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About Aperture Foundation A not-for-profit multi-platform photography publisher and center for the photo community, Aperture connects the photo community and its audiences with the most inspiring work, the sharpest ideas, and with each other—in print, in person, and online. From our base in New York, each year we produce, publish, and present a program of photography projects, locally and internationally, that includes:

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4 issues of Aperture magazine

Aperture Portfolio Prize

20 new books

Limited-edition prints

7 exhibitions at Aperture Gallery

Paris Photo–Aperture PhotoBook Awards

12 exhibitions on tour

Aperture Summer Open

2 issues of The PhotoBook Review

 alks, workshops, and book signings, every T week

Welcome to Aperture Spring 2018 Every issue of Aperture magazine is an essential guide to the art and phenomenon of photography. Offering fresh perspectives on the medium by leading writers, the magazine’s themes consider the role of photography in contemporary culture, society, and politics. As the foundation’s flagship publication, the magazine serves as an incubator for new ideas and projects, and inspires programs around each issue such as limited-edition print offers, events, and debates. The winter issue of the magazine, Prison Nation, considers the visual record, and human toll, of a national crisis that is often removed from public view. The spring issue will look at photography in relation to architecture, shelter, and home. The book list for Spring 2018 is conspicuously international, featuring work from South Africa, Japan, Egypt, and beyond. Zanele Muholi: Somnyama Ngonyama, Hail the Dark Lioness includes one hundred self-portraits created by one of the most influential visual activists of our time. Naoya Hatakeyama: Excavating the Future City is the first English-language survey of this distinguished Japanese photographer. As it may be, by Magnum’s Belgian photographer Bieke Depoorter, captures voices and images of Egyptians amidst revolution. With an unrelenting desire to publish topics at the frontline of political and societal shifts, Public Private Secret is a timely collection of interviews and essays considering pictures and privacy in the age of big data. The beautifully printed survey, The Photographer in the Garden, combines two great passions, exploring the symbolism of plants and flowers and how we humans beautify our landscape. The copublication Looking Again: Photography at the New Orleans Museum of Art provides an exciting new look at one of the country’s most important photography collections. As I write this we prepare for Aperture’s birthday party, in New York City, celebrating sixty-five years of serving the art, story, and community of photography. That spirit is borne by all our publications, and this history echoes in two new books. In Diane Arbus’s A box of ten photographs, we reproduce for the first time a selection of photographs made and edited by the artist in 1971—the only collection of work Arbus selected to represent herself in her lifetime. In Aperture Conversations, we celebrate photographers’ voices through a compilation of over seventy interviews with photographers from the pages of Aperture magazine and books. —Chris Boot, Executive Director

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The Magazine of Photography and Ideas “Required reading for everyone seriously interested in photography.� —Quentin Bajac, Chief Curator of Photography, MoMA, New York

Stephen Tourlentes, New York State Prison, Auburn, NY, 2003. Courtesy the artist and Carroll and Sons, Boston

Prison Nation More than two million people are currently incarcerated in the United States. While the country accounts for 5 percent of the global population, it is home to 25 percent of the world’s prison population. How can photography help us understand this vast system, and the lives shaped—and disrupted—by mass incarceration? From a reflection on the origins of the mug shot to stark aerial views of supermax prisons to recent projects focused on everyday life in New York’s Rikers Island, Louisiana’s Angola Prison, and California’s San Quentin Prison, this issue considers the visual record, and human toll, of a national crisis that is often removed from public view. Prison Nation is organized with contributing editor Nicole Fleetwood, author of the forthcoming book, Carceral Aesthetics: Prison Art and Public Culture.

Aperture 231 An issue dedicated to architecture and photography.

Aperture 230: Spring 2018 9Âź x 12 in. (23.5 x 30.5 cm) 152 pages Illustrated throughout Paperback ISBN 978-1-59711-433-2 US $24.95 / CDN $27.95 / UK ÂŁ19.95


    Aperture 231: Summer 2018 9Âź x 12 in. (23.5 x 30.5 cm) 152 pages Illustrated throughout Paperback ISBN 978-1-59711-434-9 US $24.95 / CDN $27.95 / UK ÂŁ19.95


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Spring 2018


Aperture Magazine

Future Gender Future Gender is a landmark issue dedicated to the representation of transgender lives, communities, and histories in photography. Guest edited by Zackary Drucker, the artist, activist, and producer of the acclaimed television series Transparent, Future Gender considers how trans and gender-nonconforming individuals have used photography to imagine new expressions of social and personal identity, from the nineteenth century to today.

