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January Special Section

2 January 2013

Education • Sponsored Section

S P O N S O R E D S E C T I O N |January 2013

Rivers Academy Expands College Prep. Life Ready.

Rivers Academy is a fully accredited college prep school, providing an outstanding education within a condensed school week. Rivers is excited to announce the addition of an intermediate department serving 4th and 5th grades. The expansion will be called The Tributary as it feeds into the Rivers’ middle and high schools located in downtown Alpharetta. The Tributary will meet the developmental and academic needs specific to 4th and 5th graders following our proven model for success. Rivers Academy and now The Tributary are unique in that they serve students that are in pursuit of a passion, at an elite level, unattainable with the constraints of a traditional school schedule. Rivers Academy students can get their academic and elective requirements met in a three day school week, leaving them time to practice, perform and travel. Rivers Academy is focused on student’s academics while keeping their authentic self intact along with offering them a social life, and school events. With advanced curriculum, small class sizes and positive peer interactions, an exceptional learning


environment is provided. Our teachers are highly educated, dedicated, caring, and remarkable at delivering accelerated content. Students develop superior mas-

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Being prepared for college is important, but to succeed in today’s competitive world, graduates must also be ready for life. That’s the essence of the mission of Mount Pisgah Christian School: College Prep. Life Ready. Mount Pisgah Christian School is an independent, non-denominational coeducation school serving children from six weeks of age through 12th grade. Known for rigorous academics and exceptional faculty who have a passion for teaching, Pisgah has quickly become the school of choice for North Atlanta families desiring the highest quality college preparatory education. More than 90% of Pisgah graduates are accepted at their first choice of college. On average, Pisgah graduates score more than 200 points higher on the SAT than the Georgia public school average. Eleven Advanced Placement courses are offered and 75% of 2012 test takers scored more than three on the AP exam. The Pisgah Experience is filled with challenging coursework and opportunities to develop a lifelong love of learn-

ing, build lasting relationships, and strengthen faith. Personalized instruction and one-on-one relationships between faculty and students are Pisgah trademarks. Teachers are invested in students’ lives in the classroom, playing field, stage and on the mission field. Pisgah’s curriculum combines a biblical worldview with college preparatory academics. Students discover God’s ultimate truth, their unique gifts, and their purpose in life. Students attend weekly chapel, with opportunities for participation in leading worship, devotions

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Peachtree Park Prep Rushing through your afternoon to hurry and pick up your child as early as you can from their preschool?? Not to worry if your child is a student at Peachtree Park Prep (PPP) ! A very unusual thing happens at PPP on an almost daily basis….parents arrive for pick up and leave without their child because they want to stay and continue the fun activities and exciting learning… loving to learn at PPP!  Peachtree Park Prep is proud to be celebrating their 17th year of serving families of North Fulton County and surrounding communities.  The advanced curriculum is enhanced by specialty instruction in Art, Music, Spanish & Chinese Language Lab, Computer, and Physical Education, offered complimentary, Toddlers through First Grade.  Combining high academic standards with an outstanding, long term faculty and administrative staff, Peachtree Park Prep is the hallmark of early private education.  Test scores rank students, Pre-K and Kindergarten level, “higher than most schools across the nation”, as noted by ITBS Assessment Scoring Center. Peachtree Park Prep enjoys an outstanding reputation with the area’s private and public schools. PPP is very proud to have welcomed the area’s private school Admissions Directors for their own private tour of PPP to observe the teaching methods and curriculum used due to the high academic achievements noticed and the high acceptance rate of students going

into private school education. “If parents of preschool age children only knew all the incredible things going on at PPP, you wouldn’t be able to build a school big enough to enroll everyone who wanted their child to go to Peachtree Park Prep!”....current PPP mom   Infants~Toddlers~Preschool~Kinder garten~First Grade~After School, Morning Prep, Summer Day Camp.  Johns Creek  770-497-6680/Alpharetta Campus 770-667-8854. FIND OUT HOW YOUR CHILD CAN BE A PPP GRADUATE! MAKE THE CALL~ YOU WILL BE THRILLED YOU DID! LOVING TO LEARN AT PPP ~ WE’RE AS HAPPY AS CAN BE

