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Chairman’s Letter Apogee Information Systems seeks ways to bring IT solutions into everyone's daily life. From doing business to communicating, promoting and exchanging ideas, we continuously try to understand your needs and bring the tools and services you seek. Starting business at a time of great pace in the development of Internet technologies in Europe, we set as our core ambition to bridge the gap between plain users and advanced web applications opening up the road to a great new range of possibilities for companies and organisations in Greece and around Europe to promote their activities and inspire their partners. Over the course of our presence in the market, we have benefited of every trial-and-error experience, of every feedback received, of every acute or complimentary comment, of every new challenge. And each time we strive to go one step further hand-in-hand with each one of you who entrust us with their career dreams and creativity input. It is our way of thinking and perceiving new standards that have made us set out of other companies in our field. From the very first day of our existence, we are ready to offer you our know-how but we always listen to you first to understand your needs and goals. Our people are committed to follow all new trends in the field of IT, yet they simultaneously make every effort to deploy their knowledge to every partner's benefit. Last but not least, we have learnt during this process how important it is to work in close collaboration and through trusted relations; not only in order to maintain your current status but also in order to expand your activities, broaden your horizons and set new records and standards in your sector. Our path so far has been an exciting one. For all of us, here in Apogee, each day that goes by leaves us with a satisfaction that in our business we follow our fundamental pillars, quality, innovation & evolution, in order to fulfil our purpose to make technology available and have it work for you. Thus, our aim in the future will remain the same: make every partnership matter and work benefits for both sides. Each time we achieve to help you materialize your business dreams, we feel satisfied; and we are inspired to bring order out of e-chaos.

Nektarios Baziotis CEO, Apogee Information Systems






develop software solutions with a focus on covering the actual needs of medium/large sized companies and organizations. Our key skill is dealing with critical information and its publication or dissemination, to your customers and partners either via our Essence Content Management System or our Project Manage-


ment System. Apogee solutions are ready to be customized and adapted to your needs in order to maxi-


mize the company or organization benefits.


Focus & Successes Human Resources

Our goal is, primarily, to reach a leading


position among software providers of the Informatics

Project Management

market. Since 2002, we expanded our provision of ser-

Internet application development

vices in the majority of the European Countries. We offer a range of products and services, which turn

we develop

Web Content Management System (WCMS)

out to be and added value for our customers and partners, while, at the same time, covering their needs on e-business, project management, human resources and relevant custom applications.

Apogee Information Systems

192 Delfon str.

54 Avenue des Celtes

542 48 Thessaloniki, Greece

B-1040 Bruxelles, Belgium

+30 2310 323 011

+322 732 9777






Company profile Founded in 2002, Apogee holds as primary target to offer fully customizable IT products and services of superior quality. Our work and products are designed to cover the needs of companies that either use Internet Technologies for the first time or wish to enhance their existing presence on the Web. To this end, not only do we design products unique in their qualities for our partners but we also provide the necessary consultation services that assist companies to enter or expant in the world of e-business. Realizing that one of the main drawbacks of Internet related products and services is their vulnerability against time and fast technological breakthroughs that quickly render existing services outdated, we aim at developing solutions that will be fully customizable and ready to comply with the ever changing needs of the customer and the fast-evolving

Board of directors Apogee's management team consists of highlyexperienced professionals, who bring together extensive expertise extending to every facet of information technology and its constituent sectors and markets.

web technologies. Our target is to provide Web tools that will act as an integrated asset for every business in its effort to effectively market its activities putting forward the company itself and manifesting its potentials in an assertively dynamic manner. In a nutshell, Apogee commits itself to developing high quality e-business products and services in Greece, the Balkans and

Mr. Nektarios Baziotis, [Managing Director and CEO] Mr. Baziotis is qualified in a range of expertise comprising Mathematics, Computer Science, Business and Psychology studies.

all over Europe, in order to satisfy modern companies' and organizations' needs of Information Technology services. Our philosophy is enshrined in the following principles:

• • • • •

Using cutting-sharp Information Technology (IT) integrated solutions Maximizing personnel capabilities Understanding customer needs and requirements Providing the best solution according to the status of each organization or company Investigating market needs and developing innovative products designed to cover present and future needs and bring competitive advantage to its customers.

Mr. Markos Giannopoulos, [R&D Director and CTO] Mr. Giannopoulos is an expert in Electrical and Computer Engineering, with studies in Business Administration.

Developing alliances between Consulting and Information Technology (IT) companies in the EU market.

Apogee Information Systems

Mrs. Maria Prospathopoulou [Quality Manager] Mrs. Prospathopoulou carries the responsibility on the quality of Apogee’s deliver services, with MIS and BSC.


