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FALL 2003 • Volume 88 • Number 3

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Part one of a two part series: Brotfter James Conycrs provides an hisii iied and prolific historian and educator.



The Boy Scouts of America panici|



A recap of die 97ih Anniversary Convention of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.



from die second largest attended event of I Alpha Phi Alpha Fratcrnil1 1

College Brother of the Year, Brother Michael Blake with General President Harry E. Johnson; 2 Miss Black & Gold, Ms. Shannen Sharmaine Coleman; 5 Alumni Brother of the Year, Brother Roman Gary; * College Chapter of the Year, Alpha Epsilon Chapter; 5 National Step Competition Champions, Kappa Eta Chapter and Beta Sigma Chapter; 'Alumni Chapter of me Year, Nu Mu Lambda. Background: Scenes from the Tth Anniversary Convention.





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Brother James L. Conyers,Jr.

INTRODUCTION harles Harris Wesley was a cited and prolific Historian, Educator-Administrator, African Methodist Episcopal Minister, Public Speaker and Activist. Rarely are individuals of his caliber studied with precision and accuracy. His primary research emphasis was in the discipline of History-Economics. Within the discipline of History, he was one of the early African-American pioneers in the academy of higher learning, who promoted die teaching, researching, and writing of African-American history. Although much of his work was interdisciplinary, Wesley consistendy focused his content analysis on African continental and diasporic phenomena. More precisely, with his disciplinary training in History, Wesley consistendy attempted to describe and evaluate the paradox of African-American history and culture. Earl Thorpe notes Wesley's ideas and philosophy of history, in me following manner: "History is not die story of men and women of one race or color and die neglect and omission of the men and women of another race or color. It is neither the glorification of white people nor black people, but it is the story of the people irrespective of race or color."1 Yet, with me prolific rate of producing scholarly works in the form of books, articles, book reviews and monographs, Wesley, like many of his contemporaries, was limited and confronted with the auspices of individual and institutional racism. Darlen Clark Hine elaborates on this point, by noting:


In spite of limited opportunities and professional ostracism, many black historians nevertheless researched and wrote exemplary works on the Afro-American historical experience. Scholars such as Carter G. Woodson, Benjamin Quarles, John Hope Franklin, W.E.B. Du Bois, Lorenzo Greene, Charles H. Wesley, A.A. Taylor and Helen

Edmonds persevered in the face of adversity to make the world see black Americans as actors and creators of history instead of so many hapless victims of forces beyond their control.2 In general, Melvin Drimmer's analysis is of merit, when he identified how race is one of die central diemes of Americana history and culture, which is an issue that has been destructive, divisive, persistent, and permanent.' Despite the aforementioned limitations and domestic constraints placed on African Americans during the turn of die twentieth century; die subject of this study is an example of the intellectual tradition of black social scientist, who emerged during the first thirty years of this cenniry. Wesley, in some cases, can be seen as the hybridity of W.E.B. Du Bois and Carter G. Woodson: Du Bois a valiant scholar activist; and Woodson an ideological maverick and precursor of African American revisionist history.' Henceforth, this commentary analysis is presented to establish a context to study Charles H. Wesley, in place, space, and time, from an interpretative analysis. This essay seeks to conduct a historical overview of Charles H. Wesley, examining themes of African American historiography and Black Studies, relevant to the intellectual ideas and plulosophy of the subject. Certainly, one could write an exhaustive literary, intellectual, or full-scale biography on this subject." Aldiough, essays produced on die subject matter are minimal, if not avadable at all. I have edited a volume Charles H. Wesley: The Intellectual Tradition of a Black Historian (1997). But, there are also two dissertation on the subject: 1) Janette Hoston Harris, Charles H. Wesley, Educator, and Historian: 1891-1947; and 2) Lathardus Goggins, the Evolution of Central State College under Dr. Charles from 1942-1965: An Historical Analysis. Of the two studies, Harris's study is the only biographical sketch of the subject, covering the first fiftv-six years of his life. In addition, there are

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numerous entries on Wesley, located in African American history reference books. Widi pointing out these studies conducted on Wesley, I contend that additional studies are necessary to examine his ideas and philosophy, in order to address die axiological base of transitional change in African American historiography and the evolution of Black Studies." Moreover, dien, die aim and objective of this study is to provide an alternative epistemological framework, studying Wesley's common-sense approach and critical analysis in writing Africana history and culture.

METHODOLOGY Procedure, methodology, and tiieory are the scholarly characteristics that distinguish die rigorous aspects of Wesley's scholarship. Reflective of his contribution to die intellectual tradition of African American history, the data retrieved for this study is derived from secondary sources and bibliography. Sources used to compde this biographical profile are: 1) questionnaires and interviews widi key resource personnel who personally knew Wesley. Included in this group is his wife, the late Dr. Dorodiy Porter-Wesley; and 2) bibliographical data from African American historical reference guides, from die Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity archive files, and the Hallie Q. Brown Memorial Library at Central State University. Therefore, the diematic issues and schemes of African American historiography and black studies are examined in this study, in order to represent the intersubjective bias of this writer, and attributes that also distinguish Wesley's attentiveness to creativity and academic rigor.

SOCIAL ECOLOGY Wesley was born in 1891, in Louisville, Kentucky, to Charles and Matilda Wesley. His parents were free



blacks, who could easily be identified within die black middle-class strata." Again, the purpose of the Wesley's social ecology gives reference to: examining the social environmental characteristics and identifying diose environmental factors that shaped and formatted his ideas, philosophies, memory, and ethos. Table 3.7 is a detailed biographical sketch of Wesley's educational occupational status. By 1904, Wesley was attending Fisk Preparatory, and in 1907, he became a student at Fisk University, majoring in Classics. His extracurricular activities included participation on the Fisk debating team, the Fisk jubilee (ilee Club and membership on the Fisk University football team. He graduated in 1911 and was immediately accepted to Yale University and majored in History and Economics for a Masters degree. In 1913, he completed his Masters degree and began his teaching career at Howard University in the Department of History. Gradually, Wesley moved through the academic ranks of tenure and promotion, becoming a full professor of History in 1921. That same year, he pursued a Doctorate in History at Harvard University. By 1925, he became die third Africa American in me United States to earn a Doctorate in History from Harvard. In the latter part of his life, he retired from teaching and administration, but still served in die capacity of the Executive Administrator of the Association for die Study of Afro-American Life and History and the Philadelphia Afro-American Museum.

HISTORICAL OVERVIEW The year 1891 is an historical period that illustrates African Americans' collective capacity to locate a niche in the public sphere of economic, political, and social life. Again, this historical overview is relevant to studying Wesley, because it allows die reader to develop an aesmetic regarding die social and political implications of die subject.

Moreover, "between the years of the late 1870's and early 1890's, more thanfiftyAfrica Americans had been elected to the North Carolina and Soutli Carolina state legislatures.'"' Additionally, in 1890, die "In re Green decision, the United States Supreme Court sanctions control of elections by state officials, thus weakening federal protection for southern black votes. In the case Louisville, New Orleans, and Texas Radway v. Mississippi, die court permits states to segregate public transportation and facilities."10 Other historical events of relevance that occur in 1891 are: 1. August 12 to November 1; me constitutional convention in Mississippi adopted the literacy and understanding tests as devices to disfranchise Negroes."" 2. Dr. Daniel Hale Williams founds Provident Hospital, widi the first training school for Black nurses in die United States.12 3. The number of African Americans being lynched in die United States is reported to be estimated at 112, most of these casualties and victims are reported to be located in southern states.1' During the preceding years from 1895 to 1896, Africa American historiography was taking shape and format towards black autonomy. In 1895, Booker T. Washington delivered his Atlanta Compromise speech at the Cotton States International Exposition. Equally important, W.E.B. Du Bois was the first African American to receive a Doctorate from Harvard University. Finally, Frederick Douglass died in Washington, D.C.n In 1896, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the concept of separate but equal, concerning public facilities for African Americans in die case of Plessy v. Ferguson. The National Association of Colored Women, led by Mary Church Terrell was organized and established in the Africa Slave Trade, which is considered one of the first sociological studies conducted in the United States.15 In summary, this historical chronology is presented to identify the climate and environmental factors that shaped and formatted Wesley's ecology. Again, in studying the historical periods during his birth and adolescent stage illustrate that he was born during a period of struggle; in which, African Americans were confronted with migration out of the south, lynching, Jim Crow laws and other consequences of subordinate group status, whereas, blacks were consistendy agitating for social equality.

Brother James L. Conyers, Jr., Ph.D., is Director of African American Studies and University Professor of

African American Studies at the University of Houston (main campus). He earned the doctorate in African American Studies from Temple University in 1992 and since, has authored or edited over twenty books. In 2001, he was awarded the Ankh Award at the Cheikh Anta Diop Conference in Philadelphia, PA, for productivity, contribution, and advancement to the discipline of African American Studies. Brodier Conyers was initiated on October 3, 1983 in the Zeta Nu Lambda Chapter in Plainfield, New Jersey.


Earl Thorpe, Black Historians: A Critique (New York: William & Morrow 1969), p. 136. Darlene Clarke Hine, ed., The State of Afro-American History (Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press 1986), p.ix 5 Melvin Drimmer, Issues in Black History (Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt 1987), pi. 4 E. A. Johnson, A School History of Negro Race in American from 1619 to 1890 (Philadelphia, PA: Sherman and Co. 1891). s See Arnold Rampersaud, "Biography and AfroAmerican Culture," in Houston Baker and Patricia Redmond, eds., Afro-American Literary Tradition in the 1980s Chicago: University of Chicago Press 1989). 6 James L. Conyers, Jr., ed.,Charles H. Wesley: The Intellectual Tradition of a Black Historian (New York: Garland Publishing 1997), p. ix-x. ' Elliott Rudwick and August Meier, Black Historians and the Historical Profession (Urbana: University of Illinois Press 1986), p.77. 8 Conyers, Charles H. Wesley: The Intellectual Tradition of a Black Historian, pp. 315-316; James Conyers, Jr., "An Intellectual Biography of Charles H. Wesley: An Oral History," The Negro Educational Review, 67:3-4 (July- October 1996): 204-209; Francille Rusan Wilson, entry essay on Charles H. Wesley, In Jack Salzman, David Lionel Smidi, and Cornel West, eds., Encyclopedia of African American Culture and History (New York: Simon Schuster Macrmllan 1996), vol. 5, pp. 2802-2803 and Janette Hoston Harris, "Charles H. Wesley, Educator, and Historian 1891-1947," Ph.D. dissertation, Howard University, 1975. ' Michael Levine, African Americans and Civil Rights (Phoenix, AZ: Oryx 1996), p.109. 10 Ibid., p. 27. 1 ' Alton Hornsby, Chronology of African American History: Significant Events and People from 1619 to the Present (Detroit, MI: Gale Research Incorporated 1991), p.52. 12 Levine, African Americans and Civil Rights, p. 21. â&#x20AC;˘3 Ibid. " Hornsbv, Chronology of African American History, p. 55. 15 Ibid.

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Wesley is born


Awarded an Honorary

on December 2, to Matilda

Doctorate of LL,

and Charles Snowden in

Allen University, Columbia, SC.

Wesley, Louisville, K.Y 1904-1906

Attends and graduates


front Central High School.

Historian of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. GOODWILL, is the monarch of this house.

1906 1907

Attends College

1942 1947

Prepatory School.

Men, unacquainted, enter,

President of Wilberforce Uniwrsily

shake hands, exchange greetings, and depart friends.


Attends and graduates

rded an Honorary

from risk University; award

Doctorate i

i li.A. in Classics,


who abide within.

Virginia State University. Petersburg, \A.

I am the eminent expression of

Awarded an Hone

temperament change under my

ils and graduates from Yale University

Cordiality exists among all

friendship. Character and


with a M.A. in

Doctorate of LL, Morris Brown College. 1950

nt of

dominant p< >

nee touched

by itir

led, and are

ifter amiable, kindly, fraternal.

position as Instructor 1 inspire the musician to play

of History and Modern Language at


noble sentiments, and assist the

President of the

Howard Univi

tion for the

chemist to convert ungenerous personalities into individuals of

Stin and Histor Law S.

1961 Ordained and sen

nled an Honorary Dodo

Minister of the African

Morgan State Col

which make for common brotherhood and the echo resounds in all communities, and princely men

Methodist Chun

are ti<


First African American to be Awarded an Honorary Doctorate of LL, ft mnati. of Philosophy in II Promoted to Profi

of tli

and Head of the History Department, Howard


-at all times uthful IO the creed To a few, 1 am th<

irded Honor Director. Afro-Ami Will)*

Historical and Cultural Museum. if goot

16. il Of

â&#x20AC;˘Ipha Fraternity Inc.

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the school fi



There goes a man of high impulse - of princely mien and grace - there goes a man of humble faith, a credit to his race.

Jpzothei John cH. ^txoqei,






JPiothzz Jne.oa.ii. Xjancij ACCEPTED TO DOCTORAL PROGRAM AT 2 3 : WINS PRESTIGIOUS FELLOWSHIP rother Theodis Elon Dancy, II, has been accepted to die Ph.D. program for Educational Leadership and Research with a concentration in Higher Education at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Brother Dancy was one of only three applicants selected. He is also the recipient of die Huel D. Perkins Doctoral Fellowship, which provides a $30,000 stipend and pays full tuition. A native of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, Brodier Dancy graduated from Pine Bluff

B 8

rother John H. Stroger, Jr., President of the Cook County Board of Commissioners, in Illinois serves as die Chief Executive Officer of the second largest county in America. A fifty-plus year member of Alpha Phi Alpha, Brodier Stroger realized the fulfillment of a three decade-old dream to improve and modernize health care for the residents of Cook County by ushering in a new state-of-die-art hospital that now bears his name. The $551 million facility mat opened to much fanfare in December 2002 is formerly known as Cook County Hospital. This 168 year old Chicago based pubhe institution, whose landmark advances in patient care are world-renowned, is the model for the long-running NBC Television series "ER." The ultra modern and technologically superior Stroger Hospital of Cook County is a 464-bed acute care facility covering 1.2 million square feet. It was die largest public hospital project in the United States in 25 years. A month prior to the open-



he Georgia Humanities Council recently awarded Brother Charles D. Beall with an Award in me Humanities. Recipients of the Governor's Humanities Medals are nominated by the public, reviewed by a committee of the Georgia Humanities Council Board and selected ultimately by die Governor. The selection criterion includes individuals who regularly volunteer dieir time and energy to carry the torch of the humanities. Brother Beall, a member of Delta Iota Lambda Chapter in Columbus, Georgia, has researched and developed programming of AfricanAmerican history in Stewart County, Georgia and has been central to many interpretive programs at die Historic Westville as well as to documenting die Green Grove Baptist Church for the inclusion on the National Register. "In every Georgia community there are humanities heroes - individuals who keep the doors of dieir historical society open and research and develop exhibits on local history or other cultures," said Sonny Perdue. "Mr. Beall and others like him are me centers of humanities infrastructure and are always offering a new kind of creative opportunity for their community to learn."

Brother Theodis Dancy High School in May 1997 where he was bodi a National Merit Semifinalist and Mr. Zebra 1997. In May 2000, he graduated in diree years, Magna Cum Laude, from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (UAPB) with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. While pursuing his undergraduate studies, he was initiated into Gamma Delta Chapter in Spring 2000. His honors include: Chancellor's List, National Dean's List, Daisy Bates Scholar, Ail-American Scholar and Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. He also served as President of the Honor Student Association, Co-Captain of the UAPB Golden Ambassadors and Treasurer for both die Student Government Association and the Senior Class. Brodier Dancy graduated from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in May 2002 with a Master's degree in Healdi Services Administration. A member of die American College of Healdi Executives (ACHE) and the Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE), Brodier Dancy most recendy served as Public Information Coordinator and Director of Telemarketing in the Office of Development for UAPB. He is also Adjunct Professor of Health Education in the School of Education at UAPB.

Our deeds determine us as much as we determine our deeds." - lerome Caison

Brotherjohn H. Stroger, Jr.


ALPHAS ON THE MOVE ing of the facility - in a historic move - the Cook County Board of Commissioners voted without dissent to rename the 168 year-old Cook County Hospital, the John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County. The legislation that honored Brother Stroger, for steadfastly championing the move to build a new hospital, was a result of a petition drive initiated by the Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Chairman of the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition. Members of the County Board paid warm tributes to Brodier Stroger at the County Board meeting where the historic renaming measure was held in November 2002.