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Student Success in a HighStakes Education System As the 2012-2013 college application season winds to a close, the education world is braced for news of yet another record breaking year for college admissions. For the past several years, the nation’s top colleges and universities have posted record-low admission rates, leaving tens of thousands of students disappointed by their college options. As the number of high school graduates going straight to college continues to rise, the level of competition for admission into top schools will climb as well. The competitiveness of college admissions has created a situation in which top students must begin the road to college as early as possible. This competitive atmosphere has given way to a variety of tutoring and test preparation services. While the proliferation of such services provides ample help for students, it can also make choosing the right program exceedingly difficult. When choosing a tutor or test prep program, it is important to find a solution that meets your student’s unique needs. One Atlanta based company, C2 Education, has long worked towards meeting the various needs of students from different academic backgrounds. Founded in 1997 from a Harvard dorm

room, C2 Education is now a national education support provider with more than 100 locations across the United States and Canada. Uniquely, C2 Education offers personalized programs that are designed to address each student’s strengths and weaknesses, ensuring that students focus on the areas in which they need the most work rather than reviewing materials that students have already mastered. C2’s personalized approach focuses on creating strong relationships between students and their teachers as well as a steady and reliable support system of which parents can be proud. “I got into this industry because I was one of the lucky few who had the support and opportunities necessary

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4 January 2013

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Fellowship Christian School Fellowship Christian School students thrive while on our campus and in college because learning is taken to the next level through experiential opportunities. Below, our students and teachers provide their perspective of a few of Fellowship’s out-of-the-classroom opportunities. Fellowship Ambassadors Fellowship Ambassadors represents the school during special events and Admissions tours. As we serve each section of our school – elementary,

middle and high – we learn and develop leadership skills. I hope to become an Army Ranger and will need strong leadership skills. -Ross Schoendorf, Junior TREAD Through TREAD, I have experienced and done things that have challenged me physically and spiritually. On a recent hiking trip, Mr. Hughes, our instructor, encouraged us to try to find God’s fingerprint throughout nature. At the campfire that evening, we all

had the opportunity to provide our own take on what we saw. I have become much more aware of the world God created while making new and stronger friendships. -David Consoli, Senior ES Out of the Classroom, Huntsville Space Center Involving our students is fundamental to developing a deep love of learning. Early in the school year, we study a unit on the solar system and the history of space travel. We then

go on a trip to the U.S. Space and Rocket Center and frame the experience within a Biblical

perspective. In essence, when we break out of the classroom on trips like this, we are breaking down barriers to learning while deepening a student’s faith. —Christy Goar, 5th grade teacher High Touch-High Tech Gas Blasters Throughout our Science Units, hands-on experiments help students gain knowledge of specific science facts. With scientists from High Touch – High Tech, students apply high-level critical thinking skills to complete the activity while learning to value each other’s opinion, handle disagreements, and learn how to communicate. This kind of experience prepares them for a great future of learning. Margaret Ramsey, 2nd grade teacher. Come experience Fellowship! Elementary Open House for K4-5th grades is Tuesday, January 15th at 9:30 a.m. in the Elementary School media center. Middle and High School Open House is Thursday, January 17th at 9:30 a.m. Meet in the High School Foyer. Tours are available each Thursday morning at 10 a.m. in the High School Foyer. No tours on Thursday, April 4th. Fellowship Christian School is located at 10965 Woodstock Road, Roswell, GA 30075. Admissions 770.641.6816.

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King’s Ridge Invites Community to Witness Progress Today, educating a child isn’t as simple as automatically enrolling them in the neighborhood school. Parents are expected to be actively involved in their child’s education on the home front while school environments and leadership have a direct impact on each child’s school experience during the day. There are choices to be made for each child’s individual needs. Parents may select a school for a faith- based environment or choose a school where academics are most important. Students at King’s Ridge Christian School don’t have to sacrifice one for the other as they are surrounded by a strong community where faculty invest in their success and parents form a partnership with a school that welcomes their support. This personal attention is felt from the moment you walk on campus and filters into classrooms where children are known for their individual gifts and challenged to work to their potential. Strong academics and a full range of

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Bridgeway middle school students served at the CURE Pediatric Cancer Christmas party recently held in Atlanta.

