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s tat e M e n t alpha Phi alpha Fraternity, inc. develops leaders, promotes brotherhood and academic excellence, while providing service and advocacy for our communities.


ta b l e oF Contents Mission statement...........................................................4 Vision statement .............................................................6 schedule of events ..........................................................8 alpha MlK Dedication Program .............................. 10 alpha MlK luncheon Program................................. 12 Fraternity information ................................................ 16 birth of the MlK Memorial ....................................... 18 iota Upsilon lambda Historical ............................... 24 letters from alpha leadership.................................. 28 Founders of alpha Phi alpha ...................................... 44 alpha Phi alpha leadership ....................................... 45 Jewel Medallion ............................................................. 54 MlK Memorial Medallion ........................................... 62 alpha award of Merit .................................................. 68 alpha award of Honor ............................................... 80 alpha award of Courage............................................ 86 MlK Memorial Partners & advertisers................... 90


Vision s tat e M e n t the objectives of this Fraternity shall be: to stimulate the ambition of its members; to prepare them for the greatest usefulness in the causes of humanity, freedom, and dignity of the individual; to encourage the highest and noblest form of manhood; and to aid down-trodden humanity in its efforts to achieve higher social, economic and intellectual status. The first two objectives: (1) to stimulate the ambition of its members (2) to prepare them for the greatest usefulness in the cause of humanity, freedom, and dignity of the individual-serve as the basis for the establishment of alpha University.



sCHeDUle oF eVents 8 am – 6 pm 8 am – 10 pm Noon – 6 pm 1 pm – 10 pm Noon – 6 pm 5 pm – 9 pm 7 pm – 10 pm

7 am – 8:00 am 7 am – 8:00 am 8 am – 11 am 8 am – 4 pm 8 am – 10 pm 8 am – 4 pm 8:30 am – 6 pm Noon – 6 pm noon – 3 pm noon – 2 pm 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm 5 pm – 6:30 pm 5 pm – 6:30 pm 6 pm – 6:30 pm 7 pm – 9:30 pm 10 pm – 2 am

8 am – 4 pm 8 am – 4 pm 8:30 am – 2 pm 10:30 am – 11 am 11 am – 3 pm 3:45 pm – 4:45 pm 4:30 pm – 6 pm 6 pm – 11 pm


8 am – 10 am 8 am – 10 am 10 am – 11 am 11 am – 1 pm

THURSDAY, AUGUST 25, 2011 Event Office Massachusetts Room Media Relations Room Maryland Room Registration Cabinet Room Tuxedo Pickup East Room Corporate Sponsors Senate Room /VIP Registration King Jazz Mixer Grand ballroom Kids for King Lounge Chinese Room FRIDAY, AUGUST 26, 2011 VIP Holding Room Grand Ballroom buses depart Hotels for Private Ceremony alpha’s Dedication Ceremony King Memorial site Event Office Massachusetts Room Media Relations Room Maryland Room Registration Cabinet Room Tuxedo Pickup East Room Corporate Sponsors Senate Room /VIP Registration King Memorial luncheon DC Convention Center Women of the Dream luncheon DC Convention Center ViP transportation departs Hotel for Gala VIP Reception DAR Constitution Hall buses departs for Gala Gala Reception DAR Constitution Hall Monumental Life DAR Constitution Hall Celebration of Dr. King Gala afterglow Grand ballroom, Promenade, east and Chinese Room SATURDAY, AUGUST 27, 2011 Event Office Massachusetts Room Media Relations Office Maryland Room Tuxedo’s Return East Room bus departs Hotel DC Convention Center Kids Dream Keepers event DC Convention Center Bus departs Hotel for Congressional Reception Congressional Reception Cannon Caucus Room at the Cannon House bldg Kids for Kings Lounge Chinese Room SUNDAY, AUGUST 28, 2011 ViP Holding Grand ballroom bus departs Hotel for Dedication Pre-Dedication Ceremony MlK Memorial site Dedication Ceremony MlK Memorial site


MEMORIal DeDiCation Friday, august 26, 2011 / 9:00 aM

MASTER OF CEREMONIES brother Herman “skip” Mason, Jr. General President POSTING OF COLORS PleDGe oF alleGianCe NEGRO NATIONAL ANTHEM “lift every Voice and sing” arranged by James Weldon Johnson inVoCation Brother Reverend Dr. Joseph E. Lowery President emeritus, sClC GREETINGS Honorable Constance albanese “Connie” Morella Former U.S. Representative, Maryland oCCasion elder bernice King Daughter of Dr. Martin luther King, Jr. “I HAVE A DREAM” RECITATION Brother Reverend Dr. John Moore Zeta Rho Lambda Chapter MUSICAL TRIBUTE iota Upsilon lambda ensemble BROTHER KING REMEMBERED Brother James R. Williams, 25th General President brother ozell sutton, 26th General President brother Charles C. teamer, sr., 27th General President brother Dr. Henry Ponder, 28th General President brother Milton C. Davis, 29th General President brother adrian l. Wallace, 30th General President Brother Darryl R. Matthews, Sr., 32nd General President brother Harry e. Johnson, sr., 31st General President

tHe aCCePtanCe brother Martin luther King iii CLOSING REMARKS brother Mason PRAYER of DEDICATION & BENEDICTION Brother Reverend Dr. Otis Moss, Jr. Pastor emeritus, Mt. olivet institutional baptist Church SILENT MARCH TO THE stone oF HoPe ALPHA PHI ALPHA HYMN AND PRAYER



MEMORIAl lUnCHeon Friday, august 26, 2011 / noon

Walter e. Washington Convention Center Washington, DC PRE-CEReMonial MUsiC Inner City Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles GREETINGS Brother Rod Gillum Chairman, MlK Memorial Foundation board brother Harry Johnson President and Ceo Martin luther King Jr Memorial Foundation Mr. Robert S. Mueller, III Director, Fedeal bureau of investigations inVoCation anD blessinG oF FooD Brother Reverend Dr. William E. Flippin, Sr. senior Pastor, Greater Piney Grove baptist Church atlanta, Georgia RECOGNITION OF CORPORATE SPONSORS lUnCH AWARD PRESENTATIONS Martin luther King Jr. Memorial - top individual Donors Martin luther King Jr. Memorial - top Chapter Donors MLK Memorial Foundation Internal Regional Chairmen awards of Merit awards of Honor awards of Courage the Jewels King Medallion INTRODUCTION OF KEYNOTE SPEAKER brother Herman “skip” Mason, Jr. General President MUSICAL TRIBUTE brothers Henry Goodgame sam Martin Jermaine smith KEYNOTE SPEAKER The Honorable Brother Andrew J.Young, Jr. Human Rights Activist SPECIAL PRESENTATION AND CLOSING REMARKS brother Mason beneDiCtion Brother Dr. Robert M. Franklin President, Moorehouse College POST – CEREMONIAL MUSIC Inner City Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles





aboUt alPHa PHi alPHa since its founding on December 4, 1906, alpha Phi alpha Fraternity, inc. has supplied voice and vision to the struggle of african-americans and people of color around the world. Alpha Phi Alpha, the first intercollegiate Greek-letter fraternity established for african-americans, was founded at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York by seven college men who recognized the need for a strong bond of brotherhood among african descendants in this country. the visionary founders, known as the “Jewels” of the Fraternity, are Henry arthur Callis, Charles Henry Chapman, eugene Kinckle Jones, George biddle Kelley, Nathaniel Allison Murray, Robert Harold Ogle, and Vertner Woodson tandy. the Fraternity initially served as a study and support group for minority students who faced racial prejudice, both educationally and socially, at Cornell. the Jewel founders and early leaders of the Fraternity succeeded in laying a firm foundation for Alpha Phi Alpha’s principles of scholarship, fellowship, good character, and the uplifting of humanity. alpha Phi alpha chapters were established at other colleges and universities, many of them historically black institutions, soon after the founding at Cornell. The first alumni Chapter was established in 1911. While continuing to stress academic excellence among its members, alpha also recognized the need to help correct the educational, economic, political, and social injustices faced by africanamericans. alpha Phi alpha has long stood at the forefront of the African-American community’s fight for civil rights through leaders such as: W.e.b. Dubois, adam Clayton Powell, Jr., edward brooke, Martin luther King, Jr., Thurgood Marshall, Andrew Young, William Gray, Paul Robeson, and many others. True to its form as the “first of firsts,” Alpha Phi Alpha has been interracial since 1945. National Programs the fraternity’s national programs are community outreach mentoring initiatives that have been adopted by the organization’s governing body and mandated for implementation by all of its chapters. the organization’s national programs include: Go–To–High School, Go–To–College the “Go-to-High-school, Go-to-College” program, established in 1920, concentrates on the importance of completing secondary and collegiate education as a road to advancement. statistics prove the value of this extra impetus in making the difference in the success of young african-american men, given that school completion is the single best predictor of future economic success. through the Go-to-High-school, Go-to-College educational initiative, young men receive information and learn strategies that facilitate success. alpha men provide youth participants with excellent role models to emulate.


Project Alpha Project alpha is a collaborative effort between the March of Dimes Foundation and alpha Phi alpha Fraternity, inc. this program was developed to increase the knowledge of the african-american male of the consequences of teenage pregnancy from the male perspective. this program seeks to assist young men in developing an understanding of their role in preventing untimely pregnancies through responsible attitudes and behaviors. the goals of Project alpha are to: reduce the rate of adolescent sex and pregnancy; stress the concept of abstinence as a personal choice while promoting the use of contraceptives to those that choose to be sexually active; increase the knowledge of anatomy and physiology of the human body and the awareness of sexually transmitted diseases; clarify and emphasize the roles and responsibilities of fatherhood; and reduce the rate of sexual abuse and violence among african-american teens. A Voteless People Is A Hopeless People “a Voteless People is a Hopeless People” was initiated as a national program of alpha during the 1930’s when many african-americans had the right to vote but were prevented from voting because of poll taxes, threats of reprisal, and lack of education about the voting process. Voter education and registration has remained a dominant focus of this outreach activity for over 65 years. in the 1990s, the focus has shifted to include political awareness and empowerment. Special Projects alpha Phi alpha’s special projects are programs and activities that are sustained through collaborative efforts, memoranda of understanding, and/or outside financial assistance, which Chapters are encouraged to implement. Current special Projects include: Big Brothers / Big Sisters mentoring partnership—implemented in 1991, alpha Phi alpha and bb/bs assist each other in mentoring african-american boys and young men. Boy Scouts of America—through this alliance, alpha Phi alpha focuses on mentoring through the scouting program. Leadership Development Institutes—the program prepares outstanding high school students in the vital skills of leadership, college preperation and effective group interaction. College Life to Corporate Life Initiative (C2C) in concert with the mission of alpha Phi alpha Fraternity, inc., the College life to Corporate life initiative (C2C) was created to develop the human resources of alpha Phi Alpha and cultivate mutually beneficial relationships with corporate partners resulting in rewarding career opportunities for the members of alpha Phi alpha and increased critical mass of diverse talent for its corporate partners.





alPHa PHi alPHa

THE INITIATOR, THE CATALYST, THE DRIVING FORCE BEHIND THE MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. NATIONAL MEMORIAL An idea initially proposed by five members of Alpha Phi alpha Fraternity, inc. (George sealy, alfred bailey, John Harvey, oscar little and eddie Madison) in 1983 has blossomed into an unprecedented achievement, a monument on the national Mall in Washington, D.C., an area preserved for honoring U.s. presidents and for remembering war veterans. now a man of peace, a symbol of hope, the first non-president and an Africanamerican stands tall in the pantheon of U.s. heroes. soon after the assassination of brother Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Representatives John Conyers and shirley Chisholm in the House and brother edward W. brooke in the senate introduced legislation to establish a national holiday in honor of Dr. King. after 15 years of struggle, President Ronald Reagan, on November 2, 1983, signed legislation creating a federal holiday to honor Dr. King. brother sealy and his wife Pauline talked about the need for a memorial to Dr. King in the nation’s capital so that the millions of visitors, especially school children, would remember him and his tremendous accomplishments in helping to change the United states; to inspire the nation to live up to its creed of freedom, justice; and equality and to stand as an example to the world. brother sealy discussed this idea with brothers bailey, Harvey, little and Madison. they determined that alpha Phi alpha Fraternity, inc., in which Dr. King was initiated


as a brother on January 22, 1952, was the organization with the capacity, commitment and contacts to carry out such a huge undertaking. they presented the idea to the alpha board of directors under the leadership of 26th General President ozell sutton in 1984. the board approved it, and 27th General President Charles C. teamer, sr. guided it through the general convention in 1985. to build such a memorial in Washington, D.C. required legislation signed into law by the U.s. president. For 11 years, under the administrations of General Presidents Charles C. teamer, sr., Henry Ponder and Milton C. Davis, alpha Phi alpha lobbied Congress for authorization to raise the necessary funds and to build a memorial to Dr. King in Washington, D.C. at regional and national conventions, brothers generously contributed seed money to move the project forward. brothers bailey and sealy used political connections to garner bipartisan support in Congress. brother Julian C. Dixon, a Democratic congressman from California (1978–2000), led the fight in Congress to secure legislation for the King Memorial. Republican Representative Constance A. Morella from Maryland, Democratic senator Paul s. sarbanes of Maryland and Republican Senator John W. Warner of Virginia pushed the legislation to build a memorial but without specifying its location. President bill Clinton on november 12, 1996 signed the legislation into law and informed 29th General President Milton C. Davis of the authorization for alpha Phi alpha Fraternity, inc. to raise funds and to manage the process for building a memorial. now that the legislation was in place, the work of site selection, design and approval by the national Park service, the Capital Memorial Commission, the national Capital Planning Commission and the Commission on Fine arts, as well as fund-raising, began. 30th General President adrian l. Wallace put in place a project team with brother John Carter at the helm. brother Carter, retired vice president of Corporate Resources for bellsouth, and brother Dr. ed Jackson, Jr., an architect and director of research for the american institute of architects, pushed for congressional designation of area i as the location for the memorial. Congress approved Public law 105-201 on July 16, 1998 with permission to build the memorial in area i, the most prestigious area on the national Mall. brothers Carter and Jackson, after several less desirable locations were suggested, successfully persuaded the authorizing agencies to approve the tidal basin site on which the memorial now stands.

30th General President Wallace rallied the brotherhood to support this immense undertaking. He cautioned the brotherhood that “Failure is not an option.” the internal Fund-raising Committee headed by brother attorney Melvin White set goals for brothers, chapters and regions. 25th General President James R. Williams led the way with an initial $15,000 contribution from eta tau lambda Chapter in akron, ohio, which by 2000 had contributed $100,000 to the project. brother Dr. ed Jackson, Jr. coordinated the design competition with an international panel of experts that reviewed some 900 entries from around the globe before selecting the Roma Design Group of San Francisco. The winning design was unveiled on september 13, 2000 in Washington, D.C. at a gala event addressed by Mrs. Coretta scott King, who expressed her pleasure with the project and the design. she stated, “i thank my husband’s fraternity, alpha Phi alpha, which led the 15-year effort to bring this memorial to this point.” The Tommy Hilfiger Foundation, headed by brother Guy Vickers, with the support of Tommy Hilfiger and CEO Joel Horowitz, sponsored the unveiling. the General Motors Foundation, headed by Brother Roderick Gillum, became a major sponsor of the memorial. Brother Richard W. Marshall, from General Motors, became the Chief Financial Officer of the Martin luther King, Jr. Memorial Foundation. on December 4, 2000, the 94th anniversary of the founding of alpha Phi alpha, General President Wallace placed a plaque on the site where the memorial would be built. 31st General President Harry e. Johnson, sr., who would later become the president and Ceo of the Martin luther King, Jr. national Foundation, moved the project from the internal fund-raising phase to the public phase. there was still work to be done within alpha as General President Johnson appointed brother Frank Russell, Jr. as chair of the Internal Fundraising Commit-

tee with the charge to show the nation that alpha Phi alpha leads by example. General President Johnson organized the office in Washington, D.C. and brought together celebrity, corporate, foundation and political support to raise $100 million to build the memorial, a figure later revised to $120 million because of National Park service requirements. 32nd General President Darryl R. Mathews, Sr. made completion of the memorial a centerpiece of the centennial celebration for alpha Phi alpha Fraternity, inc. He highlighted the memorial during the centennial convention in Washington, D.C., held a program during the convention at the site of the memorial to remind the brotherhood of the urgency to complete the project and presided over a star-studded groundbreaking ceremony on november 13, 2006 attended by, among others, President George W. bush and former President bill Clinton. 33rd General President Herman “skip” Mason has committed to making the dedication of the King Memorial an historic and unforgettable occasion to mark the greatest undertaking to date for the fraternity. He has organized activities, ceremonies and events to impress upon the brotherhood, the nation and the world the momentous achievement of alpha Phi alpha Fraternity, inc. aPa has served as the initiator, the catalyst, the driving force to preserve the legacy and memory of Dr. Martin luther King, Jr., a citizen of the world, who belongs to the ages and whose example and accomplishments will inspire generations to come through the Washington, D.C. national Memorial. Brother Dr. Robert L. Harris, Jr. national Historian, alpha Phi alpha Fraternity, inc.

l to r: brothers oscar little, George sealy, alfred bailey.



