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rc> Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Volume 75

Number 1

Spring 1989

Eta Gamma and Zeta Epsilon Lambda were 1988 's Top Chapters

EDITOR'S REVIEW GREETINGS . . . THE HOUSE OF ALPHA: When you pass the site of the old General Office facility, at 4432 South Martin Luther King Drive in Chicago, it's hard to believe that the building is gone. The lot has a sort of aura, like the vague haze that surrounds some of those old duotone photographs of great-grandpa that hung over the mantle in the family homestead. Maybe it's because the frequent visitor strains so hard to recall the outlines and details of the building that it seems to materialize in faint, ephemeral substance. Of course, most Brothers were not so familiar with this mystical haunt; most never even visited the General Office building. The nostalgic amongst us are few in number and it is imperative that they, that we, leave all dreams behinds, savor the mem'ries fond and get on with the business of erecting a new national headquarters building. The foundation of this campaign is the payment of the fraternal obligation by every Brother, for only when the average Brother displays his commitment by payment of the very modest assessments can we expect to build momentum in our major gifts drive. Meet your fraternal obligation today! . . . THE ALPHA SPIRIT: We'd welcome your comments, critiques and contributions to our newest publication — The Alpha Spirit. This tabloid-sized, four-color newsletter is designed as a communications vehicle for every Alpha Man, regardless of active status. If you have a family member or line brother who's strayed from the active ranks, please send in for a free subscription to The Alpha Spirit for him — using the "Share The Spirit" coupon found on Page 6 of the newsletter. Let us hear from you . . . ARCHIVAL JOURNEY: Let me take this opportunity to thank the many Brothers who've written or called to express support for the ideas expressed in our Legacy article "The Archival Imperative" (Fall 1988). Even more importantly, I'm pleased that we've generated a flurry of activity of the archival kind amongst the Brotherhood. Already, we've received valuable materials and more have been promised. Brothers Lionel H. Newsom, Chairman of the Historical Commission, and Herman Mason have been especially supportive of our efforts. It is my fervent hope that Parts Two (in this issue) and Three (forthcoming) will involve even more Brothers in the vital task of preserving our heritage . . . FOCUS: Many thanks to Brother John Rice of Gamma Iota Lambda Chapter for penning the article of New York City Schools Chancellor Richard Green. Brother Green is an outstanding educator and motivator. We can only hope that politicians, high and low, will give him leeway to accomplish his mission — the education of that city's young people . . . MILITARY BEAT: In this issue we share correspondence from the Brothers in "The Land of the Morning Calm" — members of Mu Phi Lambda Chapter in Seoul, Korea. Profiles on other military Chapters will be coming in future issues . . . NEWSMAKERS: It was news to me that the Mayor of Vicksburg, Mississipi was an Alpha Man. Indeed, I was momentarily disoriented when State Director Wiley Jones informed me that I would be introduced as the State Convention's Banquet Speaker by "the Mayor'." The Mayor? Introducing Whom? In any event, that meeting was highlighted by the opportunity to meet and talk with this progressive political leader. You can meet him in this feature . . . CAMPUS WATCH: Brother Julius Nimmons joins the ranks of Alpha College Presidents as he takes the helm at Jarvis Christian College in Hawkins, Texas . . . ALPHA ATHLETES: Brother Art Shell, former terror with the Oakland Raiders and now a coach with the Los Angeles Raiders, was justly inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame this year. Thanks to Brother Joe C. Thomas, former Chairman of the Publications Committee, for his major role in compiling the information needed to pen this article . . . LET US HEAR FROM YOU! Periodically we need to revisit some basic principles which undergird our publications program, especially in light of the rapid turnover which is inherent in the college ranks and increasingly a factor in the alumni sphere. Thus, this reminder that the volunteer contributions of Brothers in the field are the key determinant in the scope of our work. I simply don't know, cannot know, of the accomplishments of more than 700 Chapters and tens of thousands of Brothers from my office in Chicago and limited field visits. I must depend upon you — Chapter Editors and Brothers at large — to write and submit articles for publication. I would especially remind my College Brothers that the Alphas On The Move and There Goes An Alpha Man sections are fully open to them. Certainly few collegians are mayors or congressmen, but they are SGA presidents, class officers, outstanding scholars and model student-athletes. Any article received profiling a young Brother of accomplishment will be duly printed in the next available issue . . . Until next issue . . . MJP.

ON THE DRAWING BOARD • The 75th Anniversary Commemorative Issue •

Volume 75 Number 1 Spring 1989






MICHAEL J . PRICE Contributing Editors: James B. Blanton, III; Huel D . Perkins; Henry Ponder, Ex Officio. 9 — L E G A L F O R U M — A salute of Brother Milton C. Davis, the energetic outgoing General Counsel who has indelibly etched the words "risk management" into our collective consciousness. 1 1 — C H A P T E R S O F T H E Y E A R ' 8 8 - Eta Gamma and Zeta Epsilon Lambda were honored as the leaders of the pack during the 1987-88 fraternal year. 1 4 — N E W S M A K E R — Vicksburg, Mississippi is a shrine of the Old South. Today, its chief executive is Mayor Robert Walker — an Alpha Man. 1 5 — F O C U S — Brother Robert Green gave up a secure post Superintendent of the Minneapolis school system to tackle education's ultimate challenge, Chancellor of decentralized New York City public schools. His tragic death cut short a promising tenure. 1 7 — A L P H A A T H L E T E S — Brother Art Shell, former gridiron great with the Oakland Raiders, has been selected for inclusion in the NFL Hall of Fame. 1 8 — C A M P U S W A T C H — Brother Julius Nimmons takes the helm at Jarvis Christian College, Hawkins, Texas. 1 9 — M I L I T A R Y B E A T - A profile of Mu Phi Lambda Chapter, Seoul, Korea. Editor's Note: Due to space limitations, the Legacy feature has been transferred to the summer edition. A B O U T T H E C O V E R : 1988's top chapters were Eta Gamma, Prairie View A & M University, Prairie View, Texas and Zeta Epsilon Lambda, Red Bank, New Jersey. Stories on pages 11 and 13.

FEATURES 3—The General President Speaks 5—The Executive Secretary's Desk 6—There Goes An Alpha Man 9—Legal Forum 10—Education Report 23—Alphas On The Move 17—Chapter News 17—Omega Chapter 45—Directory of Officers 46—Chapter Directory

Commentary The Tree of Continuity Darren V. Bolden page 2i Reflections On Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. John P. Rice, Jr. page n

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WEWWTELACKS TO HOMELESS. Less poverty. Less unemployment. Less frustration. For those reasons, RJR Nabisco makes generous gifts to many minority organizations. We are proud to be the largest corporate contributor to United Negro College Fund schools. We do a large portion of our business with minority bankers, insurance firms, and other minority businesses. And we keep searching for new ways to help bring about real freedom.

The RJR Nabisco family of companies includes R.J.Reynolds Tobacco Company; Nabisco Brands, Inc.; Del Monte Foods; and Planters LifeSavers Company.

THE GENERAL PRESIDENT SPEAKS The Prospects for a Kinder, Gentler America My dear brothers in Alpha, this column in the Sphinx offers a wonderful opportunity for communication which I intend to utilize during my Presidency. I also hope that you will communicate your responses to some of the topics and questions that I pose. Initially, I had intended and I will in future columns, address the need for a national fraternal headquarters, the need to increase membership and the importance of reactivation of inactive brothers. However, in the initial column, I wanted to share something with you that I consider very timely. Over the last ten days, I've had the p r i v i l e g e to m e e t w i t h P r e s i d e n t George Bush on several occasions. In groups with other college Presidents, with members of his transition team as well as some brief moments for some individual words. The mood in the nation's capital appears to be one of inclusion and communication. This sends a positive message to the nation. The President's campaign promise of a kinder, gentler nation is most appreciated and appropriate for the initiation of the Bush/Quayle administration. The challenges facing the new administration are possibly more serious than those facing any peace time

administration of the 20th century. The widening gap between the haves and the have nots, in a nation which has become conditioned to privilege, more are fearing of becoming underprivileged. America and Americans are no longer immune from terrorism and terrorist activities. New forms of racism, more violent and dangerous than mere racial prejudice, daily make their appearance on the evening news. Education must remain the attain-

able American dream and not become simply an entitlement for the wealthy. The educators with w h o m I met President Bush with as a g r o u p emphasized this point. Urban problems and economic uncertainties cast a dark shadow for this last decade of the 20th century. President Bush, through his "1,000 points of light", could clarify and illuminate many of these problems, and if his administration can guide America through these serious dilemmas, domestically and internationally, we will all live in a kinder world. We can expect that the people of America will reflect upon the Bush promises. If, however, the kinder promise becomes an empty platitude or a broken promise, the path to the 21st century will be darker. The President has requested 100 days to implement his programs. This seams a reasonable request. We all will benefit if the promise becomes a reality. Fraternally,

Henry Ponder General President Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

THE CONVENTION CALL By virtue of the authority vested in me as General President of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.; and, in accordance with the mandates of the Constitution & By-Laws of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.; It is my distinct pleasure to issue the Official Call for the assembly of the 83rd Anniversary Convention (75th General Convention) of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. The site of the 83rd Anniversary Convention shall be San Antonio, Texas - with the Marriott Rivercenter and Riverwalk Hotels serving as the official headquarters hotels for our assembly. Said 83rd Anniversary Convention shall take place during the time period, July 27, 1989 through August 2, 1989. All chapters and members of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. are hereby notified of the time and place of the 1989 General Convention. All chapters are directed to make appropriate plans to ensure that they are represented in San Antonio.

HENRY PONDER General President The Sphinx/Spring 1989

Paee 3

If you are a qualified % Teacher •

School Psychologist


Occupational or Physical Therapist or Assistant

who wants to work in a dynamic, progressive community, your place in the sun may be with us !

Starting salaries range from $23,000 to $ 40,080 Excellent Fringe Benefits

THE EXECUTIVE SECRETARY'S DESK 83rd To Convene Down Mexico Way Greeting Brothers: As you well know, San Antonio, Texas will be the site of our 1989 General Convention. In this column, I'd like to review with you some of the points you'll need to consider as you make your plans to join us for the 83rd.

Delta—Our Official Airline We are pleased to announce that Delta Airlines has been selected the official airline of the 83rd Anniversary Convention. Delta is offering discount fares to convention-goers.

Plastic Power Remember that "plastic power" can be used to pay for your convention costs. You may use your Visa, MasterCard or American Express Cards to register for the 83rd Anniversary Convention. Should you choose this option, please indicate this in the "Payment Method" section of the Registration Form and provide the additional information requested there. Moreover, you are now able to say "charge it" in practically all financial transactions with the General Office, including the payment of Grand Tax and Life Membership fees.

Pre-Registration For y o u r c o n v e n i e n c e , PreRegistration forms were distributed at each of the Regional Conventions; and h a v e been mailed to the entire Brotherhood via the Alpha Spirit newsletter. Each Alpha Brother should use a separate form for registration. Family members and guests may be registered on the form with any Brother. Your completed form should be forwarded with all fees to Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., P . O . Box 53147, Chicago, IL 60653-9998. Discount rates are offered to all persons registering prior to July 1,1989. In addition, Pre-Registrants are assigned priority seating at the Alpha Formal Banquet and the Ladies LuncheonFashion Show. Convention kits, activity tickets and convention information T h e S p h i n x / S p r i n g 1989

will be prepared in advance for preregistrants — and await y o u r arrival at the site.

Delegate Certification If you are to be a Chapter Delegate, please check the box indicating same on the Registration Form. You must also ensure that your chapter submits its Delegate Credentials, listing you as a delegate, to the General Office in Chicago. If these two steps are taken, you can be pre-certified by the General Office as a Delegate — eliminating the need to be certified by the Committee on Rules & Credentials on-site.

Hotel Reservations Hotel




must be sent to the Alpha Phi Alpha General Office. Convention registration fees must accompany room requests. The hotel is not authorized to release Alpha Phi Alpha's reserved rooms, at the convention rate, except as processed through the General Office.

Alpha Placement & Exhibit Program More than 50 national corporations are expected to participate in the 1989 Alpha Placement and Exhibit Program, offering both job interview opportunities and consumer exhibit booths. If you are unable to attend the Job Fair, you are urged to mail your resume to the General Office. The Job Fair is also open to the general public.

(Official Notice All Brothers and Chapters of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. are hereby notified that, by vote of the Board of Directors, the following disciplinary actions have been levied against the Brothers and/or Chapters listed herein. The Board of Directors has recommended the expulsion of Health Adams, an initiate of Pi Kappa Chapter, California State University at Northridge, from the ranks of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraernity, Inc. for infractions committed while under suspension. This recommendation will be referred to the 83rd Anniversary Convention in San Antonio, Tx for final disposition. Barry Benson, a member of Iota Chi Chapter, Unversity of California at Riverside, was suspended until May 31, 1989. Ashley Tucker, a member of Pi Kappa Chapter, California State University at Northridge, was suspended until May 31, 1989. Ronald Thomas, a member of Omicron Eta Chapter, University of California at Irvine, was suspended until May 31, 1989. Jerry Wilkerson, a member of Kappa Omicron Lambda Chapter, Vallejo, California, was barred from holding chapter office for a period of two years. William Cohee, a member of Kappa Omicron Lambda Chapter, Vallejo, California, was barred from holding chapter office for a period of two years. Kappa Omicron Lambda Chapter, Vallejo, California, was barred from conducting pledge activities for a period of three years or until all Chapter Officers are re-certified via the Risk Management Program; and, payment of a specified fine is made and other conditions of the disciplinary action are met. During the specified period of suspension, the above are prohibited from involvement, in any fashion, in any activity in the name of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.; are prohibited from wearing the name of this organization, in any form whasoever; or any of its emblems, including the Official Badge (Fraternity Pin); and are barred from participation in fraernal affairs at any level — except where any of the above have been set as conditions for reinstatement. All Chapters and Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. are under mandate to comply with said directives and to report violations of same to the General Office of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. The Board of Directors approved the lifting of the suspension of Brother Brian Miles, a member of Pi Kappa Chapter, at its meeting in January 1989. ATTEST: James B. Blanton, III, Executive Secretary

Brother T. L. Ganges

Bringing A Message of Hope Brother T. L. Ganges, was born in Trenton, New Jersey but he was raised in near-by Bordentown where he received his early education. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Lincoln University in Oxford, Pennsylvania and a Master's of Education degree from the University of Cincinnati in Ohio. As an undergraduate he began to write poetry and his early works appeared frequently in the campus newspaper. After graduating from Lincoln University in 1972 he became a diarist plus he completed a verse play. In 1979 he was an area-winner of the prestigious "Thomas Jefferson Award" and in 1981 he was listed in the volume Outstanding Young Men in America. During the past twelve years he has successfully taught both high school and college students a variety of courses in English. He has organized two student gospel choirs plus he was twice elected as "The Teacher Of The Year" by a student organization. At the present time he is employed "as a high school English teacher in a d d i t i o n to accepting s p e a k i n g engagements as a touring poet. During the spring of 1980, Mr. Ganges began to poetically attack illegal drug usage, teenage pregnancy, illiteracy, athletic slavery, crime, racism and despair before enthusias-

Brother Blake Moorman

tic audiences and congregations at various schools, churches and colleges. The finale of his poetry presentation consists Mr. Ganges walking out into the audience and distributing "nickel bags of hope" which contain a brief anti-drug poem in addition to a single mustard seed which is a symbol of biblical faith. Thus far he has read and performed his "inspirational oneman poemshow" at more than fifty different places. His work is intended to teach kids, among other things, that there is more to being a man than fathering a child or subscribing to the violence of life on the streets. "The more education you have, the more choices your have, and the more opportunity that a kid would have to fulfill his dreams. Pregnancy, drugs and illiteracy could hinder a person from making their dreams come true." One of Ganges' goals is to work with officials to improve conditions. "As a native-born Trentonian, I am willing to work with any politician or any clergyman to minister to the needs of the teenagers that have not been met," he said.

Moorman Spotlighted in "A Soldier's Play" The November '88 issue of the Jubilee Theatre Newsletter spotlighted Brother Blake Moorman. Brother The Sphinx/Spring 1989

M o o r m a n was initiated at Texas Christian University and now serves as one of the chapter's advisors. Since then, he has performed in his seventh show for Jubilee, and was chosen as a "1988 Outstanding Young Man of America". Presently Brother Moorman is a member of Beta Tau Lambda, Phi Theta Kappa, and Prince Hall Masonic Lodge of Texas #75. Rudy Eastman was looking for some girl dancers for his "Cotton Club Night" revue. He called on Alpha Phi Alpha member John Gales, who is associated with Jubilee Players, for assistance. He in turn enlisted the help of then Alpha Phi Alpha president (TCU), Blake Moorman. Blake helped escort the dancers to the audition and, once there, John pressured him to try out. Blake ended up carrying a heavy part in the show after having been absent from the stage since his Trimble Tech days five years earlier. Besides "Cotton Club Night," Blake has appeared in "Bre'r Rabbit Meets Tar Baby," "Drums," "Class of '62," "Prodigal," and "Negroes in Space." His melodic, finely tuned voice and his dancing skills make him a top notch entertainer. His background in music is extensive. Starting out in the Texas Boy's Choir, the Gospel Choir at Trimble Tech, a n d had the lead in "The Marriage of Figaro" at T.C.J.C.South Campus. Besides appearing on Jubilee's stage, Blake will work in the theatre in any capacity. He was Tesponsible for the successful publicity in the first showing of "Negroes in Space" at the Caravan of Dreams. This energetic man also has many interests beyond theater. He works in the office of the Funny Bone Comedy Club in Arlington and is member of the Ft. Worth, Tx Alumni Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha. Blake's model in life is Paul Robeson and he credits his mother, Lillie, with inspiring and supporting him."

Pollard Named to Corporate Personnel Post Brother Percy E. Pollard, Sr., a 1966 graduate of Virginia State University The Sphinx/Spring 1989


Brother Percy E. Pollard

has been named Manager of Corporate Headquarters Personnel for IBM in A r m o n k , N e w York. Pollard assumed this post after serving as National Coordinator for IBM's 1988 Employee Charitable Contribution Campaign. He led the national campaign team to a record $31.8 million exceeding last year's total gifts by $2.6 million. Pollard and his wife Annie have been strong supporters of Virginia State University. They were founders of the "Trojan Computer Camp" which teaches computer concepts to students ages 13-17 for two weeks each summer on Virginia State University's campus. He is also co-host of the Virginia State University Report which is broadcasted every first Sunday on WXEX-TV Channel 8. In 1987, he was named "Friend of the University" at the May commencement exercises. Pollard joined IBM in 1966. He has received numerous awards and honors for his strong business leadership and community efforts. He is a native of King & Queen County, Virginia where he graduated from Central High School in 1961. His new personnel responsibilities will cover IBM employees assigned to the Corporate Headquarters unit of IBM. Percy is Dean of Pledges in Kappa Theta Lambda Chapter, Teaneck, N.J. He pledged at Beta Gamma Chapter in the fall of 1963. His wife Annie, is also a graduate of Virginia State University. They have a son and daughter and live in Northern Jersey.

There goes a man of high impulse Of princely mien and grace There goes a man of humble faith A credit to his race There goes a man of conscience vast with will to reach his goal There goes a man of lordly rank Of heroes' stock and soul— There goes a man of noble caste Whom hardship cannot break There goes a man in merit clad Whom duty won't forsake There goes a man in cultured verse Who holds a sportsman's creed There goes a man too vigilant To bow to lust or greed There goes a man whose life is spent in service not in scorn There goes a man whose majesty Shines like a May time

There goes a man who is a friend To love and duty truth There goes a man to help uplift I he lives of wholesome youth There goes a man with n industry and faith at his command. There goes the best man in and out For he i\ an Alpha Man. Page 7

Fine Tuning Our Membership Program Brother Napoleon Moses, Chairman of the Committee on Membership, Standards and Extension, reviews the critical membership-related issues which will be addressed at the 1989 General Convention in San Antonio, Texas. We need your ideas to help us change the way we run our fraternity's membership program. When we meet at the General Convention in San Antonio this summer, we will consider alternatives to the crisis and chaos we now have. Membership Infrastructure and Standardized Pledge Program proposals will be presented to Convention Delegates. Membership Infrastructure. Philosopher George Santayana once said, "Having lost sight of my goal, I double my effort." Surely, Alpha cannot afford such an attitude. We work harder than ever to serve our membership. We propose that we work smarter instead. Alpha needs trained and constitutionally approved field workers to assist our Regional VicePresidents and the General Office . . . and we need them now. We are proposing one organizational structure that gives Alpha accountability from our General Convention to the Chapter. We expect and welcome debate on our proposals because we know open dialogue will strengthen them. We will circulate proposed constitutional amendments to chapters that explain the following proposed membership management officials: (1) District Directors— these membership managers will report directly to RVP's. Responsible for designated population centers within regions. District Directors would manage geographical regions such as the State of Texas, or southern California. Our goal is not to change current structures that work, but to standardize the current District/State/Regional Director nomenclature. (2) Area Director—will provide organizational continuity and accountability by managing membership problems involving a cluster of college and alumni chapters within a state or region such as (a) an Atlanta, GA Area Director, (b) a Research Triangle, NC Area Director or (c) a New York City Area Director. (3) Advisor—will serve both college and alumni chapters, supervising Page 8

pledge programs, managing risks related activities and providing chapter management training to both. A summary of our proposed membership infrastructure as follows: General Convention Board of Directors General President Regional Vice-Presidents and their Assistants District Directors Area Directors Advisors Chapters Our Pledge Program. A new generation of college men has erupted in our midst. Many come from single parent homes. Others have seen family members join greek organizations and bring a range of concerns shaped from these experiences. Most view college fraternal life as both mindless frolic with adolescent hazing and brutality. Fewer want to pledge fraternities in general, and less than one in ten of those who do pledge Alpha stay active after college. Something is wrong with the way we admit members. We propose a standardized pledge program to address this membership crisis. A standardized curriculum organized similar to the Risk Management Curriculum, standardized probation activities, and case study examples explaining allowable activities would constitute the program. Our goal is to ensure that every chapter initiates a member using the same methods all other chapters use from start to finish.

The hallmark of our proposal is a move to a task oriented instructional approach to pledging. We hope to use the best of the old to create a new, prudent membership admission program. We plan to present to the General Convention a "Resolution On Pledging," after receiving input from appropriate committees (i.e. College Brothers Affairs, Constitution, Rituals, and Membership), officers and delegates. The resolution would outline the purpose, goals, objectives and strategies for running a pledge program within college and alumni chapters, listing day by day allowable activities. It would authorize the Committee on Membership, Standards, and Extension and the General Office to develop, disseminate and train field staff (see Proposed Infrastructure above) on how to implement the Standardized Pledge Program. The resolution would be circulated to chapters before the Convention allowing members to review it and suggest additional ideas. We encourage this open process since we are proposing to change a pledge sytem that is institutionalized and has outlived its useful — as well as our ability to manage it. So, get involved now by sending your ideas to me at our General Office address. Often, when leadership proposes changes in tradition or operation, it is done using the cloak of emergency. Sometimes this is warranted. Usually it is not. Brother Justice Thurgood Marshall reminded us of this folly recently saying, "History teaches that grave threats to liberty often come in times of urgency, when constitutional rights seem too extravagant to endure." We are mindful of this counsel as we offer these ideas for change. Yet, we know that changing the way we manage our chapters our pledge program is essential to our fraternity's survival — even as other fraternities fail to adapt and cease to exist. It may inconvenience some of us. But we are a point in our development where duty and decision meets. We will grow or die. The Sphinx/Spring 1989


A Special Report

Alpha's Legal Eagle Takes a Well-Deserved Bow Outgoing General Counsel Milton Carver Davis is a shining star on the American legal scene. From a cursory reading of "The History of Alpha Phi Alpha," it's not clear exactly how many Brothers have served in the office of General Counsel. The listing of General Officers by administration in the index only shows this office from the 27th Administration (1940). This was the last term of the Wesley presidency and Brother Belford V. Lawson was the counsel of record. However, the summary of the 1929 General Convention in Atlanta (Chapter XI, Page 182, 12th Edition) contains the following citation: "A report was made by the General Counsel, Perry B. Jackson, concerning cases of discrimination against black students at Ohio University . . .". Future historians will undoubtedly solve this dilemma, but it is clear from our partial listing of fourteen confirmed counsels that they were a special breed. Jackson's finding led to the creation of the historic "Go To High School — Go To College" campaign. Lawson and Ernest Morial (later Mayor of New Orleans) became General Presidents, in addition to forging distinguished careers in the legal field. Jawn Sandifer was a pioneer in civil rights; James McGee was Mayor of Dayton, Ohio; William H. Brown, III was Chairman of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and the list goes on. Those who know him are confident that the immediate past General Counsel, Brother Milton C. Davis, will reach similar lofty heights on the American scene. While we wait for their visions to be realized, we can assuredly take a moment to thank this youthful attorney for stellar service during his four-year tenure as General Counsel of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. In this period, 1985 through 1988, Brother Davis focused on girding his beloved Fraternity to protect itself from the many pitfalls which threaten national membership organizations in this litigous society. In so doing, his work has made a dramatic and positive impact on the manner in which we conduct our affairs. Indeed, much of the planning for the next decade will Continued on Page 12

The Sphinx/Spring 1989

While serving as Assistant Attorney General for the State of Alabama, Brother Davis was largely responsiblef or securing a pardon for Clarence Norris — the last survivor of the Scottsboro boys. His stellar performance as Alpha Phi Alpha's General Counsel over the past four years has ushered in a new era of consciousness about the heavy responsibility we assume in managing an international membership organization. He'll now serve as Chairman of the newly created Commission on Racial Justice. Page 9

ALPHA PHI ALPHA EDUCATION FOUNDATION REPORT The subject of this column is HONORS. I wish to honor those Brothers who have made voluntary contributions to the scholarship programs of the Foundation and to honor those college Brothers who have distinguished themselves by being invited to join honor societies. Even without a formal solicitation program, the Education Foundation has received voluntary gifts amounting to $9,553.00. We heartily appreciate these expressions of support for our programs to promote scholastic excellence. The collegiate achievers listed in that honor

roll represent only those reported to the Foundation via The Honors Program. Certainly they represent only a small percentage of the College Brothers inducted into the various honor societies. In any event, the Foundation was proud to underwrite the induction fees of these Brothers who informed us of their selection and we look forward to the expansion of this program in coming years. Hence, w h a t follows is two H O N O R ROLLS. The foundation is proud of those who give and those who achieve.

HONOR ROLLS — DONORS — Brother Huel D. Perkins Brother Milton C. Davis Brother Roland M. Brown Brother Wayne C. Harvey Brother Isaac B. Greggs Brother Jim Dave Wilson Brother Clarence Christian Brother Norman St. Amant Brother Alfred McNair Brother Andrew Johnson Brother Wilber E. Jackson, Jr. Brother Marvin L. Yates Brother Lionel H. Newsom Brother Randall Palmer, III Brother Rory W. Chandler Midwestern Region Beta Iota Lambda Chapter Zeta Phi Lambda Chapter Iota Beta Lambda Chapter Beta Omicron Chapter Xi Omicron Chapter Alpha Sigma Lambda Chapter Brothers in the Washington D.C. area

— ALPHA ACHIEVERS — (The Honors Program) PHI BETA KAPPA: Brother Charles A. Jones—University of Kentucky Brother Jon E. McCoy— Jackson State University ALPHA KAPPA MU: Brother Meldon E. Young, Jr.—Cheyney State Brother Curtis Thomas—Tuskegee University Brother Gregory D. Henderson—Jarvis College Brother Rodney G. Glass—Jackson State University Brother Antonio P. Newman—Alcorn State University Brother Reginald Belton—Alcorn State University Brother Narvaez L. Stinson— Alabama A&M University Brother Dennis Emery—Alabama A&M University Brother Negoris Jones—Benedict College Brother Lloyd D. Wellington—Xavier University Brother Francis Lansiqot— Florida Memorial College Archie Young—Florida Memorial College Negorie Jones—Benedict College MORTAR BOARD: Brother Jovier B. Evans—Emory University PHI KAPPA PHI: Brother Rodney G. Glass—Jackson State University ALPHA CHI: Brother Rodney G. Glass—Jackson State University TAU BETA PI Duane Jubert— Prairie View A&M University

The Alpha Phi Alpha Education Foundation salutes the brothers and the chapters named above and hopes that both lists will continue to grow in the years ahead. REMEMBER THE FOUNDATION ON THE DAY YOU WERE INITIATED IN THE FRATERNITY; ON YOUR BIRTHDAY; AND IN YOUR WILL. Fraternally,

14~JL d\JZL


Huel D. Perkins Chairman

Page 10

The Sphinx/Spring 1989

The 1988 College Chapter of the Year MM

Eta Gamma Prairie View A St M University Eta Gamma Chapter was founded at Prairie View A&M University on May 15, 1970. For the past 13 years Eta Gamma has been achieving local, regional and national recognition for services to Alpha at all levels. Service is the key to Eta Gamma and performing services for the campus and community is what Alpha is all about. A brief background of a few service projects include: working with the Summer Youth Program, which consists of counseling youth from Junior High to beginning college level; heading a petition against Judge Robert Bork for the position of Supreme Court Justice; heading political forums, one held in the spring entitled "Jesse Jackson, is he ready for the challenge?" and one held recently addressing Republican, Democratic, and Independent viewpoints of the presidential election; and sponsoring a blood drive for the American Red Cross. Other projects were as follows: presenting a Constitution Seminar focusing on certain provisions that directly affect Black people; sponsoring a program recognizing the top professors in various fields of study; reflections honoring the works of Brother Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; holding an Oratorical Scholarship Contest honoring the late Brother Joseph York for his oratorical skills; holding a Miss Black & Gold Scholarship Pageant; continually functioning with a local Boy Scout troop; sponsoring free sickle cell testing; sponsoring a seminar on developing efficient study skills; visiting a Day-Care center on Halloween; donating foodstuff to a needy family for Thanksgiving; picking up debris on a local highway. Brothers are not only leaders in Alpha, because the need for leadership The Sphinx/Spring 1989

Eta Gamma Chapter has a proven record of service, scholarship and leadership. Its members are not only leaders in Alpha, for they have been honored for excellence in the campus and community arenas. expands over a field of disciplines. The chapter management that captured the National Crown consisted of the following Brothers: President, Eric K. Dargan; Vice-President, Kevin B. Enders; Recording Secretary, Lonnie Senegal; Corresponding Secretary, Darryl Harris; Treasurer, Richard Lark; Associate Editor to the Sphinx, Allen Reed; Director of Education, Ray Woods; Sergeant-at-Arms, Oscar Davis; Parliamentarian, Elbridge Thrash; Historian, Bradley Jackson; Chaplain, Michael Forney; Dean of Pledges, Eric Williams; and Advisor, Frank Jackson. Other major positions and leadership roles include Brother Troy Johnson- Battalion Commander, Naval ROTC; Richard Lark, President, Architecture Honor Society; Kevin Enders, Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society; Eric Dargan, President, Eta Kappa Nu Electrical Engineering Honor Society; Doug Scott, President,

American Society of Mechanical Engineers; James Whitehead, President, Electrical and Electronic Engineering Honor Society; and Jon Parker, President American Institute of Chemical Engineers. During the Fall semester, Eta Gamma conducted its annual Founders Day Program which honored four outstanding Brothers within the chapter: Brother Van Norman, Outstanding Brother of the Year; Brother Bradley Jackson, Joseph York Service Award; Brother Darryl Harris, Brother with the highest GPA; and Brother Eric Dargan, Distinguished Leadership Award. Eta Gamma Chapter has won the Texas Council of Alpha Chapters' Chapter of the Year Award for the past thirteen consecutive years. The chapter has won just about every fraternity award possible over the past years Continued on Page 12

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LEGAL FORUM Continued from Page 9 revolve around issues identified during Brother Davis' comprehensive review of Alpha's legal status. The Davis impact has been so great that it's difficult to believe that his service began only four years ago, when "risk management" was virtually a foreign concept to the rank-and-file Brotherhood. More than the mere establishment of a formal risk management program, the Davis era ushered in a new consciousness about the heavy responsibility we assume when we undertake to manage an international institution in a volunteer fashion. That realization is now clearly present, if not always heeded by every single Brother. The adoption of "The Standing Orders" to govern pledging was the result of a protracted multiyear struggle at successive General Conventions to attain legislation. In contrast, the Risk Management Program was drafted and adopted at a single convention by an overwhelming margin — thanks largely to the case made to the Brotherhood by the General Counsel. The registration of our trademark symbols, the drafting of a licensing program for fraternity paraphernalia, securing tax-deductible status for contributions to the National Headquarters campaign and an extensive membership education program on legal matters are other hallmarks of Brother Davis' tenure. Moreover, the several potentially damaging lawsuits pending against the Fraternity were all resolved without marked damage to the name or fiscal status of the organization. In short, Brother Davis was able to mobilize the Brotherhood and let the world know that Alpha Phi Alpha is serious about dealing with the issues which confront it.

