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Christina Ruotolo

Christina Ruotolo is the editor of Her Magazine, Hot Dish writer, and a multimedia specialist at The Daily Reflector. She is also a part-time bookseller at Barnes & Noble. Christina enjoys baking, puppy snuggles and spending time with her boyfriend, Craig.

Emily Leach

Emily Leach is a graphic designer at The Daily Reflector. Things that take up her free time are, going to the gym, practicing her cello and piano, and getting together with family. She loves spending time with her husband, Nick and puppy Miles. Contact her at eleach@apgenc.com.



Katie Luney Contributor

Tara Wind Contributor

Katie Luney is an East Carolina University dietetic intern completing her internship in Wilmington. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in human nutrition and dietetics from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 2019. She gained experience as a diet technician in Asheville before continuing her education. Katie enjoys hiking with her dog in the mountains, photography and cooking delicious meals.

Tara Wind, MS, RD, LDN is the dietetic internship director at East Carolina University. She completed her undergraduate program at UNC-Chapel Hill and her graduate work at Meredith College. She has been a registered dietitian for more than 20 years.

Christy Jones, also know as Coach Chris, is an improvement coach for leaders. She helps them break free from feeling overwhelmed and prepares them to take their teams to high levels of performance. Contact her at www.beginmonday.com. Christy Jones

Dear Readers,

The definition of success is “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.” Most of us have goals, whether work or personal goals. We decide we want to accomplish something and then work hard to achieve that goal. Here’s the thing we tend to forget, all success happens with the help of others. Success is not a singular act. Success is like a flower garden. In order for flowers to grow, your need seeds, good soil, proper moisture and sunlight and a person willing to water the seeds so they will bloom. For me, I set goals, water my seeds and bloomed with multiple college degrees, the publication of two books, writing and advertising awards, or as a kid, trying out for a traveling Russian ballet company and getting to dance Snow in The Nutcracker one memorable Thanksgiving when I was a teenager. None of those goals would be possible without my parents and their unwavering guidance, love and support. My friends also give encouragement often and always remind me to never give up on my dreams of being a best-selling writer. The success we seek is always in site as long we allow others to help guide the way. Ask for help, thank others when you have a success and keep going. I’m excited to share this special success issue with readers. As you will see, the cover has many faces of successful women in our community. I didn’t want just one face on the cover, I wanted to showcase lots of success stories from authors publishing books on adoption, poetry, elemental witchcraft, deescalation, to small business owners showcasing their models for success, to advice from Coach Chris, healthy habits, how to achieve success at any age and fashion to get you success ready. So whether you have goals to lose weight, go back to school, change careers mid-life, or simply want to find balance and peace in your life, remember to bring along your friends and family and water those seeds often. I wish you success no matter what you seek. Let’s water our seeds and help each other bloom.


Chauncey Pelzer is a personaldevelopment coach who helps undercover superwomen rest by nurturing their individual light and helping them master their brilliance. Contact her at www. thelightmastermind.com. Chauncey Pelzer Contributor

Contact Her Christina Ruotolo | Editor | 329-9532 Craig Springer | Advertising | 329-9632 Emily Leach | Designer | 329-9598 Email: cruotolo@reflector.com


Christina Ruotolo

— editor

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4 Meet HER: Shannon Stovall Grant 6 Meet HER: Tiffanie Herring 7 HER ADVICE: Success at Any Age 10 Meet HER: Kristie Williams 11 Meet HER: Kim Best 12 HER HEALTH 13 HER RECIPE

16 HER ADVICE: 5 Critical Keys for Personal Success 18 Meet HER: Michelle Heron 20 HER PUZZLES 22 Meet HER: Regina Smithwick 23 HER FASHION 24 HER SPRING EVENTS 26 HER PUZZLE SOLUTIONS