JpiotnEt ChaxUi DONATES




HOWARD UNIVERSITY POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT rother Dr. Charles W. Harris of the Department of Political Science is donating over $100,000 to his Department to fund a lecture series and offer an undergraduate prize in political theory. The objective is to establish a high quality lecture series on government and politics, featuring speakers of national repute and to offer an annual prize to an outstanding graduating senior in political theory. In accordance with the budget system at Howard University, die gift is actually to me College of Arts and Sciences, with a designation that the funds be used in the Department of Poliucal Science. Brother Harris' donation to Howard is one of three gifts to academic institutions to create scholarships or lecture series. Brother Harris officially retired from his fulltime position at the University in 2002, but is still teaching Political Science as Adjunct Professor. His specializations are American Theory and Urban Politics. In acknowledgment of the gift, Brodier Harris received letters of appreciation from Howard President H. Patrick Swygert, Vice President Virgil Ecton and Dean James Donaldson.


The phinx Magarim




hanks to clarification from Brother Nathaniel J. Young of Alpha Xi Lambda Chapter (Toledo, Ohio), we suspect that the issues listed in the Spring, 2003 issue of The Sphinx Magazine as missing since 1986 were never published. Brother Norman Towells of Eta Pi Lambda Chapter (Pasadena, California) has uncovered missing copies from 1915-1921 and Bromer H. Gray Gillem, Sr. of Theta Rho Lambda Chapter (Arlington, Virginia) has graciously donated to the archives at die MoorlandSpingarn Research Center of Howard University missing issues from 1954 and 1968. We are still searching for the issues listed below. The number of missing issues has been reduced substantially. Widi your help, we can complete our search by die end of this year and begin the process of microfilming and indexing The Sphinx® so dial information about Brothers and Chapters by subject, name and geographical region will be available as we approach our centennial year. Check your college or university and local libraries to determine if tfiey might have some of die missing issues. Photocopies of missing issues should be sent to: Brodier Robert L. Harris, Jr. National Historian 102 Burleigh Drive Ithaca, N.Y. 14850 Bromers who wish to donate copies of missing issues to our archive at me Moorland-Spingam Research may forward original copies to: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Sphinx Archives 2313 St. Paul Street Baltimore, MD 21218-5211 We will acknowledge with a suitable book plate that die copy was a gift from die specific Bromer.


•HGS Feb. (14:1), Apr. (14:2), June Feb. (

Brother Charles Harris

"Half the failures in life arise from pulling in one's horse as he is leaping." - lulius Hare

1 SEIZ IN 20(


uring the 2003 General Convention, Brother George C. Randall had the opportunity to represent both Alpha (Kappa Lambda Chapter) and the Boy Scouts of America. "I've attended our conventions in the past, but the 85th

General Convention was the best," said Brother Randall. "This convention epitomized


Brothers to do even more. The following are a few items that are humbly requested of the Brotherhood as well as those things that the Boy Scouts of America will provide. It is asked that each Chapter does the following: • Sponsor at least one Scouting unit (Cub Scout Pack, Scout Troop,

Brother Harry E. Johnson, Sr.'s motto of "Alpha Attitude." The level of professionalism at all levels was inspiring."

Venture Crew) of the Boy Scouts of America. I Encourage members to volunteer to serve at all levels at local councils

As National Director, Scoutreach Division of the Boy Scouts of America,

of the Boy Scouts of America.

he had the opportunity to work with the Fraternity on a national level and

» Recommend young members of the Fraternity

interact with all the Brothers.

who hold college degrees to seek professional

Brother Randall stated as he arrived at the conven

employment with the Boy Scouts of America.

tion location in Detroit, "the professionalism was

• Assist in raising funds to support

beyond comprehension."

Scouting units which the Fraternity sponsors.

Alpha Phi Alpha and the Boy Scouts have been partners for nearly twenty years. Through this alliance,

In support of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity,

there have been numerous efforts to mentor African

the Boy Scouts of America: » Will attend and exhibit at all

American youth in urban and rural communities

regional conventions to assist local Chapters with


their Scouting programs.

"As an exhibitor, I had an opportunity to speak with hun-

t Will provide technical assistance and training

dreds of Brothers and their spouses about the benefits of Scouting. I will always treasure the time spent in the exhibit hall

for Chapters through local councils.

with Brothers." Brother Randall said, after his first day in the exhib

| Will provide local BSA councils with the Fraternity Chapter contacts.

it hall.

I Will provide updated video and brochures on the partnership.

General President Harry E. Johnson, Sr., invited the Boy Scouts of America Chief Scout Executive, Roy Williams and National President, Roy Roberts to parti-

> And, provide workshop opportunities at BSA conferences for Fraternity

cipate in the Public Program and share some information on the partnership. "Both

members to share their Scouting experiences and increase awareness of The

have told me how impressed they were with the program, and by the number of Eagle


Scouts and Scouters present," said Brother Randall. "Brother Johnson's staff did an outstanding job assisting them and I thank him for his help."

Brothers, thank you for the many BSA commitment cards returned during the 2003 General Convention. Those cards have been sent to the local councils for follow

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity has provided volunteer services in connection with

up. If you need to reach Brother George Randall about Scouting, please feel free to

its mission of fellowship and service to the community. On behalf of the Boy Scout of

contact him at 972-580-2037 or e-mail Thanks for all that you

America, Brother Randall expressed his most sincere thanks and encourages the

do to serve our communities!

Brother George Randall National Director, Scoutreach Division Boy Scouts of America.


"True dignity is never gained by place, and never lost when honors are withdrawn." - Phillip Massinger

March ofDimes Sarin/! Imhies. together

/, r\ W


Cd f




CONVENTION By: Brother WilburJackson

roject Alpha remains a key and vital program of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Created in the late 1970's by innovative Alpha -1 Men in Iota Omicron Lambda in Chicago, Project Alpha flourishes today as Chapters across the country deliver the program today using the pew curriculum and the awarding winning S.T.A.T.S. video. Thanks to the twenty-year partnership with the March of Dimes, the program has continuously improved reaching thousands of young men yearly. The latest improvement was the addition of the Prematurity module that was delivered to all Chapters during the Regional Conventions in 2003.




Teaching c -young men

exual the ro

The March ofDimes announced their awards for excellence in delivery of the program. Several outstanding Brothers and Chapters applied for this prestigious award. Every applicant was outstanding in their delivery, innovative approach and service to their communities. The winners were announced at the general convention in Detroit, Michigan. These deserving winners had outstanding programs as demonstrated by the following highlights.

The program became the only male program recognized in the state. A special pamphlet was designed and delivered to over 1000 youth at the Teen Summit held in Richmond in March of 2003. Israel's idea to create the pamphlet became a creative way to spread the educational, motivational message of Project Alpha affording, an excellent tool for carrying the message back to the community. Brother Melendez has implemented a program that allows him to say, "Project Alpha Week is now Project Alpha Year in our community."







Israel Melendez Beta Gamma Lambda, Richmond, VA rother Israel Melendez demonstrated extraordinary excellence in his leadership and creativity in implementing Project Alpha throughout the City of Richmond, Virginia and surrounding counties. His leadership, as Program Chair, guided the actions of the local Chapters who reached hundreds of youth with the programs message. The local Chapters reached youth in the city's teen centers, schools and juvenile institutions. Both the local Chapter of the March of Dimes and the City Council Zeta Zeta Lambda recognize and provide funding. Over 500 incarcerated young men received the Project Alpha message of QUEENS, NY responsible behavior. The program was delivered over many months of implementation, which included fiftyhe Alumni Brothers of Zeta Zeta Lambda enlisted youth at St. Joseph's Villa - Dooley school in October of the support of the local college Brothers forming 2002 (during Project Alpha Week), thirty youth at the a strong to carry the Project Alpha message to the Salvation Army's - Boys and Girls Club, and 257 young communities of Queens, NY. This partnership created men at the Barrett Juvenile Correctional Center. an important element of the program as the college



"Be sure to keep busy, so the devil may always find you occupied." - Flavins Vegetius Renatus

Brothers were very effective in reaching the target audience. The organization, planning and monitoring ensured excellence in delivery. Although all programs deliver an important message, a well organized program guarantees success and Zeta Zeta Lambda exhibited excellent planning by first breaking me work down into Outreach Coordinator, Director of Entertainment, Financial Advisor, Reclamation, Director of Education, Youth Planner, Photographer, College Chapter Advisor, and Project Alpha Advisor. Each leader played a key role in training before executing the program, planning including the targeted organizations and agencies, selection of program model, involvement of March of Dimes, press release, and flyers. They performed four Project Alphas in collaboration with Theta Epsilon. They reached over 200 while engaging elected public officials, Congressman, Councilman and Assemblywoman all attended Project Alpha. These school based programs were so successful a spin off program called the Penal Program educating the young men about the jail system and how to conduct themselves around police officers. This outreach has identified excellent scholarship candidates. Excellence in planning, involving college members, reaching hundreds of youth and creating the Penal Program distinguished this outstanding Chapter.





FOR WALKAMERICA rother Brown excelled by leading his team and serving as a role model by personally raising $1300.00 to Support WalkAmerica. He not onlydrove his Chapter but also traveled around the state of Alabama to encourage all Chapters to participate. This encouragement resulted in a increase in the district's goal. His support of the Prematurity Campaign includes




MARCH OF DIMES (continued) serving on the March of Dimes' Chapter Board and being a spokesperson for the campaign. His leadership and hard work made a huge difference.

Wilbert Brown Delta Tbeta Lambda, Huntsville, Al


\-*f? V '

Delta Tbeta Lambda Huntsville, AL Delta Theta Lambda's contribution was $3,316.00, which was the largest in their district. They went the "Extra Mile" by developing their own theme, partnering with Boeing and Toyota, and had special shirt designed for the Walk. They had twenty-five Chapter members and ten college members participate on Walk Day. They were recognized as the "Most Spirited Team" and finished in third place in the small division for funds donated. They did an outstanding job in 2003 and plan to do more in 2004 as they will be honored as the team to lead next year's Walk. When you consider the accomplishments and die impact on die communities served by die omer applicants, their representation of Alpha and the Project Alpha campaign are deserving of honorable mention.





W. lAMES CONLEV, Zeta Zeta Lambda, Queens, NY, developed an excellent planning approach to conducting Project Alpha dividing the work, involving other key Chapter leaders, and reclaiming inactive Brothers. By providing annual training, he ensures proper project execution throughout the year. He successfully performed outreach and coordinated the involvement community organizations (schools, churches, social services, etc.) and civic leaders.

BETA GAMMA LAMBDA, Richmond, VA Awarded $2000 from the March of Dimes. They delivered Project Alpha to 500 youth during several creative programs at different venues. Their outreach to young men in the juvenile systems was well received by the Department of Juvenile Justice. Their discussion on Intimate Violence and Relationships had such an impact that they were invited to perform the program other locations.

WILLIE W. HOUSTON, Chi Lambda, wilberforce, OH, led a program that raised over $17,000 and involved his Chapter and two college Chapters (Delta Xi and Xi). This unique implementation featured four sessions delivered over a four month period culminating in a closing ceremony where parents were invited as the participants demonstrated their knowledge through skits. Each session was creatively enhanced witii additional material like instructional videos and the use of "life size" simulated babies. Participants were invited to attend an all-expenses paid Leadership Development and Citizenship Development Institute at Case Western Reserve University.

BETA SIGMA LAMBDA, Hartford, CT - involved State Representative Kenneth Green who addressed legal consequences. A former drug dealer gave a motivational talk about his personal tragedies. The M.A.L.E.S. club members also gave positive role models to the participants as many had come from disadvantage backgrounds. They gave the young men the opportunity to express themselves witii reflections and observations of lessons learned. IOTA OMICRON LAMBDA, CO - Using their Annual African American Youth Leadership Conference to select young men, they selected twenty-one in 2002 and twenty-seven in 2003. Making use of the S.T.A.T.S. video and pausing to discuss and role play, the lessons are implanted. Abstinence and virginity are stressed throughout the conference.

DON R. WESTON, Gamma Gamma Lambda, Greenville, SC , coordinated the efforts of four Chapters who delivered an excellent program to the community's youth. His leadership brought in funds from several sources including Ford Motor Credit, Co. and SAM KAPPA PHI LAMBDA, Columbia, MD - With thirWholesale Club. He gained the partnership of other ty-five youtii receiving certificates for participating, the community based organization like March of Dimes, program had many highlights like the "Tracks" session. Urban League, Latchkey of Greensville, SHARE Positive professional role models talked about how Community service and many otiiers. responsible decisions and goal setting allowed diem to achieve their life goals. The program was entitled "Fast LORAN SMITH, Iota Omicron Lambda, Colorado Lanes" and the "Tracks" session was viewed as unique Springs, CO, showed creativity, commitment and service and informative by the participants. for many years resulting integrating die program into There are more than 1305 babies born premathe African American Youth Leadership Conference, an turely every day in the U.S. and the reasons are annual event. He is credited with such innovations as unknown. In die African American community, the rate die "Pause, Predict, Discuss" technique for using me in 2001 was 17.9 % compared to the 11.9 % national S.T.A.T.S. video. He also designed a more effective con- average. The men of Alpha have once again taken the sent form and gained the support of die cadets form the leadership role in addressing this important health issue affecting our community. Air Force Academy. In January 2003, The March of Dimes launched RUFUS TONES, Beta Sigma Lambda, Hartford, their campaign to prevent premature births. Project CT, led the planning and execution of a program reach- Alpha saw the importance of this key health issues and ing sixty middle school students assisted by twenty-one enhanced the curriculum to include die new prematurity module, designed to raise awareness and help focus Eastern Connecticut State University M.A.L.E.S. (Men Achieving Leadership Excellence and Success) acting as on prevention. Premature births have a significandy larger impact on the Black community than any other college mentors and twenty Alumni Brotiiers. group in die United States. Once again, Alpha Phi Alpha is in the forefront attacking this health issue impacting our families. Chapters not receiving their modules at the 2003 Regional Conventions should contact their District Directors.

"Don't learn the tricks of the trade. Learn the trade. ." - Lester L. Holmes. Ir.

97th Anniversary 85th General

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Alpha Phi Alpha in Detroit, Michigan




By: Brother Charles Robinson lpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. brings together an unprecedented group of Scholars, Civic Activists and Business Leaders for their 97th Anniversary Convention in Detroit, MI. On July 31, 2003 through August 5, 2003 at the Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center Hotel, the largest gathering of college educated > African-American men ever assembled in "Motown." General President Harry E. Johnson brought together a who's who in America for this 97th Anniversary Convention. ^ "I'm just excited about the various individuals who know of our work and endorse what we do in America," said Brother Johnson. This year, Brother Johnson presented the College & University Issues Fomm, A Discussion on the State of Our Colleges and Universities. It included Presidents from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU's). This group discussed the state of our institutions of higher learning in the wake of the Supreme Courts ruling on Affirmative Action. "No one knew how the Supreme Court would rule in the Michigan," said Brother Johnson, "but it is clear that we, who send our children to colleges, have our work cut out to improve test scores and prepare the next generation for the challenges that




will face them. Who better to discuss those challenges then the individuals who decide who gets into college." Prior to the convention, Brothers had the opportunity to hear from Alpha Phi Alpha members like Marc Mortal, the new head of the National Urban League; Judge Joe Brown, the famed judge who reopened the Martin Luther King, Jr. murder case in Memphis and host of his own syndicated television show, and Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. Additionally, Alpha recognized the work of people like Thomas Dortch of 100 Black Men of America, and Gary Cowger, President of General Motors North America. According to Brother Johnson, "Alpha's mission from its inception has been to serve mankind. What we did in Detroit will continue that legacy as we approach the 100th anniversary of the founding of Alpha Phi Alpha and the black collegiate Fraternity and Sorority movement." The last time the Alpha's national convention was in "Motown" was some thirty-four years ago. The return to the city comes in the wake of many national and international events shaping the world. The recent developments in the Middle East, the challenges of African-American in politics and the role of business in communities of color was discussed in a thoughtful and meaningful way during Alpha's stay.

"Before you borrow money from a friend, decide which you need more." - Anonymous

97th Anniversary 85th General

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This years General Convention featured the Youth Entrepreneurship-Training Program for a second year. The Program, which debut at last years Economic Development Conference, taught scores of young people from around the country and within the local area, between die ages of six and seventeen years old, the importance of business development and ownership at an early age. The program, entitled the "Youth to Business Leaders" Training Program, tapped the resources of the leading experts in the field of youth entrepreneurship, to assist the students in developing and implementing winning business strategies that created both cash-flow and business synergy amongst the conference youngest attendees. During the training program, youths learned how to write a successful business plan, how to read and comprehend the Wall Street Journal Newspaper and

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other important nuances and necessities.