Aperture 229: Winter 2017 9Âź x 12 in. (23.5 x 30.5 cm) 128 pages Illustrated throughout Paperback ISBN 978-1-59711-421-9 US $24.95 / CDN $27.50 / UK ÂŁ19.95



Elements of Style Elements of Style investigates the role of style, dress, and beauty in the formation of individual identity. From the stunning studio work of Kwame Brathwaite, the Harlem-based photographer who advanced the potent political slogan “Black Is Beautiful,� to Collier Schorr’s representations of the queer community in fashion contexts, to Pieter Hugo’s portraits of young students at a Beijing art school, this issue reveals, across time and geographies, how fashion and style help us to see who we are and who we might become.

Platform Africa Aperture takes a detailed look at the dynamic spaces that have shaped conversations about photography in Africa for the last twenty-five years—the biennials, experimental art spaces, and educational workshops in which artists and audiences interact with photography. Platform Africa presents a new generation of artists, and is produced in collaboration with guest editors Bisi Silva, founder and artistic director of the Centre for Contemporary Art in Lagos, Nigeria; John Fleetwood, director of the South Africa–based platform Photo and former head of the Market Photo Workshop in Johannesburg; and Aïcha Diallo, associate editor of Contemporary And.

American Destiny How does the photographer navigate our new national order? As debates about the economic future of the United States continue into a controversial presidential administration, American Destiny offers an urgent reflection on photography, labor, and community. The issue maps geographies of economic promises unfulfilled, weighing how the interrelated factors of class, sexism, education, shifting demographics, racism, and stagnant wages have influenced social life in the United States.

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Aperture 228: Fall 2017 9Âź x 12 in. (23.5 x 30.5 cm) 152 pages Illustrated throughout Paperback ISBN 978-1-59711-420-2 US $24.95 / CDN $27.50 / UK ÂŁ19.95



Aperture 227: Summer 2017 9Âź x 12 in. (23.5 x 30.5 cm) 144 pages Illustrated throughout Paperback ISBN 978-1-59711-419-6 US $24.95 / CDN $27.50 / UK ÂŁ19.95 52495

9 781597 114196

Aperture 226: Spring 2017 9Âź x 12 in. (23.5 x 30.5 cm) 132 pages Illustrated throughout Paperback ISBN 978-1-59711-418-9 US $24.95 / CDN $27.50 / UK ÂŁ19.95 52495

9 781597 114189

Guest edited by Sarah Lewis, Vision & Justice addresses the role of photography in the African American experience.

Cover image: Awol Erizku

Aperture 223: Summer 2016 Vision & Justice ISBN 978-1-59711-410-3

Cover image: Richard Avedon

“The stunning Aperture magazine edition celebrates a variety of current photographers who are reframing blackness and radically restructuring the contemporary perception of it.” —Huffington Post


9 781597 114103 Aperture 223: Summer 2016 Vision & Justice ISBN 978-1-59711-365-6


9 781597 113656

Highlights how photography has shaped feminism as much as how feminism has shaped photography

A dynamic mix of photographic work exploring questions of queer identity

Aperture 225: Winter 2016 On Feminism ISBN 978-1-59711-367-0

Aperture 218: Spring 2015 Queer ISBN 978-1-59711-321-2


9 781597 113212

9 781597 113670

With documentary photography, socially minded storytellers adapt to new terrain Aperture 214: Spring 2014 Documentary, Expanded ISBN 978-1-59711-280-2

[ 6 ]

In collaboration with Inez & Vinoodh, an exploration of visionary fashion photography 52495 Aperture 216: Fall 2014 “Fashion” ISBN 978-1-59711-282-6

9 781597 112802


The vital role of Tokyo at the center of Japanese photography 52495 Aperture 219: Summer 2015 Tokyo ISBN 978-1-59711-322-9

9 781597 112826

9 781597 113229


Between science and art, revisiting photography’s role in discovery and experimentation

Visual cues from works of literature, poetics, writers 5 2and 4 9prominent 5

Must-read conversations with nine of the 5 2 4 9world’s 5 most influential photographers