Her meet

Shannon Stova Grant




hannon Stovall Grant is a Superstar Director, fulltime coach, mentor and consultant, for Scentsy, a company she has worked for the last 13 years. She was a recipient of the shining star with Scentsy in 2017, which is the most prestigious award in the company. Grant graduated from Ohio State University with a degree in animal science with aspirations of becoming a vet. She worked as a chemist for short time and also studied interior decorating and design at Sheffield School of Interior Design before starting her Scentsy career. After a difficult divorce, when her kids were young, Grant was working to put her life back together. She met and married her husband, Steve, had children and became a stayat-home mom of four (Payton, now 24, Cayden, 16, Christian, 15 and Andalyn, 13). “Like many moms, I was caught up in the stay-at-home mom versus career dilemma and was at a crossroads,” Grant says. “I wanted to be able to contribute, and who knew that wanting my home to smell good would make other people’s dreams come true?” Grant visited her sister in Ohio and remarked on how amazing her house smelled. Little did she know that day and the gift of smell would lead to her success. “Scents always have a way to connect people together,” she says. “We smell to remember. Scent is powerful. I started my business wanting to contribute and to do something that made me happy. My husband, Steve, taught me how to dream. It all started with a scent and the ability to dream.” Grant also met an influential woman who became a friend, mentor and guide in life and in her Scentsy career for many years. Grant now has thousands of consultants in her team, Heavenscents. “My spiritual mentor is Glad-

March 2022

ys. She was the best mentor for me to believe in myself again after a terrible divorce and creating a successful business and legacy for my family,” Grant says. “I define success as more than just money. Stepping into this business gave me confidence in myself so that I could empower others. I went from being a person that looked at other people’s success and thought it was unattainable for me, and then, with hard work, I became a success story. I was able to design a life of freedom for my family while still being present with them.” Today Grant coaches her team members on how to be successful in their careers by using “GLADYS” as one of her coaching models, making sure her consultants have these elements in order to find success. Have Gratitude Love Appreciation Be Deep (er) than the scent Be Yourself and unique Have a Servant’s Heart Grant encourages those she comes in contact with to not just sell to customers but to serve them with a servant's heart that values people. She likes to remind people that success in business and in life has to start with working hard, being consistent, never giving up, letting go of fears of failure, dropping excuses and being intentional in setting goals. “The best part of my success story is that I was able to incorporate my faith with my passion and work ethic to achieve my dream,” Grant says. “Through this journey, I have been blessed to play a small part in the lives of others to reach their dreams.”

Her - M agazine


Her meet

“Simply Deescalate” is available on Amazon Kindle and paperback. For more information, email simplydeescalate@gmail.com



iffanie Ritenour Herring is a crisis intervention team coordinator who has just published “Simply Deescalate,” a book that serves as an easy-touse guide for de-escalating a crisis situation. CIT is a nationally recognized 40-hour training which focuses on mental health, crisis intervention, de-escalation and jail-diversion for law enforcement and other first responders. Herring is also a volunteer and advocate for NAMI Pitt County (National Alliance on Mental Illness). She is a graduate of East Carolina University where she studied both Interpersonal/Organizational Communication and Criminal Justice. Herring has worked in the criminal justice field for more than 15 years with agencies including the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office, North Carolina Department of Public Safety, and the Governor’s Crime Commission. “Simply Deescalate” focuses on effective communication,


a skill that may come easily to some but can be challenging for others, especially in high-conflict or crisis situations. Possessing such skills can assist people on the job or in their personal lives. Life is not short of challenges. We never know when we will need to be there to help someone when something goes wrong or when life gets difficult. During your read, you will learn how to master techniques ranging from non-verbal communication to active listening and empathy. All of these skills, specifically when used together, can help successfully and safely resolve conflict. The book also discusses self-care because seeing others hurt or struggle can take a toll on your mental and emotional well-being. Exploring the importance of managing your own emotions is especially important when you work in the business of people.

Her - M agazine

March 2022

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March 2022

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BY CHAUNCEY PELZER Chauncey Pelzer is a personal development coach that helps undercover superwomen rest by nurturing their individual light and helping them master their brilliance. Contact her at www.thelightmastermind.com.

