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Volume 32, Issue 4

EXECUTIVE EDITOR Bill Snider MANAGING EDITOR/DESIGN Amber Weigand-Buckley COPY & LAYOUT EDITOR Tom Young EDITORIAL SECRETARY Annette Santos WEB MANAGER Patrick Tan APMedia was established in 1989 as a regional ministry of Assemblies of God World Missions.

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Vision Statement We see Christ followers effectively utilizing media to reach every people group in Asia. Mission Statement We advance the gospel in Asia Pacific by empowering Christ followers to effectively utilize media and technology. Values Statement We are a Christ-centered ministry that values: • Integrity • Excellence • Contextual relevance • Innovation • Partnerships and teamwork

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RESPONDING CREATIVELY TO COVID-19 Trying to predict the future of COVID-19 is a very tricky—even the scientists change their mind based on people’s behavior. But what I’m seeing in Southeast Asia is one of the greatest opportunities for the Church with a vision for digital media. Since March 2020, countries in Asia have taken the virus seriously. They have locked down cities, restricted travel, closed public places and mandated masks. Vietnam has had very few cases, South Korea is a model for addressing the virus, and the Philippine government only allowed people to leave their homes certain days each week. Churches in many cities have been closed for months. But the church has not been quarantined. Churches across the region quickly regrouped and implemented online services. Beyond Sunday online, many use Zoom for discipleship and small group meetings. Some pastors are doing short devotionals and daily times for prayer. Through digital outreach, church attendance has grown significantly. I’m seeing a surge in creativity! The church of Jesus Christ will not be stopped. Indeed, in these challenging times, the church in Southest Asia is growing. At some point, churches will once again gather together, but thanks to you, the Good News is going forth — right now! 2020 Annual Report [3.]

After extending an invitation of help, one pastor excitedly exclaimed to us, “Maybe God brought you to Japan specifically for this time.”

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On April 6, Japan entered into a state of emergency due to the rising infections from COVID-19. Hundreds of churches were forced to move their services to online platforms. Ministries that had little to no social media presence suddenly found themselves grappling with a new frontier in ministry. One thing that proves itself during this time is the value of media as a vehicle for carrying the gospel. We quickly realized that we were in a perfect position to help the church respond to this crisis. After extending an invitation of help, one pastor excitedly exclaimed to us, “Maybe God brought you to Japan specifically for this time.” It reminded us that God’s providential plan is still at work through all the uncertainty we are experiencing. In addition to providing media consultation for multiple churches, we now have four ongoing projects in partnership with the Japan Assemblies of God. We are partnering with the church and Global University to bring Christian education resources to video format and in Japanese. At the end of July, we held a two-day media class for the students at Central Bible College and taught topics such as video production, live streaming, and social media in ministry. It has always been our hearts to reach young people in Japan through media, and now, with your faithful prayers and support, we have tremendous opportunities to do that. In August, youth from all over Japan gathered at local churches to worship and experience their first live digital youth camp. Would you join us in praying for the church in Japan as it breaks ground in new areas of digital ministry? 2020 -2021 Annual Report [5.]

Watch an online service in our digitally enhanced issue at [6.] AP Media MISSION /

“ When the government declared a no-gathering policy, I prayed to God about what to do.“

-the faces of the digital church-

MEET PASTOR REY —Break Forth Church— Cagayan de Oro City, Mindanao, Philippines

The COVID-19 pandemic has made its way through Pastor Reynaldo Paraguya’s entire family—including his wife, all four of his sons—as well as his church. Break Forth Church in Cagayan de Oro City, Mindanao, Philippines, was established in 2016 as a pioneer work. Pastor Rey tells what happened when the country began shutting down. “When the Philippine government declared a no-gathering policy because of COVID-19, I prayed to God about what to do.” He recalls how God answered his prayer. “On March 14, in the evening, I heard a still, small voice in my heart instructing me to go livestream. So I started in a generic way using just a cell phone.” That was just the beginning of how this innovative pastor would manage to continue spreading the gospel. “A few days later, I saw a post in Facebook by AP Media about how to go live using a switcher app. We just follow that setup. I communicated with Patrick Tan through the Manila office of AP Media. He gave us detailed instructions on how to set it up.” The team at Break Forth Church began using the enhanced technology to livestream their Sunday worship services. “Now we also livestream our midweek service and a one-hour devotional program weekdays from 7 to 8 every morning. We have also added two more programs for discipleship every Monday and Saturday at 5 p.m.” Pastor Rey and his team say it so well in a recent Facebook post: “In this pandemic, THE CHURCH IS NEVER CLOSED!” 2020 Annual Report [7.]

