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VOLUME 65, NUMBER 2 • SUMMER 1979 Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Editor's l l e v i e i v "Do they still make Alphas like they used to? Will there be a new group of leaders to take over the mantle of Robeson, King, Young and Marshall?" These questions begin the preamble to our Distinguished Collegians 1979 feature and, as was the case last year, all indications are that the answers to both should be in the affirmative. Today, one year after our initial presentation, those Brothers chosen in 1978 show strong evidence of continued progress in the Alpha tradition. Members among them are excelling in their chosen professions and in graduate and professional schools across the nation. From the group of juniors chosen last year came numerous chapter officers, a president of a state organization of the Fraternity as well as a member of our national Board of Directors. Our honorees for 1979 are equally outstanding and we are proud to be able to share a few of their accomplishments with the entire Brotherhood. We would also note that many of these undergraduates have been singled out by a number of other publications, ranging from Esquire magazine to Outstanding Young Men of America. In presenting our 2nd Annual Distinguished Collegians roster, we suggest that you note the names of these Brothers. You'll be hearing them again as the next generation of leaders takes shape. . . . Also on the subject of leadership, it is our pleasure to present in this issue Alphas on Capitol Hill, a look at the members of our Fraternity who now serve in the 96th Congress of the United States. As usual, Alpha Phi Alpha boasts the largest fraternal contingent "on the hill." My thanks to Brothers RONALD V. DELLUMS, JULIAN C. DIXON, HAROLD E. FORD, WILLIAM H. GRAY, III, and BENNETT M. STEWART for their gracious cooperation in preparing this article Our Viewpoint segment addresses one of the shining jewels among the projects carried on by our chapters. The Alpha Merit Group project has developed an enviable track record in the Dallas community and this progress is presented for your edification by Brother EARNEST WALLACE Allow me to extend a special thanks to Brother LEONIDAS BERRY for speedily complying with my request for material on his amazing medical career. His story is found in FOCUS... A Time for Thanks is an open leter submitted by Brother JOSEPH A. WILLIAMS of St. Albans, New York, on behalf of his family. In this era when so many of us seem to believe that we have "made it," this expression is a powerful testimonial to the depth of true Brotherhood. . . . My thanks to Brother RICHARD E. WILLIAMS of Delta Chi Lambda Chapter, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for the fine Alpha Athletes article on Brother ULLYSES "Junior" BRIDGEMAN, the standout guard of the Milwaukee Bucks professional basketball team.... WASHINGTON IS READY FOR YOU!!! As registation forms flow into the General Office, the Brothers of Washington, D. C, and environs submit two articles — as a means of inviting you to DC '79. Brother J. LEON LANGHORNE penned the fantastic LEGACY feature, detailing Alpha's history in the nation's capital. Brother EDDIE MADISON brings us up-to-date on pre-convention activities in a special feature. Both join the nation's capital area chapters in "warning" you not to miss the most fantastic convention in history. BE THERE!!... For the first time in some years, this issue contains advertising from outside concerns. In addition to being a revenue factor, this effort is an extension of our JOB INTERVIEW AND RECRUITMENT PROGRAM — allowing those companies who participate in our convention program to reach each active member of the Fraternity. The firms represented here and in subsequent issues are committed to hiring qualified personnel. We urge you to contact them Finally, don't forget to submit ADDRESS CHANGES immediately for the Fall Issue. Our 1979 mailing list will still be utilized and if you will have a different address after the summer break, that information must be submitted to the General Office for correction. . . . Until next issue . . . MJP

on tlie <lr;iwiii<| l i o u n l • Convention Review • 1979 Brothers of the Year • New Regular Features




7 — DISTINGUISHED COLLEGIANS — In the tradition of Alpha Phi Alpha, young Brothers in the college ranks continue to "hold up the name." . . . 11 — ALPHAS ON CAPITOL HILL — A twopart story highlights the contributions of Alpha Men, both past and present, serving in the nation's legislative branch. . . . 16 — FOCUS — The amazing career of Dr. Leonidas H. Berry, a worldrenowned medical specialist. . . . 18 — WASHINGTON SCENE — The members of the nation's capital area chapters lay the groundwork for Washington '79.... 20 — ALPHA ATHLETES — Brother Ullyses "Junior" Bridgeman has made the transition from college All-American to pro basketball star.... 23 — VIEWPOINT — Brother Earnest Wallace gives an update on the Alpha Merit Group in Dallas. . . . 27 — SPECIAL — The heartwarming, and true, story of Brotherhood in action. . . . 29 — LEGACY — Brother J. Leon Langhome traces the history of Alpha Phi Alpha in the Washington, D. C. area. DEPARTMENTS 2 3 4 6

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PHOTO CREDITS: Cover photo by Brother Berve Power, Power Studios. Chicago, Illinois. Page Seven: Top Right. Bottom Right, and Left by Brother Berve Power

ABOUT THE COVER: Brothers Walter E. Tyson, William Woods,David Shipley, and Gregory Bragg after their selection for Distinguished Collegians.

The Sphinx (USPS 510-440) The Sphinx is the official magazine of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, H e , 4432 Dr Mart* Luther King Dr., Chicago, «-90663 Publi-hed four times a year Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter Send all editorial mail and change of address (send both addresses) to Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. 4432 Dr Martin Luther King Drive, Chicago. IL 60653. Manuscripts or art submitted to The Sphinx should be accompanied by addressed envelopes and return postage Editor assumes no responsibility tor return of unsolicited manuscripts or art Opinions expressed in columns and articles do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc and use of any persons name in fiction, semi-fiction articles or humorous features is to be regarded as a coincidence and not as the responsibility of The Sphinx It is never done knowingly Copyright 1976 by The Sphinx, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc Reproduction or use, without written permission, of the editorial or pictorial content in any manner is prohibited.Tne Sphinx has been published continuously since 1914 Organizing Editor: Bro. Raymond W. Cannon. Organizing General President: Bro Henry Lake Dickason. Second class postage paid at Chicago. IL Postmaster: Send form 3579 and all correspondence: 4432 Dr Martin Luther King Dr, Chicago. IL 60653.

H I (&I1IMIL IFlIiaiDIEISI'JF i l l ^ S g Dear Brothers: These are challenging times for Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and, indeed, for any organization of this type. It is certain that careful monitoring and positive action must be undertaken to insure that minorities do not lose the gains so painstakingly secured over the years. Our organization, born of social injustice and discrimination and so instrumental in the struggle for equal opportunity, must be in the forefront of activity to insure continued progress toward attaining a dignified standard of living for all persons. I do not feel that I can emphasize too much the meaning of our national program theme, "BACK TO BASICS: The Greatness of Our Past Is the Key to Our Future." It behooves us to continually reflect upon that past as we attempt to chart a future of greater service. BUSINESS ENCOURAGEMENT: "In America, the success of any group depends upon their stability, cohesiveness, general affluence, and the percentage of the gross national product they control. In brief, economic power is the key to success and great affluence for any group in this society." With these words, Business Encouragement Commission Chairman Brother Robert Sanders launched the 1979 observance of the Alpha Phi Alpha Business Encouragement Program under the theme "Are Blacks Ready for Business?" In an outstanding program manual produced by the Commission and disseminated to the chapters to guide local activities, it was pointed out that since 1969 the number of Black-owned firms has increased appreciably — yet for every one that makes it there are at least five that fail. Thus, in line with the goals of this Commission, our 1979 Business Encouragement theme was designed to stimulate and provoke a critical analysis of ourselves as entrepreneurs. During the period of emphasis on this national program, President Carter proclaimed the third week of May " A l p h a Phi Alpha Business Encouragement Week" in a special meeting with your General President, Commission Chairman Sanders and presidential aide Brother Louis E. Martin. Information on this event has been published in national and local media — coupled with coverage of the many out2

We will complete this campaign by the time of our 1980 General Convention — through a broad-based effort involving every member of our great Fraternity. While breakdowns have been developed for chapters and regions, based on membership figures, to provide help in gauging the progress of our drive — it is imperative to remember that the success of this drive depends upon the willingness of individual Brothers to give to the limit of their ability. We have asked each alumni brother to give a minimum of $ 5 1 6 and that bottom figure is still needed. Those who have met this commitment should double, even triple their efforts. When we see college chapters giving $1,000 or more, there can be no doubt about our ability to give on the alumni level.

standing activities sponsored by local chapters during this observance. Further information on Business Encouragement activities will be distributed,in upcoming publications. In addition, each chapter is urged to designate a person to attend the activities of the Business Encouragement Commission during the General Convention in Washington — where valuable information will be given on implementation of this much needed program. To achieve the full impact of this project, every alumni chapter must develop a Business Encouragement program which is year-round in scope. MILLION DOLLAR FUND DRIVE: Probably the greatest undertaking in the history of Alpha Phi Alpha is our campaign to raise One Million Dollars to benefit the UNCF, NAACP, and National Urban League — all organizations vital to the progress of Black Americans. We must always remember that Alpha Phi Alpha's greatest interest lies outside itself and the missions of these three groups in providing daily, round-the-clock monitoring and protection of our interests dictate that their survival and stability be guaranteed. Our challenge as the oldest and largest group of college-educated Black men in the nation is to provide substantive assistance toward this end and, at the same time, set the pace in terms of gathering support for these organizations — from the community served by each of them.

In the near future our General Office should be conducting a "Chapter Audit." This is designed to verify the central records on individual and chapter pledges and identify those areas where additional efforts are needed. Each chapter can assist in this audit by beginning now to gather information from individual chapter members on pledges and payments made. Again, I urge each Brother to intensify his efforts in this campaign. POST-CONVENTION TOUR: Our 1979 post-convention tour will take us to the Middle East and Africa, including the countries of Israel, Jordan, and Egypt. Each of you is, of course, aware of tremendous efforts toward world peace now centered on this region. To the Alpha Phi Alpha brotherhood, African history and civilization and the Sphinx bring new meanings, and these are being interpreted with new significance to others. The lore of our Fraternity is replete with references to this area and it is an immense pleasure for me to extend this personal invitation for you to join us following the 73rd Anniversary Convention in Washington. This trip provides a wonderful opportunity for us to join together and visit the Sphinx and other historic sites in this area. Please make every effort to participate in this occasion. Fraternally,

/ /

JAMES R. WILLIAMS General President The Sphinx / Summer1979

College Graduates Today . . . LEADERS OF TOMORROW Congratulations to our College Brothers who are graduating from colleges and universities throughout the country. One of the first steps taken by the fraternity was in the field of Education. Over the years, ALPHA PHI ALPHA has proven not only to its members but to the world that Education is the Key to Success. More recently, our College Brothers are finding that perhaps the knowledge obtained through their education is the greatest equalizing force that exists in our country today. As future goals are planned, I would like to encourage our College Brothers to also plan to become affiliated with their local Alumni Chapters and to adhere to the principles found in our preamble, which are the bases of our great fraternity. Whatever endeavor is chosen to be pursued, remember that an Alpha man does not wait to see the trend of action but makes the trend. Alphas are made to be leaders . . . and you are the leaders of tomorrow. The test of our future progress is not whether we add more to our record; rather, it is whether we make lasting contributions to mankind.

— PLEASE NOTE — Advance General Convention Registration For your convenience, an all-in-one, Pre-Registration form has been provided in the 1979 Convention brochure. These brochures have been mailed to each active member — as well as circulated at each of the regional conventions. There will not be any pre-registration cards mailed. The form in the brochure can be used for registering brothers, their families, and guests, as well as securing a hotel reservation. All Hotel Reservations must be made through the General

The Sphinx / Summer 1979

formation will be prepared in advance for pre-registrants — and await their arrival at the Washington Hilton. The 1979 General Convention promises to be a memorable and totally enjoyable experience. Make your plans now — and Register Early to be in attendance at "Washington, D. C. — '79." Delegate Credentials The credential form this year will again be in two colors: a yellow copy (to be returned to the General Office with the chapter seal imprinted thereon) and a white copy (that should be retained by the chapter and presented to the Rules and Credential Committee on arrival at the convention site). Both forms should be signed by both the chapter President and Secretary and contain the passcard or Life Member number of each delegate that is listed. Please refer to the table on the back of the white copy as to the number of delegates apportioned to your chapter. (Article II — Section 4, Constitution and By-Laws, Revised 1979.) Office of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., and reservations will be made only for Registered Brothers and their guests. The entire form should be forwarded with all monies to the General Office at: 4432 S. Martin Luther King Drive, Chicago, IL 60653. In addition, the form can also be used to reserve space on the 12-day post convention tour to the Holy Land (Eygpt - Israel Jordan). If you have not received your copy of the convention brochure (and you wish to attend the convention), contact the General Office and a copy will be mailed to you. Advance Registration (Deadline: July 1, 1979).. . will allow you to spend less time at the registration desk and more time enjoying the capital city. Convention kits, activity tickets, and convention in-

Directory of Chapter Officers All Chapters will receive a "Chapter Directory" form for reporting chapter officers. The form should be returned as soon as possible to ensure receipt of chapter communications and that a "contact (person) address" gets listed in the chapter directory section of the Sphinx. Chapters that fail to return the form will be shown in said journal as "No Report," until the form is received. Fraternally,

James B. Blanton Executive Secretary




77/EKE GOES /</V ALPHA MAN There goes a man of high impulse Of princely mien and grace There goes a man of humble faith A credit to his race There goes a man of conscience vast with will to reach his goal There goes a man of lordly rank Of heroes' stock and soul— There goes a man of noble caste Whom hardship cannot break There goes a man in merit clad Whom duty won't forsake There goes a man in cultured verse Who holds a sportsman's creed There goes a man too vigilant To bow to lust or greed There goes a man whose life is spent in service not in scorn There goes a man whose majesty Shines like a May time

There goes a man who is a friend To love and duly truth There goes a man to help uplift The lives of wholesome i youth There goes a man with industry and faith at his command. There goes the best man in and but For he is an Alpha Man. 4

In an ultra-modern complex society that is fraught with a multiplicity of problems and their accompanying frustrations, we find too often that we become so engrossed with our own survival that we fail to recognize the physical and emotional needs of other homo sapiens. The above situation does not in the least characterize the approach that Brother ALEXANDER DUNCAN has made in his struggle toward eternity. Brother Duncan is a man that has lived a dedicated life in service to humanity, especially since he has given his total self to boys and youth throughout the South and the southwestern part of the U.S.A. Brother Duncan was initiated into Alpha Phi Alpha in Gamma Upsilon Lambda in Marshall, Texas, 1959, and has served as secretary and president of this chapter. In the year 1977, a group of brothers decided that with Longview becoming a rapidly growing industrialized city, it would be within the Alpha tradition to form a chapter in Longview, Texas; and so, a new chapter was formed — Mu Rho Lambda, of which Brother Duncan is a charter member. As is true of Brother Duncan's character, he saw a need and accepted the challenge. Brother Duncan was born April 24, 1911, to Andrew and Jane Lawler Duncan in Talladega, Alabama, the sixth of 14 children. Brother Duncan attended and graduated from the public schools of Talladega; received his B.A. degree from Talladega College, 1936; and later attended Tuskegee Institute. He taught in the Talladega public school system for eight years. Because of his love for boys and the youth of our nation, Brother Duncan was employed with the Boy Scouts of America. After having sown a few wild oats for several years, Brother Duncan married the former Ruth McKinney and to this union was born three children: Harold Duncan, Brother Albert Duncan and Marjorie Duncan, all having received college degrees and above. Brother Duncan has served as Sunday School Superintendent, Deacon in the Baptist Church, Sunday School teacher, Men's Bible class teacher; he

Brother Alexander Duncan is a 33rd degree Mason, Scouting Advisor to APO, and has participated in regional and national events in the Boy Scout program. Brother Duncan has served as a Scout executive in the East Texas Area Council for 30 years and has reputedly affected the lives of over 50,000 boys during his tenure in this very sacrificial position. — Completed basic, intermediate, fellowship training. — National Camp School, Tyler, Texas, 1948. — National Camp School, Greenville, S.C. 1949. — National Camp School, Mobile, Alabama, 1950. — National Camp School, Camp Strake, Houston, Texas, 1963. — Wood Badge, Philmont Scout Range, 1965. — Received Wood Badge Beads, February 1967. — Completed basic training, intermediate and fellowship (except thesis). — Served last three years of scouting career as District Executive of Caddo District — multiple man district — Marshall, Texas. — First two years of service in Caddo District, led the Council as the pacesetter — won trip to Honolulu, Hawaii, attended annual meeting in New York in May 1976, after retiring. — Region 9 Conference, 1954, 1957, 1960,1970. — National Conference, 1947, 1951, 1959,1961, 1968. — National Jamboree, 1957,1960. — Philmont Training, 1952,1956,1960. — Now serving as a Volunteer Scouter in the Arrowhead and Caddo Districts.

Brother Duncan was a pioneer in scouting for Blacks back in the dark days of Alabama some 30 years ago. Not only was he faced with a very meager income, but the burden of being Black was a factor to be reckoned with. Brother Duncan is a man of great conviction and courage, there The Sphinx / Summer 1979

have been times during his early days in scouting where he literally stood up to hooded Klansmen. Brother Duncan's previous record as a track star at Talladega College, in all possibilities, may have been responsible for his out distancing the KKK, when he was confronted with same. Brother Duncan believes in standing his ground, but will not hesitate to retreat under overwhelming odds. Today, Brother Duncan does not hesitate to stand his ground, speaking for what he believes is right. Brother Duncan's boy scouts could not wear the scout uniform. His decision to get involved with scouting was based on boys need for the scouting program, as well as this burning desire to share his great talent with Black youth. Because of Brother Duncan's decision, he literally changed the history of America, insofar as 50,000 boys were concerned. Because of Brother Duncan's tremendous success in scouting, he was upon his retirement, May 1, 1976, presented a new Buick LaSabre by his many friends. Brother Duncan has been featured in both the Longview Daily News and the Marshall Messenger. We in Alpha are truly proud to call Brother Duncan "brother," for he is just that. BROTHER ALEXANDER DUNCAN THE TRADITIONAL ALPHA MAN!

Brother JOE C. THOMAS retired on February 28, 1979, after serving over 20 years on active duty in the U.S. Army. In retirement ceremonies at headquarters, Sixth U.S. Army, Presidio of San Francisco, California, Brother Thomas was presented the Legion of Merit for outstanding performance of duty as Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Training. Brother Thomas entered the Army in January 1959 at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana, where he attended the Adjutant General Corps Officer Basic Course. His first permanent assignment was at the Presidio of San Francisco, California, followed by assignments at Fort Lewis, Washington; Japan; Fort Benjamin Harrison; the Pentagon, Washington, D.C.; Thailand; HQ, Army Materiel Command, Washington, D.C.; Vietnam; Fort Dix; New Jersey and again at the Presidio of San Francisco. Brother Thomas received his commission as a Second Lieutenant and B.S. degree from Tuskegee Institute, Tuskegee Institute, Alabama; and his M.A. degree from Rider College, TrenThe Sphinx / Summer 1979

Brother Joe C. Thomas

Brother Samuel A. Madden

ton, New Jersey. He was initiated into Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., at Gamma Chi Lambda Chapter, San Francisco, California. Brother Thomas is an active member of the Hillcrest Congregational Church, Pleasant Hill, California, where he serves on the Deaconate. In addition to the Legion of Merit, Brother Thomas has been awarded the Bronze Star Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, Joint Service Commendation, and Army Commendation Medal (3 awards). Brother Thomas and his wife, Ann Anderson Thomas, will reside in Benicia, California.

Since that time, four other Black schools have been accepted as members â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Tuskegee Institute, Florida A & M, Tennessee State University and North Carolina A & T State University in Durham. Dr. Madden was a member of the visitation team assessing each of these schools. Of his role with the association, Brother Madden said, "If you are a member of a minority group you have to work even harder, but when you do, I think they recognize you and appreciate you more." The same has been true, he believes, with his service to the Adult Education Association of Virginia, which recognized him with its "Outstanding Adult Educator" award in Staunton, Virginia, shortly after his return from Philadelphia. A professor emeritus at Virginia State, Brother Madden retired recently after forty years at the college. He saw its adult continuing education program grow from "a little operation" to one of more than 2,000 students that began offering evening and weekend college. Brother Madden is a continuing education consultant for John A. Mapps Consultants. He has also been conducting some seminars at Petersburg General Hospital on training nurses in human relations skills. A member of Nu Lambda Chapter of Petersburg, Virginia, Brother Madden has been an Alpha for some forty-six years. In addition, Brother Madden serves as a consultant for the Association for the Study of Afro-American Life and History.

Brother SAMUEL A. MADDEN, retired Dean of the School of Continuing Education at Virginia State College, was the recent recipient of one of the highest awards the National University Extension Association bestows. The presentation in Philadelphia was the first time in three years that the association, representing more than 800 institutions of higher learning in the United States, Canada, and South America, had awarded its Walton S. Bittner Service Citation. It acknowledges Dr. Madden's "imaginative leadership in the advancement of continuing education in the state of Virginia" and his "distinguished service to the association." Brother Madden helped Virginia State College become the first Black institution of higher learning afforded membership in this association in 1961.



James B. "Tiny" Blanton Executive Secretary

WORKSHOP OMPOCTAOT M©¥ICI NEW OFFICERS MUST APPROVE ALL INITIATIONS We are very pleased with the favorable responses to (and genuine support of) "Alpha Workshop" which we received from the Brotherhood. As always, we request and invite each member or chapter to mail in their suggestions on matters that may be of help or beneficial to the fraternity. These suggestions should be forwarded to the General Office addressed to "Alpha Workshop —"79." The Regional Conventions are now over — and five new Vice and Assistant Vice Presidents have been elected to carry out the business of the fraternity. These newly elected officers will take office immediately following the General Convention (August 10, 1979). All initiations that are to take place after this date should be approved by the new officers. Any activities prior to the convention should still be approved by the present officers listed in the directory of officers in the back of the magazine. Due to the fact that this will be the last issue prior to the installation of the new officers, please make note of the following information in case you need to contact your Regional Vice President (after August 10, 1979). EASTERN REGION Vice President:

Assistant Vice President:

Thomas R. Hunt 9 Rickover Court Annapolis, MD 21401 Darrell V. Freeman West Chester State College Box 3093 West Chester, PA 19380

MIDWESTERN REGION Vice President: Jimmie L. Buford 9807 Smalley Avenue Kansas City, MO 64134 Assistant Vice President:


Assistant Vice President:

James C. Jackson 2151 University Station Athens, GA 30602

SOUTHWESTERN REGION Charles Lewis Vice President: 1710 West Xyler Tulsa, OK 74127 Assistant Vice President:

Richard Graves Kentucky State University Frankfort, KY 40601 WESTERN REGION Vice President:

Assistant Vice President:


W. Mingo Clark 2026 Winchester Road Huntsville, AL 35810

Tyrone M. Dudley Northeast Louisiana University P. O. Box 906 Monroe, LA 70181

Clinton L. Minnis 2118 S. Bagley Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90034 Terry C. Brown University of California — L. A. Los Angeles, CA 90024

The Sphinx / Summer 1979

1979 n itf\uJvlM«^^ •

M \J$

^ ^ ^


AnativeNewYorker Wi William A. Woods


(Northwestern il, '79) is a

Mu Chapter. two term president of Alpha \

David O. Shipley, Jr., (U of Chicago, '79) was cited by Esquire magazine as one of seven Great Bright Hopes among the nation's collegians.

Greg Bragg (U of Illinois Chicago Circle, '80) is shown by photo of Jewel Callis - who was elected General President when he was, like Greg, a member of Theta Chapter.

Walt Tyson (U of Illinois, '80) carries out his work as Associate Editor of The Sphinx.

Profiles on following page. The Sphinx / Summer 1979


The four brothers chosen to appear on our cover and featured on page 7 represent a microcosm of the college brothers across the nation. Although they pursue their studies within the common geographical area of Chicago and environs, they represent four separate institutions of higher learning and three college chapters of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. This diversity is indicative of our organization's increasing ability to serve all who move onward and upward towards the light. Their individual accomplishments, along with those ot the other brothers featured herein, prove that there are indeed young people who are imbued with the spirit of excellence and service. Brother DAVID O. SHIPLEY, JR., is a senior at the University of Chicago, majoring in Politics, Economics, Rhetoric and Law. David began work on an MBA at the University's Graduate School of Business in his junior year and is scheduled to receive that degree in June of 1980. A native of Jefferson City, Missouri, Brother Shipley serves as President of the University of Chicago Organization of Black Students and a member of the Student Advisory Committee to the President. A Kayser Scholar (1975 through 1978), David is Corresponding Secretary of Theta Chapter in Chicago. His ambition is to complete his graduate studies and work in the area of public policy. Brother WILLIAM A. WOODS, a graduate of Seward Park High School in New York City, is a senior at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. Bill's studies have included a major in Sociology and English with a minor in Advertising. Among many campus activities the two-time President of Alpha Mu Chatper has served as Director of the Northwestern University Black Admissions Advisory Board. He's largely responsible for developing, as a joint project of his school and the Fraternity, a Job Fair for minority students which is one of the most successful in the country. Brother Woods hopes to receive his MBA degree and enter the professional field of Brand Product Management. He has already begun to work in this area with various companies, including service with the Big Ten NCAA Conference Committee on Institutional Cooperation as a Marketing-Advertising Assistant. Brother WALTER E. TYSON demonstrates the type of planning needed for success. Entering the University of Illinois with an Architecture major and Communications minor in 1975, Walter transferred to Chicago State University in 1977. Here he was able to continue his course of study while holding a fulltime job with Continental Illinois National Bank. He will return to U of I this fall and is scheduled to receive his degree from U of I in 1980. He hopes to go on, aided by the resources of his employment, to receive a masters degree in Architecture and eventually to establish his own architecture firm. A Chicago native, Brother Tyson was initiated in Tau Chapter (U of I) and has been an active officer 8

of Nu Delta Chapter at Chicago State. In addition to his studies, and his work, Brother Tyson has also served for two years as Associate Editor of the Sphinx with primary responsibility for preparation of the Chapter News and Alphas on the Move sections of the magazine. Brother GREGORY R. BRAGG is a junior at the University of Illinois - Chicago Circle. Majoring in Biology and Pre-Med, Greg minors in both Chemistry and Black Studies. His activity on campus is highlighted by his service as President of the Black Student Organization. A member of Theta Chapter and Dean of Pledges for the last year, Greg has waged an active campaign to insure that his school is sensitive to the needs of minority students. An example of this would be his work toward the establishment of a new class, "The Sociology of Health Care in the Black Community.'' The recipient of many campus awards, Brother Bragg was recently elected President of the Illinois State Conference of Alpha Chapters. He hopes to continue his medical training and provide service to the inner city community with emphasis on preventive medicine.