Mission & Vision Apogee Information Systems focuses on the accurate qualitative provision of services in the field of Web Content Management, Project Management and Human Resources Management across Europe. We research and develop reliable and customizable, according to current needs, software solutions that will feature both value for the companies that make use of them as well as friendliness for their personnel. Our corporation investigates market needs, identifies all particular features of our customer’s market, turn to and rationally develops innovative Intranet & Extranet solutions fully adjustable to the customer's core activities. This strategy securely leads to an increased market share for our customers, who constantly maintain a competitive advantage against their rivals. Furthermore, the flexibility of the solutions we propose does not prevent at all expanded activities and a broader range of operations on the part of our customers; on the contrary, our solutions help them to manifest their new activities in a most effective manner and attract attention on behalf of potential buyers. In its effort to materialize the above objectives we have embodied in our philosophy the three pillars of :

Quality - Innovation - Evolution

Apogee Information Systems


we web... Apogee Information Systems


Successes European Institute of Public Administration [EIPA] Maastricht NL The European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA), created in 1981, is an independent institute carrying out training and research on public administration and European policies, providing a

EU Projects


Apogee Information Systems operates in:

variety of services to the administrations of the Member States and the candidate countries as well as to the EU institutions in support of their tasks and responsibilities related to European integration. The general aim of the Institute is to support the European Union and its Member States and the countries associated with EIPA by providing relevant and high quality services to develop the capacities of public officials in dealing with EU affairs by way of training, applied research, consultancy and publications.

The institute relies on Apogee for support on Web and Internet issues. In this context, Apogee undertakes and provides technical

Belgium Cyprus Denmark Finland Germany Greece Ireland Italy Luxembourg Sweden The Netherlands United Kingdom more to come...

support, study and execution of Web projects for the Internet and Intranet of the Institute. Related websites:

| | |

Apogee Information Systems


Successes Interreg IVB North Sea Region Programme Viborg DK The Interreg IVB North Sea Region Programme works with cutting edge policy areas in regional development through transnational projects. A principal aim of the programme is to expand the scope of territorial cooperation and focus on high quality projects in innovation, the environment, accessibility, and sustainable and competitive communities. The 2007-2013 programme connects regions from seven countries around the North Sea, incorporating policy level planning and the long lasting and tangible effects of projects. These are the foundations of the future transnational projects, which will create added value to partner regions and beyond.

The new official website of the IVB North Sea Region Programme is developed by Apogee Information Systems. Through the new website all users can read about the activities organized under the aegis of the Programme as well as the development policies proclaimed in the area. What is more, visitors to the website can register for participation to all conferences and workshops organized by

EU Projects


“It is the challenge that makes us breath. There are certain needs that IT is ready to satisfy, though only prompt actions and solutions should be taken and respected. In order to succeed best quality on provided services, all of us should start a productive dialogue among EU bodies, local public sector, organizations and IT companies. The correct workflow of a successful project is simply identify, create, assess. Each path should be taken into account.� Nektarios Baziotis 26/11/07 | Brussels, Committee of the Regions

Interreg Related website:


Apogee Information Systems


Successes Eurolib European Commission Eurolib is a grouping of European institutional libraries organised on the basis of an agreement adopted by Resolution at a

EU Projects


General Assembly in Dublin, in 1997. This meeting was the 13th General Assembly of a previously informal grouping established on the initiative of the Secretary-general of the European Parliament in 1988. Eurolib's aim is, among others, to inform the public about the contribution of the institutional libraries role in the promotion of the work of the European Union to the people of the member-countries.

we respect


The official website of the European Library Network, Eurolib, was successfully completed and published on-line by Apogee Information Systems. The new webpage offers to the visitors the possibility to read information about the network's activities, its contribution to the work of the Communities as well as the upcoming events organized by Eurolib memberlibraries. Moreover, registered users can access the online databases of the participating libraries and look-up for titles stored in

Time Scope in order to bring

them. Related website:


Apogee Information Systems

Quality 13

Successes European Commission European Central Bank


Publications Office of the EU


The EU Centre for the Development of Vocational Training


European Partnership of Women Scientists


The Northern Periphery Programme


Various Projects


IDS ANETXA EKT - ESDA Bonjour Design Atlantis Research Photography Network Municipality of Argos Orestico Steinbeis University Aristotle University of Thessaloniki University of Macedonia University of Maastricht University of Kalamata EKTA/ESDA OEE PTKM