Aperture 217: Winter 2014 Lit. ISBN 978-1-59711-283-3

Aperture 215: Summer 2014 The São Paulo Issue ISBN 978-1-59711-281-9

Voyages, journeys, and the captivating spell

5of 2 4wanderlust 95

Aperture 222: Spring 2016 Odyssey ISBN 978-1-59711-364-9

Aperture 221: Winter 2015 Performance ISBN 978-1-59711-324-3

9 781597 113243


Aperture 220: Fall 2015 The Interview Issue ISBN 978-1-59711-323-6

9 781597 112833

9 781597 112819

Envisioning the intersections of photography and performance

9 781597 112352

9 781597 112345

9 781597 112338

The best photography and critical writing produced in Brazil today


Aperture 213: Winter 2013 Photography as You Don’t Know It ISBN 978-1-59711-235-2

Aperture 212: Fall 2013 Playtime ISBN 978-1-59711-234-5

Aperture 211: Summer 2013 Curiosity ISBN 978-1-59711-233-8

[ 7 ]

Revisiting ten photographers who deserve 5 2renewed 4 9 5 contemporary attention

In role-play and sex-play, illuminating theater, 5 2 4jokes, 9 5 leisure, and fantasy

9 781597 113649

9 781597 113236

From William Eggleston to Malick Sidibé,

5photographs 2495 that turn up the volume Aperture 224: Fall 2016 Sounds ISBN 978-1-59711-366-3

9 781597 113663


New Titles Spring 2018

By Jamie M. Allen and Sarah Anne McNear • • •

The first substantial look at photography and the garden Features all the greats, from Anna Atkins to Stephen Shore A sublime and beautiful book, essential for photography and gardening enthusiasts alike

This book explores our unique relationship with nature through the garden. From famous locations, such as Versailles, to the simplest home vegetable gardens, from worlds imagined by artists to vintage family snapshots, The Photographer in the Garden traces the garden’s rich history in photography and delights readers with spectacular images. The book explores gardens from many angles: the symbolism of plants and flowers, how humans cultivate the landscapes that surround them, the change of the seasons, and the gardener at work. An informative essay from curator Jamie M. Allen and picture-commentaries by Sarah Anne McNear broaden our understanding of photography and how it has been used to record the glory of the garden. The book features photographers from all eras, including Anna Atkins, Karl Blossfeldt, Eugène Atget, Edward Steichen, Imogen Cunningham, Edward Weston, Lee Friedlander, Stephen Shore, Robert Mapplethorpe, Nobuyoshi Araki, and Collier Schorr, to name a few. This sublime book brings together some of the most stunning photography in the history of the medium.

[ 10 ]

9½ x 11½ in. (24.5 x 29 cm) 256 pages 250 black-and-white and four-color images Hardcover ISBN 978-1-59711-373-1 US $50.00 / CDN $65.00 / UK £40.00 April 2018

Cover image: Stephen Shore

The Photographer in the Garden

Copublished by Aperture and the George Eastman Museum


Jamie M. Allen is associate curator in the department of photography at the George Eastman Museum, Rochester, New York. Allen’s work at the Eastman Museum focuses on exhibition development and care of the collection. She is the author of Picturing America’s National Parks (Aperture, 2015). Sarah Anne McNear has over thirty years of experience in museums and cultural nonprofits, with a specialization in photography and community-based art education. She is the author of several books on photography, has served on various advisory committees, and is currently a board member of the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Deer Isle, Maine, and Aperture Foundation.

Spring 2018

Larry Sultan

Jeanette Bernard

[ 11 ]

10½ x 14 in. (26.5 x 35.5 cm) 224 pages 100 tritone images Hardcover ISBN 978-1-59711-424-0 US $75.00 / CDN $95.00 / UK £60.00 April 2018

Zanele Muholi: Somnyama Ngonyama, Hail the Dark Lioness

Photographs by Zanele Muholi Interview and essay contribution by RenÊe Mussai Contributions by Unoma Azuah, Cheryl Clarke, Fariba Derakhshani, Sophie Hackett, M. Neelika Jayawardane, Mapula Lehong, Sindiwe Magona, Napo Masheane, Hlonipha Mokoena, Jackie Mondi, Deborah Willis, Christie van Zyl, and more • •



A long-awaited monograph of self-portraits by a celebrated visual activist Muholi’s radical statement of identity and resistance mobilizes LGBTQ and art audiences

Zanele Muholi: Somnyama Ngonyama, Hail the Dark Lioness includes one hundred self-portraits created by one of the most powerful visual activists of our time. More than twenty curators, poets, and authors offer written contributions that draw out the layers of meaning and possible readings to accompany select images. Visually captivating, this collection is as much a manifesto of resistance as it is an autobiographical statement. Zanele Muholi (born in Umlazi, Durban, South Africa, 1972) is a visual activist and photographer, cofounder of the Forum for the Empowerment of Women, and founder of Inkanyiso, a forum for queer and visual media.

