes cleaner & healthier since 1987


The body is self-healing, given proper nutrition and care. At Abundant Life Wellness, we work with you to address the underlying cause, not just the symptoms. • Holistic Wellness for Adults and Children • Zyto Bioenergetic Assessment • Homeopathics and Botanicals • Lymphatic Drainage Therapy • Ionic Footbath • Broad-Spectrum Infrared Sauna • Facial Microcurrent • Advanced Relaxation Therapy Room • Detox Packages

$10 Far-Infrared Massage Session Walk-in or by Appointment

12670 Crabapple Rd., Suite 200 Milton, GA 30004 26 | | april2014

Eileen M. Wrobleski Naturopath Certified Nutritional Counselor


Five plants to attract colorful garden visitors


Referred for a reason.


ake your spring garden even more colorful by including blooms to attract butterflies. Lisa Cole, a horticulturalist at the Chattahoochee Nature Center (CNC) in Roswell, says these five plants are guaranteed to appeal to your fluttering friends. Find a full array of butterfly-attracting plants at the CNC’s Native Plant Sale held April 4-5 and 11-12, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., 9135 Willeo Road, Roswell. CNC also hosts a Flying Colors Butterfly Festival in June. ■ Milkweed (Asclepias) is the host plant for the Monarch butterfly, and no butterfly garden is complete without it. Substances in the milkweed build up in the butterflies’ wings and exoskeletons, making them toxic to potential predators and keeping them safe. ■ Coneflowers like Blackeyed Susans (Rudbeckia) and Purple Coneflower (Echinacea) have large landing areas and create plenty of nectar.

■ Salvias have tubular flowers and are a favorite of butterflies as well as gardeners for being a drought-tolerant, easy-to-grow plant. ■ Zinnias continue to bloom all season and are very attractive to butterflies. Available in a variety of bright, vivid colors, zinnias are very tolerant of high heat and strong sun. ■ Goldenrod (Solidago) is a very important nectar source for pollinators in the late summer and fall. Goldenrod is often mistakenly blamed for causing hay fever symptoms as it blooms at the same time as ragweed, the true culprit. ■

Selecting the right realtor makes all the difference.

Peter and I have been the top team in the North Fulton office now for eight consecutive years. Our tireless work ethic, passion for our buyers, sellers and investors and simply the fact that we make the entire process enjoyable instead of stressful is the key to our success.



15220 Fairfax Ln, Milton 5 bd, 6.1 ba, full finished terrace level, 4 board fence. $889,900

4825 Brighton Lake Dr, Cumming 3 bd, 2.5 ba, 3 car garage, full basement. $325,000

ACTIVE – Acreage

Top Rated Johns Creek High School

625 Knox Hill Dr, Milton 5 bd, 5.5 ba, Milton Estate, pool, 5 acres. $949,900

5730 Lake Heights Cir, Johns Creek 6 bd, 4 ba, finished basement $489,900


1245 Hopewell Crest, Alpharetta 5 bd, 5 full and 2 half ba, pool, tennis court. $1,150,000

325 Sweet Gum Circle, Milton 5 bd, 5.5 ba, private pond. $729,900


Pool and 2 Acres



JOHNS CREEK – S/T Community

360 Newcastle Dr, Alpharetta 6 bd, 6.5 ba, finished terrace level, swim/tennis. $785,000

400 Barnesley Ln, Alpharetta 6 bd, 5 ba, finished on 3 levels. $599,900

18 Ball Creek Way, Sandy Springs 5 bd, 4.5 ba $839,900

3080 Pillement Place 4 bd, 2.5 ba, renovated kitchen. $369,900

You’ll know within only a few minutes that I am the Realtor you will be comfortable working with and who’ll succeed for you. Just call and allow me to interview for the job. I won’t take up much of your time. You’ll be glad you called! 404-784-5287

– Allison

Allison and Peter Kloster

Direct Office: 770-594-4945 | april2014 | | 27

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Your Dental Experience... the way you want it. NEW PATIENTS