Brother King with his line brothers. June 1952


i o t a UPsilon l a M b Da H I S TO R I C A L s U M M A R Y iota Upsilon lambda (iUl) Chapter of alpha Phi alpha Fraternity, Inc. was officially chartered on December 13, 1970 in the Gold Room of the Washington Motel & Country Club in Gaithersburg, Maryland. the ceremony at which 10 officers were installed was the culmination of an idea that arose on Memorial Day 1970 in a discussion involving a small number of alphas, some of whom were newcomers to Montgomery County. a meeting to lay the foundation of iUl, which would be the area’s fourth alumni chapter (there are now eleven alumni and four college chapters), was held in July 1970. the launching of the county chapter was motivated by the fraternal spirit and citizenship responsibility engendered and espoused by the fraternity’s founders at Cornell University in 1906, as well as by a plethora of racial injustices suffered by the county’s africanamerican population, then approaching 30,000 individuals. the goal was a viable alpha chapter of african-american professionals, bound in fraternal brotherhood and dedicated to addressing and articulating the needs and concerns of africanAmericans suffering in the midst of White affluence. ten others who, together, undertook a number of programs to address a host of problems that had been identified soon joined the 35 Alphas who chartered iUl. to spread its impact, the chapter aligned itself with other community organizations, such as the naaCP, black Voters league, Montgomery County Pan-Hellenic Council, blacks United for excellence in education (bUee) and others. in many instances through the years, alphas opted for leadership roles in these organizations to assure a concerted attack on problems affecting african-americans. listed among the chapter’s proudest accomplishments over the years is its help to found the


alpha Wives Club. this group not only tremendously enhances and supports the iUl efforts but also implements its own viable and aggressive africanamerican betterment programs. iUl’s determination to improve the lives and circumstances of its fellow citizens did not go unnoticed by the parent fraternity. in 1974, when the chapter was only 4 years old, the eastern region of the fraternity honored the Montgomery County chapter for an “outstanding service and leadership in the Community” award. at its national convention in san Francisco later that year, the General organization acclaimed iUl “Most outstanding alumni Chapter of the Year,” a distinction the chapter has received seven times during its first 12 years in 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1980 and 1981. it has similarly been honored as the region’s top alumni chapter in the 11 years of its existence. also, two of the chapter’s brothers have been personally recognized as National Man of the Year— Hanley Norment in 1976 and Lynwood Randolph in 1995. Programs and activities that consistently bring the chapter national recognition include publishing two editions of an african-american business directory, sponsoring a program to honor african-american business persons, finding summer jobs for Africanamerican youth, conducting voter registration/ education programs, conducting crime prevention efforts, sponsoring student financial aid workshops, awarding nearly $250,000 in scholarship assistance, successfully lobbying the U.s. Congress and senate to make the birthday of brother Dr. Martin luther King, Jr. a county and national holiday, initiating a memorial breakfast in his name and leading the movement to place a monument in his honor in the nation’s capital. others are initiating an annual black Heritage Program; sponsoring programs to recognize african-american student achievers; supporting retention of the school system’s once-mandatory course in african-american history and culture for county teachers and other staff; contributing to and taking part in the annual DC Clothes-a-thon program geared to collecting clean, useable clothing for needy youths; improving human relations in the county schools; contributing nearly $5,000 to the save Fisk University campaign; participating in organizing the local self-help coalition for blacks United for excellence in education (bUee) and sponsoring one of its saturday school Programs; and financially supporting the NAACP, National Urban league, United negro College Fund, and the association for the study of afro-american life and History, including conducting an annual naaCP membership drive that sometimes increased up to 15% of the local

branch’s regular members. it is also noteworthy that the chapter was recognized several times as the naaCP’s “outstanding Community organization.” iUl also became an early naaCP Golden Heritage member, and the local alpha Wives Club is the nation’s only organization with two Golden Heritage memberships. in the last 10 years, iUl has deepened its commitment to the education and well-being of african-american citizens of Montgomery County by involving itself at both the grassroots and public service levels. it has organized a computer-based mathematics and reading tutorial program that operates in churches. the tutorial program has accumulated a large inventory of serviceable, used computers, which it lends or gives to program participants who can benefit from having a computer at home. For an educational bonanza, iUl saluted african-american service men and women for their contribution to the resolution of World War ii. iUl was awarded as the nation’s only organization to honor african-american servicemen in this fashion. From the groundwork of service laid during the 1970s and early 1980s, IUL enjoyed considerable confidence and influence within the county. During one 4-year period between 1985 and 1995, iUl listed among its membership a county council member and chair, the police chief and three other county cabinet officers, the superintendent of public schools, a circuit court judge, the president of the naaCP and the president of the southern Christian leadership Conference (sClC). When iUl members stepped forward and offered themselves for policy-making and implementing positions, the people and public officials responded with appropriate expressions of confidence. IUL’s fifth president, John W. Diggs, in accepting the chapter’s seventh national-level outstanding Chapter award in 1981, said that the honor was a “testimony to the untiring efforts of my brothers in the county to consistently pursue goals extending beyond the narrow social realm.” this is the legacy we hope to continue, as we are shaping our future while honoring our past. iUl has continued to excel in its contributions to the fraternity and the Montgomery County community. iUl sponsors a career fair for middle-school students introducing them to the professional world at an early age in life; sponsors the March of Dimes Walk-a-thon, Diabetes Walk and Christmas in april Community Project; is a recipient of contributions from the Combined Federal Campaign, approved as an official 501(C)(3) non-profit organization for the IUL Scholarship Endowment Corporation, Eastern Region

leadership Development institute; and engages in the renovations of the smithville Colored school, which has been designated as a museum and community tutorial center. in 1986, brothers alfred bailey, oscar little, eddie Madison, Harold navy, Hanley norment (deceased) and George sealey took on a massive project to have a memorial erected in honor of brother Dr. Martin luther King, Jr. Many countless hours went into researching this project and preparing documentation for the United states Congress and senate to grant approval of a bill to erect the memorial. Former Congresswoman Connie Morella, Congressman H. Dixon (deceased), senator Paul sarbanes and senator John Warner were the political affiliates who backed the bill. in 1999, the bill was passed to have the King Memorial built on the tidal basin adjacent to the Lincoln, Jefferson and Roosevelt Memorials. A dedication ceremony was held on December 4, 2000 to honor Dr. King and a plaque was laid where the memorial will stand. the memorial would cost $100 million. alpha Phi alpha Fraternity, inc. has engaged in numerous fundraising projects to see the King Memorial built where thousands of tourists will see it during their visits to Washington, DC. the chapter has shared in the leadership of the annual District Vi Founder’s Day Program that evolved in 1999 from Area 3. Brother Russell Campbell, district director, proposed the concept of having a District Founders Day Celebration, where brothers could come together in unison and share brotherly love in honor of the founding Jewels. brothers tony Cheatham and Maurice Purvis spearheaded this project. the success of the celebration continues with brothers sharing their most precious memories as alpha men. Most recently, the chapter elevated its leadership by proposing and executing the erection of a memorial for Brother Jewel Robert Harold Ogle. Brother Tony Cheatham chaired the committee that paved the way for the ogle Memorial. the leadership of District Vi and Eastern Region approved the project in 2001. On September 14, 2002, the Robert Harold Ogle Memorial service was held at epiphany episcopal Church, Forestville, MD. Helen ogle atkins (daughter), Melanie brown (granddaughter) and Julian Wilson (grandson) attended the ceremony. the full-length memorial was presented to the family at Harmony Cemetery. the dedication was featured in the Fall 2002 edition of the sphinx Magazine.






He was a rock that sought after peace and world change through non-violent acts. He was a stone that put a dent in the mistreatment of people during the civil rights movement. He was the brick and mortar that upheld the faith community during vehement times…and today he’s a monumental structure in our nation’s capital. it is with great honor that i welcome you my brothers of alpha, family, friends, partners, celebrities, entertainers and guest, as we gather for the dedication of the Washington, D.C. Martin luther King, Jr. national Memorial to recognize the life, legacy, and leadership of our dear alpha brother. His life, although taken far too soon, was one lived with purpose for the betterment of others. His legacy rings loud in our ears of what our world could and should be – free from racism, injustice, and religious intolerance. It was his leadership and influence that still tells us that we have a responsibility to promote brotherhood and academic excellence, while providing service and advocacy for our communities. our late brother Dr. King climbed a lot of mountains to pave the way for us today; however, a team of dreamers have made it possible after 27 years and $120 million for us to return our gratitude and give our brother the platform his life so deserves. thank memorial dreamers: George sealy, alfred bailey, John Harvey, oscar little and eddie Madison; and alpha’s past general presidents, including a very special thanks to brother Harry Johnson who carried the vision of the memorial; as well as all the chapters and brothers who supported the vision. i am especially grateful for my devoted planning team and the corporate headquarters staff for their tireless work to make this weekend the memorable for all in attendance. It is my hope that you will be emotionally fulfilled when you depart this city, having realize that once again you were a part of a historic and epoch event in the annals of our country. i am honored to serve as General President and welcome you to the dedication weekend in what will go down in history as Alpha Phi Alpha’s finest moment. To God be the Glory! Fraternally,


Herman “skip” Mason, Jr. General President


LETTER FROM THE ExECUTIVE DIRECTOR “Sooner or later, all the people of the world will have to discover a way to live together in peace, and thereby transform this pending cosmic elegy into a creative psalm of brotherhood. If this is to be achieved, man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation.The foundation of such a method is love.” – Martin luther King, Jr., nobel Peace Prize in oslo December 10, 1964 as we pause to recognize the erection of a memorial not only to our dear alpha brother but also to one who preached brotherhood amongst all mankind, i challenge you today to treat everyone with whom you come into contact as your brother. if there is a need that you can fulfill, by way of your God-given influence and/or resources, fill it. Look to serve one another in love without contention or expectation of anything in return. as a member of a global community, this memorial should serve as an alarm to awaken the nations from their sleeping posture and propel us to address the issues that are impacting us all. We can no longer afford to be silent on matters that are draining us economically, mentally, physically, or spiritually. brother King’s life is a testament that even in the midst of difficult times change is possible when we educate our minds, empower our people and embrace each other in brotherly love. although we have built a monument, let us not forget the dream, but continue in every stride to make it a reality. Love,


W. Douglass lyle executive Director & Coo


LETTER FROM THE DEDICATION CHAIRMAN What an exceptional opportunity to be a part of this historic occasion with my fellow brothers of alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Needless to say I am filled with elation and jubilation. i take great pride in being among the countless dedicated, enthusiastic, faithful and committed individuals who worked tirelessly to fulfill this great accomplishment—a project that has taken over twenty years to reach fruition. our children, grandchildren and future generations to come will have access to this gateway into history by way of this magnificent memorial that pays tribute to one of the most influential men in the world, Dr. Martin luther King, Jr. i am pleased and honored to have served as general chair of the MlK Dedication Weekend. but, none of this would have been possible were it not for our sponsors, volunteers and individuals who contributed their time, talent, resources and finances to help make this gala a tremendous success. i extend my heartfelt thanks to all of them for their support and for helping to make this gala possible. This is a most significant event in our lifetime and indeed a labor of love for everyone involved. i am truly blessed to have joined with everyone involved in this extraordinary event. sincerely, Maurice e. Jenkins, Jr. General Chair, MlK Dedication Weekend


LETTER FROM THE 25TH GENERAL PRESIDENT Martin luther King, Jr. Memorial: nonviolence is the answer When considering the question of the significance of the Martin luther King, Jr. Memorial on the national Mall, one has to only analyze Martin luther King, Jr.’s and President barack obama’s remarks when they received the nobel Peace Prize. they both agonized over whether they deserved the award. Martin luther King, Jr.’s remarks were an overview of his efforts in leading the nonviolent struggle. He stated: “after contemplation, i conclude that this award, which i receive on behalf of that movement is a profound recognition that nonviolence is the answer to the crucial political and moral question of our time - the need for man to overcome oppression and violence without resorting to violence and oppression.” President barack obama, in accepting the award, demonstrated how future leaders could be affected by the presence of the Martin luther King, Jr. Memorial on the national Mall. in reference to Martin luther King, Jr., President obama stated: “i make this statement mindful of what Martin luther King, Jr. said in this same ceremony years ago: ‘Violence never brings permanent peace. it solves no social problem: it merely creates new and more complicated ones.’ as someone who stands here as a direct consequence of Dr. King’s life work, i am living testimony to the moral force of nonviolence. i know there’s nothing weak - nothing passive - nothing naïve - in the creed and lives of Gandhi and King.” the Martin luther King, Jr. Memorial belongs on the national Mall, providing balance to the war memorials, alongside the memorials to George Washington, thomas Jefferson, abraham lincoln, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. i can still hear Martin luther King, Jr.’s words of hope: “i have the audacity to believe that peoples everywhere can have three meals a day for their bodies, education and culture for their minds, and dignity, equality and freedom for their spirits. i believe that what self-centered men have torn down men other-centered can build up. i still believe that one day mankind will bow before the altars of God and be crowned triumphant over war and bloodshed, and nonviolent redemptive good will proclaim the rule of the land. ‘and the lion and the lamb shall lie down together and every man shall sit under his own vine and fig tree and none shall be afraid.’ i still believe that we shall overcome!” James R. Williams


LETTER FROM THE 26TH GENERAL PRESIDENT When the campaign to build a monument on the national Mall in Washington, DC, to the honor of Dr. Martin luther King, Jr., it was but an effort n the long thrust of the alpha Phi alpha Fraternity, inc., to record the history of the oldest african american fraternity to establish a history of struggle for those recently freed from slavery. that history of struggle to give a people a culture and education, a sense of justice and a financial standard made African americans equal to other peoples of the world. it started with a push for “a Voteless People is a Hopeless People.” another early national thrust of alpha Phi alpha Fraternity was the “Go to High School; Go to College” mantra, designed to influence African American children to make education important in their lives. Chapters all over the nation organized such programs. the push for desegregation became a national effort for chapters across the land. “a Voteless People is a Hopeless People” continued as a national program through the campaign of voter registration and the passage of the “Voting Rights Act.” in 1965. the alpha Phi alpha Fraternity became strong in the civil rights effort throughout the movement as civil rights grew more and more in the struggle of black americans. the fraternity was an outstanding leader in the establishment of the Center for Missing and exploited Children. In support of the Civil Rights Act, the fraternity launched a milliondollar campaign in financial support of the National Urban League and the national association for the advancement of Colored People. in 1984, during the administration of brother Dr. ozell sutton, the effort to build a monument on the national Mall in honor of Dr. Martin luther King, Jr., was started. the idea, presented to the alpha national Convention, failed several times. the tenacious George sealey and alfred bailey, the catalysts for the proposition. then solicited the support of the 26th General President. He, in turn, reraised the issue taking personal charge of the discussion, and secured passage of the motion to build the monument. Following this successful effort, brother sutton then entered into discussion with officials of the then President Ronald Reagan to persuade them to support the alphas’ effort in Congress. in 1996, President bill Clinton signed Congressional legislation proposing the establishment of this memorial in the District of Columbia to honor Dr. Martin luther, King, and Jr.