[ 12 ]

Spring 2018

8ž x 11ž in. (22.2 x 29.6 cm) 276 pages 160 four-color and blackand-white images Flexibind ISBN 978-1-59711-432-5 US $60.00 / CDN $85.00 / UK £50.00 April 2018

Naoya Hatakeyama: Excavating the Future City Photographs and texts by Naoya Hatakeyama Essay by Yasufumi Nakamori Contributions by Toyo Ito and Philippe Forest • • •

For the past thirty years, Japanese photographer Naoya Hatakeyama has undertaken a photographic examination of the life of cities and the built environment. Naoya Hatakeyama: Excavating the Future City is the first English-language survey on this renowned Japanese photographer; his work will be introduced by his own writings, as well as in-depth essays by Yasufumi Nakamori, Toyo Ito, and Philippe Forest. Naoya Hatakeyama (born in Iwate Prefecture, Japan, 1958) has been widely exhibited in the US, Europe, and Japan. He corepresented Japan in the 49th Venice Biennale in 2001, and was given his first solo museum exhibition outside of Japan in 2002 at Kunstverein Hannover. A solo exhibition of the work traveled to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in 2012. [ 13 ]

Copublished by Aperture and the Minneapolis Institute of Art

The first English-language survey of this urbanlandscape visionary Essential for fans of Japanese photography Includes major texts by Yasufumi Nakamori, Toyo Ito, and the artist


Yasufumi Nakamori, PhD, is the curator and head of the department of photography and new media at the Minneapolis Institute of Art and the former associate curator at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Toyo Ito is a Japanese architect, winner of the 2013 Pritzker Architecture Prize, and an honorary fellow of the American Institute of Architects and the Royal Institute of British Architects. Philippe Forest is the author of L’Enfant Êternel (1997; winner of the Prix Femina), Toute la nuit (1999), and Sarinagara (2004; winner of the Prix DÊcembre).


Diane Arbus: A box of ten photographs

11 x 14 in. (28 x 35.5 cm) 110 pages 44 tritone and four-color images Hardcover enclosed in a slipcase ISBN 978-1-59711-439-4 US $80.00 / CDN $105.00 / UK £60.00 April 2018

Essay by John P. Jacob • • •

A stunning large-format reproduction of Diane Arbus’s iconic portfolio The only instance in which Arbus curated her own work for presentation to the public In publication form for one time only; this book will not be reprinted

Published by Aperture in association with the Smithsonian American Art Museum


In May 1971, Artforum, bastion of late modernism, featured the work of a photographer for the very first time. On its cover and in a six-page spread, it published selections from Diane Arbus's portfolio, A box of ten photographs. In the words of the magazine’s editor and photography skeptic, Philip Leider, “The portfolio changed everything . . . one could no longer deny [photography’s] status as art.” At the time of Arbus’s death, two months later, only four of the intended edition of fifty had been sold. Two had been purchased from Arbus by Richard Avedon (the first for himself, the second as a gift for his friend Mike Nichols); another was purchased by Jasper Johns; and a fourth by Bea Feitler, art director at Harper’s Bazaar. Arbus signed the prints in all four sets; each print was accompanied by an interleaving vellum slip-sheet inscribed with an extended caption. For Feitler, Arbus added an eleventh photograph, A woman with her baby monkey, N.J., 1971.


