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quality & responsibility Apogee Information Systems is a company specialized in today's emerging and cutting edge business sectors: web applications, human resources, research consultancy and project management services. We provide our services throughout European countries and bring accuracy, quality and solid results to our customers and partners. Our international recognition is ensured by our continuing evolution, level of responsibility, team integrity and creative thinking. In Apogee we are committed to success by transforming challenges into solutions.

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commitment to success & quality

values Our values are summarized in: Quality - Innovation - Evolution. We are in position to bring the best solutions by counting on our fearless and happy team members ready to transform any challenge to a valuable asset. Honesty and integrity are the foundations of our path. We deliver end-products that stand out for their high quality standards and adaptability to each specific project’s needs. Moreover, our human resource network satisfies HR needs for public institutions and businesses across Europe selecting highly qualified candidates from an ever expanding database of professionals recruited from the continent’s top universities and business schools. Apogee is committed to success by transforming challenges into solutions.

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our products & services Essence is a powerful web content management system. Now you can administer your website, e-shop, newsletter, blog, etc. TEAM is a web-based suite that assists you to manage and follow-up your company’s workflows, projects and tasks. Our HR service is committed to finding key persons to succeed in specific roles. We network to 5000+ selected candidates. Applying sound scientific standards we provide data collection, and analysis, market identification and ways to expand. We analyze the emarket potential of your company and develop innovative strategies fully customizable to your core activities. © 2011 Apogee Information Systems – Research Services

partnerships We welcome partnerships in order to mutually succeed and provide better services. Specifically you may partner with Apogee as: System Integrators: providing consulting, integration and migration services for the Essences WCMS. Solution Partners & OEMs: either embedding Essence into their products directly or providing complementary solutions to the WCMS. Technology Partners: supplying clients with the platforms and infrastructure needed for using Apogee applications. Consortium Partners: having equal targets contributing added value with new technological solution. For more information please contact:

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a world of limitless opportunities

communication Apogee Information Systems headquarters 192 Delfon str. 54248 Thessaloniki Greece

Apogee Belgium

38 Rue d’Arlon 1000 Bruxelles Belgium

Apogee Spain

1 Tortella 1050 Barcelona Spain

Apogee Italy

16 Corso di Porta Vittoria 20122 Milano Italia

for more information: +30 231 032 3011

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