Fostering Servants’ Hearts

athletics, arts and other co-curricular opportunities of community service and mission trips create college applications which bring strong interest from colleges as 100% of King’s Ridge graduates are offered college acceptance, often with noteworthy scholarships as a bonus. One of the newest benefits of a King’s Ridge experience is a fully integrated program called the “Journey

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Founded in 1998, the model behind the educational program at Bridgeway Christian Academy (BCA) has always been Jesus Christ. While reflected in the philosophy, curriculum, and programs across all grade levels, this model is perhaps most evident in the spiritual growth BCA students experience during their time there. Service opportunities help reach the hearts of students, enabling them to discover and use their unique talents and gifts to help others as an extension of Christ, all the while challenging them and strengthening their spiritual walk. Bridgeway partners with local organizations throughout the school year to provide students with a variety of opportunities to serve. Most recently BCA middle schoolers served at the CURE Pediatric Cancer Christmas party held in downtown Atlanta. BCA students were “host elves” to the party guests and their families throughout the event. Two fifth grade classes at BCA cele-

brated the Christmas season with residents in nearby senior living facilities; and this past fall BCA partnered with FLOOD Student Ministries to co-host a fall festival at The Garden, a shelter for homeless women and children. Service is a special gift says BCA Head of School, Rob Starner. “While serving others may not come naturally to all of us, the experience brings such joy to the life of the person being served, as well as to the person who is serving; our students can’t help but be changed by it.” An Open House for rising preschoolers through eighth grade students is scheduled for Sunday, January 13th, from 2 – 4 pm. For more information or a personal tour, contact BCA Admissions at 678.942.1126, or Bridgeway is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).

6 January 2013

Tips to Evaluate the Mid-Year Report Card It’s a brand new year - and a great time for parents and their children to reflect on the school year thus far, what subjects are going well and what areas might need improvement. As you evaluate your child’s school performance this year, ask yourself these questions: What are the warning signs? If most of your child’s grades are fine with the exception of

one very low grade, it’s logical to assume your child is having difficulty in that particular subject. Maybe he or she is having trouble understanding the material or keeping up with the class. Similarly, if you notice low grades across the board, your child may have reached a level of high frustration and low motivation - and it’s now time for you to intervene. How do the grades com-

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pare to your child’s efforts? If you know your student is putting in significant effort on homework but his or her grades don’t reflect it, there may be a deeper issue. It’s possible that your child has never mastered a basic skill, or that he or she doesn’t understand the material. On the other hand, if your child completes his or her work in record time - yet still receives failing grades - study skills or time management may be to blame. Talk with the teacher to try to pinpoint what might be going on. What is your child’s attitude about the grades? If your student seems unhappy or angry or doesn’t seem

to care at all, it’s very possible that school struggles are hurting his or her self-esteem. Pay attention to drastic changes in your child’s demeanor about school. If you’re concerned, develop an action plan that includes meeting with the

teacher, getting tutoring help or making more time for studying and school. For more information about the Huntington Learning Center of Alpharetta, contact Terry Schwarz at 678-240-9221 or

IS YOUR GOOD KID GETTING BAD GRADES? WE CAN HELP. For over 30 years, Huntington’s highly trained tutors have worked with students to help them master the skills needed to turn any grade into a better one.

Here’s how Huntington helps: • Academic evaluation identifies problem areas • Programs tailored to address each student’s needs • Highly trained tutors work individually with students • Huntington helps improve skills, confidence, and grades

12850 Highway 9 N & Windward Pkwy • Alpharetta




Reading • Writing • Math • Study Skills • Spelling • Vocabulary • Phonics

SUBJECT TUTORING MIDDLE SCHOOL - COLLEGE Pre-algebra • Algebra • Geometry • Trigonometry • Pre-calculus Calculus • Earth Science • Biology • Chemistry • Physics

EXAM PREP SAT/PSAT • ACT • Advanced Placement (AP) • HSPT • ISEE • SSAT GED • ASVAB • State Tests Alpharetta • 678-240-9240 12850 Hwy 9 N & Windward Pkwy

