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Delegate Information Kit!

Topics of Youth Leaders Summit!

Youth & Economy

Youth & Community

Youth & Education

What are the rising trends to fuel and propel Singapore’s economy in the future?

How do we create a worldclass society built on empathy and inclusiveness?

What will the Singapore education landscape look like in the future?

YLS Agenda 24th March

Morning Plenary 10am to 11am

Keynote Speeches 11am to 12pm

Keynote Speeches Two 30-minute Keynote Speeches to address the importance of youth leadership in Singapore to build a better and positive society. This will be hosted by AIESEC Singapore and PAYM.

Conversation Tracks 1pm to 2.30pm

Topics: • Youth & Economy • Youth & Education • Youth & Community 90-minute workshops on key Singapore issues

YOUTHSpeak on our Future 3pm to 5pm

Discussion space based on the key Singapore issues discussed

Closing Plenary 5pm to 6pm

Conversation Tracks Multiple breakout 90-minute Workshops facilitated our guest speakers will share about the future of Singapore in the areas of education, economy and the community.

Conversation to Action Designing and presenting creative solutions and ideas generated by youth based on key Singapore issues to build a better and dynamic future for Singapore. This will be hosted by PAYM.

Official Venue of Youth Leaders Summit ! Singapore Institute of Management! The Singapore Institute of Management (SIM Group) is the leading provider of higher education and professional training in Singapore, reputed for its dedication to lifelong learning and high standards and quality. Founded in 1964 under the initiation of Economic Development Board t o s u p p o r t S i n g ap o re ’s e c o n o m i c development, today the SIM Group is a diverse and vibrant organisation with a wide range of programmes and services.!

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Youth Leaders Summit information kit  

Find out all about Youth Leaders Summit in Singapore here! Youth in Singapore who are upper secondary students to young working adults up...

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