Apogee Information Systems


Products Apogee Essence: Web Site Management System Putting Internet to our partners' best service Apogee offers you every means that will guarantee you take the most of your company's presence on the Web. With many years of experience in software applications development, we offer complete solutions on Web Content Management Systems. Our applications have proven standards of quality and they have been chosen by top firms and organizations across Europe serving promotional, development and partnership purposes. Since the Web stands out as the most flexible work environment of today, Apogee focuses on web-based applications, primarily covering the fields of Web Content Management Systems (WCMS) and Project Management internet tools. Structured with a modular perspective the applications we design for you integrate in a single work environment all necessary functionalities of an administrative, promotional or coordinating nature. Artifacts of our work include WCMS systems for the management of simple websites to all-inclusive portals with added features, such as on-line shopping applications, secure registration systems and newsletter editing applications. A powerful Content Management application that permits smooth maintenance, update and management of any website or portal. Taking advantage of Apogee Essence features today's corporate customer ensures faster initial development as well as easy any-time content updates even by non-technical company personnel.

• • • • •

Fully template-driven site design Web-based integrated content management

Essence your website values more...

File management over the web (no ftp needed) Multilingual support both on the administration as well as on the actual site Modular design allowing quick addition of various site tools, such as: image gallery, newsletter, calendar and more...

Apogee Information Systems


Products Apogee Team - Project management & CRM The Project Management triangle (scope, time and cost) defines perfectly the need for careful planning and allocation of resources in projects based on these principles. Our experts are ready to well organize and manage resources in a manner that the project will be completed within certain and defined scope, quality, time and cost frames. As an indispensable asset, we further provide, along with each plan all the necessary monitoring tools and applications which facilitate immediate overview of progress and data exchange between all parties of a project. An integration of business features with cutting-edge technologies in the field of Project Management results in state-of-the-art application bound to respond to any business challenge. A diverse range of functionalities and the monitoring of all core parameters of your company's or organization's activity, namely its workforce, workflows and projected targets are the elements upon which Project Management schemes are designed and executed.

• • • • • • • •

Web-based management of corporate data Instant mobile access to crucial information Project/Task Management: Per-project team creation, Unlimited sub-projects, Task assignment, E-mail notifications Time Management: Time tracking, Project & user based reports Customer Relations: Client information, Customer communication history, Finances, Orders & Contracts Access Levels: Management, Staff, Finances

Team your company values more...

Zero installation & application support needs Extensible platform allows for customization to your needs

Apogee Information Systems


Products Apogee e/ISO An all-inclusive response to the ever increasing demand of modern businesses to properly monitor and administer their ISO workflows. Since ISO certification has become commonplace in today's quest for verified quality and product/service efficiency, Apogee offers via Apogee e/ISO a comprehensive e-tool that permits constant, objective monitoring of all ISO related procedures and work patterns providing an invaluable asset in the continuous effort of companies to comply to their ISO specifications.

• • • • • • • • •

Original presentation of ISO Procedures and Objects State-of-the-art monitoring mechanisms for all organization operations Reduced workflow functions Improved organization productivity Remote administration capability Totally secure environment during data input Continuous overview of workflows and internal organizational structure available to all employees on demand User-friendly interface for users and administrators Paperless office

e/ISO your ISO certification values more...

Apogee Information Systems


Products Apogee Protocol The ultimate solution for protocol, indexing, retrieval and taxonomization of all incoming and outgoing documents of a company, in paper or electronic format, operating in a friendly GUI environment.

• • • • • • • • • • •

Integrated audit in protocol procedure Easy retrieval of information relevant to documents already inserted in the system Remote control capability Attachments functionality PDF, DOC, RTF, TIF, JPG, BMP, EML compatibility Minimum time spent in searching for archived documents Print data Easy storage of input Internet based administration Highly secure input process Open application design customizable to meet the future organizational demands/needs

eProtocol your e-documents value more...

Apogee Information Systems


Products Apogee conMS The ideal solution for every individual or business that want to keep track of their contacts data base. Using advanced functions in a user-friendly environment Apogee Contacts is an all-inclusive tool enabling you to access your contacts database anytime.

• • • • • • • •

Company or individual contacts information entries Multiple persons under a parent contact Categories management Tasks based on calendar Management of cities, actions, leads, types of contacts Contacts retrieval based on advanced methods Print selected contacts Statistics on entries

conMS your contacts value more...

Apogee Information Systems


we develop solutions

Apogee Information Systems


Services Project Management The Project Management triangle (scope, time and cost) defines perfectly the need for careful planning and allocation of resources in projects based on these principles. Project management is a carefully planned and organized effort to accomplish a specific (and usually) one-time effort . It includes developing a project plan, which is devised to:

• • •

defining project goals and objectives, specifying tasks or how goals will be achieved, what resources are need, and associating budgets and timelines for completion.