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8 January 2013

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S.T.E.A.M. Education is our Focus The Atlanta Academy

Fulton Science Academy Private School offers students of Georgia a real difference in education. The school focuses on S.T.E.A.M. education to meet the growing demand for higher level logic and reasoning skills necessary for future student success. Additionally, the school works to develop student presentation, writing, organization, and time-management abilities from the earliest grades. They offer advanced and gifted curricula taught for greater retention and achievement by a nationally award winning faculty. Also, unique to this school is that placement decisions are multi-faceted, weighted more on student ability and social maturity than their age. Many factors contribute to FSA’s successful innovative educational model. The school limits class size to a maximum of 15 students for preschool through 5th grade and 20 students for 6th through 8th grades allowing for focused individualized student attention. The small and structured environment, along with uniforms, keeps students focused on their studies. Since there are little to no discipline issues, the faculty and administration can utilize their time to teach and continually seek ways to improve their educational model. Also, a key factor to its success is the partnership and communication that parents, teachers, and administration have developed to benefit its students. Through this partnership, an extended family has been created to nurture and provide every opportunity for its students to reach their greatest potential and their personal goals. The school considers development of the whole stu-

dent as important as academics. Physical education is a part of every school day to keep students healthy and active. For a creative outlet, students take part in art, music, robotics, and computer classes every week. Many other enrichment opportunities are offered including free after-school clubs, band, orchestra, and top performing academic teams to develop student social skills. Fulton Science Academy has engineered a school of the future today.

Located in Roswell, The Atlanta Academy is a Preschool through 8th Grade non-denominational Christian Private School. A caring environment, diverse student population, excellent teachers, and small class sizes (maximum 16 students) create a unique atmosphere where students gain confidence, explore new interests, excel academically and develop leadership skills. High expectations for achievement, creativity, self-discipline and social responsibility are the cornerstones of The Atlanta Academy. Spanish language, technology, art, music, library, and PE are included in each grade’s curriculum. All students have the opportunity to take part in a wide range of extracurricular activities (including Middle School debate, soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball, dance, art, robotics, drama, chorus, band, and chess). Community outreach begins in Preschool and continues with increased commitment in the Middle School. Frequent educational and service-oriented field trips to performances, exhibits, as well as senior centers help broaden students’ perspective on their world and what they learn in the classroom. The Atlanta Academy is accredited by the SACS and GAC, and is a member of the Georgia Independent Schools Association and the National Association of Independent Schools. For information or to arrange a school tour, please call The Atlanta Academy at (678) 4616102 or visit

Cupcakes & Classrooms An Interactive Open House for rising preschool – 8th grade students

Sunday, January 13th from 2 to 4 p.m.

Please join us and meet our teachers, tour the facilities, decorate cupcakes, and experience Bridgeway.

Preschool - 8th Grade

Smaller Classes Greater Learning 4755 Kimball Bridge Rd., Alpharetta, GA 30005 | 770.751.1972

2000 Holcomb Woods Parkway Roswell, GA 30076 678.461.6102 |

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Riverside Military Academy For 105 years Riverside Military Academy has produced young men of purpose, integrity, and character. We offer a traditional, American-style education where personal values, honor, and love of country still matter. Riverside is not owned or operated by any particular religious denomination, but supports the spiritual and educational goals of all families. Cadets of Riverside Military Academy attend grades 7 through 12 and benefit from a small class size and a 15:1 student teacher ratio. Our entire educational program centers around the way young men learn best. The 2012-13 Corps of Cadets consists of 430 cadets from 22 countries. Riverside’s College Center assists cadets in preparing for and placing their college applications each year. The graduating class 2012 consisted of 83 cadets who received over $2 million in scholarships and were admitted to over 90 universities including the U.S. Military Academy –West Point and the United States Naval Academy. Upon graduation, a Riverside cadet has experienced the challenges of the military model of education and

is completely prepared for the rigors of college. He is poised, polite, and confident in any social environment. Riverside cadets stand tall, offer a firm handshake, respect authority, and display a level of confidence that parents may not have observed previously. Riverside Military Academy holds dual accreditation in SACS and SAIS. Our comprehensive program of rigorous academics, athletics and leadership development sets the stage for a lifetime of success. Riverside Military Academy is located on 206 acres on the shores of Lake Lanier in Gainesville, GA. For more information please visit our web site at or contact our admissions office at 770-538-2938.