-what we believe-



“The General Council of the Assemblies of God of Myanmar was founded on October 13, 1955, and now we are in 65 years by the grace of God. I particularly enjoyed that the Myanmar AG media team could produce a video series of Sixteen Fundamental Truths of the Assemblies of God this year. I believe that these videos clips will help our church members and even other believers to clearly understand ‘what we believe and what to believe.’ “It is a great blessing having a media team at the headquarters of Myanmar Assemblies of God. Although the churches are closed in this time, our sermons reach out to the members of the Assemblies of God by using social media platforms in this COVID-19 period. “To God Be the Glory!” —Rev. Dr. L Yaw Han, General Superintendent Myanmar Assemblies of God [8.] AP Media MISSION /

“There are many pastors and church members in my region who still have not fully understand our Sixteen Fundamental Truths. I was very glad when I saw the ‘What We Believe’ video clips on YouTube and Facebook in my language. I was able to understand more clearly about the gifts of the Holy Spirit from those videos. Thank you so much to every one for your efforts on this project.” —Aung Gam (Ah Phu) Grace Bible Church (AG)

“I would like to express my sincere thanks to God for the programs of Myanmar AG Media team at the headquarters of Myanmar Assemblies of God. I listen to almost every sermon delivered by Myanmar AG Media. “It is so good to hear the word of God from our leaders on our Facebook page, especially during this time of COVID-19. I listened to all the sermons and got a lot of spiritual energy. “I myself read the book of Sixteen Fundamental Truths several times, and I understood it a little. But when I listened to the explanations of our leaders by video presentation, I came to understand more the meaning of the ideas. “The media presentations are vital for all AG family members and essential resources that help preachers to be up-to-date on a timely basis.” —Rev. La Ma Zu Peace AG 2020 Annual Report [9.]

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“ We sent five delegates to Asia Institute for Media in Ministry. It intensified their passion to use social media Watch “Empty” at as an avenue to reach more souls.”

-the faces of the digital church-

MEET PASTOR DAVID Praise Assembly—Legazpi, Philippines

Over the years, Pastor David A Zamudio Jr. has served as youth pastor, worship pastor, pioneer pastor and project director of Bicol Child Development Center. He now serves as senior pastor of Praise Assembly in Legazpi, Philippines. The main church of 300 has four other churches under its umbrella. It’s all part of how Pastor Zamudio and his church fulfill the Great Commission. “Our church mission is to win souls and make disciples,” he said. “With this mandate, we are determined to make the most of what is available to reach more people for Christ.” Pastor Zamudio’s commitment is not limited to what happens within the four walls of the church buildings. “Our Facebook page was created in 2016. It wasn’t until 2018 that we began to update it regularly.” Praise Assembly was beginning to develop a strategy for digital outreach. “In 2019, we convened an official multimedia team to manage and maintain the page.” The church was ready to take things to the next level. “We sent five delegates to the Asia Institute for Media in Ministry (AIMM 2019) conducted by AP Media,” Pastor Zamudio recalls. “Two attended the Social Media training, two attended Video Production and one attended the Writing workshop.” These delegates returned to Legazpi ready to use what they had learned. “It intensified their passion to use social media as an avenue to reach more souls,” Pastor Zamudio said. “It increased their knowledge of how to use these platforms for evangelism. It also enhanced their skills in creating videos, editing photos and writing content for ministry use.” 2020 -2021 Annual Report [11.]