Success can seem like an ever-changing menu. Writing down a list of goals, the hope is to achieve the idea of what success could be. However, more often than not, the road to success is not just a sprint but a journey, one filled with ups and downs and sometimes strange spaces (hello, pandemic) in between. After a global shutdown, women are now redefining success and what is most meaningful to them. Time and good health are precious resources, and thoughts surround what is most important and valued. Personal thoughts have a major effect on how life is perceived and can contribute greatly to feelings of success and worth. Basically, thoughts become things. With a new year underway, the challenge is to tap into high-vibrational people, thoughts, and experiences. Life is too short to not create joy. Here are some ways to set up for success at any age in 2022 and beyond:


During a woman’s 40s and 50s, success could mean the ability to reinvent and re-establish herself in her current environment. Life could begin to take on new meaning, and adding prior accomplished skills and information to her resume may prove fruitful. Being able to speak up about past success will help to guide her and others who want to work with her into the next phase. The ability to actively find ways to heal from past disappointments can help build a positive perspective of life. Failure simply means that she tried and she has learned there may be a different way. In addition, finding ways to be kind but firm when others struggle with being human is also success. Loving the process of growing as an individual rather than being overly critical of self is a virtue. During her 60s, a woman can continue to be active in her own life as well as in her community. She can be taking on different roles if she hasn’t prior, such as grandparent or adviser to the younger generation. Also, having a willingness to try new things could help life be even more exciting. Understanding what retirement looks like and planning for a more active life outside of work may prove fruitful.

Create a life of significance versus external accomplishments only. More and more people are obsessed with finding meaning and purpose in life. Being able to help others and live a life of purpose on purpose is key early on. During her 20s, a woman may begin to get established, setting up a firm foundation of career and her home base. Identifying a support system of advocates to cheer her on and advise on tough topics will be helpful. Understanding personal core values and aligning with employers and positive like-minded groups can initiate a chain reaction of success.

During her 30s a woman could actively be trying to find a rhythm that makes sense (hint – we all are!). She may have a family, career, or be a stay-at-home mom, but most likely she could have a life filled with activities, sometimes to the point of being overwhelmed. Success may look like saying yes to some things and no to others, while establishing routines. However, an area often overlooked but extremely necessary is self-care. A massage, lunch with friends, or just time resting or doing an activity that brings joy can restore balance.

March 2022

During a woman’s 70s and beyond, the ability to set her own schedule, be active and in good health with clarity of mind, and take on tasks and causes she believes in can be viewed as success. She may welcome the freedom of living life with wisdom and still approach new days with curiosity. She may view success as leading an active lifestyle and enjoying life to the fullest as well as helping family, friends and those less fortunate along the way. In life, learning how to play the hand that has been dealt is most important. Success is having the faith that it will all work out. Thoughtfully considering and taking the time to experience joy in the journey, not just in the end result, is a way to achieve success at any age.

Her - M agazine


Her meet

Kristie L. Williams




ristie L. Williams’ forthcoming poetry chapbook, “Finding Her,” will be published through Finishing Line Press in August. Williams started her writing journey to impress boys and found her true voice as a poet during her time at Saint Andrews Presbyterian College in Laurinburg, where she earned an undergraduate degree in English and creative writing. It was in that space and time that the seeds for this collection were planted. Williams went on to East Carolina University and received a master’s degree in adult education. She continued to share her love of words while teaching in the North Carolina Community College System. After 12 years of teaching, she began using her own story of quadriplegia and cerebral palsy to advocate for herself and others with disabilities. She describes her work as disability adjacent because, although it shapes the context of her work, cerebral palsy does not overshadow the arc of her story. It is in this new year that Williams believes she has unlocked the secret to her success as a woman. In the writing, editing, and soul sifting that birthed “Finding Her,” she dis-