Acquired by the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, D.C., in 1986—and the only one of the four completed and sold by Arbus that is publicly held—that portfolio is the subject of an exhibition on view at the museum from April through September 2018. This exceptional book replicates the nature of Diane Arbus’s original and now legendary object. Smithsonian curator John P. Jacob, who has unearthed a trove of new information in preparing the book and exhibition, weaves a fascinating tale of the creation, production, and continuing repercussions of this seminal work. Diane Arbus (born and died in New York, 1923–1971) is one of the towering figures of twentieth-century art. In the fortyfive years since her death, her singular achievements have been celebrated by a host of major museum retrospectives throughout the world and by six posthumous publications, all of which have remained continuously in print since their publication, including Diane Arbus: An Aperture Monograph (1972), and Diane Arbus: Revelations (Random House, 2003) . John P. Jacob is the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s McEvoy Family Curator for Photography. Previously, Jacob was vice president and director of the Inge Morath Foundation. Recent publications include Harlem Heroes: Photographs by Carl Van Vechten (2016), among others. Jacob’s research on spirit photography and the tintype, for which he received the 2012 Shpilman Award for Excellence in Photography from the Israel Museum, will be published by the museum as Ghost Stories: Found Photography and the Certification of Presence.

[ 14 ]

Spring 2018

Created by Arbus to announce her portfolio, this flyer included two 35-mm contact strips of the ten photographs, stapled onto a sheet of paper and accompanied by typewritten text. © The Estate of Diane Arbus

© The Estate of Diane Arbus

[ 15 ]

Robert Adams/Claudia Andujar/Quentin Bajac/Kate Bornstein/Sophie Calle Henri Cartier-Bresson/Chuck Close/RenĂŠe Cox/Gregory Crewdson/Moyra Davey/Bruce Davidson/Tacita Dean/Robert Delpire/Phillip-Lorca diCorcia John Divola/Zackary Drucker/Ava DuVernay/William Eggleston/Hal Fischer Samuel Fosso/LaToya Ruby Frazier/Philip Gefter/Allen Ginsberg/RoseLee Goldberg/David Goldblatt/Nan Goldin/Katy Grannan/Samuel Gratacap/Phillip Jones Griffiths/Michael E. Hoffman/Jasper Johns/Isaac Julien/Kikuji Kawada Chris Killip/William Klein/Nick Knight/Yoshiyuki Kohei/Josef Koudelka Barbara Kruger/An-My LĂŞ/Richard Learoyd/Sally Mann/Christian Marclay Marcello Mastroianni/Don McCullin/Susan Meiselas/Boris Mikhailov/Richard Misrach/Ishiuchi Miyako/Daido Moriyama/Richard Mosse/Zanele Muholi Maggie Nelson/Simon Norfolk/Catherine Opie/Trevor Paglen/Tod Papageorge Adrian Piper/Richard Prince/Willy Ronis/Thomas Ruff/SebastiĂŁo Salgado Lucas Samaras/Collier Schorr/Jamel Shabazz/Cindy Sherman/Stephen Shore Taryn Simon/Alec Soth/Mickalene Thomas/Jeff Wall/James Welling/Bradford Young/Akram Zaatari

6 3/5 x 9½ in. (16.75 x 24.25 cm) 560 pages Flexibind ISBN 978-1-59711-306-9 US $35.00 / CDN $45.00 / UK £25.00 May 2018

Aperture Conversations: 1985 to the Present Preface by Melissa Harris With more than seventy interviews •

• •


The authentic artist’s voice, drawn from the last thirty years of Aperture magazine and the foundation's publishing Required reading for everyone seriously interested in photography Captures a remarkable group of seventy-six of the most influential names in photography, from Robert Adams to LaToya Ruby Frazier


Why did Henri Cartier-Bresson nearly have a posthumous exhibition while still alive? What led Stephen Shore to work with color? Why was Sophie Calle accused of stealing Vermeer’s The Concert? And what is Susan Meiselas’s take on Instagram and the future of online storytelling? Aperture Conversations presents a selection of interviews, highlighting critical dialogue between photographers, esteemed critics, curators, editors, and artists from 1985 to the present day. Emerging talent along with well-established photographers discuss their work openly and examine the future of the medium. Drawn primarily from Aperture magazine with selections from Aperture’s booklist and online platform, Aperture Conversations celebrates the artist’s voice, collaborations, and the photography community at large. [ 16 ]

Melissa Harris is editor-at-large of Aperture Foundation, where she has worked for more than twenty-five years, including as editor-in-chief of Aperture magazine. Harris has edited more than forty books for Aperture and recently authored A Wild Life: A Visual Biography of Photographer Michael Nichols (2017). Harris has curated photography exhibitions for venues worldwide and teaches at New York University in the Tisch Photography and Imaging department. Spring 2018

[ 17 ]