-pray for the asia pacific-



PRAISE REPORTS 1) AP Media continues to train workers even though travel is extremely limited. Creative solutions include webinars and forums offered weekly. 2) The media team at the national church office in Myanmar is making regular use of the studio your giving made possible. In addition to livestreaming weekly messages, they have produced their first major project, a training series on the Sixteen Fundamental Truths of the Assemblies of God. They are also producing testimony stories of God’s faithfulness in the midst of COVID-19.

PRAYER REQUESTS 1) In the midst of COVID-19, our churches across Asia are seeing the importance of using media. Pray for our pastors and leaders as they use these tools and encourage their churches to be more involved in media. 2) Pray for Vietnam. Pray that leaders will continue to mobilize and use their training to spread the gospel through creative productions and follow-up. 3) Myanmar is just beginning to experience the early stages of COVID-19. Pray for our team, that they will continue to produce creative content and that there will be regular live church services available through the Media for Hope Facebook page. 4) Pray for our AP Media team, for creativity in productions and for expanded partnerships across Asia to inspire and train churches to share God’s love and Message online. 5) Pray for the youth of Japan. Our AP Media representative and producer there will be working closely with their national youth leaders to produce on online national youth camp. [12.] AP Media MISSION /

HIS MESSAGE, MULTIPLIED Through AP Media’s digital ministry tools and training, we are expanding our reach into Indonesia, Mongolia, Cambodia, Taiwan, Philippines, Myanmar and Vietnam. Most of these resources can also be accessed by Filipinos living in many nations of the world, including the Middle East and Europe.


Web and Social Media

Print Publication

Radio Ministry

Video Production

Media Training and Forums

REACHING ASIA PACIFIC 2020 Annual Report [13.]

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AP MEDIA PHILIPPINES UPDATE—Even though our Asia Institute for Media in Ministry scheduled for April of this year was postponed, our training has been taken to a new level. At the beginning of the pandemic, we produced a series of livestream tutorials for churches. We helped facilitate five training webinars for missionaries in Asia Pacific, and we launched a “Media and Ministry Forum” Facebook group which now has 800 members. This group seeks to provide ongoing instruction to pastors and content creators through weekly instructional videos, webinars and live chats. Even though many workplaces have been allowed to reopen, kids age 19 and younger are still mandated to stay at home. This is difficult for kids and parents. AP Media has re-released a preexisting project called U-Kids, editing the series into a shorter format for use by parents at home. We are hoping it will give parents another tool to use as they deal with the rising stress of not only entertaining their kids, but also in educating them. July 30 was the celebration of Eid Al-Adah. a Muslim holiday that commemorates Abraham’s sacrifice of his son. This story of how God provides is important to both Christians and Muslims. AP Media produced a short video of a Filipino pastor who explains how Christians can use this holiday as an opportunity to start discussions with Muslims. In July, the production team began recording a weekly short prayer that is promoted through the social media pages of our weekly radio program entitled, “Hope Is for You.” These prayer videos have covered topics such as praying for your child, praying for your spouse and praying for our government. During these challenging times, AP Media is still being intentional about finding ways to point people to Jesus. 2020 Annual Report [15.]

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“ Our church has benefitted from the training we received through the tutorial videos produced by AP “Empty” at MediaWatch as well as their online talks and forums .“

-the faces of the digital church-

MEET PASTOR BOB By His Infinite Grace Church—Metro Manila

When the lockdown was first announced, it was only supposed to be for 2 weeks, but then it kept getting extended. We began to grow concerned about the impact this would have on the church. • How will we stay connected with our people? • How will we continue to minister? • What resources do we have? • Do we have the capacity to go online? Before the lockdown, our media team managed our Facebook page as well as our audiovisual presentations during services. When the lockdown started, our team was made up of young people in the church who were inclined toward IT, but they did not have much experience. We started recording in our house, but we realized it was not as easy as we thought. We needed skills and tips on lighting, background and sound quality. Our church has benefitted from the training we received through the tutorial videos produced by AP Media as well as their online talks and forums Ministry opportunities have been opened, and we have learned how to maximize our resources and use them to proclaim the gospel. We want to thank the AP Media team. You have all been an encouragement to us, for such a time as this. The COVID Crisis has not stopped the church, and in some ways it is thriving in ways that it never has before. 2020 -2021 Annual Report [17.]

