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Your world is about to change. At Appalachian State University, you will find an active environment that supports your growth as a scholar and a leader. Through leadership, research, entrepreneurship, service-learning, internships, community service and the arts, Appalachian students actively participate in activities that develop their intellectual, personal and professional growth. Our students learn the importance of an engaged relationship with a local and global community and understand the benefits of responsible global citizenship. Are you ready to: • Engage in critical inquiry with a community of scholars? • Discover and demonstrate your passion through research or performance? • Travel throughout the nation and the world to engage with communities? • Create life-long bonds and friendships with faculty and fellow scholars? Appalachian scholars demonstrate outstanding academic and leadership abilities. When you join your fellow Appalachian scholars, you will influence your peers – and benefit from their inspiration – through service-learning, undergraduate research and engagement through student organizations. Our faculty will challenge you to learn new methods of leadership by participating in small-scale experiences that allow you to apply what you learn in the classroom, seek creative solutions and collaborate with faculty, staff and community leaders to enrich the world around you.




“You don’t have to define yourself based on one thing. You are always changing. I feel like you should never expect yourself to stay the same.” – Juliet Irving, Wilson Scholar, Class of 2018, graphic design major


Wilson Scholars Program Do you have a passion for making a difference in the world? Are you ready to stretch and expand your comfort zone? If so, apply to become the next Wilson Scholar, Appalachian’s most prestigious scholarship program. Wilson Scholars know that to change the world, you must first understand it. With mentorship of the Faculty Director and resources for travel and creative inquiry, you will discover and grow your passion. This highly selective program chooses four freshmen each year who not only excel academically, but demonstrate independent reasoning, analytical skills and the ability to lead and serve. Benefits • Full institutional costs for eight semesters: tuition, fees, room, board and book rental • An annual (four years) experiential scholarship for study abroad, undergraduate research or service-learning • Mentorship and advising from the Faculty Director to create a unique academic experience for each student • Housing in preferred residence hall • Service-learning experience that leads to a Certificate in Civic Engagement “Making a difference is the only thing that matters.” – Carole Wilson ’75



“Knowing that somebody thinks that I am going to do more than just the average student puts a certain level of pressure on me, but it is a good pressure. It is a pressure that pushes me to achieve even more than those people expect.” – Jack Schaufler, Chancellor’s Scholar, Class of 2016, appropriate technology major 6

Chancellor’s Scholars Are you seeking an honors program experience in college? Chancellor’s Scholars are 10 of the top students enrolled in The Honors College each year. Driven to succeed, Chancellor’s Scholars expect a rigorous classroom environment. At Appalachian, we take this experience beyond the classroom and provide the mentorship, advising and support you need for your next step – whether it be graduate school, a service experience like the Peace Corps or professional school. Benefits • Full institutional costs for eight semesters: tuition, fees, room, board and book rental • All of the unique curricular and programming opportunities from The Honors College • Study abroad support, including a group trip during fall semester of the freshman year • On-campus housing available in an Honors-only residence hall community • Personalized advising from The Honors College faculty and staff



“Being a part of the Plemmons Fellow group has made me see the potential in myself and encouraged me to look for that same potential in other people. Education is so important, and it is mind blowing to think that there are people behind the scenes who want to help you achieve your goals.” – Emily Haas, Plemmons Leader Fellow, Class of 2016, hospitality and tourism management major 8

W.H. Plemmons Leader Fellows Will you be ready to lead when the time comes? The W.H. Plemmons Leader Fellows program graduates leaders with a wealth of experiences who are prepared to make real and powerful differences in the communities in which they live. As a Plemmons Leader Fellow, you will collaborate with colleagues from many areas of your campus community. You will engage in specialized leadership courses and out-ofclass experiential opportunities designed to capitalize on your strengths. You will be empowered to become an engaged leader who understands your responsibilities in creating a sustainable future for all. Benefits • $8,000 total scholarship over eight semesters • Specialized leadership opportunities, including a class designed specifically for the program • Networking, team building and mentorship opportunities • Opportunity to participate and present at various conferences



“Diversity Scholars has opened countless doors for me. It gave me the confidence that I was more than just a student; I was a student leader. I was someone who could leave an impact on a university.” – Robin Baker, Diversity Scholar, Class of 2015, political science major