©Natalie Bookchin

7 x 10 in. (17.8 x 25.4 cm) 240 pages 100 four-color images Paperback with flaps ISBN 978-1-59711-438-7 US $39.95 / CDN $55.00 / UK £29.95 June 2018

Public, Private, Secret: On Photography and the Configuration of Self By Charlotte Cotton With Marina Chao and Pauline Vermare • • •


Required reading for students of art and cultural theory Highly topical commentary on the pressing issues of privacy and citizenship Contributors include the leading thinkers in this field, compiled by acclaimed curator Charlotte Cotton

Public, Private, Secret explores the roles that photography and video play in the crafting of identity, and the reconfiguration of social conventions that define our public and private selves. This collection of essays, interviews, and reflections assesses how our image-making and consumption patterns are embedded and implicated in a wider matrix of online behavior and social codes, which in turn give images a life of their own. Within this context, our visual creations and online activities blur and remove conventional separations between public and private (and sometimes secret) expression. The writings address the various disruptions, resistances, and subversions that artists propose to the limited versions of race, gender, sexuality, and autonomy that populate mainstream popular culture. They anticipate a future for our image-world rich with diversity and alterity, one that can be shaped and influenced by the agency of self-representation. [ 18 ]

Copublished by Aperture and the International Center of Photography


Contributions by Lacy Austin, David A. Banks, Ben Burbridge, Dan Bustillo, common room, Mark Ghuneim, Johanna Hedva, Romke Hoogwaerts, Elizabeth Kilroy, Joseph Maida, Marisa Olson, David Reinfurt, Daniel Rubinstein, and Lucas Wrench Interviews with Merry Alpern, Zach Blas, Natalie Bookchin, Nancy Burson, Kate Cooper, Lyle Ashton Harris, Ann Hirsch, John Houck, Trevor Paglen, Martine Syms, and Shelly Silver Charlotte Cotton has been at the forefront of the appraisal of contemporary art photography for over twenty years. She is the author of Photography Is Magic (Aperture, 2015) and The Photograph as Contemporary Art, and cofounder of Words Without Pictures and Spring 2018

Lee Miller

Looking Again: Photography at the New Orleans Museum of Art

9½ x 11½ in. (24.5 x 29 cm) 304 pages 132 images Hardcover ISBN 978-1-59711-442-4 US $80.00 / CDN $105.00 / UK £60.00 March 2018

By Russell Lord • • •

[ 19 ]

Copublished by Aperture and the New Orleans Museum of Art

An exciting new look at one of the country’s most important photography collections 132 objects beautifully reproduced as full-page illustrations, published together for the first time With original texts by Russell Lord accompanying each image, this is an essential addition to scholarship on the medium that explores the many roles that photography has played throughout its history

Looking Again is designed to provide the reader with a glimpse into both the collection at the New Orleans Museum of Art and photography’s complexity. Through 132 objects and essays, Russell Lord addresses long-held beliefs and offers new ways of thinking about, and looking at, photographs. As the world moves increasingly toward an imagedependent style of communication, this volume encourages the reader to seriously examine their belief in or apprehension toward the photographic image.

Paul Outerbridge

The book is published on the centennial of the first photography exhibition presented at the New Orleans Museum of Art, in 1918. Russell Lord is the Freeman Family Curator of Photographs at the New Orleans Museum of Art. He has written and lectured widely on almost every moment in the history of photography.

Bieke Depoorter: As it may be

11¼ x 10 2/5 in. (28.5 x 26.5 cm) 44 images 58 pages, with an appendix booklet of 64 pages Hardcover with booklet insert ISBN 978-1-59711-440-0 US $60.00 / CDN $85.00 / UK £50.00 April 2018

Photographs by Bieke Depoorter Essay by Ruth Vandewalle • • •

A political artist book by one of Magnum’s most exciting new voices An innovative contribution to the evolving language of documentary photography Essential for every photobook collector

Bieke Depoorter has traveled to Egypt regularly since the beginning of the Egyptian Revolution in 2011, staying overnight in the homes of Egyptian families to document their lives with an intimacy rarely offered to a stranger. She continued her project by constructing a book dummy and revisiting Egypt, asking those who appeared in the images, as well as others, to annotate and comment on the photographs themselves. The result captures a rare and candid dialogue between photographer and subject, while also exposing Egyptian life and creating a new understanding of the intersection between culture, religion, politics, and privacy in the country. [ 20 ]