October 2012 9

Cornerstone Christian Academy Cornerstone Christian Academy partners with parents by providing quality academic education designed to develop students who will follow Christ, embrace Biblical truth and live lives that glorify God. Our goal as a school is to infuse Christ into everything we do. Cornerstone partners with The Church and parents to educate the whole child: “a cord of three strands is not quickly broken” (Ecc. 4:12). Nestled in beautiful Peachtree Corners, Cornerstone serves students in kindergarten through eighth grade. Highly experienced, certified educators provide a nurturing but challenging environment where each child is lovingly accepted and valued as an individual. At Cornerstone, Biblical worldview integration connects a Biblical framework to all aspects of life that leads to understanding and wisdom. The Bible is not just taught in Bible

class. Cornerstone takes a holistic approach to education that includes everything from technology classes to competitive sports programs, to providing students ample opportunities to serve in the local community as well as weekly chapel services and discipleship groups. Cornerstone firmly believes that the total learning experience must be rooted not just in a rigorous math and science curriculum, but also in the development of writing skills and analytical thinking. For more information, call (770) 441-9222 or visit online at

10 January 2013

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McGinnis Woods

Alpharetta Christian Academy Alpharetta Christian Academy educates children from ages eighteen months to fifth grade in a loving environment. We have the flexibility to meet the needs of individual children. With this flexibility, we use phonics to give children the tools needed for reading and comprehension, not just memorization of sight words. It also enables us to use the spiral approach in math, which builds on concepts then continuously reviews to increase the retention of math knowledge. Emphasis is placed on math facts which lay the foundation for higher level thinking. ACA trains children socially as well as academically. An etiquette instructor teaches proper social behavior and Christian character development. In

addition, elementary students participate in Spanish, P.E., art, media, music, computer, chorus, robotics, and drama. At ACA, our caring teachers love each child and share the responsibility with parents, helping children grow physically, mentally, and spiritually. Students study the Bible, pray together daily, and learn the importance of following God’s leadership. By giving every child the attention he or she deserves, we help students develop a love of learning and grow into responsible Christian men and women. For questions or to schedule tours, visit www.alpharettachristianacademy. com , email, or call 770-475-5762.

McGinnis Woods Country Day School is a private, non-parochial school offering a challenging Preschool, Elementary and Middle Grades Education. The school is located in Alpharetta on the border of Forsyth and North Fulton counties. The Preschool accepts children as young as 6 weeks and the Elementary School teaches students in PreK 4 through 8th grade. McGinnis Woods Country Day School has top accreditations, including GAC, SACS and NAEYC. It is also a member of the Georgia Independent School Association. The mission of McGinnis Woods is to inspire students with the Passion to excel. This goal is accomplished by providing superior academics through hands-on approaches which foster self confidence and self esteem; inspiring SPECIAL

a lifelong love of learning. Small classes with low student-teacher ratios, allow for frequent one-on-one learning. Superior educational resources are implemented to maximize the classroom experience of our diverse student population. Frequent guest speakers, monthly field trips and community service round out the curriculum. Integrated use of Interactive Whiteboards, a school wide broadcast system, computer labs and laptops support the rigorous curriculum. Competitive Sports and Robotics teams train year round. After school programs and clubs are also available. Please join us at an Open House on Saturday, January 12 between 11 am and 1 pm or visit www.mcginniswoods. org to learn more. Tours are available upon request.