This years opening welcome reception was held in the Renaissance Ballroom of the Detroit Marriott and Renaissance Center Hotel, located in the heart of Downtown Detroit, Michigan. The purpose of the reception is to welcome the Brothers and guest to the convention. General President Harry E. Johnson, Sr., Several Past General Presidents, and members of the Board of Directors greeted Brothers and guest upon entering the reception. The two-hour reception was filled with extravagant Hors d'oeuvres, entertainment and hosted over 2,000 multiindustry professionals from around the world. By a simple perusal of the room, one could tell that the rich legacy of Alpha boasts of achievements in every imaginable walk of life. The opening reception set the stage and proves that Alpha men once again set the benchmark in business - empowering themselves, our communities and beyond - all while honoring our beloved Fraternity.

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General President, Brother Harry E. Johnson, Sr. officially opened the 97th Anniversary Convention (85th General Convention) for business. Brother Dennis Davis, Midwestern Region Assistant Vice President, was the presiding officer for the Opening Session. Brother Davis welcomed the Brothers to the "Mighty Midwest" and assured that everyone would have a good time. After establishing that a quorum existed, Brother Davis called on Brother James Blassengame, Convention Chaplain, to offer the Invocation, which followed with the introduction of the Board of Directors and other convention officials. The secret of contentment is the realization that life is a gift, not a right." - Anonymous

97th Anniversary ^ - ^ 85th General


iw â&#x20AC;˘ % <% '/Is & 0



<S^(/dKM Harry E. Johnson,

Sr., Esq.

(Editedfor publication) rothers, I am excited to be in the House of Alpha one more time, but more importantly to be in the Midwest Region; The Region that served as home to Alpha for well over fifty years. I am excited to be back in Detroit Michigan, the Motor City - a city that has not seen an Alpha General Convention for over thirty-five years. 1 am excited to be in a city once again that is an Alpha city. A city where the Mayor, is an Alpha man; City Council members are Alpha men; Judges are Alpha men; Business Owner's are Alpha men; The President of the School Board is an Alpha man; Everybody who is somebody in this city is an Alpha man. Brother Kilpatrick, Pickard, Boatwright, Watkins, Strong, you all are prime examples of the Poem "There goes an Alpha man." [applause] In just a few short years we have come so very far. Many of you have no clue as to how far we have truly come. I know that during the Regional meetings 1 have told you certain sayings that seem to knock you off your feet, and 1 saw the eyes and heard the woes when 1 said things like, "I can show you better than I can tell you," or "one call that's all" or even "If you don't know you better ask somebody." Someone once told me that a leader should be strong enough to really lead, have faith in his abilities, die courage to stand up for what he believes in and serve as an instrument for change. A leader should make a difference during his tenure in office, by moving the organization forward and taking it to new and unprecedented


heights. To maintain the status quo should be considered a waste of time. Why should he have been elected in die first place if he had no plans to move die organization forward? Someone once stated that the greatest RISK in life is really to RISK nothing. Over die past diirty-two mondis, I believe Brothers that widi your support and encouragement we have taken this Fraternity to new and unprecedented heights and yet we have maintained the essence of what makes us special... Brotherhood. [applause] The service level that you now receive ought to make you "Alpha Proud". The standard of this Administration has been to forever hold high the light of Alpha and continue die legacy of knowledge and achievement. To receive die things mat you have paid for and have come to expect to me is not Brotherly but is Business. To receive your Sphinx, your Pin, your History Book and your Pass Card is our job. But my Brothers, to receive an unexpected Birthday Card, an unexpected Magazine or unexpected discounts on hotels, rental cars and other goods or services is not business - it's Brotherly. Nothing pleases me more than to receive a call or more importantly, a note from a Brodier of this organization thanking me for thinking of him on his birthday. Having an Alpha Attitude to me is really taking this thing we call Alpha to higher heights and to altitudes never before imagined. It can also be said that when our Jewels founded this organization, it was founded by the best and brightest, for the best and the brightest to serve those downtrodden and require die leadership of a group called Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity.

[applause] Our Jewels were ridiculed and knew that we would be ridiculed also for having elitist ideals, and wanting better not just for ourselves but also for an entire race of people. Harriet Tubman said it best "Yes, it has been said that I done freed 1000 slaves but 1 could have freed 1000 more if they only knew that they were slaves."

We must always understand that Alpha's true role is producing leaders. Look at other organizations and see who is at the helm, whether it is the Urban League, UNCF, Heads of cities, Leaders in the House of Representatives, City Councils or Universities. I know that some may poke fun at the fact that when an Alpha Man walks into a room, he walks in as though he owned the entire place. As General President of the Greatest Fraternity, I try to carry myself in the same manner and I don't diink that you would have it any odier way.

"The best way to knock the chip off your neighbor's shoulder is to pat him on the back." - Anonymous

97th Anniversary 5th Genera

y Zfr &&


^ _ L ^

0tÂŤ/e eftAe > Wa/enuty For this, 1 make no apology, because not only did Alpha teach you and I that we are somebody. This was also instilled into me by my mother whom stated that you are somebody special; you can make a difference and know at all times people look at you. She also taught me the gifts of attitude, humility and hard work while working 11 to 7, running an elevator at the Congress Apartments and then going to work all day at the Board of Elections office in St. Louis. As tired as she was, she always talked about keeping your



faith in God, not man, keeping a smile on your face and walking and talking like you are somebody special because you are. Brother's I do that everyday because 1 know that I don't just represent myself, I represent all of you, the legacy of the Jewels and die future Alpha's yet unborn. [applause] The accomplishments of this administration are vast and great not only can we boast the efficiency of the Corporate office and a caring Staff that treats you not as a number, but as a Brother. We have an Executive Director that is a



planner and has put into place management systems to insure that when we let out contracts for goods or services they are done with the highest degree of integrity and cost efficiency, he has placed our employees on employment tracks and required them to take courses in service management and other courses to advance their careers. Brothers, we have a great Executive Director. [applause] You will hear the report coming from our General Counsel; on the legal issues, we have no new lawsuits pending with the allegations of Hazing...NONE. I hope Uiat is a result of our no nonsense know, "ONE CALL THAT'S ALL". You see Brother's, we have too much going on to be diverted by that ugly head called hazing. [applause] The Alpha Reception has become the one reception everyone looks forward to attend on die first day of the Congressional Black Caucus Annual Conference. Last year Alpha Phi Alpha welcomed over 1200 guest including seven members of Congress, four Mayors, State Senator's, State Representatives, Ambassadors and Business Leaders. Our World Policy Council, headed by Brother Horace Dawson, continues to be a voice for intellectual thought and discussion. Congressional members, Heads of States and others, anxiously await our Annual Report to see what Black intellectuals are saying about Global concerns. This year the Council discussed and released statements concerning me Iraq war, Aid's in Africa and other issues. Alpha University, headed by Brother Kermit Boston with input from Brother Adrian Wallace,

"life is a great big canvas; throw all the paint on it you can." - Danny Kaye

our esteemed 30tfi General President, continues with a focus of Entrepreneurship and Training and Development. I applaud the Alpha University team with trying to take this well received program beyond Alpha to the SBA and other Governmental Agencies. 1 do foresee in a few short months, Alpha University contracting with the Government to teach Small Business Classes. [applause] On June 6, 2003, I had the pleasure to bring greetings to a group of pioneering Brothers as they met in Birmingham, Alabama to publicly kick off our involvement to help combat the spread of HIV and AIDS. While I know that the topic maybe taboo, Brothers, we must take the lead, as the Fraternity of Callis, Dubois and King. We are not just asked, we are required to be leaders in every community mat we serve. [applause] Our Partnerships continue to flourish. The over twenty year relationship we have with March of Dimes continues to rank us as number one amongst clubs and Fraternities for die Walk-AThon. I would like to thank those Chapters and Brother Wilbur Jackson for his unyielding commitment for the success of this program. When March of Dimes wants to show off their commitment to serving mankind, they always come to the group that masters not just in motto but also in deeds as Servants to all mankind. [applause] Head start called me two weeks ago and asked if we could expand our program to include more cities and so under the watchful eye of

97th Anniversary ^ - ^ 85th General J




(pftateoft/ie ^rra/er/t/'/f/ ^JSc/dmti Brother Ronnie Jenkins, we have begun to write additional grants. Those grants will relate into more dollars for our local Chapters and for the corporate office. Last month, 1 met with Congresswomen Sheila Jackson Lee. She has secured funding for Free Prostate Cancer testing in African Americans and underserved areas and she stated to the media and I quote, "Because of their commitment to service we are asking the Greatest Fraternity in the World to help make this pilot a Nationwide Program." Brotiier's, when a member of Congress requests your assistance've got to respond. She did not make the request simply because she knew me, but because she even knows that....Alpha is on the move. [applause] Last year, 1 met with the Boy Scouts about our relationship. I shared with some during the regional conventions, that during that meeting, I felt as though I had stepped back in history forty years. I mentioned how we have Chapters from Kansas City to Lake Charles that have premier Troops, and other places mat continue to support our young men mrough this fantastic program. I then told the Chief Scout that 1 was a Little disappointed dial over the past three or four administrations, he has been invited but has chosen never to find time to join with our other partners who attend our public program and participate at our conventions. Well Brothers, after a fifteen minute discussion, his response to me was, "/ will try to make it if I am invited." I said, "consider yourself invited." We are on me move. [applause]

(*s//a> n & e


The House of Alpha, Brother's, is a House that cannot be least not from outside. The Building Foundation, under die direction of Brother Thomas Tatum, will report to you about our plans to revitalize our neighborhood. I reported to you during the Regional Conventions that 1 met widi City Officials in Baltimore and told diem of all me great tilings diat we are doing. including the Church's Chickens in the neighborhood, hopefully Domino's and odier franchises. I told you by me time mat I finished talking about our deals, me President of me City Council said, "my Husband is a Kappa hut you Alpha's really have it going on". She then said, "do you think that you could bring a Starbucks here". 1 replied, lady my name is Harry Johnson, not Magic Johnson. [applause] Across the breaddi and widdi of this country, people are asking how did we do what we are doing. While on a panel discussion widi me SBA in April in Washington, DC, me President of another Fraternity asked me how did you all do the Church's deal. Whde walking by me vendors at the Fraser Networking Conference last month, many of the franchisors asked could they talk to Alpha about their products. Brodiers, we are on die move. [applause] The Education Foundation, under the direction of Brother Reverend Hilton Smidi as its Chair, has set out a task to create an endowment. Brother Smith has vowed to use his contacts in the corporate world to help fund more scholarships. Brother Smith, along with the Executive Director, has put in place a grant writing team and they are currendy reviewing opportunities that may result in additional funding. Yes we are on die move.

The house of Alpha is a house that cannot be broken, at least not from the outside. I remember when I pledged this Fraternity, Big Brother picking up a stick and showing how easily it could be broken in two. Then he gathered a bundle of sticks and remarked do you see how hard it is to break diese sticks when diey are togemer. Brothers, concerning die MLK date we are at step seventeen of a twenty-four step process.

We have three different trains, all going at the same time in the same direction. Train one; we continue with our fundraising efforts; Train two; we continue to go before die governmental agencies to obtain final approval of die design and hopefully an appropriation from Congress; and Train three; we continue with a public relations campaign to build awareness. On April 29th, Senate Majority Leader, Bill Frist signed on and sponsored the Ad Council Campaign kick off. Also present at that press conference was die Speaker of the House and Elijah Cummings, the Chair of the Black Caucus.

V 'All great discoveries

are made by men whose feelings

run ahead of their thinking." - Charles Parkhurst

97th Anniversary 85th General



(^ftate oftAe SrMtevnity ^JjddreM On June 6th, I testified before the Senate Committee on the Interior to request an extension for us to break ground. I put the request off for a year because 1 know Brothers, and 1 knew that it would be said that we couldn't make the deadline. Fact is, every Memorial on the Mall had to get an extension and some several. By the time our supporters in the way of Senator Sarbanes and Warner finished speaking, 1 had the opportunity to give my testimony. As we were leaving, Senator Bill "Whitehorse" Campbell

• • •.

. . .

1 =LI



the nay-sayer's, Corretta Scott King. The King Family is fully engaged and involved in this process. Two days ago, while preparing to leave the hotel from me Urban League Convention, I was introduced to a lady whom said we met at me CBC two years ago. She said, "you talked to me about a partnership widi me Alpha's to set up computer labs at your Frat houses across the country. I am sorry that we ran into a little trouble back then. But, I just received a call from Dick Parson's, CEO of AOL, and he said that he got a call from Senator Bill Prist and drat we need to put you on his calendar." Brodiers, we are on the move...The House of Alpha, Brother's, is a House that cannot be least not from outside Brodiers when Geesefly,diey fly in a V formation widi die head goose out in front. He is not in front because he is the weakest, he is in front because diey choose him to lead me pack. Every now and then when he gets tired or weak, die odiers begin to cheer him on and encourage him so that mey all can get to where they are flying.

said to me, "Mr. Johnson, since you have seemed to work out your differences with the King Family, maybe you can help us with the King paper negotiations since I sponsored die bill and it has been pending for over ten years." On June 24th, 1 met with Gary Cowger, President of General Motors North America. During mat meeting, he, Andy Young and myself agreed on the next steps for the Executive Leadership Council (ELC). They signed a letter inviting fifteen other CEO's of corporations with whom they can touch to join the ELC. That letter was signed by Gary Cowger, Andy Young and for

If one gets wounded or tired and/or falls to the ground, they will dispatch wimout haste one or two of tfieir own to fly over and provide a hedge of protection undl me danger is gone or unttl he gets his rest. They dien collectively fly back together and catch up with the rest of die pack. Brothers, we ought to be like Geese...Come and fly widi me. [applause] This is die house of Alpha. No one can break mis house from the outside...only from widiin.

Our Founders had no encouragement from those on die outside who were not eager to recognize mem as "Brodiers", and diey were often misunderstood and disconnected by their fellow

schoolmates who opposed Fraternities as a whole and were not able to see at this early period in "Negro" collegiate education, any worthy place for a secret Greek-Letter Fraternity. However, our Jewels through patience, sacrificial Brodierly love and an unabating interest, continued their project in their regular meetings of 1905-1906 until such time that permanent features of the present organization known as the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity was created. And now, some ninetyseven years later, on me hills of our Centennial, here we are an organization that cannot be duplicated by anyone. We continue to be first in everything mat we do, including the celebration of our Centennial. Our true role in this World, is to provide leadership. This was so apparent to me and to over 1000 Alpha Men in Adanta a few weeks ago when we transferred Brother Maynard Jackson to the Omega Chapter. As solemn a ceremony that it was, Brodiers, when die Alphas stood up and took roll, one could not help but see the crowd look with awe and amazement. To see every black Mayor in mis country stand and then to realize wimout exception almost all of mem were Alpha's, Bromer's, if ever mere was a moment to fully understand drat we are in fact the Black version of Phi Beta Kappa....drat was the moment. I have never been more proud to say how grateful I am to be you General President than at that moment in History. Let die Legacy of a great Fraternity continue. Let us fly as though God himself placed wings of eagles on the shoulders of each Alpha man. Let die Goodwill of this Fraternity continue to guide and direct our actions and our deeds. For we are responsible for those yet unborn to insure that this legacy be passed on and acted upon by all who shall ever were die colors of BLACK AND OLD GOLD. [Standing Ovation]



w •- -


'•*' *

Strength is born in the deep silence of long-suffering

hearts; not amid joy."-

Felicia Hemans



97th Anniversary 85th General





Many generous Americans nationwide have been donating blood since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2002 to ensure a sustained and secure blood supply for all Americans. Together with the Red Cross, these blood heroes are ensuring that the safest possible blood is readily available whenever and wherever needed - for the military, for other blood centers in America and for all 5,000 of America's hospitals. We all expect blood to be there for us, but barely a fraction of those who can give do. Yet sooner or later, virtually all of us will face a time of great vulnerability in which we will need blood. The honor, spirit and resources of the American people comes forth with neighbors helping neighbors in need - during earthquakes, ^fc A floods, fires, storms - and also for the deeply personal and often quiet disasters that require a gift of blood. This is the reason that over the course of the convention, Alpha Phi Alpha in conjunction with the American Red Cross, offered Blood Donating stations where Brothers donated record amounts of Blood.

a * 11 n i^Lu t/i e r ^Jlc na Estate

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The Martin Luther King, Jr. Fraternal Luncheon featured Brother Joe Brown of the nationally syndicated courtroom show JUDGE JOE BROWN. Brother Brown delivered a raw. eye-opening speech in the form of narratives on issues such as prison life, single motherhood and today's youth. Brother Brown's speech was filled with emotion, taking you from gut-wrenching laughter to pin-dropping solitude. He took an introspective look at the times in which Dr. King lived and the times that we now live and how the two set the precedence for the times we will live in. This was one speech that if H i you missed the DVD!