Four years ago, "risk management" was virtually a foreign concept to the rank and file brotherhood. A native of Tuskegee, Alabama, Brother Davis graduated with honors from Tuskegee Institute High School in 1967. He received the Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from Tuskegee Institute in 1971; and, in 1974, received the Juris Doctor degree from the University of Iowa. He is Page 12

licensed to practice law in all federal and state courts in the states of Iowa and Alabama; in the U.S. Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit and Eleventh Circuit; and is admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of the United States. Brother Davis is a former Assistant Attorney General for the State of Alabama. In that position, he gained national acclaim for researching and writing opinions which led to the pardon of Clarence Norris — the last survivor of the tragic Scottsboro Boys. Norris among nine young Blacks convicted and sentenced to death for the alleged rape of two young white women. The flimsy nature of the evidence against the young men was evident early, causing the Governor of Alabama to pardon four of the nine in 1938 (seven years after the trial). Norris received no pardon, although his death sentence was commuted to life imprisonment. Fifteen years in prison, a parole, a parole violation, imprisonment again, and escape — ultimately to New York — preceded Norris' bid for official freedom in 1975. After the NAACP was stymied in efforts to help Norris, Brother Davis put the case before Alabama Attorney General Bill Baxley and shepherded the case to a successful conclusion. Brother Davis is now engaged in the general practice of law in his hometown of Tuskegee. In a 1977 article in The Sphinx, the young attorney stated, "This is where it all started. This is home . . . a black community with resources . . . a place where you can develop your potential." He has been appointed Chairman of the newly created Commission on Racial Justice by General President Henry Ponder — a fitting use of his obvious talents after four years of internal housekeeping within the Bond. A Major in the U.S. Air Force Reserves, Brother Davis is married to Dr. Myrtle Goode Davis — a family practitioner and Director of the Lister Hill Medical Center. They are the p a r e n t s of two s o n s : M i l t o n Christopher, age 9; and Warren Allen, age 7. We are certain that much more will be written about Brother Milton C. Davis in the years to come. At this juncture, all of the Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha echo the sentiments expressed by the Board of Directors in January 1989 when it accepted his final report "with grateful appreciation for a job very well done!"

Eta Gamma Continued from Page 11 along with "Chapter of the Year." This past year at the Texas Convention, Eta Gamma went not only to win, but to set the foundation for the struggle to win National Chapter of the Year. Awards won during the convention include: W.E.B. Dubois Academic Award, College Chapter with the highest GPA, Henry Arthur Callis Academic Award, College Brother with the highest GPA, Darryl Harris; Outstanding Brother of the Year Award, Eric Dargan; Oratorical Contest, Kevin Enders; Second place in basketball and step contest. During the Southwestern Regional Convention, Eta Gamma captured the title of Regional Chapter of the Year. Eta Gamma last won Regional Chapter of the Year in 1982 and also won National Chapter of the Year that same year. Another victory was won by Brother Eric Dargan as Outstanding College Brother of the Year for the Southwestern Region. Brother Dargan also was elected to serve as Assistant Regional Vice-President. 1988 was the year that history repeated itself as Eta Gamma upheld the light of Alpha and captured the National Chapter of the Year Award for 1988-89. Eta Gamma dedicated its services and honors to the memory of Brother Joseph Winston, Fall '85, who entered the Omega Chapter in November 1987. For the school year 1988-89, the Brothers of Eta Gamma continued to uphold the light of Alpha by capturing the 1989 Chapter of the Year Awad for the Texas Council of Alpha Chapters. Individual Awards include: Brother of the Year and first place in Oratorical Contest, Brother Kevin Enders; and Brother with the highest GPA, Brother Duane Jubert. Outstanding accomplishments of Brothers on the college level include: Brother Kevin Enders, Engineer of the Year Award for Prairie View A&M University, GEM fellowship recipient; Brother Gregory Edison, Battalion Commander, Army ROTC; Brother Darryl Harris, Battalion Commander, Naval ROTC; and Brother Kevin Jefferson, President, Beta Beta Biological Honor Society. Eta Gamma has a service, scholarship, and doubtless the chapter will make legacy.

proven record of and leadership, Brothers of the this an ongoing

The Sphinx/Spring 1989

The 1988 Alumni Chapter of the Year

Zeta Epsilon Lambda Red Bank, New Jersey Zeta Epsilon Lambda Chapter was chartered in the spring of 1955 by 21 Brothers in Red Bank, New Jersey. The Chapter is located on the Jersey shore in central New Jersey and members come from both Monmouth and Ocean counties. Brother James W. Parker, Jr. of Red Bank was the chapter's first President and is one of the two members of the chapter with 50 or more years in the Fraternity. The chapter currently has 33 active Brothers and under the dynamic leadership of its President, Brother John W. Dorsey of Neptune. Zeta Epsilon Lambda is involved in every aspect of the local community and actively participates in and supports all of Alpha Phi Alpha's state, regional and general organization programs. After winning the New Jersey Alumni Chapter of the Year award for the last three years, Zeta Epsilon Lambda was cited during 1988 by both the Eastern Regional and the General Organization as the Fraternity's most outstanding alumni unit. The chapter has been involved in Project Alpha, the male-focused teen pregnancy prevention program, and has already reached more than 125% of its chapter goal for contributions to the National Headquarters Building Fund campaign — with aggregate donations of $4,200. Zeta Epsilon Lambda also co-sponsors an annual memorial breakfast in honor of Brother Martin Luther King, Jr. During the past year, the chapter participated in the annual Career Day program for Upward Bound students at Georgian Court College, Lakewood, and the Black Family Festival at Brookdale Community College, Middletown Township. The Sphinx/Spring 1989

Zeta Epsilon Lambda Chapter is involved in every aspect of the local community and actively participates in and supports all of Alpha Phi Alphas state, regional and general organization programs. Among ZEL's many contributions to local charities were donations of five hundred dollars to the Monmouth County United Way and the Monmouth County Boy Scouts; $1,500 to the NAACP; and, $1,000 to the United Negro College Fund. Zeta Epsilon Lambda also gives annual scholarships to local college bound students, having awarded more than $25,000 over the last five years. The chapter's wide array of charitable gifts are primarily supported by its annual Charity Ball, which last year raised $11,000 to benefit area service agencies and institutions, as well as to support chapter-sponsored service programs. In addition to those cited above, Zeta Epsilon Lambda has lent support to groups such as Planned Parenthood, the African Ethiopian Relief Fund, the West Side Community Center Boys Club, the National Council of Negro Women, the Martin Luther King

Monument fund, the Community Gospel Race Against Hunger and many others. Last Christmas, ZEL teamed with Revlon to donate dolls to disadvantaged children in the area — and the list goes on. Chapter members have been recognized by the local community for outstanding individual service and have taken prominent leadership roles in state and district fraternity affairs. Moreover, one can be sure that Zeta Epsilon Lambda will be represented at every workshop, convention or planning session in its jurisdiction. The chapter also maintains an active social calendar for Brothers, the Alpha Wives and their families — in addition to supporting Brothers who are honored by other organizations. This might be Zeta Epsilon Lambda's first Chapter of the Year citation, but don't count them out in the years to come. Page 13

NEWSMAKERS Meet Mayor Robert Walker of historic Vicksburg, Mississippi Brother Robert M. Walker, a native of Vicksburg, Mississippi, is the second eldest of twelve children born to his parents, Mr. Robert Walker and Mrs. Annie Mae Weeks Walker of Vicksburg. He received his early formal education in the Vicksburg Public School System and was awarded his high school diploma from Rosa A. Temple in 1962. Walker earned a Bachelor's Degree in History and Government from Jackson State College in 1966, and a Master's Degree in History and Government from the University of Mississippi in 1968. He has done additional study at the University of Mississippi, the University of Louisville, and Kentucky State College. He completed courses of study and holds certificates in Afro-American Studies from the University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky, and Kentucky State College, Frankfort, Kentucky. Brother Walker has a diverse employment background. He has served as an employee of the U. S. Department of State in the Bureau of African Affairs; worked as a Tour Guide and Park Historian at the Statue of Liberty; been a radio announcer and also a registered lobbyist at the Mississippi Legislature. He has also been an educator at various levels. He has been a Resource Teacher with Head Start and has taught at Coahoma Junior College, Rust College, the University of Mississippi, and Jackson State University, where he served as Interim Head of the History Department for a year. He was also the first Black to teach in the regular academic program at the University of Mississippi. Brother Walker also served as chairman of the Black Mississippians' Council on Higher Education, a group whose mission is to save historically Black colleges, improve programs, and increase funding to them. Beginning in December, 1977, Robert M. Walker served as coordinator of the Mississippi Legal Services Coalition, a legislative and administrative advocacy group he helped organize, and held that position for three and one half years. He Page 14

Mayor Robert M. Walker

Vicksburg, Mississippi is a shrine of the Confederacy and Brother Robert Walker is a keen observer of history. Yet he v i e w s h i s t o r y as t h e background for building the future and has dedicated his careers to improving life in his native state. After stints as state field director for the NAACP and election as a county supervisor, he was elected Mayor of his hometown. was Mississippi Field Director of the NAACP from June, 1980, until September, 1984, when he left the Civil Rights organization to run for the District Three position on the Warren County Board of Supervisors. He was elected to the position of supervisor in November of 1984 and re-elected without opposition in 1987. During his tenure on the board he helped bring about numerous progressive reforms. On April 12, 1988, he was elected

Mayor of the City of Vicksburg, becoming the first Black elected to this position. Brother Walker has received numerous awards, honors, and citations for outstanding service to civic, human, and civil rights, as well as charitable causes. He is a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity; the Board of Directors of the VicksburgWarren Chamber of Commerce and the Vicksburg Warren Economic Development Foundation; and the Board of Directors of the United Way of Warren County, having served as chairman of the Public Service Division for the 1986 United Way Campaign. He served as chairman of the Mississippi Association of Black Supervisors until his election to the office of Mayor. He presently serves as chairman of the Policy Council of Mississippi Action for Progress-Head Start. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the Mississippi Municipal Association and is a member of the State Job Training Coordinating Council of Mississippi and the twenty-five member Housing Task Force for the State of Mississippi. Brother Walker was a member of the selected committee appointed by Governor William F. Winter in 1980 that studied education in the state of Mississippi and recommended sweeping changes that were incorporated into the much needed and nationally acclaimed, Mississippi Education Reform Act of 1982. An historian and avid researcher, Walker has done extensive research in Afro-American and Mississippi history. He has presented papers at annual meetings of the VicksburgWarren Historical Society and the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History. Also, he frequently speaks and lectures at universities and before various groups and organizations. Brother Walker is married to the former Sylvia L. Stalls of Vicksburg and they are the parents of three daughters. The Walkers are members of Locust Grove M. B. Church, where he serves on the Deacon Board. The Sphinx/Spring 1989

r ocus Brother Richard R. Green Committed to Quality Education


rother (Dr.) Richard R. Green blazed a brand new trail when he finally achieved the educational pinnacle position of New York City's public school system: Chancellor, New York City Public Schools. Although he did not personally participate in the bitter, bruising, politically and even racially involved strife, the struggle had drawn many battle lines as scores of highly qualified educators openly sought the job. Brother Green was officially awarded the position as of July, 1988 but with a generous display of sincerity he began working several months ahead of that date — March, 1988. In order to fully understand the problems that Brother Green must deal with every day, it is necessary to acknowledge the fact that New York City's population of 8,000,000 is more than 50% minority - Black and Latino. These two groups while capable of forming a coalition each wanted one of their own to be Chancellor. The student population which is close to one million is 80% minority with tremendous social service and educational needs including a 70% drop out rate, drug abuse, and discipline problems. The situation is further complicated because the solidly entrenched white minority has long held the power, the top jobs, the allocation of a 6.4 billion dollar school budget, and control of the powerful unions. As in the famous words of Frederick Douglass they had no desire to "willingly relinquish" this sort of power. Recent highly publicized events have proven that if given the slightest excuse the establishment or "white power structure" would immediately and publicly criticize Brother Green in the newspapers and television without even attempting to speak with him first. These are facts, not writers opinion. Mindful of all these facts, Brother (Dr.) George L. Mims, Director of New York State District III Alpha Phi Alpha arranged a reception for Alpha men only on Thursday evening, November 10, 1988 at The Sphinx/Spring 1989

IN MEMORIAM We regret to announce that Brother Richard Green entered Omega Chapter on May 10, 1989. We join his family, his legion of friends and the educational community in mourning the loss of this genius in the field of urban education.

After achieving renown as Superintendent of the Minneapolis Public Schools, Brother Green has tackled education's greatest challenge — leading the decentralized New York School system and educating its nearly 1 million students. Chancellor Green states that "the voice of Alpha is desperately needed in the urban crisis because Alpha has to replenish itself from these very youngsters." Schimmel Theater, Pace University in New York City. He was aided in this effort by Brother Steven B. Skinner, Associate N.Y State Director and by Brother John M. Williams of Gamma Iota Lambda Chapter. The reception was a tremendous success both in terms of the huge turnout; the warm Alpha fellowship; and the chance for the imposing, dignified Chancellor to relax with his

peers, with men he could trust; with men he knew would support him in an hour of crisis. Brother Green who was made an Alpha in 1976 described the huge size of the school system, mentioned many of its problems, some of its successes and stated that "the voice of Alpha is desperately needed in the urban crisis because Alpha has to replenish itself from these very youngsters". He sadly noted the need for a Project Alpha because of the teenage pregnancy problem (the school system has 200 mothers under age 13) and stated that unless remedial action is taken "The Black Family is dissolving before our very eyes." The validity and irony of his remarks was underscored by the fact that many of the Brothers drove past the "homeless" Black and white men lying in the gutters and "homeless" women and children in the "shelters" as they returned to their split level homes in the suburbs. Brother Green attended Augsburg College in Minneapolis, Minnesota; has degrees from the University of Minnesota, St. Cloud State College, and earned his Doctorate of Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He has risen through the ranks from Classroom Teacher to Assistant Principal to Principal to Superintendent of Minneapolis Public Schools to Chancellor of New York City Public Schools. He is quite well recompensed in accordance with the awesome responsibilities of his position. Some of his publications include: Human Relations: A Response to Racism Through Curriculum and his unpublished dissertation Human Resource Development in Schools, June 1973 Harvard Graduate School of Education. He is a trustee of the Minneapolis Institute of the Arts, Carleton College, Zion Baptist Church and a Director of the Phyllis Wheatley Community Center. Brother (Dr.) Richard R. Green has a host of other professional activities and honors but he is proudest of all that he is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Page 15

fystifafTCulturally rich San Antonio, Texas will bring a "South of the Border" flair to the 1989 General Convention. College Brothers Plan I Revised by Popular Demand

PRE-REGISTRATION For your convenience, Pre-Registratlon forms are included in The Alpha Spirit newsletter — which has been mailed to all Brothers. Additional are available upon request from the General Office. Each Alpha Brother should use a separte form for registration. Family members and guests may be registered on the form with any Brother. Your completed form should be forwarded with all fees to Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Post Office Box 53147, Chicago, II 60653-9998. Discount rates are offered to all persons registering prior to July 1, 1989. In addition, Pre-Registrants are assigned priority seating at the Alpha Formal Banquet and the Ladies Luncheon-Fashion Show. Convention kits, activity tickets and convention information will be prepared in advance for preregistrants -and await your arrival at the site. You are encouraged to register early. On-site fees will be substantially higher.

COLLEGE BROTHERS Revised registration plans for College Brothers are being offered for 1989 — upon the recommendation of the Commission on College Brothers Affairs and the incumbent Assistant Vice Presidents. Two registration plans are offered — both of which provide for attendance and participation for the duration of the convention. Plan I has been revised to provide, in lieu of a ticket to the Formal Banquet, admittance to all of the weekend events oriented to the collegiate population (Miss Black & Gold Pageant, Step Contest, all discos) — in addition to all scheduled luncheons. Plan II is the "no-frills" plan, allowing College Brothers to be fully registered — but including only one meal function (Saturday's College Brothers Luncheon). This plan does not include the activity tickets for the weekend fee events. Plan II is available only during the Pre-Registration period. College Brothers registering via either Plan I or Plan II may purchase Formal Banquet tickets at the prevailing rates. Because seating is limited, you are encouraged to purchase these tickets during the Pre-Registration period.

pre-certified by the General Office as a Delegate — eliminating the need to be certified by the Committee on Rules and Credentials at the convention site.

PRE-ASSIGNED SEATING Because of high demand, seating is pre-assigned for the Formal Banquet and the Ladies Luncheon-Fashion Show — on a "first come — first served" basis. Group seating must be requested and paid for at the time of registration.

HOTEL RESERVATIONS Hotel room reservation requests must be sent to the Alpha Phi Alpha General Office. Convention registration fees must accompany room requests. The hotel is not authorized to release Alpha Phi Alpha's reserved rooms, at the convention rate, except as processed through the General Office.

ALPHA PLACEMENT & EXHIBIT PROGRAM More than 50 national corporations and agencies are expected to participate in the 1989 Alpha Placement & Exhibit Program, offering both job interview opportunities and consumer exhibit booths. If you are unable to attend the convention, you are urged to mail your resume to Alpha Placement Program, P.O. Box 53147, Chicago, II 60653-9998. This program is open to the general public. The Marriott Rivercenter Hotel, far right, will serve as headquarters hotel for the 83rd — along with the Marriott Riverwalk, located directly across the street. Pictured at left is the atrium entrance to the Rivercenter Mall, which features dozens* of shops and restaurants, connected to the Rivercenter Hotel by sk v walks.

DELEGATE CERTIFICATION If you are to be a Chapter Delegate, please check the box indicating same on the Registration Form. You must also ensure that your chapter submits its Delegate Credentials, listing you as a delegate, to the General Office in Chicago. If these two steps are taken, you can be

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The Sphinx/Spring 1989

ALPHA ATHLETES Brother Art Shell elected to the NFL Hall of Fame Brothers Gene Upshaw and Art Shell are once again in the same gridiron lineup. After 14 successful years side by side on the offensive line of the Oakland Raiders and a briefer stint as "line brothers" preparing to cross the sands, both will now be permanently enshrined in the NFL Hall of Fame. When Brother Art Shell was elected to the National Football League's pantheon of super-stars in January, he became the sixth squad member from the Oakland Raiders heyday in the 1970s to be so honored. In that era, the Silver and Black was almost universally loved — you either loved the NFL's bad boys or you loved to hate them. More poignantly, this selection means that Brothers Art Shell and Gene Upshaw are once again in the same gridiron lineup. Brothers Shell and Upshaw anchored the Raiders' left offensive line for'14 seasons, with Upshaw at left guard and Shell lining up next to him at left tackle. Further the two were "Line Brothers" — pledging Alpha Phi Alpha via Gamma Chi Lambda Chapter in San Francisco and crossing the sands in June of 1981. While their professions keep them on opposite coasts of the continental United States, with Gene based in Washington as Executive Director of the NFL Players Association and Art in Los Angeles as Assistant Coach of the relocated Raiders, their visages will enjoy a perpetual reunion at the Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. Brother Shell, selected in his second year of eligibility, was one of four pro standouts selected for inclusion in the Hall of Fame for 1989. The others are Terry Bradshaw and Mel Blount of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Willie Wood of the Green Bay Packers. The quartet will be inducted on August 5th. Recalling a visit to the Hall of Fame a decade ago, prior to a preseason exhibition game, Shell pulled no punches about his pleasure at being selected. "I'm estatic," he said. " I had no idea then I'd ever be in there," he told reporters. "You never think in those terms when you're playing. I was in awe, looking at busts of the greatest players in football history and reading about them. It is hallowed ground. To be included in this group is almost to much to believe. The Sphinx/Spring 1989


Brother Art Shell, former Oakland Raiders terror, is among football's all-time greats. During his playing days, the 42-year-old Shell was a 6-foot-6, 300 pounder who was both an enormous physical talent and a master of the artistry of the game. An exceptional pass protector and rush blocker, he was a stalwart of the Raiders' offensive line from 1968 to 1982. He played in eight Pro Bowl games and started in 23 postseason games, including eight AFL or AFC championships and the 1977 and 1981 Super Bowls. A native of Charleston, South Carolina, Arthur L. Shell, Jr.

graduated from Maryland State College (now the University of MarylandEastern Shore) in 1968. He was drafted by the Raiders in the third round and has spent his entire creer with that franchise. He is married to the former Janice Jeter and they are the parents of two sons: Arthur III, 15, and Christopher, 13. The Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha join his family and many friends in extending a hearty congratulations on this most deserved honor to Brother Art Shell, Hall of Famer. Page 17

Campus Watcf)

Brother Julius F. Nimmons, Jr. President of Jarvis Christian College in Hawkins, Texas Brother Julius F. Nimmons, Jr. was appointed as the New President of Jarvis Christian College, Hawkins, Texas, June 1, 1988. Dr. Nimmons, a graduate of Morehouse College with a major in American History and from Atlanta University with a major in European History. He holds the PhD degree with a specialization in United States History from Howard University. Prior to his new appointment Dr. Nimmons was associated with Saint Augustine's College, Raleigh, North Carolina, for about twenty years. While at Saint Augustine's College, he served as Special Assistant to the President, Professor of History, and Chairman of the Division of Social Sciences.

Brother Nimmons is a past President of Phi Lambda Chapter and served as advisor to Gamma Psi Chapter at Saint Augustine's for a number of years; during which time he received many honors and awards. Among these were: Service Award, Man of the Year and Leadership. Dr. Nimmons was a very active and community-oriented person in the Raleigh-Durham area. He was President of Wake Credit Union, Local P.T.A. and the Raleigh-Apex Branch of the NAACP. Brother Julius F. Nimmons, Jr. will be Inaugurated as the Ninth President of Jarvis Christian College, Hawkins, Texas, on Saturday April 1, 1989.

JCC President Julius Nimmons

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call 212-866-3819. A portion of the proceeds will go towards the National Entrepreneurial Youth Education Project. This is a Buy Freedom Business.

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The Sphinx/Spring 1989


THE MILITARY BEAT Alpha Phi Alpha in the Land of the Morning Calm

Greetings to Alphamen everywhere from Mu Phi Lambda Chapter in Seoul, Korea, the Land of the Morning Calm. While the eyes of the world were focused on the flame of the Olympic torch at the Seoul Olympics, Mu Phi Lambda has been diligently working to keep the flame of Alpha shining brightly in the Far East. The year 1988 will long be remembered by those of us in Korea as the year when Mu Phi Lambda added immensely to its reputation of being an i n n o v a t o r a n d tireless public servant. The elected officials for the year are Aaron Andrews, President; Larry L a u d e r d a l e , Vice-President; Larry Conway, Recording Secretary and Associate Editor-to-The Sphinx; Alvin Phillips, Correspondence Secretary; Enoch Alexander, Treasurer; Donald Bullock, Dean of Pledges; Tony Jamison, Historian and Chaplain; and Kenneth Blount, Director of Education. To fully c o m p r e h e n d Mu Phi Lambda's accomplishments and gain better perspective of the challenges that Mu Phi Lambda has overcome, one must first realize that the Chapter covers a geographical area the size of Indiana with Brothers scattered along the width and breadth of the country. Secondly, the majority of Brothers remain in Korea for only one year. Therefore, extreme turbulence among the Chapter leadership, as well as, rank and file members inhibits the growth of institutional memory and makes transition from one administration to another diffi-

Mu Phi Lambda A • O •A Seoul, Korea cult. However, to the membership of Mu Phi Lambda, these are not stumbling blocks but incentives to scale to even greater heights. Mu Phi Lambda's theme over the past year has indeed been in keeping with Alpha's desire to serve and transcend. Mu Phi Lambda played a key role in organizing, planning, and participating in Black History Month Celebrations to include sponsoring a play called "A Walk through Black History." Additionally, individual Brothers volunteered to address classes in the school system on the significance of Black History Month and of the contriubutions of Black Americans. Mu Phi Lambda's support of youth activities extended to the local Cub Scout pack of which the chapter is the sole sponsor. Mu Phi Lambda's involvement with Scouting recently culminated with the Scouts and the Chapter jointly participating in a historic hike along the path of a famous Korean War battle. Service was also the watchword as Mu Phi Lambda inaugurated a series of Career Enhancement Seminars designed to give young Black leaders the benefit of the knowledge and experience gained by senior Black military leaders over their years of service. These forums were overwhelmingly well received as they gave junior leaders an opportunity to address items of shared concern and


the senior leadership the opportunity to mentor and impart sage advice to the military's future leaders. Whether collectively or individually, the members of Mu Phi Lambda demonstrated the spirit of personal volunteerism in the secular as well as religious realms. It goes without saying that within every facet of community life, the members of Mu Phi Lambda were actively involved. Mu Phi Lambda's year of service reached a crescendo on December 3rd when we celebrated Founders' Day with a banquet and dance that will be remembered for years to come. Following an inspiring keynote address by Brother Raymond Burden, certificates of appreciation were presented to organizations and individuals who had contributed to the unparalleled success that Mu Phi Lambda had enjoyed over the past year. The highlight of the evening came when Brother Tony Jamison was awarded the prestigious and coveted Brother of the Year Award for his unceasing dedication to the advancement of the ideals of Alpha Phi Alpha. Though separated by thousands of miles from the United States, Alphamen everywhere can be assured Mu Phi Lambda will continue to hold high the torch of Alpha Phi Alpha in the Far East. As we are looking forward to a most productive 1989, the goal of Mu Phi Lambda will remain "first of all, servants of all, we shall transcend all."

Mu Phi Lambda Chapter covers a geographical area the size of Indiana, with Brothers scattered along the width and breath of the country. Moreover, the majority of the Chapter's members remain in Korea for only one year - which inhibits institutional development and stability. However, like Alpha Men everywhere, the Brothers of Mu Phi Lambda view these facts not as stumbling blocks, but as incentives to scale to even greater heights. The Sphinx/Spring 1989

Page 19

All I ever really needed to know I learned in kindergarten Most of what I really need to know about how to live, and what to do, and how to be, I learned at kindergarten. In the sandbox at nursery school these are the things I learned: Share everything. Play fair. Don't hit people, P u t things back where you found them. Clean up your own mess. Don't take things t h a t aren't yours. Say you're sorry when you h u r t somebody. Wash your hands before you eat. Flush. Warm cookies and milk are good for you. Live a balanced life: Learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some. Take a nap every afternoon. When you go out into the world, watch for traffic, hold hands and stick together. Be aware of wonder. Remember the little seed in the plastic cup. The roots go down and the plant goes up and nobody really knows how or why, but we are all like that. Goldfish and hamsters and white mice and even the little seed in the plastic cup — they all die. So do we. Everything you need to know is in there somewhere. The Golden Rule and love and basic sanitation. Ecology and politics and sane living. Think of what a better world it would be if we all — the whole world — had cookies and milk about three o'clock every afternoon and then lay down with our blankets for a nap. Or if we had a basic policy in our nation and other nations to always put things back where we found them and cleaned up our own messes. And it is still true, no matter how old you are, when you go out into the world, it is best to hold hands and stick together. — Robert Gulghum

Metropolitan Property and Liability Insurance Company and Subsidiaries Warwick, Rhode Island

COMMENTARY THE TREE OF CONTINUITY: ALPHA'S DESTINY OR FATE? Barren I Solien As we approach the 21st century, the year 2006 will mark the centennial year of Alpha Phi Alpha's inception. Where is Alpha Phi Alpha headed as an organization? According to the membership profile presented at the 82nd Anniversary Convention, Alpha's fidelity is in jeopardy. The membership profile graphically depicts the trends of membership covering the last 30 years. The findings reflect that collegiate membership is declining, while alumni membership is not significant enough to maintain the stability of our organization. I was surprised to learn that the average age of an Alphaman is 51 years. Research and statistics reveal that the life expectancy of a Black male ranges from 65-70 years. If the average age of an Alphaman continues to increase to the point of eclipsing the life expectancy of Black males, then Alpha Phi Alpha's days are numbered. One finding indicated that college

brothers are not joining graduate chapters. Why don't college brothers opt to enjoy the benefits of graduate membership? As a young graduate brother, I often pose this question to college brothers. The general impres-

sion is that members of graduate chapters fail to understand the concerns of young brothers. Some of the young brothers claim that graduate c h a p t e r s are too " b u r e a u c r a t i c " . Others even think that graduate membership is a separate organization where you either have to pledge again, or receive a recommendation from a brother in that chapter. Finally, there are those who don't believe they will fit in. I believe that it is safe to say that there is a lack of continuity between the two types of memberships. Sometimes I tend to envision Alpha Phi Alpha as a tree that bears fruit. Each part of this tree (roots, trunk, branches, fruit) has a purpose. Without continuous functioning of these parts, the tree will not produce. The 50-year brothers are the roofs. They are the possessors of our rich heritage which they pass on to younger memContinued on page 22

Reflections On Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The birthday and holiday celebrations relating to the observance of KWANZAA and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. are always a period of Observation and Reflection for me personally. I recall that Mr. Bill Alston and his faithful wife and partner, Lilly, used to put out a special edition of their newspaper; The Long Island Courier, for Dr. King's birthday. He even used special colors, red, black, and green for that highly prized edition; invited various community activists to share their thoughts on Dr. King's dream; and for many citizens it was a valuable collectors item. I read again my article written about a year ago stating what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. meant to me and I will practically repeat parts of it word for word because except for the emergence of the problems of "The homeless" and the AIDS crisis not much else has changed signifiThe Sphinx/Spring 1989

John P. Rice, Jr. cantly . . . "I view Martin Luther King, Jr. in three separate but inescapably interwoven dimensions—as a human being, as an American and as a Black American. As a human being he is a universal figure, there with Martin Luther, Voltaire, and Mahatma Gandhi, an intellectual giant upon the world stage. He has made a profound impact upon world history, world religions, and political thought by his successful non-violent fight to win additional civil rights and recognition for the disenfranchised not only in the south but everywhere. I view Martin Luther King, Jr. as a great American—a patriot who fought to bring reality to the lofty phrases and the various amendments of our Constitution. America

rejoiced when he won the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to bring equality to man and woman, Black and white, for each and every citizen of this nation. America has made his birthday a national holiday. Most important of all I share Blackness with Martin Luther King, Jr. He lived the social injustices that I have lived. He was a member of my fraternity: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. He exemplified their ideals and their "quest for excellence," Martin Luther King, Jr. means to me that I can sleep in the hotels, eat at lunch counters, go to schools, vote and hold jobs that were at one time denied to me solely on the basis of skin color. But Martin Luther King, Jr., a martyr, killed in action on April 4, 1968, would agree with the statement that "eternal struggle is the price of freedom." For us—and for minorities everywhere—the struggle continues." Page 21

Continued from page 21

bers who strengthen our foundation. The graduate brothers are symbolic of the trunk whose experience and determination keep the organization strong. The college brothers are the branches who serve as the "life blood". They serve as role models for both Black youth and their college peers. The fruits of this tree are the Black youth who are the future leaders of both Alpha Phi Alpha and the Black community. Our destiny depends on the kind of fruit that the "Alpha Tree" bears. Graduate brothers must never forget that the inception of Alpha Phi Alpha was because of the fortitude and determination of college brothers. We must remain open-minded and sensitive to their concerns. Young Black males are under severe pressure due to the effects of phenomena such as drug abuse, gang warfare, suicide

and discrimination. Now more than ever before we need to assist (not dictate to) our college brothers in meeting their endeavors. One of the keys to strengthening our m e m b e r s h i p lies in y o u n g graduate membership. They represent the "bridge" between the older graduate brothers and the college brothers because most have maintained ties with their college chapters. Young graduate brothers should "market their chapters" to college brothers, invite them to meetings and make sure that they are recognized after the order of business. Graduate brothers must realize that college brothers are the "life blood" of Alpha and bring a multitude of talents to graduate chapter programs. By their participation in national programs such as "Project Alpha" and "Boy Scouts of America", they can enlighten young men on the current trends of campus life and pre-

sent themselves as excellent role models. College brothers also add young fraternal spirit, diverse intellects and fresh ideas to graduate chapter programs. College brothers must realize that joining a graduate chapter will not only increase your realm of networking, but it also serves as a vehicle to prepare you for corporate America. Graduate chapters also provide role models and will almost certainly associate you with someone in your field of interest. As members of Alpha Phi Alpha, we must realize the importance of both college and graduate brothers and pool our resources together. This fraternity cannot survive without effective continuity between college and graduate membership. We must also realize that all members from college neophyte to 50-year brother are equally important to the life of Alpha Phi Alpha.