ozell sutton

LETTER FROM THE 27TH GENERAL PRESIDENT on august 28, 1963, i was privileged to have the opportunity to participate in the March for Freedom and Jobs in Washington, D.C. i stood with more than 250,000 people on the national mall spellbound by the words of Dr. Martin luther King, Jr. brother King spoke of his dream that “his children would one day live in a world where they would be judged not by the color of their skin but the content of their character.” He galvanized a nation that day and lit the spark that led to the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. on august 27, 1988, i joined hundreds of brothers for the second march on Washington commemorating the twenty-fifth anniversary of the 1963 event. The men of Alpha Phi Alpha rose to the occasion and played an integral part in the planning process for the march. During our planning effort we discussed several ideas for honoring brother King, including a national memorial in Washington D.C. The first action by Alpha Phi Alpha to support a monument took place at the 1984 General Convention held in Cleveland, Ohio. The fraternity voted to support efforts to erect a national monument. During the first year of my term as the 27th General President the fraternity reaffirmed its support for a monument at the 1985 General Convention in atlanta, Georgia. the atlanta convention was historic because the members of the fraternity, inspired by the teachings of brother King, voted to support the struggle for equality taking place in south africa. in 1986, the men of alpha launched a blitz on Capitol Hill to urge members of Congress to support efforts to end the practice of apartheid in south africa. in 1986 at the General Convention in Washington, D.C., i issued a formal statement as the 27th General President in support of a national monument in honor of brother King stating: “as we come together in this anniversary year, we lend our support to the effort to erect a statue here in the nation’s capital in honor of our beloved brother Martin luther King, Jr. this is an alpha inspired project, designed to gain support from all segments of american society…” The 1986 convention records reflect that $6,000.00 was collected in support of the monument and formal committees were established to support future fundraising efforts. at the 1988 General Convention in Kansas City, Kansas, brother George sealy reported that Congress was debating legislation to authorize alpha Phi alpha to establish a monument on Federal land in the District of Columbia. the sponsors of the legislation were senator Paul sarbanes and Representative Walter Fauntroy. During the convention the General Treasurer James Trent reported that there was a balance of $12,000 in the memorial fund. the brothers initially anticipated that the monument would cost approximately $300,000. Twenty-five years later an unprecedented figure of more than $114 million has been raised for the monument. The annals of history are full of the significant accomplishments and contributions of the sons of Alpha Phi Alpha. even so, brother King’s achievements have garnered him the title of one of the greatest men of our age. His tremendous legacy has made him a torchbearer for our organization because he embodies the principals and ideals that form the foundation of the house of alpha. brother King inspired a nation to dream of a better world. His vision for a free and equal society is now a global standard. in the most tumultuous of times he showed us that progress could only come from the direct confrontation of injustice and inequality. brother King motivated thousands of men and women to leave the comfort and security of their homes and communities to engage in peaceful protest. in doing so he taught us that the pursuit of justice and equality would require each of us to believe, sacrifice and actively participate in the struggle. In the end, Brother King led us to a better place where people of every race, color and creed have the opportunity to thrive and prosper. one of the objectives of alpha Phi alpha is to “prepare our members for the greatest usefulness in the cause of humanity, freedom and dignity of the human being.” today, as in years past the men of alpha Phi alpha Fraternity, inc., embrace this charge and move boldly forward following the example set by our beloved brother Martin luther King, Jr. the dream is alive and the men of alpha continue to carry the banner of freedom, justice and equality for all. Charles C. teamer


LETTER FROM THE 28TH GENERAL PRESIDENT During my Presidency of the alpha Phi alpha Fraternity, inc., we kept the Martin luther King, Jr. Memorial idea before the brothers. time was given for brothers George sealed, alfred bailey, oscar little, eddie Madison and John Harvey to speak to the brotherhood at each General Convention. these were the brothers who originate the idea of a King Memorial in the nation’s Capitol. these brothers were very passionate and forceful. Without them, the idea of a Memorial for brother King may have met a slow death. to help keep the dream alive, to encourage these brothers, and to keep the importance of a Memorial to this deceased and international brother before the membership of the alpha Phi alpha Fraternity, inc., we dedicated the General Convention ecumenical service Collections to the MlK Memorial. these were not attention gathering actions; however they accomplished their purpose. We desired to keep the idea alive until we could create the momentum to gain Congressional approval for the Memorial. During the early years it was import to realize that “Every little bit helps.” During the formative years, we kept our resolve by reminding ourselves that Victor Hugo said, “There is nothing more powerful them an idea whose time has come.” We saw our role as keeping the idea of a Martin luther King Memorial on the national Mall, alive until its “time came.” Henry Ponder


LETTER FROM THE 29TH GENERAL PRESIDENT on august 28, 1963, i was privileged to have the opportunity to participate in the March for Freedom and Jobs in WashingtoWe are all privileged to be here to taste and feel with all of our senses of sight, smell, hearing and touch the great wonder which has been wrought by the vision and hands of human beings who seek through this stunning memorial to embed once again within the fabric of america and inspire within her spirit values, ethics and morals which make us all transcend basic instincts and seek noble ideals and aims. We are privileged to stand on this most hallowed ground, the pantheon of the nation - the national mall, where our greatest icons, leaders and champions are enshrined and honored. Martin luther King, Jr., the great thinker, preacher, orator and writer knew the power of words to challenge and inspire individuals and society. Words lead to actions, and in King’s case, words provided a pathway to racial reconciliation and the cornerstones for building a more just american society. the journey to a great america with a just society continues today. We look out from the edge of this tidal basin and see in close proximity - the George Washington Memorial, the thomas Jefferson Memorial and the abraham lincoln Memorial. three symbols of the progression of thought and philosophies which had the greatest impact on the nation’s spirit and personality. each of these three memorials stand as a giant pillar upon which the nation was built and today we complete the fourth and final pillar of American thought – one which crosses racial lines to speak of the kinship and humanity of all americans. Here on the last parcel of land on the national Mall upon which a memorial may be built; on this last space on the tidal basin within sight of the other giant pillars who fashioned the nation’s conscience and values, we present and dedicate the tribute to the champion and drum major of america’s non-violent movement for equality and justice. Dr. King led a peaceful movement the results of which as did the American Revolution and the civil war reverberated across the world and changed all of humanity forever. abraham lincoln who represents the third pillar of this analogy served as the Commander in chief during the great civil war and regardless of the reasons had the courage to sign the emancipation Proclamation freeing the slaves in an effort to maintain the union. lincoln’s philosophy and courageous acts surely cost him his life in april, 1865, someone thought a bullet could stop the movement set in motion by these Presidential actions. approximately one hundred years later, Martin luther King, Jr. served as the moral equivalent of the Commander in chief of the civil rights movement and had the courage to stand forward in non violence and challenge racism, bigotry, hatred and fear and his example inspired and motivated millions of others to do likewise. His courageous acts surely cost him his life in april, 1968. someone thought a bullet could stop the movement set in motion by King’s philosophy and bold actions. it was said of lincoln when he died: “now he belongs to the ages”. true words, for generations upon generations have come to this pantheon in remembrance and tribute of him and his philosophy and been inspired to bold actions. today we dedicate and add the fourth pillar and say with equal certainty that now, Martin luther King, Jr., “belongs to the ages”. Generations upon generations shall come to this pantheon in remembrance and tribute of him and his philosophy and be inspired to bold actions. Milton C. Davis


LETTER FROM THE 30TH GENERAL PRESIDENT “That this may be a sign among you….These stones shall be a memorial” - Joshua 4:6.7 Prayerfully and purposely, the name Washington, D.C. Martin luther King, Jr. national Memorial was chosen to distinguish it from the many other programs, activities, and efforts underway by others to honor Dr. King. Our chosen name spoke specifically of the location, scope and concept. Hence, the term Memorial was prayerfully and purposely chosen NOT monument. By our definition and vision, monument marks a point in time, an event, a person and is forever fixed and static in that time. a Memorial however is to be experienced. a Memorial ‘lives’. a Memorial transcends time and place. a Memorial inspires and affirms. these stones resonate with of the human spirit yearning to be free. these stones reverberate with the pain, trails and tears of downtrodden humanity. these stones bespeak of the Man, the Movement, and the Message. When our children ask what mean ye by these stones, tell them these stones shall be a Memorial of a more excellent way. between the years of 1997 to 2000, during my administration we were blessed to set in place the infrastructure for the Martin luther King, Jr. Memorial Project which continues to serve its purpose well. in addition, the following are some of the accomplishments: • Created and organized the MLK Memorial Project Team. • Obtained passage of Public Law 105-201 (July 16, 1998) to locate the King Memorial in Area 1 on the national Mall. • Setup the Washington, D.C. MLK Jr. Project Office • Obtained 501© approval from the Internal Revenue Service for the MLK Memorial Foundation. • Empanelled an internationally renown judges from China, Mexico, India, United States • Conducted an International Design Competition with over a 1,000 entrees from over 40 countries. • Selected an award winning design, first place received $20,000. • Memorial site formally dedicated on December 4, 2000. • $15+million dollars in cash and pledges raised bro. Dr. King belongs to the world and now the ages. the Martin luther King, Jr. national Memorial, a People’s Memorial, a memorial for the ages which celebrates all that is good and right about humanity, and challenges us individually and collectively to fulfill that potential and make freedom a reality for all. Failure is not an option!

adrian l. Wallace


LETTER FROM THE 31ST GENERAL PRESIDENT This is the year we finish construction of the first memorial in Washington, DC dedicated to a person of color, as well as the only national memorial dedicated to Dr. King’s enduring principles of justice, democracy, hope and love. We are scheduled to open Dr. King’s Memorial to the public on august 28, 2011, and all of us here at the Foundation are working tirelessly to ensure this will be an event to remember. together, with President obama as our keynote speaker, we will stand on the new Memorial’s beautiful grounds on the national Mall, and we will celebrate this momentous achievement. the King Memorial is envisioned as a quiet and peaceful space.Yet drawing from Dr. King’s speeches and using his own rich language, the King Memorial will almost certainly change the heart of every person who visits. against the backdrop of the lincoln Memorial, with stunning views of the tidal basin and the Jefferson Memorial, the Memorial will be a public sanctuary where future generations of americans, regardless of race, religion, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation, can come to honor Dr. King. Harry e. Johnson, sr.


LETTER FROM THE 30TH GENERAL PRESIDENT if brother Martin luther King, Jr were here – alive not just in spirit–i wonder…..What would Martin think? What would he think about what we have become since the days of the Civil Rights Movement that he headed? What would Martin think about what we have done with the baton (the legacy) he passed on to us?Can we truly say that we have answered the call to uplift the down trodden with our time, talent and treasure when there still is clearly an urgent need? What would he think of the high profile, publicity-seeking pretenders who have no plan and no clear objectives other than to extort money from corporate america, delivering no results of real consequence? What would Martin think about the reluctance, or refusal, of our youth to take full advantage of the educational opportunities from which their forbearers were “legally’ excluded? We have young people who are looking for and in desperate need of, role models…but instead, they are given the pressures of striving to have more and doing less. in the days before his death, brother King was wrestling with so many issues. He was concerned that the movement was losing ground. He was concerned because a myriad of voices were raising the questions about the method of non-violence that he practiced. People were upset because it appeared that little progress was being made. and, at the same time, lives were being lost for the sake of an unrealized freedom and equality. it has often been said that God speaks through His people and one has to believe that on many occasion God sent messages to and through Martin luther King, Jr. in our lifetime, we will likely never fully know the legacy and the true value of Dr. Marin luther King, Jr. However, as the nation pauses to recognize brother King, we must believe as Martin King believed- that we people of faith, have been called by a might God to continue to do His work. brother King would want us to expand our focus from Civil Rights to Silver Rights: to become more financially literate and economically empowered. He would not want us to trade old masters for pagans. Possessions can be taken in the blink of an eye. Many great men and women have gone on before us and not one them sought greatness. but through their tireless works, greatness was earned because they put self last and others first. Henry Ward Beecher said, “Greatness lies not in being strong, but in the right use of strength.” alpha Phi alpha Fraternity is calling on the nation to show its strength…to use its strength… to show its greatness. Help your fellow man to rise up and to raise up those who shall follow. We cannot hope for another Martin. We must all become like Martin. We hold the keys to the forward progress of the race and harmony we seek. And in doing this, we truly will honor the ultimate sacrifice that this great man made. Darryl R. Matthews, Sr.





alPHa FRATERNITY FOUNDERS Henry Arthur Callis became a practicing physician, Howard University Professor of Medicine and prolific contributor to medical journals. Often regarded as the “philosopher of the founders,” and a moving force in the Fraternity’s development, he was the only one of the “Cornell Seven” to become General President. Prior to moving to Washington, D.C., he was a medical consultant to the Veterans Hospital in Tuskegee, Alabama. Upon his death in 1974, at age 87, the Fraternity entered a time without any living Jewels. His papers were donated to Howard’s Moorland-Spingarn Research Center.

Charles Henry Chapman entered higher education and eventually became Professor of Agriculture at what is now Florida A&M University. A university funeral was held with considerable Fraternity participation when he became the first Jewel to enter Omega Chapter in 1934. Described as “a Brother beloved in the bonds,” Chapman was a founder of FAMU’s Beta Nu Chapter. During the organization stages of Alpha Chapter, he was the first chairman of the Committees on Initiation and Organization.

Eugene Kinckle Jones became the first Executive Secretary of the National Urban League. His 20-year tenure with the Urban League thus far has exceeded those of all his successors in office. A versatile leader, he organized the first three Fraternity chapters that branched out from Cornell—Beta at Howard, Gamma at Virginia Union and the original Delta at the University of Toronto in Canada. In addition to becoming Alpha Chapter’s second President and joining with Callis in creating the Fraternity name, Jones was a member of the first Committees on Constitution and Organization and helped write the Fraternity ritual. Jones also has the distinction of being one of the first initiates as well as an original founder. His status as a founder was not finally established until 1952. He died in 1954.

George Biddle Kelley became the first African American engineer registered in the state of New York. Not only was he the strongest proponent of the Fraternity idea among the organization’s founders, the civil engineering student also became Alpha Chapter’s first President. In addition, he served on committees that worked out the handshake and ritual. Kelley was popular with the Brotherhood. He resided in Troy, New York and was active with Beta Pi Lambda Chapter in Albany. He died in 1963.

Nathaniel Allison Murray pursued graduate work after completing his undergraduate studies at Howard. He later returned home to Washington, D.C., where he taught in public schools. Much of his career was spent at Armstrong Vocational High School in the District of Columbia. He was a member of Alpha Chapter’s first committee on organization of the new fraternal group, as well as the Committee on the Grip. The charter member of Washington’s Mu Lambda Chapter was a frequent attendee of General Conventions. He died in 1959.

Robert Harold Ogle entered the career secretarial field and had the unique privilege of serving as a professional staff member to the United States Senate Committee on Appropriations. He was an African American pioneer in his Capitol Hill position. He proposed the Fraternity’s colors and was Alpha Chapter’s first secretary. Ogle joined Kelley in working out the first ritual and later became a charter member of Washington’s Mu Lambda Chapter. He died in 1936.

Vertner Woodson Tandy became the state of New York’s first registered black architect, with offices on Broadway in New York City. The designer of the Fraternity pin holds the distinction of being the first African American to pass the military commissioning examination and was commissioned First Lieutenant in the 15th Infantry of the New York State National Guard. He was Alpha Chapter’s first treasurer and took the initiative to incorporate the Fraternity. Among the buildings designed by the highly talented architect is Saint Phillips Episcopal Church in New York City. He died in 1949, at age 64.






Herman “Skip� Mason, Jr. General President

Darryl R. Matthews, Sr. Immediate Past General President

Hyacinth C. Ahuruonye General Treasurer

Steven Sims General Comptroller

Sean McCaskill Regional Vice President East

Elgie R. Sims, Jr. Regional Vice President Midwest

James Crumel, Sr. Regional Vice President South

Roderick Smothers Regional Vice President Southwest

Aaron Crutison Regional Vice President West

Chris Alexander Regional Assistant Vice President - East

Fredrick Cox Regional Assistant Vice President - Midwest

Xavier Jones Regional Assistant Vice President - South

Roger Sancho Regional Assistant Vice President - Southwest

Cameron Henry Regional Assistant Vice President - West

Keith A. Bishop General Counsel

William Douglass Lyle Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer

ALPHA PHI ALPHA FRATERNITY, INCORPORATED MlK DeDiCation WeeKenD PlanninG teaM Maurice Jenkins ........................................................................... Chair aaron Harris ........................................................... Project Manager andre a. Wells............................................................. event Planning bryan Kelly ...................................................................... Photography Cory anderson ............................................ Registration/Souvenirs Darryl Coker ......................................................................Jazz mixer Deonta Daniels .....................................................alpha Warehouse Deonte simmons Don R. Weston ......................................................... MlK luncheon Don Woods Ed Roebuck ........................................................talent Coordinator Frank Russell .................................................................. MlK Project Howard Franklin.................................................................Jazz mixer Darryl Coker .....................................................................Volunteers Jerronney Darrisa .............................................................Jazz mixer Joe Heyward ......................................... Former President logistics Justin shammel .................................................... Director of events Kadrieka Maiden............................................................... DAR Event Keith R. Harris ...........................................................budget/Finance Keith R. Harris ............................................. Dedication Ceremony Ken G. baskett ........................................................... transportation Ken Green ......................................................................... Production Kenyatta shamburger .............................................................. scripts langston smith ........................................................... arlington Visit lisa Watson ....................................................................... Production Michael Jenkins...................................................................... Graphics Na’eema Rashad ................................................talent Coordinator orrin Davis ......................................................................Decorations Rayford Davis .................................................................tree planting Reuben Lael Griffin ....................................................................Youth Robert Bolton .................................................... sponsors/ticketing sharmen M. Gowens........................................................Fundraising steven G. Johnson .........................................................tree planting troy stovall .....................................................................tree planting Van strickland .................................................... luncheon logistics Warren isenhour........................................................ advance team William lyle ..........................Contracts/Congressional Reception Willie Clemons .......................................................... ViP/afer Glow James thomas......................................President, omicron l alpha LeRoy Lowery............................................... President, Mu lambda Meshach Cisero.................................................. President, nu beta Jannette Harris................................................... Women’s activities Quinta Martin .................................................. nPHC Coordinator nick nelson ............................................................................... Media Keisha taylor ................................................................................ Cnn Marco McMillan ............................................... nPHC Coordinator

Corporate Headquarters executive Director & Coo ......................William Douglass lyle executive assistant............................................sherelle s. torrence Chief Financial Officer ............................................... Carla Gaskins accounts Payable specialist ..............................bernice Meadows Director of Communications ................................ bryan J. a. Kelly Director of Membership services .....................Cory J. anderson Membership services Coordinator........................ Delores Diggs


alPHa C O N G R E ssioal L E A D E R S H I P emanuel Cleaver, ii - Missouri Danny K. Davis - illinois Chaka Fattah - Pennsylvania al Green - texas Gregory Meeks - New York Charles B. Rangel - New York David scott - Georgia Robert “Bobby� Scott - Virginia Hansen Clarke - Michigan



In celebration of the unveiling of the

Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial

“Letter from Birmingham Jail” a limited edition screen print based on the original oil painting by world renowned artist

Joseph Holston


Paper size = 22” x 30” Image size = 20” x 27”

Edition Size 96 Limited Editions 15 Artist Proofs 10 Remarque Proofs 8 Printers Proofs

❖ Cost of Edition 25% of edition already sold First 25% of edition: $4000.00 50% of edition:


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In addition to the silk screen print, you will receive a copy of the 52 page book, “Letter From Birmingham Jail “ which outlines the events leading up to the jailing of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Paper size = 12” x 9” Pages = 52 plus cover For further information contact: rcolbert, LLC Gallery Serengeti Delivery Only (UPS shipping) 7919 Central Avenue 301-343-7453 Capitol Heights, MD 20743 email: 301-808-6987 email:





JeWels MeDallion the Martin luther King Jewels Medallion contains the seven stars representing the founders of alpha Phi alpha Fraternity and the memorial likeness. this medal will be presented to the 9 former and presents General Presidents of alpha Phi alpha Fraternity, inc.