Bieke Depoorter (born in Kortrijk, Belgium, 1986) joined Magnum Photos at the age of twenty-five and became a full member in 2016. She received a master’s degree in photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent in 2009. She has won several awards for her documentary projects, including the Magnum Expression Award in 2009. Her previous publications include Ou Menya (2012) and I am about to call it a day (2014). Ruth Vandewalle is a Belgian journalist and correspondent who has been working with Depoorter since 2011. Spring 2018


Cover image: Hassan Hajjaj

Recent Bestsellers Dandy Lion: The Black Dandy and Street Style

7 ½ x 10 in. (19 x 25.4 cm) 176 pages 180 black-and-white and four-color images Hardcover ISBN 978-1-59711-389-2 US $35.00 / CDN $47.95 / UK £25.00 Limited-edition prints available

By Shantrelle P. Lewis •

A thrilling survey of today’s popular black dandy street style, from around the world Vibrant patterns, electrifying colors, and fanciful poses—a musthave for anyone interested in style and fashion In the tradition of Fruits and The Sartorialist, an iconic Pop culture book for our time

• •

Black men appropriating, subverting, and reinventing the dress styles of society elites—described as “high-styled rebels” by author Shantrelle P. Lewis—are influencing the language of contemporary fashion. Dandy Lion presents and celebrates the black dandy movement, and its designers and tailors, in photographs and stories from all over the world.

9 781597 113892

Shantrelle P. Lewis is a US-based curator and researcher specializing in diasporic aesthetics, and the survival and evolution of African retentions. She was a 2014 United Nations Program for People of African Descent Fellow and a 2012–13 Andy Warhol Curatorial Fellow.

Rescue Me: Dog Adoption Portraits and Stories from New York City Photographs by Richard Phibbs Text by Richard Jonas Typography by James Victore • • • •

Highly engaging portraits, originally made to find new homes for rescue dogs Features stories of shelter dogs and their journeys to good New York homes Advocates for why we should rescue dogs All author’s royalties contributed to the Humane Society of New York

Richard Phibbs (born in Calgary, Alberta) has shot fashion and advertising campaigns for Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, and Calvin Klein. The best of his portraits and fashion photographs are featured in his first book, Chasing Beauty (2010). Phibbs lives in New York City with his own rescued buddy, Finn. Richard Jonas is an activist and teacher; James Victore is an artist, speaker, author, and illustrator.

[ 21 ]

6 3/16 x 9 in. (15.7 x 23 cm) 112 pages 73 four-color images Hardcover ISBN 978-1-59711-338-0 US $15.95 / CDN $22.95 / UK £10.95 51595

9 781597 113380

Selected Classics No art library should be considered complete without Aperture’s classic photobooks—from our very first title, Edward Weston’s Flame of Recognition, to Diane Arbus: An Aperture Monograph, now in print for more than forty years; from contemporary classics such as Sally Mann’s Immediate Family and Nan Goldin’s Ballad of Sexual Dependency to the remastered and expanded edition of Josef Koudelka’s Gypsies. These are the books that have come to define the canon of photographic literature.

Diane Arbus: An Aperture Monograph Fortieth-Anniversary Edition

Photographs by Diane Arbus Edited and designed by Doon Arbus and Marvin Israel • • • •

In 2012, reissued as the fortieth-anniversary edition Published in five languages since 1972 Includes eighty photographs More than 450,000 copies in print to date

“Diane Arbus was not a theorist but an artist. Her concern was not to buttress philosophical positions but to make pictures. She loved photography for the miracles it performs every day by accident, and respected it for the precise intentional tool that it could be, given talent, intelligence, dedication, and discipline.” —John Szarkowski

It’s Beautiful Here, Isn’t It... Photographs by Luigi Ghirri Edited and with notes by Paola Ghirri Preface by William Eggleston Essay by Germano Celant Chronology by Elena Re • • •

Highly desired title, back in print First book on Ghirri published in English Essential monograph on this pioneering artist and master of contemporary color photography

Luigi Ghirri (born in Scandiano, Italy, 1943; died in Reggio Emilia, 1992) shared the sensibility of what became known as the New Color and the New Topographics movements before they had been named, Ghirri worked in Giorgio Morandi’s studio and with architect Aldo Rossi, while influencing a generation of photographers, including Olivo Barbieri and Martin Parr. This dynamic book includes a selection of the seminal artist’s essays, published in English for the first time, and a selected chronology. [ 22 ]