Diversity Scholars Are you inspired to build unity through diversity? At Appalachian, diversity is recognized as essential to education, as well as to the greater life experience. Appalachian’s Diversity Scholars are dedicated to fostering a community culture that is a microcosm of and responsive to the beliefs, identities, practices and values needed for constructive engagement in our increasingly global community. As a Diversity Scholar, you will take pride in developing communities among people from different cultures and backgrounds in order to provide a greater sense of belonging for all. You will foster acceptance and respect of others while promoting a culture that allows for dialogue among different perspectives. Benefits • $8,000 total scholarship over eight semesters • Specialized service and leadership opportunities • Networking, team building and peer mentorship • One Diversity Scholar will be named the Fleming Achievement Scholar, which provides additional funding and alumni mentorship




Departmental and College Scholarships Each academic college offers scholarships for both incoming and continuing students, which include mentorship, research opportunities and select opportunities for experiential learning. If you have identified your major or future career path, you can immediately become involved with your academic college. For a full listing of featured departmental scholarships, visit the website below. Benefits • $1,000 to full tuition over four years • Opportunities for undergraduate research, study abroad, and networking vary by scholarship

Academic Excellence Scholarships Awarded to top students in the freshman class, these scholarships are awarded to students with a strong academic record, demonstrated leadership and experience providing service to their communities. As an Academic Excellence scholar, you will go beyond outstanding performance in the classroom to become a mentor and a role model to your colleagues who facilitates collaboration and healthy debate. Benefits • $2,000 to $10,000 over four years • Recipients can pursue any major offered at Appalachian


Opportunities for intellectual challenge and growth are available to all students, not just scholarship recipients. Two specially designed learning communities offer Appalachian students distinctive courses of study and extensive mentorship. Each has a residential component, allowing students the benefit of living and learning with peers who challenge one another to fully explore and deeply understand their courses of study.

“The learning atmosphere in both The Honors College and the Department of Biology went well beyond just memorizing facts. It encouraged purposeful thinking and asking the ‘why’ behind the ‘what.’” – Cori Rogers ’12



The Honors College Home to the most academically talented students, The Honors College provides smaller and more rigorous classes, as well as specialized study-abroad and research opportunities that prepare students for leadership roles in graduate and professional schools and beyond. As an Honors College student, you will produce original scholarship, while honing your critical and creative approach to learning. You will actively engage in open and provocative discussion and help shape an environment of respectful and lively exchange and development of ideas. The Honors College has a residential community option.





Watauga Residential College In Appalachian’s Watauga Residential College, visionary and creative students live and learn together in a close-knit residential community, exploring interdisciplinary methods of learning in the classroom and beyond its borders. As a “Wataugan,” you will connect this classroom learning to our local and global communities, and gain a broader and deeper understanding of what it means to be an engaged global citizen. Alumni of this program currently serve in the Peace Corps, lead non-profit organizations and run start-up businesses. They also are respected scientists and thought leaders in their disciplines and professions. Students reside in the Living Learning Center, a close-knit residential community where students benefit from a small learning community within a larger university setting.

“We don’t ask you for facts, we ask you for thoughts.” – Jessica Crandell, Watauga Residential College, Class of 2015, psychology major


Appalachian is a special place that, once you join, you will never really leave. In fact, many students stay to hone their expertise through the many acclaimed graduate and professional programs offered by Appalachian’s Williams Graduate School. No matter your next step, the transformation that takes place at Appalachian doesn’t stop with you – our students continually develop new ways to serve and partner with the communities they serve, ensuring the university’s resources promote the public good.

Stephen J. Dubner ’84 Bestselling author and host of the “Freakonomics Radio” podcast

Dr. Harry L. Williams ’86 ’88 ’95 President of Delaware State University

Dr. B.J. Casey ‘82 ‘84 Professor of Developmental Psychobiology; her findings on the teenage brain have been featured in National Geographic.

Key Dates Nov. 15

Deadline to submit a completed application for admission


Dec. 1

Deadline for invited students to complete the scholarship application


Invitations for Scholars Day mailed

Late Feb.

Scholars Day event (including scholarship interviews)

April 1

Scholarship recipients announced

TRANSFORM YOURSELF, OUR COMMUNITY, THE WORLD How to Apply To apply for scholarships, The Honors College and Watauga Residential College: • Complete the application for admission on or before Nov. 15. • If invited, complete the scholarship application by Dec. 1. • If invited, attend Scholars Day in February and interview for scholarship awards. Office of Admissions 828-262-2120 • Proudly printed on Green Seal™ Certified and FSC Certified Paper and made with 100% Certified Renewable Energy. The paper used in this brochure was made with a minimum of 30% post consumer fiber. Additionally, all mill processes, including packaging, are environmentally preferable. 4,500 copies of this public document were printed at a cost of $4,450.50 or $1.11 per copy.


Scholarship Brochure 2015  

Scholarships available at Appalachian State University

Scholarship Brochure 2015  

Scholarships available at Appalachian State University