covered herself anew. Williams credits three mentors and friends for their support in enabling her to curate this collection of poems. Poet Marty Silverthorne, a friend and mentor for 20 years before his death in 2019, encouraged new poems at every turn, even if they happened in the middle of a conversation. He will be honored on the collection’s dedication page. Ronald H. Bayes, a professor at Saint Andrews Presbyterian College for more than 40 years before his death in December 2021, was the first to tell Kristie that that he saw a book in her future. Finally, Williams’ father, John, was her loudest cheerleader. Before he died in November 2021, he had previewed the entire chapbook. Williams has been previously published by Main Street Rag, Dan River Review, Cairn, Maximum Tilt Solstice Anthology, Madness Muse Press, Hermit Feathers Review Heron Clan 8, and Nostos: Journal of Poetry, Fiction, and Art. When she’s not playing with words, she is participating in adaptive recreation, creating mixed media art, reading and going to rock concerts. She will begin taking pre-sale orders the week of April 19.

Her - M agazine

March 2022

Her Kim Best meet




eet Kim Best, a country girl who from Sumter, South Carolina, simply decided to turn her dreams into reality! She made the decision and in 2019 began the journey toward entrepreneurship and living her best life, and it all started with coffee and dessert. Kim lives in Wake Forest and is the owner of Crema and Mr. Sticky’s, two quick-service delivery restaurants in Greenville and Raleigh. Crema, an upscale coffee cafe (serving signature custom-blended coffees, specialty drinks, soups, sandwiches and salads) is considered one of the most popular destinations for business professionals working in downtown Raleigh and the surrounding community. Mr. Sticky’s, a new tenant in the Greenville Mall, continues to be well received by the community largely due to the mouthwatering, made-from-scratch, baked-daily original cinnamon buns, sticky buns, and walnut sticky buns. Best plans to build upon her career as a restaurateur by opening a food court in Union Station, an inter-modal transit station, this coming spring or summer. For more than 20 years, Best, a graduate of the University of South Carolina, also served as the former executive director of a Raleigh nonprofit organization that provided services to youth and families in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Virginia. She was instrumental in organizing the largest fatherhood conference in the nation, held from 2012 to 2019. Best volunteers her time and talent with several organizations and is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. She is the mother of Chanel Best, a freshman at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

March 2022

Her - M agazine



BY KATIE LUNEY & TARA WIND March is National Nutrition Month, and there’s no better time to re-evaluate existing goals or set new ones for Healthy You 2022. Eating healthy is no different than other goals. It takes time to reach, and there will be hiccups along the way. You can compare setting nutrition goals to the story of “The Tortoise and the Hare.” Let’s pretend the hare’s only goal was rapid results, and he followed fad diets to lose weight quickly. With these unrealistic expectations, the hare’s motivation decreased, he lost interest and found himself back at the starting line. The tortoise was OK with fewer changes all at once and took the slow, not overnight approach. The tortoise focused on the goal and ended up winning the race, but not without investing in himself along the way. Here are some suggestions to invest in your nutrition goals, either financially or mentally: • Discover what motivates you. Discover your barriers. These may change with the seasons! • Plan meals for the week, make a grocery list, and set a budget for groceries. Complete meal prep on the weekend. Saving money and eating healthy is a powerful combination! • Have family members, especially kids, participate in cooking meals. By exposing them early in life, they are more apt to continue to make healthier choices. • Use phone apps to help track your food intake. Use the online support groups or invite friends to track your progress. • Meet with a registered dietitian. Most insurance companies now cover visits! • Try intuitive eating. It slows you down and connects you to food in a different way. You realize reasons for eating besides hunger. You also treat all food the same, not necessarily as good and bad. • Journal! Write down thoughts for the day or week on how you feel compared to foods you have eaten, activity, stress, etc. When you think back on your health journey, there will be highs and lows, but always remember what you have accomplished along the way.



Tara Wind, MS, RD, LDN is the dietetic internship director at East Carolina University. She completed her undergraduate program at UNC-Chapel Hill and her graduate work at Meredith College. She has been a registered dietitian for more than 20 years. Katie Luney is an East Carolina University dietetic intern completing her internship in Wilmington. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in human nutrition and dietetics from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 2019. She gained experience as a diet technician in Asheville before continuing her education. Katie enjoys hiking with her dog in the mountains, photography and cooking delicious meals.