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Home Sweet Homeschool A Christian Academy Oh, the places you’ll go….when you experience the intellectual difference at Home Sweet Homeschool. We welcome the community to visit the wonders of this exceptional and distinctive school firsthand. Home Sweet Homeschool is a non-traditional home school that glorifies God through Christcentered Education. HSH serves grades Kindergarten through Fifth. HSH provides a “home atmosphere” with a strong academic touch. We provide a foundation of Biblical truth that is integrated in strong academics and well rounded enrichment programs. Students are also taught, trained, and led so that their lives will be touched for eternity. HSH believes that children absorb concepts from people, things, and experience in their daily environment. Therefore, the love of Jesus is emphasized in all school activities and curriculum. The curriculum is to enhance the development of the whole child – spiritually,

October 2012 11

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for Life Impact.” This very targeted curriculum includes a process for students in PreK12th grades. It encompasses seven points of impact with opportunities for students to learn, faculty to be equipped and par-

ent involvement alongside of their child. At the end of the “Journey” students will be prepared to manage the incredible changes they will face and discover their unique gifts as they set out on successful careers

and fulfilling lives. King’s Ridge would like to invite the community to the admission Open House on Sunday, January 27th from 1:30 – 4:30 pm to tour the campus including the new construction of a high school and Kendrick Center for Life Impact. RSVP to Contact: 770-754-5738 www.


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physically, mentally, and socially. This is obtained through educational excellence and timeless values. Our goal is that HSH makes a difference in the hearts and lives of all the children and families who enter its doors! Schedule a tour 678-3392777 Research shows home school children exceed in every academic area Home school student’s test scores remain between the 65th and 89th percentiles on national standardized tests. Home school students have a positive social development

tery and critical thinking skills while taking ownership of their learning. Rivers’ staff work together with parents to develop the whole child through mutual respect and character driven expectations. The hectic days of running from place to place and the inevitable exhaustion that follows become non issues. At Rivers Academy, students can meet and exceed academic requirements and pursue their passions without sacrificing either, ensuring kids build successful life skills. Rivers Academy continues to live out its mission each day as it serves families that want to support their children’s dreams and reclaim the right to a quality education. For Information Please Visit:

OPEN HOUSE Saturday, January 12 10 a.m. - Noon

770.441.9222 7 770 77 70. 0.44 441 1.92 1. 9222 9222 co orn rner erst ston ton neccou ouga g rs.o ga org g

12 January 2013

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Cumming Dance Academy

Kids ‘R’ Kids - schools of quality learning

A 1,500 square foot Life-long dancer space where students Niki Jernigan-Watkins can not only continue had a dream of turntheir dance training; ing her passion and but CDA II Performance talent for dance into a Academy now offers teaching career and classes in voice, drabringing the magic of ma, acting, musical dance alive for others. theater and more! Driven by her passion Cumming Dance and talents, Miss Niki Academy is a place of as she’s fondly known instruction for both seby students, is realrious and recreational izing that dream for a dancers and offers sixth year running as classes for children the owner and artistic from 18 months to director of Cumming adult. CDA classes are Dance Academy. Given led by a professional her professional history Niki staff with decades of and accolades for perJernigan-Watkins experience and imformance and teachpressive performance ing, it’s no surprise that Cumming Dance Academy has suc- credits. CDA has many performance groups for the more dedicated dancceeded with Miss Niki at the helm. A marker of the academy’s suc- ers, that include “Miss Niki’s Elite cess came in 2009 when Cum- Performance Classes”, Jr. Apprenming Dance Academy’s new facility tice Company, Jr. Company and Sr. opened. The 7,000 square-foot facil- Company. ity located at 419 Tribble Gap Road in For more information on CDA – Cumming affords the academy more space for staff, students, and par- please visit our website at www.cuments. In 2012, CDA continued to grow and follow with the expansion of and new loca- us on facebook at: www.facebook. tion of CDA II Performance Academy. com/cummingdanceacademy

Kids ‘R’ Kids Schools of Quality learning, located at 3036 Old Atlanta Road in Cumming, is an excellent quality childcare facility that combines learning with playing. From the well-trained staff members to the innovative school, children are given the opportunity to explore the world around them, establishing the basis for their future learning experiences. Infants through school age children can learn and play in the spacious school which includes: a cafeteria, playgrounds with age appropriate equipment, computer lab, library, water park, large covered patio, smart board technology, and much more! At every stage of your child’s journey, Kids ‘R’ Kids develops new and challenging ways to open the mind and expand the imagination – it’s what we call Smart Fun. Our foundation of love and trust is accompanied every step of the way by our teachers, parents and peers. Kids ‘R’ Kids now includes private Playball, Fun Bus, Soccer, Robotics, Chess, Ballet and Tap Lessons. Regardless of your need, whether full time, part time, after school care, or seasonal camps, Kids ‘R’ Kids is the place for your child.