Still "#1" After All These Years! *H»S)S



Alpha had the largest fraternal delegation at the 25th Anniversary March on Washington.

Are Black fraternities and sororities "relevant"? D o they still meet the noble aims espoused by their founders? If you need a update on the answers to those questions, send for a free copy of "A Legacy of Leadership and Service" — a full-color brochure which provides an overview of the many service programs of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. You'll find that Alpha Phi Alpha continues to provide leadership and service to the community Single copies available upon request with inclusion of SASE (business sized, #10). Bulk copies are 10 for $1.00. Order today from the General Office. Page 22


The Sphinx/Spring 1989

Brother Michael J. Barnes

llllllllllllll The brotherhood in the State of Nebraska says 'good-bye' to their S t a t e Director, C a p t a i n Brother MICHAEL J. BARNES. C a p t a i n Barnes was recently transferred from H e a d q u a r t e r s Strategic Air Command (HQ SAC), Offutt Air Force Base, N e b r a s k a to t h e S u p r e m e Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE), Allied Forces S o u t h e r n (AFSOUTH) Europe, Naples City, Italy. He will be a part of selectively manned organization—North Atlanta Treaty O r g a n i z a t i o n (NATO). As Chief of Supply Support Readiness Section, Captain Barnes will have direct interface with at least five allied countries in Southern Europe: Italy, Turkey, Greece, Belgium and Luxembourg. He will be responsible for ensuring maximum logistics supply s u p p o r t is being provided to meet NATO objectives. Brother Barnes is a 1982 graduate of the University of Tuskegee, formerly Tuskegee Institute. He was initiated into the fraternity at the University of Tuskegee, Gamma Phi Chapter. After b e i n g c o m m i s s i o n e d as a Second Lieutenant, Brother Barnes was assigned to the 42nd Supply Squadron, Loring Air Force Base, Maine as the C u s t o m e r S u p p o r t Officer. In 1985, he was reassigned to the 8th Supply Squadron, Kunsan Air Base, Republic of Korea (ROK) as the Chief of Material Management Branch. In 1986, Brother Barnes relocated to the HQ SAC as the Chief of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM) Spares Support Section. His responsibility consisted of providing

logistics s u p p l y s u p p o r t to t h e MINUTEMAN and PEACEKEEPER weapon systems—one third of the nuclear triad. His military awards includes two Air Force Commendation Medals, an Air Force Achievement Medal, and an Outstanding Unit ribbon. Brother Barnes was appointed as the State Director for Nebraska in June 1986. As State Director, Brother Barnes re-instilled a sense of professionalism and pride among the brotherhood. He led the charge to r e j u v i n a t e inactive c h a p t e r s a n d reclaiming non-financial brothers. Under his leadership, Brother Barnes spearheaded the fraternity's involvement in the Male Sexual Awareness Program and Computer Literacy Program, a joint Beta Xi Lambda and Omaha Urban League project. His state efforts to support an annual 'Kick-in-the-Can' project, a joint venture with Omaha/Lincoln Food Banks and University of Nebraska at Lincoln (UNL), allowed the fraternity to be recognized by state officials and the surrounding communities. His leadership is contagious. Unfortunately, the midwestern region and the State of Nebraska loss is another region's gain. Thanks for a job well done!

llllllllllllll Brother ED COLE was recently appointed Chairman of the Mississippi Democratic Party, the first black to be appointed to this position anywhere in the United States. The fourth of thirteen children, Cole was raised on a farm in a corner of southwestern Mississippi. For Cole to have reached such a goal is no surprise to his friends and family; "He's always been a strong, and true leader". When Ed Cole was in the ninth grade, he lost his left leg in a sugar mill accident, his classmates sold their blood to pay for his hospital bill. Since then, Cole hasn't stopped giving back, not only to the community, but the entire state and nation. Prevented by his disability from following the good paying jobs his older brothers had working on the levees along the Mississippi River, Cole expanded his mind with the help of his Aunt, a teacher who possessed the only library in his rural community. He went on to Jackson State University, where he graduated in 1967, and became involved in the Page 23

activities of the state branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). That led to a job in Fayette, as one of the first blacks on the staff of the state Agriculture and Industry Board. The Democratic Party that Cole heads has been reinvigorated by the youthful slate of officials, headed by 39-year-old Governor Ray Mabus. "As long as we can keep the Democratic Party focused on progressive legislation and trying to help people, then, unless people vote against their own interest, we'll be successful," Brother Cole said.

Illlllllllllll Brother EDWARD D. IRVINE first black Captain, Akron Police Department, Akron, Ohio was publicly promoted before the media and a proud group composed of his family, fraternity brothers and many friends, by the Mayor of the City of Akron, Ohio. This was a very historic occasion as Brother Irvine is the first black ever to achieve that rank in Akron's history. Brother Irvine has two degrees from University of Akron and has completed sixteen hours on his graduate work at the University. He has 24 years with the Akron Police Department and has risen through the ranks to his current rank, having first been promoted to Sergeant in 1971, to Lieutenant in 1980 and now to Captain effective June of this year. He and his wife, Geneva, have been married for more than 28 years and have one son, Pierre, a recent college graduate and a candidate for pledging for Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Brother Irvine is a shining example to black youth and he encourages them to stay in school and for those planning on a law enforcement career, to take courses in criminal justice. He also strongly advocates they learn discipline and persistence in order to attain their degree. Hats off to this brother as he has really proven that "he has transcended all" in his quest.

A true Man of Distinction that carries out the aims of our d e a r Fraternity. Brother DR. GARY L. LEROY received the 1988 Dean's Award at the Wright State University School of Medicine, Dayton, Ohio during a student recognition ceremony Page 24

Brother Dr. Gary L. LeRoy

Brother A. Leon Miller

h o n o r i n g 101 g r a d u a t i n g Medical Students. Brother LeRoy, a member of T h e t a L a m b d a C h a p t e r , w a s selected by the class of 1988 to be student speaker at the ceremony. The class was the ninth graduating class of the medical school. The Dean's Award is presented annually to a graduate who embodies the goals of Wright State University School of Medicine, and w h o demonstrates integrity, good citizenship and a dedicated involvement with peers, patients and the community. Following graduation, Brother LeRoy began a residency appointment in family practice at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio.

to r e c o g n i z e t h e a t t a i n m e n t of excellence by a select few of the Fraternity's most prolific servants in t h e a r e a s of l e a d e r s h i p , s c h o l a r s h i p , community/civic involvement, and related fraternal endeavors. It was revealed at this gala celebration that Brother LEON MILLER, Vice President of the Beta Nu Lambda Chapter in Charlotte, had been selected as the Alumni Man of the Year. Miller also serves as parlimentarian for the Association of North Carolina Alphamen (ANCA) and Cluster Coordinator for Charlotte area chapters, which include Alpha O m i c r o n ( J o h n s o n C. S m i t h University), Mu Tau (University of North Carolina at Charlotte), Eta Mu Lambda (Gastonia/Kings Mountain A l u m n i ) , a n d Beta N u L a m b d a ( C h a r l o t t e A l u m n i ) . In a d d i t i o n , Miller w o n t h e M a n of the Year Award last year.

Illlllllllllll The Brothers attending the N.C. State Conference were repeatedly inspired by an array of spell-binding addresses and cogent commentary from several of the Fraternity's most prominent luminaries. The Honorable Edward Carter, Mayor of Greenville, mesmerized an appreciative audience d u r i n g t h e P u b l i c S e s s i o n ; Dr. Tyronza Richmond, Chancellor of North Carolina Central University, rendered a strikingly poignant address to those assembled for the Fraternal Luncheon; and Dr. Lionel N e w s o m , t w e n t y - s e c o n d General P r e s i d e n t of A l p h a P h i A l p h a Fraternity, and former President of Johnson C. Smith University, was present and shared his considerable wisdom throughout the course of the conference. The Conference culminated with an Awards and Achievement Breakfast

Illlllllllllll State Insurance Commissioner Bill Gunter's Senate campaign last week a n n o u n c e d the hiring of Brother MICHAEL G. RAILEY to head efforts to organize black voters. Railey, 23, is a former account executive at Blinder Robinson & Company Investment Bankers and a 1987 cum laude graduate of Florida A&M University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Education and Office Adminstration. Railey will be contacting prominent Black Floridians in an attempt to increase statewide voter turnout and to rally support for Bill Gunter's bid The Sphinx/Spring 1989

for t h e S e n a t e s e a t v a c a t e d by Senator Lawton Chiles. G u n t e r said t h a t Railey w a s selected from a score of qualified applicants because "Mike has the enthusiasm and experience that we need to direct our 'Get Out The Vote' movement among Black voters." Railey is a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army Reserve and an Army ROTC Honor Cadet. He is an active graduate member of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and the J.R.E. Lee No. 422 Masonic Lodge. Michael, a native of West Palm Beach, now resides in Tallahassee with his wife, Toylene, and his 10month-old daughter, Tierra. Brother Joseph Springer Brother JOSEPH SPRINGER is the Financial Secretary of Phi Lambda Chapter, Raleigh, North Carolina. He is an active member of the chapter and the Raleigh community. He makes his living as an engineer for the State of North Carolina. But he feels strongly about school volunteerism by parents and other community members. He doesn't just say this, but rather he sets an example for all to follow. Brother Springer has served as the Treasurer of the Emma Conn Elementary School PTA for the past two years, and will be the Treasurer for the 1988-89 school year as well. In addition to serving as Treasurer, Brother Springer has made class presentations dealing with social studies. He has worked with several classrooms using subject matter ranging from "customs in foreign countries" to "how engineers apply mathematical concepts". He has also served as the fundraising chairman, and oneon-one tutor. At the beginning of this school year, the Wake County Schools Superintendent stated that Wake County Schools should take an aggressive role in helping students who are not achieving their potential. He indicated that, at least initially, the program should place emphasis on young black males, the group of children who appear to be the most adversely affected. Brother Springer introduced the idea to the Phi Lambda brothers of becoming role models for the 19 third, fourth, and fifth grade students who had been identified as most likely at risk of becoming alienated in grade The Sphinx/Spring 1989

school and failing to graduate from high school. Six Brothers became volunteers for the Students-At-Risk Program; two serve as alternates. These Alpha volunteers were each assigned three or four students with which to work one day per week for about 40 minutes. On each school day, a Phi Lambda volunteer arrives at school and signs in on the PTA Volunteer Log. He then proceeds to the appropriate classroom, talks briefly with the teacher, receives the prepared instructional materials, and greets the children with whom he works. Together, they walk to their meeting place where they interact for approximately 40 minutes. During the sessions the Phi Lambda volunteers follow the basic intructional outline provided by the teacher in her lesson plans, thereby supplementing and reinforcing what has been taught in the classroom. The sessions emphasize that reading comprenhesion is essential to school success. The volunteers serve as examples of individuals (role models) who have first-hand knowledge of the fundamental connection between reading, learning, and growth. The volunteers stress that true literacy goes beyond mere reading skills: it is the love of reading for its own sake. If more time is needed during a particular session, flexibility has been incorporated into the program's framework to allow for this. Each volunteer is afforded as much discretion as possible in forging the types of relationships he feels are important. Upon the conclusion of each session,

Brother Clerance E. Vaughn the volunteer accompanies the boys back to the classroom and gives a verbal progress report to the teacher. Before leaving the campus, volunteers sign out in the Volunteer Log. The program which Brother Springer started at Emma Conn Elementary School is going well. The school administration, teachers, parents, PTA, and the "At-Risk" children feel very good about it. The benefits for the children have been enormous: increased self-esteem, less absenteeism, better work and study habits, and gains in motivation. For this, and other achievements in Phi Lambda, Brother Springer was voted the Man of Merit award for 1988, and received the Outstanding Volunteer Award from the Wake County School System - a true example of Alpha leadership.

Iota Alpha Lambda C h a p t e r at Aberdeen, Maryland elected Brother CLERANCE E. VAUGHN as the new Chapter President for 1988 and 1989 year. Brother Vaughn has held chapter p o s i t i o n s of C h a p l a i n , Associate E d i t o r - o f - T h e S p h i n x , a n d Vice President. Beside each good Brother there is an equally good s p o u s e . Brother Vaughn makes no exception to this philosophy. He resides with his wife Ruth in Havre de Grace, Maryland. He is the father of two wonderful twin d a u g h t e r s , Tamara, and S t e p h a n i e w h o are g r a d u a t e s of University of Maryland at Baltimore School of N u r s i n g , Alpha Kappa Page 25

Alpha members and work at hospitals in the Baltimore area. Brother Vaughn comes from Cambridge, Maryland where he graduated from Frederick Douglas St Clair High School. He later graduated from Morgan State University at Baltimore, Maryland, and is enrolled in graduate study at t h e U n i v e r s i t y of D e l a w a r e . H e currently works at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland as an Education Specialist at the Ordinance Center & School where he has received n u m e r o u s a w a r d s . His religious affiliations have been for 8-years with Union United Methodist Church, A b e r d e e n , Maryland, a n d for 14years with Havre de Grace United Methodist Church. His civic accomplishments include appoints as the first Afro American to serve two, three-year terms as Vice Chairman on the Harford County Board of Appeals (Zoning) in Havre de Grace, Maryland. Other Harford County Community services include a three-year appointment as Secretary of t h e H a r f o r d C e n t e r Board of Director, member of the Bicentennial Festival Committee, Havre de Grace, Chairman of the Havre de Grace Beautification Committee, and former m e m b e r of the Havre de Grace Disadvantage Committee. He is a member of the S u s q u e h a n n a Optomist Club, Chesapeake Lodge #48 F. & A. M. where he serves as

Brother Don R. Weston

Chairman of The Ways and Means Committee, Investigation Committee, and Lodge Trustee Board. Newly Elected President Vaughn has initiated two new thrusts to: a) h a v e e a c h m e m b e r to a d a p t a n elderly person whereby the member meets with that person at least once a m o n t h , b) Iota A l p h a L a m b d a Chapter will strive for excellence in all of its efforts.

Ford Motor Credit Company promoted Brother DON R. WESTON to Regional Training Specialist for the South Central Region, New Orleans, La., effective November 7, 1988. Weston is responsible for training branch personnel throughout the region which consists of 13 branches. Prior to his current assignment, Weston was a Field Representative in the Athens, Georgia office. Since joining Ford Motor Credit in 1984, he has performed several functions in the Customer Service, Credit, and Sales departments. A native of Woodbine, GA., Weston was an honor graduate of Camden County High School in 1980. He earned a Bachelor's of Business Administration degree at the University of Georgia in Athens. He also attended Mercer University, Atlanta in the MBA program as part of Ford's Continuing Education program. Active in the community, Weston has worked with the Boy Scouts and the Ebenezer/CIarke Middle Tutorial Program. He also served as Vice President of the Eta Iota Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Some of his honors include Outstanding Young Men of America, Alpha Phi Alpha Award of Merit, and Who's Who Among Students at American Colleges and Universities.



Pledge/Payment Form IMrfss.


Z I P _

Male .


ss # H-(

Telephone: W-(


PLEDGE FORM I hereby pledge the sum of $ to the National Headquarters Fund Drive, to be paid as follows: • Single Payment Installments: • Quarterly • Bi-Monthly • Monthly

PAYMENT FORM Enclosed please find payment in the amount of $

to be credited to the National Headquarters Fund Drive

MAIL TO: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. 4432 Martin Luther King Dr. Chicago, IL 60653 Page 26

The Sphinx/Spring 1989

IlUHillil norfolk state u Epsilon Pi Holding it High


I I I I I ;

jb B I I I I I



j '

Greetings from the Brothers of Epsilon Pi chapter here at Norfolk State University, in Norfolk Virginia. We are proud to announce that we are holding Alpha high. The brothers of Epsilon Pi will now like to take the opportunity to tell you of the events of the fall 1988 semester. On September 11, 1988 we held our annual "Funky Monkey" dance. The dance was a huge success, for the fraternity and an earth-shaker for the attendants. On September 29th Epsilon Pi took to " w h i t e w a s h i n g " t h e o l d e s t b u i l d i n g o n c a m p u s , t h e social science facility (better known as the "white House"). Epsilon Pi has been scraping and painting from 7 am to 5 pm everyday since the 29th of September. On October 23rd Norfolk University held its annual pageantry at Chrysler hall in Norfolk. The pageant featured queens from each department and organization. Representing the black and old gold was the beautiful and talented Miss Cynthia Williams. The brothers of Epsilon Pi are adjusting to the addition of 12 new brothers to the brotherhood. They are as follows; John Newsome III, Marcus Logan, Erwin Garcia, Arthur Jarret Jr, Victor Patterson, Anthony Jackson, Johnathen Beckett, Domonic Bearfield, Joshua Aycott, Daryl Beale, Bradford Hardy and Ronald Harris. On October 27, 1988 Homecoming show, once again the brothers proved that the grand-daddy of them all step the best. It was a great victory, because all of the brothers were first time steppers. The step show was followed by a magnificent home-coming show on Saturday October 29th. The brothers of Epsilon Pi were very instrumental with the orchestrating one of the best homecoming shows in Norfolk State University history! The Thanksgiving recess proved to be very philanthropic. All of the

brothers gathered Thanksgiving baskets from the community a n d dispersed it to three needy families within the Tidewater area. In keeping with the tradition of "Manly Deeds" the brothers took on such projects as the Adopted Grandparents at Calvary Tower nursing home and Project Runner tutorial program. The tutorial program has been in operation since 1976. The program director, Mrs. Irene Dolberry, spearheaded the program since its i n d u c t i o n . In a p p r e c i a t i o n a n d admiration of her hard work, Mrs. Dolberry received the G.W.C. humanitarian award. The award was presented at our annual Black and Gold Ball. In addition brother Lester Arnold received the "Brother of the Year" a w a r d for l e a d e r s h i p a n d i n c e s s a n t d e t e r m i n a t i o n , to be a benefactor within the fraternity and throughout the community. The brothers of Epsilon Pi chapter wish everyone a prosperous 1989. Until next report 06!

Washington d.c. Mu Lambda Shaping the Lives of our Youth Greetings to the Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha from Mu Lambda Chapter situated on the shores of the Potomac River under the shadow of the Washington Monument. During the Past several months, life in Washington has been exciting not only due to the election of a new President of the United States and changes in Congress; but, Washington has been excited about Mu Lambda Chapter. Under the dynamic leadership of the immediate p a s t p r e s i d e n t , Vernon Gill, t h e chapter has made tremendous strides in programs, membership, community service and brothers well served. Special recognition must be given to Brother Rupert Picott and his Program Committee who provided top quality, t h o u g h t provoking and action oriented programs at each chapter meeting. For instance, Brother T. M. Alexander, an outstanding businessman in Atlanta, Georgia, inspired the brothers as he discussed "Success" during one program. He pointed out Page 27


ALPHA PHI ALPHA FRATERNITY, INC. General Office 4432 S. King Drive Chicago, IL 60653



NOTICE: Each chapter is required to complete this form, annually, and to submit same to the General Office, as per Article IV, Sections 5.1, 5.2 and 5.4 of the CONSTITUTION & BY-LAWS of ALPHA PHI ALPHA FRATERNITY, INC.

FILING DEADLINES: College Chapters — By May 10, 1989 / Alumni Chapters — By June 10, 1989 DATE. .KEY NO.:




(College or University — if applicable)

C O N T A C T P E R S O N : Please indicate the officer that should be listed in the SPHINX MAGAZINE as the chapter contact. NAME






Street and Number



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1 9 8 9 SUMMER ADDRESS: If different from above: The address shown below is to be used for all chapter correspondence begin. // nmg_ ./. _ / 8 9 and ending / 89 Month







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89 AND





IMPORTANT: Please indicate the two (2) officers who are to receive official correspondence for the chapter by checking the box at right. CHECK ONLY TWO

















































SS#. SS#_ SS#.





_• _• _• _• _• _• _• _• _• _•


• • • •

that the only limits to opportunities are those to which you defer. During another program, Brother John Slaughter who had just resigned as Chancellor of the University of Maryland at College Park to become President of Occidental College in California, discussed "Shaping the Lives of our Youth". He reminded the brothers that Benjamin Mays had said that "It is not failure but low aim that is the sin". We must encourage t h e y o u t h to p u r s u e c a r e e r s in m a t h e m a t i c s a n d sciences. Each month the brothers anxiously wait for the next meeting in anticipation of the contribution of the Program Committee. During the June meeting, brothers were heard questioning the fact that there was sand on the floor of our meeting place at Howard University. Finally, Brother Lee A. Tyler, Dean of Pledges theorized that the sand was from t h e ten (10) m e n w h o h a d completed their history assignments, successfully passed all examinations, performed several community projects and had been initiated into A l p h a Phi Alpha at Mu L a m b d a Chapter. These neophyte brothers are Leonard Jack, W. Frank Williams, Michael Briley, Richard Ammons, Ishia C h a p m a n , Thomas Gaither, Allen H o r t o n , George J o h n s o n , Hiram Brett and Elmer Davis. Brother Tyler assures that any brother visiting the chapter in the future will not need to be concerned about a sandy floor. The neophytes are working hard for Alpha and the sand is no longer on their shoes; but, Alpha is in their hearts. In continuation of a rich tradition, Brother Frederick Laney informed the Chapter that the Henry Arthur Callis Scholarship Foundation had a w a r d e d s e v e n (7) s c h o l a r s h i p s totaling $14,000.00. Over the past three years, the Foundation has awarded over $36,000.00 to deserving students in the District of Columbia. O n e of the sources of financial support for the Henry Arthur Callis Scholarship Foundation is the annual Mu Lambda Spring Dance. In May of 1988, over 400 b r o t h e r s , w i v e s , friends and supporters gathered in Black Tie at the plush Omni Shoreham Hotel in Northwest Washington for an evening of dancing and cheer. While this was indeed a festive and g l a m o r o u s occasion, in t h e t r u e The Sphinx/Spring 1989

Alpha spirit, all present were treated to an educationally uplifting presentation. Chapter Historian, Brother J. Leon Langhorne, and the neophyte brothers assembled and presented a c o m p r e h e n s i v e display of A l p h a memorabilia covering the period of 1907 to 1988. This ten table collection of e y e - c a t c h i n g h i s t o r i c a l i t e m s included pictures, trophies, awards, articles and other significant Alpha artifacts which attracted intensive attention. Alpha's outstanding history in the nation's capital presented an enjoyable diversion which made a l a s t i n g i m p r e s s i o n o n all w h o attended. The m a n t l e of l e a d e r s h i p h a s passed to Brother LeRoy Lowery, III o u r n e w c h a p t e r P r e s i d e n t . The hand-off was smooth and Brother Lowry hit the ground, sprinting for the "gold". A newsletter has begun, project Alpha is on track, efforts to work with the Boy Scouts are under way, a monthly Leadership Developm e n t Institute Program has been initiated and College Brothers from Beta and Omicron Omicron Chapters h a v e c o n t i n u e d t h e t r a d i t i o n of attending the chapter meetings and reporting their activities. Other newly elected or appointed officers are Louis Buck, Vice President; Robert Brown III, Secretary; Curtis H u n i g a n , Treasurer; Ernest Smith, Financial Secretary; Lee Tyler, Dean of Pledgees; Rev. Jerry Hargrove, Chaplain; Maryland Kemp, Sergeant-At-Arms; Louis Ford, Corresponding Secretary; Byron Grayson, Associate Editor-to-The Sphinx; Morris Hawkins, Chairman of the Program Committee; Melvin Clark, Education Director; J. Leon Langhorne, Historian. To kick off the Christmas season, Brother Dr. James Cheek, President of Howard University, and Mrs. Cheek invited the brothers to hold their December meeting at their home. Following a lavish meal, surpassed o n l y by t h e b e a u t y , c h a r m a n d finesse of our hostess, Dr. Cheek addressed the brothers. In his brief but timely message, Dr. C h e e k p a i n t e d a p i c t u r e of a n America where 27% of the men in the military are Black thus subjecting us, as a people, to disproportionally higher loss in the event of a war. An America where 48% of the men in jail are Black. An America where only 6% of Black men are in college; and yet, the irony of this America is that it is c h e a p e r to k e e p a m a n at

Howard University than it is to keep him in jail. Brother Cheek challenged us, as we stood surrounded in luxury, to c o n s i d e r this America a n d continue to press on and to dare to dream. Alpha Phi Alpha at Mu Lambda Chapter is continuing the legacy of excellence. - Byron J. Grayson, Sr.

•••Ill u of akron Alpha Tbu Seeking Positive Exposure

The brothers of Alpha Tau Chapter at The University of Akron extend heartfelt greetings throughout the land of Alpha. In starting the new school year of 1988-89 the brothers here are trying to get more positive exposure for the fraternity both on campus and the community. We s t a r t e d off just before t h e school year began in the community where we were active participants in the United Negro College Fund's fundraiser here in Akron. The first few weeks into the school year we were helping out the United Way in their annual Kick-Off Drive in which we passed out literature and other promotional items. On campus at The University of Akron: Sept. 26-29th the brothers held a voter registration drive in which we registered over one h u n d r e d s t u d e n t s to v o t e . T h e following week we held our annual Rock-Thon, w h e r e w e rock in a rocking chair for 24 h o u r s a day outside the student center to raise money for a worthy cause. This year we rocked for The Reginald Vincent White Scholarship Fund, a scholarship fund set u p in honor of a deceased Alpha Tau brother. The brothers also were actively involved in a panel discussion sponsored by The Black Cultural Center here at A k r o n U., in w h i c h a g r a d u a t e brother, Walter Evege is the acting director, on the role of black student leaders on campus. The discussion was organized by brother Jimmie Thomas II, brother Richard Bennett was the Master of Ceremonies, and Page 29

brother Keith Brown, president of Alpha Tau, sat on the panel. We also held three dances, one together with the Alpha Angles where we collected over 100 canned goods which we d o n a t e d to The Salvation Army's hunger center. The brothers of Alpha Tau Chapter hopes everyone continues to uphold t h e n a m e of A l p h a a n d s a y to everyone that whenever something goes wrong don't find fault, find a remedy! - Wil Jenkins

ohio Are there any Doctors in the House? The setting was a the Wright State University School of Medicine, June 11, 1988, Dayton, Ohio w h e n five Brothers of Theta Lambda Chapter took a grand step at the Graduation Ceremony. These Brothers have demonstrated themselves as upstanding Alpha Men as well as in their Medical Studies. Brother Dr. Anthony W. Clarke, who has concentrated in the area of Pediatric Medicine has served two terms as class representative and has also served on the School of Medicine Admissions and Curriculum Committee. Anthony has begun a residency appointment at the Detroit Medical Center, Detroit, Michigan. Brother Dr. Curtis B. Everson also pursued the area of Pediatric Medicine. Curtis is the original Chairman and Co-founder of the Medical School Student Council. His residency appointment is at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine and Affiliated Hospitals, C a r b o n d a l e , Illinois. Brother Dr. Bradley S. Jackson is a n o t h e r B r o t h e r in t h e a r e a of Pediatric Medicine. He is the Past President of the Wright State University School of Medicine S t u d e n t National Medical Association (SNMA). SNMA is the student section of the National Medical Association which is the minority physicians equivalent of the American Medical Association. B r a d l e y is at t h e U n i v e r s i t y of Cincinnati Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio doing his residency. Brother Dr. Gary L. LeRoy has Page 30

Brothers of Theta Lambda pose after graduation ceremony (L to R) Dr. Curtis B. Everson, D Anthony W. Clarke, Dr. Bradley S. Jackson, Dr. Jamar Williams, Dr. Gary L. LeRoy. begun his residency at Miami Valley Hospital, Dayton, Ohio in the area of Family Practice. Gary has served three terms as Class President and also had the honor of serving as President of the Wright State University School of Medicine MSSC. Brother Dr. J a m a r Williams in Medicine at Mount Carmel Medical Center, Columbus, Ohio, where he is doing his residency. Jamar has served on the Admissions Committee a n d t h e Medical School S t u d e n t Council Committee. T h e s e five b r o t h e r s have truly made history in Theta Lambda. The question is, "Are there any Doctors in the House?" The house of Alpha rings out and says there are five distinguished Doctors of Alpha Phi Alpha in the house.

ohio Alpho Esquires begin Second Year The Brothers of Alpha Rho Lambda chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. are p r o u d to a n n o u n c e t h e b e g i n n i n g of the second year of o p e r a t i o n s for their y o u t h g r o u p known as "The Alpha Esquires". The Alpha Esquires is a youth development group sponsored by Alpha Phi Alpha for Franklin C o u n t y black teenage males in grade 9 through 12. The p u r p o s e of t h e g r o u p is to

provide a positive developmental environment through exposure to educated black professional men of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. During the school year, the Alpha Esquires meet the first a n d third Wednesday of each month, with one meeting being reserved for developmental topics. Included in the Alpha Esquires calendar of activities are f u n d r a i s e r s , c o m m u n i t y service p r o j e c t s , a n d p a r t i c i p a t i o n in leadership development workshops i.e. Project Alpha and The Midwest Leadership and Citizenship Institute sponsored by Alpha Phi Alpha each year. Members of the Alpha Esquires Club are selected by members of A l p h a Phi A l p h a Fraternity a n d Member of the Alpha Esquires. The selection is based upon grade point average, character, involvement in the community and school. The Alpha E s q u i r e s are s u p e r v i s e d by t h e Education Committee of A Phi A which include Brothers Danny L. Boone (Coordinator), Amos White, Albert Francis, Darrel Gibson, Daniel S t u r k e y , E l b e r t W i l l i a m s , Keith Alford, and Lawrence Liscomb, Jr. - Danny L Boone