20% OFF

Any Service

*Including co-pay Expires 4/30/14

Green BEANS WITH Roasted-Onion VINAIGRETTE 2 pounds French green beans 2 red onions, peeled (about 1 pound) 4 teaspoons olive oil, divided ¼ teaspoon salt ¼ teaspoon pepper 2 sprigs fresh thyme 1 tablespoon chopped, fresh dill 3 tablespoons Champagne vinegar, or white wine vinegar 1 tablespoon stone-ground mustard Cut onions in half vertically. Drizzle cut half of each onion half with ¼ teaspoon olive oil. Sprinkle halves evenly with salt and pepper. Place one thyme sprig on one onion half, top with other half

and then wrap in aluminum foil. Repeat procedure with remaining thyme and onion halves. Bake wrapped onions at 400 degrees for one hour or until tender. Cool at room temperature. Discard the thyme and chop the onions. Combine the onion, one tablespoon olive oil, dill, vinegar and mustard in a small bowl. Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Add the beans and blanch them for about three minutes until tender but still crisp. Drain beans and immediately put them into a bowl of ice water to stop the cooking and preserve their bright green color. Drain and pat dry. Toss beans with vinaigrette and serve. Can be served warm or at room temperature. Serves 8.

“I believe everyone should be given the opportunity to learn how they can make their smile healthy and it is my goal to teach all my patients on a 1 on 1 platform what we can do to help them achieve that perfect smile.” – Dr. Soulimiotis

9925 Haynes Bridge Road | Suite 700 | Johns Creek, GA 30022 (located in the Haynes Bridge Publix Shopping Center)

Lemon FROST PIE 1 cup sifted flour 1/2 cup butter 2 tablespoons sugar 1/4 teaspoon salt 2 egg whites 2/3 cup sugar 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice 2 teaspoons grated lemon zest 2 drops yellow food coloring (optional) 1 cup heavy cream Pre-heat oven to 370 degrees. In a small bowl, using a pastry blender or fork, mix flour, butter, sugar and salt until crumbly. Lightly spread 1/3 cup of this crust mixture onto a baking sheet. Press the remainder of dough in a greased and floured 9-inch pie pan. Bake both crusts for 12-15 minutes, stirring the crumbs on baking sheet once or twice while baking. Remove both from oven and cool. In a medium-size bowl, beat egg

whites. Add sugar, lemon juice, zest and food coloring. Beat until stiff. Beat heavy cream on high speed in bowl of an electric mixer until soft peaks form. Fold into the lemon mixture. Place filling in cooled pie shell and sprinkle the baked crumbs on top. Freeze. Remove from freezer about a half hour before serving. Serves 8. ■

Music and Voice Lessons for All Ages and Styles Piano • Voice • Guitar • Violin • Drums • Brass • Woodwinds • Accordian • Organ

We have over 30 experienced and talented instructors and offer many performance opportunities throughout the year including 4 standard recitals and one advanced recital, community festivals, open mics, internal practical assessment, and student album projects recorded in our very own professional recording facility, Lucky Dog Studios.

formerly known as Peggy Still School of Music

Mon-Fri 12pm - 9pm • Sat 9am - 3pm | 11775 Northfall Ln, Ste 203, Alpharetta, GA 30009 | | (770) 753-0322 Call for your FREE 30 min. lesson 28 | | april2014

woman's best friend

Who is your favorite


Do you know an Unsung She’ro who works tirelessly? A fabulously creative artist, author or musician? Talented teacher or mentor? Successful businesswoman or entrepreneur? Outstanding athlete or fitness guru? Or a best friend, mom or neighbor with an inspiring, funny or touching story to share?

wants to hear from you!!

Pet of the Month


ocky is a 1-year-old red and brown Chihuahua mix who weighs only 10 pounds. His foster reports this sweet dog has great house manners, lots of energy and loves playing with people and other dogs. Rocky is a bit timid in new places and meeting new people, but warms up quickly to new friends. Furkids/Small Dog Rescue welcomed him after his previous owner turned him into the rescue group. Now, he’s looking forward to life with a family who recognizes dogs should be cherished and played with forever. Rocky will do best in a family with older children and other dogs, and where someone is with him most of the time. In return, Rocky will be a loyal companion. To inquire about adopting Rocky, please visit ■


SKIN CARE SPECIALIST: Caroline Brown Proper skin care products combined with professional skin care treatments are the perfect ways to achieve great looking skin. I use only the most innovative skin care products, providing advanced treatments in a private and relaxing environment. Let me help you look your BEST! •16 years experience working as a licensed esthetician • Solo practitioner offering customized skin care services • All skin types! Specializing in anti-aging treatments Renew Skin Care Studio 1575 Old Alabama Rd, Ste 201, Studio 118, Roswell, GA 404-512-0543 • april2014 | | 29