G o at C h e e s e & P r o s c i u t t o

GRILLED CHEESE with fig jam

INGREDIENTS: • 2 slices of whole grain bread • 1 oz goat cheese • 2 thin slices prosciutto • 2 tsp fig jam • Olive oil • Salt and pepper to taste NUTRITION FACTS: Total: 350 kcals, 40 g CHO, 18 g pro, 12 g fat

March 2022

INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Preheat pan 2. Spread both sides of bread with olive oil. 3. Layer bread with fig jam, goat cheese, prosciutto, and salt and pepper. 4. Grill sandwich of both sides until the cheese is melted and enjoy!

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March 2022

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March 2022

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Ladies! Put Your S.H.O.E.S on For Success! BY COACH CHRIS


adies, have you ever been walking around on bare feet and accidentally stepped on something that stuck in your foot? What was the first thing that came to your mind? I know! Probably an inappropriate word or you wanted to scream at the top of your lungs because it really hurt. Or have you ever been walking without your shoes on and hit your toe on the corner of your table? Oh my goodness…is that not the most excruciating pain? Well, I have learned that personal success can be like walking around in life without shoes on. You may be asking the question, “Coach Chris, how is personal success like walking around in life without shoes on?” I believe that we all desire to have personal success whether that means losing 10 pounds by the class reunion, landing that dream job, cooking that awesome meal to make our husband smile, starting that business that has been in our hearts for years, writing that book or even having our kids say that we are doing a great job as a mom. Regardless of what our goal is in life, I think we all will agree that we want to be successful. I believe that without proper perspective as it relates to our personal success, you and


I run the risk of “sticking something” in our lives (feet) so to speak to cause us to be injured emotionally, financially, relationally or even physically and thus slow down our progress or cause us to not succeed at all. I want you to be aware of the 5 Critical Keys that I have learned over time and would like to share them with you as your life coach today. These will help you achieve personal success on a whole new level. I hope you are ready…so ladies…Put your S.H.O.E.S on for success! Here are 5 things you have to do to be successful: 1.

You have to See Something. In other words, you have to get a personalized picture of what success looks like for you. Too often as women, we have the tendency to try and mimic other people’s picture when in fact; someone else’s picture may not match what is truly important to us at all on a personal level. You have to decide what YOU really want and then go after it.

2. You have to have the right Habits. “Successful people do daily what unsuccessful people do only occasionally..” - (Mike Murdock). If you study suc-

Her - M agazine

March 2022

T H E 5 C RITICAL KEYS FO R PERS ONA L SUCCESS cessful people, you will find that they have certain things that they do every day in order to reach their goals. Your habits are essential. Your routine will cause you to win. Remember it is the daily wins that create habits over time. “Motivation is what gets you started but habits are what keep you going” - (Jim Ryan) “Now where are your habits taking you?”—Coach Chris 3. You have to Overcome obstacles. Sister, if you are going to be successful, you have to know and settle it in your mind that in life, there are going to be challenges, changes and choices…and you and I must overcome whatever negativity that tries to stop us from reaching our goals. Remember this: “obstacles are only those things that you see when your eyes have shifted from your goal!”- (Anonymous)

whatever it takes to succeed—expose yourself to it. 5. You have to Sweat! Now, I know that we are ladies and we enjoy looking good and smelling good… but the kind of sweat that I am talking about is not necessarily physical. If you are going to have personal success, you will have to sweat. You will have to work hard. Personal success does not come easy and it certainly does not come cheap. Be willing to work for your personal success. Hard work always pays off. I certainly hope that you have enjoyed this time together. Remember it does not matter if the shoes are stilettos, Sperries or saddle-backs…if you want personal success, you have to put your S.H.O.E.S on! This is Coach Chis…until next time…Succeed!