DON T. O'BANNON, JR. (Dartmouth, '79) is a Senior Fellow and member of Casque and Gauntlet (Senior Society). A Government major, Brother O'Bannon has served as President of his Freshman Class and of Dartmouth's Afro-American Society. The Treasurer of Theta Zeta Chapter, Don has received several awards for scholarship and debating skills. He notes his intention to become a lawyer in order to serve the poor and uneducated '' who suffer from American Society's growing legalism." Brother O'Bannon is from Dallas, Texas. DON G. LUSK (U of Arkansas-Pine Bluff, '79) is from Altheimer, Arkansas, and strives "to make the best better." An honor student majoring in Speech and Dramatic Arts, and minoring in Vocal Education, Brother Lusk's leadership abilities have come forth in all areas. At UAPB, he serves as President of Gamma Delta Chapter; the Senior Class of 1979; the Pan Hellenic Council; and the university's Vesper Choir. Listed in Who's Who, Don plans to work towards the doctoral degree in Radio and Television and serve as a communications educator. RICHARD A. LANCASTER (Ohio U, '80) plans to become a Certified Public Accountant following graduation. Posting a 3.67 average on a 4.00 point scale, Brother Lancaster majors in Business Administration and Accounting. The recipient of the Dean's Achievement Scholarship and the Alcoa Foundation Scholarship, Richard is active with the Black Student's Business Caucus, Beta Alpha Psi Accounting Fraternity, and the Student Activities Commission. The native of Massillon, Ohio, is a member of Phi Chapter.

ELLIOTT KERL (Prairie View A&M U, '79) was recently named "College Brother of the Year" in Alpha's Southwestern Region. In 1978, he received that region's Henry A. Callis Award for outstanding scholastic achievement. An honor student, he is an outstanding member of Eta Gamma Chapter and has been listed in W h o ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities for two years. Cited for his contributions to the American Institute of Architecture as a student, Elliott has received awards for his designs each year since 1976. Brother Kerl is from Houston, Texas. RICHARD JACKSON, JR. (Howard U, '79) majors in Mechanical Engineering with minors in Mathematics and Business Administration. He hopes to pursue post-graduate studies for the MBA degree. A member of Beta Chapter, Brother Jackson served in his senior year as President of the Howard University School of Engineering Student Council. He has been cited for outstanding service by both this organization and the undergraduate Student Government Association. He has also been cited by the W a s h i n g t o n Society of Engineering. Richard is extremely active in a wide range of campus activities, including service as photo-editor for two university publications. He received his varsity letter as a member of Howard's wrestling team. MELVIN JACKSON (Albany State, '79) plans to pursue a graduate degree in Computer Science, his undergraduate minor. He has established a solid foundation for this goal through his major in Mathematics, a subject in which he has posted the highest average among all students during each of the four years of his studies. Brother Jackson (from Dublin, Georgia) is a member of his school's Board of Managers, Pan Hellenic Council, Pre-Alumni Council, and is listed in W h o ' s W h o . Posting a 3 . 6 5 average on a 4 . 0 0 point scale, Melvin serves as Vice President of the Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society. GEORGE ELLIS (Columbia U, '79) has moved from the presidency of his pledge line to the office of President of Zeta Eta Chapter. From Cleveland, Ohio, George majors in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Mechanical Design. At Columbia he serves as President of the Society of Black Engineers. Brother Ellis plans to work in industrial management while seeking an MBA and/or a Law degree. He states uSat his early exposure (through the Fraternity) to management, politics, and dealing with people of all persuasions has given him a head start. Brother Ellis is also Secretary of C U ' s Minority Coalition and a member of Senior Society of Sachems Honor Society.

DISTINGUISHED COLLEGIANS Continues on Page 32 The Sphinx / Summer 1979

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markets of health and beauty aids, fragrances and cosmetics. For the successful representative we offer rapid advancement as well as an attractive salary, incentive bonus and automobile. If you feel good about yourself and your potential in sales, please send a copy of your resume to Manager, College Relations,_Pfizer Inc., 235 East 42nd St., 19th Floor, N.Y.,N.Y. 10017


Science for the World's Well-Being

An Equal Opportunity Emplo 10

The Sphinx / Summer 1979

Alphas On Capitol Hill In writing about the Alphas who had influenced the life of famed Roots author Alex Haley, Brother Hanley J. Norment made the following observation, "Characteristically, Alpha men have been closely linked with almost every major American opinion-altering thrust significantly elevating the status of Black Americans during this century — from persuading Federal officials to utilize Black men as commissioned Army officers in World War I to evoking public opposition to segregation through leadership of protest movements in the 1960 's to demonstrating numerous examples of Black success capabilities in varied leadership roles and professional fields throughout today's society. " A brief look at Afro-Americans who have been called upon to serve in die legislative branch of the government of the republic reinforces this view, indicating that Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity has produced a proportion of leaders far in excess of its numerical strength — both in terms of the general Black population and as compared to other organizations of like structure and purpose. As all the predominately Black Greek-letter organizations were founded in this century, any study of these groups' impact must focus primarily on this period. Our records indicate that, exclusive of the post-Reconstruction era, some twenty-diree Black males have been elected and qualified to serve in die United States House of Representatives. Of this number, ten have shared die common bond of membership in Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. As for the upper house, the record is even clearer. Only one Black has served in the U . S. Senate in this century and that legislator is also a member of the nation's oldest predominately Black Greekletter organization — Alpha Phi Alpha. Six members of our Fraternity now serve in die Congress as members of the United States House of Representatives. They are Brothers: Ronald V. Dellums ( D - G U - Julian C. Dixon (D-CA); Harold E. Ford (D-TN); William H. Gray, III (D-PA); Charles B. Rangel (D-NY); and Bennett M. Stewart (D-lLj. Profiles of these legislators follow. Those Alpha Brothers who formerly served in the legislature are as follows:


The only Black senator since Reconstruction, Brother Brooke represented the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for twelve years, 1 9 6 7 - 7 8 . A graduate of Howard University and Boston University Law School, Senator Brooke made national headlines in 1962 when he won the Republican nomination for Attorney General of Massachusetts and went on to sweep both die primary and the general election for that post. After serving four outstanding years in that position, Brooke again confounded the oddsmakers — he was a Protestant in a Catholic state, a Republican in a Democratic state, and a

The Sphinx / Summer 1979

by Michael J. Price

(Top — Left to Right): Brother Edward W.Brooke; Brother William L. Dawson. (Bottom — Left to Right): Brother Ralph H. Metcalfe, Sr. ; Brother Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.; Brother Andrew J. Young, Jr. Black in a state with an overwhelmingly White populace — by receiving the Republican nomination and subsequendy being elected United States Senator. Initiated at Beta Chapter, Howard University, Brother Brooke was a leader of the Fraternity for many years — serving as Lay Member of the Executive Council for several terms during his college years and later serving as Alpha's Eastern Vice President.

Brother WILLIAM L. DAWSON — In his early years the only Black member of die Congress, Brother Dawson represented the First District of Illinois (including Chicago's South Side) from 1942 until he declined to run for renomination in 1 9 7 0 . A native of Georgia, Brother Dawson graduated from Fisk University, Kent School of Law, and Northwestern University School of Law. He was the first Black to be Chairman of the House Committee on Government Operations and served in that capacity for almost twenty years. He was also the first Black Vice-Chairman of the Democratic National Committee and was instrumental in pushing through the 1944 Democratic Convention a platform plank affirming the right of racial minorities to participate equally in the society and urging Congress to exercise its full constitutional power to protect this right. Elected Vice President of Theta Chapter in 1 9 2 1 , Brother Dawson served as an officer of that chapter until 1928 — when he became a charter member of Xi Lambda Chapter in Chicago.

Brother RALPH H. METCALFE, SR. — Brother Metcalfe succeeded Brother Dawson as die representative from Illinois' First District in 1 9 7 0 . This began the first of four con-

secutive terms of office, ending with his demise shortly before the primary election in 1 9 7 8 . Metcalfe's reputation for tireless political and community service led to his appointment as Democratic Committeeman for Chicago's 3rd Ward in 1952. In 1956, he was elected to his first term as Alderman of die 3rd Ward and, in 1969, while serving his fouth consecutive term as alderman, he became the first Black to be elected President Pro Tempore of the Chicago City Council. Famed for his prowess as a collegiate and Olympic track star, Brother Metcalfe is probably best remembered for his celebrated conflict with Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley over the issue of police brutality. Initiated at Marquette during his undergraduate days, Brother Metcalfe (a Life Member) was for many years a member of Xi Lambda Chapter in Chicago.

Brother ADAM CLAYTON POWELL, J R . — ' 'And then there was Adam " — a fierce and unrelenting fighter for equality and easily the most controversial Black man to walk (some say strut) the halls of Congress. Born in Connecticut, Brother Powell moved with his family to New York where his father built the Abyssianian Baptist Church into one of the nation's largest congregations. Powell attended Colgate University and Columbia and was ordained a Baptist minister at age twenty-two, assisting his father and later succeeding him as pastor of Abyssianian. During die Depression he led demonstrations that forced utilities and Harlem businesses to hire Blacks. In 1941 he began his political career, winning a New York City council seat. When reapportionment gave

Continued on Page 42 11

6th Congress Brother RONALD V. DELLUMS represents California's Eighth Congressional District, which includes parts of Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. He is the Chairperson of the House Committee on the District of Columbia. As such, he is the first member of his Congressional Class (of 1970) to be elected to the Chair of a Full Committee of the House of Representatives. He is also the Chairman of the D. C. Subcommittee on Fiscal Affairs and Health. Representative Dellums is also a member of the House Armed Services Committee, where he serves on the Research and Development Subcommittee. He also chairs the Armed Services Committee Panel dealing with the problems of the Island of Vieques. Brother Dellums is currently the Vice-Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, and is a member of its Executive Committee. A member of the Democratic National Committee, he is also a member of the Executive Board of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. He is also National Co-Chairperson of the New Democratic Coalition, an organization composed of progressive groups and individuals within the Democratic Party who are committed to party reform and the implementation of progressive programs for the nation. Born in Oakland, California, November 24, 1935, Representative Dellums spent two years in the United States Marine Corps before acquiring a B.A. degree from San Francisco State College and a M.S.W. degree from the University of California at Berkeley. He also holds an honorary Doctor of Law degree from Wilberforce University Continued on Page 41

Brother JULIAN C. DIXON, a Democrat, was elected to the House of Representatives from the 28th Congressional District of Los Angeles, California, on November 7,1978= Brother Dixon has been assigned to the powerful House Appropriations Committee which oversees allocation of revenue for federal programs and agencies, and is one of only three freshmen members to receive such an assignment. His Subcommittees are Foreign Operations and Energy and Water Development. Congressman Dixon was born in Washington, D. O, on August 8, 1934. He graduated from Dorsey High School in Los Angeles in 1953, received a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from California State University at Los Angeles in 1962, and was awarded an LL.B. degree from Southwestern University in Los Angeles in 1967. Mr. Dixon served in the U. S. Army from 1957-1960, attaining the rank of sergeant. From 1973 until his election to Congress, Brother Dixon represented the 49th District in the California State Assembly. In 1973, he was elected Chairman of the Assembly Democratic Caucus, the first freshmen legislator in the history of the Caucus ever elected to that post. As an Assemblyman, Brother Dixon served as Chairman of the Assembly Public Employees and Retirement Committee and was a member of the Assembly Committees on Criminal Justice, Ways and Means, and Education. His special assignments included Chairman of the Assembly Select Committee on Health Sciences Education, and served as a member of the Assembly Select Committee on Corrections and Joint Committee on the Revision of the Continued on Page 41 The Sphinx / Summer 1979

Brother HAROLD EUGENE FORD was born May 20, 1945, in Memphis, Tennessee. His father, N. J. Ford, is a mortician, and his mother, Vera, is a homemaker who gave birth to fifteen children of which Congressman Ford is the eighth. The third-term Congressman was educated in the Memphis City Schools, and entered Tennessee State University in Nashville, Tennessee, where he received a bachelor's degree in business administration in 1967. He did postgraduate work at Tennessee State University, and later received an associate of arts degree in mortuary science from John Gupton College in Nashville in 1969. He used this combined educational training in business and mortuary science to manage the family's funeral business for a brief period. The fulfillment he got from working with people and his business success influenced him to pursue politics and, at the age of 25, he was elected to the Tennessee Legislature. Exhibiting exceptional leadership qualities during that first term in the 87th General Assembly, he was named Majority Whip for the House. He also chaired a special legislative committee investigating rates and practices of utilities across the State. After serving two terms in the Tennessee Legislature, in 1974 Brother Ford became an "underdog" candidate against the Republican incumbent in the Eighth Congressional District. In one of the closest races in the city's history, he defeated the incumbent by a margin of 744 votes in a race where more than 130,000 votes were cast. Thus, at the age of 29, he became the first Black from Tennessee to become a Member of Congress. He conducted an aggressive and Continued on Page 41

Brother WILLIAM H. GRAY, III, was elected to the 96th Congress in November 1978 at the age of 37. He serves on the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee; the Budget Committee (Task Force on Economic Policy, Projections and Productivity; Task Force on Human and Community Resources; and Task Force on Defense and International Affairs); the Foreign Affairs Committee (Subcommittee on International Operations; and Subcommittee on Africa); the District of Columbia Committee (Subcommittee on Fiscal Affairs and Health); and is Secretary of the Congressional Black Caucus. His entrance into electoral politics is an extension of his service to the community, where he has provided a link between Philadelphia's inner-city neighborhoods and the business, labor, and civic organizations of the City's establishment. On succeeding his late father as senior pastor of the 3,000-member Bright Hope Baptist Church in North Philadelphia in 1972, Brother Gray became active in various civic organizations. He acted to involve the Philadelphia establishment in solving the problems of the inner city. One of the most obvious result of Gray's leadership is the Philadelphia Mortgage Plan. It has resulted in more than $27 million in residential mortgages for previously redlined areas â&#x20AC;&#x201D; without one cent of government funds being spent. Brother Gray has also formed and serves as President of the Bright Hope Non-Profit Corporation, which has plans to build a $4 million senior citizens complex in the heart of North Philadelphia. During the 1977 Philadelphia school budget crises, Gray took the initiative and organized the Interdenominational Continued on Page 41 13

Brother CHARLES B. RANGEL was born and lives in the Harlem community with his wife and two children. He attended local schools, including the old P.S. 99 and Frederick Douglass Junior High School. Brother Rangel dropped out of DeWitt Clinton High School to join the U.S. Army, in which he served from 1943 to 1952. One of those years was spent in Korea with the 2nd Infantry Division where his awards included the Purple Heart, Bronze Star Medal for Valor, United States and Korean Presidential Citations, and three battle stars. Under the G.I. Bill, Brother Rangel returned to and completed high school and entered New York University, from which he graduated as a Dean's List Student with a B.S. degree. In 1957, Brother Rangel entered St. John's University School of Law under full scholarship. He graduated in 1960 as a Dean's List Student. After his admission to the New York Bar in 1960, Congressman Rangel practiced law until 1961 when he was appointed as Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of New York by then U. S. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy. He also served as General Counsel to the National Advisory Commission on Selective Service, a post to which he was appointed by President Johnson in 1966. Brother Rangel began his legislative career when he was elected to the New York State Assembly for two consecutive terms, 1966-1970, as the representative of the Central Harlem community. Congressman Charles B. Rangel was elected to the House of Representatives in November, 1970, for the first time; he has been re-elected three times and, in the 96th Congress, is serving his fourth term as the representative of the 19th Congressional District in New York. Continued on Page 42 Brother BENNETT M. STEWART succeeded the late Brother Ralph H. Metcalfe as United States Representative from the 1 st District of Illinois. Born in Huntsville, Alabama, Congressman Stewart attended elementary school in that city and high school in Birmingham. His post-secondary education was received from Miles College, Birmingham, where he received the B.A. degree in Sociology. Following graduation, Brother Stewart served as a secondary school administrator and, later, Associate Professor of Sociology at his alma mater. In 1940, he began an executive career with the Atlanta Life Insurance Company, moving to Illinois Director for that concern in 1950. In the public employment sector, the Congressman served as an inspector for the Chicago Building Department and as rehabilitation specialist for the Chicago Department of Urban Renewal. In 1971, Brother Stewart was elected to the Chicago City Council as Alderman for the 21st Ward and served in this capacity until his election to Congress in 1978. In 1972, he was elected Democratic Committeeman for the ward, a post he now holds. Congressman Stewart is a past president, of the Chicago Insurance Association, the Chesterfield Community Council, and a member of the Board of Directors of the Wabash YMCA. He has been the recipient of numerous service awards, including citations from the YMCA Board of Directors and the National Life Underwriters training Council. In addition, he was named Top Insurance Executive in Alabama. A member of St. Paul CME Church in Chicago, Representative Stewart is a member of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church National Lay Organization. The Congressman is a member of the House Committee Continued on Page 42 The Sphinx / Summer 1979

Jim Cunningham, BSEE '71, USC

Byron Quann, BA '61, Dickinson College

Jim Cunningham and Byron Quann. Two good reasons for working at IBM. Jim Cunningham, a 1971 USC Electrical Engineering graduate, came to IBM, San Jose, as a junior manufacturing engineer. His present responsibility: department manager in manufacturing services. Jim says, "So far, I have been able to develop in my profession - partly because of good management, partly because I have been ambitious and taken advantage of the opportunities that IBM offers." Jim Cunningham always knew what kind of a job he wanted. Byron Quann, a 1961 graduate of Dickinson College, didn't. He wasn't even sure he wanted a business career. Says Byron, "I joined IBM because they were open and receptive- interested in me as a person. I was convinced there was opportunity for personal expression and career growth. I haven't been disappointed." Starting as a marketing repreThe Sphinx / Summer 1979

sentative in 1969, Byron became manager of an IBM branch office in New York City and recently was promoted to administrative assistant to the president of IBM's Data Processing Division. At IBM, we're helping solve information handling problems in many fields. In this growing industry we always need capable people. If you'd like to know more about IBM, please write the IBM office nearest you. C F. Cammack T. R. Anson IBM Corporation IBM Corporation 400 Colony Square, Suite 1111 One Barker Avenue Atlanta, GA 30361 White Plains, NY 10601 H. A. Thronson IBM Corporation 3424 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90010

I. C. Pfeiffer IBM Corporation One IBM Plaza Chicago, IL 60611

An I qual Opportunity



A W%

- *%«*#f


Like countless others, Brother LEONIDAS H. BERRY encountered prejudice and discrimination in his career, such as being denied access to hospital research laboratories — forcing him to set up his own. And like so many others whose talents were too rich to be contained, he has done his share of "ice-breaking." He was the first Black doctor on staff at Chicago's famed Michael Reese Hospital; the first Black attending physician at Cook County Hospital; the first Black certified gastroenterologist and endoscopist in the country — and the list continues. Significantly, however, the most notable of Dr. Berry's achievements lie solely within his chosen profession — the practice of medicine. In this area, Brother Berry's contributions have transcended the question of race. Dr. Berry is an internationally recognized authority on internal medicine and digestive diseases and is a world renowned expert on endoscopy — the examination, with a special instrument, of various parts of the digestive tract. His book, Gastrointestinal Pan-Endoscopy, received praise as a "colossal work" in the field and is the definitive work for consultation by both medical students and experienced physicians. The 632page, 39-chapter work contains articles by endoscopists from nine countries on four continents and includes more than 120 color photographs of parts of the digestive system in both healthy and diseased states. Dr. Berry, senior editor and author of the text, even took some of the photographs for the publication during the three and one-half years required to prepare it. Born in North Carolina and reared in and around Norfolk, Virginia, Brother Berry received his undergraduate training at Wilberforce University — where he was initiated into Alpha Phi Alpha in 1921. Receiving his medical degree from the University of Chicago Medical School, Dr. Berry did his internship at Freedmen's Hospital in Washington, D. C. He returned to Chicago to take part in an affiliation between Provident Hospital and his alma mater which would allow him to be trained in internal medicine and gastroenterology — with the unThe Sphinx / Summer 1979

Dr. Berry examines patient's stomach at Cook County Hospital, Chicago.

derstanding that after training he would go to all-Black Provident and teach. Brother Berry used his three-year training period to get another degree — an M.S. in pathology. Skeptical of the theory that Blacks were peculiarly susceptible to many diseases simply because of their race, Dr. Berry conducted research during his training — culminating in his master's thesis on "Tuberculosis and Race." While he did find a higher incidence of tuberculosis among Blacks, Berry documented that this was due to the adverse economic and social conditions under which most Blacks lived. Certified as a gastroenterologist and endoscopist in 1934, Brother Berry was on the staff of Provident Hospital when he came into contact with Dr. Rudolph Schindler, who invented the gastroscope — an instrument to look into stomachs. Subsequently, Dr. Berry developed the Berry Gastrobiopsy scope, used to suction off a piece of tissue from inside the body; became the first Black to present a paper to a convention of the American Medical Association; developed the Gastroscopy Clinic at Provident Hospital; and trained hundreds of physicians in endoscopy. Current controversies surrounding unnecessary surgery serve to highlight the clinical import of Dr. Berry's expertise in and refinement of the field of gastroenterology. The new techniques used by Dr. Berry have reduced the number of exploratory surgical operations necessary for proper diagnosis and Brother Berry envisions the day when patients will walk into a doctor's office for a regular endoscopy exam, much as

regular checkups are conducted today. It would take an entire book to adequately chronicle the distinguished career of Brother Berry, a past president of the National Medical Association. He has lectured in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Europe in his field; developed the Berry Plan, coupling psychological and physical assistance for drug addicts; conducted cancer research; organized the Flying Black Medics, allowing medical personnel to travel and provide free health care to impoverished areas of Southern Illinois; and, again, the list continues. Dr. Berry has contributed years of volunteer service in the community. In 1977, he retired after thirty years as Medical Director for the African Methodist Episcopal Church, at which time he was named director emeritus. Within the Fraternity, he served as Secretary of Xi Chapter; President of Theta; Treasurer of Xi Lambda; and was an early member of the Theta-Xi Lambda Foundation which secured the present house containing the Fraternity's national headquarters. The recipient of countless awards and citations, Life Member Berry was the recent recipient of the 1978 Alumni Achievement Award from the University of Chicago. In 1966, he was honored by that institution for Public Service. Given the frightful shortage of Blacks entering the medical professions because of insufficient motivation, goal models, and the problem of racial discrimination, young minority youth would be well advised to choose as a role model Dr. Leonidas H. Berry — an Alpha Man! 17


Brother BELFORD V. LAWSON General President (1956-51)

MU LAMBDA HONORS HONORARY CONVENTION CHAIRMEN Three of Alpha Phi Alpha's most illustrious Past General Presidents - each now residing in the Washington area have been designated Honorary Co-Chairmen for the Fraternity's 73rd Anniversary Convention. As a major prelude to the General Convention, Mu Lambda Chapter presented a public program in honor of these giants of Alpha - in recognition of both their contributions to Alpha and their service to the world community. As we prepare to assemble in our nation's capital, each of us would do well to come prepared to grasp the torch - of humanism and social responsibility - carried for so long by Brothers Lawson, Logan, and Wesley.


By Brother Eddie L Madison, Jr

Brother RAYFORD W. LOGAN General President (1941 -45) A new commitment to the kind of excellence exemplified by three past general presidents of Alpha Phi Alpha was called for by Congressman William H. Gray, III, of Pennsylvania's Second District at a public meeting in Rankin Memorial Chapel at Howard University in Washington, D. C. Congressman Gray, a member of the Fraternity, was addressing a program honoring Dr. Charles H. Wesley and Dr. Rayford W. Logan, both historians and educators, and Belford V. Lawson, Jr., attorney and civic, business, and political leader. Their combined years of leadership, from 1931 to 1951, spanned a critical 20-year period in the history of the United States as well as that of the organization. Gray said that Wesley, Logan, and Lawson "laid a foundation that we can build o n . " Alpha's birth, the congressman declared, came at a time of rampant segregation in this country. "We are now facing another severe crisis," he continued. The aftermath of the Bakke decision by the U. S. Supreme Court was described as a Second Reconstruction by the speaker. Congressman Gray said the fight for inflation in the 1980 budget "is taking place in the social programs that can help our people." He added: "We face hard times in the next decade. However, Wesley, Logan, and Lawson faced even harder times." Congressman Gray commended Mu Lambda, Washington Alumni chapter,

Brother CHARLES H. WESLEY General President (1932-40) for sponsoring the program. He described the event as history in the making. Wesley, Logan, and Lawson have been named honorary chairmen of the 1979 general convention which is being dedicated to them. The convention will be held at the Washington Hilton Hotel with Mu Lambda and other Washington metropolitan area chapters serving as hosts. Dr. Wesley, Alpha president from 1931 -40, was president of Wilberforce University from 1942-47, and president of Central State University from 1947 to 1965, when he retired. During his 23 years of service in the state of Ohio, he served as president of the Association of Ohio College Presidents and Deans, chairman of the Inter-University Council of the State of Ohio, and a member of the Governor's Committee on Community Colleges in Ohio. From 1950 to 1965, Dr. Wesley was president of the Association for the Study of Afro-American Life and History. He became executive director in 1965, serving until 1972 when he retired. He continues in the role of executive director emeritus. He is national historian for the fraternity. Dr. Wesley is author of numerous books including Negro Labor in the United States, The History of Alpha Phi Alpha: A Development in College Life, Richard Allen: Apostle of Freedom, The Collapse of the Confederacy, The Negro in the Americas, A Manual of The Sphinx / Summer 1979

Research and Thesis Writing for Graduate Students, The History of Sigma Pi Phi, 1940-1954, and A History of the Improved Benevolence and Protective Order of Elks of the World. He edited the 10-volume series on The International Library of Negro Life and History. Born in Louisville, Kentucky, Dr. Wesley received his B.A. degree from Fisk, the M.A. degree from Yale, and the Ph.D. degree from Harvard University. He holds nine honorary degrees conferred upon him by various universities and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa. During his career, he has been a University Scholar at Yale, Austin Scholar at Harvard, and Fellow of the Guggenheim Foundation, London. He began his career as an instructor of history at Howard University and was elevated through the ranks to professor and head of the department. He also served at Howard as director of the Summer School, dean of the College of Liberal Arts, and dean of the Graduate School. Dr. Logan, who headed the fraternity from 1941 to 1945, was born in Washington, D. C. His college teaching career began at Virginia Union University. Later he served for five years as head of the History Department at Atlanta University. In 1938, he joined the History Department at Howard University and served as chairman from 1942 until his retirement in 1964. At Howard, Dr. Logan also was acting dean of the Graduate School for two years and was one of the organizers of the African Studies Program in which he also taught for more than 10 years. From 1951-52, he was a Fulbright Research Fellow in Paris and studied in West Africa in 1953 under a State Department grant. Dr. Logan's numerous publications include: The Diplomatic Relations of the U.S. with Haiti, 1978-1891; The Operation of the Mandate System in Africa; The Senate and the Versailles Mandate System; The Negro and the Postwar World; The African Mandates in World Politics, The Betrayal of the Negro, and The Negro in the United States. He also edited the book, What the Negro Wants, and was editor for a while of Journal of Negro History and Negro History Bulletin. A foreign affairs activist, Dr. Logan was an accredited observer at the United Nation's San Francisco Convention, 1945, and was secretary of three Pan-African Congresses organized by Dr. W. E. B. DuBois â&#x20AC;&#x201D; The Sphinx / Summer 1979

(Above) Alpha brothers and wives listen to General President James R. Williams (st ding) as he responds to a question at a special meeting to discuss convention details of t General Convention. (Below) Kermit J. Hall makes a point during meeting with some of Alpha wives and Dr. J. Rupert Picott (right), General Chairman of the 73rd Anniversary C vention, to be held August 3-9, in Washington, D. C. Participating in the discussion (fro left) are Mrs. Edna McClellan, Chairperson, Fashion Show committee; Mrs. Feme Col and Mrs. Mauree Ayton, Coordinator, Women's and Children's Activities.