? n e /" a / & t e 4 / de n t J Jan didate4


Five Presidential Candidates, who earlier this year participated in a Fraternal Forum at each of the regional conventions, attended a similar event Friday, August 1,2003. The five candidates were Brothers: Lynwood Bell, James "Tiny" Blanton, Sam DeShazior, Darryl Mathews and Norman Towels. "Detroit was pleased to be the host location for the Fraternity's Presidential Debate," said Gamma Lambda Chapter President, Brother G. Wayne Watkins. "We think the Renaissance Center is the appropriate venue for such a prestigious event. The candidates' forum was open only to registered convention attendees. "Debates play an important role in the election process," said Brother Charles King, Elections Committee Chairman. "We want to make sure the Brothers have access to the candidates and their positions on critical issues in order to make informed choices when voting." The format of the program was open to Brothers in an open-mic forum. Brother Charles King presided while Brothers addressed several questions deemed important to the Fraternity.

"Even the lion has to defend himself against flies." - African Proverb

97th Anniversary 85th General

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ea /i t The 2003-04 Miss Black & Gold pageant presented the true union of Simplicity and Wisdom. This year's contestants displayed beauty, poise and elegance. Brothers Alvin Cavalier (Coordinator) and Orin Davis (Decorator) once again paid attention to every little detail which made this years pageant, remarkable. The stage was decorated with enlarged images of icons to stay in line with the Motown theme. The ladies who possessed the essence of an Alpha Queen were: Miss Takiyah Nur Amin (Eastern Region), Miss Andrea Jean Reynolds (Midwestern Region), Miss Dina Rosa Hall (Southern Region), Miss Zakiya Ebonique Larry (Southwestern Region) and Miss Shannen Sharmaine Coleman (Western Region). This year's Miss Black & Gold Queen, the Western Regions, Miss Shannen Sharmaine Coleman representing the Alpha Delta Chapter at the University of Southern California, is a recent graduate of the University of Southern California (USC) where she received Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication. An active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Miss Coleman was involved in a magnitude of activities on campus while maintaining a 3.5 Grade Point Average. She also has studied abroad in London, where she was the Resident Advisor for Someralle Place (an African-American themed floor). She is a member of several other organizations, which include the prestigious Order of the Torch, a nominee for Miss USC, and a member of the University's esteemed Leadership Honors Society (Omicron Delta Kappa). Upon graduation, Miss Coleman received the Woman of Troy | i K I Award, Mahogany Leadership Award, and Order of Troy award for her service, leadership, and scholastic achievements while attending USC. This fall, she will join the ranks of Teach for America as an elementary school teacher in Baltimore while pursuing a master's degree from Johns Hopkins University. Future goals include earning a doctorate degree and continuing to reform public education.


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Alpha's Medical Screening Area provided the information as a public service. A synopses of key scientific articles and media reports on HIV/AIDS, other sexually transmitted diseases and tuberculosis where available during the convention. Information of safe sex was readily available as well as Medical personnel to answer any questions and distribute information on safe sex. "If you can have sex, you can talk about it," said Brother Frank Sessoms - Co-Chairman of The Medical Advisory Board. "Some people practice safer sex with all of their partners; others may take certain risks depending on how much they know about themselves and their partners. If you have not talked to your partner about his or her HIV status, or if you have any reason to doubt what he or she tells you, assume that person may be HIV positive." The medical screening area received large volumes of traffic from those attending the convention as well as the general public.

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If you wanted to see a model of what Alpha Phi Alpha represents; capture in time the diversity, intellect and unlimited leadership abilities of some of Alpha's finest; paint a picture of an ideal family man; show what it means to learn from the mistakes of others and apply their lessons to assist you in your accomplishments; to recognize the fact that you can learn from your children; and feel what it feels like to be a proud Alphaman, you didn't want to miss the College Brothers Luncheon. Brother Kwame Kilpatrick, Mayor of Detroit and one of the nation's youngest municipal executives and an emerging leader in the Democratic Party-DEIJVERED. Brother Kilpatrick challenged the Brothers to continue to make a difference in their communities and work hard to do something positive. He drew a parallel between generations which brought a better understanding of the past - and the relevancy of how the past is a prologue to the future. Brother Kilpatrick also illustrated his uphil batde to become Mayor as an example of how hard and honest work can pay off. To capture this moment of Aflpha hisotry, you will have to buy the DVD. The luncheon was held in the Renaissance Ballroom of the Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center Hotel.


"You shall judge of a man by his foes as ivell as by his friends."

- Joseph Conrad

The Belford V. Lawson Oratorical Contest was held at 6:00 p.m., Saturday, August 2, 2003 in the Ambassador Ballroom of the Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center Hotel. The themefor the competition was "Safe guarding the Nation: Civil liberties Versus National Security and the Role of Alpha in Protecting Both." Brother Terry Mackey of Alpha Chi Chapter at Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee was selected as the winner. The Southern Region's Pi Alpha Chapter of Clemson University won the Collegiate Scholars Bowl.


Civil Liberties Versus National Security and the Role of Alpha in Protecting Both.


here have been many turning points throughout the history of the United States of America. July the fourth, 1776 was a turning point in the history of this great nation. For African Americans, the insertion of the 13th Amendment on January 31, 1865 in the Constitution that neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, shall exist within the United States was a definite turning point. These were turning points that have indirecdy affected me but the atrocity of September the 11th is a turning point in history that has affected me directly. The most surprising element that emerged in me was feeling insecure in the protection of my home, the United States of America. I phoned my little brother (who at the time was only nine years old) about the twin towers falling and I never heard such melancholy in my httle brothers soft voice as he explained to me that he had never been so afraid. My little brother and I were not the only ones afraid but the citizens of the United States were as well. Citizens were apprehensive about flying and subsequendy many airline corporations have Bled for bankruptcy. Citizens were fearful of investing in the Stock Market and the

Stock Market was approaching levels as low as the times of the Great Depression in 1929. President Bush is cognizant that the American people are afraid and has begun a Saving the Homeland Task Force. In April, he sent our armed forces to Iraq in hopes of disarming Saddam Hussein with his weapons of mass destruction. To a few this is admirable; nevertheless, my concern is how will we be able to safeguard our own nation? How can we safeguard the nation when civilians feel mat those in authoritative positions are infringing upon their rights as Civilians? How can we safeguard the nation, when those in authoritative positions contend that if Civilians were afforded these rights, it would jeopardize the security of die United States of America? Being aware of the complexity of this crisis, What is the role of Alpha in Safeguarding the Nation? What is our role in both protecting Civil Liberties and National Security? As Alphamen, it is incumbent upon us to serve. Our motto advises us to remember that First of All Servants of All we Shall Transcend All. To foster a positive turning

By Terry Mackey

point initially, I will suggest that certain Alpha Brothers in leadership positions on the city, state, and national level, persuade civilians and upholders of the laws for National Security - that they are not against each other but they are on the same team and each component must play an integral role in order for the task to be successful. We can encourage members of Congress to eradicate the barrier of miscommunication by on their Winter breaks or otiier intervals of time, meet with their districts, and hear the concern of their people about their rights as citizens versus what they believe to be the rights of National Security. Furthermore, as a college student, I recognize the numbers are overwhelming as to how many pupils who are aspiring to be the "creme della creme" feel safe and secure at their perspective institutions. It is a sad reality but students in college are being institutions. It is a sad reality but students in college are being molested, rapped, and robbed, because no one is effectively policing the grounds of our institutions. We can spearhead a project that I have labeled T.E.A.M. The acronym team means Together Everyone Achieves More. The

"Nobody grows old merely by living a number of years. We grow old by deserting out Ideals. Years may wrinkle the skin,

97th Anniversary 85th General


Project would extend the right hand of fellowship to all Fraternities and would give them the opportunity to serve their university hy patrolling pertinent places on campus and it will reduce the probability of any of our classmates being subject to criminal activity. Some Brothers may inquire why should Alphas spearhead such and imitative? If you would look through the annals of antiquity, Alpha men have been fortunate to possess the gift of recognizing that some issues in life call for the service of all, rather than the contribution of a piece of that whole. Brother W .E.B. DuBois understood it when he wrote in his book, The Dark Water. Voices Within the Veil, that "it is not so much important what the talented tenth does for themselves but what the Africans do for their posterity." Brother Thurgood Marshall recognized the scope of the situation, when he argued the case for Brown vs. the Board of Education. Brother Edward Brooke was the manifestation of the gift, when he became one of the only blacks to serve in the United States Senate. Brother Dr. Martin Luther King recognized the severity of the situation, while recapitulating to his followers his dream that was deeply rooted in the American dream. The Seven Jewels were aware of the urgency of the moment when they forged together at Cornell University Ithaca, New York, on that


Biographical Sketch r o t h e r Terry E u g e n e Mackey is the 2003-04 Belford V. Lawson Oratori-cal Contest winner. Born in Memphis, Tennessee, on August 12, 1982 to Rev. Eugene and Dawn Mackey, he has served in many leadership positions since his matriculation to Fisk Univer-sity. Brother Mackey was initiated into Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity in the Fall of 2001. Presently as a Senior, he is Mr. Fisk, President of the Wesley Foundation, and Treasurer and Chaplain for the Alpha Chi Chapter. He is also the Assistant Pastor of Key United Methodist Church in Murfrees-boro and Assistant Pastor of Lily of the Valley Baptist Church in Memphis, pastured by his Father. Future aspirations are to attend Graduate School to attain a Masters and PhD in Religious Studies. He also wants to build a church centered community that he has labeled Mackeyville. His motto of empowerment is, "If you believe, conceive, you shall achieve it."

B cold Tuesday night of December 4th 1906; they whisper to us from their resting places to remember while you are the force that will invoke such turning points do not forget this point, That Goodwill remain the monarch of our house, men unacquainted enter shake hands exchange greetings and depart friends, cordiality exist among all who abide within. Remember that to a few you are the castle of dreams, ambitious, successful hopeful dreams. To many you are the poetic palace where human felling is rhymed to celestial motive. To the great majority you are the treasury of good fellowship. In fact, you are the college of friendship, the University of Brotherly Love, the School for the better making of men. I am, you are, and we together are Alpha Phi Alpha!!!!!!

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For the second consecutive year, the Pi Alpha Chapter of Clemson University has won the National Collegiate Scholars Bowl. Having faced California State North Ridge and the Virginia District All-Stars, Pi Alpha won a spirited match against the Delta Upsiion Chapter from the University of Miami, Oxford, Ohio. This year's team consisted of Brothers Jason Friday (Spr. '02) - Chapter Director of Education; Maurice McCullough (Spr. '03) - Chapter Historian; John Middleton (Spr. '01) - Captain, Chapter President; Laron Stewart (Fall '99); and Alternate: LaShean Lawson (Spr. '99). The Brothers of Pi Alpha were also recognized for being the second highest contributing undergraduate Chapter to the MLK Memorial Fund. Upon returning to Clemson, the Brothers were honored by administrators for their accomplishments, being included in several Clemson University publications and notices.

97th Anniversary 85th General



"Don't judge your friend until you stand in his place." - Anonymous

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ELECT A PROVEN LEADER 31 Years ofproven leadership College Initiate and Officer • Alumni Chapter Charter Member and Officer • District Officer and Board Member * Regional Officer and Board Member • National Officer, Board Member, and Committee Chairman ELECT A SERVANT LEADER 31 Years of dedicated service Local Chairman of March of Dimes Walk America and Men of Tomorrow Group • District Coordinator for scholarship programs intake activities • Regional Coordinator of Political Action Forum and College Job Fair * National Member of Intake Review Team and Standing Orders Manual ELECT A TRAINED LEADER 20 Years of Training and Development Assistant Manager of Learning and Development - State Farm Insurance • Associate Dean and Facilitator of Alpha University




ELECT A VISIONARY LEADER hocused on the future needs of the Fraternity Networking and connection activities for college and alumni brothers • Sound strategies and programs of health and safety issues for brothers • Economic development, political empowerment, and succession planning • Commission on Intake Process to review, and revise standing orders manual * Sound fiscal management, and commitment to MLK Memorial and Centennial




To learn more about "The. ilpha Way" to make a more informed decision the following have been made available

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w w w. T h e A1 p h a

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Social Activism

College Brother Development

Organizational Development

Martin Luther King Memorial Project

Health/Healthcare Awareness

Economic Self-Sufficiency

* For specifics on these issues visit campaign web site My vision is to ensure that Darryl has served our organization in various capacities over the course of his 32 years in the fraternity He has served in an official leadership capacity under the last eight General Presidents His works include: -Initiated Delta Rho Chapter, 1/27/1972 , University of Missouri-Kansas City -Active with Zeta Gamma Chapter, Central Missouri State University -First President of Missouri District of Alpha Chapters -Assistant Midwestern Region Vice President - Member of National Board of Directors -General Office Service (1978-1981,1983-1996) • • • •







will remain




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for men


Assistant Executive Secretary Director of Marketing and Membership Deputy Executive Director Executive Director

personal, academic

-Special Assistant to the 30"' General President -Alpha Centennial Commission -Member of Kappa Phi Lambda Chapter, Key # 543 Columbia, MD


professional We will


our brothers

Living The Legacy

the tools

Our great organization was founded nearly one hundred years ago from the seeds of social and economic unrest and inequality. Forged together by seven distinct individuals committed to the principles of leadership, scholarship, and service. All who have followed have taken this charge to impact our communities. As we approach our centennial anniversary let us rededicate ourselves to those guiding principles. Brothers, we must re-cast ourselves in this timeless mold, preparing ourselves to address the challenges and issues of the present and future. We must pay homage to our past, while maintaining our relevance and importance. We must LIVE that great ALPHA LEGACY!



to maximize potential




rapidly ascend leaders

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My Brothers. I have heard and answered your call to duty. I am prepared to be your next General President. For 32 years.


greatest opportunity for continued service to my beloved brotherhood. It is not enough lor me to be the next General

Alpha has molded me tor this next important step. You have recognized my character and accountability and this is the

President. I want to be vour next General President. I humhiv asfc fnr vnur unin

97th Anniversary 85th General


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"Great ideas need landing gear as well as wings." - C.I), lackson

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97th Anniversary 85th General





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By.Jamaal 0. Bailey (Step Show Coordinator) "Two Teams!" "A small stage!" "No after party!" Those were all descriptions previously used to describe the National Convention Step Show. In 2003, all that was changed. The reviews are in and it is unanimous, Brothers from coast to coast have declared this year's Step Show the best ever at a National Convention. If you did not attend the 97th Anniversary Convention Step Show then you missed out. The venue was grand, the decorations were exquisite and the host was entertaining. This year's show featured a representative from each of our five regions determined to claim the bragging rights for a year as the best steppers in Alpha. This years teams hailed from: Eastern Region Theta lota Chapter Virginia Polytechnic University Midwestern Region Mu Chapter University of Minnesota Southern Region Kappa Eta Chapter University of Memphis Southwestern Region Beta Sigma Chapter Southern University Western Region Iota Psi Chapter California State Polytechnic University From army fatigues to schoolboy uniforms, mystic and magic and finally a little hip hop funk to old school soul, the teams had the audience on the edge and out of their seats with precise movements and hard cold stepping styles. In between acts the crowd was entertained and amused by the host Brother Lazee Lamont from the Russ Parr Morning show. At the end of the night with the crowd bursting with anticipation, only one team could be declared the winner. However, that would not be the case this year. There was a TIE for first place. The second time in the history of the step show competition. The Kappa Eta Chapter and Beta Sigma Chapter would both be declared National Step Show Champions. The Mu Chapter was 1st Runner up. After the stepping, chanting, strolling and congratulations were all over, everyone made their way upstairs to party all night to the smooth sounds of DJ MR. FREEZE.

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The Ecumenical Worship Service has been strategically designed to bring growth and maturity while gaining a wealth of knowledge in the area of biblical studies through worship. "The service aims to promote the unity of ideals and to give us an opportunity to worship together," said Brother Said Sewel), Associate Convention Chaplin. "The service allows for Brothers to once again be unified and revived spiritually after an exhaustive and often impetuous week of fraternizing and meetings." The Service welcomes people who are at various places in their spiritual life. "Worship is a powerful word. It is a powerful concept to consider worshipping anything. Worship can be understood as a response involving our praise, obedience, commitment, trust and even surrender," Said Brother Elvin Dowling - who is a Pastor. "In a sense, worship is also inevitable. We all give ourselves to something or someone. Who or what we worship can change during our lives. As we worship God, He changes our life!" Spiritual worship is a response that involves love, joy, understanding, humility, obedience and awe. During the Ecumenical Worship Service Brothers and Guest can worship individually anytime and anywhere.

