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2019 Giving Tuesday e-issue

Volume 32, Issue 2

EXECUTIVE EDITOR Bill Snider MANAGING EDITOR/DESIGN Amber Weigand-Buckley COPY & LAYOUT EDITOR Tom Young EDITORIAL SECRETARY Annette Santos WEB MANAGER Patrick Tan APMedia was established in 1989 as a regional ministry of Assemblies of God World Missions.

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Vision Statement We see Christ followers effectively utilizing media to reach every people group in Asia Mission Statement We advance the gospel in Asia Pacific by empowering Christ followers to effectively utilize media and technology Values Statement We are a Christ-centered ministry that values: • Integrity • Excellence • Contextual relevance • Innovation • Partnerships and teamwork

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BREAKTHROUGH FOR THE CHURCH IN VIETNAM In October, the Vietnam Assemblies of God received official government status as a church. This means that the church can worship legally, can build buildings, have an official Bible school, and be more open in their evangelistic efforts. Our AP Media team came to Ho Chi Minh City one week later. God’s timing was incredible! We discovered that our March 2019 visit had spurred new video stories and that many churches had launched Facebook pages. We are helping bring the gospel across the social media waves. Churches are excited about telling stories of salvation. This is one of those divine moments and YOU have helped get us here. We feel privileged to be working with a great church that is advancing the good news. Thank you for allowing us to say yes to the request of the church leaders in Vietnam to work with them to reach the next generation. Your partnership makes this possible. With many training opportunities ahead of us in 2020 as we approach Giving Tuesday, will you give your best gift so we can begin 2020 financially strong? This edition of MISSION magazine features more digital missionaries you helped us train with your faithful support of this ministry. Thank you for your commitment to increasing the workers!

Giving Tuesday 2019 e-issue [3.]

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-thank you from Vietnam-


MULTIPLIED from Pastor Samuel Lam

Thank you for traveling to share your heart and teach us. The AP Media team has brought us to the new level of perspective on media. We were inspired and encouraged to move forward into the media world that we had been so scared of being lost in. Now we know we can utilize this resource to win the lost. Social media is a wonderful tool to win more people for God’s Kingdom. Through media, many stories and testimonies of lives changed and healings will be introduced to the world. Praise the Lord! Pastors and church leaders have begun to open doors for young people to work with them in the area of media ministry. I have shared these wonderful things to our executive board and they are so excited to attend the next AP Media training in the future. May God continue to bless you and use you mightily for His Kingdom in these coming days. And hope to see you by the end of this year.

Join with AP Media and Pastor Samuel in Special Prayer for Vietnam Over 60 million Vietnamese are on social media everyday. It is our prayer that the true Hope of the Christmas will “go viral.” Christmas is a prime opportunity many of our digital missionaries will be taking to produce short films outlining the Christmas story so it is culturally relatable and understandable . Thank you for being in prayer especially during the coming holidays that many who see these stories will be changed for eternity. Giving Tuesday 2019 e-issue [5.]

Watch more of our AIMM student testimonies at [6.] AP Media MISSION /

“ Our church does not yet have a media ministry, so they sent me and Judith to learn everything we could.“

-the next generation of digital missionaries-

MEET DENNIS —Video Production—

My wife, Judith, and I are an unlikely couple. She came to know the Lord (through InterVarsity Christian Fellowship) while she was in college. I became a Christian at age 16 but dropped out of school. I didn’t meet Judith until after she graduated from college. She started coming to church with me at Daraga Bible Christian Church. We served together in the church’s Project Compassion, a ministry that helps children. At age 20, I went back to school. I picked up where I had left off — in seventh grade. I managed to complete my schooling and even graduated from college. Even while we were still dating, we felt opposition to our relationship. She had already graduated from college; I was just in my second year. Eventually, though, I completed my degree and received my teaching license. I now teach elementary school, serve as the church council chairman, and teach in our Project Compassion, which currently serves over 300 children and which Judith now directs. Our church does not yet have a media ministry, so they sent Judith and me to learn everything we could. Judith plans to use her writing skills and what she learned here at AIMM to begin a publication through our church. When I came here to the AIMM training, I had no idea about operating the camera and equipment. Yesterday they allowed us to set up and run the camera and the lighting. Especially how to take photos, use angles, use sound for the videos, and how to video a subject. Learning things like these are interesting to me. We don’t have any cameras yet, but we have a vision. We are planning to video our pastor preaching and publish it, especially for our members who are abroad. Giving Tuesday 2019 e-issue [7.]

“ I want use social media to engage young women ... encouraging them to embrace their imperfections.”