Paris, 1921; London, 1923; and New York, 1927. He also was foreign affairs editor for The Pittsburgh Courier. He was consultant on the United Nations for the N AACP and served as a member of the American Commission for UNESCO. Dr. Logan received his A.B. and M.A. degrees from Williams College in Massachusetts and the Ph.D. degree from Harvard. A member of Phi Beta Kappa, he also served as director of educational activities for the fraternity prior to becoming president. Lawson, president of Alpha from 1946 to 1951, has been a practicing attorney in Washington for nearly 50 years. During his leadership, he led the fraternity into a militant civil rights stance. Alpha sponsored the involvement in several law suits to end segregation, including the Elmer Henderson case which outlawed segregated seating in railroad dining cars. Lawson personally argued the Henderson case before the

Supreme Court. Active in YMCA affairs, Lawson served in the early 1970's as international president. He is a former national vice president and former president of the Metropolitan Washington YMCA. Other affiliations include director, Madison National Bank of Washington; past president, District of Columbia Chamber of Commerce; Metropolitan Washington Board of Trade; and Americans for Democratic Action. Professional organizations include the Bar of the Supreme Court of the United States, American Society of International Law, and American Bar Association. A native of Roanoke, Virginia, Lawson received his B.A. degree from the University of Michigan and the law degree from Yale University. He has received several honorary degrees and numerous awards and citations. He was general counsel of the fraternity prior to serving as president. 19



MELWl BUCKS Brother ULLYSES L. BRIDGEMAN, known to most sports fans as "Junior" Bridgeman, is a stellar guard for the Milwaukee Bucks of the National Basketball Association. Brother Bridgeman was named Most Valuable Player in Missouri Valley Conference during his senior year at the University 20

The Sphinx / Summer 1979

of Louisville — where he led the Cardinals to a third-place finish in the 1975 NCAA championship tournament. To his credit, Junior was shown on the Dean's List during all four years of his college career, while still graduating a consensus Ail-American in basketball. Junior was the first-round draft choice of the Los Angeles Lakers in 1975. He came to Milwaukee as part of the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar trade from Los Angeles on June 16,1975. During the 1977-78 regular season, J. B. led a talented young Milwaukee bench with a 13.6 average. In three games he started, he averaged sixteen points and five rebounds in a little over forty minutes. Following the All-Star break, Bridgeman averaged 15.5 points while shooting .537 — which boosted his season average from .481 to .503. Brother Bridgeman led his team in scoring in nine games and in rebounding in three. He scored in excess of twenty points on twenty-two occasions, twenty-one of those while coming off the bench. As a measure of his value, note that the Bucks posted a 15-7 wonloss record for those games when Junior contributed more than twenty. Last season was also Brother Bridgeman's second straight year as one of the Bucks' "ironmen." Junior has now appeared in 186 consecutive regular season games and a total of 198 straight, counting playoff appearances. Since turning professional, he has appeared in 245 of 246 career games. Converted to a guard from the forward position in order to utilize his height (officially listed at 6'5") and jumping ability, Bridgeman has taken full advantage of the shift. In his short, three-year career with the Milwaukee franchise, he has scored 2,997 points and is already eighth on the Bucks' alltime scoring list. The 1978 NBA playoffs saw Milwaukee struggling against Phoenix, but the Bucks' sixth man came alive against Denver. Bridgeman shot .500 against the Nuggets and averaged twelve points in twenty minutes off the bench. Junior shot 11 of 14 and scored twenty-two points in the third game against Denver to lead the Bucks super fourth-quarter surge. In fact, during the first three games against Denver, J. B. averaged eighteen points and shot an incredible .650 from the field. He finished the series with an average of 10.4 points per game, shooting .484 from the field. A native of East Chicago, Indiana, Brother Bridgeman is married and he and his wife, Doris, are expecting a The Sphinx / Summer 1979

Brother Junior Bridgeman has moved from honor student and Ail-American in college pro standout and successful businessman. Below, Junior is shown in action. child this spring. Moving onward and upward, Junior is now working on a law degree at the University of Wisconsin at Madison during the off-season. For his teammates, Junior is a leader both on and off the court — serving as the Bucks' player-representative in the NBA Player's Association. Brother Bridgeman crossed the "burning sands," June 10, 1978, at Delta Chi Lambda Chapter in Milwaukee along with six other outstanding Brothers. Since that time he has been extremely active in working with the chapter's Youth Development Committee and its Long-Range Planning Committee. Brother Bridgeman is truly an Alpha Man on the move who is committed to creating positive images for young people and furthering the aims of Alpha Phi Alpha. Richard E. Williams 21

At Argonne, we put a lot of energy into developing human resources, too. Argonne National Laboratory is one of the nation's most highly respected R&D organizations. And if you're an engineer, computer scientist, physicist, chemist, environmental scientist or technical writer, we invite you to explore the future you can have with us. If you're a student, inquire about our Research Participation Program. Openings are available in a wide variety of areas. Our expanding energy programs, for example, offer the opportunity to contribute to such emerging areas as coal technology advanced battery development, and solar energy applications. Advanced energy research includes work in magnetohydrodynamics and controlled thermonuclear reactions. And all these new programs further enhance our ongoing efforts in nuclear science and engineering, and physical, life, and environmental science research. To find out more, send your resume, or letter of inquiry, to: Mr. Syd Finley, Argonne National Laboratory, 9700 S. Cass Avenue, Argonne, IL 60439.


An equal opportunity employer, m/f


Marilyn K. McGee received her BS in Electrical Engineering Technology from Missouri Institute of Technology and BS in Physics from Lewis University. She is currently working within the Data Acquisition and Systems Processing Group of our Electronics Division.

Argonne National Laboratory has given me the freedom to handle my work from start to finish without undue pressure. I'm working in an environment that's a lot like a campus, alongside some of the top electronics people in the country. I'm also continuing my educationâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;supported by Argonne's tuition assistance program. Argonne is helping me to advance in a significant wayâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;both personally and professionally, ^fc^fe

The Sphinx / Summer 1979

Viewpoint.. Topic: Author: Alpha Sigma Lambda Chapter — Dallas, Texas — had the type of educational impact in the Dallas community that very few chapters in Alpha Phi Alpha have experienced. Since 1932, when the Chapter was chartered in Dallas, the Brothers have been the leaders in education. In the community, the top leadership in the schools were Alpha men and during the first few years a majority of the Brothers were educators. In 1964, the Chapter felt it should do more than give a token scholarship each year. It decided, with the cooperation of the school district, to begin working with those secondary students who had shown some potential in a supplementary program of counseling, guidance, and scholarship assistance in an organized way. To further enhance development, it set up a Non-Profit Educational Corporation for promotion of activities and receiving of contributions for further development. This was the birth of the Alpha Merit Group Committee, Inc. Many Brothers are not aware that the initial success of the Merit Group Program was the basis for the recommendation to the Board of Directors of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity for the setting up of the Alpha Phi Alpha Education Foundation in 1965. In 1965, the late former General President, Brother A. Maceo Smith, and I attempted to get the National Organization to adopt the program nationally, but the Director of Educational Activities, at that time, did not present it to the body. The Committee, through promotion, developed an informational brochure, secured contributing sponsors, presented 57 honor students at a luncheon attended by 300 persons, awarded $1,000 in scholarships and grants, and officially began the Alpha Merit Group activities. The rest is history. During the last 15 years, the program has operated throughout the entire year. An average of 100 youngsters per year have been directly affected by the program and over $15,000 in scholarships have been given by the Fraternity in addition to referrals for scholarships being made for them The Sphinx / Summer 1979

The Alpha Merit Group Brother E a r n e s t Wallace



f§ ijjr

Brother Earnest Wallace (standing left) conducts a monthly counseling seminar on Car Orientation as a part of the Alpha Merit Group activity. amounting to thousands of dollars. All during these years, the Committee had hoped that because of developing a good track record with its program, it could generate national funding, in addition to the local contributions it has always received. This was finally accomplished in July of 1978 when the Committee received a grant from the U.S. Office of Education in the amount of $96,105 to assist the Dallas School District under the Emergency School Aid Act. The program is called Project COPE: Career - Orientation - Parental Involvement - Educational Enrichment. The project is carried on in four of the magnet schools set up in the latest Federal Desegregation Order issued to the Dallas Independent School District. While Project COPE is targeted for four of the magnet schools, the basic Merit Group Program is open to students in all the secondary schools in Dallas. Referrals are made by school counselors, based on high achievement and willingness to participate. This makes the program open to all regardless of achievement level. The Committee has three programs in operation under its structure. Each program component has activities related to that component, although some activities may be combined to facilitate matters. They are as follows — STUDY RESOURCE & GUIDANCE CENTER: Its activities include: testing, orientation, and interviews for com-

pilation of data; special referrals for tutoring; seminars twice per month; special orientation on testing; individual problems related to different subject matter; cooperative activities with other group with similar activities; parent/ child partnership development — COUNSELING, CAREER ORIENTATION-SCHOLARSHIP-SCHOOL SELECTION: Activities include: listings developed for quality part-time employment; special information on colleges will be developed; test competition for scholarship award; scholarship awards luncheon recognition; assistance in securing additional scholarships — PROJECT COPE: Including: tutoring and educational assessment of students daily; educational enrichment activities; personal counseling sessions; field trips; special career seminars; monthly parent workshops; joint special educational projects. The chapters in the Southwestern Region are aware of the success of the program and several chapters have initiated aspects of it. We are sure that all Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha are proud of this accomplishment by this chapter and our organization. This is another great accomplishment for Alpha Phi Alpha. If any Brothers would like to have further information on the program, please contact me at Alpha Sigma Lambda Chapter, 2334 South Good-Latimer Expressway, Dallas, Texas 75215. 23




m\ x *


EVERY BEGINNING HAS AN END Brothers in Alpha! The calendar has turned again and this calls for new leadership. It is almost a year since I took over the office of College Scene Editor to the Sphinx Magazine and now the time has come for me to hand over the office to a new leader â&#x20AC;&#x201D; thus obeying the other nature of life that every beginning must have an end and every entrance must have its exit. As I take another step in Alpha from college brother to graduate brother, my mind tells me that my responsibility to Alpha increases. It is a challenge! And I am going to meet up with it. So I vehemently say that although I relinquish my office as the College Scene Editor, I leave NOT from ACTIVE PARTICIPATION. To my fellow college brothers, always remember that the future of our Fraternity lies in your hands. I know you will keep the spirit up but let me just say to you, dedication, commitment, selfless effort, loyalty, hard work, and cooperation should always be your pledge to our fraternity. I have visited many college chapters and I am very proud to say there is joy in my heart because they are about the business of Alpha. Please keep it up and let the sky be your limit. To the graduating college brothers, you and I are a symbol of the theme of this article. As you exit frorn college, these are some of your guidelines and charges. The battle of life is not yet won, but you have just opened the door to it. If you must win, these charges must be the style to guide, enlighten, and to inspire you to march onward and upward. Are you equipped strongly to resist temptations through analytical thinking 24

of a college graduate? As you are graduating, you are exiting into an entrance leading to a bundle of complexities. For the most part, the solutions are so hidden that they seem unconquerable. Frankly, life's problems are easy to solve no matter the situation. Some of these problems need carefulness, some need dedication, some need honesty, some need spirit of inquiries, some need patience. Others might need something entirely different from the ones mentioned now and the best approach is not to hurry into decisions. Think of these for a moment. "The most lonesome road must have its turning." Life at its best is a series of compromises. Nobody has it all, no matter how famous, how talented, how wealthy, how gay, how mighty. Are you ready to face life in reality or in its totality? You may do things you believe to be true and acceptable in the society and yet these result in blame from your bosses. Do not be frustrated. Every hurdle you overcome is a sign of


maturity. As you are going into the world, remember where you started, where you are as of now, where you hope to be in the future and, above all, remember whose sons you are. I wish you all success and all the luck in the world. I do hope I lived up to expectations and my articles were worth reading or made meaning to you during my time in office. I expect my successor to do a betterjobthanme. I would like to say, to Brother Michael Price â&#x20AC;&#x201D; the Editor-in-Chief of the Sphinx, that I am appreciative for the opportunity he gave to me to serve the Fraternity. It will always be remembered and recalled. And to all my brothers, thank you for reading my articles and for this opportunity. I love you all and will always love you. Fraternally,

Godwin E. Osagie College Scene Editor The Sphinx / Summer 1979


MILLION DOLLAR FUND DRIVE THE MATCHING GIFT PROGRAM Brother JIM HOWARD In their attempt to support and thereby strengthen the academic institution in America, over 700 major corporations have instituted a MATCHING GIFT PROGRAM. In this program, a company entices its employees to give generously to the college or university of their choice. The company promises that it will match, dollar-for-dollar, the employee's contribution to the college. It is significant to the Alpha Million Dollar Fund Drive that most corporations will match contributions to the United Negro College Fund! In most cases, the corporation will give as much as and half-again more (150%) as the employee would to the United Negro College Fund. Dr. Isadore J. LaMothe, National Chairman of the Alpha Million Dollar Fund Drive, announces the creation of "The Corporate Relations Section" to coordinate the MATCHING GIFT PROGRAM among participants in the Alpha Million Dollar Fund Drive. Brother Larry Charles (of Eta Rho Lambda Chapter in Rochester, New York) has been appointed National Coordinator of the CRS. The Corporate Relations Section "will be charged with coordinating the MATCHING GIFT PROGRAM, data processing services, and public relations activities," says LaMothe. "I know that Brother Charles and his group in Rochester will do well for us. They have already done many great things for the fund drive." The procedures for a brother using the MATCHING GIFT PROGRAM are as simple as: 1,2,3 — 1. The Brother makes out a check to the United Negro College Fund. 2. The Brother completes the MATCHING GIFT PROGRAM form supplied by his company's personnel or community affairs officer. 3. The Brother mails his check and completed form to: CORPORATE RELATIONS SECTION Alpha Million Dollar Fund Drive P.O. Box9571 Rochester, NY 14604

The Corporate Relations Section will handle all further processing. The brother and his chapter will be credited with the GIFT and the UNCF will receive the entire contribution. "Brother Ralph Sutton, a financial consultant with the Xerox Corporation, will serve as the principal coordinator of the MATCHING GIFT PROGRAM within the CRS," says Charles. "The MGP is for those brothers who have completed their pledges and for those contributions specifically designated to the UNCF," notes Sutton. "All those brothers who already have made their contributions are asked to mail us the MGP forms anyway." Towards the objective of really supporting education, most corporations entice employees to contribute at least $100. Any contribution under $100 gets an even one-forone match; whereas, contributions above $100 get a oneand-one-half to one match.

Brother gives Company gives Total Gift

$ 500 750 $1,250

"We have processed several applications already," says Charles. "We expect 300 brothers to participate, and we project an average contribution from the brothers to be $250." "Of course, some brothers will be able to afford and give more than $250," says LaMothe. Any questions relating to the MATCHING GIFT PROGRAM should be addressed to your Regional Chairman of the fund drive or to: Brother Ralph Sutton, MGP Coordinator Corporate Relations Section Alpha Million Dollar Fund Drive P.O. Box 9571


I. J. Lomothe, Jr. National Chairman The Sphinx / Summer 1979


CHAIRMAN ELMER C. COLLINS 26151 Lake Shore Boulevard, #1224 Euclid, OH 44132

Life Membership Historical Day For Alpha And Life Members Sunday, March 25,1979 Greetings Brothers: I have just returned from Washington, D. C, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where Mu Lambda and Rho Chapters honored four of our great Brothers. This historical day will be remembered always. In Philadelphia, Rho Chapter presented its First Annual Dr. O. Wilson Winters Scholarship Concert. This occasion given to our Number One Life Member was truly great. I congratulate the Brothers of the Rho Chapter for presenting this wonderful program. Traveling to Washington the same afternoon, I joined the Brothers of Mu Lambda and friends at Rankin Memorial Chapel, Howard University, in honoring three of Alpha's greatest Presidents â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Brother Charles Wesley, Brother Rayford Logan, and Brother Belford Lawson. Just being present and able to see and hear these outstanding Brothers, who contributed so much to Alpha's history, was so moving and impressive that I, along with the other Brothers, could never forget this event. These three Alpha Life Members: Number One, Brother Winters; Number Four, Brother Wesley; and Number Five, Brother Logan contributed much to the present success of the Life Membership program. Yes, this was a great day in Alpha's history. Special commendation goes to Congressman Brother William H. Gray, Jr., Life Member, for the wonderful and marvelous tribute he rendered to the three Brothers at the program in Washington. Life Member Spirit and Interest Growing Recently I was in Florida and attended the meetings of two chapters, Delta Xi Lambda, Orlando, and lota Beta Lambda, Cocoa Beach. The great spirit of Brotherhood and especially that of being a Life Member was evident. Commendations go to Brother Hiram Mann, formerly from Delta Alpha Lambda, Cleveland, who is President of lota Beta Lambda; also Brother Johnson, Past President, and Brother Boston, who is President of Delta Xi Lambda, Orlando; in addition, all of the Brothers of these chapters for their display of Alpha spirit and cooperation. Hats Off â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Life Member Breakfast It was possible for me to attend three Regional Conventions: Southern, Eastern, and Mid-Western. All three were very fine and the Life Member Breakfast was well attended and outstanding. I really enjoyed each of them, and wish that each of you could have attended. Fraternally, Brother Elmer C. Collins

Can't decide on a Father's Day, Birthday, Anniversary, or Graduation GIFT? HOW ABOUT A LIFE MEMBERSHIP THIS YEAR!


The Sphinx / Summer 1979

AN OPEN LETTER OF THANKS In a Brotherhood such as ours, assistance is not given in anticipation of personal reward and gratitude need not always be expressed. Yet, there are times when circumstances compel one to go beyond tacit recognition of the help and support rendered. And as expressed by the young poetess cited here, it ys always in order to say "Thank You." Brother Joseph Williams and his family deliver that very message in the following open letter.

SPENDING YOUR THANKS Save your pennies and not your thanks They don't belong in your "piggy bank" Thanks are meant to use and spend On parents, teachers or a friend, On doctors or policemen, too Or anyone who's nice to you Cheryl Pruitt Grade 4 - Room 205 John Barry School Philadelphia, PA

Many times in a man's life he will find that there is a need to say "Thank You" for a favor or a kindness rendered unto him or someone he knows; and sometimes the kindness or the thoughtfulness is of such a magnitude that he feels that just saying "Thank Y o u " to those concerned is not enough. He feels as though he wants the whole world to know. It is for this reason that I have taken my pen in hand, in the hope that I will be able to express to all my Alpha Brothers, both near and far, and to the world the joy I feel in being an Alpha and how wonderful my Alpha Brothers are. Another reason is that from time to time we might find ourselves saying things like "Whatever happened to the good old fraternity spirit?" Well I am here to tell you that it is alive and well. I say this particularly The Sphinx / Summer 1979

now, when it seems that people are so busy with their own affairs that they are not concerned with their fellow man. A few months ago, December 13th to be exact, something happened in my home that from which I felt my family and I would never recover. Our son was run over by a train and, as a result of this accident, he had to have both of his legs amputated above the knee. To say that we were in shock would not be expressing how we really felt and I doubt if we will ever be able to express it. But what I can say is that in those first few hours-when there was a need to have a friend and someone to comfort you, my Brothers were there. You might say "Fine" — but please don't, because there is more. In the first twenty-four hours that my son was in the hospital, he required fifty-two pints of blood. Sixteen of those were required within the first ten hours he was there. He used so much blood in the first few hours that he depleted the type of blood that he needed. We were told by the doctors that if he didn't receive the whole blood right away, he would die. To say that we were frightened and confused would not half describe our emotions at that point. He needed massive amounts of blood immediately. I didn't know where I could turn and then something inside of me said, "Call one of your Alpha Brothers. Maybe he can help show you the way." And I did. I called Luther Mimms and Clifford Clemmons of my chapter, Zeta Zeta Lambda, and told them my problem. They told me not to worry —

that they would handle it. And they did. They started a telephone relay and within a matter of hours there were one hundred and twenty pints of blood donated to my son, Michael Williams. Not only did they donate lifesaving whole blood, but members of their respective families and their friends did also. Some of those who donated were friends of my Alpha Brothers and neither I nor my family had ever met them. They came silently and did what was needed — and retired the same way. My family and I have talked about what happened and the response. We searched our hearts and minds to find a way to say "Thank You" to all those wonderful people who were there when we needed help so badly. We finally decided that an open letter of thanks sent to The Sphinx would let my Brothers and their families and friends know how we felt about them. And so to the members of Zeta Zeta Lambda, their families and friends, we the family of Michael A. Williams say with every fiber of our being — Thank You, Thank You. A footnote: Our son is recovering nicely and has started to learn to walk. And when he comes home he would like to say in person to all of the men of Alpha — Thank You.

DR. JOSEPH A. WILLIAMS AND FAMILY Zeta Zeta Lambda Chapter St. Albans, New York 27

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Employment Division. Lawrence Livermore Laboratory. P.O. Box 8 0 8 . G-089. Livermore. CA 9 4 5 5 0 . U. S. Citizenship Required. An Equal O p p o r t u n i t y Employer.



The Sphinx / Summer 1979

Alpha in Washington: Seventy-Two Years in Retrospect by Brother J. Leon Langhorne As Alpha Phi Alpha Fraterity prepares to come to Washington, D. C , August 3-9 for its seventy-third general convention, meeting here after an absence of nineteen years, the body can rest assured that this city has long been close to the growth and emerging eminence that Alpha has attained in Greekdom throughout the years. In fact, it was the Beta group, the first chapter established at a Black institution and our second chapter, which played host to the first Alpha convention in 1908, meeting on the campus of Washington's Howard University. Thirty-one members from the early chapters, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta, convened at Christmas time and paid tribute to the Beta organizers, Jewels Jones and Murray. The Washington area chapters are now expecting to welcome a hundred times more than were present in the original group, and they will register at the Washington Hilton headquarters in August for this celebration. We can look back on our development and accomplishments, review our heritage, and project the future role of our beloved fraternity. Alpha in Washington has had a long and interesting chronological history. In the first episode of the story, with farreaching insight, the struggling brothers of Beta established in 1913 the first chapter house in the U. S. for a Black fraternity, located at 2 4 4 7 Georgia Avenue, N. W., the present site of the Howard Engineering School. With the support of Brother George Cooke, of the Howard faculty, the chapter was able to lease the house from the University. Brother Louis Russell, then a campus leader, recalls the visits of Brother The Sphinx / Summer 1979

The Beta-Mu Lambda Washington, D.C.







3rd Street,

N.W., 29


*. •


^ *

f ^R



* *^?


f/ s •>


ISt" ^^?r*''':'*l| :


,*%& :-'Kf&SPMP ^ ^ H -

# ;• *3?P :





• !•«•

**a . ' *«**

• M »



' ilp^ ^ ^ P ^ :





> . L ^ ^ &fc

8efa Chapter, Howard University, 1929. Left to right: (Top Row) Brothers Doles, Turner, Murray, Stanford, Rogers, Burr Bundrant, Dougherty, E. Williams, Patterson; (Middle Row) Brothers Richardson, Howard, Langston, Jackson, B. Cann, Bro Saunders, Wyatt, E. Cann, West; (Lower Row) Brothers Prudhomme, Miller, L Williams, H. Williams. W. E. B. DuBois and the initiations when inductees were led on wild excursions around the nearby reservoir. The Beta house was a congenial place that provided a home away from home; it provided a place for study and meetings and for the exchange of fellowship. Brothers Arnett Lindsay and Oscar Brown were convivial roommates and both later became national officers, serving in the same capacity as editors of the Sphinx. Indeed many future leaders were developed at the grand old Beta house. The chapter held public meetings at churches and schools, maintained a dining room, and sponsored lively house parties and an annual open house. I remember as a small boy hearing my family discuss an invitation from a relative to attend the chapter's at home for the community. The late Harold Stratton, long-time Beta house manager, was the true Alpha man, an organizer, an inspirer, and a stabilizer. After World War I ended and many brothers had finished college, there was a strong feeling that the way to demonstrate their fraternity loyalty was to organize a graduate chapter which would cooperate with the undergraduate body. A chapter-owned home would be an effective means of giving all members a concrete sense of 30

loyalty. In 1919, a bond issue was floated and a lot was purchased on Georgia Avenue. Then, in 1923, the graduate chapter of Mu Lambda was established with twenty-four members, and the brothers bought bricks for the buying of the new house. In 1925, Beta-Mu Lambda Corporation, the body responsible for Alpha housing in D. C, was formed. Brother C. C. House served on its board for forty-one years. Later the Alpha lot was sold and this money provided the means for purchasing the first Alpha-owned house, in 1928, located at 1917 Third Street, N. W. This event marked the beginning of the second episode of the Washington Alpha story. The new, large, well-furnished house, with its beautiful grand piano given by Brother Paul Robeson, became a meeting place and forum for alumni and college brothers. It was renovated by fine architects, Brothers Cassell and Gardiner; it was a showplace of community interest and usefulness. Mu Lambda brothers became involved with undergraduates in many phases of fraternal activity, offering guidance and help to the younger members, while renewing their own sense of fellowship. Despite the effects of the depression, they gave financial aid and spiritual support so that the new members would

grasp the lasting values of Alpha fraternity. The chapter roster included such Alpha luminaries as Jewels Callis, Ogle, and Murray; former national Dresidents Wesley, Logan, Lawson, and Long; and J. H. B. Evans, General Secretary, 1925-47. Many of the chapter members had achieved professional prominence and were in the forefront of the civil rights struggle of the thirties and forties. Dr. Rayford Logan, one of the three Negro historians in Who's Who in the World, during his national presidency in the years 1941-45, stressed education for first-class Negro citizenship and the international aspects of the color problem. He urged a study of the Negro in post World War II and opposed segregation in Northern colleges. The chapter brothers took turns in acting as hosts for meetings in their city homes and their wives prepared the dinners. Brother Victor Daly recalls that, from this initial interest, the Alpha wives group later came into being. This organization has been very supportive of Alpha projects since its founding in 1950. The graduate and undergraduate chapters worked together on public programs, gave parties at the house, and sponsored interfraternal basketball games and dances at the You Street The Sphinx / Summer 1979

Lincoln Colonnade, which were real holiday events. War clouds were looming across the land in 1941 and the government promptly requested and later bought the Alpha house. It was then torn down and Slowe Hall was built on the spot, a government-sponsored house for women war workers. The money realized from the sale of the house was deposited in banks and three trustees were appointed, one college and two alumni brothers. The third episode in the story began nine years later when the brothers, with a renewed sense of togetherness, purchased in 1950 another chapter house, an imposing Georgian, three-storied residence at 1800 New Hampshire Avenue, N. W. Chapter members gave generously of themselves to make the newly decorated home a profitable and enjoyable venture for alumni and college brothers. A gala opening, which attracted a thousand people to the new $50,000 house, was underscored with newspaper headlines of the type, "Luxurious Mansion Opened for Inspection." This was certainly the largest, the most attractive fraternity house that Blacks ever owned in the U. S. Alphas and other people â&#x20AC;&#x201D; some of them nationally prominent â&#x20AC;&#x201D; visited the house at various times. The image of the chapters and the national fraternity was one of virtuosity, achievement, and loyalty. Card games for the brothers and bridge parties for the Alpha wives were part of the regular schedule. Indeed, the house was the

center for many social, cultural, and educational programs. Alpha wives furnished some of the rooms handsomely. There was a bar, a game room, and plenty of space for meetings and leisurely pursuits. An intermediate chapter, Omicron Lambda Alpha, was formed in 1952 and their members enjoyed the facilities. Alpha dances at hotels were social highlights. In the middle sixties, a time of national turmoil, interest in the Alpha house waned; problems developed and the house was sold in 1965. The Alphas now have a sizeable bank account, but there is no Alpha Phi Alpha house in D. C. at the present time. Mv Lambda, which has about a hundred members, has met in the recreation hall of Peoples Congregational Church for the past ten years. Looking back a half century, as a brother who literally grew to manhood in a fraternity house, having survived an Epsilon initiation at the age of seventeen, I can readily attest to the camaraderie, the woes, the benefits of the exchange of ideas that are part and parcel of the chapter home. The Beta undergraduates now meet on the Howard campus. Even though there has been a reasonable upsurge of interest in D. C. college fraternities, after the disruptions of the sixties by special interest groups who proclaimed irrelevance at every turn, the college brothers feel that there is an urgent need for more definite and effective planning at the national and regional levels which will include the

deliberations and programs of the undergraduate brothers. There is a new spirit of cooperation among the D. C. universities fraternity chapters and some of the programs are joint community enterprises for helping those in dire need. This approach is in keeping with the genetic Alpha creed of service to all mankind. Alpha has expanded to the extent that there are now 4 undergraduate and 7 graduate chapters in the Metropolitan Washington area. Alpha is alive, esteemed, and doing well in D. C. and its environs. All of the metropolitan chapters have joined hands to ensure that all of the conventioners of Alphadom have a profitable and pleasurable stay in our attractive area. To be assured of success in the future, it will be well for Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., to understand the dynamics of national affairs and present-day education; to be conversant with the ideals and motives of young people, in addition to the historic contributions of Alphas in the past and our potentialities for further development. We must have conviction that Alpha can make significant contributions in the future. In essence, the Washington Alpha story is a saga of the Black man's continual struggle for equality of citizenship at the seat of the national government and elsewhere, a condition which has been buttressed by his strong belief in his inner worth and in the efficacy of his powers to achieve. On to Washington in August, 1979.