"He that never changes his opinions, never corrects his mistakes, will never be wiser on the morrow than he is today." - Trvon Edwards

97th Anniversary 85th General

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The 30th General President of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc, Brother Adrian L. Wallace; Former Executive Secretary, Brother James "Tiny" Blanton; and President & CEO of the Vitec Corporation, Brother Dr. William F. Pickard were the recipients of the Alpha Award of Merit during die Public Program on Sunday, August 3, 2003 at 3:00 p.m. in the Renaissance Ballroom of the Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center Hotel. Brother Virgil Chandler, Henry Gray Gillem, Ernest L. Morse, John C. Rawls and Iva Williams were awarded the Presidential Citation. Thomas W. Dortch, Jr., President of 100 Black Men of America was awarded die Alpha Award of Honor. President of General Motors North America, Gary L. Cowger was awarded die Corporate Award of Excellence. Several National Pan-Hellenic Council presidents and representatives also honored General President Harry E. Johnson.

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The Project Alpha Faculty conducted a special Project Alpha Outreach Workshop during the 85th General Convention reaching twenty-eight young men from Detroit schools. This workshop also served as a demonstration project to educate Brothers attending the convention on the proper mediod of executing Project Alpha using the curriculum and the expert assistance of specialist in medical issues, legal issues, and socioeconomic impacts of teen pregnancy. Our partners from the March of Dimes, Gwen Carmon and Irene Tzeng, spoke about their continued commitment and the importance of reducing premature births, particularly in die African American community. There are more than 1305 babies born prematurely every day in the U.S. For over half of diese premature births, the causes are unknown. In die African American community, die rate of premature births in 2001 was 17.9 % compared to the 11.9 % national average. The men of Alpha have once again taken die leadership role in addressing this important health issue affecting our community.

"Genius begins great works; labor alone finishes

them." - Joseph louhert

97th Anniversary^-^ 85th General Q )

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mong the nation's college students, some "dare to be Alpha Men." The College Brother of the year competition attracted some of Alphas finest well rounded college Brothers. Northwestern University Senior, Brother Michael Alexander Blake of Alpha Mu Chapter located in the Mighty Midwestern Region won the Outstanding College Brother of the Year title. The Former Illinois Assistant District Director and the incoming Midwestern Region's Assistant Vice President, is a Broadcast Journalism major with a Sociology - Liberal Arts concentration. As a member of the Student Activities Finance Board, Associated Student Government, and holding die position President of me Black Student Alliance, he is a proven leader. Maintaining a GPA of 3-1 Brother Blake has received many honors, which include membership in DERU, Senior Honorary Society and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. Already standing on a wealth of industry expe-


rience that includes internships with ABC Sports and News 8 Austin, Brodier Blake plans on pursuing a career as a Play-By-Play Sports Broadcaster. Brother Blake's display depicted a holistic role of an active undergraduate Alpha man. His various levels of leadership, community involvement and his participation in die Fraternities National Programs and Special Projects validate Brother Michael Blake as being a deserving of recipient of the College Brodier of the Year award. The college Brodiers who provided Brodier Blake widi commendable competition were Brodiers Michael Beatty (Eastern Region), Brian Fentress (Soumern Region), Christopher Robertson (Southwestern Region) and George Turner (Western Region).

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rothers competing for Alumni Brother of die Year displayed die true essence and spirit of Alpha professionalism. These Brodiers who are outstanding Alpha Men provided me judges witii an extremely difficult task of choosing a winner. The Deserving winner of this years Outstanding Alumni Brodier of the year is none other than die Soumern Regions, Brodier Roman Gary. Brother Roman Gary was initiated on May 23,1993 dirough die Omicron Kappa Chapter at Auburn University. Since men, his quest dirough Alpha has been one of leadership, service, and humility. Brodier Gary has served as a Chapter President on bodi college and alumni levels. He has been die Chairman of die Alabama District Conference on two occasions. Currendy, he is die Area Director for Birmingham area Chapters and was instrumental in bringing die Alpha-Big Brodiers Big Sisters Mentor Program to Alabama, one of only seventeen pilot mentoring sites in die United States.


Professionally, Brodier Gary is a registered architect with Giattina Fisher Aycock Architects, Inc. His projects include office buildings, schools, hospitals, clinics, churches, and residences. Currendy, he is leading die building project at Peace Missionary Baptist Church, where he has been a devoted member since 1973Brother Gary's main focus has been to serve odiers. He has served as a core and school mentor for Big Brothers agency since 1998. He also gives his time and support to organizations such as March of Dimes, The Sickle Cell Foundation, American Red Cross, The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, CHAMPS and, of course, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. The sum of his efforts reached its highest peak when President George W. Bush and die White House Staff honored him with die USA Freedom Corps Award for community service during die summer of 2002. As his quest continues to lead him, Brother Roman Gary will aspire for higher heights and greater achievement. The powerful challengers representing die otiier four regions include Brodiers Zollie Stevenson (Eastern Region), Willie Houston (Midwestern Region), John L. Colbert (Southwestern Region) and Cash Sutton (Western Region).

"No man is justified

in doing evil on the ground of expedience." - Theodore Roosevelt

97th Anniversary 85th General

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he College Chapter of the Year competition presented a more than adequate cross section of Alpha Chapters who are universal achievers in various endeavors. These Chapters continue to remain in the forefront of collegiate change and activity while also maintaining the foundation of high scholastic standards. The five regional Chapter of the year competitors were: Iota Beta (University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia) representing "Alpha-East", Delta Upsilon (Miami University, Oxford, Ohio) representing the "Mighty Midwest", Kappa Eta (University of Memphis, Memphis, Tennessee) representing "Alpha-South", Beta Phi (Dillard University, New Orleans, Louisiana) representing "The



Southwest" and Alpha Epsilon (University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, California) representing "The Wild West." The Western Region's, Alpha Epsilon Chapter at the University of California at Berkeley is the three time regional Chapter of the Year and earned the title of National College Chapter of the Year - overpowering the competition with innovative & socially conscious programs. Chartered on January 17, 1922 Alpha Epsilon Chapter is the 27th Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha. Brothers such as Lawrence C. Ross author of the prestigious Divine Nine, and many other affluent black men began their journey into Alpha through Alpha Epsilon. As Alpha men, the Brothers of AE have continued uphold the aims of our dear Fraternity. Through programs such as Represent, Black Women's Appreciation, and NeoSoul Alpha Epsilon Chapter transcends the black community.



The Brothers of Alpha Epsilon also have an impressive campus leadership roster, where they hold positions which include: Student Government Association (S.G.A.) Vice-President, Congress at-large; and S.G.A. class of 2002 & 2003 Congress; Peer Dean Association - Senior Coordinator & Public Planning Chair; Pan Hellenic Council - President, Parliamentarian, and delegates NAACP - President, Second Vice President, Community Service Chair, Community Service CoChair, and Finance Chair; The chapter also has several other Brothers who were members of The U.C. Berkeley's college chapter of the NAACP and the 100 College Black Men.



Alpha Epsilon Chapters community service roster include: From Brothers Who Care, a partnership with Habitat for Humanity, 4D Stars Academic Tutoring Program, I Have A Dream Program, Black Recruitment and Retention Center and Black Study Nights. • From Brothers Who Care is the theme of die Chapter's community service projects, a program implemented during the holidays providing bagged lunches for the less fortunate in our society. From Brothers Who Care is provided every holiday season from November to December. • Habitat for Humanity, a partnership & participation witii die Non Profit Organization mat focuses on building homes for low-income families. • il) Stars Academic Tutoring Program - founded by an extraordinary Brother of Alpha Epsilon Chapter Aaron Smith. The program provides mentoring and educational training for middle school students preparing future youm for a higher education. • 1 Have A Dream Program - focuses on Mentoring student attending Oakland Technical High School in Oakland, California. • Black Recruitment and Retention Center (UC Berkeley) - is focused on recruiting more black students into Cal and retaining the black students on campus through providing services, such as tutoring and mentoring. • Black Study Nights - Creadon of study groups in an effort to get acquainted with one another and tutor each other in a very hostile academic setting.

" Knowing others is wisdom; Knowing the self is enlightenment; Mastering others requires force; Mastering the self needs strength." - Tao te Chine

97th Anniversary 85th General The Chapters 2002-03 primary agenda included a holistic implementation of the National Voter Registration campaign, "A Voteless People Is A Hopeless People." To create and set a foundation for additional support, the chapter began efforts to infuse itself with various organizations to assist in future collaborative plans. Brothers attended regularly schedule Black Recruitment & Retention Center (BRRC) meetings and successfully collaborated with the Association of Students on the University of California Berkeley (ASUC) External Affairs VP & the NAACP. Additionally, the Brothers had a table which was placed weekly on Sproul Plaza to register voters and held a Rock the Vote Concert on the

a>6 a> fÂŁ//a> f& e e campus of U.C. Berkeley to increase awareness and registration. A secondary agenda was created to implement the National "Go to High School, Go to College" program and also to satisfy the Chapters desire to host and implement its various other scheduled activities such as their Black Women's Appreciation Night and the Neo Soul Concert. The Black Women's Appreciation Night is held during the fall semester of every year to honor the African American women on the UC Berkeley campus. This program features hve jazz, dancing, dinner and concludes with a presentation of awards and flowers and cards to women in attendance. The Neo Soul Concert

Program concentrates on uniting the campus community by building unity amongst the students, faculty, and administration on the UC Berkeley campus. The program encompasses hve jazz, spoken word and catered dinner entrees and received major support from all student groups, faculty support and is being sponsored by the ASUC for next year. The Chapters most impressive program entided Represent, is an eminent campaign launched by three Brothers of AE to address the decrease in the black community on the campus of UC Berkeley.

BROTHERS OF ALPHA EPSILON CHAPTER President - Terrance Mclaney Vice President - Ikenna Mraeje Western Assistant Vice President Teddy Moges Secretary - David Figueroa Treasurer - Lai Jones Bey

Associate Editor to the Sphinx Uche Ude Historian Prenlce Parr Jr. Chaplin - Brandon Odiah Director ofEducation - Leandrew Robinson Director of Intake - Charles Lea

Morris Davis Aaron Smith Ezenwa Madu Adrien Green Mikal Salaam Shareef Salaam

In the beginning of the 2000-2001 academic year, three enthusiastic but displaced members of the small black community of the University of California, Berkeley endeavored to establish an ideology that would empower their community with the understanding of the collective struggle that all minorities face in higher education. These three members wanted to create a philosophy for student life that rivaled the ideal of "power to the people." They wanted to instill the belief that there is a necessity for one another's support and encouragement, which constitutes the true meaning of community and solidarity. Willi a physical representation of 4.8% in 2001 the Brothers Alpha Epsilon Chapter, desired to bring this critical matter to the forefront of the black community at large in seek of vocal and physical support. "As Alpha men, it is our duty to not only acknowledges the many issues that permeate the realm of higher education and the black community as a whole, but to also provide a means to a solution," said Chapter President, Terraiice Mclaney. "The represent program is only one of Alpha Epsilon's contributions to creating that solution and serves as a poignant factor in the national organizations multi-faceted approach." As the representation of African Americans dwindled to 3.9% in 2002, the Chapter established a website in honor of the represent campaign at The site has served as a beginning point where the voices of its supporters may be heard and their words preserved. This online community allows the represent campaign the opportunity to expand its borders beyond the The Chapter has continuously expressed its gratitude to the brothers of AE that came before. "I feel that because of AE Chapters past we are able to accept this crowning achievement today." said Brother Uche Ude- Associate editor of The Sphinx". From the community to campus relations, Alpha Epsilon Chapter continues to raise the bar for chapters across the globe striving to compete for the College Chapter of the Year.

"A problem is a chance for you to do your best." - Duke Ellington

97th Anniversary 85th Gener

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his years Alumni Chapter competition provided a roster of the Fraternities most exceptional Chapters who displayed their diversity and accomplishments. The "FINAL FIVE" Chapters that competed in the National Alumni Chapter of the Year competition were: Kappa Phi Lambda (Eastern Region), Mu Mu Lambda (Midwestern Region), Nu Mu Lambda (Southern Region), Xi Tau Lambda (Southwestern Region), and Zeta Sigma Lambda (Western Region).

Nu Mu Lambda of Decatur, Georgia has once again won the coveted award of "Alumni Chapter of the Year." This marks the third consecutive year that Nu Mu Lambda has received this distinguished honor. Nu Mu Lambda has held the "light of Alpha" high through its fulfillment of the aims of manly deeds, scholarship and love for all mankind. The eighty plus Brothers of Nu Mu Lambda are united in mentoring young African American males so they can reahze the importance of going to high school, going to college and being a positive contributor to society. It is one of the goals of Nu Mu Lambda to impact the lives of "the littles", as they are called, so much so that "EACH ONE WILL REACH BACK AND BRING ONE".

In addition to working with their "littles", Nu Mu Lambda also takes pride in initiating the first of several Beautillions in the metro Adanta area. This year in May, Nu Mu Lambda's Annual Beautillion featured several African American senior beaus with their parents and female escorts in its scholarship project. During this well attended, black-tie, gala affair, the beaus received scholarship monies exceeding $10,000, to be used during dieir matriculation in college. Nu Mu Lambda engaged in further mentoring through a series of Project Alpha Seminars. The Brothers conducted "relationship issues" seminars with the 8th grade males of Renfroe Middle School in Decatur;

"The best way out is always through." - Robert Frost

a coed group of 9th thru 12th grade students at Stephenson High School in Stone Mountain; and a day long conference at Emory University in collaboration with Mu Alpha, involving Dekalb County junior and senior males, including the beaus who participated in our Beautillion and the Big Brothers Big Sisters little brothers. Nu Mu Lambda was invited to conduct a mini Project Alpha seminar during a county high school's annual "It Takes A Village" celebration. In the spirit of nurturing the undergraduate brothers and in fulfilling the aim of love for all mankind, Nu Mu Lambda shares in a service project with its undergraduate collaborative chapter, Mu Alpha of Emory University. Each third Saturday, the Brothers of both Chapters visit the patients at Emory Geriatrics Center and residents at the Wesley Woods Nursing Home located near Emory University. Whde at the nursing home, die Brodiers engage die residents in playing bingo. The residents receive a gift for each game of bingo won. During special holidays, the Brothers furnish appropriate special holiday treats for the residents. This collaborative is so successful diat for me past several years, the Chapters have been recognized at an annual awards ceremony for their hours of service to the center and nursing home.

97th Anniversary — ^ iv i % 85th General ( 1 • • • •

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Nu Mu Lambda has shown its commitment to the fulfillment of the building of the King Memorial in Washington, D.C. by its contributions to this great effort.

Nu Mu

Lambda has contributed over $10,000 to the memorial effort, and the brothers are determined to heed the call of our General President to make the "dream a reality". Nu Mu Lambda is proud of its accomplishments, but more importantly, Nu Mu Lambda is consistently working to fulfill the aims of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Each service project, each scholarship function,




endeavor, each Reclamation activity and each brotherhood gathering is done to HOLD THE LIGHT OF ALPHA HIGH as did our Noble Founders: CALLIS, CHAPMAN, JONES, KELLEY, MURRAY, OGLE AND TANDY.