Support The National Headquarters Fund Drive

A Fraternal Obligation The Sphinx/Spring 1989

ohio Eta Tau Lambda elects New Officers The Brothers of Eta Tau Lambda send warm greetings to all Brothers throughout Alpha Land urging all to hold up the light for inspiration. The new officers for year 1988-89 began their term in office this past S e p t e m b e r a n d a r e as f o l l o w s : Brothers Othello Skinner, President; James Burnett, Vice President; Samuel DeShazior, Treasurer; David Brown, Corresponding Secretary; Donald Boyd, Recording Secretary; Roger Johnson, Dean of Pledges; Bill Lindsey, Historian/ Assistant Editor-to-the Sphinx; Reverend Leonard Nichols, Chaplain, and Tony King, Sergeant-At-Arms. The n e w President, Brother Othello Skinner, has vowed to increase attendance at meetings and has initiated an Executive Committee to handle internal C h a p t e r b u s i n e s s a n d an earlier starting time for monthly meetings. So turn out Brothers and support our President. Past G e n e r a l P r e s i d e n t J u d g e James R. Williams is u r g i n g the Brothers to give serious attention to reclamation efforts he is spearheading for the Chapter. He wants them to turn in names of any Alpha Men around the community and also to talk to them to become active again. So spread the word Brothers. Recently, our Chapter was honored to have the Regional Vice President Brother Dr. Halloway Sells present at a reception held in his honor October 14th at the downtown Holiday Inn. Brother Dr. Sells was here with members of his cabinet to finalize plans for the Midwestern Regional Convention to be held in Akron next April. At the reception, welcoming remarks were given by Brother Dr. Allen Killings, Alpha Phi Alpha Homes, Inc., Board Chairman, Past General President Brother Judge J a m e s R. Williams a n d C h a p t e r President Brother Othello Skinner. It was noted that there were Brothers present from several other Chapters t h r o u g h o u t Ohio a n d more t h a n twenty (20) local Brothers were also there. The Sphinx/Spring 1989

The committee on Project Alpha, C o - c h a i r e d by B r o t h e r G l e n n S t e p h e n s and Raymond Brown hosted its first seminar for black y o u t h s , a g e s 12 t h r o u g h 1 8 . Although more than 55 youth had responded to an invitation to attend, only a third of them actually did so. But t h e y w e r e an a t t e n t i v e a n d enthusiastic group of youths w h o were loud in their praise about the program. The seminar dealt with t o p i c s d e s i g n e d to a d d r e s s t h e problem of teenage pregnancy and increase the youth's awareness of p a r e n t h o o d responsibilities. We wish to congratulate Brother Walter Evege, Jr. on his appointment this p a s t s p r i n g as the Acting Director of the Black Cultural Center at t h e University of A k r o n . The B r o t h e r is o b v i o u s l y g e t t i n g it together as evidenced by the surprise "Boss Day" party in his honor given by his staff in his office on Friday, October 14th. Brother G l e n n S t e p h e n s is n o longer on the staff at Channelwood Village having worked his last day Friday, October 14th. On Monday he reported to work as Special Assistant t o t h e P r e s i d e n t of K i n s d a l e Construction Company, Cleveland, Ohio. Congratulations Brother Stephens. We a l s o w i s h to c o n g r a t u l a t e Brother Dr. Joseph M. Walton on his a p p o i n t m e n t as Acting D e a n of Graduate Studies Research Services and Sponsored Programs, University of Akron. His office has been heavily involved in the recruiting of minority graduate assistants and has noted with satisfaction a large increase in t h e n u m b e r of t h e s e m i n o r i t y graduate assistants. In t h e p a s t , t h i s w r i t e r h a s inadvertently overlooked a Brother who was rewarded for his hard work by getting promoted to Assistant Dean for Academic Services a n d Assistant Professor of Education at Kent State University's Ashtabula, Ohio campus. Let us recognize and c o n g r a t u l a t e Brother Dr. Ronald Brown on his above achievement which was effective January 5, 1987. - William L. Lindsey

IlliiiiHllI north corolino Riddick Speaks to Charlotte Area Alphas On Sunday, December 4, 1988, Charlotte area chapters of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. observed the 82nd anniversary of the Fraternity's founding with a celebratory banquet at McDonald's Cafeteria. Approximately 75 Brothers and guests were treated to a rousing address by the Reverend Leon Riddick, Pastor of Mount Carmel Baptist Church and community activist. The Reverend Riddick, who has been a member of the Fraternity since 1942, challenged those assembled to aggressively seek and take advantage of opportunities to work together in all aspects of community life. The banquet culminated with the presentation of two of the Fraternity's highest awards. The Reverend Riddick received the "Man of Merit" award, symbolic of having distinguished oneself through and by outstanding community service. A. Leon Miller was presented the "Man of the Year" award, for the third consecutive year. This a w a r d , indicative of overall fraternal excellence, was also bestowed upon Miller by the Association of North Carolina Alphamen, for the second consecutive year. Miller is Vice President of the Beta Nu L a m b d a Chapter, Charlotte's Alumni Chapter. Other area chapters include: Eta Mu Lambda-Gastonia/ King's Mountain, Alpha OmicronJohnson C. Smith University, and Mu Tau-University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

south corolino Delta Kappa Lambda Sponsors Beautillion Delta Kappa Lambda C h a p t e r s p o n s o r e d BEAUTILLION '88 on Friday, N o v e m b e r 18, 1988. The Outreach program served as a tool to work with young high school males w h o are p r e s e n t l y s e n i o r s . The Page 31

p u r p o s e of this p r o g r a m w a s to promote the positive qualities and attributes of young black males. Several workshops were held with the y o u n g men to include public speaking, social graces, preparing for college, and parliamentary proced u r e s . B r o t h e r s of t h e c h a p t e r conducted the workshops. Seven young men were presented to society during the program which also included entertainment by the y o u n g men a n d guest artist. The seven young men were Stanley Douglas, Joseph Heyward, II, David Jackson, Jr., David Myers, Quentin Williams, McCoy Washington, and Billy Y o u n g , Jr. J o s e p h " J o e y " Heyward was winner of the First Place Scholarship. Stanley Douglas and Billy Young were second and third respectively. Delta Kappa Lambda used the program as a vehicle to recognize some of its brothers. Senator Frank Gilbert was named A l p h a M a n of t h e Year. G e o r g e Sargant and Joseph Heyward were co-winners of the Charles Greene Award of Merit. The Chapter also recognized two of its Founders who are both 50 year members—George House and Houston Person.

mississippi Grods Stepping High The b r o t h e r s of A l p h a Epsilon Lambda Chapter recently participated in the Jackson, Mississippi Chapter of the National Pan-Hellenic Council Inc. first annual "Old Timers Greek Show". The brothers representing Alpha Phi Alpha stole the show, making two p r e s e n t a t i o n s . The Alpha Ensemble sang several pledge line s o n g s that b r o u g h t fond memories; the "Ape Team" stepped with the energy of undergraduate neophytes. The chapter experienced a b o n d rarely found in g r a d u a t e chapters. Both groups are awaiting next year's presentation. O Christmas Tree To get into the C h r i s t m a s spirit, A l p h a Epsilon Lambda Chapter recently participated in t h e S m i t h - R o b e r t s o n C u l t u r a l Museum's 4th A n n u a l Festival of C h r i s t m a s Trees. O r g a n i z a t i o n s throughout the Jackson community Page 32

t :

Brothers of Alpha Epsilon Lambda gather for National Pan-Hellenic Councils first annual Old Timers Greek Show".

ng trees. The competed by decorating veral different trees were judged in several different rs entry won categories. The brothers is tree was a the Ethnic Award, this /els and other salute to our Seven Jewels n. outstanding Alpha Men. December 11, 11, 1906 On Sunday, December mbda Chapter 1988, Alpha Epsilon Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, raternity, Inc. h e l d i t s a n n u a l f o uj n d e r ' s ddaayy ; o b s e r v a n c e at t h e Farish arish Street Baptist Church in Jackson, son, MS. The speaker for this occasionn was Brother Robert Major Walker, Mayor of the City of V i c k s b u r g , M Miissssiissssiippppii.. B r o t h e r Walker c h a l l e n g e d tthhee brothers to recommit themselves to Alpha for the good of society. Music for this service was provided by aa irovided by combined Alpha Choruss representing representing the Jackson, Mississippi chapters, ppi chapters, Alpha Epsilon Lambda, Delta Phi, ia, Delta Phi, Gamma Upsilon, and Omicron Psi. )micron Psi.

Q georgia President's AnnualI Report It is my p l e a s u r e to m a k e an an Annual Report to the membership lembership in the form of a summary of the chapter a c t i v i t i e s for t h e fraternal year. i t e r n a l year. Among the many highlights lights was the successful completion of programs programs mandated by the national chapter. onal chapter. These programs includedd involvement

in the Boy Scouts, Teen Pregnancy Seminars, etc. The chapter was represented at state and regional meetings by the number of earned delegates including the president. Nu Mu Lambda was represented on regional committees by Brothers William Bohannon and Reginald Blount. The chapter has representation in the East DeKalb Alliance. The president represented the chapter at a city-wide meeting (Atlanta) where Tony Brown was the speaker. T h e m o n t h of D e c e m b e r w a s ushered in with the observance of Founder's Day. A number of brothers attended the Founders' Day observance at Clifton United Methodist C h u r c h w h e r e Brother Reverend Holston is the Pastor. Glad tidings for Nu Mu continued with the crossing of " t h e s a n d s " by Brother David Butler. The Annual Christmas Party was held in the true tradition of Alphadom. The C o m m u n i t y Involvement Committee continued the chapter's support of the South DeKalb Senior C i t i z e n s C e n t e r . O u r efforts to i m p r o v e t h e joys of t h e e l d e r l y intensified during the Thanksgiving and other holiday seasons. The growth of Nu Mu Lambda is evident by a 25 percent increase in m e m b e r s h i p d u r i n g the fraternal year. Successful Reclamation Activities are expected to increase The Sphinx/Spring 1989

membership by 30 percent for the i n c o m i n g year. The Reclamation Committee is to be commended for the innovative smoker. The Annual Scholarship Dance, chaired by Brother Andre Cleveland, g e n e r a t e d fun a n d f u n d s . T h e chapter presented a scholarship of $1,000.00. Brother Kelvin Tolliver chaired the Voter Registration Drive. As a result of this drive, 1500 new registrants were added. The year e n d e d with a d i n n e r meeting where awards were given in recognition for outstanding contributions to Nu Mu Lambda and the community. The awardees included Brothers Baldwin Gammage, Religion; Coleman Seward, Community Service; Andre Cleveland, Committee Leadership; Gregory Bailey, Education; and James Bennett, Brother of the Year. Officers for the incoming year were i n s t a l l e d by Baldwin G a m m a g e , Immediate Past President of Nu Mu Lambda. Officers for 1988-89 are: Lance Hammonds, President; Carl Manson, Vice President; A n d r e C l e v e l a n d , Secretary; William Wellons, Financial Secretary; Charles Jones, Treasurer; Kelvin Tolliver, Director of Community Involvement; Arris Jenkins, Director of Educational Activities; Steve Suggs, Sergeant-At-Arms; Charles Middleton, Dean of Pledges; Wendell Thomas, Historian; Johnnie Jones, Associate Editor-to-The Sphinx; Baldwin G a m m a g e , John Jordan, Charles Price, Members-At-Large.

florida Gamma Mu Lambda "Reclaim Brothers" Greetings to the brothers in Alphad o m . The light of A l p h a s h i n e s brightly over Tallahassee and Gamma Mu Lambda. T h i s h a s b e e n a n exciting and event-filled year for the chapter. Activities for the 1987-88 fraternal y e a r b e g a n w i t h a n e f f o r t to "reclaim" inactive brothers. Brother Cecil Howard coordinated a splendid reception at the historic BrokawMcDougal house. Participating brothers, some with their wives or g u e s t s , were t r e a t e d to a lavish The Sphinx/Spring 1989

Participants and Sponsors of Gamma Mu Lambda's Alpha Leadership Program.

c u l i n a r y f e a s t . T h e s p i r i t of brotherhood p e r m e a t e d the affair and brought several brothers back into the fold. True to our motto "First of All, Servants of All", the brothers of GML p a r t i c i p a t e d in O c t o b e r f i x a n d Operation Springclean. Octoberfix was a volunteer workday to repair 2 0 - 2 5 h o u s e of e c o n o m i c a l l y d i s a d v a n t a g e d h o m e o w n e r s . The brothers assisted in the repair of a roof. Operation springclean involved t h e b r o t h e r s in e n h a n c i n g t h e physical image of a tradition rich and predominantly black community in Tallahassee. Brothers from Beta Nu and Iota Delta Chapters teamed up with the Parent Chapter to form a work crew. Continuing its assault on teenage pregnancy, Gamma Mu Lambda, in conjunction with two local school districts and the March of Dimes, s p o n s o r e d "Project A l p h a " . Both s e m i n a r s targeted middle-school students and involved the community in informing these young people about the consequences of p r e m a t u r e sexual involvement. A unique aspect of both programs was the inclusion of concurrent sessions for males a n d females at separate locations on campus. At one school a poster contest was held prior to the event as a promotional tool. There w a s also t h r e e to four w e e k s of follow-up activities. The highlight of the two-day seminars was a letter from t h e g o v e r n o r of Florida in recognition of our efforts.

In observance of the 81st anniversary of our beloved fraternity, the Gamma Mu Lambda, Beta Nu and Iota Delta Chapters combined to participate in the Founders' Day Celebration. Coordinated by brother J. D. Brown, the day's activities began with a brotherhood breakfast where brother James Ford served as the keynote speaker. An award was presented to brother Ford a n d brother Roland Gaines, our president, was cited as Alpha Man-of-the-year. A gravesite ceremony followed at the grave of brother Jewel Charles H. Chapman. The activities concluded with worship service at t h e Philadelphia P. B. Church, pastored by brother Moses G. Miles. In February the chapter paid tribute to one of our most distinguished brothers, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The occasion was the annual citywide celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Brother Miles played an integral role in the planning of the event and brothers attended the daylong activities. February also m a r k e d the first anniversary of the "Mystic Eight's" crossing of the burning sands into a l p h a d o m . The N e o p h y t e s got t o g e t h e r at t h e h o m e of b r o t h e r Meares to celebrate this cherished occasion. It was a festive day, shared with family and friends. The major thrust of the year was the second annual Alpha Leadership Program. This program is aimed at black high school juniors and seniors and encourages them to pursue a post-secondary education. Under the direction of brothers Charles Stephens Page 33

and Cecil Howard, 20-25 students met each Saturday for eight consecutive weeks to learn such things as communication and test-taking skills, decision-making, values clarification, goal setting, etc. The program culminated with a "graduation" banquet for the participants a n d their p a r e n t s . Each s t u d e n t r e c e i v e d a c e r t i f i c a t e a n d four students were awarded scholarships r a n g i n g from $250 - 500. Victor Albert a n d Regina G a s k i n s were chosen to attend the ALPHA Leaders h i p P r o g r a m at Fisk University during the summer. The highlight of the year was the annual Black and Gold Ball held in J u n e . This year's gala event was coordinated by brother Ken Darby and was for the entertainment of the brothers and their guests. The theme for the affair was "Tea House of the August M o o n . " The men in their tuxedos and women in their beautiful gowns, danced the night away to the contemporary sounds of "Work for H i r e " a local m u s i c a l g r o u p . At intermission the brothers were recognized and awards presented to b r o t h e r s Maurice H o l d e r as past chapter president and Robert "Pete" Griffin, w h o h a s c e l e b r a t e d his golden anniversary in the fraternity. G a m m a Mu L a m b d a is clearly involved and carrying out the ideals of our dear fraternity. We are looking forward to another very successful year under our new chapter officers w h i c h i n c l u d e : B r o t h e r s Roland Gaines, President; Cecil Howard, VicePresident; Michael James, Corresponding Secretary; Al W h i t a k e r , Financial Secretary; John McMillan, Recording Secretary; Gary Johnson, Treasurer; Curtis Richardson, Associate Editor-toThe Sphinx. - Curtis Richardson

georgia Eta Lambda wins Chapter of the Year T h e b r o t h e r s of Eta Lambda Chapter in Atlanta began the autumn season by bidding farewell to Brother Larry Earvin who ended his reign as President of the Chapter. Brother Walter Sullivan, a former president of Eta Lambda, was selected to lead the largest chapter in Alphadom into the Page 34

Brother Herman "Skip" Mason Jr., 1988 Georgia Alumni Brother of the Year, Brothers William Brown and Joseph Patterson accept Chapter of the Year Award and Brother Maurice E. Jenkins, 1988 Charles W. Green Award.

1990's. Other newly elected officers of Eta Lambda include: Edward Jonas, Vice President; Mercer Lewis, Jr., Recording Secretary; Stephen Randall, Corresponding Secretary; J o s e p h Patterson, Financial Secretary; Albert Watts, Treasurer; Maurice Jenkins, Dean of Pledges; Clarence R. Johnson, Jr., Associate Editor-to-The Sphinx; Father H . J . C . B o w d e n , Chaplain; Herman "Skip" Mason, Jr. Historian and H. Jerome Anderson, Michael Easley and Adolphus Dickerson, Board Members-at-Large.

Additionally Brother Gregory Adams was appointed to serve as Parliamentarian and Brothers Elridge McMillan and Albert Weems were assigned the positions of Segeants-AtArms. During the weekend of October 212 3 , t h e b r o t h e r s of Eta L a m b a journeyed to the State Convention in Albany, Georgia, where they garnered three major a w a r d s , including Chapter of the Year. In addition, two h a r d - w o r k i n g b r o t h e r s , Brothers Maurice Jenkins and Herman "Skip" Mason, Jr., were recipients of the Charles W Greene and Brother of the Year Awards, respectively. Following the State Convention, the brothers hosted a Capital Fundraising Gala on October 28 at the stately Academy of Medicine Building on West Peachtree. During this elaborate festivity, the brothers g e n e r a t e d many pledges towards building a permanent abode for Eta

Lambda. The brothers were joined by their lovely wives and sweethearts at this enjoyable affair. Brother Willie Clemmons served as Chairman of the Gala. As the yuletide season approached, the brothers involved themselves in numerous activities. They celebrated Founder's Day during the weekend of December 2-4 with three special p r o g r a m s . O n D e c e m b e r 2, t h e brothers held their Annual Founder's Day Program at the Zion Hill Baptist Church. Past General President, Brother Lionel Newsom, was the keynote speaker and stalwart brothers Father H. J. C. Bowden and A. J. Lewis were among those who participated. A reception followed this excellent program which was planned by the Good of the Brotherhood Committee headed by Brother Larry Clemmons. On December 4, the brothers, their w i v e s a n d families w o r s h i p p e d together at Ebenezer Baptist Church, the church home of the late Brother Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. A powerful sermon was delivered by Brother Joseph Roberts, Pastor of Ebenezer. Later that evening, the brothers and their guests were treated at the Omni I n t e r n a t i o n a l Hotel to an encore presentation of the Black Experience, a play written and conceived by Past General President, Brother Ozell Sutton. The Black Experience was Eta L a m b d a ' s major b e n e f i t for t h e Chapter's Scholarship Endowment p u n d . The 700 persons who attended The Sphinx/Spring 1989

the play were feted to dinner as well as a reception. The brothers ended 1988 with a Smoker on December 11 and the Annual Holiday Ball on New Year's E v e . T h e Ball w a s s u c c e s s f u l l y chaired once again by Brother Robert Lewis.

alabama a & m Delta Gamma A Most Prosperous Year The Brothers of Delta Gamma Chapter, situated atop "Normal's Hill" at Alabama A&M University, e x t e n d g r e e t i n g s to all w i t h i n Alphadom. The opening of the Fall 1988 semester brought 32 Brothers, who were eager to involve themselves in the workings of our great Fraternity, and through this element, we have begun a most prosperous year. O u r f e a t u r e d h i g h l i g h t of t h e semester was the always anxiously awaited Miss Black and Gold Pageant. Fifteen (15) lovely a n d energetic young ladies graced the stage, however the result was the crowning of the beautiful Ms. Monica Sanders as Miss Black a n d Gold, 1988-89. Monica, a Freshman from Huntsville, Alabama, maintained the same poise and elegance displayed during Delta Gamma's Pageant, she went on to become the second r u n n e r - u p to Miss Black and Gold Alabama at the Annual State Convention held in Anniston, Alabama. Other results of our competition were Miss Alpha Phi Alpha - Tamera Hines, Miss Delta Gamma - Tracey Draper, and Miss Sphinx - Sabrina Hall. The brotherh o o d is p r o u d of all o u r n e w sweethearts. The Alabama State Association of Alpha Phi Alpha convened during the weekend of October 7-8, 1988, and as usual, Delta Gamma made its presence known. Delta Gamma received the award for the College Chapter with the highest G.P.A., an award that we have received for several consecutive years now, and Brothers Keith Thornton, Narvaez Stinson, David Curtis and Terrance Jackson received the Academic Certificates of Merit. Continuing to prove the Delta Gamma is synonymous with The Sphinx/Spring 1989

Brother Ernest Morial challanges dais members and all Brothers for another 50 years of Pride and Achievement.

scholarship, Brother Dennis Emery was awarded for his 3.85 G.P.A. as the College Brother with the highest G.P.A. in the State of Alabama. The State will be represented in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina by our own Brother Mark Fleming as College Brother of the year, a n d Brother Kevin Tolbert in t h e O r a t o r i c a l Contest. Other accolades awarded to Delta Gamma include, College Chapter Attendance Award, Scholarship and Service Award, and Brother Karl S w a n s o n as the D i s t i n g u i s h e d U n d e r g r a d u a t e , for his efforts as Assistant State Director. Delta Gamma has and always will maintain its status of distinction within Alabama, a state which is very strong in the Southern Region, and as we all know here at Delta Gamma, "As Alabama moves, so moves Alpha South!" As we have proven here on "The Hill", much can be achieved through the efforts of strong brotherhood, and through this brotherhood, Delta Gamma will continue to reach for greater achievements, never looking backward, but only "onward and upward, toward the light". - Darrel A. Campbell

MOVING? REPORT YOUR NEW ADDRESS & SS # TO: Membership Department Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Inc. 4432 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive Chicago. IL 60653

•Uiiffl Oklahoma Beta Eta Lambda Chapter Celebrates Fifty Years of Service to the Oklahoma City Community Beta Eta Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. was organized on November 20, 1938 in On Sunday, December 4, 1988, the Brothers gathered at the First AME Church for Founder's Day services. Brother Rev. Tommy White read the scriptures and the Rev. Carrington delivered the sermon. The entire Fiftieth a n n i v e r s a r y c e l e b r a t i o n w a s p l a n n e d by a committee composed mostly of past chapter presidents. The Brothers of Beta Eta Lambda enjoyed strong support from Brothers statewide as well as local civic organizations. the home of Brother Dr. G. E. Finley on North East Fifth Street. There were five Brothers in attendance; Dr. Finley, Dr. Joseph Littlepage, Sr., William Johnson, Alexander Dumas a n d Sercy Bailey. Dr. Finley was e l e c t e d as o u r c h a p t e r ' s first president and is our chapter's only living founder. Our current president, Brother Joseph Littlepage, Jr. is the son of one of our chapter's founders. On Saturday December 3, 1988 in t h e Lincoln Plaza Hotel's G r a n d Ballroom, the Brothers of Beta Eta Lambda held a banquet commerating Page 35

the founding and anniversary of our chapter. Brothers, wives, sweethearts and the public were in attendance. The Honorable Ernest Nathan Morial, Esquire, Alpha Phi Alpha's Twenty-Third G e n e r a l P r e s i d e n t , long time Alpha Phi Alpha general counsel, and former mayor of New Orleans, brought the keynote address.

California lota Zero Lambda Chapter Bold Leadership in Uncertain Times Greetings from the Brotherhood of Iota Zeta Lambda Chapter. The 198889 Fiscal year will be a busy year for Iota Zeta Lambda. The year began with a joint installation of officers ceremony with the Brothers of Mu Sigma L a m b d a C h a p t e r h e l d on September 8, 1988 at the Boulevard Cafe in Los Angeles, California, a restaurant owned by Brother Frank H o l o m a n . B r o t h e r G. B e r n a r d B r o w n , W e s t e r n Region VicePresident, officiated the ceremony. The new elected officers for Iota Zeta Lambda Chapter are: Brothers Gregory J. Sneed, President; Walter W Crim, Vice-President; Alvin Henry, Recording Secretary; H a r v e y J. Lehman, Treasurer; Russell E. Flye, Corresponding Secretary; Charles L. Harriford, Financial Secretary; James E. Blacken, Dean of Pledges; E. J. Smith, Jr., Sergeant-At-Arms; and John R. Sanders, Parliamentarian. Iota Zeta L a m b d a C h a p t e r a n d Mu Chi Chapter (California State University L o n g Beach) will h o s t t h e 1989 Western Regional Convention which will be held March 23-26, 1989 at the Stouffer Concourse Hotel located n e a r Los A n g e l e s I n t e r n a t i o n a l Airport. Brother G. Bernard Brown, Brother James E. Blacken, Convention Chairman, and all the Brothers of Iota Zeta Lambda and Mu Chi are w o r k i n g d i l i g e n t l y to m a k e this c o n v e n t i o n v e r y successful a n d memorable. The convention theme is "Bold Leadership In Uncertain Times." All B r o t h e r s in A l p h a d o m a r e cordially invited to participate in the 1989 Western Regional Convention. Page 36

Brothers of Beta Eta Lambda Pose for picture after Founder's Day Church Services.

Some of the programs that Iota Z e t a L a m b d a w i l l s p o n s o r or participate in during the year are: 1) Southern California Area Founder's Day Celebration on December 4, 1988 at the Holiday Inn Crown Plaza; 2) d o n a t i o n of T h a n k s g i v i n g a n d Christmas Food Baskets to needy families; 3) raising scholarship funds for the Young Black Scholars Program in Los A n g e l e s , C a l i f o r n i a ; 4) v o l u n t e e r w o r k for t h e U N C F T e l e t h o n in D e c e m b e r 1988; 5) alliance with Boy Scout Troop 902; a n d 6) a n n u a l Toy D a n c e i n December 1988 to provide toys and c a s h d o n a t i o n s for t h e W a t t s /

Willowbrook Boys and Girls Club. The Brothers of Iota Zeta Lambda in conjunction w i t h the Western Region are producing a video cassette on Reflections of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. by Brother Raymond W. Cannon, the 12th General President and the Oldest Living Alpha. The video cassette will be available for sale by late s p r i n g w i t h all proceeds going to the Raymond W Cannon Memorial Scholarship Fund. We are looking forward to seeing y o u at t h e W e s t e r n R e g i o n a l Convention in March. - Russell E. Flye

Brothers of Omicron Chi Lambda pose for picture after receiving their charter and electing officers.

The Sphinx/Spring 1989

California state u Pi Kappa Dispels Western Region Stigma Greetings from Alpha West! We the brothers of Pi Kappa Chapter, California State University, Northridge, would like to seize this opportunity to let brothers all across the nation know that the west is alive! The Western Region has carried a stigma for some time now. This stigma is simply that there seems to be very few active brothers or chapters within the Western Region. The time has come for that myth to be dispelled. As one of the larger chapters on the west coast, we felt it high time to enlighten the brotherhood on some of our activities, past and present, in order that you might gain a feel for the participation of brothers within our chapter, as well as chapters within our region. Key #0739 denotes one of the youngest chapters in the fraternity, as well as one of the most active and progressive. Pi Kappa (PK) was founded on September 7, 1984, by thirteen diligent and persistent brothers from UCLA, UC Irvine, and USC: Jimmy Chambers, Carl Luisville, Wil Bryant, Todd Henry, Desmond Gumbs, George Griffin, James Keys, Stanley Germany, Vince Zeabo, Craig Little, Lance Roberts, Jeffrey Hudson, and Usher Barner. Since that time, PK has distinguished itself as a producer of scholars, leaders, and the epitome of true Alpha Men. This is no small task considering the fact that for so long we were literally in the shadows of such illustrious chapters as Gamma Xi, UCLA (Chapter of the Year 1987), and Alpha Delta, USC (The first college chapter in California). With the collective effort of brothers in Pi Kappa, and surrounding chapters, PK began to form an identity of it's own. Pi Kappa Chapter was involved into somewhat of a breeding ground for leaders within and without. Since it's very first year in existence, 1984, PK has been the home of the Western Region A.V.P This started with James Key (1984-95, 1985-86), Ryan Williams (1986-87), and Vernon D. Jackson The Sphinx/Spring 1989

Brothers of Pi Kappa on the rise as one of the largest chapters in the west.

(1987-88). Also on a national level, PK has made a name for itself as one of the prime "Stepping Chapters" in Alpha, winning the Western Region Step Show (1986, and 1987), and winning the National Step Contest at the General Convention held in San Francisco, Summer 1987. Most of this dazzling footwork can also be seen in the documentary film based on the stepping brothers of Pi Kappa called "Ain't no half Stepping," also up for an Academy award nomination for best documentary. PK also breeds scholars, boasting an outstanding graduation rate among the brothers who have been in the chapter. As one of the leading

chapters with extremely talented orators, you have probably already heard the dynamic views of Brother James Key (1st runner-up National Oratorical Contest 1985, and competed also on a national level in 1986), Brother Vernon D. Jackson (2nd runner-up National Oratorical Contest 1987, and 1st runner-up National Oratorical Contest 1988). So as you see the Western Region is definitely on the rise and still alive. We the Brothers of PK wish to challenge all college chapters to come out this summer and support the National Convention because we can guarantee we will be there in full force!!!

FREE SOUTH AFRICA The television cameras are darkened, but the struggle continues. THE DREAM OF FREEDOM NEVER DIES.

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Page 37

Journal: "Today, April 25, I am 83 years old. Though not feeling physically well, it is a great day for me mentally and spiritually. As I think of the new education revolution, especially New Math, I smile as I think it may not be too easy for many today to figure out in which year I was born." This statement in itself is the daily depth of philosophical, theological, caring, concerned living of Brother WAYNE FLOYD CALBERT. He was born in the Christian family and home of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Floyd Calbert, Sr., the fourth of eight children, in Mathisville, Wayne County, Mississippi. His father, mother, four brothers and two sisters preceded him in death. "Wayne", as everyone knew him across the nation, was from childhood, gifted and scholarly from elementary school to post graduate. He attended Talladega College, graduated from Alcorn College and received the Masters Degree from Columbia University with honors. He was chosen to participate in Post Graduate experiment at Boston University. From his beginning years in the education profession, Wayne Calbert became a forerunner of a new revolution in education. Accepting the position as young principal in Neshoba County, he developed a model school community program where education was lived as a never ending process as the answer to mankind's survival. There he became one of the first Negro Agriculture Teacher Supervisors. He became an innovative, unsurpassable leader not only in the Fifth Educational District, but in the State and Nation. The most far reaching program Diagnostic Testing. He served as principal of 33rd Avenue High School, Gulfport, and Supervisor of Negro Schools, Supervisor of Agriculture Vocation, State Department of Educa-tion. One of the most eminent scholars and educators of this century, he was Teacher, Administrator and College Professor. One of Methodism's most informed and dedicated laymen, he helped pioneer the educational understanding for United Methodism's merger. He served the Mission of The Prince of Peace from the local church to the general church. A list of his services to humankind ranges from civic, educational, religious, political and international human relations. Mr. Calbert is survived by his wife, Jennie Crump Calbert, b r o t h e r a n d sister-in-law, Mr. a n d Mrs. W. H. Calbert, Cleveland, Ohio; three nephews, two great nephews, two nieces, one great niece, one godchild, a number of adopted children, generations of students, relatives and friends.