THE NATION'S CAPITAL AREA CHAPTERS INVITE YOU TO WASHINGTON, D.C. AND ESPECIALLY TO THE 1979 GENERAL CONVENTION AUGUST 0-9, 1979 Registration Forms Are In Convention Brochure. Headquarters Hotel space will be limited, so please

PRE-REGISTER EARLY The Sphinx / Summer 1979




Keith R. Mills

Eugene Jackson

PHILLIP W . ALEXANDER (Prairie View A&M U, '79) majors in Civil Engineering and serves as President of his school's Civil Engineering Club. A native of Houston, Texas, Phillip is a member of Alpha Kappa Mu, Scabbard and Blade, and is Corresponding Secretary of Eta Gamma Chapter. Listed in W h o ' s Who and Outstanding Young Men of America, Brother Alexander was chosen "Outstanding Engineering Student'' for two consecutive years. As a tribute to his scholarship and leadership, he was selected to represent the student body during the dedication of Prairie View's new engineering building in 1978.

Darrell V. Freeman EUGENE JACKSON (MS Valley State U, '79) is an honor student majoring in Chemistry. Brother Jackson (from Cleveland, Mississippi) serves as President of the MVSU Student Government Association. In addition, he is a member of the Governor's Youth Council, the Community Jaycees, and Pan Hellenic Council. Eugene, a member of Zeta Phi Chapter, plans to enter medical school upon graduation. BERTRAM M. HUNTER (Adelphi U, '80) is a member of Theta Epsilon Chapter. From New York City, he is an honor student majoring in Communications and minoring in Business. At Adelphi he has served as Treasurer of the Student Government Association and Chairman of the Union of Black Collegians. Active in school and fraternity community service projects, Bert is concerned with providing effective leadership for our people. To this end he has represented his school at the Kansas State University Leadership Conference (New Orleans) on Student Legal Rights and represented his chapter at the Alpha Phi Alpha 1979 Leadership Conference (Chicago). KEITH R. MILLS (Georgia Southwestern, '79) is from Tennille, Georgia, and is an honor


Phillip W. Alexander student at his college in Americus, Georgia. He is extremely active in campus affairs — and during his junior year was named one of the ten outstanding members of the student body. In his senior term he was nominated by the faculty and selected as ''Campus H o s t , " the highest student honor at Georgia Southwestern. And, in addition, he was named the most outstanding male member of the student body. Keith is a Business Management major and serves as Teasurer of Mu Delta Chapter. He is listed in Who's Who and is a member of Blue Key National Honor Society. DARRELL V. FREEMAN (West Chester State, '80) is an untiring worker — in his chapter, in the national organization, in his college community, and in his hometown of Philadelphia. The Assistant Vice President-elect from the Eastern Region, Brother Freeman has been honored for his community service by such groups as the WCSC NAACP, the Grays Ferry Community Council and the School District of Philadelphia. A member of Zeta Psi Chapter, Brother Freeman majors in Secondary Education and History and minors in Business Administration and Management.

The Sphinx / Summer 1979

MARK D. GILLIAM (Sam Houston State U, '80) is an aspiring attorney who hails from Beloit, Wisconsin. Mark has achieved honor status in his studies, majoring in Criminology and minoring in Psychology. A volunteer worker with juvenile delinquents, Mark serves as President of the Black Student Union, a senator of the Student Government Association, and Treasurer of Theta Mu Chapter at SHSU. In addition to his professional work in law, Brother Gilliam looks forward to the day when he can serve as legal advisor for the Fraternity. Mark D. Gilliam

BRYAN E. ACKER (U of Southern MS, '79) achieved honor status while pursuing a triple major in Political Science, American Studies, and German. The recipient of a 1978 Alpha Phi Alpha Scholarship, Bryan is a member of Alpha Kappa Mu, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, and Alpha Lambda Delta honor societies. A member of the university President's Advisory Board, Brother Acker is listed in W h o ' s W h o . From Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, he is a member of Mu Xi Chapter at USM â&#x20AC;&#x201D; and aspires to be an attorney. DAVID L. H O R T O N (Illinois State U, '79) is a Life Member and active with Eta Tau Chapter. Brother Horton is from Chicago where he is active in community groups, including the Chicago Urban League. An Economics major, he is President of the ISU Black Student Union and a member of the Executive Committee of the Campus NAACP. Listed in Who's W h o , David plans to pursue a career in government service. RONALD D . DURHAM (Miami U, '79) is an outstanding leader of Delta Upsilon Chapter at this Oxford, Ohio, institution. Currently Vice President and Treasurer of his chapter, Brother Durham majors in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Business Management. A member of the Student Affairs Council and other organizations, he represents the minority community as President of the Black Student Action Association. An honor student, Ronald is listed in W h o ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. WILLIAM J. MURRAY, JR. (Frostburg State, '79) posts an honor average in his studies with a double major in Political Science and Economics. His post-graduate plans include Law School and the attainment of a masters degree in Economics. A native of Baltimore, Bill is Chairman of the Black Coalition and represents the student body on the College Planning Council and the College Curriculum Committee. Brother Murray serves as Secretary of Mu Upsilon Chapter at FSC. PHILIP W . DORSETT (Prairie View A&M U, '79) is President of Eta Gamma Chapter and the University Chorale, and is Secretary of die Pan Hellenic Council. In addition, the Nassau native is President of the Bahamian Student Organization. A Fine Arts major with a minor in Voice, Philip has been listed on the President's Honor Roll and the National Dean's List. CHESTER D . CRAWFORD (Sam Houston State U, '80) is a General Business Administration major who plans to chart a career in Banking. Chester is President of Theta Mu Chapter and, in addition, serves as Treasurer of the Black Student Union and a member of the Student Senate. Brother Crawford, who is extremely active in Fraternity affairs at all levels, is from Huntsville, Texas. He cites his leadership in the Fraternity as having given him an awareness of the things which can be accomplished .

BRODES H. HARTLEY, III (Florida A&M U, '79) is a native of Ft. Sam Houston, Texas. Majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Military Science and Management, Brother Hartley plans to receive his commission as an Army officer and attend Law School in the upcoming year. At FAMU he serves as President of Scabbard and Blade and as Financial Director of Beta Nu Chapter. Brodes is a member of Phi Beta Lambda, Alpha Kappa Mu, and ROTC. He is listed in the National Dean's List and W h o ' s W h o . FRANK L. GREENE, JR. (Virginia Commonwealth U, '79) is a Business Education major and is active with the national organization Phi Beta Lambda, in which he serves as treasurer of the VCU chapter. He was named "Outstanding Student" at this group's Virginia State Leadership Conference in 1 9 7 8 . An honor student, he is President of Theta Rho Chapter and serves as treasurer of the Interfraternal Council. Active with numerous other campus organizations, Frank is listed in Who's W h o . WILLIAM J. LOVE (North Carolina A&T State U, '80) is a native of Gastonia, North Carolina, majoring in Industrial Engineering. In addition to serving as President of the StudentAlumni Council, Brother Love is active with many groups: including the SGA, the Jaycees, the Student Judicial Council, and the Student Union Advisory Board. William plans to seek an MBA degree after graduation and harbors a long-range goal of running for public office on the state level. He has been the recipient of the A&T Register Club Award and the A&T Journalman Award, among other citations.

William J. Love

Wardell Richardson

JOHNNY B. KIRK, JR. (Alabama A&M U. '79) is a native of Oakman, Alabama. Upon receipt of his degree in Civil Engineering, Brother Kirk plans to pursue post-graduate studies in this field. A consistent Dean's List student, Brother Kirk is President of both Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society and Beta Kappa Chi Scientific Honor Society. Listed in W h o ' s Who, Johnny is a member of Delta Gamma Chapter.

REGINALD T. BUTLER (Glassboro State, '80) is receiving valuable training for his planned career in corporate law through service as President of the campus Pre-Law Council. In addition, he serves as an SGA representative and as an active member of the NAACP and Operation Push. A native of Camden, New Jersey, Brother Butler is Vice President of Nu Iota Chapter and has received numerous awards from his college and campus organizations for outstanding service. Reginald's hobbies include Karate and Track.


Gregory M. Brewer

WAYNE G. LEWIS (Jarvis Christian, '80) has participated in special pre-medical programs at Fisk and Atlanta universities in preparation for his career as a physician. An honor student majoring in Biology and minoring in Chemistry, Wayne is an officer of Alpha Kappa Mu, the Science Club, and the Pan Hellenic Council. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Brother Lewis also serves as captain of the Cross Country Track Team at his college. In addition, he is active with the school band and debating team, and was selected for the National Dean's List. KEITH A. McGRUE (U of Arkansas â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Pine Bluff, '79) is a graduate of Dunbar High School in Chicago, Illinois. A Chemistry major with a Mathematics minor, Keith serves as President of Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society and has been recipient of Kellogg and Alumni scholarships. A member of Gamma Delta Chapter, Brother McGrue plans further study in chemistry prior to seeking a medical degree. Keith is listed in Who's Who.

WARDELL RICHARDSON (Voorhees College, '79) is an active member of his campus community, serving as President of the NAACP and the Pre-Alumni Club, as Secretary of Eta Iota Chapter, and as a member of die Student Government Association and the Business Club. Brother Richardson is majoring in Business Administration and Accounting and he hopes to go on to become a Certified Public Accountant. A native of Marion County, South Carolina, he has received numerous awards for his campus leadership. GREGORY M. BREWER (U of MarylandBaltimore County, '80) credits his fraternal association with allowing him to be "able to stand up and challenge examples of institutional racism.'' At UMBC, Brother Brewer serves as a Student Government Association senator and a member of the Black Student Union and the NAACP. And, he has been honored by the SGA for his service to that organization. A native of Palmer Park, Maryland, Gregory majors in Economics with a minor in AfroAmerican Studies. He hopes to enter law school upon graduation and to go on to enter government service.

The Sphinx / Summer 1979

RICHARD WITHERSPOON (Columbia U, '79) is a four-year letterman on the Columbia varsity football team. An honor student majoring in Economics, Brother Witherspoon plans to enter private industry upon graduation and embark upon a career in product distribution. A native of the Bronx, Richard is an active member of Zeta Eta Chapter. CARL J. KINGCADE (Bethune Cookman, '79) is a Business Administration major from Miami, Horida. Brother Kingcade has been able to maintain honor status while serving in a wide range of extra-curricular activities; including the Marching, Concert, and Stage Bands; the campus newspaper; the college radio station; and, work as Vice President of Delta Beta Chapter. Atlanta University is his destination in order to take courses leading to the MBA degree. BRIAN A. RIDGELEY (Towson State U. '79) serves as the Treasurer of the Black Student Union and the only Black Senator in his school's Student Government Association. In the latter group he chairs the Minority Affairs Committee and serves on the university's Fiscal Affairs and Student Rights Committee. The Baltimore native majors in Business Administration and Economics with a minor in History. Brian, a member of Mu Rho Chapter, is listed in W h o ' s Who and is a member of the Towson State Track Team. ARTHUR T. MATTHEWS (C. W. Post. '79) is a three-year member of the varsity football team of his school, which is a part of Long Island University. Brother Matthews is President of Kappa Rho Chapter and majors in Criminal Justice, with a minor in Political Science. An honor student, Brother Matthews is an officer of the Inter-Greek Council, the Criminal Justice Association, and the Student Government Association. Arthur is a member of Pi Gamma Mu Honor Society and Who's W h o . DARRELL W . TAYLOR (U of TennesseeChattanooga, '80) serves as President of Eta Phi Chapter. Brother Taylor attended a trade school following his high school graduation and was employed full time as a computer programmer in 1 9 7 3 . He entered UTC in 1974 on a part-time basis and is now a full-time student while still working 4 0 hours a week. Even with this schedule, Darrell (majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Business) is an honor student. He is also active with the Chattanooga Jaycees KEITH A. MILES (Florida A&M U, '79) has made great strides towards his goal of becoming a radio or TV network anchor. A Journalism major, Keith has worked with stations in Florida and Alabama as a producer, reporter and staff announcer â&#x20AC;&#x201D; and works as a stringer for the National Black Network and Mutual Black Network organizations. At FAMU he serves as Executive Producer of televised basketball programs. Vice President of Beta Nu Chapter and Assistant State Director for the Fraternity, Brother Miles is a member of Sigma Delta Chi and listed in Who's W h o .

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The Sphinx / Summer 1979

DER, as an invited delegate, recently embarked on a seven day trip to Cuba. He is the only president of a northern Illinois institution of higher education invited to be a member of the educational assessment group. Brother Alexander is a very active member of Xi Lambda Chapter in Chicago. Coordinated and initiated by the American Association of State Colleges and Universities, the group includes representatives from state colleges and universities across the country. The seven day stay is designed to allow for on-site inspection of Cuban educational facilities and conferences with leaders of Cuban Higher Education. Brother Alexander, whose doctorate is in Chemistry and who has considerable teaching and scientific research experience, will focus his observations and assessments on the scientific a s p e c t s of the Cuban educational system. This interchange, which is sanctioned by the State Department and Cuban government officials, is expected to lead to establishing "reciprocal linkages" between educators and students in Cuba and the United States. Among the other participants are presidents of the following institutions of higher learning: Cheyney State College, Cheyney, PA, State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX, Western Carolina University, Cullowhee, NC, and Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, IL.

Positively there are Alphas throughout the world whose attributes ring out the fraternity's motto: First of All, Servants of All, We Shall Transcend All. With the same degree of positivity, the state of Mississippi â&#x20AC;&#x201D; more precisely Epsilon Xi Lambda Chapter, Mound Bayou, Mississippi, boasts of the same attributes in Brother HEZEKIAH BROWN, the chapter's Chaplain. Reasonable endeavors to participate in general college activities and social services and to excel therein still operate in the mind of Brother Brown as he continues to exemplify leadership. His academic excellence has warranted the B.S. degree from Tuskegee Institute, the M.S. degree from Tennessee State University, and Ed. S. degree from Delta State University. Besides being certified in seven different areas on the master's level and seven different areas on the specialist level, further study has been done at Mississippi State University, University of Southern Mississippi, Mississippi College, University of Alabama, and Northwestern University on Chicago Campus. He also fulfilled his military obligation for three years achieving the rank of Sergeant, and he's a World War II veteran. Brother Brown is married to the former Rosa L. Scott, and their only son, Brother Hezekiah Brown, II, is also an Alphaman. He received the Alpha Phi Alpha Man of the Year Award o f Merit for Community Service from his chapter for the 1977-78 year, where Brother Lawrence Sutton, Sr., past National Chairman of Standards and Extensions is Chapter President. Brother Brown is exceedingly active in civic affairs. He has been the Chaplain of the VFW Post #9732 for 24 years, and Mississippi Department VFW Chaplain for 5 years â&#x20AC;&#x201D; the first Black to achieve this office. He is also Chaplain of: 10th District VFW (8 years), Military Orders of Cooties Grand of MS (2 years), and Epsilon Xi Lambda Chapter (9 years). Other civic affiliations of Brother Brown include 32 degree Mason, President of South Washington County Home Care for the Aging, and he recently served on the State Advisory Board Comprehensive Health.Planning at the appointment of the Governor of Mississippi. He's one of fifteen members of the Commission on Anti-crime for Washington County. 37

Besides being president of Washington County Association of Educators, Brother Brown is also listed in Volume 1 of the 1975-76 first edition of Who's Who Among Black Americans, Volume 3 of Men of Achievement, 1976, published in Cambridge, England, and he certainly ranks as an "Alphaman on the move."

He's a Phi Delta Kappa man and Commander of Pup Tent #13 (Sly Fox), Greenville, Mississippi. Politics cannot escape Brother Brown. He is now serving his second term as an elected official of the City Board of Alderman of Hollandale, Mississippi, where he resides and is employed as a Guidance Counselor in the public school system. Such a civicly and politically active Brother must be the recipient of many honors and awards â&#x20AC;&#x201D; and he is. The VFW Mixon Garrett Post #9732 awarded Brother Brown a plaque for 21 continuous years as post chaplain, and he received the Outstanding Citizen Achievement Award for 1978. He was one of twelve selective and distinguished teachers of the 1975-76 school year in Group Guidance. He received the Distinguished Service Award in Industrial Education in 1975, and a certificate for 100 hours of volunteer service at the Veteran Administration Hospital in Jackson, Mississippi, in 1978. Brother Brown was awarded National Outstanding Chaplain of the Year for 1978 by the Military Order of Cooties in the United States, and he received the Silver Anniversary Award by the Chapel of the Four Chaplains in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he was presented the Holy Bible. He was presented the Citation of Supreme Pup Tent Military Order of the Cooties 1977-78 in recognition of outstanding contribution to the Order of the Cooties of the United States, dedicated to the Veteran Administration Hospital membership and scholarship. 38

San Francisco Mayor Dianne Feinstein recently reappointed Brother H. WELTON FLYNN to a third four-year term as a Commissioner of the Public Utilities Commission. In a ceremony at San Francisco City Hall, Brother Flynn was sworn into office by Mayor Feinstein before an impressive array of government and civic leaders and friends of the Flynn family. Mayor Feinstein stated that Brother Flynn is her first appointment to the Public Utilities Commission, and that it is a great treat for her to appoint a man she has admired for many years. She further indicated that this will be Brother Flynn's fourth term on the commission, making him "Dean of the Board." He was first appointed to an unexpired term in September 1970, and was then named to his first full term in January 1971. He served three consecutive terms as president of the commission in 1973, 1974, and 1975. Brother Flynn has served in this important position under three San Francisco mayors. In accepting the appointment, Brother Flynn thanked Mayor Feinstein and promised to serve with the diligence that has characterized his previous long period of public service as PUC commissioner. He acknowledged the presence of his Brothers of Gamma Chi Lambda Chapter, Alpha Phi Alpha. Brother Flynn is a Life Member of Alpha, having been initiated into the fraternity at Gamma Chi Lambda Chapter, San Francisco, where he presently serves as Recording Secretary. Brother Flynn operates his own accounting firm in the Jack Tar Office Building in San Francisco. He is a director of St. Mary's Hospital; treasurer of the Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Men; member of California Society of Accountants and the National Society of Public Accountants. Brother Flynn and his wife, Juanita, are the parents of two sons, Cedric, who is a student at the University of California Medical School, and Gerald, a student in electronics. Brother Flynn represents the very best in Alpha Phi Alpha, and his Brothers are proud of his accomplishments.

The award winning poet writer, Brother RAYFER EARL'E MAINOR is still making achievements in the literary field, and he yet continues to win praises from the Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha. On February 13 of this year, after performing his poetry recital (RAYFER EARL'E MAINOR: In Preview), at North Texas State University before the student body in The One O'Clock Lounge of the NTS Student Union, dominated by AKA's and Alphas, Brother Kevin R. Carreathers, President of the Eta Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated, presented to their multi-talented Brother a beautiful framed Certificate of Award, "For Distinguished Achievement." Similar honors were bestowed upon him by literary societies when he returned to serve a second poet-inresidence at Paul Quinn College; guest lectured for Baylor University's English Department, and for conducting a Drama Workshop for Baylor's Drama Department. This prolific young writer who was biographed in International Who's Who was the youngest professor to teach at the prestigious University of Redlands, California (where he conducted a Creative Writing Seminar, and taught College English 110). This year to add to his honors, he was nominated last month by the Lindsey Chair Search and Screen Committee of the Department of English of Southwest Texas State University as a Candidate for the first Therese Kayser Lindsey Chair of Literature. Rayfer is the recipient of numerous awards in the field of creative writing and theatre arts, which includes The Melvin B. Tolson Memorial Award, "For Excellence in Creative Literature." On October 26, 1969, he became the youngest poet in the world to ever be awarded and christened poet laureate, "For Outstanding Works in the Field of Poetry and Contributions to Humanity." Suffice it to say that he has also received Honored Title, the Golden Laurel Wreath and Decretum of Award from the Honorable Amado M. Yuzon, President and Chairman of United Poet Laureate International. When Rayfer was first profiled in the Sphinx Magazine four years ago (in 1975), he was working on a promising collection of poetry â&#x20AC;&#x201D; "Tribute to Blackness." It is with perserverence, this highly acclaimed collection of Black poetry, prose and free verse is completed. At that writing, it was also noted that he had been cited by Presidents The Sphinx / Summer 1979

Nixon and Ford for his literary achievements and contributions to the people, the arts and the world. Today, President Jimmy Carter has joined the congratulators with his own personal commendation. Brother Mainor was initiated into Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, December of 1967, at the Beta Kappa Chapter, Langston University, Langston, Oklahoma. Aside from the International Who's Who In Poetry world reference journal, Brother Rayfer has been biographed in The Dictionary of International Biography; The International Registrar of Profiles; and most recently, Men of Achievement.

Brother JOSEPH B. MATTHEW, a staunch and dedicated Alpha man of the Alpha Delta Lambda Chapter, Memphis, Tennessee, is still holding Alpha high. Brother Joe, as he is best known by the Brotherhood, is one of the Brothers that we would regard as a short-term Brother, in reference to his years in Alphadom, but very much a long-term Brother, in reference to holding Alpha high! He was initiated into Alpha Phi Alpha, in May 1974, and came in as a Life Member. Because he accepted Alpha Phi Alpha for life, he has proven his devotion and dedication. There isn't a task too difficult for Brother Matthew to handle or master if it is associated with the promotion or betterment of Alpha Phi Alpha. Having shown true dedication to our beloved Alphadom, Matthew was elected Vice-President and served three full terms, which is most unusual for Alpha Delta Lambda Chapter's officers. Pressing and personal responsibilities prevented his taking the leadership role as president. However, our good Brother is on the scene doing his share to hold Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity HIGH! Brother Joe is first a gentleman, one of high morals and integrity, and always willing to lend a help and hand when called upon at a second's notice. His friendly disposition and pleasant attitude helps to motivate other Brothers of the chapter to try and emulate him. Brother Matthew was born in Holly Springs, Mississippi, and attended the Rosenwalt Elementary School in that city. Later, he entered the high school department of the Mississippi Industrial College, after which he received his B.S. degree in Mathematics from the same institution. He is a candidate for The Sphinx / Summer 1979

the M.S. degree in Educational Administration at Western Michigan University. Brother Joe is a career teacher who has received scientific acclaim as a mathematics teacher at the Frayser High School in the Memphis City School System. He has an excellent record as a teacher of Mathematics and professional educator, and also works in the Memphis Adult High School program. He is highly respected by his peers and students. Brother Matthews is very active in the Prospect United Methodist Church, which is located at 1297 Gausco Road in Memphis. He is an officer in the church and works in the Sunday School as Superintendent. He is a member of many professional, social, and religious organizations, and takes an active part in most of them. He is the proud father of two beautiful daughters, and married to the former Earlene Taylor of Holly Springs, Mississippi. They reside in Memphis at 1827 Waverly Avenue. Brother ALBERT R. PANNELL is an excellent example of the true spirit of Alpha. An ordained minister, a devoted family man, an active Alpha Life Member in Pittsburgh's Alpha Omicron Lambda Chapter, and now most recently promoted to Metallurgist for Special Alloys at the Allegheny Ludlum Steel Corporation; Brother Pannell's life is a model for a modern Renaissance man. After graduating from high school in Beckley, West Virginia, in 1958, Brother Pannell enlisted in the service, entered officer candidate school, and some two years later received his commission as a Lieutenant in the Army. He served two separate combat tours in Vietnam; first as an Artillery Battery

Brother Albert R. Pannell Commander along the DMZ, and later as an Intelligence Staff Officer and Senior Parachutist with more than 150 flights over enemy territory. By the time he left the Army in May 1972, he had attained the rank of Major with several commendation medals, 4 Bronze Stars, and one Air Medal. In May 1976 he graduated from North Carolina State University with a B.S. degree in Materials Engineering. It was there that he met his lively wife, Deborah, who graduated a year later with her B.S. in Civil Engineering. Recognized as an outstanding scholar as early as his sophomore year, Brother Pannell was inducted into Tau Beta (the engineering equivalent of Phi Beta Kappa), and two other honorary fraternities. Alpha played an early role in his campus life. He pledged in his sophomore year with Eta Omicron Chapter, became a paid up Life Member, and served as Secretary, Treasurer, and finally President. Alpha's tradition of leadership led him to campus-wide activities as exemplified by his election as President pro tern of the student senate at a time when he was but one of only 50 Blacks on a southern university campus of some 17,000 Whites. After graduation, Brother Pannell joined Olin Corporation's Brass Division in East Alton, Illinois, as a Metallurgical Process Engineer in their Production Supervisory Training Program. In May of 1977, he joined Allegheny Ludlum Steel Corporation in Leechburg, Pennsylvania, as a Metallurgist for Electrical Alloys. In early 1979 he was promoted to Metallurgist for Special Alloys at Allegheny Ludlum's Brackenridge facility, where he is responsible for all phases of production process and customer relations for a wide family of high technology materials 39

with a total dollar volume of some $20 million per year. His special alloys find a number of applications in such diverse areas as jet engines, nuclear power plants, and automotive pollution control systems. A deeply religious man all his life, Brother Pannell acknowledged his calling in November 1977, preached his trial sermon in February 1978, and was ordained in the ministry in August that same year. He is now the Assistant Pastor and Sunday School Superintendent of St. James Church of God Apostolic in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In addition he spends several nights each week in religious service to the community. Never one to stand still, Brother Pannell is working on his MBA degree at night at the University of Pittsburgh. His wife, Deborah, joins him to work on her Masters of Environmental Engineering after finishing her full-time daily engineering duties at Dappolonia Consulting Engineers Company. His interest in his graduate work has carried over to his activities for the Alpha Omicron Lambda Chapter. He currently chairs the Business Encouragement Committee which is developing several pioneering programs to improve the Black business climate in the Greater Pittsburgh area. Brother Pannell draws his strength from his three greatest loves: his God, his wife, and his fraternity â&#x20AC;&#x201D; truly an Alpha man! Brother CURTIS O. PETERS, 35, has been promoted to News Director for WRET-TV Action News, Charlotte, North Carolina, filling the position left vacant by the departure of former News Director Hal Suit. Brother Peters had served as Executive News Producer for Action News and Director of Public Affairs since joining WRET in June, 1978. He will continue as Director of Public Affairs in addition to now being responsible for total management of the 32-person Action News staff. A native of Orange, New Jersey, and 1967 graduate of Charlotte's Johnson C. Smith University, Brother Peters came to WRET-TV after one and a-half years as News Director for WLOS-TV, Asheville, N. C. Before his tenure at WLOS, he worked five years as reporter/producer for WSOC-TV, Charlotte. Brother Peters is a member of Beta Nu Lambda Chapter and is son-in-law of former General President Lionel H. Newson. 40


Brother Melvyn M. Tuggle Brother MELVYN M. TUGGLE, Second Vice-President of Alpha Delta Lambda Chapter, Memphis, Tennessee, has been selected by the Leadership Institute of Memphis for participation in its charter leadership program for 1979. The purpose of the "Leadership Memphis" institute is to recruit prospective community leaders into a program that provides them the information, skills, and techniques needed to provide future community leadership. In addition, the program is designed to motivate these emerging future community leaders to direct their talents toward a wide range of current and anticipated community problems and needs. Participants were selected on the basis of their demonstrated potential for leadership and the commitment to the future of Memphis, with the 25-45 year old range as the primary target group. Some of the areas to be scrutinized by the institute are: (1) Race Relations; (2) Government; (3) Education; (4) Environment; (5) Politics, Religion, and Culture; and (6) Health Care and Welfare. The program is nine months in duration. "Tug" was selected from a group of over 1,000 nominees and 440 finalists by a selection committee composed of business, civic, and political moguls in Memphis. Brother Tuggle is a product of the Memphis City System. He attended the Lincoln Elementary School and afterwards graduated from Booker T. Washington High School with honors. He is a graduate of Memphis State University with a B.B.A. in Personnel Administration. Brother Tuggle is employed as Resident Underwriter for M.F.A. Insurance Companies.