The Honorable James R. Williams, newly retired Judge of summit County Common Pleas Court has been a great example of character and respect in the akron community for many years. Judge Williams received his bachelor’s degree from the University of akron in 1960 and his Juris Doctorate in 1965 and also has attended the national Judicial College. Judge Williams began his law career as a partner in the firm of Parms, Purnell, Stubbs and Williams. He served as 4th Ward Councilman from 1969 to 1978 when he was voted to Council-at-large. that same year President Jimmy Carter appointed him U.s. District attorney for northeast ohio. He returned to private practice in 1982 and the following year was appointed Judge of akron Municipal Court. He was elected to full terms in 1985 and 1987. in February of 1989, Judge Williams was appointed to summit County Court of Common Pleas and elected in 1990, 1992 and 1998. During his tenure he served as administrative Judge and as Presiding Judge. it is well documented that Judge Williams has been and continues to be deeply involved in the community. His work through alpha Phi alpha Fraternity has afforded many low to medium income families, affordable housing. He is a member of the akron bar and national bar associations. He is past President of the Common Pleas Judges association of ohio and is also a past member of the ohio supreme Courts board of Commissioner on Grievances and Discipline. Civil rights activist and community leader ozell sutton was born on December 13, 1925 on a plantation in southeast arkansas in the city of Gould. His mother was a widow who raised eight children: six boys who worked as cotton sharecroppers and two girls who cooked and did laundry. Despite grueling hours and


backbreaking work on the cotton plantation, sutton managed to graduate from Dunbar High school in Little Rock, Arkansas. In 1944, Sutton was among the first African americans to serve in the United states Marine Corps. After surviving bloody conflicts from the solomon islands to saipan, he enrolled in Philander smith College where he received his b.s. degree in 1950. Sutton became the first black reporter for the white-owned publication arkansas Democrat. He would also be one of the escorts for the Little Rock nine in 1957. in 1961, sutton became director of the arkansas Council on Human Relations where he was part of the group that began the Community Relations Service (CRS). He was given responsibility for the civil rights and opportunity groups that became known as the equal employment opportunity Commission (eeoC) in 1964. Sutton’s involvement in the Civil Rights Movement included his role as a field representative on the Community Relations Service. Sutton was at the lorraine Hotel in the room next door to Dr. Martin luther King, Jr. in Memphis, tennessee when Dr. King was assassinated in 1968. sutton then became special assistant to the late Governor Winthrop Rockefeller of Arkansas. In 1972, he directed the Justice Department’s Community Relations Service and was responsible for the department’s racial and ethnic conflict prevention and resolution efforts. in 1990, sutton served on the board of the national Center for Missing and exploited Children. in 1994, he received the Distinguished service award from the United states Department of Justice. sutton is a former national president of alpha Phi alpha Fraternity, inc. and continues to be a civil rights activist.

Dr. Charles C. teamer, sr., distinguished business and civic leader, is the former Chairman of the board of Dryades savings bank. as co-founder, he was instrumental in the purchase and establishment of the bank. He now serves as Vice Chairman of First nbC bank of new orleans. He served as the 27th General President from 1985 to 1988 of alpha Phi alpha Fraternity, inc. a life Member of the Fraternity and initiated at alpha Phi Chapter in 1951. He has served as President of sigma lambda Chapter new orleans, la and Gamma Upsilon Chapter of Marshall ,texas. He was Comptroller and Chair of the budget Committee from 1973 to 1983. He is a Past Grand sire ( national President) of sigma Pi Phi Fraternity, the oldest african american fraternity founded in 1904. He is the only person to hold the top position of the two oldest black fraternities. He is a 33rd Degree Prince Hall Mason and shriner. Dr. teamer’s exemplary record of public service is best illustrated by the leadership role that he has served in a variety of civic organizations, including Chair of the following boards : the new orleans Chamber of Commerce, United Way of Greater new orleans, Greater new orleans Foundation, board of Commissioners of the Port of new orleans, World trade Center, Urban league, Metropolitan area Committee, advisory board Harrah’s entertainment new orleans. He has served on the boards of ochsner Medical Foundation, entergy new orleans, audubon institute, new orleans Center for Creative arts, audubon Commission, Children’s Hospital, new orleans area Council of the boy scouts of america, Just Willing Foundation, Greater new orleans, inc, the boule’ Foundation and the University Medical Center. He is well known for his leadership in the field of higher education. He held the position of Vice President of Fiscal affairs at Dillard University and Clark atlanta University.

His work in the financing of higher education is recognized nationally. He is a trustee emeritus of tulane University and a former member of the boards of bennett College, Huston tillotson University and the board of supervisors, University of louisiana system. on the national level, he has served as a consultant to the Us Department of education, the board of education, United Methodist Church, Ford Foundation and the southern association of Colleges and schools. Dr. teamer has also served as a board member of the Commonfund, national association of College and University business Officers and was President of the National association of College and University business Officers. Dr. teamer has devoted much of his time to serving the community. His outstanding record of volunteer work and civic engagement have been recognized by his receipt of numerous awards and honors, including the Martin luther King Presidential lifetime achievement and Commitment to a Dream award from tulane, Dillard, loyola and Xavier Universities. the spirit of a Dream award from the international blues Foundation, Junior achievement Hall of Fame, the Urban league of Greater new orleans achievement award, the alpha Phi alpha Fraternity, inc. award of Merit, the torch of leadership award from b’nai b’rith, the alexis de tocqueville award from the United Way, and the Weiss award from the national Conference of Christians and Jews. in addition he has received the Silver Beaver and the Whitney Young Awards from the area Council of the boy scouts of america. He has been recognized as one of the ten outstanding Citizens of new orleans and an outstanding Volunteer Activists in New Orleans. The Young Leadership Council has honored him with a Role Model award and he has received the outstanding black achievement award from the naaCP. Dr. teamer is a native of salisbury, north Carolina and was educated at Clark atlanta University, University of nebraska and tulane University. He was married to the late Mary Dixon teamer and they have three children, Charles, Jr., Roderic, Sr. and Cheryl. the teamers have six grandchildren.


Henry Ponder was born on March 28, 1928 in Wewoka, oklahoma. He was the eleventh of fourteen children born to Frank and lillie Mae Ponder. Ponder excelled in academics and participated in his high school student council as the class president. after hearing a speech by Mary McCloud bethune, Ponder was inspired to become a university president. He graduated from Douglas High school in 1946 and attended langston University, where he pledged the alpha Phi alpha Fraternity and received his b.s. degree in agriculture in 1951. Ponder served two years in the United states army during the Korean War. When he returned to civilian life, he worked as a research assistant at oklahoma state University. He then earned his M.a. degree from oklahoma state University and his Ph.D. from ohio state University. Ponder served as both Chair and assistant Professor for the Department of agriculture and business at Virginia state College in Petersburg,Virginia. He also served as the Chairman of the Department of business and economics of Fort Valley state College in Fort Valley, Georgia. additionally, Ponder was the Vice President of alabama a&M University in Normal, Alabama. In 1973, he fulfilled his dream by becoming President of benedict College in Columbia, south Carolina. after an eleven year tenure, he became the President of Fisk University in nashville, tennessee for twelve years. While at Fisk, Ponder was honored as one of the “100 Most effective College Presidents in the United states.” in 1996, Ponder left Fisk University to serve as the Ceo and president of the national association for equal opportunity in Higher education. in early 2002, he became President of talladega College in alabama. While in his presidency, Ponder helped retain the 160-year-old institution’s accreditation with the southern association of Colleges and schools. Ponder currently lives on Hilton Head island in South Carolina with his wife of fifty-five years, eunice. they have two adult daughters.


Milton Carver Davis is an african american lawyer who researched and advocated for the pardon of Clarence norris, the last surviving scottsboro boy. Davis graduated from tuskegee University in 1971 and received his law degree in 1974 from the University of iowa College of law. He was an american Political science Foundation Graduate Fellow, a Ford Foundation Graduate Fellow and a Herbert lehman Foundation international scholar. He gained international acclaim when as the assistant attorney General for alabama he partnered with Donald Watkins to research and advocate for a full pardon of Clarence norris, the last known surviving scottsboro boy on the basis on innocence. Governor George Wallace granted the parole in 1976 as the first time in the state’s history that a pardon had been granted based upon innocence. Davis was the 29th General President of alpha Phi Alpha, the first intercollegiate organization established for blacks. Davis created the fraternity’s World Policy Council in 1996 as a think tank to expand the organization’s involvement in politics and social and current policy to encompass important global and world issues. the World Policy Council has published white papers on the Politics of nigeria, War on terrorism, Hurricane Katrina, Millennium Challenge account, and extraordinary Rendition. brother adrian l. Wallace is currently the Director of the southwest louisiana entrepreneurial & economic Development (seeD) Center and Director of lake Charles North Redevelopment Authority (LCNRA). The SEED center serves the five-parish region of southwest louisiana by offering a suite of services for entrepreneurs. The LCNRA was created by state statue to serve the northern section of the city with a focus on Housing, economic Development, education and Health. Prior to this, Wallace was the assistant City administrator for the City of lake Charles.

brother Wallace is a Past General President of alpha Phi alpha Fraternity, inc. and has served in numerous leadership positions in the fraternity for several decades. brother Wallace was instrumental in making the MlK Memorial a reality through numerous contributions. During his presidency, he created and organized the project team and obtained passage of Public law 105-201 to locate the King Memorial on the national Mall in Washington, DC. He also secured the site location and over $15 million in commitments and actual contributions from the Tommy Hilfiger Foundation, General Motors and others. also during his term, brother Wallace piloted a mentorship program between big brothers/big sisters and alpha Phi alpha, which effectively relaunched the joint partnership nationwide and resulted in the fraternity receiving over $130,000 in grant funds. He continually developed the fraternity’s partnerships with boy scouts of america and the March of Dimes. brother Wallace established alpha University, a centralized in-house training and educational facility at the national and regional levels to align training and development with business needs and strategies. brother Wallace is involved in several community service and social organizations. Wallace serves as the President of the Lake Charles Rotary Club and sits on the board of Directors for the Christus st. Patrick Hospital, to name a few. He has received numerous awards, including: the Whitney M.Young, Jr. award, the boy scouts of america “silver beaver” award, the March of Dimes special Citation for service, the Kiwanis Club Distinguished service award, an executive Commendation from the Governor of louisiana, and alpha Phi alpha’s National Alumni Man of the Year Award. Wallace graduated from texas southern University with a degree in Chemistry and holds a Master of business administration from Mcneese state University. a career lawyer, entrepreneur and public servant, Harry e. Johnson, is a Partner at the law Office of Glenn and Johnson in Houston, texas. He served as City attorney for Kendelton,

texas from 1996 -1999, and taught at texas southern University in both the thurgood Marshall school of law and school of Public affairs from 1994-1999. Johnson is a former national President of alpha Phi alpha fraternity, and is the President and Ceo of the Washington, D.C. Martin luther King, Jr. national Memorial Project Foundation, inc. Johnson received his bachelor of arts from Xavier University of louisiana in May of 1986 and completed Post baccalaureate work in Public administration at st. louis University from 19811982. He received his Doctor of Jurisprudence in May of 1986 from texas southern University’s thurgood Marshall school of law[1], where he was a member of the thurgood Marshall student bar association, senior Class President, and Phi alpha Delta President. Johnson has been the President and Ceo of the Washington, D.C. Martin luther King, Jr. national Memorial Project Foundation, inc. since 2002. the President of the United states and the U.s. Congress charged the Foundation with erecting a memorial on the national Mall in Washington, D.C. to honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin luther King, Jr. Under Johnson’s leadership, the Foundation has raised more than $112 million of the $120 million needed to complete the memorial; positioned three boards (executive leadership Cabinet, Governing board and Honorary board) for the foundation; and garnered support from all living U.s. Presidents, Congress, members of the corporate and nonprofit communities, and celebrities. Johnson is poised to oversee the Memorial through its dedication on august 28, 2011. From 2001-2004, Johnson served as the 31st national President of alpha Phi alpha fraternity. [1][2] Johnson was not only the youngest person elected to the position of national President in 40 years, but was also elected with the highest margin of any president in 20 years. While in this role, Johnson oversaw over 700 chapters located throughout the United states and abroad; increased the number of chapters in good standing; and was credited with enhancing the national image of the organization with fraternity members, business leaders and political officials.


Darryl R. Matthews, Sr., a highly respected, effective and successful senior association executive, with experience in federal government operations, association management and consulting, was a partnership specialist in the Atlanta region, served as the Associate Road tour producer during the 2010 decennial census awareness building campaign. He previously served as the executive director and chief operating officer of the national association of black accountants, inc. (naba) headquartered in Greenbelt, Maryland and was responsible for the day-to-day operations, including the supervision of the national office. Under Darryl’s leadership, naba’s annual operating revenues tripled and the association experienced several years of consecutive growth, enjoying its largest and most profitable conventions. Both the operating budget and the convention budget grew from just over $1M to $3M during his tenure. Darryl has served on the boards of numerous community, service and social organizations. He is a silver life member of the naaCP; the Delta Upsilon Member boulé of sigma Pi Phi Fraternity, inc.; north star lodge #1 Free and accepted Masons, Prince Hall Affiliated and Western Consistory #28. He has served as a volunteer for the March of Dimes and Junior achievement and as a board member for big brothers and big sisters of Central Maryland, lafayette square Community Center, and the YMCA Fundraising Board. He is a past district chairman of the Constellation District of the baltimore area Council for the boy scouts of america where he was a recipient of the “Good scout” award and was nominated for the “silver beaver” award. in June 2011, at the 105th anniversary Convention, Darryl was presented with the alpha Phi alpha Fraternity award of Merit, the highest honor bestowed on a member. In 2008, Darryl completed his 4-year term of office as the 32nd general president and chairman of the board of directors for alpha Phi alpha Fraternity, inc. where he presided over the fraternity’s highly acclaimed centennial convention, the largest gathering of members in its history. He also served as vice-chairman of the board and as a member of the audit committee for the Washington, D.C. Martin luther King, Jr. Memorial Foundation Project,


inc. this organization was created to oversee the construction of the memorial to commemorate Dr. King and the struggle for civil rights. He previously served on the board of directors for naba’s Division of Firms, a consortium of minority-owned and managed accounting and professional services firms, as a member of the Hilton Hotels Sales advisory board and as a board member for the institute of Management accountants, inc. as a member of the national Public speakers bureau, Darryl is in constant demand to speak on a multitude of topics, but he is especially focused on the positive portrayal and the economic, social, educational and political development of underdeveloped and minority communities, especially the african-american community. Darryl was featured as the cover story for black Perspectives magazine and has been interviewed by numerous publications including the Wall street Journal, black enterprise, ebony, Jet and trumpet magazines to name a few, as well as numerous industry-specific publications geared toward finance and accounting executives. He authored an oped tribute to the late publishing magnate, John H. Johnson, which was featured in the Dallas Morning news. Darryl has appeared on several television broadcasts and was recently the featured guest on C-sPan’s award winning program Q&a with brian lamb. Darryl is an alumnus of the University of Central Missouri (Central Missouri state University) in Warrensburg, Missouri with a degree in political science and sociology. He is married to the former allison Paige stinson, and they are proud parents of three boys: Julian, blake, and Darryl, Jr., and have two grandchildren. 33rd General President Herman “skip” Mason, Jr., author, educator, historian, and community servant is a native of atlanta, Georgia, where he attended the atlanta Public schools, graduating from therrell High school in 1980. He received his bachelors of arts degree from Morris brown College in 1984. Following graduation, he went on to receive a Masters Degree in library and information science with a concentration in african-american History from