Friends called Alphonso by some affectionate names as "Jigg", by his college buddies, "Alphie" and A.J. by others. More widely known as Professor A. J. Dillon throughout his professional career, he served as Principal of Fernwood High School, Fernwood, Mississippi (his first job), Principal of Pike C o u n t y Agricultural High School, Magnolia, Mississippi, Principal of Parrish High School, Hazlehurst, Mississippi and Academic Dean of Prentiss Institute, Prentiss, Mississippi. While at Fernwood, he also coached the women's and men's basketball teams. In Magnolia, he served as coach for the football team and as band director until professionals could be hired. A. J. was married to Marie Johnson Dillon who preceded him in death. They were happily married for fifty-five years and this union was blessed with two lovely daughters, Gloria Marie Dillon and Faye Dillon Finch. He was an active member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, the Masonic Grand Lodge and the Men's Monday Evening Social Club. He leaves to mourn his passing: one daughter, Gloria Marie Dillon of Washington, D.C.; three grandchildren, Deborah Roberson Simms and Alton Artemus Roberson, III of Los Angeles, California; Kimberly Roberson Burt of Jackson, Mississippi; an adopted brother, Herman Johnson of Chicago, Illinois; an honorary granddaughter, Deborah Thweatt of Jackson, Mississippi; two great grandchildren, Brittany Leigh Roberson and Kimberly Faye Simms of Los Angeles, California; two nephews, Joseph Dillon of Washington, D. C. and Julius Dillon of Baton Rouge, Louisiana; a host of relatives and friends. An African proverb states that, "A man is never dead until he is forgotten".

t++ Brother CO RN ELIUS BLOUNT entered Omega Georgia and resided

^ ^ ^ f c ^ JfM 1^.



B a c h e l o r ' s d e g r e e from


A full participating, contributing and well spent life of Brother A. J. DILLON came to an end Saturday, November 12, 1988. The genius and the works of husband, father, teacher and friend lives eternally, for death is a continuation of life, a transition, for life and death are one. Alphonso Johnson Dillon was born October 1, 1905 to the p r o u d p a r e n t s of Clara a n d Robert Dillon of Magnolia, Mississippi. He was baptized at an early age at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, McComb, Mississippi. A. J. attended Elementary School in Magnolia, Mississippi and High School at Alcorn A & M College (now Alcorn State University). He also received a B.A. degree in English from Alcorn. While at Alcorn he was very active academically and in extracurricular functions. As an excellent musician he formed a small b a n d to play for d a n c e s t h r o u g h o u t M i s s i s s i p p i . Attending Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, he received a Master's degree in Secondary Administration.

Master's degree in education


Page 38


tion, he continued to prepare ^^^^M^K ^ himself by attending numerous National Science Foundation workshops and Mercer University. An educator for over thirty years, Brother Blount was a science teacher at the Monroe Comprehensive High School in Albany, Georgia. Brother Blount accepted Christ as his personal savior at an early age and united with the Mcafee Grove Baptist church of Lee County. After moving to Albany, he became a diligent member of the Mt. Zion Baptist Church. He served on the Board of Deacons and was a member of the senior choir. Brother Blount was a member of the following organizations: Dougherty County Democratic Executive Committee, Dougherty County Library Board, Dougherty County Resources, Dougherty T h e S p h i n x / S p r i n g 1989

County Association of Educators, National Association of Educators, and the Boy Scouts of America. He became an Alpha man while a student at Tuskegee Institute. He was active in the alumni chapter, Gamma Omicron Lambda, in Albany, Georgia for over thirty years. He served in the offices of president, chaplain, and parlimentarian. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Laura Blount; a daughter, Mrs. Carla Blount Johnson; a son, Mr. Aubrey Blount of Atlanta, Georgia; three grandchildren, two sisters, three brothers, and other relatives and friends.

Brother DR. GEORGE BREATHETT of Greensboro died at Moses Cone Memorial Hospital on August 4, 1988 after a brief illness. Brother Breathett was a native of Memphis, Tennessee, and was an administrator at Bennett College where he had been employed since 1953. He received a B.A. from Tennessee State University, a M. A. from the University of Michigan and a Ph.D. from the University of Iowa. He had numerous publications on Haitian history and the Roman Catholic Church. Brother Breathett was a member of Kappa Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, Council 8684 of the Knights of Columbus, the American Historical Association, the Catholic Historical Association, the Association of Caribbean Historians, the Board of Directors for the Association of Colleges and Universities for International-Intercultural Studies, a life member of the executive council of the Association for the Study of Afro-American History a n d Life, the Southern Historical Association, the Latin American Studies Association and the Organization of American Historians. He was past president of the Association of Social and Behavioral Scientists from whom he received the W.E.B. DuBois Award in 1985. Surviving are wife, Mrs. Florence S. Breathett; sons, Granville G. Breathett, Alex G. Breathett and Adrian E. Breathett, all of Greensboro; daughters, Mrs. Lisa B. Mitchell of Durham and Mrs. Mellisandre N. Breathett of Monterey, California; mother, Mrs. Mabel E. Breathett of Memphis, Tennessee; one grandchild.

tft Brother MOSES EASTER, Jr., owner of Easter & Co. Real Estate since 1965, died April 23, 1988, in Norfolk. He was 48. Active in numerous professional groups, Mr. Easter was c h a i r m a n of the National Association of Realtors Equal Opportunity Committee and was past president of the Newport News-Hampton Board of Realtors. He also was past chairman of the Education and Resources Committee. Mr. Easter also was a director of the Virginia Association of Realtors and was vice chairman of the N o m i n a t i n g Committee of the National Association of Real Estate License Law Officials. In 1986, Mr. Easter was chairman of the Virginia Real Estate Board. He was a member of the Peninsula Chamber of Commerce, a member of the Executive Committee and board of directors of the Virginia Peninsula Economic Development Council, and vice chairman of the Board of Assessment and Equalization for the city of Hampton. Mr. Easter was the recipient of several real estate association a w a r d s , i n c l u d i n g the Virginia Association of Realtors' Presidential Honor Board Award, Realtor of the Year Award from the Newport News-Hampton Board of Realtors and an award for Realtor Most Exemplifying the Code of Ethics. A native of Emporia, Va., Mr. Easter g r a d u a t e d from Hampton University. He was a member of Unity Community Church of Tidewater in Virginia Beach. Survivors include his wife, Brenda B. Easter; three sons, Avery D. Easter, David L. Easter and Diallo K. Easter, all of H a m p t o n ; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Moses H. Easter of Newport News; and a sister, Helen Chandler of Washington.

t++ T h e S p h i n x / S p r i n g 1989

Brother ALBERT A. EDWARDS, a retired director of two New York City community centers and a native of Atlanta, died Oct. 22 at his home. He was 91. B r o t h e r E d w a r d s w a s e x e c u t i v e d i r e c t o r of BedfordStuyvesant Community Center in Brooklyn from 1945 to 1959, and of St. Philip's Community Center in Harlem from 1959 to 1974. He "influenced and shaped the lives of thousands of poor, inner-city youth," according to Arnold P. Keith, Jr., an assistant district attorney in the Bronx. Albert Asbury Edwards was born Nov. 16, 1896, in Atlanta. He served in World War I and was valedictorian of Atlanta University's class of 1920. Mr. Edwards taught school in New Orleans, New York City and Gary, Ind.; earned a master's degree in education from Columbia University; and attended the New York School of Social Work. He was a member of the advisory committee of the New York City Fresh Air Fund, board of managers of the New York City Mission Society Cadet Corps, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and St. Philip's Church. His wife of 33 years, Ruby White Edwards, died in 1954. There were no immediate family members among the sur.+t Detroit's G a m m a L a m b d a Chapter in November of 1988 lost one of its most active and cherished brothers—TIMOTHY REGINALD HEARD. Tim was assistant principal at Greenfield Park Elementary School and had seventeen years of teaching experience in the Detroit Public School System. He was widely respected in the religious music community. He served as the administrative assistant to the executive secretary for the Rev. James Cleveland and the Gospel Music Workshop of America. He has also worked with such nationally renowned musical ensembles as the Rev. Charles Nicks' Choir, Beverly Glenn's Concert Chorale and the highly acclaimed Donald Vails Choraleers. He was the recipient of numerous achievement awards and was deeply involved in a number of civic and charitable activities. Some of his numerous affiliations included Phi Mu Alpha Professional Music Society, a life member of the NAACP, Music Educator's Conference, The American Federation of Musicians and the Wayne State University (where he was working on a Doctoral Degree in Education-Administration) Alumni Association. Tim received his calling earlier this year and preached an inspirational and uplifting first sermon on October 26th. His theme was taken from 2nd Chronicle 7:14, "If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land." His choice of scriptural text shall truly be an inspiration to us all. He leaves to rejoice in his memory his devoted mother and father, Carrie and Henry Heard; one sister, Shirley and one brother, Ted; one sister-in-law, Sarah; one brother-in-law, Jerome; one niece, three nephews, three uncles, two aunts and a host of other relatives, dear friends and the love and respect of Alpha Phi Alpha brothers throughout the country. + +

t Page 39

Services for Brother MILTON ADAM JACKSON, Sr., 68, of M o n r o e , were held at the R o s e of S h a r o n B a p t i s t Church, 720 Adams Street, M o n r o e , La., Saturday, November 19 with Rev. J. B. Brown officiating. Brother Milton was a retired principal of the Ridgeway Elementary School in Oak Ridge, La., and Director of Morehouse Resource Center a n d F e d e r a l P r o g r a m s in Bastrop, La. Brother Jackson was an active member of the Rose of Sharon Baptist Church where he served as the finance secretary, teacher of both the Sunday School and Brotherhood and President of the Choir. He also served as the President of the Fifth District of the Louisiana Education Association for six years. He served three and one half years as a First Sergeant in the United States Army d u r i n g World War II, in the E u r o p e a n Theater of O p e r a t i o n s . He was an active m e m b e r of the following organizations: Eta Delta Lambda Chapter of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated, Charter Member of the Monroe Pacesetter Lions Club and a former member of the Municipal Fire a n d Police Civil Service Commission for the City of Monroe, Louisiana. Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Irene Mouton Jackson, two d a u g h t e r s , Mrs. Marva Rae Jackson McHenry of Carson, California, Mrs. Cynthia Jackson Hammond of Monroe, and two sons, Mr. Milton Adam Jackson, Jr. and Mr. Michael Von Jackson of Monroe; two faithful sons-in-law and a loving daughter-in-law; two sisters, Mrs. Cleo Jackson Smith, Mrs. Marguerite Jackson Paster of Monroe, two brothers, Rev. Julius D. Jackson of Rochester, New York and Mr. Leo S. Jackson of Monroe; a loving aunt, Mrs. Eddye L. Coleman of El Cajon, California, fourteen grandchildren, one great grandchild and a host of relatives and friends.


Brother JESSE MANN, a native of Greenville, Miss., died Sept. 30 in Weiss Memorial Hospital following a lengthy illness. A graduate of Englewood High School, Howard University and Northwestern University Law School, Brother Mann, during World War II, served as an attorney for the U.S. Office of Price Administration. Brother Mann was a member of the Original Forty Club of Chicago, and the Druids; a member of the Cook County Bar and National Bar Associations; and actively involved in the Civil Rights Movememt. His aunt, Ethel Miller, said she and Brother Mann grew up as sisters and brothers. She said the late attorney Earl Dickerson and Brother Mann were good "friends and buddies. When you saw one, you saw the other." Survivors include his wife, Bessie; a son, David; and a daughter, Lisa, of St. Louis.


Page 40

Brother MOSES FRANKLIN MILLER w a s b o r n in Cleveland, Oklahoma, Oct. 27, 1907 of Jim and Mary Ann Miller. The Lord called him h o m e S u n d a y , August 30, 1987 at 7:30 a . m . at t h e Veterans Administration Hospital. He was preceded in death by eight brothers and sisters. He attended elementary and high school in Ardmore, Okla. Mr. Miller earned the Bachelor's degree from Langston University, the Master's degree from the University of Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico. He did special work in physical education at Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts. Mr. Miller was a pioneer and a "first" in much of his life. While at Langston, he captained the Langston Lions in 1930 and 1931, becoming the first person to succeed himself in this position. Being a lover of music, he was a member of the first quartet to broadcast by radio in 1927. In 1931, he played on the Ail-American Chicago Defender team which was recognized nationwide. Mr. Miller was a long time educator and coach in the state of Oklahoma. His career began in Crescent, Okla. at the Douglass High School. Later, he moved to Poteau w h e r e h e was principal. From there, he moved to Okmulgee where he was coach and history teacher for a number of years. For 17 years, h e coached track, s w i m m i n g , basketball and football at Douglass High School in Oklahoma City. He was best known for winning 46 consecutive games and coaching 9 championship teams. Mr. Miller retired from the coaching ranks in 1962, leaving behind One of the most sparkling records of coaching in Oklahoma High Schools. On November 8, 1973, Mr. Miller was honored by the state of Oklahoma with "Miller Day" a n d the following day, the stadium at Douglass High School became officially known as the "Moses F. Miller Stadium". Touching the lives of so many boys over the state, Coach Miller retired from the teaching career in 1973, while principal of Culbertson Elementary School of this city. Upon moving to Oklahoma City, Mr. Miller united with the Tabernacle Baptist Church. In November, 1983, he became one of the organizers and founders of the Northeast Missionary Baptist Church of this city. He loved his church dearly and served faithfully in many capacities until his health failed. At the time of his illness, he was vice chairman of the Trustees, chairman of finance, and was instrumental in launching the church b u i l d i n g effort. He also assisted with the Music programs on special occasions. Among his many civic and professional organizations are the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity where he was a life member. He was a member of the Zeta Gamma Lambda Chapter of Langston, Oklahoma where he served as historian and Sgt.-at-Arms. He held membership in the OANT, OEA, YMCA, the International Lions Club of America, the LU Boosters' Club and the NAACP. In 1971, he was inducted into the Oklahoma Football Hall of Fame. He was also honored with the 100th Coaching Victory Award during his career. He is survived by his beloved wife, Jeanette Miller, of the home and several nephews and nieces, other relatives and many friends.

T h e S p h i n x / S p r i n g 1989

A memorial service was held in Lincoln Memorial United Methodist Church for Brother JAMES PATTERSON, 65, one of Buffalo's first black engineers, who was involved in m a n y m a j o r a r e a U.S. Army C o r p s of E n g i n e e r s projects. A n a t i v e of P i t t s b u r g h , Patterson was a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, where he earned a degree in civil engineering. He was an a s s o c i a t e of E u g e n e S. Richards and Associates, a black-owned engineering and landsurveying company in Williamsville. Patterson attended Lincoln University near Philadelphia until he was drafted in the Army in 1945. He served with the Army's 9136th Technical Service Unit until 1946 and attained the rank of sergeant. In the early 1950s, Patterson went to work for the Department of Interior's Bureau of Land Reclamation in Great Falls. Mont. He helped build dams, irrigation channels and canals. He then took a job with the Army Corp of Engineers and came to Buffalo in the 1960s, serving as chief of the Rivers and Harbors Section. He was involved in many major projects, including the St. Lawrence Seaway and the diversion of water from the American Falls in 1969. He was director of HUD's Housing Development Division and served as the chief underwriter for multi-family housing units. He was the federal government's top decision maker for proposed housing projects in 48 counties of the state. Patterson served as chairman of the selection team for the Rochester Psychiatric Center. He was a certified club director of the American Contract Bridge League and the American Bridge Association. A former p r e s i d e n t of t h e Buffalo Negro Scholarship Foundation and the board of directors of the American Lung Association, Patterson was a former Sunday school teacher at Westminster Presbyterian Church and a member of the board of directors of the Buffalo Museum of Science. He also served on the boards of Westminster House and Friendship House in Lackawanna. Patterson held memberships in Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity and the Les Treize Couples Club. Survivors include his wife, the former Vernette Coles; two sons, Gregory of Pittsburgh and Kevin of Charlotte, N.C.; his stepfather, Thomas D. Dorsey of Harrisburg, Pa., and three grandchildren. + +


Retired Army National Guard Brig. Gen. Brother RICHARD W. SAXTON, 58, a marketing and personnel consultant to area d e f e n s e c o n t r a c t o r s , d i e d T u e s d a y at G r e a t e r Southeast Community Hospital of complications from an arterial thrombosis. He lived in District Heights. During the early 1970s, as an Army colonel at the Pentagon, he was project officer for the historic expansion of t h e Army's c o n t i n g e n t of black generals. From 1982 to 1984, Gen. Saxton was director of the Potomac Electric Power Co. meter department. From 1979 to 1981, he T h e S p h i n x / S p r i n g 1989

was director of Equal Employment Opportunity for the Military District of Washington. A paratrooper and Green Beret, he served three tours of duty in Vietnam. Among his decorations were the Silver Star, the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart. Born in Chicago, he spent much of his childhood in Hawaii, where his father, a military officer, was stationed. He enlisted in the Army in the 1940s and received his commission in 1951, becoming a platoon leader in Korea. After the war, he joined the Illinois Army National Guard and served in the Army Reserves. Re-enlisting in the Army for Vietnam, he served as a captain. He taught at North Carolina A&T University in Greensboro after leaving Vietnam and was stationed in Germany from 1969 to 1971. A graduate of Texas S o u t h e r n University, Gen. Saxton received a master's degree in h u m a n relations from the University of Oklahoma. He also studied at the Command and General Staff College and other military schools. He was a charter member of the ROCKS, an organization of retired officers, and a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. He is survived by his wife of 35 years, Clemmie Morrison Saxton; two daughters, Renee S. Bryant and Marie S. Cureton, a son, Lt. Richard A.M. Saxton; two sisters, Sonya LaMarr of Anchorage, Alaska, and Xandra Saxton of Houston; and two brothers, Michael of St. Louis and John of Honolulu. + +


Brother KENNETH FREDERICK SMITH, a prominent Oakland attorney and community leader died last Thursday. He was 78. Brother Smith was born M a r c h 2 9 , 1910 in S a i n t Joseph, Missouri to the union of Joseph S. Smith, Sr. and C h a r i t y E l i z a b e t h Booker S m i t h . He was g r a d u a t e d from public school in his hometown, attended Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri for one year, and received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Kansas in Lawrence. He began his law studies at his alma mater and completed his law training at San Francisco Law School. In 1937, he went to Portland, Oregon as a waiter on the S o u t h e r n Pacific Railroad to earn m o n e y to further his education. His move to the West Coast was to have been temporary, but shortly thereafter he met Julia Blanchard, and they were married on August 5, 1939. He became the first black employed as race relations representative of the Oregon State Department of Employment and War Manpower. He was the Executive Director of the branch Y.M.C.A. and Executive Director of the Y.M.C. A.-U.S.O. of Portland. Julia and Ken also operated a private business concession in Vanport City, Oregon, an autonomous housing project which was the largest project in the country at that time. The Smiths moved to San Francisco in 1948, in search of greener pastures. They formed the Smith-Blanhard Advertising and Public Relations Agency and one of their proudest accomplishments was the public relations aspect in the formation of the Trans-Bay Federal Savings and Loan Association, the first black savings and loan institution in Northern California. Their firm was also responsible for the first United Negro College Fund drive in the Bay Area. Mr. Smith was recruited by the San Francisco Urban League as their field secretary. In 1960 he was appointed Executive Director of the Bay Area Urban League, a position he held until his retirement from that organization in 1965.

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During the time Mr. Smith worked with the Urban League he was attending law school also. His tenacity in pursuing his first love of the law resulted in his passing the California Bar and his practice of law in the Bay Area. He was proud of the high percentage of cases in which he was successful. It was during the latter part of his practice that he was appointed to the State Narcotic Addict Evaluation Authority and the State Job Training Coordinating Council. A few of his affiliations were Life member N.A.A.C.P.; Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity; American Bar Association; Charles H o u s t o n Bar Association; St. Johns Episcopal C h u r ! of Montclair; California State Job Training Coordinating Count'' California State Conference of Apprenticeship; Redelopment Agency of the City of Oakland; and Y.M.C. A. of San Francisco. He is survived by his wife, of 49 years, Julia; his sister, Ann Tucker, of Chicago; a niece, Gwendolyn Nicholas, of San Francisco; a nephew, George Mills, Jr., of Portland; his wife's family which he considered his own; and a host of friends.

t+t Brother WALTER SOLOMON w a s b o r n in S a v a n n a h , Georgia, on January 30, 1911. He was born to the union of the late N e h e m i a h and Florine Solomon. He d e p a r t e d t h i s life on D e c e m b e r 9, 1 9 8 8 , a t Southside Regional Medical Center, Petersburg, Virginia. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from Virginia State College in Petersburg, Virginia, and a Masters of S c i e n c e d e g r e e from t h e College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. "Sol" had retired as a Special Education teacher at Warwick High School in the Newport News Public School system in July 1976. He formerly had served as a Merchant Seaman retiring May, 1968. He was a member of Zeta Lambda Chapter and had been affiliated with the Crusader's Men's Chorus. As a member of Carver Memorial Presbyterian Church, "Sol" had been faithfully active in several activities. He was a member of the Senior Choir and had served as Coordinator of the newspaper recycling project, as well as Coordinator of the Youth Bowling League. In addition, he was a member of the Presbyterian Men's League Council and a volunteer at the William E. Rattley Road Ahead Center, TRAC. He leaves to mourn his loving wife, Mrs. Mary Johnson Solomon, whom he married in 1949, a sister-in-law Arlene Hill, a brother-in-law Elwood Hill, two nieces, one nephew and a host of friends. +++ Brother ELVIS O'HARA SPEARMAN, was born the fourth of six children to the late Reverend Elvis Wardell Spearman and Tryphenia Armenta Chandler. A native of Tallahassee, Florida. O'Hara S p e a r m a n was a g r a d u a t e of Florida A&M University, Columbia Teachers College, Columbia University, New York and recipient of the Doctorate of Education D e g r e e from W a s h i n g t o n U n i v e r s i t y of St. L o u i s , Missouri in 1979. Page 42

Following his military service, Dr. Spearman began numerous educational assignments as a music educator: Lincoln High School in Tallahassee, Florida; Band Director, Vashon High School, St. Louis, Missouri; and Music consultant for the St. Louis Public Schools. In 1979, h e accepted an Artist-inResidence appointment at the Katherine Dunham Center for the Performing Arts at Southern Illinois University at East St. Louis, Illinois. Other colleges and university affiliations include: adjunct faculty at Forest Park Community College and Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. Dr. Spearman was a member of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, National Music Society, Music Educators National Conference, Missouri Music Educators Conference and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. He is survived by his wife of 32 years, Frankie Wilkins Spearman; two children, Elvis O'Hara, Jr., and Katherine; two g r a n d c h i l d r e n , Kimberly a n d Bree; daughter-in-law, Joy; brothers, Rawn and Leonard Spearman; sisters, Viva Coleman, Olivia Parker and Agenoria Paschal, many sisters and brothersin-law, a host of nieces, nephews and many friends. + +t

We always relinquish with great reluctance that with which we are most familiar. Whether it is the son w h o leaves the shelter of home to become a father in a home of his own, or the high school s t u d e n t w h o moves on to college and into the unknown complexities of the world of work; whether we move to new jobs or new towns, we are u s u a l l y s u s t a i n e d by e x p e r i e n c e s rooted in the familiar. It is not easy to put distance between the familiar and the unknown. When we attempt to do so, we tend to succeed when our reach is anchored by the love and support of family and friends. With the death of Brother NATHANIEL ALLEN SWEETS, Sr., the St. Louis community lost a man for all seasons. He feared neither the known nor the unknown. He accepted life's syncopated rhythms, and the beat of a different drummer didn't bother him at all. To those he left behind he bequeathed a wonderful legacy. Although we might not always have been aware of it, his courage, his energy, his spirit and his strength nurtured a widely extended family. That family included not only his wife, sons, daughter and grandchildren; it included his "boys" on the St. Louis football and baseball teams, and his "boys" on Lincoln University's football team. It also included his Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity brothers and the Lincoln University Alumni Association. It certainly included the staff of his beloved St. Louis American. He was a political animal in the kindest sense of the word. His facility for finesse was legend as well—whether in a friendly game of poker, or in the rotunda of City Hall or the halls of the Missouri state legislature. He often got what he wanted, but always refused to gloat. And so while life w i t h o u t him is yet another of those unsettling unknowns, we owe it to his memory to tackle the unknown in the best Sweets tradition: head on. His family and friends gathered at St. James AME Church last Friday not so much to mourn his death as to celebrate his life. It was a celebration he would have enjoyed. Not only were family members drawn from north, south, east and west; friends came from near and far as well. T h e S p h i n x / S p r i n g 1989

And with Robert McFerrin's spirited rendition of "Ride On, King Jesus," St. Louisans bid a fond farewell to the last of a dying breed: a genuine Renaissance man. He had a strong commitment to St. Louis in general and its black community in particular. He often said we should all try to leave this place better than we found it. He certainly tried.

B r o t h e r D R . J O H N R. WATSON was b o r n on September 1, 1942, in Boley, Oklahoma. He passed away June 14, 1987, at St. Anthony Hospital. Ron was joined in Holy Matrimony to Carolyn Powell on August 29, 1965, and to this u n i o n o n e child w a s born, John Ronald Watson, II. A 1964 graduate of Langston University, Langston, Oklahoma, Ron was the second b l a c k g r a d u a t e from t h e University of Oklahoma School of Medicine in 1971. He completed his Internship and Residency at Harlem Hospital Center in New York from 1971 through 1974. He was Medical Director of the Alcohol and Detoxification Center in Harlem Hospital a n d Instructor of Clinical Medicine at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital from 1974 through 1977. He returned to Oklahoma, his home state, to continue his professional career as an Internist at HCA Presbyterian Hospital, Oklahoma City. He was licensed to practice medicine in the States of Oklahoma, New York, and Florida. His professional affiliations included: Southern Medical Association; American Medical Association; Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity; University of O k l a h o m a Alumni Association, O k l a h o m a C o u n t y Medical Association; Oklahoma State Medical Association; and Oklahoma City Med-De-Phar Society. Ron was selected by the United States Jaycees as one of ten recipients of the 1979 Outstanding Young Men of America, and his biography was published in their awards volume. At an early age, Ron was baptized at the Union Baptist Church in Shawnee, Oklahoma. On December 17, 1968, Ron was confirmed in the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer, Oklahoma City. Ron leaves to cherish his memory his wife, Carolyn and son, John; his mother, Alta Watson; brother, Kenneth Watson; sister, Glenda Watson Moss; nephew, Daniel of Clev., Hgts., Oh. Aunts-Lylah Hankins; Loyce Tucker; Johnetta Barbara; Myrtle Graham; Dora Thomas; Elmar Bowman and a host of other relatives and friends. + +

Brother JIMMIE LEE WHITE was born December 13, 1920 to Will & Georgia Ann White of Texarkana, Arkansas. H e w a s a g r a d u a t e of Booker T. Washington High School of Texarkana and went on to attend Arkansas State U n i v e r s i t y in P i n e Bluff, Arkansas where he lettered in football. After receiving his Bachelor's Degree, he entered the Armed Services a n d fought in t h e E u r o p e a n Theater during World War II. T h e S p h i n x / S p r i n g 1989


After his discharge from the army, Mr. White furthered his education by obtaining a Master of Science Degree in Dairy Science from Michigan State University in East Lansing. He began his professional career by heading the Southern University Dairy Dept. in Baton Rouge, La. There, he met Vanilla Potter a n d t h e y w e r e m a r r i e d A u g . 6, 1949 in Manchester, Kentucky at Miss Potter's parents home. The couple then moved to Langston, Oklahoma where Mr. White taught in the Agricultural Dept. for 35 yrs. until his retirement in May of 1986. Mr. White is survived by his wife, Vanilla White, three sons, Jimmie White of Checotah, Okla., Robert White of New York, New York and Paul White of Manchester, Ky., two daughters, Clarice Wiggins of Lexington, Ky. and Mary Ann Phifer of Charleston, West Virginia. He has four grandchildren, Jimmie White III, Evelyn White, Steven Wiggins and Mathew Wiggins. He is also survived by one brother, James White of San Francisco, Calif, and two sisters, Rosebell Lauderdale and Thalia Bethel, both of Los Angeles, Calif. Mr. White was very active in civic and church organizations, a m o n g t h e m were St. Marys, Guthrie, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., the American Legion, Boy Scouts of America, the NAACP, the Negro Future Farmers of America and the Knights of Columbus. He served on the Board of Directors for the Langston Credit Union and the Langston Housing Authority. He also served on the Langston School Board and at his death, he was the Langston City Treasurer. + +


Brother HENRY FRANKLIN VINCENT (H.F.V.) WILSON was the second of five sons b o r n to Prof. B. T. a n d Harriette Jeffries Wilson in Seguin, Texas, June 7, 1900. He departed this life on May 1, 1988 in a local hospital. His early years were spent on a small college campus in S e g u i n . L a t e r t h e family moved to Waco, Texas where he received his early education. H e recieved his A.B. degree from Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee. In 1946, he received his M.A. degree in School Administration from the University of Michigan. His t e a c h i n g e x p e r i e n c e i n c l u d e d s e v e n t e e n years as Mathematics instructor at Douglass High School, Ardmore, seven years as principal of Carver High School in Hominy, Oklahoma. He returned to Ardmore and served as principal of Douglass High School from 1951 to 1969. He served as Carter County Superintendent of Schools from 1971 to 1973. Mr. Wilson was a m e m b e r of many organizations a n d committees including the A r d m o r e United Way, H u m a n Relation a n d Job Placement, Ardmore Kiwanis, Southern Oklahoma Development Association, Big Five Community Action Services, and a life member of the Ardmore Chamber of Commerce. He was a member of First Baptist Church and served on the Deacon and Trustee Boards. He held memberships in the Carter County Retired Teachers Assoc, Oklahoma Education Assoc, and the National Education Assoc. He was a life member of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. On June 2, 1932, he married Audrey Augusta Aarons of Pensacola, Florida. They have one son, Henry F. V. Wilson, Jr. of Arlington, Texas. He is survived by his wife Audrey of the home, a son, Henry, and a daughter-in-law, Martha; two grandchildren, Anthony and Nicole of Arlington, Texas; two brothers, J. J. Wilson, Waco, Page 43

Texas; B. T. Wilson Jr., of Kerrville, Texas, and numerous relatives and friends.

Funeral services were held November 22, for retired educator Brother FRANK WINDOM JR. who died November 15 at St. Mary's Hospital. He was 80. Born March 14, 1908, in Chappell Hill, Texas, Windom was the first assistant principal of Central High School. He was the first Central graduate to serve as an administrator at his alma mater. He completed 40 years of distinguished service in the Galveston Independent School District before his retirement. Windom earned degrees at Prairie View A&M University and

University of Michigan. He was a member of Macedonia Baptist Church, where he was eulogized by the Rev. T. J. Anderson. Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Juanita D. Windom of Galveston; son, Clarence T. Windom of New York, N.Y.; two sisters - Mrs. Versa Lee Toland and Mrs. Ella V Roy, both of Houston; grandchildren - Albert L. Windom of Galveston, and Ms. Kim M. Windom and Ms. Christina Y. Windom, both of Pasadena, California; and a host of other relatives and friends. Pallbearers were Walter Carter III, Tommy Davis, James Gulley, R. L. Johnson, Booker T. Price Sr. and James Sanders. Members of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity were honorary pallbearers. •+t


Omega CbapteR All chapters and Brothers are urged to submit the names of Brothers transferred to Omega Chapter during the past year — so that proper tribute may be offered at the Ceneral Convention. Name

SS# Last Chapter of Affiliation


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Chapter of Initiation Return to: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Attn.: Membership Department 4432 S. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive Chicago, IL 60653

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The Sphinx/Spring 1989


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The Sphinx/Spring 1989

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Directory of Chapters

All Chapters are required to submit a "Chapter Directory" to the General Office within ten 10) days after the election of chapter officers. This form should list the chapter's "Official Contact Person" â&#x20AC;&#x201D; to whom all chapter mai s sent. This listing contains only addresses sent to the General Office for the 1988-89 fraternal year, as of January 15, 1989.