4. You have to Expose yourself to what is important to your success. I will encourage you to go and see something that makes your dreams come alive. Possibilities cause you to become pregnant with your true desires! You and I are designed to grow by pictures…take a class, go on the internet, sister,

March 2022

Her - M agazine

Christy Jones, also know as Coach Chris, is an improvement coach for leaders and helps them break free from feeling overwhelmed and prepares them to take their teams to high levels of performance. Contact her at www.beginmonday.com.


Her meet

“Elemental Witchcraft” can be purchased online or at Barnes and Noble in Greenville.

Heron Michee




eron Michelle has published a new book, “Elemental Witchcraft.” She is a witch, priestess, artist, and mom. She is the founding high priestess of the Sojo Circle Coven, having created a training program in modern witchcraft that has been taught since 2010. Heron is the owner of the Sojourner Whole Earth Provisions metaphysical shop, a Reiki master, tarot diviner, and a clairvoyant specializing in past-life retrieval. She writes the blog “Witch on Fire” at Patheos Pagan and lectures at universities, festivals, and conferences. Featuring dozens of illustrations and more than 50 rit-

uals, spells, and meditations, “Elemental Witchcraft” combines esoteric thought with practical activities. The book teaches Witchcraft's foundations―including the heavy influence of Hermetic philosophy. The author also provides guidance in understanding the elements and how they correspond to both the Wheel of the Year and the five points of the pentacle representing mental, emotional, will, physical and spiritual bodies. The book, created over a decade of coven practice and teaching, explores astrological timing, auras and chakras, elemental tools, sacred space and the witch’s jewel of power, and more.

Praise for Elemental Witchcraft "Heron Michelle shares her personal practice in an inclusive volume that is part reference text, part study guide, and part road map… As a beautiful bridge between witchcraft's history and present-day application, Elemental Witchcraft could very well become the 21st century's version of Buckland's 'Big Blue.' A must-have!" — Raina Starr, host and producer of “Desperate House Witches” podcast


Her - M agazine

March 2022

"’Elemental Witchcraft’ goes way beyond the basics of 'how to' books on witchcraft. It is an erudite book that provides for experienced practitioners new ideas and insights to deepen their practice and teaching, which for newcomers offers a vision of how contemporary witchcraft can provide a path to deep spiritual transformation."—Dr. Vivianne Crowley, author of “Wicca: The Old Religion for the New Millennium” "Heron Michelle writes with sass and style and shares a powerful vision of Witchcraft that's firmly rooted in the past, yet very much a part of the progressive present. There's something for every witch in this book, no matter their level of experience.” — Jason Mankey, author of “The Horned God of the Witches” "Elemental Witchcraft is an incredible work dedicated to training new witches but stands among those books that can deepen a spiritual practice for any practitioner regardless of their length of study...This year-long study can be repeated for years to come, creating a deeper connection with the God/dess and ourselves." — Amy Blackthorn, author of Blackthorn's Botanical Magic and owner of Blackthorn's Botanicals "Heron Michelle pulls back the veil and shows us the soul of a witch...There is strength and kindness in her words as she conveys a summary of her journey through magick and her interlocking insights to present a whole and holistic view of a path of witchcraft...Elemental Witchcraft is perhaps the best effort I've ever seen to condense the fullness of a vibrant Tradition into one volume. If you do the work the book asks you to do, you will find a new way into the heart of witchcraft.” — Ivo Dominguez Jr., author of The Four Elements of the Wise

March 2022

Her - M agazine




I am an actress born in Illinois on January 17, 1922. I have been a beloved actress and animal activist for decades. I have appeared on programs like “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and a long-running hit about senior women living together.

I am a comic actress born in Texas on April 26, 1933. I once lived in a boarding house for women pursuing careers in acting. I have earned a Tony, Emmy and Golden Globe for my work in various genres.

Answer: Betty White


Her - M agazine

Answer: Carol Burnett

March 2022

Rearrange the letters to spell something pertaining to spring.