Some of his past achievements include "1972 Outstanding Young Men of America;" Mayor's Youth Coordinating Committee, 1970-71; National Urban Fellows Applicant, 1976; and numerous civic activities. He is a noble Stewart of Alphadom, dedicated to the principle of "First of All, Servants of All, We Shall Transcend All." As it relates to his selection, Brother Tuggle stated "It is indeed an honor to have been selected as a charter participant in such an innovative program. There were only 42 selectees from a field of over one thousand. Memphis has a metropolitan population of nearly one million people, and to be recognized as an emerging young leader in an area of this magnitude is certainly gratifying. I thank God, my family, and Alpha Phi Alpha for providing the arena of cultivation for my talents and abilities. It is my earnest desire to provide any meticulous insights and inspirational interjections necessary for the success of the program and enrichment of my fellow-participants." Brother "Tug" is married to the very attractive Mary Jones, and is the father of beautiful little Miss Chandra. He is a member of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. The officers and Brothers of Alpha Delta Lambda Chapter, Memphis, Tennessee, would like to take their hats off to Brother Tuggle, better known to us as "Tug" for such an outstanding accomplishment. We are very proud of our young Brothers who are doing outstanding things and who seem to be going places. Again we congratulate you on such a worthwhile achievement.

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in Ohio. A manpower specialist, Dellums served as a psychiatric social worker for the California Department of Mental Hygiene (1962-1965), Program Director of the Bayview Community Center (1964-1965), and Associate Director of the Concentrated Employment Program of the San Francisco Economic Opportunity Council (1967-1968). Prior to coming to Congress in 1971, Brother Dellums served on the Berkeley City Council from 1967 to 1971. Dellums' first priority upon entering Congress was ending the war in Indochina, which he characterized as "illegal, immoral and insane adventurism." His major goal still remains the termination of America's all-too-ready reliance on brutality and force to accomplish our objectives overseas and at home. He has become the principal leader in the House in the struggle for a significant reduction in our overseas military manpower. He argues that this is integrally related to the problems of domestic reform, since the Pentagon's voracious appetite for the taxpayers' dollar is threatening to starve the civilian component of government resources, both human and fiscal. He strongly believes that effective answers to these problems can only come from people working together around their concrete interests. Only this kind of true "Coalition Politics" will have the necessary staying power and the realism to turn the country in a new and more constructive direction. When people begin to realize how and why they are being victimized and manipulated, then they will be able to join together and form the basis for a new political and social majority, regardless of race or economic status. In Dellums' view, Congress is not the only place where this new coalition will evolve. Still, he feels that the Congress has an important role to play. In his efforts to jolt the House of Representatives from its varicose institutionalism, he has conducted three extra-official hearings on major problems that regular House Committees refused to handle. The first of these hearings was an investigation into United States war crimes in Vietnam (April, 1971). The other two hearings were held in conjunction with the Congressional Black Caucus. They included an examination of racism in the military (November, 1971) and of governmental lawlessness and bureaucratic indifference (June, 1972). All of these hearings have produced major legislative proposals. In the 96th Congress, Representative Dellums has reintroduced his comprehensive Health Care bill. In his view, health is one of the most important domestic reforms, since uncertainty and skyrocketing expenses have made disease, and the threat of illness and disease for any duration, a major cause of anxiety and insecurity for all Americans. He feels strongly that a higher standard of living, as measured in material possessions, is meaningless if we cannot live in a society that protects the health of all its people. Dellums is married to the former Leola (Roscoe) Higgs. The Dellums family resides in Washington, D. C, with their three children, Brandy, Eric, and Piper. D I X O N : Continued from Page 12 Penal Code. He also held a term as Chairman of the Southern Legislative Black Caucus. Representative Dixon's national affiliations include membership on the Executive Committee of the National Conference of State Legislatures and has served as Secretary to its Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Task Force. The Sphinx / Summer 1979

While in the State Assembly, Brother Dixon's work included sponsorship of a variety of measures on issues including juvenile justice, the banning of throw-away beverage containers, creation of the Baldwin Hills Regional Park, the development of the California Arts Council, the restructuring of the Fair Employment Practices Commission, and equal rights for minorities and women. Congressman Dixon is divorced and has one son, Cary Gordon. He was initiated into the Fraternity in 1956 at Alpha Delta Chapter, based at the University of Southern California. The 28th Congressional District in California covers the Los Angeles areas of Crenshaw, Ladera Heights, Mar Vista, Palms, and La Tijera. It also includes the cities of Inglewood and Culver City and contains the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and the University of Southern California. F O R D : Continued from Page 13 spirited campaign which was oriented toward a greater regard for human needs and the quality of life â&#x20AC;&#x201D; a concern which he has carried with him throughout the 94th and 95th Congresses of the United States and will continue to express in the 96th Congress. Congressman Ford was re-elected to serve as a Member of the 96th Congress on November 7, 1978, when he overwhelmingly defeated his Republican opponent, drawing significant support from every segment of the Memphis community. The distinguished record he established during his two terms were reflected throughout his campaign, and his constituency easily adopted the slogan, "two good terms deserve another." The Congressman serves on the powerful and prestigious House Ways and Means Committee and the Select Committee on Aging. He has served on the Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs Committee; the Veterans Affairs Committee; and the House Select Committee on Assassinations, which investigated the deaths of Dr. Martin L. King, Jr., and President John F. Kennedy. His legislative interests include revenue issues, the curbing of inflation, care for the aged, and the funding of needed social programs. Brother Ford is active in social and civic affairs in the Memphis community. He is a member of the National Advisory Board for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, a trustee of Rust College, and the recipient of the Memphis Jaycee's 1976 "Outstanding Young Man of the Year" award, where he later advanced to the Tennessee Jaycee's "Outstanding Young Man of the Year" for 1977. His religious affiliation is with the Olivet Baptist Church of Memphis. Shortly before his first inauguration, Congressman Ford became a Fellow of the Harvard Institute of Politics at Harvard University. The Congressman is married to the former Dorothy Bowles. They are the parents of three sons: Harold, born May 11, 1970; Jake, born October 1, 1972; and Sir Isaac, born January 6, 1975. A Life Member, Brother Ford was initiated at Beta Omicron Chapter, Tennessee State University in 1965.


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Education Task Force, comprised of fellow clergymen. As Chairman, Gray led this broad-based ecumenical group from the boardrooms of local banks to the halls of the State Capitol, where they took their concerns and recom41

GRA Y — continued from previous page mendations to the Governor and members of the General Assembly. This kind of community involvement was not new for Bill Gray when he returned to Philadelphia, for he had been similarly active in Montclair, N. J., where he served for eight years as the pastor of Union Baptist Church. There he founded the Union Housing Corporation, which has constructed more than $5 million of low- and moderate-income housing. This was done by forging and agreement with Jewish, Protestant, and Catholic leaders in Montclair. Gray was also able to lead the way toward an agreement with Montclair, N. J., city officials to build one new unit of housing in urban renewal areas for each unit that was torn down. Gray also made civil rights history during this period by bringing a case against a Montclair landlord who refused to rent him an apartment. The New Jersey Superior Court's decision in 1970, Gray vs. Serruto, mandated that financial damages be paid by those who discriminate because of race in the rental of multi-family housing, establishing a national precedent. Gray was a four-letter athlete at Simon Gratz High School in Philadelphia, where he won a Board of Education Scholarship which took him to Franklin and Marshall College. After graduating in 1963 and receiving the Landis History Prize, Gray earned graduate degrees from both Drew and Princeton Theological Seminaries. He has done further graduate work at the University of Pennsylvania, Temple and Mansfield College of Oxford University in England. He has lectured at a number of colleges and universities including Rutgers, Temple, and St. Peter's College in Jersey City where he chaired the Afro-American Studies Department. Bill Gray is married to the former Andrea Dash. They are the parents of three sons: William H., IV; Justin Yates; and Andrew Dash. The Congressman was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and was raised in Philadelphia, the son of Hazel Yates Gray and the late Dr. William H. Gray, Jr. Brother Gray, Jr., served as Alpha's Southern Vice President, 1944-47. Congressman Gray, initiated at Rho Chapter (Philadelphia) in 1962, is a Life Member of the Fraternity.

R A N G E L : Continued from Page 14 In his first Congressional term, Congressman Rangel was appointed by the Speaker to the Select Committee on Crime, which was created by Congressional leadership to investigate the alarming increase in crime in the nation. During his service on this committee, Congressman Rangel worked to bring the influence of the illegal traffic in narcotics upon crime to the attention of his colleagues on the committee and in the Congress. He has continued to work on the narcotics problem throughout his Congressional career and is regarded as one of the leading Congressional experts on this subject. In 1976, he was appointed by the Speaker to the Select Committee on Narcotics Abuse and Control. Brother Rangel was a member of the historic Judiciary Committee which voted articles of impeachment against former President Richard M. Nixon. He left the Judiciary Committee in 1975 at the beginning of the 94th Congress when his colleagues in the House voted him to serve on the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, where he now serves. In 1974-75, Brother Rangel served as Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus. In January 1977, his colleagues on the New York Congressional delegation voted him the Majority Regional Whip for New York State. Life Member Rangel was initiated in 1964 at Alpha Gamma Lambda Chapter, New York City. S T E W A R T : Continued from Page 14 on Appropriations, the subcommittee on HUD-lndependent agencies, and the Subcommittee on Transportation. Additionally, he holds membership in the Congressional Black Caucus, the Democratic Study Group, Northeast-Midwest Congressional Coalition, Members of Congress for Peace through Law, Congressional Steel Caucus, Congressional Port Caucus, and the 16th New Members Caucus. Representative Stewart is married to the former Pattye Crittenden and the father of three children, Bennett Michael, Ronald Patrick, and Miriam Kay (Mrs. James Early). Initiated into Alpha Phi Alpha at Xi Lambda Chapter, Chicago, in 1956, Brother Stewart served as President of Xi Lambda for ten years, 1961-71.

ON CAPITOL HILL - continued from Page 11 ^ • M H H H Harlem a congressional seat in 1944, Powell swept to victory on the Democratic, Republican, and American Labor party tickets. During his service in Congress, ending in 1970, he became the first Black to become Chairman of the House Committee on Education and Labor — where he steered the passage of over 6 0 0 pieces of social legislation. Brother Powell lived and worked in open defiance of the power stucture, which led to frequent conflicts as in his exclusion from the House in 1967. Nonedieless, Powell never stopped articulating his dream of equality for Black Americans, a term he was using as early as the 1940's Initiated at Eta Chapter, Columbia University, Brother Powell was later a member of Alpha Gamma Lambda Chapter in New York City, as was his father, Rev. Adam Clayton Powell, Sr.



— Also a second-generation Alpha (Brother Andrew Young, Sr., was a long-time member of Sigma Lambda and Professor at Dillard 42

University in New Orleans), Brother Young became the first Black to be elected to Congress from the South in 1972. He began his service in the 93rd Congress ( 1 9 7 3 ) , representing Georgia's Fifth Congressional District (including Atlanta). Brother Young was educated at Dillard University and Howard University. Following graduation, he enrolled in Hartford Theological Seminary and received the Bachelor of Divinity degree in 1 9 5 5 . After a stint with the National Council of Churches, BrouSer Young joined the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in 1961 to conduct a voter registration drive. In 1964, he was elevated to the post of Executive Director of SCLC by Brother Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. From that and other posts he was in the midst of the civil rights movement, helping draft the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 among other influential projects. An early supporter of Jimmy Carter, Brother Young broke another barrier when he was named United States Ambassador to the United Nations upon Carter's election to the presidency. In that role,

Young has been a powerful and vocal exponent of human rights and equality both at home and abroad — especially in regards to American policy toward Third World countries. Initiated into Sigma Lambda Chapter, Brother Young is now a member of Eta Lambda Chapter in Atlanta. • This author makes no claim that these dynamic leaders, representing major constituencies with the Black population, have reached their status solely because of their affiliation with Alpha Phi Alpha. We are, however, content to refer observers to the principles of this organization — as set down at our origin and carried out for these seventy-three years — and submit that the record speaks for itself. Unlike organizations which pride themselves in the selection of outstanding members after they have received prominence, this Fraternity has selected young men of potential and worked to foster their development into "Servants of A l l . " In the area herein addressed, those efforts have resulted in an overwhelming success.

The Sphinx / Summer 1979

EAST dartmouth college Theta Zeta is located at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, where it was founded seven years ago. Unfortunately, little is known of our existence except by the few Brothers who stumble into these lonely New England woods for an athletic event. Well, we the Brothers of Theta Zeta in "The Land of Oz," as it is sometimes referred to, are on the move! We recently "crossed a line" of nine Brothers known as "G.T.C., The Baddest Line in History," in March of '78, and are now in the process of reorganizing. This past fall, we played a key role in our Black community's Big Brother and Sister Program for incoming Black freshmen and we held a successful social event which drew a diversified crowd of Black students from the area. In the month of February, we carried out a fundraising project for a Black organization, a Black History Month program, and a mock funeral — a South African Memorial Service to protest our school's investments in that country. In the future, we are planning a Career Day and our first Annual Black and Gold Ball to celebrate on our seventh birthday. Presently there are 18 Brothers in our chapter, which should be expanding in the spring. We, the Brothers in "The Land of Oz," would appreciate your help in acknowledging our existence and have therefore included a picture along with this article for "College Scene." We hope to maintain contact with you in the future on the activities of our chapter.

maryland The lota Upsilon Lambda Chapter in Silver Spring, Maryland, celebrated its sixth annual observance of Black History with a presentation of "Black Heritage Through the Arts," by the Howard University Theatre Experience at the Springbrook High School in Silver Spring recently. As usual, the program was free to the public. Hundreds of local people braved the inclement weather to attend the function. Headed by Mr. Kelsey E. Collie, who founded the Howard University Theatre Experience in 1974, the cast of 20 Howard University students including three musicians gave a spectacular ninety-minute performance of songs and dances that earned a standing and sustained ovation from the enthusiastic audience.

£• W^ l l i



(Left to right): Mr. Kenneth E. Clark, President of lota Upsilon Lambda; and Mr Kelsey Collie, Founder and Director of the Howard University Theatre Experience. Asked what prompted him to create the show, Mr. Kelsey Collie said, "I wanted to demonstrate that the history of Blacks can be entertaining as well as informative. It is a part of American culture that has been neglected too often and it really should be better known to all Americans." The fast-paced show with professionally choreographed dances and lively songs including both blues

Behind the Light of Alpha is the Theta Zeta Chapter, Hanover, New Hampshire. 43

As a part of the February 1 meeting In conjunction with the annual, of the chapter, the Brothers held a national month of February celebration stirring memorial service, supervised by of the Association of the Study of Afrothe chaplain, Brother William Calbert, American Life and History, Mu Lambda which represented a last tribute of chapter honored three former national respect to the Brothers who entered Alpha presidents who live in Omega chapter in the year of 1978. Washington, D. C. In paying tribute to The departed Brothers were: Frank these national leaders, Brothers Alston, Jr., Herman Carter, Frank Davis, Charles H. Wesley, Rayford W. Logan, Harold Haynes, Robert Jefferson, and Belford V. Lawson, Jr., the chapter Clarence Long, Curtis Marks, Booker members honored themselves. The McGraw, Frank Mundy, Wilbur Sewell, lively program, held at Rankin Chapel, Lewis Terry, Joseph Waddy, and Win- Howard University, on February 18, ston Willoughby. The Alpha men who stressed the principle of fraternity â&#x20AC;&#x201D; a Members of Howard University Theatrespoke on the program, Brothers Brice, principle which day by day becomes Experience performing for lota Upsilon House, Langhorne, George, Treadwell, more relevant to the goal of world Lambda at the fraternity's sixth annual Black Heritage Observance. The program was Booker, McClellan, and Young ex- brotherhood. A good many government held recently at Springbrook High School pressed fine personal memories, which officials, politicians, and citizens of the in Silver Spring, Maryland, before an audiclustered about the life, deeds, and town were in attendance. Brother Julius ence of hundreds. thoughts of the highly esteemed Brice, program chairman, was in and spirituals, traced the movement of Brothers they knew. Every detail of the charge. Blacks from Africa to the shores of program was handled with great care We do hope to see the good Virginia where they were put into and dignity, and the ceremony ended Brothers in Washington, August 3-9. slavery. Another segment carried them with the singing of the Omega hymn. through the Civil War, emancipation, The Brothers and their guests had a and the march on Washington to the rollicking evening at the annual spring riots of the 60's. Finally, the presentformal dance, which was held at the day scene acknowledged the progress Shoreham American Hotel on April that has been made, but recognized 21. The chairman of the social comlota Zeta Chapter at the University of that the journey to equality is not yet mittee always performs his many tasks Maryland, College Park, extends warm over. with interest and thoroughness for the greetings to all our Alpha Phi Alpha The Black Heritage program this year enjoyment of the members and their Brothers. The Brothers of lota Zeta are was planned by Brothers Donald R. guests. Our Brother Chairman Wayland continuing to strive, both individually Buckner and Preston T. Waddleton of McClellan is general counsel of the and collectively for excellence in the IUL Foreign Claims Settlement Commission name of Alpha. of the U.S. Under the direction of Chapter At the December pre-Xmas meeting, President Karl Thomas, who is the Brother Dr. James E. Cheek, president current College Director for District 6, of Howard University, was the genial lota Zeta hosted a Candidate Forum on chapter host at his handsome resi- March 10, 1979. The purpose of this dence. forum was to allow the Brothers of The throbbing interest in the Mu District 6 to hear the views of the canLambda chapter's annual smoker was didates for Eastern Region Vice kept alive as Brother William Smith and President, Brother Thomas Hunt his membership committee produced a (District 6), and Brother Elbert Wisner real corker, held this year at the Dun(District 4). The chapter also sponsored barton Rathskeller, Howard University, a ball for our Paul Robeson Scholarship on January 24. The Brothers joined Fund in March at the Harambee House with glad hands in the fellowship in Washington, D. C. This was cowelcome hour for old and new sponsored by the Theta Nu Chapter of Brothers. And then, Brother Lawrence Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Various Montgomery guided a smoothBrothers continue to devote their time functioning speaking program, filled and efforts to the education of innerwith quips and zany tall tales and recity kids through the PACE (People Acports of appeal by committee chairmen. tive in Community Effort) program. There was also a dazzling display of We are pleased to announce the apAlpha artifacts, pictures, pamphlets, and pointment this summer of Brother John signs. The fine food and booze soothed Slaughter to a position with the the palate. As a climax, the chapter paid Zoological Society of San Diego. tribute to two veteran Alpha men par exBrother Slaughter, a pre-veterinary WASHINGTON CATHEDRAL, WASHcellence: Brother Victor Daly, a retired medicine major, will be involved in INGTON, D. C. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; The only Gothic catheLabor Department official, who was animal research with scientists at the dral currently under constuction in the initiated at Alpha chapter in 1915; and world; this building towers over the north-renowned San Diego Zoo. Brother Arnett Lindsay, a real estate west quadrant of the nation's capital. We are all excited about the 1979 President Theodore Roosevelt laid the broker and civic leader, who joined Beta Convention landing in Washington, D. C. cornerstone in 1907. The building is due chapter in 1917. The metropolitan Washington chapters for completion in the mid-1980's.

u of morylond

Washington, d.c.


The Sphinx / Summer 1979

promise that we'll get the business done and still have a lot of fun. Looking forward to seeing you in August.

MIDWEST ohio Alpha Xi Lambda Chapter held the 50th observance of Founders' Day on December 10, 1978, at the University of Toledo Student Union. The Founders' Day had capped the Golden Jubilee Weekend. The weekend began with a Champagne Breakfast on Saturday morning, followed by a reception for the General President, Brother James R. Williams. Sunday morning began with church service and that evening ended with the Fiftieth Jubilee Founders' Day celebration. The Founders' Day Program began with invocation by Brother Raymond Bennett, who has served Alpha for fifty years. General President, Brother James R. Williams was the guest speaker and gave a moving speech on "Are We Doing Enough?" Brother Dr. Herbert Goodloe was honored as being one of the founding Brothers of Alpha Xi Lambda Chapter. Brother Richard Early did an outstanding job of arranging a display of fraternity memorbilia. The Founders' Day co-chairmen were Brothers Arthur L. Roach and Charles Harrell.

miami u The Brothers of Delta Upsilon Chapter, Miami University, extend warm greetings to all our fellow Brothers everywhere. We want you to know that we are constantly striving to "Hold Alpha High." We are in the process of completing our winter community projects, such as clearing snow and ice from the walks of the elderly. We are starting a fund-raising drive to donate money to a day-care center in Hamilton, Ohio. In March, we will give a car wash to raise money for our chapter and, in April, we will be hosting the All-Ohio Alpha Basketball tournament. Delta Upsilon initiated one Brother last semester and will carry another line this semester. We have an AMOT interest group consisting of eight freshmen who want to pledge in the fall semester of 1979. Although our chapter is small, we constantly strive to be "Servants of All" in the community and uphold the name of Alpha Phi Alpha! The Sphinx / Summer 1979

(Left to right): Brothers Hilton Smith, Kenneth Norris, Sidney Thompson, Lem Rob Mai Goode, Leonard Hamilton, Andrew Venable, and Glen Zellars at Brother Goo speaking engagement in Cleveland. Delta Alpha Lambda President Leonard Hamilton the gathering.

ohio The Brothers of Delta Alpha Lambda are working feverishly to assure a pleasant and memorable experience for all Brothers and their families who attend the Midwestern Regional Convention, April 27-29, 1979, at Stouffers Inn on the Square. An agenda of cultural, social, educational, and recreational activities to complement our rigorous schedule of business meetings has been put together by Conference Chariman, Brother Andrew Venable and his capable convention committee. We anticipate a record at-

tendance on the part of midwestern Brothers. On January 28, 1979, at the home of Brother and Mrs. Leonard Hamilton, Delta Alpha Lambda honored the esteemed Alpha Brother Mai Goode, who was in Cleveland on a speaking engagement. On February 25, 1979, Delta Alpha Lambda participated in the Career Workshop of the Black History Month Program sponsored by the N.A.A.C.P. Young Adult Chapter. Brother Leonard Hamilton, chapter president, represented Delta Alpha Lambda at this event. If you are a Midwestern Region brother, we're definitely looking for you April 27-29, 1979.


ohio u The Phi Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha has made successful strides to conquer racial boundaries inherent to our university. The hierarcy of the university does not recognize many of the positive campus contributions made by Black students, of which the members of Phi Chapter contributed a dominant proportion of accomplishments. We felt that this treatment deserved thought and positive action. At this time we have made successful the awareness of many Blacksponsored programs including our own. Through hard work, we have broadened the awareness and concern of the persuasive university newspaper, the Post, which significantly controls the mood of the university because it's the dominate medium on campus. Student Senate, the university's most powerful organization, has become aware of the concern of Blacks. During this year's election, Phi Chapter mounted student support to vote qualified Black students into four of five senate positions, two of the four seats going to Alphas. We successfully held our annual Feedy Needy, raising approximately $164; 55 assorted can goods; four 22-pound turkeys; and four hams. On what would have been the 50th birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr., we let the university see our fraternal spirit by holding a memorial service, the theme was the challenge for progress. The university was made aware of our successful smorgasborg buffet to promote a greater fond between African and Black students. The dinner was held to conclude Black Awareness week. We are proud to say that the university PanHellenic Council president is a Alpha, Ralph Garner, with four other Alphas serving on the executive board. The Black Student Business Caucus chairman is an Alpha, Brother Richard Lancaster. Two Phi Chapter members, Doug James and Nick Campbell, work on the Afro-American Affairs newspaper. Brother Dennis Knowles has worked on the Post newspaper and as Assistant Advertising Director for Athens magazine. Two Brothers, Darryl Griffin and Knowles, are residence assistants for the university. Brother James also plays football for the Ohio University Bobcats. This year, Phi Chapter will celebrate its 60th anniversary and we are not going to continue letting the university overlook our 46

contributions; we are not going to continue letting the university miss significant Black events. Phi Chapter members are placing themselves into positions of influence or interest to the individual Brother, this enhances the recognition and diversity of the membership. In the next few months we have a number of programs to present and realize that our continuing selfexpectations are high. Fraternally yours, Phi Chapter.

central missouri state u The Brothers of Zeta Gamma Chapter, at Central Missouri State University, extend a warm fraternal greeting throughout Alpha. "ZG" is pleased to announce that a new ship has "crossed the sands" into the Brotherhood of Alpha. The single passenger is a proud and determined young man named Abayomi lyewarun, who is fast becoming an asset to the chapter.

by Brother Joseph Gunnell of Epsilon Lambda Chapter. Dignitaries at the conference included Midwestern Vice President Thomas D. Pawley, III, and Assistant Executive Secretary Darryl Matthews. The success of the conference can only be measured by the effectiveness of Alpha in Missouri. Planning is now the word for ZG's upcoming 13th Annual Black & Gold Ball, where the reigning queen, Miss Linda Rose Sutton of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, will meet and greet her successor to the throne. The current chapter officers are: Ivory Earl Stewart, President; Bola Akanbi, Vice-President; Oliver Martin, Secretary; Nathaniel Friends, Treasurer. As individuals we are "SEPARATE BUT FOREVER ONE."

ohio On December 15,1978, Theta Lambda Chapter, Dayton, Ohio, held its annual Cabaret Dance to raise funds for scholarships. The affair, again this year,

The Brotherhood of Zeta Gamma Chapter, located at Central Missouri State University. (Left to right): Nathaniel Friends, Robert Hill, Mitchell Fowlkes, Ivory Earl Stewart, Bola Akanbi, Oliver Martin, and Herb Willis. Not pictured: Carl Mason and Abayomi lyewarun.