Clark atlanta University in 1989. He has also studied at the Phillips school of theology. Currently, he serves as the interim Vice President of student services/Dean of students and College archivist at Morehouse College in atlanta, Ga and holds the endowed directorship as the edward and Hermese Director of Morehouse College’s Learning Resource Center. “since the day i picked up the alpha history book (and that was before i went on line), i have been madly in love with alpha’s history.” Mason was initiated into alpha Phi alpha Fraternity, inc., on april 4 1982 through the iota Chapter at Morris brown College. by august of the same year he was President of the chapter. During his tenure as Chapter President, the iota Chapter made many strides and was credited with many successes, including being named Georgia College Chapter of the Year in spring 1983. During his senior year in college, Mason began attending eta lambda Chapter meetings. after graduating from Morris brown College in 1984, he immediately joined the eta lambda chapter and has been active since that time. over the past twenty-six year, Herman “skip” Mason, Jr. has been an active member of the Fraternity. During his first year as a member of the chapter, he was assigned to work on the eta lambda Historical Committee with brother Daughtry thomas, a.J. lewis and Father H.J.C.bowden. Within a few years, Mason became the committee chair and published a pictorial history of eta lambda Chapter. Within the eta lambda Chapter, Mason has also served as President, Chaplain, Historian, and Chairman of various committees. Most notably, during Mason’s term as President, the chapter contributed over $50,000 to the Martin luther King, Jr. Memorial Project and a tenant was acquired for the alpha Community Center, which led to the sale of the center for 1.3 million dollars. Mason has also been actively involved in the Georgia District and the Southern Region, serving as a member of the leadership team at both levels. as the Historian for the Southern Region, a history of the Southern Region was published. on the national level, Herman Mason, Jr. has served in the administrative cabinets of many of alpha’s Past General Presidents. Under the leadership of the 29th General President, Milton C. Davis, brother

Mason was appointed as the fraternity’s first national archivist. During his tenure, the fraternity’s archives were transferred to the Moorland spingarn Research Center at Howard University. Herman “skip” Mason, Jr. has authored several books and produced various videos including: Going against the Wind: a History of african americans in Atlanta; Black Atlanta in the Roaring Twenties; african-american life in Jacksonville, Florida; the History of black entertainment in atlanta; and History of african-american in DeKalb County, african-american life in east Point and Washington, Georgia and the talented tenth: the Founders and Presidents of alpha Phi alpha Fraternity. He has also served as a consultant and curator on numerous projects and exhibits documenting the africanamerican experience. He served as a consultant and researcher for the documentary “alpha Phi alpha: a Century of leadership. Mason has been the recipient of numerous awards and honors including the iota Chapter Brother of the Year, Georgia Alumni Brother of the Year, Southern Region Brother of the Year and National Alumni Brother of the Year, 2006 Georgia Governor’s award in the Humanities and the outstanding Georgia Citizen from the secretary of State Office. in 27 years of membership, Mason has attended twenty-six (26) General Conventions-- only missing his first convention in 1982, because he was not informed that there was one. He has attended the inaugurations of Past General Presidents sutton, teamer, Ponder, Davis, Wallace, Johnson and Matthews. Currently, the 33rd General President of alpha Phi alpha Fraternity, inc., Mason is also a member of sigma Pi Phi (Kappa boule’), and Prince Hall Masons, st. James lodge no. 4 and the atlanta Consistory no. 24. He is a member of leadership atlanta, the society of american archivists, the association for the study of afro american life and History and serves on the board of the atlanta branch of the naaCP. He is married to Harmel Codi Mason and they are the parents of two children, Jewel and Jodari.



MEMORIAL MeDallion will be presented to the members of the fraternity whose contributions to the memorial total $5000 or more



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a l P H a AWA R D OF MERIT as senior Vice President and Director of Community investment services for the Federal Home loan bank of atlanta (FHlbank atlanta), arthur l. Fleming is the FHlbank atlanta’s designated community investment officer. Arthur manages and directs the FHlbank atlanta’s community investment, economic development, and affordable housing products and services activities to achieve the FHlbank atlanta’s residential and economic development business objectives. arthur has over 20 years of experience in a variety of financial services, legal, housing development, and academic roles. before joining the FHlbank atlanta, Arthur was the Chief Lending & Investment Officer for the opportunity Finance network, inc., (oFn) a national community development financial institution (CDFi) based in Philadelphia, Pa. as Chief lending and Investment Officer, Arthur was responsible for managing and supervising OFN’s financial services unit and all lending, underwriting, and portfolio management services associated with oFn’s $50 million lending balance sheet. Arthur also focused on new financing strategies and products, managed assets services, and debt and equity capitalization for oFn. Prior to oFn, arthur served as the senior Director for the Southeast Region and Director of Housing Finance for the Fannie Mae Foundation. before joining the Fannie Mae Foundation, he was an in-house consultant for a Wall street inner-city investment fund where he created a business plan for a residential acquisition and development private equity fund. Prior to that, arthur spent four years at GMaC Residential, starting as VP of Community Lending and later promoted to sVP, Managing Director/Housing initiatives. at GMaC he managed and executed the enterprise-wide platform for franchise growth,


profitability, and market share in the emerging markets lending sector. arthur designed and executed mortgage product and business development strategies, a bond master servicing plan and community-lending platforms that were highly profitable. One notable product Arthur managed resulted in an incremental $1 billion in retail and wholesale loan production over an 18-month period and by comparison tripled GMaC’s penetration into targeted consumer markets. at GMaC, arthur was also able to create a faith-based construction product and a new-immigrant mortgage product. He originated and closed targeted subdivision transactions and delivered over $35 million in community development loan approvals. before joining GMaC, arthur was the founder and executive Director of the Community Financing Consortium, inc (CFC) from 1990 to 1999. the CFC board leadership consisted of sixteen regulated banks and savings and loans. arthur was responsible for closing over $100 million in first mortgage and over $100 million in subordinate debt and equity resulting in over 800 single-family mortgages and 1,300 multifamily tax credit and other rental housing. arthur was the primary underwriter and credit analyst for each transaction. at the CFC arthur also created a loan pool for subdivision acquisition and development and created a loan pool for small rental property development or rehab. Prior to the CFC, arthur was the attorney/ senior associate for the FaU/FiU Joint Center for environmental and Urban Problems where he managed practical research projects, published several articles and taught graduate courses in urban planning, economic development and growth management law. arthur is the recipient of many awards in recognition of his contributions to the affordable housing industry and was honored by the Governor of Florida and by the Palm beach County Commission with a proclamation making June 17, 1999 “arthur Fleming Day in Palm beach County”. arthur has served on many boards and is on the executive Committee for the Martin luther King Washington DC Memorial Foundation. arthur received his undergraduate degree from Florida state University in 1981, and a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning in 1984 and Law (JD) degree from the University of Florida in 1985. Chris Womack is executive vice president and president of external affairs for southern Company, one of america’s largest producers of electricity. in this role, Womack directs the company’s public policy strategies and oversees the company’s federal and state governmental and

regulatory affairs and corporate communication initiatives. Prior to assuming his current position in January 2009, Womack held a number of leadership positions within southern Company and its subsidiaries. He joined alabama Power in 1988 as a governmental affairs representative. He was named assistant to the vice president of public affairs in 1989 and director of community relations in 1991. He was promoted to vice president of public relations in 1993. two years later, he was named senior vice president of public relations and corporate services. in 1998, Womack was named southern Company’s senior vice president of human resources and chief people officer. In 2001, Womack was named senior vice president and senior production officer of Southern Company Generation, where he was responsible for coal, gas, and hydro generation for Georgia Power and savannah electric, and he was executive vice president of external affairs for Georgia Power from March 2006–December 2008. Prior to joining alabama Power, Womack worked for the U.S. House of Representatives as a legislative aide to leon Panetta and as staff director for the subcommittee on Personnel and Police, for the Committee on House administration. Womack is a board member of Children’s Healthcare of atlanta, the east lake Foundation, the bill Dickey scholarship association, Western Michigan University Foundation, U.s. Chamber of Commerce, and Georgia Conservancy. Womack is also a national trustee for the boys & Girls Clubs of america. He has received numerous honors, including the Johnny Morrow Endowment Foundation “Man of the Year” (1996); sClC leadership award (1998); Distinguished alumni, Western Michigan University (2003); and black enterprise Magazine’s 75 Most Powerful blacks in Corporate america (2005). He received the boy scouts of America Whitney M.Young Award for Public Service in 2007 and the boy scouts of america silver beaver award in 2010. a native of Greenville, alabama, he holds a bachelor’s degree from Western Michigan University and a master’s degree in public administration from the american University. He completed the stanford executive Program in 2001.

the underserved, the marginalized, the socially and economically distressed and assisting them in helping themselves, and eventually to help others. the stafford Foundation created and funded the People’s inaugural Project which brought together the underserved and the marginalized to witness and participate in the inauguration of President obama. With Dr. bill Cosby’s endorsement, the foundation recently launched its Doing Good campaign to inspire and encourage people to get involved and volunteer their efforts to help make this a better world. Mr. Stafford also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Wentworth Group llC., a holding company that provides financial and business support services to the small business community and also provides essential services to smaller businesses that offer services and products in the federal market. Mr. stafford’s experience as the former Chairman and Chief executive of UniteCH, an award-winning training and simulation technology solutions company, positions him well to offer support and consulting services to the small business community. before entering the corporate world, Mr. stafford had a distinguished career in the U.s. military which included service as the assistant Air Force Liaison Officer to the Federal aviation administration. He currently serves on the boards of the Joint Center for Political and economic studies, the Wesley theological seminary, and the Venture Philanthropy Partners. Mr. stafford received his bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Massachusetts amherst and his Mba from southern illinois University. He is a graduate of the owner/President Management executive program at Harvard business school. He has recently been inducted into the prestigious Horatio alger association of Distinguished americans and has had conferred upon him the Honorary Doctor of Humane letters degree by Virginia state University. Mr. stafford and his wife amanda reside in Mclean, Virginia.

earl W. stafford founded the stafford Foundation in 2002 as a faith-based, non-profit organization founded on promoting the principles of Jesus Christ. the foundation is focused on providing support and assistance to


ed Jackson, Jr, hails from the segregated city of McComb, Mississippi. Jackson received a bachelor of architecture from University of illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1973) and a Doctor of architecture from the University of Michigan (1993). Jackson has over 25 years of architectural planning and design, and project management experience in multimillion dollar projects for state and local agencies. Dr. ed Jackson Jr. serves as the executive architect for Martin luther King, Jr., national Memorial Project Foundation, inc. His initial involvement with the project began as a volunteer in January 1997, where he was asked to serve as Chair of the Design Committee responsible for the development and administration of the largest international design competition in honor of an american citizen. He joined the Foundation in March 2001 as executive Director. Jackson is currently the president of his own architectural consulting company, archD Consulting, Ltd. Jackson’s firm provides architectural, research, and project management consulting services to a variety of clients, i.e. national aeronautical space administration, the Pentagon, Federal emergency Management agency, national institute of Health, national Cancer institute the Corps of engineers and the american institute of architects. Frank a. Jenkins, iii, Mba, as Managing Director, Frank Jenkins is responsible for the day to day operations, and the tax, consulting and audit practice of Jenkins & associates. He co-founded Johnson, Jenkins & Jenkins in 1977 with Yvette Smiley Johnson, CPa and his brother George Jenkins, Mba, CPa after serving as an assistant Professor of accounting at alabama state University, where he taught all levels of accounting courses. He came to alabama state University in 1976 as a Woodrow Wilson intern after selection by a board of college presidents chosen by the Woodrow Wilson Foundation. Prior to coming to alabama, Frank was an experienced staff accountant with the small business Division of Arthur Andersen & Company Certified Public Accountants, in the firm’s Philadelphia, Pennsylvania office, where he participated in audits of diverse


entities ranging from computer leasing companies to automobile importers. He is a 1968 cum laude graduate of Morris brown College of atlanta, Georgia with a ba in business administration. Frank earned his Mba degree from the Wharton school of Finance of the University of Pennsylvania in 1974; with a concentration in financial accounting. He served in the United states air Force from 1969 to 1972 with assignments in California and thailand. For over forty-one years he has been married to lois byrd Jenkins, a graduate of Morris brown College, and they are the parents of two adult sons who are graduates of Howard University. Frank and lois have one grandchild. Frank and lois are members of Metropolitan United Methodist Church. beyond his local church, Frank has served as chair of the Conference Council on Finance and administration of the alabama-West Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church. Frank also served from october 1993 through June of 2011 as the elected national Comptroller of alpha Phi alpha Fraternity, incorporated which was founded on the campus of Cornell University in 1906. He also serves as the chair of the audit Committee of the board of Directors of the Martin luther King, Jr. national Memorial Project Foundation, incorporated. Jackson, tennessee native Frank Russell, Jr., chemist, scholar, lifelong public/ community service advocate and financial service executive….now retired. Brother Russell joined Alpha Phi alpha Fraternity in 1960, initiated into beta omicron Chapter at tenn. state University in nashville, tenn. He completed his formal education at the University of illinois in Champaign/ Urbana, il. He also completed the executive Program for Management at the University of Pennsylvania the Wharton school. Frank joined Marathon Oil Company Research Center in Denver, Co as a research chemist in 1964. He was responsible for the research and development of the “maraflood process”, which involved testing chemical pusher solutions for a higher recovery of oil as opposed to drilling. Following his relocation to Detroit, Mi with Marathon in 1967, he became very active in the Detroit community servicing as his block club president, a

member and officer of the Cotillion Club and later, the president of the Greater Fitzgerald Community, inc. Under his leadership, block club development, political appointee’s and membership grew fifty percent over a three year period. in Jan. 1973, Frank was appointed a member of the Detroit board of Zoning appeals by the Detroit City Council. He served as a member for ten years and it’s chairperson for four years. in this capacity, his most significant accomplishments were in assisting prospective and current business persons in developing proposed conditions for granting zoning variances for starting and continuing their respective businesses. on september 1, 1973 Frank joined the equitable life assurance society of the U. s. (now equitable/aXa) as an agent in Detroit, MI. Within five months he became an assistant District Manager followed by a District Manager in nine months. During his first full year of management his district ranked 118 of 1400 districts across the country; number 8 in his second year and number 2 in his final year. As a District Manager he earned the national Citation award and national builder trophy awards in 1974-77. in 1978, he was appointed agency Manager in Detroit, Michigan where he served for five years. As a result of his operations performance, he was appointed Regional Vice President of the Midwestern Region in 1984, only the second African American to hold this officer title where he managed the operations in thirteen state and thirty eight cities. In 1987, the San Diego, CA Operations/Western Region became available, Brother Russell was asked manage this west coast organization. Again, he was the first African american agency Manager/executive Vice President of the san Diego agency. He remained in this assignment until his retirement in 1996 after twenty three years of service. His honors and memberships (past and present) include the City of Detroit Community service award; the Wayne County Public service award; aXa-equitable President trophy award; equitable old Guard executive board; the naaCP; life Member, alpha Phi alpha Fraternity, inc.; trustee, san Diego Museum of arts; Trustee, San Diego County Employees Retirement association; the american society of ClU’s & ChFC’s; board Member, Washington D C Martin luther King, Jr. Memorial Project Foundation, inc.; national Chair, Washington D C MlK, Jr. internal Fundraising Committee. He is the parent of four adult children and three grand children.