Rearrange the letters to spell something pertaining to spring. Capital to Coast NC Law Group

1. Flat-topped hill 5. Fire usually accompanies it 10. Talked 12. Skillset 14. Unembarrassed 16. Where teens spend their days 18. Boxing’s GOAT 19. Used to anoint 20. Rust fungi 22. Panthers’ signal caller 23. Forests have lots of them 25. Lentils 26. One’s self-esteem 27. Where you entered the world (abbr.) 28. High school test 30. Large, flightless bird 31. Expectorated 33. Some practice it 35. Prickly shrub

37. French river 38. Told on 40. Steep hillside 41. Peyton’s little brother 42. Soviet Socialist Republic 44. Welsh river 45. Witness 48. Brews 50. Orange-brown 52. Separates DNA and RNA 53. Mexican agave 55. Self-contained aircraft unit 56. Encourage 57. Atomic #52 (abbr.) 58. About latitude 63. Trivial gadget 65. Film a scene again 66. Small blisters 67. Dark brown

1. Advanced degree 2. Goes with flow 3. The Caspian is one 4. Accumulate on the surface of 5. Vascular systems or plants 6. A popular kids magazine 7. __ podrida: spicy Spanish stew 8. Vandalized a car 9. Prefix meaning “within” 10. Soviet labor camp system 11. Strong hostilities 13. B complex vitamin 15. Go quickly 17. Toast 18. A team’s best pitcher 21. A Philly culinary special 23. Small child 24. Unhappy 27. Trims by cutting

29. Weepy 32. It might be on the back 34. Spy organization 35. Female body part 36. Came back from behind 39. Fall back or spring forward 40. Famed traveling journalist 43. Where the current is fast 44. Withstand 46. A Philly football player 47. Records brain activity 49. Aromatic powder 51. Circular panpipe 54. Ship as cargo 59. Bar bill 60. Adult female 61. OJ trial judge 62. One’s grandmother 64. Hot, massive star

March 2022

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eGina R. Smithwick has just published a new memoir, “Adoption: The Unknown Blessing” which allows her to speak her raw truth, expose herself emotionally, and share her personal 50-year-old secret with the world in her own way. This was healing for Smithwick and a true blessing. Her nonfiction book is for anyone struggling or dealing with abandonment or relationship issues, especially children in foster care or adoptees. Smithwick challenges individuals to pull out the good in every situation. “I wrote this book for people like myself that have been adopted, and felt ashamed to tell anyone out of fear that the world would see them differently,” she said. “I want my readers to know they are good enough, and that they can do anything they set their minds to.” The book also provides useful tips for those interested in locating and connecting with their biological parents and/or family members. When not writing, Smithwick is owner of ReGina Smithwick Enterprises, which offers professional organizational services. She also is a motivational speaker and certified life coach, as well as host and producer of a live show called “Let’s Talk” via YouTube and Facebook. She attended Virginia State University and received a master of science in organizational leadership and is a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority.


“Adoption: The Unknown Blessing” can be purchased

online at amazon.com or visit the author’s Facebook page. Her business website is www.smithwicksolutions.com.

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March 2022

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pringE V E N T S

St. Patrick’s Day Party (Feat. Twisted Knot) THURSDAY MARCH 17

7:30 PM to 10:30 PM

For more information, or to purchase tickets, visit the website, www.artsofthepamlico.org Arts of the Pamlico is hosting a St. Patrick’s Day party at the Historic Turnage Theatre located at 150 West Main Street in Washington, NC. The party will feature a concert by Twisted Knot. A cash bar will be open and tickets are only $15.