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October 2012 13

14 January 2013

Montessori Kids Academy Montessori Kids Academy is located at 3034 Old Atlanta Road in Cumming, next to the Publix shopping center. We are a SACS/CASI accredited school and a member of the American Montessori Society. We currently participate in the Georgia Student Scholarship Program, a tax-savings program created to enable parents to use their money tax-free for education. Montessori Kids Academy offers a traditional Montessori student-focused constructivist teaching style. Our growing school teaches children from 18 months to 3 years of age in our preprimary classroom, 3 years to 6 years of age in our primary classrooms, and 6 to 12 years of age in our elementary classrooms. We strive to maintain a low student to teacher ratio in each classroom. The school is housed in a 20,000 square foot, state-of-the-art building complete with a children’s garden, spacious library, learning kitchen, computer lab, indoor café, outside picnic patio, two music rooms, and traditional Montessori furnishings. The following daily enrichments are offered as part of our Montessori cur-

riculum at no additional cost: Chinese, Spanish, Music, Art, Cooking, and Organic Gardening. We also provide a P. E. class for our elementary students. Transportation to and from regular field trips is provided by the new Montessori Kids Academy school bus. Students enjoy daily yoga in their classrooms, working in the computer lab, and our elementary students participate in our Investment Club, where they learn about investing and the value of money. An additional primary classroom will be opening January 7th, 2013. We invite you to visit our school at our Open House event January 12th, and January 26th from 11 am to 2 pm. Stop by and see our traditional Montessori School that makes a difference around the world as well as at home.

Join us for our OPEN HOUSE Sat. Jan. 12 & Sat., Jan. 26, 11a.m.-2p.m.

Now accepting applications for 2013-2014 school year.


Continued from Page 2 and music. Seniors serve as mentors and camp counselors to middle school students. The annual spiritual retreat in the North Georgia mountains is a treasured tradition. Students are also encouraged to participate in schoolsponsored mission trips and service projects. Creative and imaginative Pisgah Arts students present grade level performances each year in Lower School. Middle and Upper School theatrical, musical, and visual arts performances, productions, and exhibits are also held annually. Many of life’s most valuable lessons can be learned through team interaction, discipline, cooperation, sportsmanship, sacrifice, and dedication. Pisgah’s exceptionally qualified and dedicated coaches inspire students to develop these qualities, habits and skills. Exciting school athletic opportu-

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to be admitted to an Ivy League school,” says C2 Education co-founder and CEO David Kim. “I wanted to provide those same opportunities to other students, to give them the tools to succeed.” As the company has grown, this core philosophy has remained the focus of its centers. At each C2 Education center, dedicated program directors, teachers, and support staff work to provide each student with the attention and direction necessary for academic success.

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nities are offered to students beginning in sixth grade and children as young as three may be a part of the Patriot Community Sports program. Nearly 80% of middle and upper school students participate in the school’s athletic program. Complete information on Pisgah Athletics is available at pisgahpatriots. org. Safety and security are a top priority at Pisgah. A full- time security officer and on-site registered nurse provide an added level of care and protection for all students. Many schools provide college-prep academics. What sets Pisgah apart? More than a school, Pisgah is a community. Ask any student, parent or teacher “What do you love most about Pisgah?” The answer you’ll most likely hear is: “Pisgah is a family.” Relationships. Christ-Centered. Warm. Personal. You are invited to experience Pisgah for yourself. Our Admission team looks forward to providing a personal tour. To schedule, please call 678-336-3443 or visit the school website at “The success of our company depends on the success of our students,” says Kim, as dedication to student success is paramount for C2 Education to continue its rapid growth. Soon, C2 Education will be expanding its operations in Georgia, adding several local centers in 2013. On Thursday, January 17, C2 will be opening a new center at 415 Peachtree Parkway in Cumming, which is right down the street from South Forsyth High School. C2 is excited to become a part of the Cumming community and looks forward improving the education of its students for many years. For more information about C2, please visit

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