Going Green: the smoothie way Adding extra veggies to your diet



et’s face it, you still hear your mother’s voice taunting you from that serving of okra on your plate. “Eat your vegetables.” While vegetables are good for us, they can be time consuming, hard to cook, not readily available or expensive, so instead of forcing them down, we often avoid them and make excuses. But guess what? There is a different way to get our two and a half cups of veggies daily. Smoothies. Understand first that smoothies and juicing are very different. Juicing extracts the juice from the vegetable and leaves the fiber intact. Smoothies are made with pureed vegetables and keep the fiber intact. Fiber is one of the most important parts of the vegetable. Fiber lowers your risk of heart disease and diabetes, helps clear your body of waste and keeps the weight off. But ‘pureed vegetables’ sounds yucky and the truth is, they can be. Even babies don’t always want to eat their pureed vegetables and I completely get it. There are literally thousands of recipes for vegetable smoothies online. Some suggest simply pureeing the

vegetable, throw a cup of water into the blender and choke it down with their nose plugged, but that doesn’t work for everyone. If you aren’t getting your suggested servings of veggies a day and want to give green smoothies a try, there are a few things you can do to make them easier to swallow. It’s all about the extras. First, use vegetables that are in season, and mix them up to avoid build up of alkaloids which can cause some mildly uncomfortable issues (stomach cramping and gas). Spinach and kale are always great choices as well as carrots and parsley. Once you’ve got your vegetables picked, puree them with a green apple, kiwi or peach to add a touch of sweetness but remember, fruits are high in sugar. The base liquid is key for flavor so I suggest coconut or almond milk. Adding a touch of agave can add flavor without kicking your blood sugar levels into high gear, too. I don’t suggest adding a protein powder to veggie smoothies because it tends to clump and has a grainy consistency and for texture sensitive eaters, that’s a deal breaker. Keep in mind that certain health conditions like diabetes or kidney stones require a reduced amount of

vegetables, so as always, making changes to your diet and exercise program should be discussed with your doctor. If you create or try a recipe, feel free to email me at Carolyn@ and tell me how it turned out! ■ Carolyn has been a fitness and nutrition enthusiast for over 15 years and holds certifications from nationally recognized organizations.

GYN Office Located in Roswell near North Fulton Hospital

Get back to living your life. For heavy periods, cramps, bladder leakage, fatigue, mood swings, pelvic discomfort and vaginal rejuvenation, consult a GYN Specialist. Contact us for simple solutions that will get your life back on track.


• Residential Housekeeping • Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning • Custom Services Dr. Curt Misko GYN Surgeon

Over 40 Years of Security and Convenience We Promise... Quality, Pride and Performance

1305 Hembree Road, Suite 202 Roswell, GA 30076 770.545.8550 | 30 | | april2014

271 North Main Street Alpharetta • 770.360.9000

Bold, Bronzed, Bare and


Beautiful! Fashionable makeup trends for Spring and Summer 2014

By CYNTHIA MORRISON EIKE Visage Designs by Cynthia, LLC


he catwalks of fashion week were paved with fresh makeup looks for spring and summer 2014. Here are some hot trends to put into action now. ■ Bold and bright lips instantly transform “Plain Jane” to polished perfection. Try a punchy orange like Laura Mercier’s Crème Smooth Lip Color in Palm Beach ($27) or a true, vibrant pink like Bobbi Brown’s Neon Pink ($25). Compliment your lip color with cream blush in the same color family like NYX Hot Pink or Orange cream blush ($6) or Bobbi Brown’s Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks ($25) in Fresh Melon or Pale Pink. ■ Bronzed and metallic eye shadows and nail polish warm up winter skin beautifully. Try Tom Ford Nail Lacquer in Incandescent ($32) and a coat of long wearing metallic cream eye shadow in Bad to the Bronze from Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo ($7). Warm up your complexion with a slightly iridescent bronzing powder like Physician’s Formula Sexy Booster Sexy Glow ($14) or Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Bronze ($42) brushed lightly all over face and décolletage. (TIP: Try using as eyeshadow