BROTHERS OF NU MU LAMBDA Chapter Officers President - George Moss (LM) Vice President Gregory Bailey (LM) Recording Secretary Victor Wilson Corresponding Secretary Rodney Singleton Treasurer -James Bonton (LM) Director Of Educational Act. - Everett Patrick Intake-Coordinator Anthony Rutledge Associate Editor to the Sphinx Anthony Stinson Curtis Armour (LM) Michael Baker James Bennett (LM) Milton Blount Bryan Cannon Sandford Clarke (LM) Levin Cooke (LM) Ramon Cornwell Gregory Crawford (LM) Glen Curtis (LM) Luther Daniel (LM)

Jerold Davis (LM) James Dawson (LM) William Day (LM) Stephen Dean (LM) Bryan Doby Primes Duncan (LM) Anthony Eadie Mefvin Everson Thomas Ferrebee (LM) Larnell Flannagan William Flippin (LM) Ralph Franklin (LM) Russell Freeman (LM) Baldwin Gammage (LM) James Garland Cedric Gilbert Larry Graham Kenneth Green Stephen Gregory Lloyd Grier (LM) Lance Hammonds Bradley Heard (LM) Edward Hightower Chris Hines Willie Jackson (LM) William James (LM) Curtis Jeans (LM) Leonard Jenkins (LM) Gerric Johnson (LM)

"Courage is grace under pressure." - Ernest Hemingway

Gary Jones Cory Jones Craig Jones Johnnie Jones (LM) John Jordan (LM) Paul KenWebster Langhome (LM) Willie Lester (LM) Reginald Lewis Terrance Lockett Kelvin Maddox Carl Manson (LM) Obie McDaniel (LM) Cedric McMiller Marlon Miller (LM) Wendell Miller Richard Morgan (LM) Dennis Morrow (LM) Theo Moss (LM) Sharyf Muhammad Dan Nowell (LM) Sean Palmer Immauri Patterson (LM) Sean Perkins (LM) James Price Andre' Prospere (LM) William Rantin William Richardson (LM) Gary Richey (LM)

Carlton Riddick Jaru Ruley (LM) Kenneth Samuel (LM) Calvin Scott Coleman Seward (LM) Said Sewell (LM) George Shaw Derek Smith Michael Smith (LM) Wilmer Speights Michael Swain (LM) Leroy Tanker Arlington Thomas (LM) Kennedy Thomas Oliver Thomas (LM) Kevin Tolliver (LM) Tory Tucker (LM) Marcus Turk (LM) Stanley Verdree (LM) Phillip Walton (LM) William Watkins (LM) Ernest White (LM) Larrell Wilkinson Bruce Williams (LM) Willie Wilson (LM) = Life Member

97th Anniversary 85th General

<%£ &

c jtreji/f'o //


"A V o t e l e s s Is A H o p e l e s s


People People"™


't//n)u< nt




and Gold

Formal Banquet was held

• •

on Monday, August 4,

2003 at 7:00p.m.

in the

Renaissance Ballroom of the Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center Hotel. Twenty Fifth General





James Williams served as the Master of Ceremonies. Awards


were given to the College Brother of the Year, Brother Michael




Midwestern Region's Alpha Mu Chap-ter; Alumni Brother of the Year Brother Roman Gary of the Southern Regions Mu Psi Lambda Chapter; the College Chapter of

the Year, Alpha

Epsilon Chapter at University of California



A / \

IphaPhiAlp has a distinguished historj X A.being involved in the social, economic and political affairs that concern the lives of the African American and broader communities. In the 1930's, our voter education/ registration program, "A Voteless People Is A Hopeless People" was tted. Today, the Fraternity i provide education.


Berkeley, California; the Alumni Chapter of the Year, Nu Mu Lambda of Decatur, Georgia; the Charles H. Wesley Award was awarded Nu Mu Lambda Chapter Decatur, Georgia and Mu Alpha Chapter of Emory Univer-sity in Atlanta, Georgia;

• Who will represent you in locally and in Washington D.C. • Whether a minimum wage increase is approved and when the full increase will go into effect. • How tax dollars are used in your community, city, slate, and nation. • The quality of schools in your community, city • Whelli

live program. We encourage you to regisi. vote, to study the issues and the mesthat the candidates represent and then decide which candidate(s) or est represents you or your mmunity's By n< you will allow othho may not represent your p

increase or d • Your fill Social Security funds. • Health care and Medicare/Med ica i i • Issues surrounding uhls. • Lav nent licy making. y

The college Chapter with the highest GPA was Gamma Xi of UCLA, Los Angeles, California; the College Brother with the


highest GPA was Mark Davis, II from the Southwestern region.

"We have forty million reasons for failure, but not a single excuse."- Rudvard Kiplin








• 4C.VM »





ON SUNDAYS? Regardless of color, religion, or ethnicity, Martin I other King Jr. believed in equality for all Americans. Now it's our turn lo keep his dream of | hope alive. Htilp build Tin: Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial on the Mall

in Washington, DC". Your support

wiD help future generations learn ^ that without the tircJesti n ork or O i% Dr. King, the world they live in

could be a very different place.










//// - /,„„«/'



« 3rf*\ V^/"/

awce/i) .


he Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Inc. (CBCF) was established in 1976 as a non-partisan, non-profit, public policy, research and educational institute. As envisioned by its founders, the CBCF's mission is to serve as the non-partisan policy oriented catalyst that educates future leaders and promotes collaboration among legislators, business leaders, minority-focused organizational leaders and organized labor to effect positive and sustainable change in the African American community. To that end, the CBCF has worked to broaden and elevate the influence of African Americans in the political, legislative and public policy arenas. In aiding today's policymakers, the CBCF sponsors issue forums and leadership seminars to stimulate dialogue and educate African Americans in the fundamentals of legislative and public policy development. These forums bring together people of diverse perspectives to explore and formulate solutions to critical domestic and foreign policy issues confronting the Black community.

The 2003 Congressional Black Caucus Foundation's Annual Legislative Conference (ALC) drew thousands of visitors to Washington, D.C., September 24-27, 2003 to provide federal, state and local government agencies with an opportunity to educate the public about their missions and to showcase specific programs and services. ALPHA PHI ALPHA'S ELEVENTH ANNUAL RECEPTION



D.C. Hotel, located in the heart of Downtown Washington, D.C. immediately across from the newly erected Washington, DC Convention Center. The purpose of the Alpha's CBC Reception is to honor the members of the CBC. General President Harry E. Johnson, Sr., several Past General Presidents and members of the Board of Directors greeted guest upon entering the reception. The three-hour reception was filled with extravagant Hors d'oeuvres, entertainment by Local recording group, Groove Stu and hosted over 1,000 multi-industry professionals from the DC/Maryland/Virginia area and several attendees from as far as California. As in prior years, several graduating college students and congressional interns were found networking with various political and professional dignitaries. Attending this years reception were several of Alpha's Congressional members, Politcal and several members and leadership of the National PanHellenic Council (NPHC). The General President Johnson took the opportunity to announce the Fraternity's forward movements with the MLK Memorial and the importance of economic advancement in the AfricanAmerican community. He also discussed some of the pressing issues and priorities of Alpha Phi Alpha, the political Action Committee and the World Policy Council. Towards the end of his announcements, Brother President Johnson, thanked all guests for coming out and encouraged each of them to remain active in their communities.

The Fraternity's 2003 Eleventh Annual Congressional Black Caucus Reception was held in the Grand Ballroom of the Renaissance Washington,

"The only sure thing about luck is that it will change." - Wilson Mizner






r ^* *

.. V* •


^ t d |






jt 1)

w >* i


IBs k


J3* .



1 •4 ffl



"JI l l

lb H i


19 W . 4 »


ti ^

^*V ^

' - T | %








"Failures are divided into two classes -- those who thought and never did, and those who did and never thought." - lohn Charles salak








6 We are but three short years from the Centennial of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and the Committee is very hard at work preparing or this once in a life time event. A brief overview of our planning and activities follows below: ALPHA DOCUMENTARY FILM: The Fraternity has entered into a contract with the Rubicon Production Company to produce a broadcast quality documentary film for the centennial of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. The film crews will be filming significant portions of this convention for inclusion into this documentary. In addition a number of interviews will be conducted with Brothers and a conversation with the seven al Presidents will be filmed. The film will (1. â&#x20AC;˘! leadership and service to produce a film for

y filmed and broadcast skegee Airmen", wide.umss the country on PBS. THE CENTENNIAL BOOK 01 ESSAYS & LETTERS:

colleges, universities, archives and museums during the Centennial Era. This exhibit will serve as the focus point for regional centennial celebrations leading up to the Centennial Convention in 2006. This Exhibit shall serve as an educational tool for our young people as well as a public relations tool presenting Alpha Phi Alpha to the general public. PICTORIAL HISTORY BOOK: The history of 100 years of Alpha will be depicted in a pictorial coffee table book. It is true a picture is worth a thousand words and we shall be soliciting phod to make up this book as

CORNELL UNIVERSITY OBSERVANCES: Plans are underway to have the inaugural event launching the Centennial Era of Alpha at Cornell University. The dedication and the lighting of the Alpha Eternal Flame at Cornell University will begin the Centennial Era. In addition, we are planning to conduct the "CI une time on the ci HI that Alpha i and

MILITARY/INTERNATIONAL CHAPTERS: Special attention is being given to include and foster events and activities across the nation and the world to Include our many brothers who are a part of the U.S. military and to include our Brothers and Chapters located outside of the U. S. main land. CONCLUSION: Every effort is being made to see that the Centennial of Alpha is conducted with the highest quality and excellence. Since we are the first to celebrate 100 years and all other African-American Greek letter organizations follow us. our goal is diat we have no regrets at the end. Alpha ill set the bar high. r work embracing the world's standard of excellence in all we do, so that in presenting our Centennial Celebration, it shall be worthy of all that has gone before us and serve as a lasting tribute and standard of excellence for Alpha Phi Alpha long after each of us has gone. So then we, the Centennial Committee, submit our plans and body of work to this General Convention for approval and ratification.

MEMBERS OF THE COMMITTEE: i \lpha Phi Alpha. Bro. Bai observance. We hope to end il. al Cornell University with a Celebration in December 2006.



Bro. Herman Mason

General President,

Bro. Danyl R. Matthews


Bro. Waller Mathis

Bro. Milton C. Davis,

Bro. Thomas D. Pawley

Bro. Jonathan C. Augustine

Bro. William Pickard

Bro. B

Bro. Henry Ponder

Bro. Hue! Perkins


Bro. Al Rutherford Bro. OrellSu


and the

(elder Bro. Derek Fordjour Bro. Charlie E. Hardy


Bro. Robert Harris

Bro. William Dougl

" Not the cry, but the flight

of the wild duck, leads the flock

to fly and follow."

- Chinese Proverb

Bro. Charles C. Teamer Bro. Jimmie Varnado ian Wallace Bro. lva Willi nes R. Williams

awards. Xi Zeta inducted three new Brothers in the Fall 2002 (Brothers Justin Wilkes and Rickey Foster) and the Spring 2003 (Brother Clarence Jaudon III) semesters. Chapter Brothers Walter English HI (2nd Vice President of VACATHETA RHO PAF) and Tony T. Moss (VACAPAF Virginia Commonwealth University, Director of College Brothers Affairs) Richmond, Virginia were recognized for all their hard work this year within VACAPAF. Brother Patrick Gipson was recendy elected as he recollection of college days was the new Eastern Regional Assistant not lost on the Brothers of Theta Vice-President of Alpha Phi Alpha Rho, as the Chapter, and its fellow Fraternity, Inc. at the 71st Eastern Alumni (Silverback) members, celeRegional Convention in Stamford, Connbrated their 30th Anniversary as co-host ecticut. The Brodiers of Xi Zeta continue to VCU's African American Alumni to make individual and group efforts to Council Reunion in May 2 0 0 3 . propel and intensify die image of Alpha Commitment and Sacrifice was the in Farmville, Virginia. theme of the weekend that saw Theta



Rho play host to various VCU Alumni activities and community service programs. One such program, "The First Annual High School Day," attracted some fifty Richmond Metropolitan High School Juniors and Seniors for informative sessions on educational enhancement and preparation for college life. The Chapter's 4m Annual Medallion and Dinner ceremony attracted over fifty members, spanning twenty-five years of line history, under the theme "Theta Rho Continuously Growing Towards the Ught." The weekend proved that where ever Alphamen gather, the true spirit of the Fraternity hold true, especially at THETA RHO.


Longwood University Farmville, Virginia


he Brothers of Xi Zeta have proven to have has a productive 2002-03 fraternal year. Aside from the Chapters implementation of all the Fraternity's National Programs, Xi Zeta has been recognized by Longwood University as one of the best Fraternities on campus-including Brother Walter English HI voted as Best of die Best on Longwood's campus and other Greek


Lynchburg College Lynchburg, Virginia


he Sigma Pi Chapter was founded on March 2, 1992 on Lynchburg College campus in Lynchburg Virginia. Every year the Chapter leads the way in individual community service hours, programming, and leadership among all organizations on campus. Additionally, the Chapter was fortunate enough to be able to adopt a family for Thanksgiving an Christmas, as well as plan and execute several outstanding programs on campus. Some of the programs included a Martin Lumer King Jr. day celebration and the Chapters "Saturday Night Basketball" program which is geared at providing an alternative solution to die average Saturday night "drinking parties." Aside from Alpha related business, all the members of Sigma Pi are active in at least 2 other campus organizations, which creates the ability to work and co-sponsor a variety of programs. As an attempt to make the campus more aware of the surrounding community, the members of Sigma Pi have sponsored numerous community

service projects. The newest, "White Rock Hill Cemetery Project" is part of a city effort to clear out and overgrown historic black cemetery that was recently found in Lynchburg. Altiiough the Chapter has accomplished much with the help of many (including the unyielding assistance of Brother Mario Thomas of the Gamma Nu Lambda Alumni Chapter), the Brodiers understand mat they still have mile to go before uiey can sleep.


Howard County, Maryland. Since 1983, the program has expanded to include youth from the entire Baltimore/ Washington area. During the tournament, the Brothers served as volunteers and performed services such as scorekeepers, timekeepers, and souvenir and ticket seUers. Brothers and their fanuly members also contributed much needed funds to the March of Dimes WalkAmerica, and in the process of walking, also benefited by getting some much needed exercise. The Brodiers of Kappa Phi Lambda have truly displayed die spirit of Alpha by donating their time and talents to these valuable programs.

Columbia, Maryland


he Brothers of Kappa Phi Lambda Chapter has recendy participated in "Rebuilding Together with Christmas in April" where the Chapter's project was to rebuild die front porch of an Elkridge, Maryland home. The task included replacing existing hanging Ught fixtures, windows and rotted wood in front porch as weU as complete drywall in one bedroom and repairs to the kitchen and storm doors. The Chapter also participated in the Jaguars Eleventii Annual Invitational Basketball Tournament, which was founded in 1978 by Brother Harold Payne to develop a "select" traveUng basketbaU program for boys ranging from ages 10 to 14 in


Washington, DC


he Brodiers of Omicron Eta Lambda have recendy played a significant role in Whittier Elementary School through its reading program. "Reading is Fundamental" (RIF) is undoubtedly one of the most poptdar education themes. Without repeating diose words, J.G. Whittier Elementary School has demonstrated the theme for several years with the support of Omicron Eta Lambda. Over the past five years, several Brodiers have read to students in kindergarten through third

OMICRON ETA LAMBDA: Brothers of Omicron Eta Lambda.

Thought is the blossom; language the bud; action the fruit behind." - Ralph Waldo Emerson


CHAPTER NEWS grades. Brothers emphasize recall and comprehension skills by asking questions about stories read that day or even during the previous visit. If an opportunity exists, Brodiers sometime link a story to the reinforcement of good conduct, achievement at home or school, or ask questions that will help students relate stories to their own experiences. Brothers have also tutored in reading to improve overall academic achievement and prepare for standardized tests. The Brothers of OEL are proud of their work with these young people and look forward to die long lasting impacts of their service. Brother Maurice Foushee. the primary coordinator of the program, has worked diligently to make this program one of die staples of the Chapter.



Northwestern University Evanston, Illinois


he academic year of 2002-2003 marked Alpha Mu's 80th Anniversary, and the Brothers have truly risen to die occasion. The year began witii Skee Phi Week, which was a week of civic and social events organized in conjunction with die ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Gamma Chi Chapter. The Chapter welcomed over two hundred and fifty guests to its Twentythird Annual Homecoming Scholarship Ball at the Chicago City Center Holiday Inn in downtown Chicago. As a part of

ALPHA MU: Brothers of Alpha Mu

the ball, the Chapter awarded three African American students - two from area high schools and one Northwestern freshman - academic scholarships of $500 each. The Brothers saw die fruits of their labor during its Third Annual Canned Food Drive where more than seven-hundred items were raised and donated to die Evanston Salvation Army with thanks in large part to the efforts of students at Lincolnwood Elementary School. In addition, Jeffrey Johnson, National Youth Director of die NAACP delivered a stirring keynote address at the Chapter's annual MLK ceremonies in January. The Chapter also hosted this year's Illinois District Convention in conjunction widi Iota Delta Lambda Chapter. As one of the host Chapters, Alpha Mu played a major role in making this event success, as over two-hundred Brothers registered. Through all of their hard work, Alpha Mu has still maintained high scholastic achievement, posting a Chapter GPA of 3.14, one of the highest GPA's for a Greek organization at Northwestern. Finally, Alpha Mu is looking towards die spring of 2003 when tiiey will host K.A.O.S., die largest stepshow and party in the Midwest, as well as their Alpha Week festivities and further civic endeavors.


Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana amma Eta Chapter exploded into 2002-2003 academic year with their "Respect Your Roots" Tour, which was comprised of entertaining


and educational programs targeting the Bloomington community. The week began with a Miss Black and Gold Callout Meeting that attracted about thirty elegant women who were narrowed down to the eleven finalists. The week continued with the "Daddy wasn't there...Or does it Matter?" program, which enlightened the community to some issues that plague the Black community. The program also allowed participants to contribute creative solutions in efforts to fostering a better environment for the Black family. The Chapter continued its focus on current issues by offering a discussion on Life After September 11 - a continuation of last years 9/11 program where the spheres of political, social, and educational were addressed. The Brothers smoothly transitioned from the academic to active recreation by holding a night of childhood fun entided die Golden Games where students diroughout the community batded in a game of kickball. Gamma Eta Chapter was fortunate enough to have its service to the Bloomington community recognized at the Greek Awards Banquet. The Chapter received the eight awards including; Chapter of the Year (2nd consecutive year), Top Academic Chapter (2nd consecutive year), Outstanding Scholastic Programming (2nd consecutive year), Outstanding Diversity (2nd consecutive year), Outstanding President of the Year (2nd consecutive year), Unsung Hero, Sophomore of the Year and Order of Omega Inductee (Greek National Honor Society). The Chapter was also honored in the local newspaper by several frontpage articles chronicling community services activities, social events, as well as educational programming. Though

EPSILON THETA: Brothers of Epsilon

"A year from now you may wish you had started today." - Karen Lamb

Gamma Eta has made valiant strides since its humble beginnings in 1947, the brodiers realize they still have long to go as they strive to represent die Gamma Eta chapter motto: SERVICE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS.


Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio he Brothers of Epsilon Theta Chapter have displayed superior leadership on the campus of Bowhng Green State University. As active members of various campus organizations, several Brothers also hold die positions of President for the Black Student Union, NAACP, and the campus organization Dry Dock and Vice President positions for die NAACP and W.S.A (World Students Association). The Chapter recendy held it's Annual Ms. Black and Gold pageant, which was extremely successful and received praise diroughout campus. To stress the importance of voting, the Brothers held tiiree voter registration drives as a part of die "Voteless People is A Hopeless People" national campaign. Epsilon Theta's community service efforts extend beyond die nationally mandated programs to include; helping and entertaining individuals in the local nursing homes, donating blood, and hosting several can food drives where over tiiree-hundred cans of food for Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets were donated. Through the Chapters Alpha Information Tables, the Brothers have encouraged students to participate in Community




CHAPTER NEWS Service Events, given Investment Information, addressed African American Health Issues, and discussed Date Rape Prevention. Additionally, the Brothers have contributed financially to support the Washington, DC Affirmative Action Movement, the Annual Bowling Green AIDS Walk and the Alzheimer's Association. The Chapter was recently recognized for representing the NPHC in a campus-wide Greek competition "The Beta 500."


Kansas City, Missouri eta Lambda Chapter recently conducted the Chapters Seventh Annual Spring College Tour. The tour is designed to exposed young students to more than a dozen Historically Black Colleges and Universities. This year fifty-two area student participated in the tour, which has taken over threehundred students to over eighty HBCU campuses, since it's inception. Another highlight of the Beta Lambda's community service efforts included its Project Alpha Presentation at the caring and sharing youth center. The program welcomed a diverse group of males from the community. The key points emphasized in during the presentation were personal responsibility, self-awareness and respect for females. The Brothers presented T-shirts to all the participants at the conclusion of the program.



Cincinnati, Ohio elta Gamma Lambda held its Second Annual Theodore M. Berry Scholarship Gala, which attracted nearly 400 people. Paying respects to Brother Ted Berry is a responsibility that the Brothers take very seriously. His achievements are far too numerous to mention in their entirety, but a few highlights are that he was the first black valedictorian of Woodward High School, the first black Mayor of Cincinnati and a legendary figure in the Civil Rights movement of the 1950's and 1960's. He was quite active as an Alpha


DELTA GAMMA LAMBDA: Education Committee Chairman Brother Brent Johnson awards plaques to the Scholarship Recipients.

DELTA GAMMA LAMBDA: (Left to right) Cincinnati Public Schools Superintendent Brother Alton Frailey, Midwestern Region Vice President Brother Samuel DeShazior and Brother Andre Ward, Executive Director of the Midwestern Region.

worthy of being associated with the Ted Berry Scholarship. They are, Brandon Cooper and Joshua Harris of Aiken High School, Justin Harris of Seven Hills High School, Patrick Hines of Mt. Healthy High School, Paul Cunningham and Damon Trammel of Princeton High School, Damon Ogburn of Walnut Hills High School, Daniel Wallace of North College Hill High School and William Cousett of Princeton High School. These young men all have 3-5 or better grade point averages and will be attending four-year colleges and universities in the fall. In addition to dinner and dancing, the program featured Alton Frailey, Superintendent of Cincinnati Public Schools as well as a Fraternity Brother, as the Keynote Speaker. His emphasis on improving all schools in the system rather than concentrating solely on magnets and charters was poignant. "A failing school is just mirroring a communi-

ty that is already failing", he says. He challenges everyone in all fields to devote some effort toward the revitalization of our communities. The performance of the students will reflect this. Brother Samuel DeShazior, Midwestern Region Vice President, shared some words of wisdom and inspiration with die audience as well. His recollection of Brother Berry's achievements and recounting of other famous and influential Brothers both past and present was particularly riveting. According to event Chairman Brother Chad Hickson, donations and corporate sponsorships totaled close to $20,000. The proceeds will go toward awarding additional scholarships next year. The Chapter extended a special Thank you to all the participants and Taxx Express, Nationwide Insurance, the Bond Hill Dental Center, Meineke Mufflers, Sunset Mortgage Company and Toyota Motor Manufacturing for their support.



Univ. of Tennessee-Chattanooga Chattanooga, Tennessee


he Members of Eta Phi Chapter had a very successful year. The Chapter had several major objectives and activities planned for the 2002-2003 Fraternal year. Political Awareness activities were held on campus and the surrounding community, which enabled the Chapter to educate individuals on die

man, serving as local Chapter President and National General Counsel. "For nearly one-hundred years, our Fraternity has emphasized education as the best vehicle to become successful and productive to your community" said Chapter President Myron Brown. "The national programs like Go To High School, Go To College' and the high school seniors we recognize with scholarships continue that tradition". The Chapter awarded scholarships to nine young men whose academic achievements, extracurricular activities and community service were ETA PHI: The Brothers of Eta Phi.

'The best mirror is an old friend." - George Herbert



CHAPTER NEWS Chapter at the University of South Alabama and Brother Micheal Covington, Guidance Counselor, with Mobile County Public Schools was inducted into the Beta Omicron Lambda.

importance of community involvement in Politics. A collaborative effort with the local Graduate Chapter (Psi Lambda) included a joint Founders' Day Week observance and a $600.00 contribution to the scholarship awards, presented by Psi Lambda. In an attempt to give back to the University community, the Brothers of Eta Phi Chapter also served as weekly mentors to the students in the Upward Bound Program at UTC.


Columbus, Georgia



Charlotte, North Carolina he Brothers of the Beta Nu Lambda recently kicked off the second class of the Alpha Academy. Brothers from the Chapter, along with fifteen area high school students visited Camp Thunderbird to participate in a ropes course team-building exercise. During the day Brothers and students participated in various activities designed to enhance cooperative skills. The program, designed for 9th- 11th graders in Charlotte area schools, is centered around three main principles; Academic Excellence, Social Development and Cultural Awareness. A fivemember selection committee chooses students on the basis of demonstrated leadership ability and academic prowess. The group meets twice monthly from February-June culminating with a graduation ceremony in early June. During the sessions smdents are provided with tutorial assistance as well as seminars on topics such as dressing for success, dining etiquette, career exploration and college preparation. The program, supported by a grant from the March of Dimes, is in its second year of existence with plans to grow to one-hundred students infivevears.


elta Iota Lambda Chapter recently held a reclamation/reception event at the Columbus Convention and Trade Center to kickoff its weekend of remembrance to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Approximately sixty Brothers within the "Fountain City" area (Columbus, GA, Phenix City AL, and Fort Benning, GA) were in attendance. Special guests included, 31st General President, Harry E. Johnson, Sr. During the event, Brother Johnson presented fifty-year certificates to the following Brothers: Charles D. Beall, Donald B. Caldwell, Sr., James C. Jackson, Harvey C. Phelps, William L. Battle, Sr, S. Leon Brown, M. Delmar Edwards, Joseph Hensley, Eddie T. Lindsey, T.M. Lowe, Harry Vernon, Earnest Adams and John Childs. Brothers Robert L.Wright and Emory Alexander hosted the reception where four Brothers united with Delta Iota Lambda Chapter as a result of the reclamation event. The Chapters Seventeenth Annual MLK Unity Award Breakfast concluded the weekend of remembrance. Brother Dr. Kenneth L. Samuel, Pastor of Victory Church, Stone Mountain, Georgia was the Keynote Speaker. The theme was "Keeping The

BETA NU LAMBDA: Beta Nu Lambda Chapter Brothers and Alpha Academy Participants were inducted into Alpha - Five Brothers Elementary School. Care packages were with grade point average beyond a 3.0 also delivered to the residents of Twin were inducted into the Theta Delta Oaks Nursing Home. A contribution in the amount of $500 was presented to the Sickle Cell Foundation of the Greater Mobile Area. The Founder's Day activities ended witii the brothers attending a church service at Franklin Street Baptist Church where Bro. Wesley James is BETA OMICRON LAMBDA: Brother Clifton Bates, the Pastor. Addi- Mrs. Cynthia Pugb, Brother Julius Pugh, Brother tionally, six new Ronald Witherspoon, Mrs. Bernice Hudson, Brother Alpha Brothers Alphonse Russell and Brother Dr. Terry Hazzard.


Mobile, Alabama he Beta Omicron Lambda observed its Annual Founder's Day during the week of December 4, BETA OMICRON LAMBDA: Brothers Jerrod 2002. Activities included an Alpha Cunningham, Anion ia Perryman, Earl Alexander and Reclamation Reception and a mentoring Micheal Covington. Not shown are Brothers Devin session with boys at Bessie C. Fonvielle Warnsley and and Charles Lane, II.


Brothers of Delta Iota Lambda.

i always prefer to believe the best of everybody - it saves so much trouble. - Rudyard Kiplin"




C H A P T E R NEWS Dream Alive Through Education and Economic Development." Brother Samuel's soul-stirring message received a standing ovation. The MLK Unity breakfast is used as a vehicle for promoting Bromerhood and overall unity within our community. Proceeds from the breakfast are awarded to local high school students in the form of scholarships governed by the Chapter's educational foundation.

monitory donations to the project. This activity continues to grow each year as a community service project for the Alpha Sigma Lambda Chapter. Several Brothers of the Chapter delivered the donated items to the families and each family was very grateful for the gifts that they received. In November the Chapter celebrated its 70th Anniversary (Founded November 5, 1932). The program was fitted to the theme, "70 Years of Reflections" as the Chapter saluted its Fallen Brothers in Omega Chapter.



Dallas, Texas


he Brothers of the Alpha Sigma Lambda Chapter continues to be a vibrant part of the Dallas Metropolis. In March Chapter hosted its First Annual College Fair. The College Fair was conducted as part of the Fraternity's National Program "Go To High School, Go To College". The College Fair was a joint venture with the Urban League of Dallas. College representative from several in state and out of state universities were present to discuss their respective colleges or universities with the visitors. Prior to the Chapters college fair Brothers organized themselves and were able to give assistance to families in need in the Dallas area. The Brothers donated canned goods, various food items, turkevs, hams, and made

tt Ht

' j& 1932

JL *—



roverbs 27:17 reads: "Iron sharpens iron, so a man enlightens the face of his friends," and the Light of ALPHA is enlightening the city of San Antonio. In October, with a clear mandate and the manpower, the Pi Theta Lambda Chapter instructed young males on true manhood as they engaged in Project ALPHA at Wrenn Middle School. The local FOX affiliate KABB 29 covered the seminar on their evening news program. The Chapters Educational Foundation is known diroughout San Antonio for awarding scholarships to deserving high school students, as well as, supporting the college Brothers at UT-San Antonio in some of their endeavors. Recently, the Brothers participated in the Zeta Phi Beta Fiesta San Antonio Intra-city Track Meet. During this event the Chapter raised funds that will go



ZETA SIGMA: Brothers of Zeta Sigma Chapter. towards the execution of their local programs by selling delicious sweet potato pies and pecan pies at 'A Taste of New Orleans' sponsored by SAZA. Pi Theta Lambda, the perennial sentinels of the Fraternity's aims, will continue to extinguish darkness where it exists and faithfully move onward and upward.


Central State University Edmond, Oklahoma


he Brothers of Zeta Sigma Chapter recently held their Alpha Week, which started with a Black Man's Caucus, Black Cinema Night, and A Night of Egyptian P.O.E.T.R.Y. The Brothers also entertained the campus with some activities including "Phro-zen in Time" party, ley Hot party, and a formal entitled "Jazz on the Nile." The Chapter's involvement in other organizations includes Presi-dent of the National Pan-Hellenic Council (Brother Phil-lip Thomas) and Vice President of the Black Student Association (Brother Harold Lee).



UC-Berkeley Berkeley, California he Brothers of Alpha Epsilon Chapter have enjoyed a tremendous year of servitude and success. The Chapter has made a conscious effort to uphold the light of Alpha by first and foremost committing themselves to the aims that strengthen the foundation of brotherhood and servitude upon which this distinguished organization was founded. AE has accomplished this by ensuring the implementation of the three national programs, promoting the involvement of Chapter members on a local and regional level and continuing to be an agent for change on the UC Berkeley campus, acting as a voice for the small 3-9% percent black community that makes up the campus' 33,000 members student body. Though their


* * * *



BA w




ALPHA SIGMA LAMBDA: Brothers Griffin and Jefferson shown with widows of departed Brothers.

The first great gift we can bestow on others is a good example." - Eric Ford

ALPHA SIGMA LAMBDA:: Alpha Sigma Lambda Brothers give back to community by delivering donations to families during the holiday season.


CHAPTER NEWS efforts have not gone unrecognized, AE humbly continues to serve. The Chapter has recently celebrated its 81st charter day this past January of 2003, was elected as the Western Region's 'Chapter of the Year" for the third time in a row, and has produced the new Region Assistant Vice President(AVP) elect for the 20032004 term. The Chapter urges all Brothers to continue upholding the light of Alpha by showing support for our local represent campaign that acts as a vocal outlet for the LiC Berkeley black community and the entire black community at large. Please respond to this plea by visiting, a website the Alpha Epsilon has established in honor of the represent campaign


San Diego. California


he Members of Zeta Sigma Lambda recently held their annual Scholarship luncheon at Christ United Presbyterian Church. The luncheon is an annual event of the Chapter's

Continued Academic Excellence Program (CAEP). This program mentors young high school students in their transition from high school to college. The program is conducted at two local San Diego high schools (Lincoln & Morse High), and is an opportunity for the Brothers, students and the school administration to fellowship together. Additionally, the program rewards the students with the highest GPA at each grade level with a $50 savings bond for their achievements during the past semester. Attended by 14 local students, the luncheon featured guest speaker Brother Judge John Houston, U.S. Magistrate Judge, U.S. District Court, Southern District of California, and a member of Zeta Sigma Lambda. Twelve years ago he helped start the CAEP. His involvement in San Diego neighborhoods is his way to help keep as many young people as possible from going, as he says, "sideways." Brother Houston also dedicates time in his court schedule to conduct mock trials for students so that they can better understand the criminal justice system. This event is another example of Zeta Sigma Lambda support-

1IVRTiBni Zeta Sigma Lambda Brothers and Scholarship Luncheon


ing San Diego youth in their quest for higher education.


San Jose, California

the MLK Literacy Classic. Brother Hill is one of only four Black division 1 head football coaches in the NCAA. During the MLK Literacy Classic, Eta Sigma Lambda Brothers welcomed Bro. Cornell West, who was the keynote speaker at the MLK Literacy Classic Gala fundraiser.