George Reeves was the General treasure for alpha Phi alpha from 1992 until 2009. He was initiated at theta Chapter, Chicago, il – February 27, 1965. He is a current member if the board of Directors for the alpha building Foundation Corporation and the Washington, DC MlK, Jr. national Memorial Project Foundation, Inc. Brother Reeves retired after 30 years in banking and corporate finance as a Corporate Trust Officer and 2 years as Claims administrator for the social security administration. He is married to Mary (alpha Kappa alpha) and has two children, Jonathan (alpha Phi alpha) and Meredith (alpha Kappa alpha), a son-in-law, thomas Fitzpatrick, Esq. (Alpha Phi Alpha-Former Eastern Region AVP) and a granddaughter savannah Paige Fitzpatrick (Future aKa). Gregory Phillips a native of new orleans, louisiana is a graduate of Xavier University where he earned a bachelor Degree in 1977and tulane University where he earned a Master Degree in 1981. Currently he serves as the executive Director of the Druid Hill Family Center Y and is responsible for overseeing its day-to-day operations. this includes member sales and retention, fund raising efforts, volunteer recruitment, facility management and board/staff development. In his role at the Y, he has supervised over 150 full and part-time staff. Greg started his Y career at the Dryades YMCA in New orleans in 1977 and served there until 2001. in early 2001, he had an opportunity for the next 4 ½ years to serve as the executive Director of alpha Phi alpha Fraternity incorporated headquartered in baltimore, Maryland where he served in the administration of then General President Harry e. Johnson. there is was also responsible for its dayto-day operation providing customer service to its members worldwide. Greg was also a member of the United States Army Reserve where he held numerous command and staff positions during his tenure. He attended the Signal Officer Basic and Transportation Officer Advanced courses. Also he is a graduate of the army Command and General staff College, the naval school of Physical Distribution Management and numerous other training courses. as a military officer, he was able to experience worldwide travel to places such as saudi arabia, netherlands, Hawaii, Korea, Germany, Puerto Rico, Thailand and the continental


United states. after a rewarding 28 years of continuous service, he retired at the rank of Colonel. in his current role as President of the tommy Hilfiger Corporate Foundation and Vice President of Community Affairs, R. Guy Vickers continues to build upon his broad experience in education and social work to better the lives of children across the country. Responsible for the continued growth of the corporate foundation and the expansion of the company’s involvement in the community, he also sustains tommy Hilfiger’s commitment to original foundation activities such as the DC Martin luther King, Jr. national Memorial Project Foundation, inc, Fresh air Fund and the Race to Erase MS. born in Douglas, Georgia, in 1951 and raised in elmira, New York, the high school and college basketball hallof-famer earned a b.s. degree in social Work from the State University of New York in Brockport. It was there that Vickers developed a passion for helping others, and he subsequently went on to earn a MsW in Policy and Planning from the atlanta University school of social Work in 1976. Vickers is currently pursuing his doctoral degree in Policy and Planning at Clark University school of social Work. shortly after completing his MsW,Vickers was named assistant Director of seCMe, inc. (southeastern Consortium for Minorities in engineering), which ignited his distinguished career in education and specifically, the engineering effort. His unparalleled fund raising efforts combined with his innovative public relations programs and teacher training institutes led him to the Office of Minority Educational Development at Georgia tech, where he served as associate Director for six years. there, he managed scholarship programs for minority engineering students, served as advisor to eleven student organizations and supervised graduate and doctoral students. in 1989,Vickers returned to seCMe, inc. in the capacity of executive Director, where his duties included coordinating efforts by the Deans of forty-four Colleges of engineering and liaising with seventy corporate and United states government agencies that invested in over 100 K-12 seCMe programs across sixteen states. Vickers’ unabashed dedication to young people is evident in his work with numerous non-profit organizations. Currently, he serves as Vice Chair and


board Member for the DC MlK national Memorial Project Foundation, economic opportunity Programs (eoP) – ernie Davis Community Center board and the intel Computer Clubhouse advisory board. He is also a member of 100 Black Men of New York. Showered with numerous accolades over the years,Vickers was the 1996 recipient of the national action Council for Engineering Inc.’s, Reginald H. Jones Distinguished service award. Under his direction, seCMe received the prestigious 1997 Presidential award for excellence in science, Mathematics and engineering Mentoring, which led to a $900,000 grant from the exxon/Mobil education Foundation. in 1999, the 100 black Men of orange County recognized Vickers for outstanding contributions to the technology sector. Guy lives in new Jersey with his wife and three children. Dr. John H. Carter is a retired Vice President from at&t (formerly bellsouth Corporation). During his almost thirty year career, he managed numerous functions to include corporate planning; marketing; corporate and community affairs; property management; corporate measurement; fleet operations; purchasing operations; service management; corporate libraries; environmental management; human resources; electronic commerce; information management; fleet management; corporate measurements; corporate safety; corporate quality; process improvement; and environmental management. in his last assignment, he managed a budget in excess of $900 Million dollars a year and coordinated bellsouth’s $34 Million Contingency Fund for environmental Remediation. He and his wife, Susan, currently manage their own consulting firm, Carter & Carter, LLC, which offers management consulting, facilitation, training, and executive coaching. He is also an adjunct professor of business administration and human resources at strayer University. a native of thomaston, Georgia, brother Carter earned a bachelor of arts Degree from Morris brown College, a Master degree in Human Resources from the University of Utah, a Master degree in Management from the University of southern California and Doctor of business administration from the California Coast University. He also completed the Columbia University school of business executive Program in business administration. From his initiation into the iota Chapter at Morris brown College in December of 1967, he has been a

constant leader in alpha Phi alpha. For example, he was Vice President and President of the iota Chapter; Chairman of various committees in the eta lambda Chapter; advisor to the iota Chapter for over twenty years; Director of education for the Georgia District; Chief Pharaoh of the north Georgia Cluster and Vice Chairman of the national organizational effectiveness strategic Planning Committee. Currently he serves as the Southern Region and Georgia District Director of etiquette and Protocol; member of the national 2010 standing orders and initial Membership Development Process Development team (iMDP); parliamentarian of the Rho Sigma Lambda Chapter in Atlanta, GA; and Vice President of the Rho Chi Chapter in London, England. He served as the initial Project Manager for the Washington D. C. Martin luther King, Jr. Memorial Project Foundation, inc. and supervised the passage of two laws authorizing the memorial, coordinated the site and design selection and raised over $15 million before turning the project over to a permanent staff. He has served on many boards over the years to include, the American Red Cross, American Lung Association, Georgia Business Roundtable, National Minority Purchasing Council, etc. He has consistently received awards and honors for his contribution to the progress of alpha Phi alpha to include: President of the Georgia Undergraduate Chapter of the Year (1969); President of the Southern Region Undergraduate Chapter of the Year (1970); President of the national Undergraduate Chapter of Year (1970); Eta Lambda Chapter Dedicated Service Award (1990); Eta Lambda Alumni Brother of the Year (1990 & 1991); Georgia District alumni brother of the Year (1990 & 1991); Southern Region Charles Green Award of Merit (1992); 25-Year Member Certificate (1992); Southern Region Alumni Brother of the Year (1992); Southern Region Dedicated Service Award (1998); Proclamation from General President adrian Wallace naming May 13, 1999 “brother John H. Carter Day” in all of alphadom (1999); author of the august 1999 standing orders; the Meritorious service award ~ eta lambda Chapter (2000); Distinguish service award from General President adrian l. Wallace (2000); Presidential Citation from General President Harry Johnson (2001); leading alumni brother Donor award ~ Washington D.C. Martin luther King, Jr. Memorial Foundation ~ august 6, 2004; and author of the national Protocol & etiquette Manual (2010). He also facilitated the development of alpha Phi alpha’s first National Strategic Plan in 2006 and led the Board of Directors in selecting the Fraternity’s first Mission statement. He is a founder of the tau epsilon Chapter at Clayton state University in Morrow, Ga; founder of the Beta Psi Chapter at Richmond The American

international University in london; and a founder and charter member of the Rho Chi Chapter in London, england. in 1992, he received alpha’s top alumni brother award, the National Alumni Brother of the Year. He is life Member #5342. bro. Carter is married to the former susan Gibson, a member of alpha Kappa alpha. they are the parents of a son, brother Gregory l. Carter (Gamma iota 1992), and a daughter, Navy Chief Petty Officer Candace McKenney. He is especially proud of their six grandchildren. Representative John Conyers, Jr., a Detroit Democrat, was re-elected to represent the 14th Congressional District in november of 2010, to his 24th term in the U.s. House of Representatives. The district covers all of Highland Park and Hamtramck, as well as large portions of Detroit, Dearborn and the Downriver communities of Melvindale, Allen Park, Southgate, Riverview, Trenton, Gibraltar and Grosse ile. Having entered the House of Representatives in 1965, Mr. Conyers is the second most senior member in the House of Representatives. He served as Chairman of the House Committee on Government operations (now renamed Committee on oversight and Government Reform) from 1989 until 1994. In 2006, Congressman Conyers was elected by his congressional colleagues to lead, as Chairman, the pivotal House Committee on the Judiciary in the 110th and 111th Congress. in addition to its oversight of the Department of Justice (including the Fbi) and the Federal Courts, the Judiciary Committee has jurisdiction over copyright, civil rights, consumer protection, and constitutional issues. Congressman Conyers was also a member of the Judiciary Committee in its 1974 hearings on the Watergate impeachment scandal and played a prominent role in the recent impeachment process, giving him the distinction as the only Judiciary Committee Member to have served on both panels. Congressman Conyers is also one of the 13 founding members of the Congressional black Caucus (CbC) and is considered the Dean of that group. Formed in 1969, the CbC was founded to strengthen african-american law makers’ ability to address the legislative concerns of black and minority citizens. in Mr. Conyers’ 40 plus years in Congress, some of his major accomplishments include: the Violence against Women act of 1994, the Motor Voter bill of 1993, the


Martin luther King Holiday act of 1983, the alcohol Warning label act of 1988, and the Jazz Preservation act of 1987. He was also the driving force behind the Help america Vote act of 2002.

Morehouse College. a year later, his portrait was hung in the Martin luther King Jr. international Chapel Hall of Fame at Morehouse. He is a life member and national chaplain of alpha Phi alpha Fraternity, inc.

The Rev. Dr. Joe Samuel Ratliff was installed as pastor of brentwood baptist Church in Houston, texas February 1980. He has distinguished himself as a scholar-pastor in the african-american tradition of preaching. since his appointment, the church has grown from a 500-member congregation to more than 12,000 members with more than 7,000 worshipers attending its three sunday morning worship services.

Dr. Ratliff is co-author of Church Planting in the Africanamerican Community. one of his sermons is featured in the 1987 edition of southern baptist Preaching today. He has preached and lectured in the United states and abroad and has led mission trips to africa and other foreign countries.

Dr. Ratliff has led his congregation in construction of the 75,000-square-foot Joe Samuel Ratliff Lifelong learning Center, the 10,000-square-foot Doris Gardner Ratliff Center for Child Development and a McDonald’s franchise–the first of its kind to be housed on a church campus. Dr. Ratliff’s work in community and economic development has been featured in several national media outlets including Cnn, associated Press, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today, Black enterprise, tiMe and Houston Chronicle. Dr. Ratliff is the first African-American pastor to lead the Union baptist association, the largest urban southern baptist organization in the United states representing more than 500 churches and missions. He holds a bachelor’s degree in history from Morehouse College in atlanta and earned both master’s and doctor of divinity degrees from the interdenominational theological Center (itC) in atlanta. in 1998, he was awarded an honorary doctor of divinity degree by the itC. Named “Minister of the Year” by the National Conference of Christians and Jews in 1985, Dr. Ratliff is founding president of the national african-american Fellowship of the southern baptist Convention. He was the keynote speaker for the 2002 Congressional black Caucus Foundation Prayer breakfast in Washington, D.C. in 2003, during the turner broadcasting system’s 11th annual trumpet award ceremonies, he was presented with the spiritual enlightenment award. Dr. Ratliff is chairman of the Board of Trustees of Morehouse School of Religion and chairman of the board of trustees of the itC. in 1997, he was inducted into the Martin luther King Jr. board of Preachers at


A native of Lumberton, North Carolina, Dr. Ratliff has been married to Doris ernestine Gardner since 1980. bob Wingo joined sanders\ Wingo in 1983. in the decades since, bob’s commitment to authenticity and excellence has fueled the sanders\Wingo team to expand the agency’s presence from el Paso across texas to austin, and into regional offices in New York, San Francisco and Los angeles. the years he spent devoted to client-side marketing have made him a trusted authority for many of our clients today. He intuitively understands how to match talent and capabilities to client needs. His leadership has been prized by clients like at&t, Chevrolet, state Farm insurance, the United states Postal service and shell oil. Generosity with his knowledge and experience has led to a wealth of civic involvement and public service over the course of his career. in the 1990s, texas Governor George W. bush made bob a member of the Finance Commission of texas. in January of 2004, Texas Governor Rick Perry appointed Bob to the Texas economic Development Corporation board, where he served as president. Governor Perry also appointed bob to a position on the texas Higher education Coordinating board. on a national scale, bob sits on the board of the Martin luther King, Jr. Memorial Foundation. other board service includes seats on the boards of las Palmas Del sol Medical Centers, UnitedHealthcare, Cancer Prevention & search institute of texas and Wells Fargo Community bank. Many organizations have honored bob for his contributions to the community and to the fields of marketing and advertising. one of the most notable testaments to bob’s leadership has been the recent

recognition of sanders\Wingo as black enterprise 2009 Advertising Agency of the Year. Roderick D. Gillum has been Vice President, Corporate Responsibility and Diversity for General Motors Corporation since august 1997. He is also Chairman of the General Motors Foundation. He is responsible for global corporate social responsibility initiatives which include community relations, philanthropy, business ethics, and diversity management within the company. in addition, Mr. Gillum is Chairman of Motor enterprises incorporated, a subsidiary of General Motors, specializing in providing capital for GM minority suppliers. Mr. Gillum joined General Motors in 1979 and has held several executive positions. He also served in two separate capacities at saturn Corporation, a GM subsidiary. From 1985 to 1986, he served as Manager, strategic Planning, and from 1988 to 1993 as saturn Vice President, General Counsel and secretary. From 1986 to 1988, Mr. Gillum was secretary to the General Motors board of Directors where he was responsible for the preparation and maintenance of board and Committee agendas and minutes and notices to the stock exchanges. immediately prior to his election in 1997 as a Vice President, his assignment was Chief Personnel, Benefits and Labor Attorney. In that capacity, he was responsible for all legal matters related to personnel, labor relations, benefit plans, and worker’s compensation. born in Detroit, Michigan, Mr. Gillum earned a bachelor of arts degree from Michigan state University in 1972, and a Juris Doctor degree from northeastern University school of law in boston in 1975. after being awarded a sloan Fellowship, Mr. Gillum received a Masters of science in Management from the Massachusetts institute of technology (Mit) in June 1985. Prior to joining GM as an attorney in 1979, he was an attorney with the National Labor Relations Board in Detroit. His previous experience also included serving as administrative assistant to the late state of Michigan senator arthur Cartwright. Mr. Gillum was elected by his peers and serves as a Fellow in the american bar association’s College of labor and employment lawyers. He is also a recipient of the national bar association’s prestigious equal Justice award. Mr. Gillum serves on the board of

Holcim, inc.; W. K. Kellogg Foundation; national Urban league; Congressional black Caucus Foundation; National Council of LaRaza; Harvard University Kennedy school of Government shorenstein Center; the Washington DC Martin luther King, Jr. national Memorial Project Foundation, inc. (Chair); Detroit economic Growth Corporation (Vice Chair); and the Joint Center for Political and economic studies (Vice Chair). tyrone C. Means, esq., was born in Chicago, illinois on March 3, 1954. Means received his undergraduate degree in Mathematics from Morehouse College in 1973. Means then received a Juris Doctor from the University of Kanas in 1976. Means has previously served as the General Counsel of alpha Phi alpha Fraternity, inc., and the Washington, DC Martin luther King, Jr. national Memorial Project Foundation, inc. Means is a member of various state and federal bar associations in alabama, Kansas, and Georgia. Means is also barred present cases before the supreme Court of the United states. Means is currently a managing partner at thomas, Means, Gillis & Seay, P.C., which has offices in Alabama and Georgia. The firm was founded in MLK’s backyard in Montgomery, alabama more than twenty-seven years in July of 1981. The firm has taken pride in successfully helping many families who face serious injury and death due to the fault of others. Mean’s firm has handled more than seventy-five (75) cases resulting in million dollar and multi-million dollar results over the years throughout alabama and Georgia, including the second highest jury verdict in the country in 1996 in the amount of $150 million. The firm takes pride in being “committed professionals dedicated to making the justice system work.” For 30 years Vic Carter has approached his job with this philosophy: if the story is important enough to tell, it’s important enough for him to go there and to take you with him.Vic has followed stories and taken viewers around the world; from the jungles of Colombia in south america; to the dusty roads of Western africa; to communist Cuba; to the White House in Washington, D.C. and all across the country.