The Brothers have been very busy this past term preparing for and hosting the 1979 Missouri State Conference. The theme for that conference was "Looking to the Future, Where do we Go?" The light of Alpha was bright as ever as the Missouri Brothers came together to TCB. Through the course of the weekend, the Brothers from Epsilon Psi Chapter captured the marchdown trophy with their dynamic harmonious voices. The Brothers, CMS students, and visitors had a chance to "get up and do something" at the "Psycho ALPHA Disco." At the luncheon, a powerfully truthful speech was delivered, entitled "You Are Here Because Alpha Phi Alpha Was There,"

was a success due to the unselfish efforts of the Brothers in the chapter and a special congratulations should be given to the members of the Cabaret Dance Committee. The committee has been spearheaded by Brother James A. Wright for several years now and he has done a superb job. As a result of the outstanding success of the Cabaret Dances, Theta Lambda Chapter has been able to award s c h o l a r s h i p s to deserving students in the area who otherwise would not have been able to attend college. Our success has enabled the chapter to increase the number of scholarships last year; and we will have further increases this year. The Sphinx / Summer 1979


this opportunity to bring you up-to-date on our Chapter's progress.

alabama Delta Theta Lambda Chapter, Huntsville, Alabama, walked away with the top awards at the Alabama State Convention this year. The Convention was held in Montgomery on February 2324, 1979. Delta Theta Lambda Chapter received the Chapter of the Year Award and the Attendance Award. Brother George "Hoss" Hobson received the Charlie Green Award and Brother Columbus Sanders received the State President's Award. The Chapter also took first place in the Annual Golf Tournament. Brother Willie Mingo Clark of Delta Theta Lambda Chapter officially threw his hat in the ring for Southern Regional Vice-President. Brother Clark has served as State Director of Alabama for the past seven years. The Brothers at the State Convention unanimously endorsed his candidacy. Delta Theta Lambda's quintet provided the entertainment at the 1979 State Convention Banquet. Several musical selections were rendered and thoroughly enjoyed by the audience. This was evident by the many interruptions of applause and the standing ovation given at the end of the group's performance. The members of the quintet are Brothers Charles E. Briggins, W. Mingo Clark, Harold G. Dickerson, Elige Jones, and Tommie Lockhart. Delegates to the State Convention were Brothers Theodis Acklin, James Hatchett, Wiley Henderson, Hugh G. Lacy, and Jacob Savage. Other Brothers in attendance included A. J. Garth, Josh Oliver, Columbus Sanders, Rapier P. Smiley, J. Shatter Turner, and Walter Watson. Delta Theta Lambda Chapter's Alpha Complex (lounge, apartments, community meeting rooms) is nearing the completion stage. Announcements concerning our Grand Opening will be mailed to each chapter. The complex located on Oakwood Avenue in Huntsville will be opened to all visiting Brothers in the area.

Mu Zeta Lambda's Founders' Day Keynote Speaker, Ms. Vivian Postell. We observed the 72nd Anniversary of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., on Sunday, December 10, 1978, with a banquet held at the Sea Wolf Restaurant in Lakeland. The Program Chairman was Brother Lorenzo Robinson, with our theme being "A Tribute to the Black Woman." Our guest speaker was Ms. Vivian Postell, a Senior High School Educator in Lakeland, Florida. Her subject was "The Black Woman" and her speech was very much in tune

with today's society. The program was very good and ended with remarks from our President, Brother William Starks. Friday, December 22, was a great day for our chapter and some of the local children. We adopted the Westlake Center for our special Christmas project this year by giving them a party and donaating over $100 worth of toys and gifts to the Center. The day care center operates under the Title XX Program and provides care for children of working mothers or those on welfare roles seeking employment. Funds for its operation come from the city of Lakeland and the Federal Government. Mrs. Virginia Robinson (an Alphabette) is director of the Center. She currently has 30 children, ages 2 through 4 enrolled at the center. Our 1978 December holiday season ended with our joint Christmas-New Years Party, Friday, December 29, 1978, held at the residence of Brother Robert Holland in Bartow, Florida. Spirits were very high and everyone left after having an enjoyable time. We have set high aims and goals for 1979 which you will read about in future issues of the Sphinx.

florida Greetings from the Brothers of Mu Zeta Lambda Chapter, Greater Lakeland, Florida. We would like to take The Sphinx / Summer 1979

The Brothers of Mu Zeta Lambda sing the Alpha Hymn at their Founders' Day Program 47

savannah state college

Williams attended marine "Bulldog" training at OCS in Quantico, Virginia, this past summer. He was chosen to serve on the NROTC staff as Senior Chief Petty Officer. Tommie West was one of eleven top percussionists who recorded with "Brick," a top recording group. He is President of the SSC band and Vice-President of the Senior Class. John-Tite Stevens was elected President of the SSC Student Government Association, and Wilson Thomas is the editor of the campus newspaper, the Tiger's Roar. These are only a few that are mentioned, but the entire chapter is involved in some organization. We are proud to have a group of such leadership potential in the chapter. We feel that this strong foundation will lead to an even stronger future. The Brothers of Delta Eta extend to all of our Brothers a warm and fraternal greeting, and hope that you continue to be successful throughout the remainder of the year.

We are but who we are, and that is the enlightenment of a new horizon. Some of these motivators are located on the campus of Savannah State College. These motivators are the men of the Delta Eta Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha. This past Fall quarter of 1978, three men, so eagerly intrigued, ventured to reach the glowing light and thus, after traveling across the "burning sands," made it to Alphadom. These men are: Karl Gordon, Curtis Pickard, and Noel Merritt. Leadership is but one of the many important characteristics of an Alpha man, and we are very fortunate to have chapter officers who believe they are capable of handling their respective offices. Our officers of this year are: Louis Morant, President; Victor Stuckey, Vice-President; Ellis Albright, Recording Secretary; Martin Flowers, Financial Secretary; Ranell "Re-Run" Williams, Corresponding Secretary; Irving Allen, Dean of Pledges; Anthony Black, Assistant Dean of Pledges; Jeff Greetings from the 16 strong Torrence, Parliamentarian; Lewis Brothers of Xi Beta, one of Alphadom's Banks, Chaplain; and Tommie West, newest chapters, located on the camEditor to the Sphinx.

troy state u

The Brotherhood of Delta Eta Chapter, Savannah State College, Savannah, Georgia.

pus of Troy State University, Troy, Alabama. The members of Xi Beta "crossed the burning sands" on May 3 1 , 1978. Officers of the chapter are: Edwin Little, President; Sylvester Smith, Vice-President; Solomon Green, Secretary; James Epting, Treasurer; Thomas Wilson, Chaplain; Thomas Gosha, Parliamentarian / Sergeant-atArms; and Eric Brooks, Recording Secretary. Other members are as follows: Gregory Goosby, Robert Ballard, Freddie Briggs, Mitchell Lynch, Anthony Hart, Lamar Higgins, Robert Lawrence, Michael Gibbs, and Richard Adair. These 16 Brothers, with the help of graduate Brothers Norman J. Grubbs, Eddie K. Jones, and Calvin Griffin, are the founding fathers of Xi Beta Chapter. As pledges, the Brothers participated in numerous community and campus activities, including a Walk-a-Thon for the Pike County Retarded Citizens Association and the Troy March of Dimes Dance-a-Thon. The Brothers also campaigned for and helped to elect two Brothers to high posts in the Student Government Association. Brother Lamar Higgins was elected Senator-at-Large and Brother Edwin Little was elected men's representative to Adam's Center Union Board (University entertainment committee), two accomplishments which Xi Beta looks upon with pride. One important aspect of being an Alpha man is scholarship, and the fact that Xi Beta holds the second highest G.P.A. out of 10 other fraternities on campus is one of the chapter's greatest achievements thus far. Due to the lateness of our crossing in the school year, 1978, Xi Beta Chapter held its Charter Recognition Banquet October 8, 1978. The affair was held in the ballroom of R. W. Adams Student Center on the campus of Troy State.

Striving so hard in order to maintain that every-glowing light, the Brothers of Delta Eta are both nationally and locally involved. This year, we were fortunate to have five Brothers who were submitted to Who's Who of American Colleges and Universities. They are: John-Tite Stevens, Tommie West, Victor Stuckey, Wilson Thomas, and Lewis Banks. Some of the Brothers who are leaders on the campus are: Victor Stuckey, who was selected the company commander of the NROTC unit at SSC, and is the vice-president of the Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society at SSC. He also was selected to be interviewed by Fleet Admiral H. Rickover for "Dressed to kill" are the Brothers ofBeta Xi Chapter, Troy State University, Troy, Nuclear office qualifications. Ranell Alabama. 48

The Sphinx / Summer 1979

Guest Speaker for the event was Brother Leotis Peterman of Alabama State University, who was preceded by Dr. Ralph Adams, President of Troy State, who welcomed Alpha Phi Alpha to the University. Representatives from Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority were also present. Following the introduction of these representatives, graduate Brothers Norman J. Grubbs, Eddie K. Jones and Calvin Griffin were presented plaques in appreciation for their help and time given to the Brothers of Xi Beta during their pledgeship. The members of Xi Beta would also like to thank all their out-of-town Brothers and guests who attended the Charter Recognition Banquet.

georgia Gamma Omicron Lambda and Delta Delta Chapters of Albany, Georgia, jointly observed Founders' Day, Sunday, December 3, at Albany State College. Speaker for the observance was Brother Lorenzo Manns, State Director of Georgia, who took the opportunity to

delivered the address. Battle is a charter member of the Delta Delta Chapter and was its first chapter president at Albany State College. Brother Fletcher V. Rollins was honored as the Gamma Omicron Lambda's "Man of the Year" at the annual affair. Brother Rollins is a native of Thomasville, Georgia, and a product of Lincoln University (Pa.) and Atlanta University; advanced study at Florida A. & M. University and the University of Georgia. He taught biology and mathematics and served as athletic coach at several schools in Georgia including Quitman, Thomasville, Nashville, and Albany State College. He retired as an elementary school principal in Albany. He was active in educational circles having served as President of the State Classroom Teachers (GT&EA); and State President of Elementary Principals. He has spent untiring hours in civic work in his community and was an organizer and first Board President of the Albany Urban League; Treasurer, American Cancer Society (AlbanyDougherty-Lee Branch); and is currently a board member of the Albany Urban League. He holds membership in the AME Church, Criterion Club, Retired Teachers Association, the Urban League, and the American Cancer Society. The honoree is a widower, has two children, and eight grandchildren. He was initiated into Gamma Omicron Lambda, has been an active leader for more than twenty-five years, and is loved and respected by all in the community. The Life Member was presented the award by Life Member Brother Edgar J. Martin, President of Gamma Omicron Lambda.

tuskegee institute

The dynamic Brother F. V. Rollins, ma Omicron Lambda Man of the Year. announce his intentions to run as a candidate for the office of Southern Regional Vice-President. To complete the observance, Brothers and their guests held their annual Banquet at the Ramada Inn where Brother William L Battle, Sr., Columbus, Georgia, The Sphinx / Summer 1979

During the fall of 1978, the Brothers of Gamma Phi Chapter on the campus of Tuskegee Institute were on an all out effort to maintain the aims of our fraternity. Manly Deeds! The Brothers at GamGamma Phi sponsored Halloween and Christmas parties for the children at Lewis Adams Elementary School. They also visit the nearby Veterans Administration Hospital where they entertain patients. On one occasion, the Brothers, along with the ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, sponsored a "gong show" for these patients. The

Brothers also collected food items during Thanksgiving and Christmas for needy families in the Tuskegee area. Scholarship! Gamma Phi placed nine Brothers on Tuskegee Institute's Honor Roll and five Brothers were nominated for Who's Who among American Colleges and Universities. Love For All Mankind! Along with the service projects, the Brothers of Gamma Phi showed their love through the coronation of Miss Alpha Phi Alpha, Gamma Phi chapter, for the 1978-79 school term. She is a Sophomore from Long Island, New York, Anita Lyn Contreras. A smoker was given by the Brothers of Gamma Phi during September of 1978. The purpose of it was to give an introduction to the history of Alpha to those interested. As a result, Gamma Phi initiated eight new Brothers into the Realm of Alpha. Forty-seven Brothers are on the roster of Gamma Phi. Included in this 47 are 8 Neophytes: Carlos C. Hodges, John D. Hudson, Gary Jackson, Alexander Mack, Arthur C. McEIvy, Leroy E. Stokes, Harold E. Whack, Eugene W. Woods, III, and the chapter officers: Montague M. Oliver, Jr., President; Dennis B. Threadcraft, Vice-President; Keith H. Green, Corresponding Secretary; Kenneth Williams, Recording Secretary; Kevin P. Mitchell, Treasurer; Michael Jones, Chaplain; Carlos A. Washington, Dean of Pledges; and Thomas L. Portlock, Dean of Probates. Since Alphamen are versatile, Gamma Phi has six Brothers in the marching band, one of whom does an outstanding job as Drum Major; one on the football team; two on the tennis team; and three on the track team. The Brothers of Gamma Phi are diligent workers, but as the saying goes "When we party, we party hearty." The Brothers have sponsored three parties for the public this semester, one of which was a fund-raising activity. Also the Brothers held their annual Christmas Party, where they brought guests, gave gifts, and had a good time. As preparations are made for the coming semester, the Brothers of Gamma Phi are carrying out the aims of Alpha Phi Alpha.

arkansas Forty debutantes were presented at the seventh annual Alpha Phi Alpha benefit ball December 29, 1978, in the 49

Exhibition Hall of the Little Rock Convention Center. The ball is sponsored each year by Pi Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Brother Sherman Tate, President of the local chapter, served as master of ceremonies. Brother Charles Green, Vice President, was the general chairperson of the ball, and Samuel Martin was in charge of debutante activities. Assisting Brother Martin were members of the Alphabetts, an auxiliary to the fraternal organization. Mrs. Sherman Tate is president; other members of the Alphabetts assisting were Mrs. Connie Whitfield, wife of Brother Whitfield and former chairperson of the ball, plus Mrs. Marion Lacey, wife of Brother J. J. Lacey, former president of Pi Lambda Chapter. Decorations for the ball carried out the black and gold color scheme of the fraternity, with each debutante carrying an arm bouquet of gold carnations tied with black ribbon. The debutantes are freshmen students at various colleges and universities in the United States. The proceeds from this event have been given to various civic organizations and one college (Philander Smith College), such as the Urban League and the NAACP. The State Convention of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., was held at Philander Smith College, Saturday, February 24,1979. Brothers from various chapters over the state had an informative and knowledgeable experience at the convention and we are sure each Brother returned to his home chapter filled with energy to do a more effective and productive job as a true Alpha man. The program was presided over by Brother Acie L. Johnson, State Director.

on "Unity and Success" for the Black Voters Registration League. The Brothers and Sphinxmen along with sisters of Zeta Kappa chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority were ushers. The Brothers of Psi Lambda and Eta Phi awarded Brother Jackson a plaque for his service and leadership to Atlanta. For the Spring semester of 1979, the Brothers plan to have a round-up of every Sphinxman in the Southern Regional chapters. We also plan to have a step-off along with other chapters in the Southern Region. So all you Brothers put on your stepping shoes and be ready to step, because there will be awards presented to the best show. Further information will be sent to each chapter. Congratulations to Brothers Robert Bailey and Benjamin Odom for obtaining degrees in Human Services Social Work and Business, respectively. Brother Bailey will be returning to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga to work on a Master's Degree in Criminal Justice. The Brothers of Eta Phi is happy to announce their three new members. They are Brothers Kenneth O. Fritz, Henry McCleary, and Keith Parker. These three members, who pledged under the line name of "Ubiquity," are striving to receive degrees in Philosophy, Physical Therapy, and

Chattanooga On September 23-26, 1978, a Sphinxman of Eta Phi assisted the Multiple Sclerosis Society in the restoration of a condemned house. The house was converted to a haunted house for Halloween which the Multiple Sclerosis Society used to raise funds for the cure of Multiple Sclerosis. On December 8, the Brothers held a "Toys for Tots Disco Dance" to collect toys for the Marine Reserve Toys for Tots Drive. Due to the bad weather, the turnout was not like we anticipated. Brother Maynard Jackson visited Chattanooga in mid-October to speak 50

The new initiates of Eta Phi Chapter, Chattanooga, Tennessee. (Left to right): Brothers Keith Parker, Kenny O. Fritz, and Henry McCleary.

Communications, respectively. At the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Brother Keith Parker is the leading scorer and one of the top three rebounders for the UTC basketball Mocs. Brother Henry McCleary is the trainer for this fine basketball unit. Lookout Duke!

The officers of Eta Phi are: Brothers Darrell Taylor, President and Editor-toSphinx; William Patterson, VicePresident; Kenneth O. Fritz, Secretary; Eric Smith, Treasurer; I. V. Reeves, Dean of Pledges; Keith Parker, Sargeant-at-Arms; Henry McCleary, Corresponding Secretary; and Napoleon Custer, Parliamentarian. Eta Phi Chapter wishes all you out in Alphadom a prosperous New Year and a happy school year. So Brothers, let's get "Back to Basics," and continue to look to the light of Alpha.

florlda state u The Iota Delta Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated at Florida State University is a very young but yet one of the fastest growing chapters in the state. With an active membership of 32, we have emerged as the top fraternity on campus. In the Spring of 1974, the lota Delta Chapter was started by twelve highly distinguished young men for reasons of scholarship, brotherhood, humanity, and as a voice of the Black student population. The Charter Line under the said name of the "Mystic Dozen," was very instrumental in putting forth the seven principles of Alpha and therefore have since guided 56 young men across those "burning sands" into Alphadom. The First Initiates under the said name of Dark Pride consisted of six Brothers who were followed by the "Sons of Sagittarius" (3), " 2 4 K T " (10), "Precious Few" (3), "Ebony Elite" (10), "Ambassadors of Ecstacy" (4), "UTOPIA" (2), "Sons of the Nile" (6), "And Then There Was One" (1), and our new initiates "Futuristic Enlightment"(11). At the closing of Spring Quarter 1978, the lota Delta Chapter held its annual election of officers, with top honors going to Brother Bobby Staten, President; Herb Greene, VicePresident; Vaneth Brown, Dean of Pledges, Editor-to-the-Sphinx, Chapter Historian; Ronnie Bembry, Secretary; Darryl Sheffield, Correspondence Secretary; Ted Triplett, Parliamentarian; Lawrence Wiggins, IFC Representative, Keith Merryll and Sherod Jones, Treasurers; and Gabreil Alexander, Sergeant-at-Arms. As in the past, our special calendar consisted of a Halloween party for underpriviledged children in the community, along with our annual Thanksgiving Canned Goods Drive, The Sphinx / Summer 1979

Toys for Tots program, and fund-raising projects to make donations to the "Million Dollar Fund Drive" and NAACP. The Brothers of the lota Delta Chapter have dedicated themselves toward the betterment of the Tallahassee community. The lota Delta Chapter, along with the Brothers of the Beta Nu Chapter at Florida A&M University and the Gamma Mu Lambda Chapter of Tallahassee, shared a Founders' Day Breakfast in the Orange Room at FAMU. The Breakfast was very successful due to the participation of the Brothers despite Tallahassee's 30 degree weather. The Brothers are looking forward to the New Year to present their Fourth Annual Crowning of Miss Black And Gold. This year, along with live music and thirteen participants with a wide variety of talents, we have inserted a pre-pageant ball entitled, "Club Manhattan." As always, the crowning of Miss Black And Gold is an event that no member of the university or community would want to miss. This year's special calendar consists of festivities that have something for everybody. Come by and help us brighten the future of others. The Brothers of the lota Delta Chapter pledge to hold up the seven principles of Alpha Phi Alpha and, most of all, "The Light of the World."

valdosto state The Brothers of Mu Omicron Chapter, located at Valdosta State College in Valdosta, Georgia, extend their greetings and are looking ahead to the National Convention. The school year 78-79 has been a prosperous one. The Brothers dedicated themselves to academic excellence and moved to the front among the fraternities for cumulative grade point averages. Twenty-five percent of all monies collected in different fund-raising projects were placed in our scholarship fund. This provided a scholarship award for a deserving high school senior, presented at our chapter's Founders' Day Banquet. The Brothers of Mu Omicron were outstanding in many areas. Brother Randy Rush served as president of the Black Students League. Brother Herman Elison functioned as Associate Editor of the school newspaper. Brother Alex Hodge The Sphinx / Summer 1979

Brothers Hollie Williams, James Brazier, Luther Jones, Herman Ellison, David Low Hodge, David Jerkins, and Jerry Mitchell of Mu Omicron Chapter. was awarded a two-year scholarship from the Air Force ROTC program at Valdosta State College. Brother Marvin Lewis was the most outstanding Brother academically, with a 3.8 on a scale of 4.0 grade point average. Officers for Mu Omicron for the 7879 year were Brothers: Jerry Mitchell, President; Randy Rush, WcePresident; Alex Hodge, Secretary; Marvin Lewis, Corresponding Secretary and Historian; Warren Dolphus, Treasurer; David Lowe, Dean of Pledges; Michael Williams, Chaplain and Parliamentarian. The members include Brothers: Marcus Anderson, Woody Blue, Luther Jones, Sammie Nelson, Hollie Williams, Warren Harris, and James Brazier. Graduating seniors include Brothers: Warren Harris, Criminal Justice major; Randy Rush, History; Michael Williams, Music; and Jerry Mitchell, Accounting (will receive commission in Air Force upon graduation). The Brothers of Mu Omicron are presently engaged in an effort to have a street in Valdosta renamed in honor of our beloved Brother, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We strive ever onward in our efforts to serve mankind.