or mixed with your favorite lip gloss). ■ For spring, healthy-looking bare faces replace covered up winter skin by using a light hand and light formulas. After quenching skin with moisturizer, try a color=correcting CC cream alone or under your tinted moisturizer to give the illusion of perfect skin. Pur Minerals CC Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 40 ($38) corrects dark spots from sun and blemish damage. Bobbi Brown CC Cream SPF 35 ($44) color corrects, illuminates and protects in one easy step. The result? Flawless, natural skin with or without makeup. The eyes are the windows to the soul, as they say. Get soulful and beautiful eyes for spring with bold and geometric shaped eyeliner. These tricky lines are easily achieved with the right tools. Try Rimmel London’s Scandal Eyes Precision Micro Eyeliner and Thick and Thin Eyeliners ($6) or Maybelline Line Stiletto Ultimate Precision Liquid Eyeliner ($8) for ultimate control. (TIP: To create a perfect “cat eye.” start with the outer corner flicks of liner first, ensuring symmetry, and then work from the outer edges toward the inner corners). Generously apply Estee Lauder’s Sumptuous Infinite Daring Length + Volume Mascara ($26) or Bobbi Brown’s amazingly rich Smokey Eye Mascara ($25) to freshly curled and sharply lined lashes for the perfect spring look. ■

Cynthia provides consulting and makeup application services through Visage Designs by Cynthia. Contact her at visagedesigns@

april2014 | | 31


Gesundheit! Finding relief for seasonal allergies By DEBBIE KEEL

North Fulton Hospital CEO


esundheit! It’s the most frequently used phrase anywhere in the metro Atlanta area this time of year. That’s because everybody’s doing it…sneezing, that is. When I relocated to Atlanta in 2009, I just didn’t get it that first spring. Sure, I saw that layer of pollen sitting on my car roof. But I wasn’t sneezing and don’t know why everyone around me was. Then I was told, “If you don’t have allergies and you stay here a few years, you will.” At that time, all I saw was a beautiful blooming tree or flower everywhere I looked. I saw neighborhood lawns that rivaled the beauty of the Augusta National

(770) 476-8400 JOHNS CREEK

4265 Johns Creek Pkwy., Ste B Johns Creek, GA 30024

CONTACT: Call (770) 476-8400 for more information HOURS: Monday-Friday 7am-6pm, Saturday 9am-4pm

Transportation and Funding Options Available. Free day of care limited to 4 hours. ©2012 SarahCare

32 | | april2014

Country Club, as seen on the Masters – another rite of spring in these parts. But they were right. Now, I’m sneezing right along with everyone else. My friend, Dr. Thomas Chacko, the extraordinary allergist who works at Northside ENT in Roswell and Cumming, tells me this area can have some of the highest pollen counts in the nation. With the strong winter we just had, he says pollen counts will likely only rise later in the spring and may persist longer. And if you have outdoor pets, they usually bring in a significant amount of pollen from the outdoors inside, leading to symptoms indoors. What can you do? Assuming your case of the sneezes and itchy eyes is not too severe, over the counter allergy medications should give you some relief. If it’s more severe, says Dr. Chacko, you can receive allergy immunotherapy in the form of allergy shots, one of the most

effective treatments for allergies that can be curative. So I hope you get through this most beautiful time of year with just a few boxes of tissue. If not, you can contact your primary care physician or Dr. Chacko at Northside Ear, Nose and Throat at 770-475-3361. ■

Debbie Keel ►







orth Atlanta is a hub for trendy-yet-refined interior decor. With plenty of brick and mortar stores to choose from, the difficult part is picking which styles best reflect your personality and taste. Below, experts offer their views on the staples and fads.

Accessorizing Your Home to Reflect Your Lifestyle 50 Shades of Gray


veryone knows the bestselling book series “Fifty Shades of Grey,” but Fifty Shades of Gray is also storming the interior design industry. Shades of gray have dominated the industry from wall colors, fabrics, rugs and flooring to every furniture piece imaginable. Gray, once considered to be a dark color, is anything but. The combinations and different palettes of gray create a peaceful and graceful room setting. Want to add splashes of color? Add it in wall art or throw pillows.