Vic was the only baltimore television journalist to take viewers to the funeral of Pope John Paul ii at the Vatican in italy. For six days he anchored eyewitness news coverage.Vic has covered some of the world’s biggest news stories – to those right around the corner that affect you each and every day. since 1995,Vic has been delivering the news for WJZtV. He anchors newscasts at 4, 6 & 11. His history in television shows he is an accomplished journalist who is more than willing to leave the studio and to take on the tough stories and interview the important people. in his career he has met and interviewed six Presidents of the United states and other notables in contemporary history, including Rosa Parks, Coretta Scott King, Colin Powell, Roslyn Carter, Barbara Bush, Nancy Reagan, Muhammad ali and tennis legend arthur ashe to name a few. He began his career two days after graduating with honors from Morehead state University. He now serves on the board of trustees for the MsU Foundation and has been a visiting lecturer and black scholar in Residence. His career path has taken him to jobs at WSET-TV in Lynchburg,Va., WRAL-TV in Raleigh, N.C., WSB-TV in Atlanta Ga. and finally WJZ-TV in Baltimore. at the age of 23,Vic received broadcasting’s highest honor, the George Foster Peabody award. He was named Journalist of the Year by The School of Journalism at the University of Georgia and was inducted into the national association for black Journalists Hall of Fame. Vic believes in helping to make the baltimore community stronger by volunteering his time and lending his energy to a number of non-profit organizations. He serves on the boards for big brothers big sisters of Central Maryland, the March of Dimes and open society institute founded by billionaire George soros. He also volunteered as a committee chairman in the effort to construct the $120 million memorial to Dr. Martin luther King, Jr. in Washington, D.C. He is an active member of the national association of black Journalists, the prestigious national Press Club in Washington, D.C. and alpha Phi alpha Fraternity, inc. Vic is an avid collector of fine art and has donated a portion of his extensive collection to a church in Charlotte, n.C. in hopes of inspiring young minds and encouraging others to be creative and to be likewise philanthropic.


a native of Jacksonville, Florida, Richard W. Marshall is Chief Financial Officer and operational support and Planning of the Washington, DC Martin luther King, Jr. national Memorial Project Foundation, inc. (Memorial Foundation). Mr. Marshall started out as a “loaned executive” as part of General Motors north america’s corporate philanthropic gift to the Memorial Foundation. He has been with the Memorial Foundation for eleven years and during that entire time the Memorial Foundation has received “clean audits”. Mr. Marshall began his 34 year career with GM as an internal auditor at the Pontiac Motor Division and became Divisional auditor in 1980. His further progression through the company included the position as Group auditor of buick-oldsmobile-Cadillac, then Comptroller of a Manufacturing Complex which was a multi-billion dollar operation of cars, trucks, and sheet metal. in 1990, Marshall supported the conversion of a fabricating plant operation to a service-part plant operation. Within five years, he then became Finance Director of the Manufacturing Center which was a center of expertise for all GM manufacturing processes; and Finance Director of GM Worldwide Facility Group, another multi billion dollar operation of GM facilities. Then he became the Financial Director of Quality, Reliability Competitive Operations Integration (QRCOI). Mr. Marshall’s accounting career began as a staff auditor for CPA firm of Arthur Young & Company (NY) in 1969. in addition to his auditing expertise, he initiated an accounting program to provide assistance and training to non-profit organizations in both the New York City and Michigan areas. He holds the following degrees and certifications: B.S. in accounting and economics from Florida a&M University, CPA Certification in Michigan, M.B.A. from Michigan state University, graduate of the University of illinois’ executive Development Program, studied under Dr. W. edwards Deming and received the american society Quality Control award for administrative applications. He is also a member of alpha Phi alpha Fraternity, inc. Married to Patricia Marshall, they have four children and seven grandchildren. He enjoys golfing and traveling.




a l P H a AWA R D OF HONOR Patrick Joseph Kennedy ii (born July 14, 1967) is the former U.S. Representative for Rhode Island’s 1st congressional district, serving from 1995 until 2011. He is a member of the Democratic Party. the district includes all of bristol County and newport County, and parts of Providence County. Kennedy did not seek re-election in 2010. a member of the Kennedy family, he is a son of the late U.s. senator edward M. Kennedy from Massachusetts. at the time of his father’s death, he was the last remaining member of the Kennedy family to serve in an elective office in Washington. From 1999 to 2001, he served as the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee — the Democratic Hill committee for the U.s. House. it works to elect Democrats to the U.s. House and it plays a critical role in recruiting candidates, raising funds and organizing races in districts that are expected to yield politically notable or close elections. after his tenure as Chairman of the DCCC, Kennedy became a headliner at Democratic political events and fundraisers around the country. He was a Vice-Chairman of the native American Caucus in the House of Representatives. From 2001 until his retirement in 2011, Kennedy served on the U.s. House Committee on appropriations and on its U.s. House standing subcommittees. He was a chief sponsor of one of the major pieces of legislation of 2008, the Mental Health Parity act, a bill requiring most group health plans to provide coverage for the treatment of mental illnesses that is comparable to what they provide for physical illnesses.[2] He is a strong proponent of adding a comprehensive prescription-drug benefit to the U.S. Medicare and has consistently opposed attempts to privatize the


Medicare program. Kennedy has also made numerous speeches advocating the reorientation of the U.s. health-care system to preventive care. He has received numerous awards for his health-care advocacy, including being named the recipient of the Lymphoma Research Foundation’s Paul e. tsongas Memorial award as well as the leukemia & lymphoma society Congressional Honors award. Vivian Rogers Pickard is President of the General Motors Foundation and Director of Corporate Relations and Grassroots initiatives for General Motors Company. Her responsibilities encompass overseeing GM’s community relations, grassroots and charitable giving strategies and efforts. Ms. Pickard joined General Motors in 1978 and has held numerous administrative and management positions at the plant, divisional and corporate levels on the Financial, Personnel and Public Policy staffs. Ms. Pickard earned a bachelor of science degree from Ferris state University and a Master of science from Central Michigan University. Ms. Pickard was appointed by both Governor John engler and Governor Jennifer Granholm to the Community service Commission for the state of Michigan. she was also appointed as a board Member by Governor Granholm to the Michigan Council for arts & Cultural affairs. she is Chairman of the board for inforum (formerly the Women’s economic Club), and is a member of the board of Directors of Gleaners Community Food banks; Detroit institute of arts’ Friends of african and african american art; New Detroit; Detroit Regional Chamber Foundation; Michigan Women’s Foundation; Women’s association for boys & Girls Club of southeastern Michigan; Washington, DC Martin luther King Jr. national Memorial Project Foundation, the Parade Company and the executive leadership Council. she is the immediate past President of the black Women’s agenda. she has received the Chairman’s award for Corporate leadership from the 100 black Men of america and the national Congress of black Women, the eagle scout award from the Detroit area Council-boy scouts of america, the Women of excellence award from the Michigan Chronicle and the Rainbow PUSH “Bridge builders award”.

Ms. Pickard is a life member of leadership Detroit, the national black Mba association, the naaCP and the national Council of negro Women. Constance “Connie” Morella served as ambassador to the organization for economic Cooperation and Development (oeCD) in Paris from 2003-2007. she is the first U.S. Ambassador to the oeCD ever to have served in the U.s. Congress. From 1987 until 2003, ambassador Morella represented Maryland’s 8th Congressional District in the U.s. House of Representatives where she developed a national reputation as a leading advocate for women, children, and families. she was also a leader in promoting economic growth through science and technology, spearheading enactment of the landmark legislation promoting technology transfer from federal labs to private industry. Previously she served for eight years in the Maryland House of Delegates. on her watch as ambassador to oeCD, she was a key participant in the negotiations and agreements leading to a strategy of enlargement to include five potential country members: Chile, Estonia, Israel, Russia, and slovenia. she also advanced the program to engage with the rapidly developing countries of brazil, China, india, indonesia, China, and south africa. Connie Morella is Chairwoman of the Franklin Center for Global Policy exchange and serves on the board of Directors of the Institute for Representative Government and the Washington institute of Foreign affairs. she is a member of the Comptroller General’s Advisory Board, U.S. Government Accountability Office (Gao), the Cafritz Foundation advisory board, and is Vice President of the association of Former Members of Congress. she was appointed by the President in 2010 to the american battle Monuments Commission (abMC). Prior to her service in the U.s. Congress, ambassador Morella was a Professor at Montgomery College, Rockville, MD. In 2008 she was a Resident Fellow at Harvard University’s Kennedy school institute of Politics. She is currently Ambassador-in-Residence at american University in the Women and Politics institute. she holds degrees from boston University and american University as well as 12 honorary degrees.








a l P H a AWARD OF COURAGE Ambassador Andrew Young is chairman of Goodworks international, a specialty consulting group based in atlanta, Georgia, that provides strategic services to corporations and governments operating in the global economy. He serves as a member of the boards of directors of numerous organizations and businesses including Delta airlines, argus, Host Marriott Corporation, archer Daniels Midland, Cox Communications, and thomas nelson Publishers. now the national Council of Churches’ immediate Past President, Ambassador Young served as NCC President -- a part-time, non-salaried leadership post -- in 20002001. His nCC presidency brought him full circle, as he had served as associate director of the Department of Youth Work of the NCC’s Division of Christian Education from 1957-61. Ambassador Andrew Young is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ. He has published two books, a Way out of no Way, thomas nelson, and an easy burden, Harper Collins. His awards include the Presidential Medal of Freedom and many honorary degrees. He served three terms in the Us Congress from the 5th district of Georgia. in 1977, President Jimmy Carter named him ambassador to the United nations. He served two terms as Mayor of atlanta and was CoChairman of the Centennial olympic Games in 1996. Ambassador Young was a top aide to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. during the civil rights movement, was involved in its inception, and served as Vice-President of the southern Christian leadership Conference. He presently serves on the board of the Dr. Martin luther King, Jr. Center for non-Violent social Change.


Gregory, Richard Claxton “Dick” (born, october 12, 1932, st. louis, Mo.), african american comedian and civil rights activist whose social satire changed the way white americans perceived african american comedians since he first performed in public. it’s important to note that no biography of Gregory would be complete without mentioning that he and his beloved wife, lil, had ten kids who have become highly respected members of the national community in a variety of fields. They are: Michele, Lynne, Pamela, Paula, stephanie (aka Xenobia), Gregory, Christian, Miss, Ayanna and Yohance. The Gregory’s had one child who died at birth but they have shared 49 years of historic moments, selfless dedication and tremendous personal love. From an early age, Gregory demonstrated a strong sense of social justice. While a student at sumner High school in st. louis he led a March protesting segregated schools. later, inspired by the work of leaders such as Dr. Martin luther King Jr., and organizations such as the student nonviolent Coordinating Committee (snCC), Gregory took part in the Civil Rights Movement and used his celebrity status to draw attention to such issues as segregation and disfranchisement. When local Mississippi governments stopped distributing Federal food surpluses to poor blacks in areas where snCC was encouraging voter registration, Gregory chartered a plane to bring in several tons of food. He participated in snCC’s voter registration drives and in sit-ins to protest segregation, most notably at a restaurant franchise in downtown atlanta, Georgia. only later did Gregory disclose that he held stock in the chain. Gregory’s autobiography, nigger, was published in 1963 prior to the assassination of President Kennedy, and became the number one best-selling book in america. over the decades it has sold in excess of seven million copies. theologian, pastor, and civic leader the Reverend Dr. otis Moss, Jr. is one of America’s most influential religious leaders and highly sought-after public speakers. a native of the state of Georgia, Moss was born on February 26, 1935 and was raised in the community of laGrange. the son of

Magnolia Moss and otis Moss, sr. and the fourth of their five children, he earned his B.A. degree from Morehouse College in 1956 and his masters of divinity degree from the Morehouse School of Religion/Interdenominational theological Center in 1959. He also completed special studies at the inter-Denominational theological Center from 1960 to 1961 and earned his D.Min degree in ministry from the United theological seminary in 1990. From 1954 to 1959, Moss served as pastor of the Mount olive baptist Church in laGrange, Georgia. From 1956 to 1961, he also served as pastor of atlanta’s Providence baptist Church and therefore, simultaneously led two congregations from 1956 to 1959. From 1961 to 1975, he pastored the Mount Zion baptist Church in lockland, ohio, and in 1971, he served as co-pastor, with Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Sr., at Ebenezer baptist Church in atlanta. in 1975, he was called to pastor olivet institutional baptist Church in Cleveland, ohio, where he continues today. Moss has been involved in advocating civil and human rights and social justice issues for most of his adult life. Having been a staff member of Reverend Dr. Martin luther King, Jr., he currently serves as a national board member and trustee for the Martin luther King, Jr. Center for non-Violent social Change. His work in the international community has taken him to Hong Kong, taiwan, and Japan. He also traveled as a member of a clergy mission to the Far east in 1970 and to israel in 1978. in 1994, he was the special guest of President William Jefferson Clinton at the Peace treaty signing between israel and Jordan, and, in that same year, he led a special mission to south africa. Moss is married to the former edwina Hudson smith. they have three children, Kevin, Daphne (deceased), and otis, iii. Religious leader, activist, and author, Rev. Wyatt Tee Walker is internationally known for his contributions to the Civil Rights and anti-apartheid movements. a chief strategist for Dr. Martin luther King, Jr., Walker was one of the key architects of the 1960-64 civil rights campaigns. born august 16, 1929 in brockton, Massachusetts, Walker was the tenth of eleven children. While he was an infant, the family moved to Merchantville, nJ, a town renowned at that time for rampant racism and segregation. At nine years-old, Walker staged his first civil rights protest when he and his siblings refused to be

turned away from a segregated movie house and instead entered the theater and took their seats. While studying at Virginia Union University, Walker met Dr. Martin luther King, Jr. the two built a lasting relationship, and Walker soon became King’s key strategist for the civil rights campaigns. after graduating from Virginia Union with bachelor’s and master’s degrees, Walker became minister of the Gillfield Baptist Church in Petersburg,Virginia. During this time, Walker began actively supporting the major civil rights organizations, working with the national association for the advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), and serving as a member of the board for the southern Christian leadership Conference (sClC). in 1960, Dr. King appointed Walker executive Director of sClC, and during his four-year tenure, Walker helped the organization fund-raise over one million dollars, built the SCLC staff from five to 100 employees, and served as King’s top strategist. Walker also orchestrated some of the key events of the Civil Rights Movement, including student sit-ins, freedom rides, and protests and marches in albany, Georgia; atlanta; and birmingham. He is most well-known for his success with “Project C,” which was a strategic plan for the mass marches in birmingham and served as a blueprint for subsequent civil rights campaigns. During these early civil rights events, Walker stood on the front lines, getting arrested over 17 times. Walker has held numerous influential positions both in and out of the ministry. He has served as president of the negro Heritage library, a minister at the historic Abyssinian Baptist Church in New York City, and Special Assistant on Urban Affairs to Governor Nelson Rockefeller. in 1967, at King’s behest, Walker eventually took the Chief Minister position at Harlem’s Canaan baptist Church, a position he held for 37 years. Walker earned a Ph.D. in african american studies with a specialization in music in 1975, and has since published 27 books on topics including human rights, the ministry and african american musical traditions. in Walker’s later career, he turned his attention to africa, working in the antiapartheid Movement and helping to bring about free elections in south africa. Walker, who has preached on every continent in the world with the exception of australia, is internationally known as a key member of the world’s religious community and as a tireless advocate for human rights. Walker retired from Canaan baptist Church in 2004. He now lives outside of Richmond,Virginia with his wife of 55 years, theresa. the couple has four children and two grandchildren.

*Brothers Rev. Joseph Lowery, C.T. Vivian, Bernard Lafayette, Jr. received the Alpha Award of Courage ealier this year at the General Convention in Chicago, Illinois 87







Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated Salutes Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated in Preserving the Legacy of

Civil Rights Legend Martin Luther King, Jr. We join You in Celebration of this Historic Ocassion CAROLYN HOUSE STEWART INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENT ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY, INCORPORATED WWW.AKA1908.COM



he ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.

—Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. extends sincere and heartfelt congratulations and well wishes to Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. on the MLK Memorial Dedication Weekend: A Celebration of the Life and Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. —Cynthia M. a. ButLer-MCintyre, NatioNal PresideNt


Dr. Benjamin E. Mays, President Emeritus – Morehouse

Dr. Martin L. King, Jr., Morehouse Nobel Peace Prize Recipient

“Prepare yourself well, so that when a committee on selection is seeking the best person for a task; they will be compelled to examine your petition. Prepare yourself well, so that no man can dismiss you with a shrug of his shoulders or a wave of his hand.”

“The texture of one’s hair and the tone of one’s skin, does not forfeit nature’s claim…. while skin may differ in affection dwells both black and white the same. Should one be as tall to reach the poles or to grasp the ocean with a span; you are the master of your faith… for the mind is the measure of the man.”

At this Historic moment in time, the Men of Omega salute two iconic figures who championed the UPLIFT of humanity.

Dr. Andrew A. Ray-39th Grand Basileus Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Celebrating 100 Years of Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance & Uplift



Aflac is a proud sponsor of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Dedication Weekend. We are a company with strong, deeply-rooted values that celebrates diversity because we know multiple points of view are what makes the world a better place.


4 8 y e a r s ag o he




t o d ay w e

h o n o r

i t

m a r t i n l u t h e r k i n g j r . m e m o r i a l d e d i c at i o n l i v e f r o m w a s h i n g t o n, d. c . s u n d ay, a u g u s t 2 8 a t 1 1 a m / e t


Š 2011 Cable News Network. a time warNer CompaNy. all rights reserved.

“I have a dream that one day on the red hills of georgia, sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.”

Chevrolet is a registered trademark of General Motors. © 2011 General Motors. All rights reserved.

– Martin Luther King, Jr. August 28, 1963, Washington, D.C.