It is also about implementing the project plan, along with careful controls to stay on the "critical path", that is, to ensure the plan is being managed according to plan. Project management usually follows major phases (with various titles for these phases), including feasibility study, project planning, implementation, evaluation and support/maintenance. Our experts are ready to well organize and manage human and budget resources in a manner that the project will be completed within certain and defined scope, quality, time and cost constraints. As an indispensable asset, we implemented and provide an application that includes all the necessary displaying and monitoring tools to facilitate immediate overview of progress and data exchange between all parties of a project.

Apogee Information Systems


Services Human Resources Realizing the critical need for a bridge that will unite young IT professionals with the work market, Apogee International has set up a range of Human Resources services which aim to channel talented IT experts towards companies and organizations looking for accredited personnel for their ventures. Thus Apogee maintains an ever-growing database of candidate profiles covering a wide field of Information Technology skills and competencies and provides its partners with the manpower needed for the achievement of their goals. Our people are already pursuing successful careers with a range of top employers such as the European Commission and private enterprises across the European Union market. In an effort to perfectly match business needs with candidates' profiles and qualities we are committed to maintain channels of communication with the most dynamic elements of the IT market and recruit professionals who can perfectly respond to the demanding conditions leading to a successful career in top firms and international institutions. Our people have pursued careers in top IT firms and international organizations working as dedicated experts on a wide range of projects, including communications and public relations, advanced programming and IT projects application.

Apogee Information Systems


Services Custom Applications, Website design & hosting Apogee develops dynamic websites aiming to offer an effective promotion platform on the Internet to its customers by taking advantage of up-to-date programming techniques. Our knowledge and experience guarantee the creation of functional easy-to-use websites that offer a complete solution to our customers' needs. Our approach towards the design of a successful website is based on the following principles:

• • • • •

study of customer needs market research on Internet competitors proposed templates emphasizing on friendliness in navigation site development according to customer's needs website promotion

We also offer reliable and secure hosting services of Web sites according to the latest safety standards. Our perfectly skilled personnel undertake your site's maintenance facing anything that might arise on a 24/7 basis. The R&D team of Apogee constantly analyses, designs and develops integrated applications in e-business software that fully covers modern industry needs. The experience of our executives combined with unique knowledge on e-business solutions enables to achieve excellent results on every project assigned to us by our customers. Our services in this field follow specific development patterns that secure innovation and quality in the following aspects:

• • • •

design of the information system development of the application installation of the application maintenance

Apogee Information Systems


Services ITC Consultancy Relying on a team of skilled and experienced executives Apogee engages in providing consultancy services and professional advice concerning Information Technology and the Internet in the following sectors:

Internet Strategic Planning - we advise our customers and help them implement Internet Strategic Planning schemes that will differentiate them from other competitors

Market Research and Competition - we carefully study the competitive environment of our clients and we propose suitable and efficient solutions

Internet Marketing - we study the needs of customers and we propose the best Internet Marketing Plan to achieve desired goals

Advanced Internet Applications - we design and develop specialized applications that cover every customer's or partner's needs

Based on our experience and best practices acknowledged by the European Commission (NSRP, CAF, Eurolib etc.), we focus on bringing best results in e-communication and e-business and assist your company or organization in becoming more productive by using your current resources.

Apogee Information Systems


Partners Our EU Partner Network categories, mentioned below are defined on the basis of the potential collaboration and the benefits or solutions provided to our customers.

Solution Providers We offer to integrators, VARs, and others Information Technology companies the opportunity to provide complete solutions to their customers by reselling and supporting Apogee products and services.

Consulting Partners Designed to enable service-focused companies the chance to offer profitable pre-sales consulting and post-sales implementation around Apogee products and services.

Technology Alliance Companies with technology and products that complement Apogee products and engage in joint marketing and joint selling of the complementary solution.

Partners list Risk Technologies SA EU-VRi Human Asset SA Regioeuropa SPRL Atermon SA TIEM Redfish Inspirations Dolphins Creations Data Consulting Services Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - Chaos and Innovation Group Apogee is an associated member of the European Virtual Institute for Integrated Risk Management - EU-VRi.

Apogee Information Systems


we bring results Apogee Information Systems


Contact us Apogee Hellas +30 231 032 3011 192 Delfon str. 54 248 Thessaloniki Greece

Apogee EU +32 237 9777 54 Av. des Celtes 1040 Bruxelles Belgium always there for you...

Apogee Information Systems


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