Sandi Fogarty has been designing for 25 years, serving clients in Georgia and abroad. Her work can be seen in several national magazines. She has been a buyer and interior designer at Home Fashion Interiors for the past 14 years. Visit Fogarty at Home Fashion Interiors at 793 N. Main St., Alpharetta, Ga. 30009, or call 770-664-9544.


ccessorizing your home is what adds the finishing touches and personalizes your space. It is the perfect way to display cherished memorabilia, add trendy pieces and pops of color, texture and pattern. The key to creating a chic space is to choose pieces that coordinate without creating clutter. Select items that make an impact and consider rotating seasonally for a fresh new look. While designing bookshelves or groupings, always remember to execute balance and scale. Varying sizes and heights add interest. Consider using multiples for high impact and place collections together for a larger statement. Remember to look up, down and all around. Artwork, lighting, rugs and pillows are excellent ways to update your existing case goods and upholstered pieces. It is the combination of accessories and how you display them that will make your home unique and reflect your family’s interests, lifestyle and personalities.

Jill Awbrey is an interior designer for the full-service design center Tuscany Fine Furnishings. Located at 1570 Holcomb Bridge Road in Roswell, Tuscany Fine Furnishings is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday from 1 to 5 p.m. For more information, visit or call 770-993-0640. april2014 | | 33


APRIL Park softball fields, 13450 Cogburn Road, Alpharetta.


Spring Native Plant Sale 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Also on April 5, 11 and 12. The Chattahoochee Nature Center hosts their annual fundraising plant sale featuring native plants for every garden and master gardeners on hand to answer questions. Includes blooming trees, groundcovers, herb and veggie seedlings, butterfly-attracting flowers and more. 9135 Willeo Road, Roswell.


Chastain Chase 6K 8 a.m. A 6K race, 1-mile walk/run and Tot Trot through Chastain Park all benefit the Cancer Support Community Atlanta. Race begins and ends at Road Runner Sports, Powers Ferry Square, 3756 Roswell Road, Atlanta. A DJ and post-run treats will follow the race.


Smith Plantation’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt 10 – 11 a.m. Children ages 8 and under can bring their own baskets to hunt for candy-filled eggs on the grounds of historic Smith Plantation in Roswell, following a tradition started by young Lizzie Smith more than a century ago. $5 per child. Smith Plantation, 935 Alpharetta St., Roswell. “Camelot” at Roswell Cultural Arts Center 8 p.m. Shows continue through April 27. Georgia Ensemble Theatre presents the wildly popular Tony-award winning Broadway musical, “Camelot.” King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, Lancelot, Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table are on their mythic quest for honor and justice, finding love, broken hearts, intrigue and betrayal along the way. Tickets are in the $30 range and can be purchased online at Roswell Cultural Arts Center, 950 Forest St., Roswell.


Easter Eggstravaganza in Alpharetta 10 a.m. – noon. Bring the whole family to Alpharetta for inflatables, photos with the Easter Bunny (bring your camera), face painting and fun food vendors. Children’s egg hunts in two age groups: 3 to 6, or 7 and older. North 34 | | april2014

Easter Egg Hunt in Johns Creek 10 a.m. Children ages 1-10 hunt for thousands of filled eggs “hidden” on Newtown Park’s athletic fields. Special prize eggs in each age group are part of the fun. Pre-hunt activities include face painting, moonwalk, children’s activities, and photos with the Easter Bunny. Free. Bring your own basket and camera. Newtown Park, 3150 Old Alabama Road, Johns Creek. Earth Day Kids Fest 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. The whole family can connect with nature in honor of Earth Day through arts and crafts, exhibits and vendors, live music, animal encounters, food truck edibles and canoeing on Beaver Pond. $10 adults, $6 children over 2. Chattahoochee Nature Center, 9135 Willeo Road, Roswell.


Alive After Five in Roswell 5 – 10 p.m. Come to the best street party in metro Atlanta for live music, outside vendors and extended retail hours, face painting, free trolley and more. Canton Street, downtown Roswell. “Oliver!” at the Cumming Playhouse 8 p.m. Shows continue through April 19. Based on the novel by Charles Dickens, this British musical follows young orphan, Oliver Twist, through the dirty back alleys of London, falling in with a tough crowd of pick pockets, before finally finding a loving home. Cumming Playhouse, 101 School Street, Cumming.


Alpharetta Farmers Market 8:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. Each Saturday through mid-October. Browse homegrown fruits and vegetables from local farms as well as all natural meats, fresh flowers and plants, desserts, raw honey, homemade soaps, sauces and jellies. Downtown Alpharetta, intersection


5th Annual Milton Earth Day Festival 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. This fun-filled and educational family event will showcase environmental vendors and businesses along with fun crafts, rides, entertainment and food. Free. Friendship Community Park in Crabapple, 12785 Birmingham Highway, Milton.