Support provided by the GM Foundation

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On the anniversary of the “I Have a Dream� speech, history will once again be made on the National Mall. The Washington, D.C. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial will be unveiled as the first and only tribute to a man of peace and to a person of color. This August 28th, why just read about history when you can be a part of it? Come to Washington, D.C. and celebrate what will forever stand as a testament to his timeless ideals and legacy of peace.

Awaken his spirit in all of us Chevrolet is honored to celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.



On the historic dedication of the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial in Washington, D.C., Georgia-Pacific congratulates Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. for their inspiring efforts to bring the Memorial to fruition. Together, we celebrate the continuing legacy of Dr. King.

Investing in the Dream for Equality.

Aetna is a proud supporter of the Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial Project in Washington D.C., and featured sponsor of the surrounding cherry blossom trees. Through our sponsorship, Aetna is supporting the planting of 180 new cherry blossom trees at the memorial site, representing a living tribute for many years to come. Dr. King envisioned a future anchored in dignity, sensitivity, and mutual respect. Aetna shares these same values, and continues his dream of opportunity through our mission to improve health literacy and to promote equality in health care for all. To learn more regarding our efforts, please visit Š2011 Aetna Inc. 2011007






Being committed to protecting my community takes courage. Being disciplined to stand bravely takes honor. And being a leader takes both. I am proud to live and serve as a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., and as a United States Marine.



Nielsen is proud to sponsor the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.’s Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Dedication. Nielsen provides measurement services for online, media, mobile and consumer industries.

Nielsen listens to you because your preferences are important. You Matter.

As the world’s largest research company, we rely on people to voluntarily participate in our studies. Your participation: • tells us what you watch on TV, how you use your online and your cell phone time, and where and how you buy your groceries; which • helps businesses offer the products and services you want.

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The Martin Luther King Memorial makes inspiration possible. Nationwide® supports Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. — and joins them in their efforts. It’s part of our commitment to saving, rebuilding and enriching lives in the communities where our customers, associates, agents and their families live and work.

Go ahead.

To learn more, visit, call 1-866-238-1426, or contact your local Nationwide agent.


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Brother Lamell McMorris and the Perennial Team Proudly Support Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. During the Historic Dedication of the Marin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial


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Building on the

Power of Good!

The Stafford Foundation’s Doing Good™ Campaign is dedicated to empowering the underserved to help others and contribute to a world-changing cycle of good. We collaborate with and invest in capacity-building efforts that equip the underserved through programs that provide health, education, training, and faith-based mission support. Change your life forever by Doing Good today!

The Stafford Foundation • P.O. Box 2665 • Reston, VA 20195 1-800-895-8100 • 703-885-8980 •


We are privileged to honor Dr. King’s legacy with our support of the MLK Memorial Dedication. When we invest in diversity, we invest in a stronger, better, more beautiful America.

Š2011 Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC. Member SIPC. 0811-XXXX [87127-v1]



Dr. Walter Washington

Dr. M. Christopher Brown II

24th General President, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. 15th President of Alcorn State University

Chair, Alphas in the Academy 18th President of Alcorn State University

Alpha Phi Alpha members have long served Alcorn State University. And its longest-tenured president, Dr. Walter Washington, and current president Dr. M. Christopher Brown II, share that commitment — they salute the fraternity’s celebration of the life and legacy of our legendary brother, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. | 800.222.6790


Alcorn State University executive leadership cabinet and proud members of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. acknowledge Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s life and impact on education

Dr. Norris Allen Edney

Mr. Emanuel F. Barnes

Dr. Samuel L. White

Mr. Jimmy L. Smith

Mr. Marcus D. Ward

Mr. Gralon A. Johnson

“Education without social action is a one-sided value because it has no true power potential. Social action without education is a weak expression of pure energy. Deeds uninformed by educated thought can take false directions. When we go into action and confront our adversaries, we must be as armed with knowledge as they. Our policies should have the strength of deep analysis beneath them to be able to challenge the clever sophistries of our opponents.”

- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community?


As Brothers  representing  the  birthplace  of  our  most  esteemed  Brotherhood  in  Ithaca,  New  York,  we  understand the historic nature of this grand event.  It is with great pride that we pay homage not only to our  dear Bro. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., but to our Fraternity, our People and Nation.    Onward and Forever Upward,  The Brothers of Alpha Chapter and Iota Iota Lambda Chapter 

From left to right: Brothers Robert Davis, Robert Harris, Marlon Byrd, Alfred Dunn (visiting), Vernon Mitchell, Ozias Moore, Joseph Richards (visiting), Mo Baptiste, Kenneth  Clarke, Tremayne Waller, Joseph Agyei,  Antonio James, Raymond Dalton, Kamaal Jones, Brandon Taylor, Abe Lee. NOT PICTURED: Alpha: Max Aggrey, Asa Craig, Brandon  Espinosa, Rodney Jean, Kemar Trowers, Charles Winslow, IIL: Alexis Abbey, Chris Blackwood, Ralph Christy, Adrian Deese, Tristan Fields, Damola Omotosho, Greg Parks,  John Rawlins, Bert Reed, Marques Zak. 


The Alpha Gamma Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. “The Harlem Alphas” We Join in celebrating the dedication of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Monument. May our Brother’s monument serve as a reminder and testament to past struggles for freedom and equality and as a beacon of hope and encouragement for generations to come...

Chapter Officers

President: Brother Fred P. Baptiste Vice President: Bro. Col. William A. Woods Treasurer: Brother Robert D. Green Recording Secretary: Brother Gunthar Stroman Corresponding Secretary: Brother Jerry L. Barrow Chaplain: Brother Lawrence D. Bannister Historian: Brother Brandon Brice Director of Membership Intake: Brother Daryl L. Parker, Esq. Associate Editor to the Sphinx: Brother Renard Mobley Parliamentarian: Brother Rufus Sadler, M.D. Director of Educational Activities: Brother James C. Powell

Alpha Gamma Lambda

Antonio D. Alston N. Tyrone Anderson Kenneth L. Baker Lawrence D. Bannister Fred P. Baptiste Jerry L. Barrow Cleveland E. Beckett, Jr. Clifton C. Berry Larry Scott Blackmon Brandon Brice Michael A. Bryant John L. Burnett Parker Burton III Jean Celestin, Jr. Lenton A. Clemons Erik A. Cliette Scott B. Davis Hon. David N. Dinkins Lt. Comm. Mill Etienne M.D. Evans Fanor Owen D. Garrick M.D. Fr. James E. Goode Mark A.Graham R. Vann Graves Robert D. Green Lt. Col. GR Gulley Shaun B. Henry Clement James

Jorge V. LaCourt Curtis F. Lawrence, Jr. Ron Madden PhD. Connie V. Miller Renard Mobley Michael E. Moore Vincent S. Morgan Cavaughn Noel Daryl L. Parker Esq. Walter C. Parrish III George Peters Garland Pierce James C. Powell Congr. Charles B. Rangel James Ravenell, Jr. Dr. Enrique Riggs Michael Rogers Scorpio Rogers Rufus "Spy" Sadler M.D. Clarence E. Shelton Jr. Samuel A. Simpson F. Romall Smalls Delton G. Stanford Gunthar Stroman Eloyd Thomas Jr. Col. William A. Woods




I commend the dedication and perseverance of those who worked decades to bring forth this great memorial to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. whose spiritual-based movement transformed the lives of people and nations around the world. I am excited with joy in my heart to see that the Memorial to Dr. King has gone from a dream to reality. Dr. King left a legacy that will grow throughout the ages because it taught the powerful lesson that when people of goodwill work tirelessly and unselfishly together justice, peace and love will always triumph over evil.    In like manner, for the last thirty-two years we have been working to protect the legacy of children and provide information on keeping our children safe. Our movement has been raising public awareness and reaching out to heal the deep pain of those who suffered the loss of the innocent 305 children and families who perished in Jonestown, Guyana under the leadership of the Jim Jones. Although, I was never under his leadership our family lost 27 loved ones including my mother and 17 children. We employ all people of goodwill to stand with us in a circle of faith to build a memorial of healing so such tragedies will never happen again. WWW.305ICANR.ORG Dr. Jynona Norwood



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“The question is not, ‘If I stop to help this man in need, what will happen to me?’ The question is,

stop to help the sanitation workers, what will happen to them?’ ‘If I DO


That's the question.”

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. "I've Been to the Mountaintop" Delivered April, 3 1968 Mason Temple, Memphis, TN Brother Martin’s last words to us were issued at a time of great stress and turmoil. His "I've Been to the Mountaintop" speech is charged with the passion of an ancient battle cry. As Alpha brothers of the Visit us online at...


volunteer state, we are honored to carry with us the legacy of service that our dear brother began. At this present time, our society is crumbling, our youth are under attack, and the family unit is almost extinct. As we fight these and other battles, we are continually moved by Brother Martin’s question. If we do not act, what will happen to future generations of our state, region, country... and the world at-large?

Advertisement provided courtesy of

Chosen THREE times as one of the

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Elmwood Office 1105 S. Clearview Parkway Jefferson, LA 70121 504-671-3510

Kenner Office 3535 Chateau Blvd. Kenner, LA 70065 504-671-3540

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Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. Delta Alpha Lambda Chapter Cleveland, Ohio

The Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Delta Alpha Lambda Chapter and Pi Chapter located in Cleveland, Ohio send greetings: My Brothers in Alpha, today is a day that we all have only dreamt of becoming our reality. Today we celebrate the life and legacy of our beloved Brother Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. A man who dedicated almost every second of his much too shortened life to see his dream of a nation as a freer, more equitable society for all of its citizens to become a reality, our reality! And after almost 50 years of giving his historic “I Have a Dream” speech, we now witness his legacy being memorialized here at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Today, my Brothers, we rejoice in the life of a man whose dream that his four children “…will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character…” has not only become our current realization but has also opened doors so that we can fulfill our individual destinies and those of generations to come. Those very words once echoed the very boundaries of this mall; but a stone throw from where we stand today. Today, my Brothers, we stand together here in the National Mall in Washington, D.C. to honor the legacy of Brother King with the dedication of the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial. The Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial architecture and artistry is a perfect representation of Brother King’s image and encompasses the very essence of his character: Justice, Democracy, Hope and Love. Today we honor the legacy of a man that talked with crowds and kept his virtue and walked amongst kings but never lost the common touch. Today we honor a man that had a dream that became our reality. Today, Brother King, we honor you! Fraternally,

Brother Eloy J. Vázquez, Sr. President, Delta Alpha Lambda Chapter Cleveland, Ohio

“Manly Deeds, Scholarship, and Love for All Mankind”



Dreaming Big From every mou ntainside, let freedom ring. And wh en this happens, wh en we allow freedom ring, wh en we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day wh en all of God’s children, black m en and white m en, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in th e words of th e old N egro spiritual: Free at last! Free at last!

Working to Make these Dreams Come True

Being privileged to mentoring and uplifting Bermuda’s young boys by grooming them, motivating them and teaching them the principles of manhood by creating "can do" attitudes, so they can become better men... in keeping with MLK's "I Have A Dream" has been heartfelt and rewarding. First of All, Servants

I solute all who are committed to DREAMING BIG!!

of All, We Shall Tran

scend All.

Diallo Rabain PRESIDENT Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Epsilon Theta Lambda Chapter

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Epsilon Theta Lambda Chapter



P.O. Box HM2589 Hamilton, HM KX, Bermuda



W W W. B E R M U D A A L P H A . B M

Thank God Almigh ty, we are free at last!

I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.�


I have a dream



rise up

W W W. B E R M U D A A L P H A . B M First of All, Servants of All, We Shall Transcend All.

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Epsilon Theta Lambda Chapter


P.O. Box HM2589 Hamilton, HM KX, Bermuda





MLK ad-outlines.indd 1

8/1/11 3:20:06 PM

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Iota Upsilon Lambda Chapter, Silver Spring, Maryland Chartered December 13, 1970

“The Vision, The Dream, The Existence” A Salute to Alfred Bailey, John Harvey, Oscar Little, Edward Madison, Harold Navy, George Sealey Founders of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Dedication Sunday, August 28, 2011 127



The McGraw-Hill Companies celebrates the

MLK National Memorial Dedication along with its employees from the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Together, we can all Create a Smarter, Better World... one where everyone succeeds in the Knowledge Economy.



The Students, Faculty, Staff, Trustees and Alumni of Meharry Medical College, Nashville, Tennessee Salute the Dedication of the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial Along with his luminous contributions to humankind that inspires universal hope, justice and equality for all.

 Meharry Medical College 1005 Dr. D. B. Todd Jr. Boulevard • Nashville, TN 37208 615.327.6000 •


 ”Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane.” -Taken from a speech given by the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at the Second National Convention of the Medical Committee for Human Rights, Chicago, Ill., March 1966

Thank you, Dr. King!! Brother Wayne J. Riley, M.D., MPH, MBA, MACP President and Chief Executive Officer Meharry Medical College Meharry Medical College is an academic health center that exists to improve the health and health care of minority and underserved communities by offering excellent education and training programs in the health sciences. True to its heritage, Meharry places special emphasis on providing opportunities for people of color, individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds and others regardless of race or ethnicity; delivering high quality health service; and conducting research that fosters the elimination of health disparities.

“Worship of God Through Service To Mankind”


Step U.P. - A National Model Step U.P. Step 2 Campus (Academic Focused)

Step 4 Health

The National Step Show Alliance's (NSSA) Step U.P. program centers on the belief that all youth have “Unlimited Potential,”focusing on positively impacting the lives of middle and high school students. Launched in Nashville, TN, the Step U.P. program serves as a national model for youth stepping. The NSSA partners with the Nashville Parks and Recreation Department, and Nashville Public Health Department to sponsor youth step teams in area community centers and schools, focused on at-risk youth. The NSSA is sharing the Step U.P. model with teachers and health educators nationally through conferences and the development of city and state step leagues. “Childhood obesity is a growing problem, especially in the African American community. Stepping is a wonderful, culturally relevant aerobic workout. Many of the kids step better than I did when I was on my fraternity's step team in college.”

(Health Focused)

William Lawrence, MD, NSSA Board Member Pediatrician, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC

The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education. - Martin Luther King, Jr. The National Step Show Alliance (NSSA) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.



RODERICK L. SMOTHERS, SR., PH.D. 34th General President


Brother King was an Alpha Man of Action

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Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha, As we gather to honor our brother, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, let us remember this,

“Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'”

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Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. The men of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. who are associated with Western Illinois University express congratulatory wishes to the brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. as we celebrate the dedication of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. August 25-28, 2011 Western Illinois University (WIU) serves approximately 13,000 students through its traditional, residential four-year campus in Macomb, Illinois and its urban, non-residential location in the Quad Cities/Moline, Illinois. WIU offers 66 undergraduate degree programs and 37 graduate degree programs, and has more than 700 faculty members. Recognized by the Center for Student Opportunity for retention of first-generation and low-income students, WIU is the only public university in the state of Illinois offering a total Cost Guarantee on tuition, fees, and room and board for a four-year period.

1-(877) PICK-WIU • 1 University Circle, Macomb, IL 61455-1390

Higher Values in Higher Education

For the brotherhood, Dr. Jack Thomas, President Western Illinois University Sponsored by: Members of Alpha Phi Alpha who are associated with Western Illinois University


First of all, servants of all, we shall transcend all.


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FBI Special Agents

We are currently seeking candidates from the following backgrounds or professions: Attorneys • Certified Public Accountants • Network Administrators/IT • Engineers • Detectives • Scientists • Military (specifically Special Operations, Explosives, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Intelligence, and Law Enforcement experts) • or those with a proficiency in a Foreign Language (currently most sought - Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Korean, Urdu, Punjabi, Pashto, Russian and Farsi) • as well as many other disciplines. You must possess a Bachelor’s degree plus 3 years of professional work experience; be available for assignment anywhere in the FBI’s jurisdiction; be between the ages of 23 and 36; and be in excellent physical condition with the ability to pass a rigorous physical fitness test.

FBI Professional Staff Careers

Our Professional Staff reflect diverse skills well beyond law enforcement, and they play an integral role in our country’s security. Our careers are comprised of a myriad of specialized roles including: Intelligence Analysts, Linguists, IT Specialists, Scientists, Administrative Assistants, Accountants, Electricians, Engineers, Human Resources Specialists, Security Officers, Electronics Technicians, Tradesmen, and many more. Explore our variety of opportunities, from entry level to senior management, and contribute to the achievements of ‘America’s finest’. Please visit our website to apply for immediate career opportunities and to submit your resume if you would like to be considered for future employment.


Alpha phi alpha fraternity

You must be a U.S. citizen and consent to a complete background investigation, drug test, and polygraph as a prerequisite for employment. Only those candidates determined to be best qualified will be contacted to proceed in the selection process. The FBI is an equal opportunity employer.





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accomplish Big Brothers Big Sisters would like to honor and recognize our national partnership with Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. during this monumental event.


MLK Memorial Dedication Souvenir Journal  

The 2011 Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Dedication Souvenir Journal