LEGEM) I (A) (P) (CS) (S) (FS) (RS)

EAST DISTRICT I INTERNATIONAL Director Gene Williams 7506 Candy Tuff Court Springfield, VA 22153 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Kappa Phi (U 01 Liberia - #439) No Report ALUMNI CHAPTERS Epsiion Theta Lambda (Hamilton. Bermuda - #219) No Report Ela Epsiton Lambda (Monrovia. Liberia - #260) No Report Theta Epsiion Lambda (St Thomas, VI - #282) Elmo A. Adams (P) P.O. Box 623 St. Thomas. VI 00801 Theta Theta Lambda (Frankfurt, Germany - #285) Norbert A Hopkins (CS) Bon 2367 AP0. NY 09123 Iota Epsiion Lambda (Nassau, Bahamas - #506) Leroy N. Thompson (AP) P.O. BoxN. 1021 Nassais. Bahamas lota Sigma Lambda (St. Croix, VI - #518) No Report Mu Phi Lambda (Seoul. South Korea - #565) Aaron R. Andrews (P) PSSC Box 442 AP0, SF 96206 DISTRICT II NEW ENGLAND Director Thomas 0. Harris P 0 Box 1013 Hartford, CT 06143 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Sigma (Boston - #17) Derrick Grubb (P) Astor Station, P.O. Box 792 Boston. MA 22123 Alpha Gamma (Brown - #25) Robert McEnheimer (P) P.O. Box 5678. Brown Univ Providence, Rl 02912 Alpha Kappa (Springfield - #32) George Gilbert Sutherland III (P) Box 1235 1215WilbrahamRd. (WNEC) Springfield. MA 01119 Theta Zela (Dartmouth- #381) Daron S Fitch (P) H.8. 5024 Bartmouth College Hanover. NH 03755 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Epsiion Gamma Lambda (Boston - #214) Jacob M Younginer (P) 7 Heritage Road Bedford. MA 01730 Theta lota Lambda (Springfield - #286) Thomas Morrow (P) 11 Preston Springfield, MA 01109 Mu Theta Lambda (Providence - #553) Arthur D. Wright III (P) 81 Darrow Drive Warwick. Rl 02886 Nu XI Lambda (Sudbury - #580) No Report

Paee 46

Advisor President Corresponding Secretary Secretary Financial Secretary Recording Secretary

WESTERN NEW ENGLAND COLLEGE CHAPTERS Zeta (Yale - #6) Chris Patrick (P) P.O. Box 2388 New Haven, CT 06520 Kappa Delta (Connecticut - #423) Clifton J Cooper (P) 1276 Storrs Rd. Buckley Hal: 537A Storrs. CT 06268 MuPhi

Zeta Zeta Lambda Mu Sigma (St. Albans - #239) (Rochester - #458) Calvin Gooding (CS) Todd Morris (CP) 187-32 Bellensp Street 94 Colony Manor Drive Springfield Gardens. NY 11413 Rochester, NY 14623 Ela Zeta Lambda Rho Alpha (New Rochelle- #261) (Brockport - #752) Robert Lewis (CS) David long (P) 115-15 204th Street Harmon Hall Room 1208 St. Albans NY 11412 SUNY-Brockport Eta Theta Lambda Brockport. NY 14420 (Wyandance - #263) Earnest Williams (P-e) ALUMNI CHAPTERS 153 Mount Joy Avenue Rho Lambda Freeport. NY 11520 (Bridgeport- #461) (Buffalo-#116) Joel Roach (S) Eta Chi Lambda Orlando Rainey (P) 1284 Park Avenue [Nyack - #276) 162 New Road Bridgeport, CT 06604 Corded Johnson (P) East Amherst. NY 14051 MuPli 77 Fairview Place Eta Rho Lambda Peekskill, NY 10566 (S Connecticut - #463) (Rochester-#271) No Report Kappa XI Lambda No Report (New York - #536) No Report ALUMNI CHAPTERS Beta Sigma Lambda Kappa Upsilon Lambda DISTRICT IV (Mid-Hudson Valley - #542) (Hartford-#161) NEW JERSEY Eugene L Aiken Jr. (P) Darry L. Burke (P) Director 50-N-404 Willard SI PO Box 1171 Carlisle Parker Hartford. CT 06114 Hopewell Jet . NY 12533 16 Franklin Place Zela Phi Lambda Montclair, NJ 07042 (Stamford - #253) NORTHERN NEW JERSEY CENTRAL NEW YORK Dennis Taylor (P) COLLEGE CHAPTERS COLLEGE CHAPTERS 25 Second St., Apt. 2C lota Rho Alpha Stamford, CT 06905 (NJIT - #413) (Cornell #1) Eta Alpha Lambda Darryl Newsome (S) Mark Michael (P) (New Haven - #256) P.O. Box 25213 409 Elmwood Avenue James Daniel (RS) Newark, N.J. 07101 Ithach. NY 14850 601 Sherman Parkway Omicron Zeta Delta Zeta New Haven, CT 06511 (Syracuse - #94) (Fairleigh-Dickinson - #713) David Watkins (P) David G Tidwell (P) DISTRICT III 1000 River Road 111 Roney Ln., #15 NEW YORK Teareck. NJ 07666 Syracuse, NY 13210 Director Kappa Zeta George L Mims (Utica - #425) 885 Seneca Road Orson Nicholson (P) West Hempstead. NY 11552 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Itica College METRO NEW YORK Alpha Alpha Lambda Utica. NY 13502 COLLEGE CHAPTERS (Newark-#123) Omicron Upsilon Warren E Sherwood (S) Ela (Rensselaer - #726) 15 Columbus Avenue (New York City - #7) John Biscette (P) Montclair. NJ 07042 John 0. Lance (P) 214 Hoosick Street Beta Alpha Lambda 340 Morris Avenue #1A Troy. NY 12180 (Jersey City - #145) Bronx. NY 10451 PI Beta No Report Delta Chi (SUNY-Binghamton-#731) Delta Mu Lambda (Brooklyn - #308) Owen M Brown, Jr. (P) (Paterson-#199) Lesly St Louis (S) P.O. Box 1857 Hugh E. Young, Sr. (P) GPO Box 022520 S.V.N.Y. Binghamton 588 Grove Street Brooklyn. NY 11202 Binghamton, NY 13901 Upper Montclair. NJ 07043 Zeta Eta PI PI Zeta Epsiion Lambda (Columbia - #338) (Union - #744) (Red Bank - #238) Ralph Maxy (S) Sir David A. Mullings (P) George Y Wyatt (S) 112 Ruggles Hall Union College Box 1053 32 Spicy Pond Road Columbus University Schenectady. NY 12308 Howell, NJ 07731 New York, NY 10027 Zeta Nu Lambda Theta Epsiion (Plainlield - #245) (Adelphi - #380) Kevin S. Turner (VP) Curtis Lewis (P) ALUMNI CHAPTERS 1129 E. 3rd Street Adelphi University Beta Pi Lambda Plainlield NJ 07062 Center Rm 109 (Albany-#159) Kappa Theta Lambda GardonCity, NY 11530 Scot T Spencer (P) (Teaneck- #531) Kappa Rho P.O. Box 14164 Beniamin A. Collier) (S) 286 E. 27th Street (C. W. Post - #435) Albany. NY 12212-4161 Paterson, NJ 07514 Kenneth L. Watson (ED) Theta Chi Lambda P.O. Box 299 (Schenectady - #298) Greenvale. NY 11548 No Report XiPsi lota Theta Lambda [Hofstra - #707) (Endicott - #509) SOUTHERN NEW JERSEY Darren Morton (P) Alton G Roney (P) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Hofstra University 11 Lane Court Delta lota Student Center Box 42 Apalachin, NY 13732 (Rutgers - #97) Hempstead. NY 11550 lota lota Lambda Darryl A. Hill (S) (Rome- #510) PO Box 26 No Report New Brunswick. NJ 08903 lota Kappa Lambda lota lota ALUMNI CHAPTERS (Syracuse-#511) (Trenton St - #406) Alpha Gamma Lambda No Report Lucius Eugene Donaldson (P) (New York - #125) 438 Cromwell Hall Ronald Madden (P) WESTERN NEW YORK 834 Penfield St. #2A Trenton State College Bronco. NY 10470 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Trenton, NJ 08650 Gamma lota Lambda Delta Epsiion Nulola (Brooklyn-Long Island - #175) (Buffalo - #93) (Glassboro St - #472) John M Williams (S) Rondell Ross (CS) Damn L. Stalling (P) 51 Alabama Ave 100 Hawley Street 227 Parkcrest Village Hempstead, NY 11550 Buffalo, NY 14222 Glassboro, NJ 08028

(T) (ES) (VP) (DOP) (DP) (AS)

PI XI (Stockton St - #742) Howard L. Haughton (P) Box 2402 Stockton State Coll Pomona, NJ 08240

Treasurer Editor-to-the-Sphinx Vice President Dean of Pledges Dean of Pledges Assistant Secretary

Omicron Delia Lambda (Philadelphia-#615) Selvin Gordon (P) P.O. Box 20000 Philadelphia, PA 19145

ALUMNI CHAPTERS Mu Lambda (Washington-#111) LeRoy Lowerv. Ill (P) 1724 Portal Drive. N.W. Washington. DC 20012

WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA COLLEGE CHAPTERS Omicron Alpha Lambda Omicron (Washington - #500) (Pittsburgh - #14) Luther T. Falls (P) Thomas W. Brooks (P) 518 9th Street, N.E. #506 P.O. Box 19388 Washington, DC 20002 Pittsburgh. PA 15213 Omicron Ela Lambda Gamma Nu [Washington- #618) (Penn St - #78) Ray E. Spears (P) Arthur L. Sheffield. II (P) PO Box 1844 Calder Square. PO Box 10662 Washington. DC 20013-1844 State College, PA 16805-10662 XI Mu (Slippery Rock - #496) MARYLAND Or Harry L. Budd (A) COLLEGE CHAPTERS 142 Maple Street Beta Alpha Slippery Rock, PA 16057 (Morgan State - #45) Xi Sigma Brian K. Garrett (P) (Indiana - #702) 499 Beaumont Avenue. Apt 4 Samuel Davis (P) Baltimore, MD 21212 1700 Folger Hall Delta Nu Indiana, PA 15705 (Eastern Shore- #100) Alverne Chesterfield, (Dirr) ALUMNI CHAPTERS UMES Box 1099 Alpha Omicron Lambda Princess Anne. MD 21853 (Pittsburgh - # 1 3 6 ) Eta Zeta Harry K. Parker (FS) (Bowie St - #359) 505 Gettysburg St No Report Pittsburgh. PA 15206 lota Zeta Kappa Beta Lambda (Maryland - #403) (Erie - #525) DISTRICT V Timothy McRae (P) No Report PENNSYLVANIA 637 Hickory Circle Nu Upsilon Lambda Director Aberdeen, MD 21001 (Pittsburgh - #586) Ronald Mangum Mu Rho No Report 306 N Euclid Avenue (Towson St - #457) Pittsburgh, PA 15206 Paul Louis Mays. Jr. (P) EASTERN PENNSYLVANIA 3509 Woodbrook Avenue DISTRICT VI COLLEGE CHAPTERS Baltimore. MD 21216 MD/DC/DE Nu Mu Upsilon Director (Lincoln- #12) (Frostburg St - #460) Oswald Boykin John C. Johnston III (P) Ronald A. Mills (CS) 1019 Sero Estates Drive Box 741 Lane College Center Box # 3 Ft Washington, MD 20744 Lincoln University. PA 19352 DELAWARE Frostburg. MD 21532 Psl Nu Kappa COLLEGE CHAPTERS (Pennsylvania - #22) (UMBC-#473) Gamma Sigma Curtis A. Myers (P) Kevin L. Mitchell (P) (Delaware State - #83) Box 40. 3820 Locust Walk P 0. Box 23650 Kevin A. Martin (P) Philadelphia, PA 19104 Baltimore. MD 21203 DSC Box 360 Delta Pi Pi Theta Dover, Delaware 19901 (Cheney - #302) (Coppin St - #737) XI Omicron Kevin A Spratley (VP) Robert Clifton Hubbard (CS) (Delaware - #499) P.O. Box 431 6307 Wallis Avenue Hampton H. Trigg. II (P) Cheyney University Baltimore. MD 21215 PO Box 524 Cheney. PA 19319 Newark, DE 19715 Zeta Psl ALUMNI CHAPTERS (West Chester - #353) ALUMNI CHAPTERS Delta Lambda Mark Vodery (S) Gamma Theta Lambda [Baltimore- #104) 307 Tyson Hall (Wilmington - #174) Dr. Charles R. Salters (P) Westchester. PA 19383 Arthur J. McMillan (P) 9806 Clanford Road tola Sigma 1 Stalwart Drive Randallstown, MD 21133 (Millersville - #414) Newark. DE 19713 Delta Omicron Lambda Cordon J. Cooper (P) Zeta Rho Lambda (Princess Anne - #203) C10 SMAC (front desk) (Dover - #249) Charles Laws (P) Millersville, PA 17551 Eric L. Smith (S) Box 998 PI Rho 914 Carvel Drive Millsboro, Delaware 19966 (Temple U - #745) Dover. DE 19901 Ela Eta Lambda Darren L. Smith (CS) (Annapolis - #262) 6806 Finch Place Rufus Abernathy (P) DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Philadelphia, PA 19142 P O, Box 3636 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Annapolis. MD 21403 Beta ALUMNI CHAPTERS lota Alpha Lambda (Howard #2) Rho (Aberdeen - #502) Cornelius M. Bates (P) (Philadelphia-#16) Clarence Vaughn (P) 1448 Fairmont Street N.W. William A Hanscom (CS) 929 Elizabeth Street Washington, DC 20009 7902 Toby Leech Drive Havre de Grace. MD 21078 Nu Beta Elkins Park, PA 19119 lota Upsilon Lambda (American - #465) Zela Theta Lambda (Silver Spring - #520) John Singleton, Jr (P) (Harrisburg #241) Jack A. Goode (CS) P O Box 4643 Joseph Robinson, Jr. (P) P O. Box 2233 Georgetown U. 1500 Ridgeview Lane Silver Spring. MD 20906 Washington. DC 20057 Harrisburg, PA 17109 Kappa Epsiion Lambda Omicron Omicron Zeta Omicron Lambda [Landover - #528) (UDC-#721) (Philadelphia - #247) Cleveland Haynes (P) Ronell S. White (P) Frank E. Devine (P) 2905 Gosport Ct. 4215 First Street SE #201 111 David Road Fort Washington. MD 20744 Washington, DC 20032 Bala Cynwyd. PA 19004

ALUMNI CHAPTERS Alpha Theta Lambda (Atlantic C i t y - # 1 3 0 ) Augustus C Harmon (P) 300 S Chester Avenue Pleasantville, NJ 08232 Zeta lota Lambda (Trenton - #242) Ralph L Sims (P) 50 Harding Street Trenton, NJ 08618 Theta Psl Lambda (Somerset - #299) Waller E Andrews (P) 120 Hickory Road Somerset. NJ 08873 Kappa lota Lambda (Burlington County - #532) Robert L. Jones (P) 304 Farmdale Road Moorestown, NJ 08057 Nu Gamma Lambda (Glassboro - #570) William H Myers (S) 227 Parkcrest Village Glassboro, NJ 08028

Kappa Kappa Lambda (Baltimore - #533) Major Lee (CS) P.O. Box 22229 Baltimore. MD 21203-4229 Kappa Phi Lambda (Columbia - #543) David H Barrett (P) 12106 Gold Ribbonway Columbia. MD 21044 XI XI Lambda (Frederick - #602) William E. Campbell, Jr. (P) P.O. Box 1084 Frederick. MD 21701

DISTRICT VII VIRGINIA Director John A. (Tony) Mann 9525 Heathwood Court Burke, VA 22015 NORTHERN VIRGINIA COLLEGE CHAPTERS Gamma (Virginia Union - #3) James L. Brown, V (P) PO Box 91, 127 Storer Hall VUU Campus Richmond. VA 23220 Theta Rho (Virginia Commonwealth - #391) Ronald J Peters (P) 5775 Tivoli Cir. #105 Richmond. VA 23227 lota Alpha (George Mason U - #398) Darren C. Lyons (P) 10617 Maple Street Fairfax, VA 22030 lota Beta [Virginia - #399) tyrome R. Simpson. II (S) 567-002 Younger Charlottesville. VA 22904 XI Delta (James Madison - #489) Brian Griffith (P) P.O. Box 4172. JMU Harrisonburg. VA 22807

ALUMNI CHAPTERS Beta Gamma Lambda (Richmond - #147) Revardo C Pretlow (CS) 1404 Antrim Ave Richmond, VA 23230 Gamma Alpha Lambda (Charlottesville- #167) Arthur W Myrick (P) 1941 Michael Place Charlottesville, VA 22901 Zeta Upsilon Lambda (Reston - #252) Norman Ross (P) 25 Carollton Place Sterling, VA 22170 Theta Rho Lambda (Arlington - #293) Andre J. Jones (P) 623 West Church Road Sterling Park. VA 22170 Xi Alpha Lambda (Prince William County - #590) Chester F. Johnson (FS) 13911 Valley Country Drive Chantilly, VA 22021 XI Oelta Lambda (Henrico County - #593) Gregory R Stailings (P) 5110 Boscobel Ave Richmond, VA 23225 Omicron Alpha Lambda [Fredericksburg- #612) Sidney H. Hankerson, Jr. (P) P.O. Box 1941 Dahlgren. VA 22448

TiV ^nhinvNnrine 1989

TIDEWATER VIRGINIA COLLEGE CHAPTERS COLLEGE CHAPTERS Gamma lota Tau (Hampton - #75) (Illinois - #18) Timothy E Copper (P) Christopher Maiors (H) Room 314. HU Queen St Dorm 609 W Main #23 Hampton. VA 23668 Urbana. IL 61801 Epsilon PI Zota Nu (Norfolk St - #324) (E Illinois - #343) Charles H Brinkley (CS) Lawrence G. Tucker (P) 834 W. 41st Street 260 Taylor Norfolk, VA 23508 Charleston, IL 61920 Theta lota Eta Tau (Blacksburg - #384) (Illinois S t - # 3 7 1 ) Willie D Sullivan II (P) No Report PO Box 346 Theta Omicron Blacksburg. VA 24060 (Millikin - #389) Kappa Pi" Marv Dampeer (A) (William & Mary - #434) (Williai 469 Delmar Stanley Osborne (P) Decatur. IL 62522 Box 3035. College Station Williamsburg, VA 23185 ALUMNI CHAPTERS No Thata Omicron Lambda Beta (Old Dominion- #471) (Champaign - #501) Ryan 0. Jones (P) No Report ODV Web Center Nu Psi Lambda Norfolk. VA 23508 (Bloomington - #589) Kenneth Brownlee (P) ALUMNI CHAPTERS 530 S. Church, Apt. #25 Zeta Lambda Decatur. IL 62522 (Newport News - #106) Pompey L Stith (CS) NORTHERN ILLINOIS 432 Elizabeth Lake Drive Director Hampton. VA 23669 Robert Thirston Alpha Phi Lambda 1734 Grove (Norfolk - #142) North Chicago. IL 60064 Robert West (P) COLLEGE CHAPTERS 1010 Scarlet Oak Court South Epsilon Phi Chesapeake, VA 23320-2712 (N Illinois - #329) Delta Beta Lambda Jesse Terrell Taylor (P) (Hampton - #190) 167 Lincoln Hall James E Blacken (RS) Dekalb. IL 60115 P.O. Box 483 MuMu Hampton, VA 23669 (Elmhurst - #452) Epsilon lota Lambda Arnold Leroy Glass II (S) (Suffolk - #220) 190 Prospect Herman T. Benn (CS) Elmhurst. IL 60126 2513 Cedar Lake Drive PI Sigma Suffolk, VA 23434 (Aurora U - #746) Epsilon Nu Lambda Andre Reddick (CS) (Portsmouth - #223) 347 S Gladstone Winston R Pearson (P) Aurora, IL 60506 P.O. Box 7941 Portsmouth. VA 23707 Nu Delta Lambda ALUMNI CHAPTERS (Surry County. - #571) Kappa Chi Lambda frank D. Williams (SI (Waukegan - #544) 1457 E. Tanner Creek Drive Bernard Chavers (CS) Norfolk, VA 23513 P.O. Box 512 North Chicago. IL 60064 Mu Alpha Lambda SOUTHERN VIRGINIA (DeKalb - #546) COLLEGE CHAPTERS No Report Beta Gamma Mu Mu Lambda (Virginia St - #47) (Glen Ellyn - #556) Ron Phillips (P) Abraham Smith. Jr. (S) 20838 River Road Terrace P.O. Box 49142 Eltrick, VA 23803 Chicago, IL 60649 Delta Tau NORTH CENTRAL ILLINOIS! (St. Pauls - #305) Director Timothy Cosby (P) John Lane Jr. Saint Pauls College 7617 S. Emerald Lawrenceville, VA 23868 Chicago. IL 606. Theta lota COLLEGE CHAPTERS (Virginia Tech - #384) Theta Willie D Sullivan II (P) P.O. Box 346 (Illinois-Chicago - #8) Blacksburg, VA 24060 Charles E. Smoot (P) XI Zeta 6806 S. Chappel Chicago. IL 60649 (Longwood- #491) Alpha Mu Massie C. Harris. Jr. (P) 217 Race Street (Northwestern - #33) Lynchbard, VA 24504 Jackie Brown (P) 7645 Sheridan Chicago. IL 60201 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Nu Lambda (Virginia S t - # 1 1 2 ) ALUMNI CHAPTERS Conrad M Gilliam (P) XI Lambda 1824 S. Sycamore Street (Chicago - #113) Petersburg. VA 23803 Odell Hicks, Jr. (P) Alpha Kappa Lambda Suite #802, 19 S LaSalle (Roanoke-#132) Chicago, IL 60603 George Wilson. Jr. (CS) Zeta XI Lambda P 0. Box 13024 (Evanston - #246) Roanoke, VA 24030 Jesse Whitfield (P) Gamma Nu Lambda 1315 W West Gate Terrace (Lynchburg - # 1 7 8 ) Chicago, IL 60607-3304 Manley Ferguson (P) Theta Mu Lambda Route 2 Box 9-P (Joliet - #288) Concord, VA 24538 Eugene C. Varnado (P) Delta Nu Lambda 1313 E.Sibley Boulevard. #107 (Danville - #200) Oolton, IL 60419 Isaac T. Jackson (P) lota Delta Lambda P.O. Box 869 (Chicago - #505) Chatham, VA 24531 Rufus P. Credle (S) Epsilon Omicron Lambda 256 Whitewater Drive (Lawrenceville - #225) Bolingbrook. IL 60439 E. L. Morse (CS) P.O. Box 595 NORTH CENTRAL ILLINOIS-II South Hill. VA 23970 Director lota Tau Lambda Edgar Hamilton (Charlotte Court House - #519) 7430 South Bennett C B. Cargile, Jr. (P) Chicago. IL 60649 Route 1. Box 27B COLLEGE CHAPTERS Brookneal, VA 24528 Nu Delta Nu Omicron Lambda (Chicago St - #467) (Fort L e e - # 5 8 1 ) Patrick W. Poe (CS) Ronald L Sutton (P) 1705 West 91st 2841 Pine Meadow Circle Chicago. IL 60620 Chester. VA 23831 Nu Epsilon (Lewis - #468) James M. Mitchell (P) 1710 Arbor. LA #303 Cresthill. IL 60435 ILLINOIS NuRho State Director (IIT - #479) William R Taylor John F German (P) 20945 Brookwood Dr. 7709 S. Luella Olymbia Fields, IL 60461 Chicago. IL 60649 CENTRAL ILLINOIS Omicron lota Director (DePaul - #716) Arthur 8. Cooper Richard Bazile (P) P.O. Box 2085 10818 S. King Drive Station A Chicago. IL 60628 Champaign, IL 61820


TbP Snhinx/SnrirtR 1989

Omicron XI [Roosevelt - #720) Christopher Johnson (P) 7342 S. Euclid Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60649

IOWA Stale Director Todd Easley 1431 41st Place SOUTHERN ILLINOIS Des Moines, IA 50311 Director COLLEGE CHAPTERS Richard Gardner Alpha Theta 806 N. 1st Street Apr. #1 (Iowa - #30) Springfield. IL 62702 terrence T. Watts (P) COLLEGE CHAPTERS 324 N. Van Buren #12 Beta Eta Iowa City, IA 52240 (S Illinois-#51) Alpha Nu Craig S. Knox (P) (Drake - #34) Office of Student Development Jerrold Smith (P) 3rd Floor. Student Center 1319 30th Carbondale. IL 62901 Oes Moines. IA 50311 lota Pi Omicron Pi (SlU-Edwardsville - #412) (Iowa SI - #722) Eric L. Lardge (S) Jeff Banks (P) 50 Devon Court, Apt. C-6 P.O. Box 1268, Welch Avenue Edwardsville, IL 62026 Ames. IA 50010 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Delta Epsilon Lambda (East St. Louis- #193) John Reeves (P) 9423 Stonelield Ferguson. MO 63136 Mu Kappa Lambda (Carbondale - #555) No Report WESTERN ILLINOIS Director Milton P Johnson 2009 Austin Springfield. IL 62704 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Epsilon Kappa (Bradley-#319) Robert Woods (P) 1207 W Windon Peoria, IL 61606 Eta Eta (W Illinois - #360) Dana King, Jr. (P) 836 Tanner Hall Macomb. IL 61455 PI lota (Eureka - #738) Tony Betts (S/VP) Box 19 Eureka, IL 61530 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Kappa Pi Lambda (Peoria - #538) No Report Mu Delta Lambda (Springfied - #549) Herbert B. Harris, Jr. (S) P.O. Box 6191 Springfield, II 62708 Mu Chi Lambda (Rock Island - #566) No Report INDIANA State Director Theo Hamiter 7158 Avalon Trail Court Indianapolis. IN 46250 NORTHERN INDIANA COLLEGE CHAPTERS Gamma Rho (Purdue - #82) Arthur F. Brown (P) 232 Wood Street West Lafayette, IN 47906 Theta XI (Ball State - #388) Ball State Univ. Student Center. Box 355 Muncie. IN 47304 lota Theta (Calumet - #405) No Report ALUMNI CHAPTERS Gamma Rho Lambda (Gary - #182) Cornell Collins (P) 517 N. Lawrence Street Gary. IN 46403 Theta Xi Lambda (South Bend - #290) No Report Theta Upsilon Lambda (Fort Wayne - #296) Timothy R. Williams (P) P.O. Box 10747 Fort Wayne, IN 46853 SOUTHERN INDIANA COLLEGE CHAPTERS Gamma Eta (Indiana - #73) Roderick L. King (P) P.O. Box 1698 Bloomington, IN 47402 Zeta Rho (Indiana State - #347) No Report NuPI (Evansville - #478) No Report ALUMNI CHAPTERS lota Lambda (Indianapolis- #109) David P. Gulley (CS) P.O. Box 88131 Indianapolis. IN 46208 Kappa Rho Lambda (Evansville - #539) No Report Nu Nu Lambda (Bloomington - #579) No Report

Alpha Beta Lambda (Lexington- #1241 William T Jiles (CS) P.O. Box 1248 Lexington, KY 40590-1248 Gamma Beta Lambda (Frankfort - #168) Donald W. Lyons (S) 517 Collier Ct. Lexington, KY 40505

COLLEGE CHAPTER Epsilon Xi [W Michigan - #322) Ramond Pilgrim (P) G-28 Zimnerman Kazoo, Ml 49007

Epsilon Eta Lambda (Charleston - #218) Edward L. Mullms IS) P 0 Box 496 Charleston. MO 63834 CENTRAL MISSOURI

Alpha Tau (Akron - #40) Keith Brown (P) 933 Jeflerson Avenue Akron. OH 44302 Epsilon Delta (Kent S t - # 3 1 3 ) David M Sellers (P) KSUâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;Box A. Student Life Kent. OH 44243 lota Phi (Mount Union - #417) No Report XI Chi (Baldwin-Wallace - #706) William Freeman (VP) Dyke College 112 E Prospect Cleveland, OH 44114 Omicron Epsilon (Youngstown S t - #712) Lanard Stadlord (P) 126 Park Avenue Youngstown. OH 44505