“Cirque Razstava” at Milton High School 7:30 p.m. Also April 25-27; May 1-3. Milton Theatre’s incredible Cirque program returns, bringing to life animatronic characters collected for a 1910 traveling exhibition. New acts and apparatus are guaranteed to “wow” guests, taking them into a new-fangled realm somewhere between real and unreal. Shows sell out early! Buy $10 tickets online at

26 Alpharetta Food Truck Alley 5 – 9 p.m. Every Thursday. Feast on the street every Thursday evening with a variety of six to eight rotating food trucks and live music each week. Old Roswell Street (behind SmokeJack) in downtown Alpharetta.

Looking Ahead

of North Main Street and Milton Avenue.

Alpharetta Arts StreetFest 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., also on Sunday, April 27. The streets of downtown Alpharetta will be closed as nearly 100 artists, musicians and performers from throughout the U.S. are showcased. Stroll through outdoor galleries filled with fine art, create children’s art and experience live jazz, roots rock, Celtic music, cultural dancing and more. Admission and parking are free. Intersection of Milton Avenue and Main Street.


5th Annual Drake Walk 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. This rain or shine family event follows walking routes of various distances through historic Roswell, followed by a finish line festival with refreshments and family fun, all in support of the Drake House, an emergency housing facility for women and children in crisis. The walk begins in the Roswell United Methodist Church parking lot at the corner of Mimosa Boulevard and Magnolia Street. $15 registration fee, discounts for families and groups. To register, go to Down Home Derby in Alpharetta 5 p.m. Celebrate the Kentucky Derby with live horses, Bluegrass music, a blue ribbon hat parade, fabulous food and mint juleps and live and silent auctions at In Your Dreams Farm in Alpharetta during the Down Home Derby, the annual fundraiser for the Children’s Development Association of Georgia, headquartered in Roswell. Tickets are $150 and can be purchased online at tickets. In Your Dreams Farm, 17875 Birmingham Highway, Alpharetta

Ludwig Symphony Orchestra 7:30 p.m. The 80-piece Ludwig Symphony Orchestra closes out its season with a spectacular concert featuring violinist Hye-Jin-Kim, sensational Syrian/ American pianist Malek Jandali in the premiere of his Theme and Variations, and Olga and Jacob Yampolsky in the Bruch duo for violin/viola. Tickets are $12 - $22. Gwinnett Performing Arts Center, 6400 Sugarloaf Parkway, Duluth.


Bicycle Rides and Races in Roswell 8 a.m. The Roswell Mayor’s Ride, featuring 6-, 20-, 40- and 62-mile options, is suitable for all ages and the perfect way to begin a day of bicycling fun. The routes travel rolling hills and flat sections along the Chattahoochee River and through the city of Roswell. All rides start and finish at Roswell Area Park, 10495 Woodstock Road. At 10 a.m., the Historic Roswell Criterium, an amateur and professional bicycle race, will take over the streets of Roswell’s historic district. “Alabama: All American Tour” in Alpharetta 7:30 p.m. The country music and Southern rock band Alabama reeled off 21 straight No. 1 singles — a record that will probably never be equaled in any genre. See the group perform live at Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, 2200 Encore Parkway, Alpharetta.


Taste of Alpharetta 5 – 10 p.m. The Southeast’s premiere dining festival celebrates its 23rd year with over 50 restaurants serving samples to 50,000 families, foodies and festival-goers. Experience a culinary competition, cooking demos and exhibits at the culinary arts and music stage. Play at the fun zone and party with metro radio stations. Free admission, parking and shuttles. Downtown Alpharetta, 2 South Main St.

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• Preventive Exams and Pap Smears

• Birth Control

• Preconception, Family Planning and Contraception Consults • Prenatal Care and Delivery

(IUD, Nexplanon, Depo Provera) • Treatment for Heavy or Frequent Periods

• Teenage and Adolescent Care

• Investigation of Incontinence

• Menopause/Peri-Menopause Management

• Colposcopy and LEEP

• Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery • Waterbirths

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To learn more about the services and physicians at North Fulton Women’s Specialists, visit Now accepting new patients and most major insurance plans. Same-day appointments available; call (770) 410-4388.

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Northside Woman, April 2014  

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