-the next generation of digital missionaries-

MEET JESSICA —Social Media—

After I came to Christ, I got involved at church drawing backdrops and that sort of thing. Now I’m the event coordinator for youth events. Coming to this training is my first venture into media ministry. My youth pastor encouraged me to go to AIMM training. I have learned that it is good to gather a lot of useful information. For example, I like to engage young women. I want to empower them to know that they can embrace their imperfections. They can be whoever they want. I made a page that talks about young women to encourage them. Khan Santos taught us how to create social media posts that catch the attention of my audience. First, stop the scroll. Next, “this is me, and this is us.” “This is me” is what do you want them to know. And “this is us” is how can they relate to that post I created a social media post, and I saw that it is effective. It went from one like to 20 responses very quickly. To see that difference in how I approached creating that post made a significant change in how I view the potential of social media and the gospel. I’m planning how to expand our outreach to young people. They are so very active in social media. I want to use this as an avenue to reach out to them, to engage them. This resource will make it easier to invite them to our church by sharing something positive. Then they can contact us if they have problems. I want to thank all who support AP Media Ministry. You have been helping a lot of people like me get inspired. I am overwhelmed. Using media is an excellent opportunity for me to empower young women, to raise a young generation, joining with God. I believe we can do it. Please, continue what you are doing. [8.] AP Media MISSION /

Watch more of our AIMM student testimonies at Giving Tuesday 2019 e-issue [9.]

Watch Jona’s short film, “Three Things You Should Try Before Leaving Earth,” by clicking here . [10.] AP Media MISSION /

“I just want to give all the glory back to [God] to share His Message, with the world. ”

-the next generation of digital missionaries-

MEET JONA —Video Production—

I heard about AIMM from my pastor. My colleague and I were invited to attend AIMM to develop our potential and to serve God with the best quality and skill that we have. During this training, I learned the importance of shooting video at the right angles. Knowing this is so critical to the quality of the video. Secondly, I learned the steps to conceptualize the ideas. When you’re doing video, it is not just about you sharing a story you’ve recorded. It’s important to request feedback so you can adjust and be successful at reaching your audience. I’m here to give my work and talent to God. I want to give all the glory back to Him to share His Message with the world. I want to encourage others to use their talents to bring praise and honor to God.

Three Things You Should Try Before Leaving Earth. After returning home from AIMM 2019 training, Jona organized a video crew and a team of acting talent from her church (Pentecostal Church Assembly of God. Legazpi City, Philippines) to produce her first “DigiTracts” short film. The film, “Three Things You Should Try,” presents the various things everyone needs to try in their lifetime — traveling and being kind to others. Ultimately, Jesus is reveled as the source of hope and joy that people need to “try for themselves.” Click the button on the left to watch Jona’s video. Join us as we pray for our digital missionaries like Jona. Pray for God to change lives as He raises up and increases the influence of the next generation of media missionaries across Asia Pacific. Giving Tuesday 2019 e-issue [11.]

-pray for the asia pacific-



PRAISE REPORTS 1) The video series “What We Believe” is in final editing. The series, produced by and for the Myanmar Assemblies of God, will be distributed to pastors and Christian workers across the nation in February 2020. 2) We just finished a video and social media workshop in Vietnam. This is the second time to be with a key group of workers this year. The vision for evangelism through digital media is there. Forty percent of Vietnam is under the age of 25. 3) Amazing Grace, a video series to help the church communicate among the LGBTQ population, was released in October. The series has testimonies of men and women who found freedom and purpose in Christ. Also, Christian counselors provide guidance for ministry. About 200,000 people online have seen these videos so far..

PRAYER REQUESTS 1) Please pray that God will raise up creative leaders in each nation to empower and guide media teams for reaching the lost. 2) Pray with us for strong financial support as 2019 ends. We are running a deficit, but this can be met in the coming weeks. 3) Pray for national church leaders in the S. Pacific as they consider sending workers to the Asia Institute for Media in Ministry in April 2020. Travel costs from the Pacific are very high, usually about $1,000-$1,500 to the Philippines. 4) Pray for wisdom as our AP Media teams in the Philippines, Myanmar and Vietnam produce “Christmas messages” for the young people of their countries. For many in Asia, Christmas is a cultural event, but no one really knows what is being celebrated! [12.] AP Media MISSION /

HIS MESSAGE, MULTIPLIED Through AP Media’s digital ministry tools and training, we are expanding our reach into Indonesia, Mongolia, Cambodia, Taiwan, Philippines and Myanmar. Most of these resources can also be accessed by Filipinos living in many nations of the world, including the Middle East and Europe.


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FOR YOUR GIVING TUESDAY SUPPORT AND HELPING US END 2019 STRONG! As we approach Giving Tuesday and the year ahead, will you give an extra seed gift to help us start our year strong? A gift of $400 ($50 an hour) helps us cover one day of AP Media operational budget. A gift of $100 can help us train one “digital missionary.” For those of you who are our monthly partners, would you consider giving an extra amount to cover our operations or missionary training in the final weeks of 2019 and the year ahead? If you haven’t given in a while, would you please designate a special gift to train more digital missionaries in this area of the world who will take the gospel farther than it’s ever gone before? To give online, go to You may also mail your gift, postmarked no later than December 31, using the information on page 18. Thank you for whatever you can do this Giving Tuesday and in the year ahead to invest in the future of the Church in Asia. From the AP Media family to yours: may God richly bless you and your family as you celebrate the season together!

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