Ribbon Cutting for Newly Renovated Beauty Bar Medispa THURSDAY MARCH 24

4:00 PM

Please RSVP for an event reminder to cindy@beautybarmedispa.com

Come Join Beauty Bar along with the Pitt-Greenville Chamber of Commerce to celebrate Beauty Bar Medispa’s transformation. They will be presenting a check to NC Stop Human Trafficking as part of their Give-Back Program to the community, in which funds were collected from a portion of every skincare product sold, along with special promotions and events, for the entire year of 2021! At this time they will be announcing their new charity for 2022. Both charities will have sponsors present at this event to help raise awareness of their cause. They will have give-aways and light refreshments for you to enjoy. (Beauty Bar Medispa – 1021 Red Banks Road – Greenville – 252.752.1406)

PirateFest 2022 in Uptown Greenville FRIDAY, APRIL 8 to SATURDAY, APRIL 9

11:00 AM to 8:00 PM

For more information, visit the website, www.piratefestnc.com

Swashbucklers of all ages will converge on the banks of the Tar River, a pirate's paradise located in Uptown Greenville, on April 8-9, 2022. Returning for its 15th year, PirateFest will take over eight city blocks, expanding along Evans Street. Festivities will kick off Friday, April 8 with a free concert, tons of costumed pirates, and street food vendors. Saturday is filled with fine arts for sale, live music stages, BMX, a beer and wine garden, sword fighting, a pirate encampment, and much more. There will be plenty of piratical happenings for the whole family.


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March 2022

s p r i n gEvent� Romeo & Juliet at ECU's McGinnis Theater


For more information, call (252) 328-6829 or visit the website, www.theatredance.ecu.edu Come join ECU’s Loessin Playhouse for the spring performance of William Shakespeare’s Tragedy, Romeo & Juliet. An age-old vendetta between two powerful families erupts into bloodshed when two young lovers defy their fathers and attempt to bridge the gap between them. The School of Theatre and Dance is dedicated to providing undergraduate students with superior, professional training in theatre and dance. The ECU/Loessin Playhouse is the mainstage producing entity of the School of Theatre and Dance at ECU's College of Fine Arts and Communication.

Earth Day Celebration 2022 SUNDAY APRIL 24

2:00 PM to 5:00 PM

For more information on the National Earth Day initiative, visit the website, www.earthday.org

The local Cypress Group of the Sierra Club invites you to “Invest in our Planet”- Celebrating Earth Day 2022 at Green Roof Farm, 1822 Old Market Road, Fountain, NC. Enjoy wagon tours of the farm and examples of restoration/conservation efforts, presentations by local students addressing climate change issues, on-hand experts to address questions related to community gardening, solar energy for homes, local environmental concerns, and best practices for sustainable farming methods. There will also be demonstrations/displays by local environmental groups, antique farm tools display, Music, food, fun activities around the farm. For additional information visit the Cypress Group Webpage at Cypress Group of the NC Sierra Club, or Facebook: Cypress Group of the NC Sierra Club.

Leroy James Farmers' Market SATURDAYS

8:00 AM to 1:00 PM

For more info, call (252) 902-1724

Come support the community by visiting the Leroy James Farmers’ Market located at 4560 County Home Road in Greenville, NC. The Leroy James Farmers Market is a great place to buy fresh produce, baked goods, flowers, meats, crafts, and home goods. You will find tasty home grown, fresh vegetables and fruits. If you have a sweet tooth, there are fresh baked pies, breads, cookies, cakes and rolls available as well. Shopping at the local farmers’ market is also a great way to help support the local economy! SNAP/EBT benefits are accepted.

Disclaimer: Dates and times are subject to change. Please contact event personnel or check out event websites for up to date event information. March 2022

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I am an actress born in Illinois on January 17, 1922. I have been a beloved actress and animal activist for decades. I have appeared on programs like “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and a long-running hit about senior women living together.

Answer: Carol Burnett

Answer: Betty White


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March 2022

Cosmetic Dermatology

Our Cosmetic division in Greenville Offers the latest advances in beauty, dermatology and laser technology. No referrals are required for any of our cosmetic procedures. To learn more about our services please visit our website or call for an appointment today!

652 E. Arlington Blvd., Greenville


www.southerncomfortsinc.com Come Tour Our Wide Selection Of Fine Artwork Featuring Listed Artists And Some Local Artists.

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