SOUTHWEST northeast louisiana Claiming a "piece of the rock" was the theme of the Founders' Day Banquet speech delivered by Brother Charles Johnson to the Brotherhood and guests of Eta Chi and Eta Delta Lambda Chapter of Monroe, Louisiana. The banquet, held Sunday, December 3, 1978, at the Anna Gray Noe

Alumni Center, was the third such celebration since the establishment of Eta Chi Chapter at Northeast Louisiana University on March 3, 1972. With its inception, Eta Chi Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha became the first Black organization of any kind on the NLU campus. Brother Johnson, initiated into Southerri University's Beta Sigma some 20 years ago and a past president of Eta Delta Lambda, admonished the 18 Brothers of Eta Chi to prepare for the future and earn a "piece of the rock" by being the first on the dean's list each semester. His challenge was met, in part, at the banquet when Brothers Robert Hendricks and Marvin Powell were named the co-recipients of the W.E.B. DuBois Scholarship Award. Both Brother Powell, a liberal arts sophomore and, Brother Hendricks, a radiological technology senior, maintained 3.5 grade point averages for the fall 1978 semester. Other awards and their recipients were the Martin Luther King Service Award, Brother Eddie McDonald, and the Paul Robeson Humanitarian Award, Brother Joel Brown. In keeping with the community service orientation of the chapter and the theme of the Minneapolis convention, Eta Chi presented a check for $100 for Ervin Turner, executive director of the Tri-District Boys' Club, for Ouachita Parish and an award to Mrs. Willie Fisher as "Woman of the Year" for her 10 years of service to th YWCO. Others recognized at the banquet were Miss Black Essence of NLU, the president of the NLU Black Caucus Association, the Alpha Angels, and representatives of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta, and Zeta Phi Beta sororities. Special recognition was given Jimmy Christian, Sam Smith, Jef51

Large in numbers and ability, here is the Eta Chi Chapter, Northeast Louisiana University.

frey Holmes, Woodrow Dravis, Roy Burrell, and Nathan Winesberry who were part of the 16 charter members of Eta Chi. Their present vocations and endeavors range from engineering and architecture to management positions in corporations and careers in law. Brothers Sam Smith and Nathan Winesberry recently received the charter for an alumni chapter on the west bank in New Orleans. Executing his role as toastmaster with the coolness and preciseness of the Marine he was and the Alphaman he is, Eta Chi Brother Marvin Powell held all parts of the banquet together with his sharp observations, wit, and comments. The entertainment of Pecola Barnes accompanied by Chester Daigle, the good food and drink, and the conviviality of the Brothers and their guests added to the enjoyment of the banquet. Chapter president Anthony Collins took the banquet as an oportunity to report on the chapter's accomplishments for the semester. Eta Chi placed special emphasis on the youth and the elderly this past fall with regular visits to St. Joseph's and Mary Goss nursing homes carrying fruit, conversation, and love to the shut-in. Nursing home administrators said that many of the elderly do not receive regular visitors and appreciate the concern shown by the Brothers. At the other end of the age spectrum are the youth and they did not go unnoticed by the Brothers. On Halloween eve, the Brothers visited the children's wards of Glenwood and Conway 52

Hospitals, treating the children to candies and nuts. It proved to be a successful and enjoyable outing, with many Brothers suggesting that the visits be an on-going program of the chapter. In commemoration of the founding of the fraternity, the Brothers also presented a stomp show on December 4, which was responded to favorably by all observers. As one Brother put it, "It freaked them out." Like Alphamen everywhere, the Brothers of Eta Chi are an arrogant lot and boast (with justification, I might add) of their leadership ability on campus. Brother Donald Lee is Vice-President of the Black Caucus Association which recently brought world heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali to NLU, was responsible for the election of the first Black woman as homecoming queen in the school's 47-year history, and, incidentally, was founded in 1972 by Brothers Nathan Winesberry and Booker Hall. Brother Tyrone Dudley is president of the Interdenominational Ensemble at Northeast. The 50-member choir is known locally as a "soul stirring, hand clapping, foot-tapping" collection of the finest voices at NLU. The choir makes an annual pilgrimage to Houston, where the folks do not seem to be able to get enough of their singing. Brother William Gipson is president of the newly formed National Pan-Hellenic Council on the campus. Citing cultural differences as the reason for the break from the Interfraternity Council, the members of Alpha Phi Alpha, Kappa Alpha Psi, and Omega Psi Phi frater-

nities joined with the Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta, and Zeta Phi Beta chapters at NLU and established the council. Recently, Phi Beta Sigma was recognized by the university and voted into the council. While Eta Chi is proud of all this, probably the most outstanding accomplishment of an Alphaman last fall was that of Brother Carl Sharp, who pledged alone under the watchful, sometimes terrifying eyes of 17 big brothers. "The Immortals" of fall 1978 began with five on the line, and in quick succession, four "fell out" leaving "Apollo" as the remaining Immortal. He lived up to the name and crossed the "burning sands" in that grand Alpha style. Brother Sharp was recognized at the banquet as an outstanding business-pre-law student by university President Dwight Vines. President Vines and Brother Sharp will be among the honor graduates at spring commencement. Speaking of graduation, Brother Darrell Lewis, a past president of Eta Chi Chapter and devoted Brother, graduated this past fall semester. Throughout the fall and spring semesters, the chapter has provided weekend entertainment for the students by sponsoring disco parties. Other activities included participation in intramural sports, including football and basketball, in which the Brothers reached the playoffs and fell short of the championships by a few points. During the last week of January, Eta Chi and Eta Delta Lambda served as host chapters for the Louisiana Conference of Alpha Chapters. Assisting Brother Collins are Brothers Tyrone Dudley, VicePresident; Donald Lee, Secretary; Albert Peoples, Corresponding Secretary; Marvin Powell, Treasurer; Vernon Foy and Bennett Roland, Deans of Pledges; William Gipson, Parliamentarian; Terry Clay, Sargeant-at-Arms; and Phillip Taylor, Editor-to-the Sphinx.

texQs Epsilon Tau Lambda, in cooperation with Eta Gamma Chapter, observed Founders' Day on December 10 in the Hobart Taylor Building on the campus of Prairie View University. In keeping with the theme, "A Tribute to the Black Woman," we had for the first time an outstanding Black woman as the The Sphinx / Summer 1979

and member of the Vestry of the Episcopal Church, and in other capacities. It is interesting to note that he is the first Black member of the Board of Directors of the San Bernard Electric Coop, Inc., Bellville, Texas. Before he was elected, he was appointed as an Advisory Director. In 1974, Mr. Henry Taylor, Civil Rights Coordinator of the Rural Electrification Administration, questioned San Bernard about Black representation in its organization. After several meetings, San Bernard decided to appoint a Director's Assistant. Three Alpha men were considered for the appointment: T. P. Dooley, Jack Echols, and C. A. Wood, and Wood was selected to serve as a consultant at all Board meetings. Thus, the "lily-white" situation was ended. At a recent election of officers, Wood was elected as a board member to represent this district. According to an article in the November 4 issue of the Forward Times Newspaper of Houston, Texas, "He was one of the first Blacks to be elected to membership on a cooperative board in Texas or across the country." He has been on a speaking tour sponsored by the National Rural Electric Cooperatives Association which took him to regional conferences in Minneapolis and Tucson. His appearance at these conferences was designed to improve relations and encourage minority participation in rural electric programs. The team of which Brother Wood is a member appeared at Brother C. A. Wood, the Epsilon Tau Lam- the National NRECA Convention in bda "Brother of the Month." Houston in February. In the SBEC Newsletter for February, 1979, he is Brothers of Epsilon Tau Lambda conlisted as one of six who were given sertinue to contribute to the achievement vice awards for 1978. of the rightful place, respect, and development of Black people. Epsilon Tau Lambda is fortunate to Brother C. A. Wood, Director of Inhave men of this caliber in the chapter formation and Publication at Prairie who strive to hold high the name of View, has held many outstanding Alpha by his activities on both the local positions and assignments at the and national scene. University. The list is impressive, but his professional activities are also numerous. He has been a member of the Executive Committee and Board of Trustees of the American College Public Relations Association. He holds membership in the National Safety Council (University Division), the American Pubic Health Association, the The Brothers of Eta Sigma Lambda American Association for Health and offer greetings and salutations to all in Physical Education, and others. Alphadom. Our chapter is experiencing a major reorganization and reclamation He has served as a city councilman in his community, a member of the Chameffort motivated by the enthusiasm of ber of Commerce, chairman of the four Brothers who made the recent The Honorable Mrs. Senfronia ThomWaller County Health Council, District transition from Undergraduate to pson, Keynote Speaker at Epsilon Tau LamChairman of the Boy Scouts of America, Graduate Brothers. Brothers Gary bda's Founders' Day Banquet. keynote speaker, State Representative Senfronia Thompson of Houston, Texas. She emphasized the struggle of Black women, their successes and their contributions to the struggle of Black males and Black people. In her chronology of the Black woman, she said that they were not at the top but were still climbing. Dr. Anne Campbell, retired Head of the Department of English and of Delta Sigma Theta fame, was presented a certificate of achievement, and Miss Penny Songy, a junior at Prairie View majoring in Biology, was our honoree selected from the student body. She was given a certificate of promise. These two women represent the ideal woman worthy of emulation. A dossier of each was included as a part of the printed program. The speaker was presented a certificate of appreciation and a painting done by her sister soror, Pearl Martin, on behalf of the AKA Sorority. The only male honored on this occasion was Brother Harvey Turner who was given a plaque for his fifty years of service and representing Alphadom in the highest tradition. A reception with a receiving line and refreshments followed the program. Again our praise and appreciation for an outstanding Founders' Day Program go to Brother Lucius Wyatt and his committee consisting of Eta Gamma and Epsilon Tau Lambda members. Brother Wyatt also deserves

congratulations for the continuous sponsoring of cultural musical programs on the campus. The Prairie View Brass Quintet was presented in concert in December, and his trumpet mastery as a member of the group was outstanding. Coming up soon is his Symphonic Band Concert which will feature some of his compositions. At our first chapter meeting, the Jones Boys (Earl K. and Herman T.) and Ray Carreathers gave brief reports on the National Convention in Minneapolis. A revised chapter constitution was presented by Brother T. R. Solomon and adopted by the members. Credit for this revision goes to Brother O. E. Jackson, now deceased, who insisted that it should be done.



The Sphinx / Summer 1979


Williams, Derrick Kendrick, LaGuan Lea graduated from San Jose State University, and Thomas Perry graduated from the University of West Florida. This year's officers, leading the team of enthusiasts are Brother Charles McClinton, President; Brother Richard Terrell, Vice-President and Recording Secretary; Brother A. Vernon Johnson, Treasurer; and Brother Nathaniel Newman, Sergeant-At-Arms. The first two months of the reclamation drive resulted in a 200 percent increase in chapter participation. Reclamation Chairman Gaylord Mance has promised to continue his efforts until all Alpha men in the area are active and functioning within the Fraternity again. Under the reorganization plan, the Chatper decided the traditional monthly meetings were too few and far in between to develop any type of continuity. Thus, an additional meeting was added for each month with the second being an informal Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, or Dinner meeting. The first Brunch was held February 11, 1979, at the Stanford Holiday Inn. Thirty Graduate Brothers and eleven Undergraduate Brothers attended. The tab for the Undergraduate Brothers was picked up at the expense of individual Graduate Brothers. The Educational Committee has planned a Career Day for April 2 1 , 1979. The purpose of Career Day is to expose Junior High School students to the various career opportunities and educational objectives available through the University and College system. The Program will make available information on financial aid, scholarships, and the United Negro College System. The Chapter is seeking a grant from the Center of Community Education Development Committee to finance the event. The Brothers are taking pride in one of the most historical achievements for the Black people of San Jose. Eta Sigma Lambda was instrumental in the recent appointment of Mrs. lola Williams, the first Black person to sit on the City Council in the city's history. We feel Mrs. Williams will aid in making San Jose a better place to live for all its residents. We are proud to announce Brother Maurice Hardeman was recently elected President of the San Jose Branch NAACP. Eta Sigma Lambda has teamed with Brother Hardeman to aid the organization in its membership drive. "FIRST OF ALL; SERVANTS OF ALL; WE SHALL TRANSCEND ALL" 54



The Sphinx / Summer 1979

Brother MAXWELL ROY BROOKS, age 72, entered Omega Chapter January 15,1979, in a local hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. Brother Brooks was a member of Delta Lambda chapter in Baltimore. He was born on October 17, 1907, in Laurel, Ohio, and received his elementary education in New Richmond, Ohio; received his Baccalaureate degree in 1932 at Wilberforce University, a Master of Arts degree at Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, and his Doctor of Philosophy degree at Ohio State University, following which he began a teaching career in Virginia and West Virginia. Brother Brooks assumed a full time teaching position in the Sociology Department of Livingstone College; later moving his family to Xenia, Ohio, where he became chairman of the Department of Sociology at Wilberforce University. Brother Brooks was an acknowledged educator, having written many articles for professional journals. Notable recognition came to him in 1973 when he received the Presidential Service Award of the Association of Social and Behavioral Scientists in appreciation of outstanding services rendered to that group. Brother Brooks was invited to join the faculty of Morgan State College as Professor of Sociology, where he initiated courses in deprivation in American Society. Brother Brooks is survived by his devoted wife Naomi, five children, a brother, three grandchildren, a niece, many other collateral relatives, and a host of friends and professional colleagues. Funeral rites were conducted at Grace United Presbyterian Church in Baltimore, January 20, 1979, with the Reverend William T. Peters, Junior, officiating. Brother ROBERT MALCOLM CLARK, age 33, entered Omega Chapter in November of 1978. He was an active member of Theta Lambda Chapter, Dayton, Ohio. Brother Clark was born in Dayton, Ohio, September 10, 1945. He was a graduate of Jefferson Township High School, Dayton, Ohio; earned his Baccalaureate degree in elementary education at Central State University, Wilberforce, Ohio, in 1973; and, at the time of his demise, he was a graduate student at the University of Dayton, working toward a Master's degree in Pupil Personnel. Brother Clark served in the Army from 1967-1970. After completing basic training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, he received advanced specialized training at Fort Gordon, Georgia. Brother Clark is survived by his father, a physician, his mother and two brothers. Alpha Omega chapter rites were conducted by members of Theta Lambda Chapter, Dayton, Ohio; the chapter President, Brother Taylor, conducted these rites at the McLin's Funeral Chapel in Dayton, followed by funeral rites and burial in Dayton, Ohio. Brother BERNARD JONES, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, entered Omega Chapter January 1979, following a brief illness. Brother Jones was an active member of Pi Lambda chapter, Little Rock, Arkansas. He was born in School, Arkansas, April 9,1939; attended public schools at Toilette, Arkansas; received his Baccalaureate degree from Tennessee State University and a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Tuskegee Institute, Alabama. He also served in the United States Army Paratroopers. Brother Jones was an instructor in the School of Veterinary Medicine at Tuskegee for a few years, following graduation, and then journeyed to North Little Rock, Arkansas, where he established himself as the first Black Veterinary Surgeon practicing in the state of Arkansas. Brother Jones was a member of numerous social and civic organizations: Big Brothers of Pulaski County, Stepping Stones, Arkansas Veterinary Medical Society, Pulaski County Veterinary Medical Society, and Chairman of the Tuskegee Alumni Association, to name a few. Brother Jones is survived by his wife, Benita. Alpha Phi Alpha's Omega services were conducted by the brothers of Pi Lambda, following which funeral rites were concluded at Union A.M.E. Church in North Little Rock, Arkansas. The Sphinx / Summer 1979

Brother CHARLES ALCOTT JONES, SR., who was for many years an active member of Gamma Tau Lambda Chapter, Beaumont, Texas, entered Omega Chapter, January 4,1978. Brother Jones was an outstanding citizen of Beaumont, a devoted churchman, a great family man, and one of Alpha Phi Alpha's noblest sons. Brother Jones was the First Elder of the Pioneer Presbyterian Church; held membership in many civic and national organizations; was extremely active in the local chapter and, at the time of his demise, he was Budgetary Chairman for the chapter. Brother Jones received his elementary education in Beaumont, Texas, and his academic degree at Knoxville College, Tennessee. Brother Jones is survived by his wife, a brother, three sons, and two daughters. Two of his sons, Kirkland C. and Charles A., Jr., are also brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Brother ODELL FRANKLIN LEWIS, age 64, entered Omega Chapter, January 20,1979, in Seattle, Washington, following a brief illness. Brother Lewis was bom in Bertram, Texas, January 9, 1915, the second of two sons bom to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lewis. He married Louise Brown in August of 1938 of which union three children were bom. Brother Lewis was an active member in Zeta Pi Lambda chapter, Seattle, Washington, which chapter he served long and faithfully, having held every office therein. Brother Lewis' elementary education was attained in Texas; his collegiate training at Langston University in Oklahoma, from which institution he received his Baccalaureate degree, magna cum laude. He was a member of Peoples' Institutional Baptist Church and a member of Olympus Lodge of Prince Hall Masons. Brother Lewis taught school in Anadarko, Oklahoma; was a past president of the local N.A.A.C.P.; past Worshipful Master of Olympus Lodge and many other civic and national educational organizations. Brother Lewis was the first Black store manager for the Washington State Liquor Control Board, retiring from this post to become District Supervisor of Stores and Agencies. Alpha Phi Alpha Omega services were conducted by members of Zeta Pi Lambda chapter, aided by Brother C. P. Johnson, followed by funeral rites on January 23, 1979, at Peoples Institutional Baptist Church, the Reverend Edgar W. Bratton officiating. Brother Lewis is survived by a devoted wife, two daughters, five grandchildren, many collateral relatives, and a host of friends.

Brother Odeli F. Lewis

Brother David L. Lyons, Sr. 55

Brother DAVID L. LYONS, SR., age 5 1 , entered Omega Chapter December 8,1978, following a brief illness. Brother Lyons was an active member of Pi Lambda chapter in Little Rock, Arkansas. At the time of his demise, he was Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent for Personnel County District. He had been employed by the District for 27 years and had been principal at several elementary schools in the City. In 1972, Brother Lyons was hailed as the "Outstanding Elementary Principal of the Year in Arkansas" by the South Central District of the National Association of Elementary School principals. Brother Lyons was a graduate of Philander Smith College; received a Master's Degree from Harding College at Searcy; and attended the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. He was a former president of the Pulaski County Teacher's Association and of the old Arkansas Teacher's Association. Brother Lyons was a member of Pulaski County Administrators Association; the Elementary Principals Forum; the Imperial Social Club; and Zion Baptist Church, where he was superintendent of the Sunday School. Brother Lyons is survived by his wife, Florence; three sons, David, Jr., Darryl, and Donald; a daughter, Linda; two brothers; and two sisters. Pi Lambda chapter conducted the Alpha Omega Services and presented a Resolution attesting the type of brother that David L. Lyons was, under the direction of Brother Sherman Tate, President; following whici) funeral rites were conducted at the Zion Grove Baptist Church in Little Rock, Arkansas. May his soul, and the souls of all the faithful, rest in peace â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Amen. Brother NATHANIEL MITCHELL, an active member of Alpha Rho Lambda Chapter, Columbus, Ohio, entered Omega Chapter April 2, 1979, in Columbus, following a lengthy illness. Brother Mitchell was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in March 1913; was initiated in Kappa Chapter (Ohio State University), April 25, 1947; and joined Alpha Rho Lambda the following year. For the next 31 years, following initiation, Brother Mitchell was very active in the local chapter, and was in attendance at many General Conventions of the Fraternity. He became a Life Member in 1975 and even as he was struggling with his terminal illness in 1978, he was able to attend the Minneapolis General Convention in 1978 to assist in carrying on the work of the Fraternity. For nearly three decades Brother Mitchell was a Catalogue Manager for the Defense Construction Suply Center in Columbus, Ohio. He was also active in the local Episcopal Church and, at the time of his passing, the Bishop of Southern Ohio, communicating with the family, stated: "Cowards die many times before their death the valiant taste death but once, and 'Mitch' was one of the valiant." Omega chapter services were conducted by members of Alpha Rho Lambda, Edward Jackson, Jr., in charge, followed by funeral rites at the Church of his choice. Brother EUGENE A. OWENS, age 62, entered Omega Chapter March 6, 1979, following a brief illness. Brother Owens was an active member of Eta Xi Lambda chapter, Lawton, Oklahoma.

He was born on May 27, 1916, in Smithville, Texas, where he received his elementary education. He earned his Baccalaureate degree at Samuel Houston College, Austin, Texas, and later received his -medical degree from Meharry Medical College, Nashville, Tennessee. Brother Owens came to Lawton, Oklahoma, in 1942 from an internship at Kansas City General Hospital. He was active in all aspects of community life; and worked for the betterment of all civic endeavors initiated in Lawton. Brother Owens was one of the original members of the Model Cities Planning Board; was past president of the local chapter of the NAACP and, as an activist, led many demonstrations decrying racial segregation. Brother Owens was a member of Barnett Chapel A.M.E. Church and its Board of Trustees; the Oklahoma Medical Association; the Cerebral Palsy Board; a Life Member of Alpha Phi Alpha; past president of the Oklahoma Med-De-Phar Association; American Red Cross; and many other civic and educational organizations. Alpha Phi Alpha Omega services were conducted on March 10th at the Douglas School Auditorium in Lawton, followed by funeral rites conducted by the Reverend Edward E. Davis. Brother Owens is survived by his wife, Sarah; a son, Dr. Charles C. Owens; a daughter, Elizabeth Owens; his mother of Smithville, Texas; two sisters of Washington, D. C ; and a host of collateral relatives and friends.

Brother OLIVER T. SHANNON entered Omega Chapter on January 10, 1979, in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Brother Shannon, affectionately called "Chuck" by his family and friends, was a native of West Virginia, but had lived in Pine Bluff for the past 25 years. Brother Shannon was an active member of Delta Sigma Lambda chapter, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, for many years. He served as Chairman of the Department of Mathematics and Physics at the University of Arkansas. Brother Shannon received his Baccalaureate degree and his Master's degree in Education from the University of Pittsburgh. He will be sorely missed by Delta Sigma Lambda chapter, as well as by Alpha brothers at the National level. Until the past several years, Brother Shannon attended more National Conventions than any of the other local brothers. Brother Shannon is survived by his wife, Elaine, and his mother, Minnie. Alpha Omega services were conducted by members of the Chapter at the P. K. Miller Funeral Home, followed by funeral rites at the Isaac Hathaway Auditorium on the campus of the University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, with the Reverend L. K. Solomon officiating.

Brother WILLIS CLAY WEATHERLY, of Delta Gamma Lambda Chapter, Cincinnati, Ohio, entered Omega Chapter February 19, 1979, following a brief illness. Brother Weatherly was born on March 15, 1899, in Huntsville, Alabama. He received his elementary education in his native city, Huntsville, following which he enrolled and received his Baccalaureate degree at Knoxville College, Knoxville, Tennessee, later enrolling at the University of Cincinnati. While a graduate student at the University of Cincinnati, Brother Weatherly worked in the Boy's Department of the 9th Street YMCA and later became Boys' Work Secretary there. In 1942, Brother Weatherly was employed by the Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority and continued in that post until his retirement in 1979 as manager successively of the Valley Homes and the Millvale and Laurel Homes. Brother Weatherly held membership in the Argus Club, the University of Cincinnati Alumni Association, the NAACP, the Knoxville Alumni Club, and many other civic and social organizations. Brother Weatherly is survived by his wife, Mary; his daughter, Bertha Moore; a brother; a number of nieces and nephews; and many friends. Funeral rites were conducted at Mt. Auburn Presbyterian Church in Cincinnati, Ohio, with the Reverend Pallikkathayil officiating. â&#x20AC;˘


Brother Nathaniel Mitchell 56

Brother Dr. Eugene A. Owens

In profound sorrow, Psi Lambda Chapter, Chattanooga, Tennessee, announced the entrance into Omega Chapter of Brother T. B. KENNEDY and Brother E. E. PITTS. Mu Tau Lambda Chapter regretfully announced the passing into Omega Chapter of Brother WARREN MARSH, Cedar Falls, lowa. The Sphinx / Summer 1979




Henry A. Callis, M.D.

Charles H. Chipmin

Eugene Kinckle Jones

George B. Kelley

Nathaniel A. Murray

Robert H.Ogle

Vertner W. Tandj

GENERAL OFFICERS GENERAL PRESIDENT — James R. Williams 5 8 4 Avalon, Akron, OH 4 4 3 2 0 EXECUTIVE SECRETARY — James B. Blanton 4 4 3 2 King Drive, Chicago, IL 6 0 6 5 3 GENERAL TREASURER - Leven C. Weiss 4 6 7 6 W. Outer Drive, Detroit, Ml 4 8 2 3 5 GENERAL COUNSEL - Albert Holland, Jr 3 1 Hickory Hill Rd., Tappan, NY 1 0 9 8 3 HISTORIAN - Charles H. Wesley 1824 Taylor Street, N.W, Washington, DC 2 0 0 1 1 COMPTROLLER - Charles C. Teamer 2 6 0 1 Gentilly Blvd., New Orleans, LA 7 0 1 2 2 DIRECTOR-GENERAL CONVENTIONS - Kermit J. Hall 1 0 0 Fairview Ave., Yeadon, PA 1 9 0 5 0 VICE PRESIDENTS EASTERN - Henry G. Gillem, Sr MIDWESTERN - Thomas D. Pawley, III SOUTHERN — Ozell Sutton SOUTHWESTERN - George W . Thompson WESTERN - Rogernald Jackson ASSISTANT VICE PRESIDENTS EASTERN - Leslie Ransom MIDWESTERN - Randy Allen SOUTHERN — Keith Green SOUTHWESTERN — Dennis Sullivan WESTERN — Hermon Borders

^nnnrtJ. 1009 S. Quinn Street, Arlington VA 2 2 2 0 4 1 0 1 4 Lafayette, Jefferson City, MO 6 5 1 0 1640 Loch Lomond Trail, S.W., Atlanta, GA 3 0 3 3 1 3 6 1 6 -13th Street Alexandria, LA 7 1 3 0 1 1 6 3 4 Leimert Blvd., Oakland, CA 9 4 6 0 2 9 0 3 Druid Park Lake Dr. - #6E, Baltimore, MD 2 1 2 1 7 3 6 W. 103rd Place, Chicago, IL 6 0 6 2 8 Res. E, Box 2 0 9 , Tuskegee Institute, AL 3 6 0 8 8 6 4 0 Elm, Norman, OK 7 3 0 6 9 5 3 4 9 N. Parkway, Sacramento, CA 9 5 8 2 3

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. GENERAL OFFICE: 4432 Martin Luther King Drive, Chicago, IL 60653 James B. Blanton, Executive Secretary Michael J. Price, Assistant Executive Secretary, Editor in Chief, The SPHINX Darryl R. Matthews, Assistant Executive Secretary NATIONAL COMMITTEE/COMMISSION CHAIRMEN ONE MILUON DOLLAR DRIVE Alpha Phi Alpha AWARDS Isadore J. Lamothe Thomas A. Phillips Building Foundation, Inc. Wayne C Haivey, Chairman 8775 W. Kingsbury University City, MO 63124 Dr. Edward Ballard, Vice Chairman James B. Blanton, Secretary Leven C Weiss, Treasurer Albert Holland, Counsel William Decker Clarke James Hunt James Rushin Larry Earvin James R. Williams, Ex Officio Alpha Phi Alpha Education Foundation, Inc. Henry Ponder, Chairman Office of the President Benedict College Columbia, SC 29204 Ivan L Cotman, Vice Chairman James B. Blanton, Secretary Leven C Weiss, Treasurer Albert Holland, Counsel Jesse Sterling Walter Sullivan Paul Williams Reby Cary Marvin Jones James R. Williams, Ex Officio •OMEGA CHAPTER

The Sphinx / Summer 1979

9 9 0 8 Taylor Drive Overland Park, KS 6 6 2 1 2 BUDGET AND FINANCE Charles C. Teamer 2 6 0 1 Gentilly Blvd. New Orleans, LA 7 0 1 2 2 BUSINESS ENCOURAGEMENT COMMISSION Robert E. Sanders 100 Wilshire Blvd. — Suite # 4 5 0 Santa Monica, CA 9 0 4 0 1 COLLEGE BROTHERS AFFAIRS (COMMISSION) Hoyt Harper 6 0 1 5 Calumet Road Milwaukee, Wl 5 3 2 2 3 CONSTITUTION A. Wendell Wheadon 2 6 0 0 St. Louis Ave. E. St. Louis, IL 6 2 2 0 5 ELECTIONS John I. Hendricks Box 4 2 Alcorn State University Lorman, MS 3 9 0 9 6 EQUITABLE EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY Charles Lewis 3 5 0 0 Fieldstone Dr. Winston-Salem, NC 2 7 1 0 5 GRIEVANCES AND DISCIPLINE Ottawa W.Harris 2 6 0 4 Elizabeth St. Denver, CO 8 0 2 0 5 UFE MEMBERSHIP Elmer C.Collins 2 6 1 5 1 Lake Shore Blvd. — #1224 Euclid, OH 4 4 1 3 2 PERSONNEL Randolph Baxter 9 1 9 Independence Avenue Akron, OH 4 4 3 1 0

1407 University Ave. Marshall, TX 7 5 6 7 0

PUBLIC POLICY Hobart S. Jarrett 3 1 5 West 70th St. — #15-J New York, NY 1 0 0 2 3 PUBLICATIONS Hanley J.Norment 1 2 5 0 0 Arbor View Terrace Silver Spring, MD 2 0 9 0 2 PUBLICITY-PUBLIC RELATIONS Ronald S. Flowers 7217S.Oglesby Chicago, IL 6 0 6 4 9 RECOMMENDATIONS Earnest Wallace 2 0 1 8 Van Cleave Dallas, TX 2 5 2 1 6 RULES AND CREDENTIALS Wilson J. Davis 4 5 0 9 Williamsburg Dr. Columbia, SC 2 9 2 0 3 SENIOR ALPHAS COMMISSION Laurence T. Young, Sr. 555 East 33rd PI. — # 1 2 0 8 Chicago, IL 6 0 6 1 6 STANDARDS AND EXTENSION Albert T. Reliford 1 5 3 0 16th St., N . W . - # 6 0 4 Washington, DC 2 0 0 3 6 TIME AND PLACE Frank E. Devine 6 2 0 2 Washington Ave. Philadelphia, PA 1 9 1 4 3

PAST GENERAL PRESIDENTS Moses Meivin Morrison* Roscoe C. Giles* Frederick Miller Drawer " M " Mound Bayou. MS 38762 Charles H. Garvin* Henry L Dickason* Henry Arthur Callis* Howard H. Long* W. A. Pollard* Daniel D. Fowler* L L McGee* S. S. Booker* Raymond W. Cannon 2008 Virginia Road Los Angeles, CA 90016 B. Andrew Rose* Charles H. Wesley 1824 Taylor Street, N.W. Washington, DC 20011 Rayford W. Logan 3001 veazey Terrace. N.W., No. 326 Washington, DC 20008 Belford V. Lawson, Jr. 1140 Connecticut Avenue, N.W. Washington, DC 20036 A. Maceo Smith* Frank L Stanley, Sr.* Myles A. Paige 4124 Kenway Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90008 William H. Hale* T.Winston Cole 124 S.W. 23rd Gainesville, FL 32601 Lionel H. Newsom Central State University Wilberforce, OH 45384 Ernest N. Morial 1101 Harrison-Avenue New Orleans, LA 70122 Walter Washington Alcorn State University, Lorman, MS 39096 •OMEGA CHAPTER





' ( A s t e r i s k ) i n d i c a t e s that a d d r e s s l i s t e d in not c u r r e n t In this c a s e a d i r e c t o r y w a s s u b m i t t e d for 1 9 7 7 - 7 8 . b u t n o t for 1 9 7 8 - 7 9 .

lA) <P)

N O R E P O R T i n d i c a t e s that t h e c h a p t e r h a s f a i l e d to r e p o r t a n a d d r e s s (file a c h a p t e r d i r e c t o r y ) for t w o c o n s e c u t i v e y e a r s prior to p u b l i c a t i o n . In s u c h c a s e s n o d i r e c t o r y w a s filed for 1 9 7 7 - 7 8 or 1 9 7 8 - 7 9 .