Or. Keener A Tippin UMC, 219 Jesse Hall Columbia. MO 65203 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Alpha Psi (Lincoln - #44) WESTERN KENTUCKY John Hammond (P) Director 508 E. Elm, Apt. 1 Jimmie L. Stewart Jefferson City. MO 65101 511 Jeflerson Street Zeta Alpha P.O. Box 28 (Missouri - #332) Franklin. KY 42134 Mitchell P Washington (P) SOUTH CENTRAL MICHIGAN 5 346A Wolpers Hall. UM-C COLLEGE CHAPTERS Director Columbia. MO 65201 Zeta Omicron Raymond Randolph lota XI (Murray St - #345) 37334 Chesapeake Dr John Henry DeBoe. Jr (P) (NE Missouri - #410) Farmington Hills. Ml 48018 Box 2309 University Station William Smith (P) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Murray. KY 42071 Student Union Building Epsilon Eta Rho N.M.SU (Michigan - #5) (W Kentucky - #369) Kirksville. MO 63501 ALUMNI CHAPTERS ALUMNI CHAPTERS John H. Hale, II (P) Nathaniel Farmer (P) Zeta Kappa Lambda Beta Rho Lambda P.O. Box 7397 4-321 College Heights (Des Moines - #243) ALUMNI CHAPTERS (Youngstown - #160) Ann Arbor, Ml 48107 Bowling Green, KY 42101 Donald D Butler (P) Beta Zeta Lambda No Report Epsilon Eta 2612 East Madison Avenue (Jeflerson City- #150) Delta Alpha Lambda (E Michigan - #316) ALUMNI CHAPTERS Desmoines. IA 50317 Richard Presberry (?) (Cleveland - #189) Mark Garner (P) Gamma Epsilon Lambda Mu Tau Lambda 2429 Lakewood Road Roy Lee Manley. Sr (P) 2871 Bynon Drive. Apt 108 (Hopkinsville - #171) (Cedar Rapids - #563) Jefferson City, MO 65101 2631 Coventry Road Ypsilanti. Ml 48197 James Edward Victor (P) No Report Xi Epsilon Lambda Cleveland. OH 44120 1304 East 7th Street Nu Chi Lambda (Columbia - #594) Eta Tau Lambda ALUMNI CHAPTER (Iowa City - #588) Hopkinsville. KY 42240 Matthew Tyler (P) (Akron - #273) Theta Zeta Lambda No Report P.O. Box 1923 XI PI Lambda Othello H Skinner (P) (Ann Arbor - #283) Columbia. MO 65205 (Paducah - #604) 543 S Sunset View Dr Morse L. Brown (P) M. W. Taylor (P) Akron. OH 44320 KANSAS 1453 Amsley Street 1144 North 14th Street Kappa Mu Lambda WESTERN MISSOURI State Director Ypsilanti, Ml 48197 Paducah, KY 42001 (Lorrain - #534) Director Evles Cranford No Report Omicron Nu Lambda Albin C. Wynn 2420 N Oelrose (Ft. Knox/Radclifl. KY - #623) SOUTHEASTERN MICHIGAN 6 6108 E. 126th Street Wichita, KS 67220 Director Victor Holman (P) Grandview, MO 64030 CENTRAL OHIO EASTERN KANSAS John Kenner 5814-B Bilhymer Street Director COLLEGE CHAPTERS Director 2106 Oakman Blvd. Fort Knox. KY 40121 Delta Rho David Pryor Dave Rabon Detroit. Ml 48238 MICHIGAN (Missouri-KC - #303) 6466 Gunstock Court 5609 Riley COLLEGE CHAPTERS State Director Dewayne Bright (P) Overland Park, KS 66202 Reynoldsberg, OH 43066 Omicron Mu James Gaddis COLLEGE CHAPTERS 3433 Central #306 COLLEGE CHAPTERS (Oakland #718) 2701 Martin L. King Blvd. Kansas City, MO 64111 Upsilon Kappa Richard K Ellis (P) Saginaw. Ml 48601 Zeta Gamma (Kansas - #19) (Ohio St -#10) 2045 Collingwood Darren James (P) (Central Missouri - #334) Anthony T. Cook (P) Detroit, Ml 48206 WESTERN MICHIGAN 1 1014 Mississippi Elliott S. Elev II (P) P.O. Box 51, SI. Cols. Eta XI Director Lawrence. KS 66044 South Ellis Rm. 419 Columbus, OH 43210 (Detroit - #366) Gamma Chi Nathaniel Allen, Jr Warrensburg, MO 64093 Phi Jerry L. Ashlord (P) (Pittsburgh St - #87) 2228 Matfett St. Rho Theta (Ohio - #20) Reno #002 No Report Muskegon Heights. Ml 49444 (Northwest Mo. State U - #759) Carson F. Tanks (P) 3939 Florence Avenue Kappa Tau COLLEGE CHAPTERS Tory Tucker (P) P.O. 8ox 41 Detroit, Ml 48221 (Kansas St - #437) Zeta Beta 2224 E. 70th Athens. OH 45701 Pi Upsilon No Report (Ferris St - #333) Kansas City. MO 64468 Omicron Rho (Dearborn #748) No Report (Ohio Wesleyan-#723) Ricky L. Blalock IS) lota Epsilon WESTERN KANSAS Luther Marshall Washington (T) ALUMNI CHAPTERS 10 Louise Apt. 301 Director (Grand Valley - #402) Beta Lambda OWU MUB Box Highland Park, Ml 48203 Daniel Reeves (P) P. J. Williams (Kansas City-#102) Delaware. OH 43015 PO Box 1571 Student Activities James Carr (P) ALUMNI CHAPTERS Topeka. KS 66601 GVSU 3713 Cypress ALUMNI CHAPTER Alpha Upsilon COLLEGE CHAPTERS Kansas City. MO 64128 Allendale. Ml 49507 Alpha Rho Lambda (Wayne State-#41) Delta Mu Omicron Xi Lambda (Columbus - #138) Mario McCholos Swann (P) (Whiteman - #624) ALUMNI CHAPTERS (Wichita St - #99) Danny L. Boone (P) 2686 Brookfield Hiton Smith (S) Eta Nu Lambda Ronald C Small (S) P.O. Box 091031 Canton. Ml 48188 P.O. Box 7001 2221 N. Hillside (Grand Rapids - #267) Columbus. OH 43209 Gamma Lambda Whiteman AFB, MO 65305 Wichita. KS 67219 Louis Barnes (P) SOUTH CENTRAL OHIO (Detroit - #103) Epsilon Omicron P.O. Box 230028 Director Matthew W Blount (P) (Washburn - #323) Grand Rapids. Ml 49523 NEBRASKA 14689 Warwick Fred J. Conway No Report lota Phi Lambda Director Detroit, Ml 48223 3792 Denlinger XI Nu (Muskegon Heights- #521) Michael J. Barnes Dayton, OH 45426 No Report (Emporia SI - #497) 1010 Evergreen Avenue MINNESOTA COLLEGE CHAPTERS Nathaniel Souther (P) Bellevue, NE 68005 State Director XI 1120 East Street NORTHERN MICHIGAN 2 COLLEGE CHAPTER James Beard (Wilberforce - #13) Emporia, KS 66801 Director Beta Beta 4109 Portland Avenue. S Henry French (P) Curtis Newell, Sr (Nebraska - #46) Minneapolis, MN 55407 Alpha House. Wilberforce U ALUMNI CHAPTERS 3336 Southtield Ct. John T. Pitts (P) Director Wilberforce. OH 45384 Delta Eta Lambda Saginaw, Ml 48601 4940 Spaulding Willy James Gamma Theta (Topeka - #195) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Omaha. NE 68104 1400 Second Street South (Dayton - #74) Milton E. Jackson (P) Gamma Tau Suite A-510, Box 193 Robert Welch (P) 324 N.W. Rolyan Road (Michigan St - #84) ALUMNI CHAPTER 331 Kiefaber Minneapolis, MN 55454 Topeka. KS 66617 Jerry Harrison (S) Beta Xi Lambda Dayton. OH 45409 COLLEGE CHAPTER Eta Beta Lambda P.O. Box 6906 (Omaha - #157) Mu Delta XI (Wichita - #257) E. Lansing. Ml 48823 Glenn W. Dee (P) (Central St - #300) (Minnesota-#11) Evies 0. Cranford (P) Zeta Delia 6430 Whitmore Avenue Christopher Saunders (P) Harold V Birts (P) 2420 N. Dellrose (N Michigan - #335) Omaha, NE 68152 652 Smallwood 3804 10th Avenue South Wichita, KS 67220 No Report Dayton. OH 45427 Minneapolis, MN 55407 Xi Mu Lambda OHIO Pi Phi (Manhattan - #600) ALUMNI CHAPTERS State Director (Wright St U - #749) ALUMNI CHAPTER Thomas Scott Madry (S) lota Chi Lambda Danny Boone Darren Gallup (S) Gamma Xi Lambda P.O. Box 2343 (Saginaw - #522) 2001 Guild Hall Dr, Apt. A 2322 Zink Road (Minneapolis - #179) Fort Riley, KS 66442 Curtis Lee Newell (P) Columbus, OH 43209 Fairbonn. OH 45232 No Report KENTUCKY 3336 Southtield Court NORTHERN OHIO-I State Director Director Saginaw. Ml 48601 ALUMNI CHAPTERS MISSOURI Melvin Talboft Kappa Delta Lambda Nathaniel J. Young Theta Lambda State Director 843 Haleswortfi Drive 911 Cuthbert Road (Lansing - #527) (Dayton - #108) L. Dwigfit Johnson Cincinnati, OH 45240 Toledo, OH 43607 Howard J Spence (P) Lonnie R. Norwood (P) 6795 Foxshire EASTERN KENTUCKY COLLEGE CHAPTERS 610 W Ottawa #401 4713 Olde Hickory Place SI Louis, MO 63033 Epsilon Alpha COLLEGE CHAPTERS Lansing. Ml 48933 EASTERN MISSOURI Tretwood. OH 45426 (Toledo #310) Alpha Pi Director Chi Lambda Ronald James (P) EASTERN MICHIGAN 3 James McNairy (Wilberforce-#121) (Louisville - #37) 11135 Sacor Road #123 Director 5436 Clemens Place Emeka Morah (CS) Chris Thigpen (P) Toledo, OH 43623 Alfred Jefferson St. Louis, MO 63112 P 0. Box 106 Student Ctr, Box t2 Epsilon Theta 1818 Lawndale Ave. COLLEGE CHAPTERS Wilberforce. OH 45384 Univ. of Louisville (Bowling Green - #317) Flint. Ml 48504 Alpha Eta Zeta Delta Lambda Louisville, KY 40292 Major Adams, Jr. (P) COLLEGE CHAPTER (St. Louis - #29) (Spnngfield - #237) Beta Mu 603 E. Reed Street Theta Tau Cameron B. Nolan (S) James A Washington (P) (Kentucky St - #55) Bowling Green. OH 43403 (GMI - #393) 5330 Pershing Apt. 106 3754 Briar Place Raoul Scott (P) Robert E. Matthews (P) St. Louis, MO 63112 Dayton, OH 45405 Co Alpha Phi Alpha 1282 W. Coldwater Road Epsilon Psi ALUMNI CHAPTER K.S.U. Box 25 Flint. Ml 48505 (UM-Rolla- #331) Alpha XI Lambda SOUTHWEST OHIO Frankfort, KY 40601 Lawrence C. George (P) (Toledo-#135) Director Epsilon Chi 39 Johnson Street ALUMNI CHAPTERS Robert E Smith (P) Clarence Frazier (Kentucky - #330) Rolla. MO 65401-3737 Epsilon Upsilon Lambda 2262 Parkwood Avenue 1145Wionna Charles Anthony Jones (P) Xi Gamma (Flint - #230) Toledo. OH 43620 Cincinnati. OH 45224 246 Willard St. Apt. #7 William A. Tipper (P) (SE Missouri - #488) NORTHERN OHIO-II COLLEGE CHAPTERS Lexington. KY 40508 P.O. Box 1218 Darrin White (P) Director Alpha Alpha XI Alpha Flint, Ml 48501 1027 N. Westend Othello Skinner (Cincinnati -#23) (Morehead St - #486) lota Rho Lambda St. Louis. MO 63701 543 S. Sunsetview Drive Darren R, Morris (P) No Report (Pontiac- #517) Akron, OH 44320 P.O. Box 19219 No Report ALUMNI CHAPTERS ALUMNI CHAPTERS COLLEGE CHAPTERS Cincinnati, OH 45219 SOUTHWESTERN MICHIGAN 4 Alpha Lambda Epsilon Lambda PI Delta Upsilon (Louisville - #101) Director (St. Louis-#105) (Cleveland - #15) (Miami - #306) Sheflon M Poole (VP) Kenneth Martin Vincent Hayes (CS) Wayne Everette Howell. Jr. (P) Michael Duoley (P) 929 E. Washington Street. Apt 1 2929 Branson P.O. Box 4589 11900 Carlton Road #310 77 Thomason Hall - Miami U. Louisville. KY 40206 Kalamazoo. Ml 49008 St. Louis. MO 63108 Clevenland. OH 44106 Oxford. OH 45056 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Kappa Psi Lambda (Kalamazoo - #545) No Report Nu Rho Lambda (Benton Harbor - #583) Daniel Harbison (P) 1584 Trebor St. Joseph. Ml 49085

Page 47

ALUMNI CHAPTER Delta Gamma Lambda (Cincinnati- #191) Laushon Burnett (RS) 400-1C Bent Tree Dnve Fairfield. OH 45014 WEST VIRGINIA Slate Director Adolphus A Young, Jr 157 Riverside Drive. Apt #4 Welch, WV 24801 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Beta Theta (Bluetield St - #52) No Report XiThela (Concord - #493) No Report ALUMNI CHAPTERS Alpha Zeta Lambda (Bluetield- #128) Adolphus A Young, Jr (S) P.O Box 671 Bluetield. WV 24701 Gamma Delta Lambda (Beckley-#170) No Report WEST VIRGINIA-II Director Brother Julius McLeod P.O. Box 131 Institute. WV 25112 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Alpha Zeta (West Virginia St - #28) Julius A McLeod, II (P) P.0. Box 131 Institute, WV 25112 Nil Nil (Marshall - #475) Rutus 0. Wagner (P) 1301 Twin Tower East Marshall U Huntington, WV 25701 PIMu (West Virginia - #740) Richard L. Waugh (S) 597 Clark Street Morgantown. WV 26505 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Alpha lota Lambda (Charleston- #131) Charles C Mills (S) 22 Hickory Mill Road Hurricane, WV 25526 WISCONSIN Director Carl W Birks 8260 N. 37th Street Milwaukee. Wl 53209 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Gamma Epsilon (Wisconsin - # 7 1 ) Keenun Autney Walker (P) 121 W Main Street. Apt 1 Madison, Wl 53703 Epsilon Tau (UW-Milwaukee - 327) Stanley Brister (P) 3913 North 13th Street Milwaukee. Wl 53206 Zeta lota (UW-Whitewater - #340) Charles Wiley (P) 1161 Carriage Drive #9 Whitewater. Wl 53190 Ela Beta (WSU-Platteville - #355) No Report Ela PI (WSU-Oshkosh - #368) Otis Sims (S) 330 E. Irving Oshkosh. Wl 54901 Mu Epsilon (Carthage - #446) No Report Nil XI (Marquette - #476) No Report Nu Omicron (Carroll - #477) No Report ALUMNI CHAPTERS Delta Chi Lambda (Milwaukee- #210) Horace Hobson (P) 5952 N. 79th Street Milwaukee. Wl 53218 Mu Eta Lambda (Madison - #552) Bernard R Flowers (P/S) PO Box 9875 Madison. Wl 53715

SOUTH ALABAMA Iva Williams 237 11th Ave, SW Birmingham. AL 35211 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Alpha Beta (Talladega - #24) Carlos R. Wise (OOP) P 0. Box 2804 Talladega College Talladega. AL 35160 (Alabama St - #63) Derrick Liburd (P) Alabama State Univ. P.0. Box 28 Montgomery, AL 36195 Gamma Kappa (Miles - #76) No Report

Omicron Psi FLORIDA (Delta St - #729) Gamma Phi Director Marcus Mitchell (S) (Tuskegee - #86) John C Rawls P.O Box 1253. DSU Phillip Carswell (CS) 5808 S W 49th Street Cleveland, MS 38733 P.O. Box 36 Nu Eta Lambda Gainesville. Fl 32608 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Tuskegee, AL 36088 (Gainesville - #574) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Eta Lambda ALUMNI CHAPTERS Delta Gamma Edward A. Woodbury (P) Beta Nu (Atlanta- #107) Alpha Epsilon Lambda (Alabama A & M - #91) P.O. Box 2875 (Florida A & M - #56) Stephen E. Randall (CS) (Jackson-#127) Jonathan LaVert Ward (CS) Gainesville. FL 32602 Kenneth Washington (P) Box 220 Harvey Johnson, Jr. (P) P.Cv Box 92576 Xi Omicron Lambda 1449 S. M.L.King Blvd Atlanta, GA 30314 1141 Hallmark Drive (Fort Myers - #603) Alabama A&M University Tallahassee. FL 32301 Alpha Chi Lambda Jackson. MS 39206 Normal, AL 35762 No Report Delta Beta (Augusta - #143) Epsilon XI Lambda Epsilon Nu Xi Rho Lambda (Bethune-Cookman - #90) Willie G. Marshall (FS) (Mound Bayou - #224) (Stillman- #321) (Belle Glade - #605) Henry Roberts (P) 829 Strother Drive George C. Bell (CS) Joe L. Ross (S) James Allen, Jr. (P) 2050 S Ridgewood Ave. Augusta, GA 30901 1924 E. Alexander Street Stillman College P.O. Box 378 Beta Phi Lambda Clarksdale, MS 38701 P.O. Box 4876 Belle Glade, FL 33430 S Daytona. FL 32019 (Savannah-#164) Tuscaloosa. AL 35403 Zeta Mu Lambda Xi Sigma Lambda Delta Psl Theta Delta Theodore Collins (CS) (Biloxi - #244) (Panama City - #606) (Florida Memorial - #309) P.O. Box 1361 Mack B. Harris (P) James Finklea (T) (South Alabama - #379) been J. Bohler (VP) Savannah, GA 31402 P.O. Box 4254 Patrick Turner (P) 7225 South Lagoon Drive 15800 NW. 42nd Avenue Gulfport. MS 39502 P 0. Box U 262 Panama City Beach, FL 32407 Gamma Omicron Lambda Miami, FL 33054 (Albany-#180) Eta Phi Lambda Mobile. AL 36688 XI Psl Lambda Eta Delta Clift Edward Felton (P) (Columbus - #275) lota Nu (Palmetto-#611) (Miami - #357) 2114 Princeton Drive Roland F. Colom (P) John Luther Harvey (S) (UAB - #409) Manuel J. Cox (P) Albany, GA 31707 P.O Box 464 1010 25th ST. E. Darcy Prince (S) 9350 N W 23rd Avenue Gamma Sigma Lambda Columbus, MS 39701 Bradenton, FL 34208 2319 24th Avenue N Miami, FL 33147 (Ft. Valley-#183) Theta Sigma Lambda Omicron Beta Lambda Birmingham. AL 35234 Theta Gamma Johnny Foster (S) (Natchez - #294) (Clearwater - #613) Kappa Alpha (S Florida - #378) 800 Leisure Lake Drive. Apt. L-3 Elvin M. Parker (S) James Waters (P) (Alabama - #420) Hideo Core (S) Warner Robins, GA310 P 0 Box 183 1691 Grovehill Road Randall Hardy (P) 9014 Arndale Circle Delta lota Lambda Port Gibson, MS 39150 Palm Harbor, FL 34683 P 0. Box 1524 Tampa. FL33615 (Columbus - #197) Mu Gamma Lambda Omicron Upsilon Lambda Tuscaloosa. AL 35486 Theta Sigma Henry W Chavers (S) (Hattiesburg-laurel - #548) (Delray Beach - #630) Kappa Gamma (Florida - #392) P.O. Box 6344 No Report Wayne Condry (S) (North Alabama - #422) Craig Jeffery Lewis (S) Columbus, GA 31907 Mu PI Lambda 3512 Diane Drive Larry G. Sottley. Jr. (P) 17-404 Reid Hall Epsilon Beta Lambda (Brookhaven - #560) Boynton Beach, FL 33445 Univ ol N. Al Gainesville, FL 32612 (Macon - #213) Alvin Franklin (VP) P.O. Box 5345 GEORGIA lota Delia Alveno Ross (S) 5955 Westmove Drive Florence, AL 35630 Director (Florida S t - #401) 1236 Appleton Avenue Jackson, MS 39206 NuTau Robert Willis Macon. GA 31307 XI Zeta Lambda Bryan Foreman (CS) (Montevallo- #481) 3604 Revere Road, SW Eta lota lambda (Moss Point - #595) FSU P.O Box 7002 Samuel Earl Jones (P) (Athens - #264) Benjamin J. Moore (S) Atlanta, GA 30331 Tallahassee. FL 32313 P 0. Box Drawer X Hugh Goodrum (CS) 4818 Sapphire Street COLLEGE CHAPTERS Kappa Upsilon Montevallo. AL 35115 P.O. Box 902 Moss Point, MS 39563 lota (Jacksonville - #438) XI Beta Athens. GA 30603 Omicron Rho Lambda (Morris Brown - #9) Eric D. Johnson (S) (Troy State - #487) Theta Nu Lambda (Vicksburg - #627) Darryle Eric Lesure (S) 1658 Kings Road, Box 323 (UGrange - #289) Jerome Holmes (P) No Report P.O. Box 92055 JacksonvBle, FL 32209 John D. Hoggs (P) XI XI Atlanta. GA 30314 Mu Theta 1216 Harrison 1715 Eastwood Lane (Jacksonville - #498) Alpha Rbo (W Florida - #449) Vicksburg, MS 39180 West Point, GA 31833 Ouitin Davis (P) (Morehouse - #38) No Report lota Gamma Lambda P.O. Box 3018. JSU NORTH CAROLINA Marshall L. Green, Jr. (S) XI lota (Brunswick - #504) Jacksonville. AL 36265 Director 595 Collier Ridge Drive, NW (Central Florida - #494) Carl Brown (P) Omicron Alpha Roger McLean Atlanta. GA 30318 . , . . . Rodney Rackley (P) P.O. 80x2122 (Auburn-Montgomery * 7 0 8 ) P.O. Box 26261 P.O. Box 921 Alpha Phi Brunswick, GA 31520 Micheal Birmingham (S) Elizabeth City State U Orlando. FL 32816 (Clark - #42) Kappa Tau Lambda 500 Eastdale Road, Apt. E-3 Xi Kappa Elizabeth City. NC 27909 Robert Hairston (VP) (Valdosta- #541) Montgomery, AL 36117 COLLEGE CHAPTERS (Florida Tech - #495) 129 Mildred Street Willie R. Jones (P) Omicron Kappa Alpha Omicron No Report Atlanta. GA 30314 2301 N Forrest Street (Auburn-#717) (Johnson C. Smith - #36) ALUMNI CHAPTERS Gamma Zeta Valdosta, GA 31602 Charles Francis Marshall (P) Rogers Williams. Jr. (S) Upsilon Lambda (Ft. Valley St #72) Nu Mu Lambda P.O. Box 1865 Johnson C. Smith Univ. (Jacksonville-#119) Watson Fluellen Jr (S) (Decatur #578) Auburn, AL 36830 UPO 1035 Calvin L. Burney (P) P.O. Box 4326, FVSC Andre Cleveland (CS) Omicron Sigma Charlotte, NC 28216 1432 Carbondale Court Ft. Valley. GA 31030 P.O. Box 370607 (B'ham Southern - #724) Beta Epsilon Decatur, GA 30034 Jacksonville. FL 32208 Delta Delta No Report (NC A & T - #49) Omicron Mu Lambda Beta Beta Lambda (Albany St - #92) PI Delta Richard Earl Moore (P) Kevins C. Jones (CA) (Miami- #146) BoxA-14NC A&TSU (Livingston - #733) Dr. Joseph S. Gay (P) Albany College. Box 9168 liviarriena Ene« a ™_"#622) iihjnu State r.i H7n5 _#o"j Greensboro. NC 27411 Franklin 0. Ball (P) Albany. GA 31705 8 NW 158th Street Steven M. Boyd (P) P.O. Box 34 Beta Zeta Delta Eta Miami. FL 33169 763 East Lake Landing Livingston, AL 35470 (Elizabeth City - #50) (Savannah St #95) Beta Delia Lambda Marietta. GA 30062 Kenneth Sumter (VP) tkeban XT Jahannes (S) (Daytona Beach - #148) ALUMNI CHAPTERS Omicron Pi Lambda ECSU Box 561 701 E. 36th Street Alfred Williams (P) Omicron Lambda (Hinesville - #626) Elizabeth City. NC 27909 Savannal. GA 31404 1444 Sunset Blvd (Birmingham - #114) Hiram Nkrumah Johnson (S) Zeta Mu Beta lota Henry M Goodgame, Jr. (S) Daytona Beach, FL 32017 513 Myrtle Lane (Winston-Salem - #53) (Georgia St #342) Gamma Zeta Lambda 1729 Warrior Road Hinseville, GA 31313 Hiram T. Watts (S) Darryn K. Hann (P) (Tampa- #172) Birmingham. AL 35208 Omicron Phi Lambda 1045 Betty Or. GSU P.O. Box 542 Arthur Mallard (P) Alpha Nu Lambda (East Point - #631) Winston-Salem. NC 27107 Atlanta. GA 30303 P.O. Box 82102 (Tuskegee- #134) Perry Halstead (CS) Beta Rho Zeta PI Tampa, FL 33604 Frank E. Cyrus (P) 3676 Calmer Circle (Shaw - #60) (Georgia - #346) Gamma Mu Lambda P.O. Drawer BBI" East Point. GA 30344 Leon Hudson, Jr. (P) Hamilton E. Holmes, Jr. (P) Tuskegee Institute. AL 36088 (Tallahassee - #177) MISSISSIPPI Shaw University 2153 University Station Michael James (CS) Alpha Upsilon Lambda Director 118 E. South Street Athens, GA 30612 P 0. Box 5474 (Montgomery- #141) Wiley Jones Raleigh. NC 27611 Eta Alpha Tallahassee, FL 32314 Samuel L. Jackson (CS) Alcorn Stale University Gamma Beta (Paine - #354) Delta Delia Lambda P.O. Box 6058 P.O. Box 509 Drew M. Love (P) (NC Central - #68) (West Palm Beach - #192) Montgomery, AL 36106 Lorman, MS 39096 Paine College Bradford Milton (P) Or Charles E. White (P) Beta Omicron Lambda COLLEGE CHAPTERS 1235 15th Street P.O. Box 19484, NCCU P.O. Box 982 (Mobile-#158) Gamma Upsilon Durham. NC 27707 Alvm j Allen (RS) West Palm Beach. FL 33402 Augusta. GA 30910 (Tougaloo #85) Theta Beta Gamma Mu 1205 St. Madar Street Delta XI Lambda Ralph Leonard Russell (S) (Columbus #377) (Livingston - #77) Mobile. AL 36603 (Orlando - #202) P.O. Box 401 Adam Brown (S) William C. Chisslom (P) Delta Theta Lambda Wallace B. Brown, Jr. (P) Tougaloo, MS 39174 1206 West Horah Street (Huntsville - #196) 2001 Mercy Drive, Suite 201 30 Clearview Circle Columbus. GA 31907 Dr. A. J. Garth (ES) Salisbury. NC 28144 Orlando. FL 32808 Delta Kappa lota Eta Box 33. Alabama A&M U Gamma Psi Epsilon Mu Lambda (Alcorn - #98) Normal, AL 35762 (St. Augustine's - #88) (Pensacola - #222) Phillip Lee (S) (Mercer - #404) Oelta PI Lambda Linzie Stephens (P) Lamont 0. Hames (P) P.O. Box 267 Carlos Anton McCloud (P) (Selma - #204) 8228 Monticello Drive P.O. Box 27212 Alcorn State University Box 61. Mercer University Alvm A. Cleveland (S) Pensacola. FL 32503 Raleigh, NC 27611-7212 Macon, GA 31207 Lorman, MS 39096 PO Box 2512 Epsilon PI Lambda Epsilon Zeta Mu Alpha Delta Phi Selma, AL 36701 (Ocala - #226) (Fayetteville St - #315) (Emory - #442) (Jackson State - #307) Delta Phi Lambda William E. Jackson (S) No Report Marc Fairfax Stevens (CS) Matthias Pilate (P) (Tuscaloosa - #209) 1822 SW 4th Street Zeta Epsilon Emory U, Box # 21185 P.O. Box 17177, JSU Bruce Crawford (P) Ocala. FL 32674 Atlanta. GA 30322 (Barber-Scotia - #336) Jackson, MS 39217 1812-0, 48th Street, East Zeta Alpha Lambda Mu Gamma No Report Zeta Phi Tuscaloosa, AL 35405 (Ft Lauderdale - #234) EtaMu (MVSU-#351) (Georgia College #444) Epsilon Delta Lambda Dwight R. Priester (P) (East Carolina - #365) Stanley L. Price (S) Antonio B. Lawrence (P) (Talladega-#215) 730 Southwest 38th Avenue Anthony J. Rook (P) P 0. Box 899. MVSU 846 Powelton Avenue Thomas Y Lawrence (S) Fort Lauderdale FL 33312 P 0. Box 2958 Itta Bena. MS 38941 114 Baker Street Sparta, GA 31081 Eta Kappa Lambda Greenville. NC 27834 Iota Gamma Talladega, AL 35160 Mu Delta (Ft Pierce - #265) Eta Omicron (Rust - #400) Theta Alpha Lambda (Georgia SW - #445) Vernon H. Floyd (P) (NC St - #367) (Gadsden - #278) Arvis Johnson (S) Bruce Bradley (P) P.O. Box 1271 Kevin A. Clark (P) No Report Rust College GSW Box 1196 Fort Pierce. FL 34954 1402 Varsity Drive Holly Springs, MS 38635 Americus. GA 31709 Theta Eta Lambda Raleigh, NC 27606 Kappa Beta (St Petersburg - #284) Mu Omicron Theta Gamma Lambda Kappa Omicron Richard A. Hartstield (P) (Mississippi S t - # 4 2 1 ) (Valdosta St - #455) (Dofhan - #280) (Duke - #433) 365 Kingfish Dr. S.E. Roderick Wade (P) Phillip L. Dunwoody (P) James Bland Smith (P) Michael A. Conway (P) St Petersburg, FL 33705 P.O. Box 1472 VSC Box 13 P.O. Box 6893 tola Beta Lambda Mississippi State. MS 39762 Box 4783 D.S. Valdosta, GA 31698 Dothan. AL 36302 (Cocoa - #503) Durham. NC 27705 MuXI Kappa Nu Lambda Nu Gamma Albert L Owens (P) Mu Zeta (USM - #454) (Leighton - #535) (W Georgia - #466) P.O. Box 1275 (North Carolina - #447) Napoleon Mitchell (P) Maury E. Booth (VP) Wayneman Brown (P) Cocoa, FL 32923-1275 Leonard L. Johnson (S) P.O. Box 622 328'/S> Cypress St. WGC P.O. Box 10016 Iota PI Lambda P.O. Box 551 Sheffield, AL 35660 Harriesburg, MS 39401 Carrollton, GA 30118 (Miami - #516) Chapel Hill. NC 27514 Mu lota Lambda Nu Upsilon NuMu LeeR. Perry (P) Mu Tau (Mobile - #554) (Mississippi - #482) (Georgia Tech - #474) P.O. Box 571098 UNC-Charlotte - #459) Darryl Demell Shepherd (S) Craig D. Bluntson (P) Bernard Foster (VP) Miamai. FL 33257-1098 2849 Keener Street Anton K. Shaw (P) P.O. Box 3251 463 9th Street Mu Zeta Lambda Whistler, AL 36612 SGA office University. MS 38677 Atlanta, GA 30318 (Lakeland-#551) Mu Psl Lambda UNC-Charlotte, NC Omicron Gamma XI Tau Randolph H. Barnes (P) (Homewood - #567) Charlotte, NC 28223 (Millsaps - #710) (Georgia Southern - #703) 2212 S. San Gully Road Travis A Brooks (P) Nu Zeta OCasey Ferrell (S) Ronald Robertson (P) Lakeland, FL 33803 P.O. Box 2281 (W Carolina - #469) 206 Lovett Drive L.B. 11677 Birmingham. AL 35201 No Report Clinton, MS 39056 Statesboro. GA 30460