11 x 91/4 in. (27.9 x 23.5 cm) 184 pages 80 duotone images Hardcover with jacket ISBN 978-1-59711-174-4 US $65.00 / CDN $89.95 / UK £45.00 56500

9 781597 111744

Paperback with flaps ISBN 978-1-59711-175-1 US $39.95 / CDN $55.95 / UK £25.00 53995

9 781597 111751

11 x 8½ in. (27.9 x 21.6 cm) 152 pages 95 four-color images and 30 illustrations Hardcover with jacket ISBN 978-1-59711-058-7 US $55.00 / CAD $76.95 / UK £30.00 Limited-edition print available 5 5 5 0 0

9 781597 110587

The Ballad of Sexual Dependency Photographs by Nan Goldin • •

First published in 1986, the hardcover and paperback reissues are essential for every photo library A contemporary classic with images masterfully reproduced from original transparencies

10 x 9 in. (25.4 x 22.9 cm) 148 pages 126 four-color images Hardcover with jacket ISBN 978-1-59711-208-6 US $50.00 / CAD $69.95 / UK £35.00


Nan Goldin (born in Washington, DC, 1953) began photographing at the 9 781597 112086 Paperback with flaps age of fifteen. She received a BFA from the School of the Museum of Fine ISBN 978-1-59711-210-9 Arts, Boston, in 1977. In 1978 she moved to New York, where she continued US $35.00 / CDN $48.95 / to document her “extended family.” These photographs, along with those UK £25.00 taken in London, Berlin, and Provincetown, Massachusetts, became the 53500 subject of her slide show and first book, The Ballad of Sexual Dependency (Aperture, 1986). Goldin’s other books include The Other Side (1993), Ten Years After (1997), and The Beautiful Smile (2008). 9 781597 112109

Workers: An Archaeology of the Industrial Age Photographs by Sebastião Salgado • • • •

“This book is the photography of humanity.” —Gabriel García Márquez “This is a collection of deep devotion and impressive skill.” —Arthur Miller A must-own for all photography and art book collectors Published in eight languages since 1993

93/4 × 13 in. (24.8 x 33 cm) 400 pages plus 8 eight-page gatefolds and 24-page booklet 350 duotone images Hardcover with jacket ISBN 978-0-89381-525-7  US $100.00 / CAD $140.00 / UK £80.00 Limited-edition print available1 0 0 0 0

9 780893 815257

Sebastião Salgado (born in Aimoré, Brazil, 1944) trained as an economist, and began working as a professional photographer in 1973. Since then, he has published numerous books, held solo shows, received international awards, and, along with his wife, Lélia Wanick Salgado, founded Amazonas Images, an agency created for his work. Most recently, Aperture republished Other Americas (2015).

Uncommon Places: The Complete Works Photographs by Stephen Shore Essay by Stephan Schmidt-Wulffen Conversation with Lynne Tillman • • • •

A reissue of an enduring contemporary classic Established Shore’s reputation as a key photographer of our time 9 781597 113038 This body of work has influenced generations of photographers Includes twenty previously unpublished images

Stephen Shore (born in New York, 1947) had his work purchased by Edward Steichen for the Museum of Modern Art at the age of fourteen. At seventeen, he was a regular at Andy Warhol’s Factory, producing an important photographic document of the scene, and in 1971, at the age of twenty-four, he became the first living photographer since Alfred Stieglitz forty years earlier to have a solo show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Since 1982, he has been director of the photography program at Bard College. [ 23 ]

13 × 10¼ in. (32.7 x 26 cm) 208 pages 176 four-color images Hardcover with jacket ISBN 978-1-59711-303-8  US $65.00 / CAD $89.95 Available in US & Canada only 5 6 5 0 0

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Cover: Sam Abell, Prize Winning Flowers, Alaska State Fair, 2013 © Sam Abell; from The Photographer in the Garden (see pages 10–11) Left: Bill Owens, Before the dissolution of our marriage my husband and I owned a bar. One day a toilet broke and we brought it home. 1971 © Bill Owens; from The Photographer in the Garden (see pages 10–11)

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Page 8: Jaap Scheeren and Hans Gremmen, Fake Flowers in Full Color, 2009; from The Photographer in the Garden (see pages 10–11)


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