“ I now have the resources to do what I have always wanted — to share Jesus with my friends.”

-meet digital missionary-


—ap media app—

Julyn, a 22-year-old college graduate with a degree in biology, serves on the music ministry team at Tabernacle of Praise Church in Leon, Iloilo Province, Philippines. But her ministry extends far beyond the four walls of the church. I use Facebook as my social media platform,” Julyn said. “I have 1,596 friends.” Julyn was communicating online with friends all around the world, but she struggled to find a way to turn her conversations to spiritual things. Her answer came at an Assemblies of God district convention in 2020. “Keith and Delsey Garner introduced me to the AP Media app.” Keith remembers Julyn’s response. “After she watched a sample video, her eyes brightened and she excitedly exclaimed, ‘I now have the resources to do what I have always wanted — to share Jesus with my friends.’” Julyn found the AP Media app easy to use. “I just use the resources— mostly inspiring videos and those that have trending topics—by sharing on my page. I also share videos to our youth group messenger.” The AP Media app is making a difference. “AP Media resources are effective in reaching out to people through the platform that I use,” Julyn said. “Reaching out to people is easy because most of us have access to the internet. People often spend time scrolling through Facebook, and sharing your faith can even reach those who are far from you.” Julyn feels the AP Media app has empowered her. “I have shared spiritual things to some who are interested, and I am happy for their positive feedback. AP Media resources are big help in spreading the good news about God.” [18.] AP Media MISSION /

2020 Annual Report [19.]


HELPING US REACH ASIA PACIFIC MYANMAR— • The What We Believe series is finished and online for pastors and workers across Myanmar. • Thanks to your support, the video studio we built is being used for weekly online services that are reaching thousands. • The Church in Myanmar has grasped the importance of Christian messages on social media. We see expanding the types of messages that the team is creating in the next 12 months.

JAPAN— • The Church in Japan has asked us to build and train a media team that will produce projects for evangelism and resources for local churches. • Our first official large-scale training workshop is in the works and will hopefully happen in 2021. • Reaching young people in Japan is a high priority, and COVID-19 has not stopped our efforts. We are working with national youth leaders to produce a national youth camp that will be completely online. [20.] AP Media MISSION /

INDONESIA— • In 2018, 2019, and in June 2020, our AP Media team trained emerging leaders, a ministry team focused on the universities, and a media team in a large local church in Jakarta in using social media effectively. • Indonesia is such a vast country (comprised of 17,000 islands), our goal in the coming year is to leverage long-term relationships to expand the gospel message online.

VIETNAM— • Our training in 2019 was “on time” for the Church. Dozens of churches and their pastors—and many individuals we have trained—are now using social media, reaching tens of thousands. • In the coming months, whether COVID-19 increases or not, we see churches increasing their commitment to online ministry in addition to inperson services. • AP Media will continue to mentor and provide personal training to church media teams.

PHILIPPINES— • Our team has expanded online training, offering weekly webinars and forums for believers and leaders. • Production of powerful testimony stories continues, as well as Digitracts focused on hope in a COVID-19 world. • We see online training and mentoring as the most effective thing we can do in the coming months to Multiply His Message. 2020 Annual Report [21.]

-thank you for training digital missionaries in Asia Pacific-



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At AP Media, we believe the best way to address COVID-19 is by multiplying our ministry in online training. The future impact will be based on multiplying local workers who have heart, vision and skill. Here are a few other quick thoughts on the new normal in the coming year: 1) Churches will continue to use digital media, even after they are able to meet again. 2) After discovering the power of digital media, churches will develop more creative ways to build community and do outreach. 3) Gospel spread through the digital world will grow. More people will hear the Good News because the Message is online. 4) COVID-19 will be an instrument that leads millions to become followers of Jesus, and spiritual strongholds will be shaken. 5) God will raise up willing local workers who will lead a great influx of new followers. We are in the right place, at the right time. Together, the coming months will be a season of growth. I value and thank you for your partnership. [22.] AP Media MISSION /

2020 Annual Report [23.]

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