Xi Eta (Wake Forest - #492) Kenneth Edison Jones (P) Reynolda Station. Box 7382 Winston-Salem, NC 27109 Omicron Beta (Atlantic Christian - #709) No Report Omicron Theta (Wilmington - # 7 1 5 ) Rodney L. White (P) P.O. Box 23922 UNCW Wilmington, NC. 28407 PI Zeta (UNC-Greensboro - #735) timothy Thorpe (P) Box 1061. EUCUNCG Greensboro. NC 27403 PiNu (Appalachian S t - # 7 4 1 ) Gregory Stewart (P) P.O Box 5277 Boone, NC 28608 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Kappa Lambda (Greensboro- #110) Melvin W. Griffin (P) P.O. Box 21052 Greensboro, NC 27420 Phi Lambda (Raleigh - #120) Hernando F, Palmer (P) P.O. Box 445 Smithfield, NC 27577 Alpha PI Lambda (Winston-Salem-#137) Charles Roy Pierce (P) 2437 New Walkertown Road Winston-Salem. NC 27101 Beta Theta Lambda (Durham- #152) Willis E. Baird (P) P.O. Box 3522 Ourham, NC 27702 Beta Mu Lambda (Salisbury- #155) Hubert Chambers (S) 62 Chandiewick Drive Salisbury. NC 28144 Beta Nu Lambda (Charlotte - #156) Bill Hunter (P) 712 East 36th Street Charlotte. NC 28205 Gamma Kappa Lambda (Wilmington - #176) Charlie Henry (P) 214 Devonshire Lane Wilmington. NC 28403 Gamma Psi Lambda (Asheville-#188) Kenneth T. McClellan (CS) 211 Saint Johns Street Arden. NC 28704 Epsilon Rho Lambda (Fayetteville - #227) Robert G. Owens (P) 1902 Eichelberger Drive Fayetteville. NC 28303 Epsilon Sigma Lambda (Rocky Mount - #228) No Report Epsilon Chi Lambda (Elizabeth City - #232) Leonard Ross Ballou (P) ECSU - Box 942 Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Zeta Eta Lambda (Greenville - #240) Game Moore (S) P.O. Box 1187 Greenville, NC 27834 Eta Mu Lambda (Gastonia - #266) William H. Lucus, II (S) P.O. Box 141 Gastonia. CC 28053 Theta Omicron Lambda (Goldboro-#291) John David Stokes (P) 1602 Stephens Street Goldsboro. NC 27530 Nu lota Lambda (Kinston - #576) Earl Roundtree (P) PO Box 804 Kinston. NC 28501 Nu Kappa Lambda [Lumberton - #577) Donald A Bonner (T) P.O. Box718 Rauland, NC 28383 Omicron Gamma Lambda (Kernersville - #614) Charles F Wallington (P) 327 Mar-Oon Hills Court Winston-Salem, NC 27104 SOUTH CAROLINA Director James Lucas 1800 Standish Street Columbia. SC 29203 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Beta Delta (SC State - #48) Kevin Hartwell (P) P.O. Box 1954 South Carolina State College Orangeburg, SC 29117 Gamma Gamma (Allen U - #69) No Report Gamma PI (Benedict - #81) Eldridge McPhee (P) Benedict College Harden & Blending Columbia, SC 29204 Oelta Alpha (Clatlin - #89) Jeffrey Salley (S) Route 3 Box 284 Walterboro. SC 29488

Eta lota (Voorhees - #362) Jerome Young (P) 650 Porter Drive Denmark. SC 29042 Theta Nu (South Carolina - #387) Maurice Myers (CS) P.O. Box 85128 USC Columbia, SC 29201 Kappa Chi (Francis Marion - #440) David I. Murdock (P) P.O. Box 384 Florence. SC 29503 MuPI (Baptist - #456) Kenneth Wilson (S) Baptist College Box 398 Charleston. SC 29411 NuPhi (USC-Conway - #483) No Report Xi Epsilon (Morris - #490) No Report XI Phi (Winthrop - #705) Douglas T Simons (VP) P.O Box 6874 (WCS) Rock Hill, SC 29733 Omicron Chi (Wofford - #728) No Report Pi Alpha (Clemson - #730) Willie E. Pettway (P) P.O. Box 7182 Clemson University Clemson. SC 29632 Rho Zeta (Under - #757) Steven Williams (P) Lander Box 6185 Greenwood. SC 29646 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Alpha Psl Lambda (Columbia-#144) Jasper Salmond 4035 Coronado Drive Columbia. SC 29203 Beta Kappa Lambda (Charleston - #154) James L. Bright (P) 112 Stewart Street Goose Creek, SC 29445 Gamma Gamma Lambda (Greenville- #169) J. C. Harrison (P) Gamma Gamma Lambda Chapte P 0. Box 5244 Greenville. SC 296064 Delta Zeta Lambda (Orangeburg-#194) Willie R. Cantley (P) P.O. Box 152 Orangeburg. SC 29116 Delta Kappa Lambda (Florence- #198) George W. Sargent (P) 1743 N. Norwood Lane Florence, SC 29501 Eta Omicron Lambda (Rock Hill - #269) Jean W. Goggins (P) Rt. 1, Box 1210 Chester, SC 29706 Theta Phi Lambda (Bennettsville - #297) Ralph W DuPree. Sr. (P) 203 Beauty Spot Road Bennettsville. SC 29512 lota Eta Lambda (Denmark - #508) Stephon Edwards (P) P.O. Box 2058 Orangeburg. SC 29116 Mu Epsilon Lambda (Conway - #550) No Report XI Gamma Lambda (Beaufort - #592) Albert L. Jackson (P) 1519 Palmetto St Beaufort. SC 29902 XI Theta Lambda (Spartanburg - #597 No Report XI Upsilon Lambda (Greenwood #608) Moses W. Miller. Jr. (S) 202 Sycamore Drive Greenwood, SC 29646 Xi Phi Lambda (Summerville - #609) William L. Baylor, II (P) P.O. Box 511 Moncks Corner. SC 29461 Omicron lota Lambda (Columbia - #620) Ralph Johnson (P) 309 Creek Drive Columbia, SC 29210 Omicron Kappa Lambda (Sumter-#621) Willie Lee Bethune (S) P.O. Box 93 Gable, SC 29051 Omicron Tau Lambda (Aiken - #629) James W. Moton (P) 231 Stone Drive Aiken. SC 29801 TENNESSEE Director Floyd Jones 751 Bontemps Drive Nashville. TN 37207 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Chi (Meharry Medical-#21) No Report

The Sphinx/Spring 1989

Alpha Chi (Fisk - #43) Darell Prince (P) P.O. Box 223. Fisk U Nashville, TN 37208 Beta Xi [Lemoyne-Owen - #57) Darius Perkins, (P) 2748 Browning Ave. Memphis. Tennessee 38114 Beta Omicron (Tennessee St - #58) Darrell Cummings (P) Tennessee State University P.O. Box 419 Nashville, TN 37209 Beta Pi (Lane - #59) Ricky L. Jackson (P) 424 Lambuth Avenue Jackson TN 38301 Gamma Omicron (Knoxville - #80) No Report Eta Phi (UT-Chattanooga - #373) No Report Theta Pi (Austin-Peay - #390) Edward L. Ligon (P) 236 Marion Street Clarksville. TN 37040 Kappa Eta (Memphis St - #426) Ernest A, Greenleat (CS) 9780 Highway 64 Arlington, TN 38002 Kappa Theta (Vanderbilt - #427) No Report Kappa XI (Middle Tennessee - #432) Lucas L. Johnson II (S) 716 Kent Street Memphis, TN 38111 Mu Beta (UT-Martin - #443) John Tipton (P) 405 Oxford Martin, TN 38237 Mu Iota (Tennessee - #450) Norris Kirby (P) ' 1810 Lake Avenue Knoxville. TN 37916 NuEla (Christian Brothers - #470) [yler M. Moore. Jr. (A) 48 Bonita Avenue Memphis, TN 38109 Omicron Phi (Tennessee Tech - #727) Reuben D Morris, III (P) ITU Box 5231 Cookeville. TN 38505

Theta Upsilon (Arkansas St - #394) Bobby Maurice Brown (P) P 0. Box 1366 State University, AR 72467 Theta Psi (Central Arkansas - #397) Dane R Watson (P] U.C.A., Box 5111 Conway. AR 72032 Kappa Ipta (S Arkansas - #428) John F. Fresslay (S) SAU Box 171 Magnolia, AR 71753 Kappa Kappa (Arkansas - #429) Arthur McDads, III (P) 608 N Stover Avenue Fayerteville. AR 72701 Kappa Psi (UA-Little Rock- #441) No Report Nu Alpha (Arkansas Tech - #464) Steven Ware (P) ATU PO Box 753 Russelleville. AR 72801 Pi Psi (U of Ar at Monticello- #751) Norris Dwlght Tillman (N/A) P 0 Box 2399 Monticello. AR 71655

ALOMNI CHAPTERS Pi Lambda (Little Rock-#115) Herbert M Scott. Jr (P) 2201 Romine Road Little Rock. AR 72204 Delta Sigma Lambda (Pine Bluff - #206) Calvin Matlock (CS) P.O. Box 6041 Pine Bluff. AR 71611 Theta Tau Lambda (Helena - #295) Willis C. Williams (F/T) 51 Lambert Drive West Helen, AR 72390 Mu Omicron Lambda (Blytheville - #559) Luther Whitfield. Jr (P) P 0 Box 967 Osceola, AR 72370 Omicron Zela Lambda (Fayerteville- #617) John L. Colbert (S) 2140 Loren Circle Fayerteville. AR 72701 LOUISIANA Director Joseph K. Byrd Xavier University New Orleans. LA 70125 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Beta Sigma JLUMNI CHAPTERS (Southern- #61) Tau Lambda Reginald J Johnson (CS) (Nashville-#118) P 0 Box 9929, Southern Univ Wilson Q Welch, Jr. (CS) Baton Rouge, LA 70813 P 0 Box 5646 Beta Tau Nashville. TN 37208 (Xavier - #62) f«l Lambda tony A Hampton (S) (Chattanooga- #122) 3935 Pine Street Robert Kenneth Buchanan, Jr. (S) New Orleans. LA 70125 3535 Mtn. Crk. Road #303 Beta Phi Chattanooga, TN 37415 (Dillard - #64) Alpha Delta Lambda Bertrand Griffin II (CS) Memphis- #126) 2601 Gentilly Boulevard Walter L Evans (P) New Orleans. LA 70122 2161 S Parkway East Delta Sigma Memphis. TN 38114 (Grambling - #304) Alpha Mu Lambda William Greene (P) Knoxville, - #133) P.O. Box 200 Leonard A Jackson (CS) Grambling, LA 71245 PO Box 2091 Epsilon Upsilon Knoxville, TN 37901 " t a Upsilon Lambda (SUNO - #328) (Jackson- #163) Lawrence M Carter (VP/CS) Jerry Wayne Woods (P) 4545 Rosemont Place 657 Chester Levee Road New Orleans. LA 70126 Jackson, TN 38301 Zeta Xi Kappa Zeta Lambda (SW Louisiana - #344) (Clarksville - #529) Eugene J Sonnier. II (P) Arnold E Myers (P) P 0. Box 41889 " 1 3 Wren Road Lafayette. LA 70504 Clarksville. TN 37042 Eta Kappa ™o Nu Lambda (Louisiana Tech - #363) Kingsport - #557) Warren A LeJeune (P) Lorenzo Wyatt (P) PO Box 3129. TS 212 Spnngdale Road Ruston. LA 71272 Bristol, TN 37620 Eta Chi Omicron Sigma Lambda (NE Louisiana - #374) (Murfreesboro - #628) Kelvin Bryant (S) Alphonse Carter. Jr. (P) NLU Box 5077 P 0 Box 2685 Murfreesboro. TN 37133-2685 Monroe. LA 71212 Theta Theta (McNeese St - #383) Mark Woods (P) P.O. Box 92849 McNeese University Lake Charles, LA 70609 ARKANSAS Theta Phi Director (UNO - #395) John Colbert Juan Byrd (P) 2140 Loren Circle 108 Carita Drive Fayetteville. AR 72701 Avondale. LA 70094 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Theta Chi Beta Chi (NW State - #396) (Philander Smith - #65) Jerome Sampson (P) Ronaldo A. Davis (P) NSU PO. Box 3413 2008 E. 7th Street Natchitoches. LA 71497 Little Rock, AR 72202 Kappa Mu Gamma Delta [Nicholls St - #430) UAPB - #70) Byron D. Henderson (P) Uurenc^SykesIA) 1108 McGinnis Street Donaldsonville, Louisiana 70346 Pine Bluff. AR 71601 Theta Kappa Kappa Nu (Henderson St - #385) (SE Louisiana - #431) H!?['<* Brings (P) Douglas Wade Cyprian (P) jSU Box 6528 P 0 Box 272 flr «adelphia, AR 71923 Folsom. LA 70437


NuPsi (Louisiana SI - #485) Reginald Chatman (P) PO Box 21902 (LSU) Baton Rouge. LA 70893 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Sigma Lambda (New Orleans- #117) Howard Rodgers. Ill (P) PO Box 53262 New Orleans, LA 70153-3262 Beta lota Lambda (Baton Rouge- #153) Terry L Arrington (FS) 5476 Upton Drive Baton Rouge. LA 70809 Delta Upsilon Lambda Shreveport - #208) James C Leary (T) 2961 Looney Street Shreveport. LA 71103 Epsilon Kappa Lambda (Grambling - #221) Roy B Moss (P) P 0 Box 808 Grambling. LA 71245 Epsilon Psi Lambda (Alexandria - #233) Charles R. Joiner. MD (P) P.O. Box 5276 Alexandria, LA 71301 Zeta Chi Lambda (Bogalusa - #254) No Report Zeta Psi Lambda (Lake Charles - #255) Alfred G. Mouton (P) 3035 General Pershing Drive Lake Charles. LA 70601 Eta Gamma Lambda (Lafayette - #258) Joseph M. Cotton (S) P.O. Box 5224 Lafayette, LA 70502 Eta Delta Lambda (Monroe - #259) Louis Pargoud (CS) PO Box 815 Monroe. LA 71201 lota XI Lambda (Opelousas- #514) Alfred DupreS (P) PO Box 401 Opelousas. LA 70570 Nu Alpha Lambda (Marrero - #568) Kerry Soulhall (S) PO Box 6334 Metairie. LA 70009 Nu Theta Lambda (St Martinville - #575) Michael Broussard (S) Rt 4, Box 163 Breuax Bridge. LA 70517 Nu Sigma Lambda (Natchitoches - #584) No Report Xi Nu Lambda (Baton Rouge - #601) Ronald S Millender, Sr (CS) P 0 Box 80052 Baton Rouge, LA 70898 Xi Chi Lambda (Leesville- #610) Charles E Davis (P) 5424-B Cypress Drive Fort Polk, LA 71459 Omicron Psi Lambda (Houma'Thibodaux - #633) Lucien Kevin Perro (S) 1017 Ramos Street Morgan City, IA 70380 OKLAHOMA Director Rundell Edison 2308 NW 47th Lawton. OK 73505 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Beta Kappa (Langston - #54) Carl Fletcher (P) P.O. Box 58 Langston, OK 73050 Epsilon Epsilon (Oklahoma St - #314) No Report Zeta Zeta

(Oklahoma - #337) Ravel L. Richardson (S) 911 Imhofl #532 Norman. OK 73072 Zeta Sigma (Central St - #348) Travis Cephus (T) East Hall. Rm 122 Edmond, OK 73034 Zeta Upsilon (Northeastern St - #350) Douglas A. Ivy (P) N S U Wilson Hall #9 Tahleguah. OK 74464 Eta Theta [East Central St - #361) Steve Gibbs (S) ECU Box 1 Ada. OK 74820 Kappa Epsilon (Cameron - #424) Steven 0. Tolliver (P) 7913 NW Andrew Avenue Lawton. OK 73505 Omicron Nu (Tulsa-#719) No Report ALUMNI CHAPTERS Alpha Tau Lambda (Tulsa- #140) Donald E. Butler (P) 2304 West Woodrow Tulsa. OK 74127

Beta Epsilon Lambda (Boley-#149l L. G. Ashley (S) PO Box 247 Kappa Sigma Boley. OK 74829 (West Texas St - #436) Beta Eta Lambda Lemuel McNeil (P) (Oklahoma City - #151) P 0. Box 891 Ronald James (T) West Tex State Univ 1717 NE. 66th Street Canyon. TX Oklahoma City. OK 73111 MuNu Beta Chi Lambda (SW Texas St - #453) (Muskogee- #165) James D. Jefferson (S) James Henry Johnson (S) 4831 Seabreeze 704 Anthony San Antonio. TX 78220 Muskogee. OK 74403 Pi Omicron Zeta Gamma Lambda (Texas A S M - #743) (Langston - #236) Dimitri T Caver (S) Raymond Johnson, Sr. (CS) P 0. Box 4061 PO. Box 180 College Station. TX 77840 Langston. OK 73050 Eta Xi Lambda ALUMNI CHAPTERS (Lawton-Ft. Sill - #268) Alpha Eta Lambda Calvin Prince (CS) (Houston-#129) PO Box 6752 David L Alexander (P) Lawton. OK 73506 1505 Rosewood Pi Beta Lambda Houston, TX 77004 (Midwest City - #635) Alpha Sigma Lambda Terry Salmon (CS) (Dallas-#139) P 0 Box 30035 Norman F Perry (P) Midwest City. OK 73140 5424 Freestone Cr Dallas, TX 75227 TEXAS Beta Tau Lambda Director (Ft Worth-#162) William F. Jones Kerven W Carter. Jr (CS) 4145 Simpson Drive 158 N Judkins Street Beaumont, TX 77705 Fort Worth. TX 76111 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Gamma Eta Lambda Delta (Austin- #173) (Huston-Tillotson - #4) Ken Grays (RS) Jacques 0. Campbell (P) 5903 North Hampton Drive 1820 E. 8th Street. Box 95 Austin, TX 78723 Austin. TX 78702 Gamma Pi Lambda Alpha Sigma (Galveston - # 1 8 1 ) (Wiley - #39) Donald Singleton (P) No Report 704 Sparrowway Gamma Alpha Texas City. TX 77591 (Texas College - #67) W. Omar Karrlem (S) Gamma Tau Lambda (Beaumont - #184) 205 Chimney Rock #515 James Perry, Jr. (P) Tyler. TX 75702 P 0. Box 2568 Oetta Theta Beaumont, TX 77704 (Texas Southern - #96) Gamma Upsilon Lambda Steve Hariston (P) TSU—Sterling Student Life Center (Marshall-#185) S A Anderson (CS) Houston. TX 77004 114 Fisher Drive Epsilon Gamma (Bishop-#3121 Marshall, TX 75670 Andre Turner (P) Delta Rho Lambda (San Antonio - #205) 3837 Simpson-Stuart RD Barry W Bruce (CS) Dallas, TX 75241 1104 Towa Slreet Epsilon lota (Texas- #318) San Antonio. TX 78203 Epsilon Alpha Lambda Stanley T Lewis (P) Box #242 Texas Union (Tyler-#212) Austin. TX 78713 Andy F Davis, III (P) Epsilon Rho 524 S Fenton Avenue Tyler. TX 75702 (Lamar - #325) Epsilon Epsilon Lambda Robert E Hunter (P) (Waco - #216) P 0. Box 10473 David Scott (P) Beaumont, TX 77710 Epsilon Sigma P.O. Box 1405 (St Marys - #326) Waco. TX 76703 No Report Epsilon Tau Lambda Zeta Kappa (Prairie View - #229) (UT-EI Paso-#341) Frederick V Roberts. Esq. (P) P.O. Box 2557 No Report Prairie View, TX 77446-2557 Zeta Tau Epsilon Tau Lambda (East Texas St - #349) (Port Arthur - #231) Michael Herbert (VP) Othello Beckham (P) Box S. E.T. Station PO Box 461 Commerce, TX 75428 Port Arthur. TX 77640 Zeta Chi (UT-Arlington - #352) Zeta Tau Lambda (Amarillo- #251) Derwin L Tubbs Ernest Davis (P) 705 S Davis P 0 Box 7533 Arlington. TX 76013 Amarillo. TX 79114-2122 Eta Gamma (Prairie View - #356) Eta Upsilon Lambda Bradley Jackson (H) (Odessa - #274) P.O. Box 2309 No Report Prairie View. TX 77446 Theta Delta Lambda Eta Epsilon (El Paso-#281) (North Texas St - #358) Joseph G Jacques (S) Anderson Young (DOP) 1655 Donna Capom Ln 627 Bernard El Paso, TX 79936 Denton, TX 76201 Theta Kappa Lambda Eta Mu (Lubbock - #287) (Houston - #364) No Report Curry J. Demery (RS) Kappa Gamma Lambda 8410 W Bartell #901 (Texarkana - #526) Houston. TX 77054 No Report Eta Upsilon Kappa Sigma Lambda (Texas Tech - #372) (Killeen - #540) Kevin M Brown (P) Ecola Dunn 2013 8th Street #107 605 Bellaire Drive Lubbock. TX 79406 Killeen, TX 76541 Eta Psi Mu Rho Lambda (Texas Christian - #375) [Longview- #561) Randy E Parker (CS) Calvin L. Brookins (P) PO Box 11401 P.O. Box 702 Ft Worth. TX 76110 Longview. Texas 75606 Theta Alpha Nu Pi Lambda [Jarvis - #376) (Arlington - #582) Gregory D Henderson (P) Perry D Molett (CS) P.O. Box 69 P.O. Box 1844 Hawkins. TX 75765 Arlington, TX 76004-1844 Theta Mu XI Beta Lambda (Sam Houston St - #386) (Temple- #591) David K Preston (P) Rickey Tennyson (VP) P 0. Box 2840 404 Fryers Creek #907 Temple. TX 76501 Hunstville. TX 77340 Xi Eta Lambda lota Kappa (N Harris County - #596) (Paul Quinn - #407) No Report No Report Xi Kappa Lambda lota Mu (SF Austin St - #408) (Missouri City - #599) George Davis, Jr. (P) Leonard Sparks, III (CS) PO Box 4953 27A PO Box 414 Nacogdoches. TX 75762 Missouri City. TX 77459 lota Omicron Xi Tau Lambda (SMU-#411) (N. Dallas County - #607) Falayrium Trone Burden (P) James Gilleylen (P) P.O. Box 4251, SMU 10334 Cimmaron Trail Dallas. TX 75275 Dallas. TX 75243

ROCKY MOUNTAIN Director ALUMNI CHAPTERS Phil Cochran lota Nu Lambda Omicron Epsilon Lambda 1165 Drexel (Fresno - #513) (Corpus Christi- #616) Boulder. CO 80303 Henry A Simmons (P) No Report COLLEGE CHAPTERS 1050 E Fallbrook Omicron Chi Lambda Alpha lota Fresno. CA 93710 [Wichita Falls - #632) (Denver- #31) Rho Beta Freeman Johns, Jr. (CS) No Report (Cal State Univ - #753) 906 Sally Circle lota Upsilon Craige L Walter (P) Wichita Falls. Texas 76303 (Utah State - #416) 412 Melba Lane Pi Alpha Lambda Maureather Hall (P) Bakersfield. CA 93307 (Texas ASM U - #634) 727E 2200 N Kappa Eta Lambda Kevin Carreathers (ES) Logan. UT 84321 (Bakerstield - #530) 1100 Weaiherly Omicron Tau Herbert L Nealy, Jr. (P) Bryan, TX 77803 (Colorado St - #725) PO. Box 2114 Rexlord D Canady (P) Bakersfield. CA 93309 715 Remington Xi lota Lambda Ft. Collins. CO 80524 (Camarillo - #598) Jack Baugh (P) 31716 Saddletree Dr. ALUMNI CHAPTERS SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA HAWAII Westlake. CA 91361 Delta Psi Lambda Director (Denver- #211) Gregory G French NORTH CENTRAL CALIFORNIA Harry T Waters (CS) 3757 West 113th Street PO Box2975 Director Inglewood. CA 90303 Denver. CO 80201 Allan M. Gordon COLLEGE CHAPTERS lota Omicron Lambda Box 22817 Alpha Delta (Colorado Springs - #515) Sacramento, CA 95822 (USC - #26) No Report COLLEGE CHAPTERS Ulysses Plummer (P) Mu Upsilon Lambda Theta Eta 4511 Don Milagro (Boulder - #564) [UC-Davis - #382) Los Angeles. CA 90008 No Report Stephen J. Harris (VP/S) Gamma Xi 1850 Hanover Drive #96 (UCLA - #79) David. CA 95616 ARIZONA NEVADA Mario Sims (P) NuChi Director 3757 Veteran Ave #2 James Hill (Pacitic - #484) Los Angeles. CA 90034 8536 N 45th Drive No Report MuChi Glendale. AZ 85302 Pi Gamma (Cal St-Long Beach - #462) COLLEGE CHAPTERS (CSU-Sacramento - #732) No Report Zeta Theta No Report Pi Kappa (Arizona - #339) Pi Epsilon (Cal St-Northridge - #739) Steven C Freeman (A) (CSU-Chico - #734) Derek Jurand (T) 1228 N Bryant Avenue No Report 8757 Canby Ave #305 Tucson. AZ 85712 Northridge, CA 91325 MuEta ALUMNI CHAPTERS (Arizona St - #448) Zeta Beta Lambda ALUMNI CHAPTERS Randolph Goode (S) (Sacramento - #235) Beta Psi Lambda 1508 E. Jefferson Allan M Gordon (P) (Los Angeles - #166) Phoenix, AZ 85034 5940 Annrud Way Walter West (P) Sacramento, CA 95822 4600 Presidido Drive ALUMNI CHAPTERS Nu Beta Lambda Los Angeles, CA 90008 Delta Tau Lambda (Stockton - #569) lota Zeta Lambda Benjamin J Reddish, Jr. (P) [Phoenix - #207) (Compton - #507) Barry D Williams (CS) 5989 E Freemont Street Russell E Flye (CS) P 0, Box 24269 Stockton. CA CA 95205 P.O. Box 90692 Phoenix. Arizona 85074 Los Angeles. CA 90009 Eta Psi Lambda NORTHERN CALIFORNIA Mu Beta Lambda [Tucson - #277) Director (Honolulu - #547) Richard Davis (CS) Reuben W Miller Jr. Michael L. Harrell (S) 5620 E South Wilshire PO Box 4153 125th FSU Box 829 Tucson, AZ 85711 Foster City. CA 94404 Schotield Bks. HI 96857 Theta Pi Lambda COLLEGE CHAPTERS Mu Sigma Lambda (Us Vegas - #292 Alpha Epsilon (Culver City - #562) James R. Shipp (S) [UC-Berkeley - #27) Len X, Leach (P) 1723 Ophir Drive Rouvaun Walker (P) Las Vegas. Nevada 89106 12674 Fern Ave 820 34th Street Chino. CA 91710 Oakland, CA 94608 NEW MEXICO XiPi Director INLAND EMPIRE [Cal Sl-Hayward - #700) Director Boyd Jackson Sidney Malonson, II (P) Fred W Smith II 1305 Evelyn Court, NE 25858 Barnard Street 675 N. Sacramento Street Albuquerque. NM 87112 Hayward, CA 94545 Orange, CA 92667 COLLEGE CHAPTERS XI Rho COLLEGE CHAPTERS Omicron Delta (San Francisco - #701) Eta Sigma (New Mexico- #711) Michael Hopper (P) (San Diego - #370) No Report 493 Lynbrook Drive Eugene Christmas (S) Pi Eta Pacifica. CA 94044 4865 A. Collwood Boulevard (New Mexico St - #736) San Diego, CA 92115 No Report ALUMNI CHAPTERS lota Chi PI Chi Gamma Phi Lambda (Redlands-#418) (E New Mexico U -#750) (Berkeley #186) Kelvin A White (P) James Collins (VP) Arthur S Scott (P) 4075 Mt Vernon P.O. Box 3343 4200 Roderick Road Riverside, CA 92507 Portales, NM 88130 Oakland. CA 94605 lota Psi ALUMNI CHAPTERS Gamma Chi Lambda [Cal Poly-Pomona- #419 Iota Psi Lambda [San Francisco #187) Christopher E Jackson (P) (Albuquerque - #523) Stanton W Jones (P) 439 E. 81st Streel #3 Guy D. Walton (P) 601 Van Ness Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90003 9102 Fairbanks, NE East Tower #506 Omicron Eta Albug, NM 87112 San Francisco, CA 94102 (UC-lrvine - #714) Theta Beta Lambda No Report GREAT NORTHWEST (Oakland - #279) Director No Report ALUMNI CHAPTERS David Moore Kappa Omicron Lambda Zeta Sigma Lambda 33828 37th Avenue SW (Valieio - #537) (San Diego - #250) Federal Way, WA 98023 Jerry Wilkerson (P) John A. Houston (CS) COLLEGE CHAPTERS 542 Kinsale Court P 0. Box 50026 Alpha Xi Vacaville, CA 95688 San Diego. CA 92105 (Washington - #35) COASTAL Eta Pi Lambda Brent Jones (P) Director (Pasadena - #270) 3815 Cascadia S Michael Marsh (S) Jethroe Moore, III Seattle, WA 98118 P.O. Box 5162 2820 Rose #54 Beta Psi Inglewood. CA 90310 San Jose. CA 95127 (Oregon - #66) Mu XI Lambda COLLEGE CHAPTERS No Report (Riallo - #558) Delta Omicron lota Tau Kenneth D Chapman (S) (Stanford- #301) (E Washington- #415) PO Box 7057 No Report Auther James Clack (P) San Bernardino, CA 92411-7057 Epsilon Mu A-3 Chief Joseph Village Nu Tau Lambda (San Jose St - #320) Pullman. WA 99163 (Orange County - #585) David R, Lewis (P) ALUMNI CHAPTERS Lloyd Chandler (P) 115 Garnet Court Epsilon Zeta Lambda 2814 Burly Ave Hercules, CA 94547 (Portland - #217) Orange, CA 92669 Nu Sigma No Report (Stanford - #480) CENTRAL CALIFORNIA Zeta Pi Lambda William R. Pate (S) Director [Seattle - #248) P.O. Box 9403 William H Day Duane Hill (VP) Stanford. CA 94309 866 E Fir 4705 South Oregon Fresno, CA 93710 Seattle. WA 98118 ALUMNI CHAPTERS COLLEGE CHAPTERS lota Mu Lambda Ela Sigma Lambda Epsilon Beta [Tacoma- #512) (San Jose - #272) (Fresno State- #311) Eugene S Morris (T) Haymon T. Jahi (P) No Report PO Box 171, Fern Hill Station 2589 Sugar Plum Drive Mu Kappa Tacoma, WA 98412 San Jose, CA 95148 (UC-Santa Barbara - #451 Nu Epsilon Lambda Kappa Alpha Lambda Robert A McDonald (P) (Richland - #572) (Monterey - #524) P.O. 14503 UCSB No Report Grady F. Searcy (P) Santa Barbara. CA 93106 Nu Zeta Lambda P.O. Box 1128 Xi Upsilon (Anchorage - #573) Seaside. CA 93955 No Report (Cal Poly-SLO - #704) Omicron Theta Lambda Nu Phi Lambda Paul O'Sullivan (P) (Hayward - #619) (Spokane - #587) 200 N. Santo Rosa St #608 D No Report No Report San Louis Obispo, CA 93401


Second Class Postage Paid Chicago, Illinois

The Sphinx USPS 510-440 4432 S. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive Chicago, Illinois 60653 POSTMASTER: If this magazine is undelivered please send Form 3579 to The Sphinx, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., 4432 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, Chicago, IL 60653.


an Antonio. The Home of the Alamo. You knew that already. But we're also the place where chili was invented. The birthplace of the U. S. Air Force, The location for the first movie ever to win an Oscar for Best Motion Picture. And much more you never even dreamed of. Small wonder Will Rogers dubbed San Antonio "one of America's four unique cities." We're the.tenth largest city in the United States, but don't let that mislead you. Because what San Antonio offers extends far beyond the luxuries and conveniences you'd expect from a progressive metropolitan center. We're a city whose past is every bit as alive as its present. A rich tapestry of sights, sounds and tastes, woven from a diversity of cultures and histories, with a texture unlike any other. Along the banks of the picturesque San Antonio River and all throughout our city, you'll find a spirit of fun and excitement here, constantly inviting you to explore. Discover. Enjoy. All at your own pace. You may come and see the Alamo. But when you leave, we guarantee that there will be more, much more, that you will remember.

83rd Anniversary Convention Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. July 27-August 2, 1989 Marriott Rivercenter/Marriott Riverwalk Hotels San Antonio, Texas

The SPHINX | Spring 1988 | Volume 75 | Number 1 198907501  

This magazine talks about Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Volume 75 Number 1 Spring 1989 Eta Gamma and Zeta Epsilon Lambda were 1988 's Top...

The SPHINX | Spring 1988 | Volume 75 | Number 1 198907501  

This magazine talks about Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Volume 75 Number 1 Spring 1989 Eta Gamma and Zeta Epsilon Lambda were 1988 's Top...