Eta Sigma Lambda under the visionary leadership of Brother Geoffry Brown wondered how they would follow a chapter of the year performance in 2002. The chapter started the 2003 fraternal year by helping to plan and fully support the annual UNCF Chefs fundraiser, which garnered $50,000 for the College Fund. In continuing to support Brother Fitz Hill, head football coach for San Jose State University, Brothers accounted for roughly 150 fans at the historic Grambling versus SJSU football game, which culminated a week entitled

ETA SIGMA LAMBDA: Three of the four scholarship recipients.

ETA SIGMA LAMBDA: Brother Brown welcomes Brother Cornell West to San Jose for the MLK Literacy Classic Week's Gala event.

ETA SIGMA LAMBDA: The Juneteenth booth featured Project Alpha and served as a reclamation vehicle.

Please Rea Revised Submission Guidelines

OMEGA C C/6 ft a t A e *

QM~a y n a * d

Ofty o la & a o K


<S/a c /c s a n ,


Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia (1974 -1982/1990 -1994) Initiated: May 3, 1956 Omega Chapter: June 23, 2003

orn in Dallas, Texas in 1938, Brother Maynard Holbrook Jackson was the great-grandson of Georgia slaves whose descendants quickly rose to the top of Atlanta's Black aristocracy. Brother Jackson's family was active in early voting rights efforts. His grandfather, John Wesley Dobbs, was Cochairman of me Adanta Negro Voters League, and his fatiier, me Rev. Maynard H. Jackson Sr., founded the Georgia Voters League


Brother Jackson, a 1956 initiate of the Alpha Rho Chapter graduated from Morehouse College at just eighteen years old in 1956 and received his J.D. from North Carolina Central State School of Law. He was an Attorney and Director of Community Relations for the Emory Neighborhood Law Office in Adanta (1968-69) and a Senior Partner at Jackson, Patterson & Parks (1970-73). With his victory in the Adanta race of 1973, Brother Jackson became the first Black Mayor of a major Southern city. He was only mirty-five years old at the time. With a booming voice, he made his presence known immediately by taking on the predominandy white business leadership and demanding that doors be opened to blacks. Brother Jackson, known to many as the "Granddaddy of Affirmative Action," upset the predominately white political structure in Adanta in the

early 1970s by requiring those companies doing business with the city to have significant minority participation in their projects or risk forfeiture of their lucrative city contracts. Along with building the city's Hartsfield International Airport and luring me 1996 Olympic Games to Atlanta, Brother Jackson's most enduring legacy is his fight to institute a groundbreaking affirmative action program that elevated the percentage of city contracts from less than one percent (1%) in 1973 to almost thirty-rune percent (39%) some five years later. "We built the Adanta airport, biggest terminal building complex in the world, ahead of schedule and within budget and simultaneously rewrote the books on affirmative action," Jackson would declare many years later. In heralding his championing of sensible affirmative action policies, Mr. Julian Bond, Chairman of the Board of the NAACP declared: "He was just a dynamo, a human dynamo. Jackson was always someone who always kept the race first, always was interested in making sure that African-Americans got tiieir fair share." The Rev. Joseph Lowery, anomer civil rights legend, agreed. "He gave the strongest support for diversity of a city's business than any other Mayor of this country." Brother Jackson's successor in the Mayor's office, the Honnorable Brother Andrew Young, a former United States Representative and Ambassador to the United Nations, when learning of the news of Brother Maynard Jackson's untimely demise, declared: "I tiiink of deam as inevitable. Its natural passing to another stage and, while I am extremely sad for Valerie and the kids, the truth is Maynard has given his whole life to all of us

"As long as you live, keep learning how to live." - lames Siwo

and he is entided, as Martin Luther King was entitled, to move on to the next stage." "No candidate for Mayor in this city has tried to run without talking to Maynard first," said William Boone, a Political Science Professor at Clark Adanta University. "They want an endorsement, or at least try to keep him neutral." In September, Jackson set up the Adanta-based Voters League, a nonpartisan organization to increase voter turnout. The nonprofit organization targeted voters in the so-called "Black Belt" of Georgia, North C a r o l i n a , South Carolina, Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. A devoted family man and active member of the Eta Lambda Chapter in Atlanta, Georgia, Brother Jackson is survived by, his wife of twenty-six years, the former Valerie Richardson, and five children.


OMEGA CHAPTER LISTINGS ROTHER BERNARD BOATWRIGHT was initiated on May 14, 1995 through Iota Eta Lambda Chapter in Denmark, South Carolina. Brother Boatwright received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Music Education from Ciaflin University, graduating with honors. He received the Master of Education


degree from South Carohna State University. Brother Boatwright was a member of Trinity United Methodist Church were he serve in many capacities. He was also a dedicated and outstanding music educator and taught at several pubhc schools in South Carolina before retiring from the Hampton County Public School. Brother

Boatwright was a private piano teacher and served as an organist for Trinity United Methodist Church and Edisto Fork United Methodist Church. He held membership in the South Carohna Education Association, the Association of Professional Music Educators and served as the recording secretary Iota Eta Lambda.



Beta Psi Lambda 7 8 / Beta Psi Lambda

Beta Lambda '47



Gamma Upsilon Lambda '47/ Mu Rho Lambda

Beta Pi'51/Beta Lambda




Beta Delta '40 / Delta Zeta Lambda

Omicron '47 / General Organization



Beta Theta '47/ Gamma Nu Lambda

Theta Delta Lambda '98 H





Beta Psi Lambda '37

Beta Chi '65 / Iota Zeta Lambda



Beta Theta '39 / Alpha Kappa Lambda

Beta Lambda '47




Nu Eta Lambda '83 / Xi Rho Lambda

Gamma Upsilon Lambda '59 / Mu Rho Lambda

Gamma Lambda '83




Beta Tau Lambda'54

Beta Omicron '63 / Omicron Eta Lambda

Alpha Delta '47 / Beta Psi Lambda




Rho '75 / Theta Pi Lambda

Beta Upsilon '40 / Alpha Upsilon Lambda

Iota Mu Lambda '79




Alpha Psi '32 / Beta Lambda

Upsilon '36 / Beta Lambda

Gamma '40 / Kappa Epsilon Lambda




Gamma Rho '63/ Alpha Upsilon Lambda

Beta Phi '46 / Alpha Lambda

Zeta Theta Lambda '47 / Theta Lambda

Alpha Psi '37 / Beta Lambda



BROTHER D R . WILLIAM R. HICKS Alpha Sigma '40 / Xi Nu Lambda

Xi Pi Lambda '84





Alpha Omicron '51

Beta Epsilon '39 / Alpha Kappa Lambda


Theta Alpha '85 / Mu Rho Lambda


T F~*v I~~i


Iota '56/ThetaLambda

i t is better to wear out than to rust out." - Bishop Richard Cumberland

= Life Member




ยง!โ€ข& Henry A. Callis

Charles H. Chapman

GENERAL OFFICERS General President Immediate Past General President Executive Director General Treasurer Comptroller General Counsel Director of General Conventions Parliamentarian Historian VICE PRESIDENTS Eastern Midwestern Southern Southwestern Western ASSISTANT VICE PRESIDENTS Eastern Midwestern Southern Southwestern Western LIVING PAST GENERAL PRESIDENTS 25th General President 26th General President 27th General President 28th General President 29th General President 30th General President

Eugene K. Jones

George B. Kelley

Nathaniel A. Murray

Robert H. Ogle

Vertner W. Tandy

Harry E. Johnson, Sr., Esq., 7457 Harwin, Suite 390, Houston TX 77036 Adrian L. Wallace, 281 Debra Lane, Lake Charles, LA 70611-9216 Gregory Phillips, 2313 St. Paul Street, Baltimore, MD 21218 George N. Reaves, 1417 Kinross Street, Flossmoor, IL 60422 Frank A. Jenkins III, 529 South Perrv St., Suite 16, Montgomery, AL 36104 Cecil Howard, 3145 Shamrock Drive East, Tallahassee, FL 32308 Elliott Ferguson, II, 222 Kentucky Avenue, SE, Washington, DC 20003 John M. Williams, 1919 Apple Vallev Road, Bolingbrook, IL 60440 Robert Harris, Jr., 102 Burleigh Drive, Ithaca, NY 14850 Darren Morton, P.O. Box 3505, Mount Vernon, NY 10553 Darrvl A. Peal, 680 Culpepper Drive, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068 Ronnie Jenkins, 1343 Victoria Falls Court, Atlanta, GA 30311 Tophas Anderson, HI, 14811 Tumbling Falls Court, Houston, TX 77062 Ronald Celestine, 1885 E. Dorado Place, Aurora, CO 80015 Patrick Gipson, 713 Graham Hall, Hampden-Sydney, VA 23909 Michael Blake, 634 Hinman Avenue, Apt. 1C, Evanston, E 60202 Edwin Causey, 830 Westview Drive, SW, Atlanta, GA 30314 LeArtis Lister, 2800 S. Dairy Ashford, #604, Houston, TX 77082 Thewodros Moges, 600 S. 52nd Street, Richmond, CA 94804 James R. Williams, 1733 Brookwood Drive, Akron, OH 44313 Ozell Sutton, 1640 Loch Lomond Trail, SW, Atlanta, GA 30331 Charles C. Teamer, Sr, 4619 Owens Boulevard, New Orleans, LA 70122 Henry Ponder, Talladega College, Talladega, AL 35160 Milton C. Davis, P.O. Box 830509, Tuskegee, AL 36083 Adrian L. Wallace, 281 Debra Lane, Lake Charles, LA 70611-9216

ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS TO THE GENERAL PRESIDENT Special Assistants Rev. Thomas Watson, III, 2300 Dublin Street, New Orleans, LA 70118 Robert A. Willis, 130 Old Fairburn Close, Atlanta, GA 30331 Harlan Ware, 1151 Woodbine Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201 Kevin Jenkins, 5888 1/2 Towne Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90003 Administrative Assistant Joseph E. Heyward, Sr, P.O. Box 384, Florence, SC 29503 WORLD POLICY COUNCIL Chairman Horace G. Dawson, Jr.. 1601 Kalmia Road, NW, Washington, DC 20037 Chairman Emeritus Edward W Brooke, 6437 Blantvre Road. Warrenton, VA 20187 Members Charles Rangle, 2354 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, DC 20515 Huel D. Perkins, 192379th Avenue, Baton Rouge, LA 70807 Henry Ponder, Talladega College, Talladega, AL 35160 Vinton R. Anderson, AME Church Finance Office. 1134-1 lth Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001 Chuck S. Stone, UNC-Chapel Hill, 107 Oxford Hills Place, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Bobbv Austin, The Village Foundation, 211 N. Union Street #100, Alexandria, VA 22314 Cornel West, 220 Bovlston Street, 1010, Boston, MA 02116 Ron Dellums, 1201 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20004


CORPORATE DIRECTORY ALPHA PHI ALPHA BUILDING FOUNDATION, INC. Chairman Thomas Tatum, 2266 Canterbury Circle, Akron, OH 44319 ALPHA PHI ALPHA EDUCATION FOUNDATION, INC. Chairman Hilton 0. Smith, 1301 East 9th Street, Suite 3232, Cleveland, OH 44114 ALPHA PHI ALPHA ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION, INC. Chairman William Pickard, 335 Pine Ridge Drive, Bloomfield Hill, MI 48304 NATIONAL COMMITTEE/COMMISSION CHAIRMEN Alpha Collegiate Scholars Walter Tillman, 3550 Virgil Boulevard, New Orleans, LA 70122 Alpha Shop Development Gene Parker, 8116 West 130th Street, Overland Park, KS 66213 Awards & Achievements John German, 1124 32nd Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98144 Budget & Finance Frank A. Jenkins, III, 529 South Perry St., Suite 16, Montgomery, AL 36104 College Brothers Affairs Roderick L. Smothers, P.O. Box 17701, Baton Rouge, LA 70893 Constitution Louis Murdock, 17417 Prondall Court, Carson, CA 90746 Corporate Affairs Elliott Hall, 2770 Unicorn Lane NW, Washington, DC 20015 Elections Charles King, 1123 E. 17th Street, Little Rock, AR 72207 Endowment & Capital Formation Iva Williams, 237-11th Avenue SW, Birmingham, AL 35211 General Headquarters Maintenance Sam Bates, 1802 Whitehall Lane., Garland, TX 75043 Ulysses Grady, 2106 Valley Maror, Missouri City, TX 77489 Grievances & Discipline Prince Cartwright, 8519 Sandy Glen Lane, Houston, TX 77071 Higher Education Ernest Holloway, P.O. BOX 907, Langston OK 73050 Historical Committee Herman "Skip" Mason, 4233 Ivy Run, Ellenwood, GA 30294 Human Resources Sean Woodroffe, 40 Meadow Lark Lane, Belle Mead, NJ 08502 Internal Auditing Hyacinth Ahuruonye , 582 Market Street, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94104 International Brothers Affairs Marc Garcia, US DepL of State, DS San Juan PR Oice, 2201 C Street, NW, Washington, DC 20520 Life Membership Bert Thomas, 33 Eagle Pointe Dr., Augusta, GA 30909 Management Information Systems Joshua Williams, 1656 Steeplechase lane, New Orleans, LA 70131 Martin Luther King, Jr., Memorial Project Leroy Lowery, 1724 Portals Drive NW, Washington, DC 20012-1116 Media Relations Charles F. Robinson, IU, 5313 Cecil Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21207 Medical Advisory Board Frank Sessoms, 2777 Shamrock Drive, Allison Park, PA 15101 Richard D. Smith, Jr., 3510 Medical Park Drive, Monroe, LA 71230 Membership/Standards & Extension Joseph K. Byrd, Xavier University, 1 Drexel Drive, New Orleans, LA 70125 National Programs & Special Projects Zollie Stevenson, 806 Falls Lake Drive, MitchelMle, MD 20721 Political Action Marc Mortal, 4210 Bienville Street, New Orleans, LA 70119 Publications William Nelson, 2572 Bumaby Drive, Columbus, OH 43209 Racial Justice & Public Policy Willard C. Hall, Jr., 128 South Austin Blvd. Oak Park, IL 60304 Reclamation & Retention James Crumel, 890 Hill Roost Road, Tallahassee, FL 32312 Recommendations & Resolutions Charles Clark, Jr., 121 Bainbridge Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73114 Rules and Credentials Ronald James, 1717 NE 16th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73111 Johnson Pennywell, 15926 Congo Lane, Jersey Village, TX 77040 Rituals & Ceremonies Darryl Peal, 660 Culpepper Drive, Revnoldsburg, OH 43068 Senior Alpha Affairs William Tipper, 912 East Wellington Avenue, Flint, MI 48503 Special Investigations Keith Bishop, 4225 Bluffs Lane, Durham, NC 27712 Strategic Planning Lynwood Bell, 1902 East Pollock Road, Lakeland, FL 33813 Time & Place Darryl Jones, 3833 Castleman, St. Louis, MO 63110 PROGRAM/PROJECT COORDINATORS Belford V. Lawson Oratorical Contest Big Brothers Big Sisters Black and Gold Pageant Boy Scouts Head Start Initiative Leadership Development

Gary W Johnson, 2503 Waldemar Lane, Tallahassee, FL 32304 Shawn D. Wilson, 202 W Gilman Road, Lafayette, LA 70501 Alvin Cavalier, 413-C Longwood Court, Baton Rouge, LA 70806 Gerard McShepard, 4593 Clarksville Pike, Nashville, TN 37218 Ronnie Jenkins, 1343 Victoria Falls Court S.W., Adanta, GA 30311 Said Sewell, 1401 Regency Wood Drive, Atlanta, GA 30319 Maurice K. Foushee, 1011 Summerglen Court, MitchelMle , MD 20721 Project Alpha Wilbur Jackson, 6716 Indian Spring Court, San Jose, CA 95120 Training & Development Kermit Boston, 138 Everson Street, San Francisco, CA 94131

ALPHA PHI ALPHA FRATERNITY, INC. 2313 St. Paul Street. Baltimore, MD 21218-5211 CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS Phone: (410) 554-0040. Fax: (410) 554-0054

>» Y V ' >





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. *SPb HI.

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ij'liA I'm ALPHA FR.-vn-:RNHpfcc. 2313 ST." PALI. STRICTf'—3BALI IMORE, Mn 2 1 2 1 8 ^ « H

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FRA'i^Bfc TY. INC.

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PLEASft SKNWADDRfa.C^B^ B f - ^ L ' a



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j_J_k if i^F"


Profile for Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity

The SPHINX | Fall 2003 | Volume 88 | Number 3 200308803  

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The SPHINX | Fall 2003 | Volume 88 | Number 3 200308803  

This magazine talks about Charles H. Wesley Part one of a two part series: Brother James Conycrs provides an historical overview of one of A...