(CS) (S) (FS) <RS)

INTERNATIONAL (DISTRICT I) McKinley A OeShield. Ph.D. Dean Coll. of Agriculture University of Liberia Monrovia. Liberia Africa (Aria I) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Kappa Phi (U of Liberia - Cuttington Coll. -#439) No Report ALUMNI CHAPTERS Eta Epsilon Lambda (Monrovia, Liberia - #260) No Report Europe ( A m II) Ifieta Thela Lambda (Frankfort. Germany - #285) Marion D. Wimberly (CS) HHC2dBde APO New York. NY 09091 Caribbean. (Ana III) Theta Epsilon Lambda (St. Thomas, VI - #282) No Report lota Sigma Lambda (St Croix. VI - #518) No Report Epsilon Theta Lambda (Hamilton. Bermuda - #219) No Report •lota Epsilon Lambda (Nassau, Bahamas - #506) A. Cubell Rolle (CS) P 0. Box 2481 Nassau N.P. Bahamas Asia (Area IV) Mu Phi Lambda (Seoul. South Korea - #565) Col. Wm I. Simpkms (P) 121 Evacuation Hospital APO San Francisco. CA 96301

NEW ENGLAND ( D I S T R I C T II) Director McKinley Hacked P.O. Box 1287 Dramingham, MA 01701 Massachusetts (Area I) COLLEGE CHAPTERS

•Dpi (Metropolitan - #17) Roderick Blair 8 Sewall Street Roxbury. MA 02120 Alpha Kappa (Metropolitan - #32) Inactive ALUMNI CHAPTERS (Boston - #214) James Howard (CS) 104 Greenwood Street Boston. MA 02121 (Springfield - #286) Ernest J. Henderson P 0. Box 35, Highland Sta Springfield, MA 01109






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Dean of Pledges

Financial Secretary


Dean of Pledges

Recording Secretary


Assistant Secretary

Alpha ALUMNI CHAPTERS (Cornell U - #1) Gamma lota Lambda Donald Debouse (District V) (Brooklyn long Island - # 1 7 5 ) 312 Thurston Avenue John M. Williams (S) Director Ithaca, NY 14850 51 Alabama Avenue Frank Devine Delta Zeta Hempstead, NY 11550 6202 Washington Avenue (Syracuse U - #94) Philadelphia. PA 19143 Zata Zata Lambda Felix L James (St. Albans - #239) Western Pennsylvania (Area 1) 1633 t. Genesee Street #7 Harry L Turner (CS) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Syracuse. NY 13210 P. 0. Box - B Omicron ALUMNI CHAPTERS Cambria Heights, NY 11411 (U of Pittsburgh - #14) Iota TheU lambda Kim A. Hunt (Endicott - #509) 3990 5th Avenue Frederick E. Johnson Mil Pa Box 2797 P. 0. Box 232 (District I V ) (SCSC - #463) Pittsburgh, PA 15213 Endicott. NY 13760 Henry Rhodes (H) lota Sigma Iota Kappa Lambda Director 146 Sprmgside Avenue, A 1 (Syracuse-#511) (Millersvrlle State Coll. - #414) Elbert C. Wisner New Haven, a 06515 Edgar Blackman No Report 300 Lincoln Dr., Colonial Terr. ALUMNI CHAPTERS Box 1128 Teall Station ALUMNI CHAPTERS Ocean, NJ 07112 Beta Sigma Lambda Syracuse. NY 13210 Alpha Omicron Lambda Northern New Jersey (Hudson) (Hartford - #161) (Pittsburgh - #136) Northeast New York State (Area III) <«real> Thomas D. Hams, IV (P) Wilbur C. Douglass, Jr. (S) COLLEGE CHAPTERS COLLEGE CHAPTERS 135 Canterbury 6521 Deary Street Kappa Zata lotaRho Hartlord.CT 06112 3) Pittsburgh, PA 15206 (Utica College - #425) (Newark College of Engineering - #41 Zata Phi Lambda Kappa Beta Lambda No Report Samuel C. Carter (P) (Stamford - #253) (Erie - #525) ALUMNI CHAPTERS 30 Lenox Avenue - #300B William D. McLean (P) J. M. Murfree (P) Beta Pi Lambda East Orange, NJ 07018 19 Oakwood Drive 1404 Greenfield Drive (Albany - #159) ALUMNI CHAPTERS Seymour, CT 06483 Erie, PA 16509 Donald W. Johnson (T) Alpha Alpha Lambda Eli Alpha Lambda Central Pennsylvania (Area II) 60 Fullerton Avenue (Newark-#123) (New Haven - #256) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Schenectady. NY 12304 Arthur C. Williams Ronald E. Manning (P) Gamma Nu Thela Chi Lambda 158 Lincoln Street 140 Stimson Road (Pennsylvania State U - #78) (Schenectady - #298) Montclair, NJ 07042 New Haven, CT 06511 Paul M. Pollock, Jr. (P) No Report Beta Alpha Lambda Rhode Island (Ana III) 303 Holmes Hall - PSU lota Iota Lambda (Jersey City - #145) University Park, PA 16802 COLLEGE CHAPTERS (Rome - #510) No Report Alpha Gamma ALUMNI CHAPTERS No Report Delta Mu Lambda (Brown U - #25) •Zeta Theta Lambda Hudson Valley (Area IV) (Paterson - #199) Michael C. Fraziei (Harrisburg-#241) ALUMNI CHAPTERS James H. Allen (P) P. 0. Box 1167 - Brown University Zane G. Phoenix (P) Eta Zata Lambda 495 East 29th Street Providence, Rl 02912 600 North 17th Street (New Rochelle - #261) Paterson. NJ 07514 Harrtsburg, PA 17103 ALUMNI CHAPTERS No Report Kappa Theta Lambda •Mu Theta Lambda Eta Chi Lambda (Teaneck - #531) Eastern Pennsylvania (Area III) (Providence - #553) (Nyack - #276) IssacMcNatt(S) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Tophas Anderson (P) Walter C. Blount, Jr. 125 Voorhees Street •Nu P. 0. Box 6062 P.O. Box 130 Teaneck, NJ 07666 (Lincoln U - #12) Providence, Rl 02940 Orangeburg, NY 10962 Central New Jersey (Area II) Luther Manning Kappa Upsilon Lambda New Hampshire (Ana IV) l03CRendall Hall, Box 721 COLLEGE CHAPTERS (Mid Hudson Valley - #542) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Lincoln University, PA 19352 Samuel L Tucker (S) Theta Zata Psi (Rutgers U - #97) Box 230, Mountain Rd. (Dartmouth College - #381) Charles Singletary (S) (U of Pennsylvania - #22) Otisville. NY 10963 Daniel Smith (P) R.P.O. 0202 Samuel Barham H. B. 5024 New York Crty (Metropolitan) Rutgers College 5131 Parrish Street Dartmouth College (AreaV) New Brunswick. Nl 08903 Philadelphia. PA 19139 Hanover, NH 03755 COLLEGE CHAPTERS lota Iota Zata Psi Eta (Trenton State College - •#406) (West Chester State Coll. #353) N E W Y O R K STATEtMetropolitan - #7) No Report Darrell V. Freeman (P) Nu lota m i < ! T R i r T mt Michael Foster (VP) West Chester State College (DISTRICT Ml) U5 69 157th Street Box 3093 (Glassboro State - #472) Queens, NY 11434 Director West Chester, PA 19380 Reginald T. Butler (VP) Zeta Eta Clifford R. Clemmons Box 123, Glassboro Student Center ALUMNI CHAPTERS 221 25 Manor Road (Columbia U - #338) Glassboro. NJ 08028 Rho Queens Village, NY 11427 Kevin S. McNeil (T) ALUMNI CHAPTERS (Philadelphia - #16) Western New York State (Area I) 534 W. 114th Street Zeta lota Lambda Dr. Thomas H. Watkins (P) COLLEGE CHAPTERS New York. NY 10025 (Trenton - #242) 847 N. Ml. Pleasant Rd. Delta Eps km ALUMNI CHAPTERS James Davis, Jr. (S) Philadelphia, PA 19119 (U ol Buffalo - #93) Alpha Gamma Lambda 70 Tyler Drive Zeta Omicron Lambda Ronald L. Washington (P) (New Y o r k - # 1 2 5 ) Wilhngboro. NJ 08046 (Philadelphia - #247) 3217 Bailey Avenue Alvin Wilks (P) Zata Nu Lambda LaRue Myers (CS) Buffalo, NY 14215 382 Central Pk., West (Plainfield - #245) 6468 Matthews Street Mu Sigma New York. NY 10024 Philadelphia, PA 19119 No Report (U of Rochester - #458) Kappa Xi Lambda Theta Psi Lambda Stephen A. Bryant (S) (New Y o r k - # 5 3 6 ) (Somerset - #299) P. 0 Box 5051 No Report Hubert S. Johnston (CS) Rochester. NY 14627 Brooklyn and Long Wand 19 Sussex Road ALUMNI CHAPTERS (Ana VI) East Brunswick, NJ 08816 (District VI) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Director (Buffalo-#116) Delta Chi (Ana III) Thomas R. Hunt Benjamin F. Bullick, Jr. (P) (City of Brooklyn - # 3 0 8 ) ALUMNI CHAPTERS 9 Rickover Court 373 Humboldt Parkway Steven E. Palmer (CS) Alpha Theta lambda Annapolis, MD 21401 Buffalo, NY 14208 10202 Van Wyck Exp. (Atlantic C i t y - # 1 3 0 ) Delaware (Area I) Eta Theta Lambda Queens, NY 11419 Richard Fauntleroy (CS) COLLEGE CHAPTERS (Wvandoance - #263) •Theta Epsi km 808 Surray Avenue Gamma Sigma No Report (Adelphi U - #380) Ventnor, NJ 08406 (Delaware State College - #83) Eta M » Lambda Caesar A. Raynor, Jr. (A) Zata Epsilon Lambda Gamma Sigma Chapter (Rochester - #271) Linen Hall. Box 107 (Red Bank - #238) c/o Anthony Quann Carl E. Hilton (P) Adelphi University Woodrow C. Holmes, Jr. (S) Box 347 - Delaware St. Clg. 135 Fairhill Drive Garden City, NY 11530 53 Old Bridge Drive Dover, DE 19901 Rochester, NY 14618 Kip pi Rho Howell, NJ 07731 Central New York Slate (Area II) (C. W Post College - #435) ALUMNI CHAPTERS Kappa lota Lambda COLLEGE CHAPTERS Gamma Theta Lambda Arthur Matthews (P) (Burlington County - #532) (Wilmington-#174) Brookville Hall, Rm. 235 Horton Cooper (AS) loshua Martin (P) C. W. Post College 24 Mangold Lane 36 Coachhght Court Wilton Greenvale. NY 11548 Willmgboro. NJ 08046 New Castle, DE 19720 Connecticut (Area II) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Zeta (Yale U - #6) No Report Kappa Delta (U ol Connecticut - #423) No Report MuPhi (U of Bridgeport-#461) Arnold Pierce (S) 11 Gem Avenue Bridgeport. CT 06604






Zata Rho Lambda (Dover - #249) Reuben Sailers (P) 109 Bertrand Drive Dover, DE 19901 Maryland North (Ana II) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Beta Alpha (Morgan State U - #45) Robert Allen (P) Morgan State University Baltimore, MD 21239 •MuRho (Towson State - #457) John Campbell (CS) Towson State University Box 2074 Towson. MD 21204 Nu Kappa (UMBaltimore County - #473) Leslie L Ransom (CS) 4429 Clifton Rd. - Apt. #5 Baltimore, MD 21216 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Delta lambda (Baltimore - #104) Earl Graves (RS) 3201 Clifton Avenue Baltimore, MD 21217 lota Alpha Lambda (Aberdeen - #502) Monroe L. Manning (CS) P. 0. Box 705 Aberdeen. MD 21001 Kappa Kappa Lambda (Baltimore - #533) Carl E. Bell (P) 6223 Plymouth Rd. Baltimore, MD 21214

•Beta (Howard U - #2) Michael D. Welcher (CS) P. 0. Box 506, Howard University Washington, DC 20059 NuBata (American U - #465) Adrian R. Brevard (P) 503 Valley Ave #7 S.E. Washington, DC 20032 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Mu Lambda (Washington-#111) John H. Wallace (CS) 2939 Van Ness Street. N.W.Washington, DC 20008 Omicron Lambda Alpha (Washington - #500) Willie Rull (CS) 311 Broadleaf Dr.. N.E. Vienna. VA 22180


Director George Johnson 1362 Green Moss Richmond, VA 23225 Blue Ridge North (Area I) COLLEGE CHAPTERS lota Alpha (Washington I Lee U - #398) No Report lota Beta (U ol Virginia - #399) Rickey White (P) Box 430. Newcomb Hail Station Charlottesville, VA 22903 Maryland Southwest (Area III) ALUMNI CHAPTERS COLLEGE CHAPTERS Gamma Alpha Lambda lota Zata (Charlottesville - #167) (U of Maryland - #403) Stephen D. Waters (S) Richard Williams (RS) Box 3036 P.O. Box 259 Calvert Rd. Charlottesville, VA 22903 College Park, MD 20740 Blue Ridge South (Area II) Mu Upsilon COLLEGE CHAPTERS (Frostburg State Coll. - #460) Theta lota William J. Murray, Jr. (S) (Virginia Polytechnic U - #384) Lane College Center, Box #64 - FSC Michael Morgan (CS) Frostburg. MD 21532 P. 0. Box 346 Blacksburg, VA 24060 ALUMNI CHAPTERS lota Upsilon Lambda ALUMNI CHAPTERS (Silver Spring - #520) Alpha Kappa Lambda Myron Robertson (CS) (Roanoke - #132) 902 Hoyt Street No Report Silver Spring, MD 20902 Gamma Nu Lambda Kappa Epsilon Lambda (Lynchburg-#178) (Landover - #528) No Report Charles Guilford (P) Southern Virginia (Area III) 17024 Fairway View Lane COLLEGE CHAPTERS Upper Marlboro, MD 20870 Delta Tau Kappa Phi Lambda (St. Paul's Polytechnic - #305) (Columbia - #543) John Ross (CS) Edward D. Young (P) Saint Paul's College P. 0. Box 321 Lawrenceville, VA 23868 Columbia, MD 21045 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Maryland Eastern (Area IV) Delta Nu Lambda COLLEGE CHAPTERS (Danville - #200) Delta Nu Morris H. Cralt (P) (Uof Maryland, E.S. - #100) 136 Andes Drive OtisAutry(P) Danville, VA 24541 Box 1190. UMES Epsilon Omicron Lambda Princess Anne. MD 21853 (lawrenceville - #225) Eta Zeta Ernest L Morse (CS) P. 0. Box 595 (Bowie State College - #359) South Hill, VA 23970 Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Iota Tau Lambda Eta Zeta Chapter Box 745 (Charlotte Court House - #519) Bowie, MD 20715 Willie Townes (S) ALUMNI CHAPTERS P. 0. Box 437 Delta Omicron Lambda Crewe. VA 23930 (Princess A n n e - # 2 0 3 ) Norman R. Anderson (S) Northern Virginia (Ana IV) 113 Pecan Drive ALUMNI CHAPTERS Princess Anne. MD 21853 'Zeta Upsilon Lambda Eta Eta Lambda (Reston - #252) (Annapolis - #262) Leon M. West (P) Eta Eli Lambda Chapter P. 0. Box 2278 P. 0. Box 1973 Reston, VA 22090 Annapolis. MD 21404 Theta Rho Lambda Washington, D.C (Ana V) (Arlington - #293) Walter C. Murray (P) COLLEGE CHAPTERS 1800 Greenwich Woods Dr. - #31 Silver Spring. MD 20903

The Sphinx / Summer 1979

WISCONSIN Director Albert Thompson, Jr. 3831 W Capital Drue Milwaukee, Wl 53216 COUiGE CHAPTERS Gamma Epsilon ( U W - Madison - # 7 I ) Rodney Matthews (P) 800 langdon Street Box 508, Memorial Union Madison. Wl 53706 Epsilon Tau (UW - Milwaukee - #327) Larry Johnson (P) Box 153 Milwaukee, Wl 53201 Zetilota (UW - Whitewater - #340) David Graham (S) 801 West Main Street Whitewater. Wl 53190 Eta Beta (Wisconsin State - #355) No Report •EUPi (Wisconsin State U - #368) Michael Sledge (ES) 18 CW Irving Oshkostl, Wl 54901 Mu Epsilon (Carthage College - #446) No Report NuXi (Marquette U - #476) Jeffrey Lane (P) 2836 W. Wells, #109 Milwaukee. Wl 53208 Nu Omicron (Carroll College - #477) No Report ALUMNI CHAPTERS Delta Chi Lambda (Milwaukee - #210) Tatt E. Benson (P) 2815 W. Ranch Road Mequon. Wl 53092 Mu Eta Lambda (Madison - #552) No Report

SOUTH ALABAMA Director W. Mingo Clark 2026 Winchester Road Huntsville, AL 35810 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Alpha Beta (Talladega College - #24) Coleman Henderson (P) Talladega College Talladega, AL 35061 Beta UpsiIon (Alabama State U - #63) Gerald Sanders (CS) Box 28 - ASU Montgomery, AL 36104 Gamma Kappa (Miles College - #76) Derrick Miller (S) Box 1 7 7 - M i l e s College Birmingham, AL 35208 Gamma Phi (Tuskegee Institute - #86) Keith Green (CS) P. 0. Box 36 Tuskegee Institute, AL 36088 Delta Gamma (Alabama A * M - #91) William Bell (CS) L. 0. Box 220 Normal, AL 35762 Epsilon Nu (Stillman College - #321) Bruce Crawford (S) Box 4008. Stillman College Tuscaloosa. AL 35401 Theta Delta (U of South Alabama - #379) No Report MlNli (UAB - #409) Freeman Grice (P) Box 329, NBSB Birmingham. AL 35294 Kappa Alpha (U of Alabama - #420) Norman Taylor (P) Box 7368 University. AL 35486 Kappa Gamma (U of North Alabama - #422) Kenneth Anderson 313 A Beale Street Florence, AL 35630 NuTau (Uof Montevallo - #481) Rickey Turner (P) P. 0. Box "X" Montevallo. AL 35115

• Mi

(Troy State U - #487) Edwin Little (P) Box 154, TSU Troy. AL 36081 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Omicron Lambda (Birmingham-#114) No Report

Alpha Nu Lambda (Tuskegee Institute - #134) Walter Sapp (P) P. 0. Drawer BBB Tuskegee Institute, AL 36088 Alpha Upsikvn Lambda (Montgomery - #141) Samuel Jackson (P) 137 S. Haardt Drive Montgomery, AL 36105 Beta Omicron Lambda (Mobile - #158) Alvin Allen (RS) 1205 St. Madar Street Mobile, AL 36603 Delta Theta Lambda (Huntsville - #196) Theodis Acklin 3705 Oakdale Court N.W. Huntsville. AL 35810 Delia Pi Lambda (Selma - #204) Willie Gilford (CS) Route 1 - Box 98 Browns, AL 36724 Delta Phi Lambda (Tuscaloosa - #209) Milton M. Williams (S) 191040th Ave., College Hills Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 Epsilon Delta Lambda (Talladega - #215) t. Y. Lawrence (S) 114 Baker Street Talladega. AL 35160 Theta Alpha Lambda (Gadsden - #278) Daniel Littlefield (ST) 1215 Mountainbrook Drive Gadsden, AL 35901 Theta Gamma Lambda (Dothan - #280) Jerome Coleman (P) P, 0, Box 6893 Dothan, AL 36302 Kappa Nu Lambda (Leighton - #535) No Report Mu lota Lambda (Mobile - #554) Lou Pettaway (S) 800 Charleston Street Mobile, AL 36603 Mu Psi Lambda (Homewood - #567) Reddith Lewis P. 0. Box 2281 Birmingham. AL 35201

FLORIDA Director Robert K. Wright 365 Bartley Road Daytona Beach. FL 32041 COLLEGE CHAPTERS MaNu (Florida A i M - #56) Michello Williams (P) Box 598, FAMU Tallahassee, FL 32307 Delta Beta (Bethune Cookman - #90) Gregory Carl Smith (P) Bethune Cookman College Daytona Beach, FL 32015 Delta Psi (Florida Memorial Coll. - #309) Kenneth Mitchell (P) 15800 N. W. 42nd Avenue Opa Locka, FL 33054 Eta Delta (U of Miami - #357) No Report •Theta Gamma (U of South Florida - #378) Reginald McGill Box 789, USF Tampa, FL 33620 Theta Sigma (U of Florida - #392) Frederick Pennington 3540 S.W. 34th Street. Lot #68 Gainesville, a 32612 Iota Delta (Florida State U - #401) No Report •Kappa upsilon (Metropolitan - #438) John Lee (A) 1568 Kings Row-Box 659 Edward Waters College Jacksonville. FL 32209 •Mu Theta (U of West Florida - #449) Ulysses Johnson (P) P. 0. Box 32446 Pensacola. FL 32504 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Upsilon Lambda (Jacksonville-#119) Clarence Von Bostick (CS) 281 Ribault Scenic Drive Jacksonville, FL 32208 Beta Beta Lambda (Miami - #146) Solomon C. Stinson (P) P, 0. Box 510027 Miami. FL 33151 Beta Delta Lambda (Daytona Beach - #148) William Pierce. Sr. (CS) 1306 Milton Drive Daytona Beach. R 32014

The Sphinx / Summer 1979

•Gamma Ztta Lambda (Tampa - #172) Richard Pride (FS) 2907 26th Street Tampa, a 33605 Gamma Mu Lambda (Tallahassee-#177) Charles Russell (S) 433 Mercury Drive Tallahassee. FL 32301 Delta Delta Lambda (West Palm Beach - #192) Arthur Matthews, Jr. (P) 1262 Gondola Court Boynton Beach, a 33435 Delta Xi Lambda (Orlando - #202) Cecil Boston (P) P. 0. Box 5548 Orlando. FL 32855 Epsilon Mu Lambda (Pensacola - #222) Frank Kyle (P) 1211 F_ Leonard Street Pensacola, FL 32501 Epsilon Pi Lambda (Ocala - #226) William E. Jackson (S) 1822 S. W. 4th Ocala, a 32670 Zeti Alpha Lambda (Ft. Lauderdale - #234) Leonard Bass (CS) 2323 N. W. 19th Street Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33311 Eta Kappa Lambda (Ft. Pierce - #265) Havert L. Fenn (S) 2601 Avenue I Ft. Pierce. FL 33450 Theta Eta Lambda (St. Petersburg - #284) Willie Felton (CS) Box 15024 St Petersburg, a 33731 lota Beta Lambda (Cocoa - #503) Hiram Mann (S) P. 0. Box 1275 Cocoa, a 32922 lota Pi Lambda (Miami - #516) Paul Joseph (P) 16140 S. W. 87th Avenue Miami, a 33157 'Mu Zeta Lambda (Lakeland - #551) Hugh Mills (T) 1126 West 14th Street Lakeland. FL 33801

GEORGIA Director Lorenzo Manns 4554 Moline Avenue Columbus. GA 31907 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Ma (Morris Brown College - #9) W. Mack Palmer (S) P. 0. Box 92055 Atlanta. GA 30314 Alpha Rho (Morehouse College - #38) Reginald Scott (CS) Box 445, Morehouse College Atlanta, GA 30314 •Alpha Phi (Clark College - #42) Rudolph R. Cohen, Jr. (P) 635 Fan St.. Apt. B-6 Atlanta. GA 30314 Gamma Zota (Ft. Valley State - #72) Thomas Miller (CS) Box 4326 FVSC Ft. Valley, GA 31030 Delta Delta (Albany State - #92) Johnny Paschal (P) Box36ASC Albany, GA 31705 Delta Eta (Savannah State Coll. - #95) Ranell Williams (CS) 638 East 35th Street Savannah. GA 31401 ZetaMu (Georgia State U - #342) Paul Booze (P) Box 542 - Georgia State U Atlanta. GA 30303 Zeta Pi (Uof Georgia-#346) James Jackson (P) 2151 University Station Athens. GA 30601 Eta Alpha (Paine College - #354) Eric Adams (P) Box 7 7 - Paine College Augusta. GA 30901 ThttaMa (Columbus College - #377) Aaron G. Paschal 1229 Dogwood Avenue Columbus, GA 31906 lata Eta (Mercer U - # 4 0 4 ) Duan Sanders (P) Box 61 - Mercer U Macon, GA 31207

Mu Alpha (Emory U - #442) James O'Neal (P) Box 2 1 1 8 5 - Emory U Atlanta, GA 30322 •Mu Gamma (Georgia College - #444) Joseph Nunnally (S) Box 749 - Georgia College Milledgeville, GA 31061 Mu Delta (Georgia Southwestern - #445) Victor Myers P. 0, Box 838 Georgia Southwestern College Americus. GA 31709 Mu Omicron (Valdosta State - #455) Randy Rush (VP) Box 1060 VSC Valdosta, GA 31601 Nu Gamma (West Georgia Coll. - #466) Willie Burner (S) College Arms - Apt. 4-4 Carrollton. GA 30117 NuMu (Southern Tech. Inst. - #474) Gabriel L. Summerlin P. 0. Box 8119 Clay Street Marietta, GA 30060 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Eta Lambda (Atlanta - #107) Larry Epps (CS) P. 0. Box 92576 Atlanta. GA 30317 Alpha Chi Lambda (Augusta - #143) Willie G. Marshall (FS) 829 Strother Drive Augusta. GA 30901 Beta Phi Lambda (Savannah - #164) Chester A. Ellis (CS) P. 0. 8ox 1361 Savannah, GA 31402 Gamma Omicron Lambda (Albany- #180) Edgar Martin (P) P. 0. Box 4054 Albany, GA 31706 Gamma Sigma Lambda (Ft, Valley - #183) Clinton Dixon (S) Box 5742 FVSC Ft. Valley, GA 31030 Delta Iota Lambda (Columbus-#187) Lorenzo Manns (S) 4554 Moline Avenue Columbus. GA 31907 Epsilon Beta Lambda (Macon - #213) Joseph Lindsey (S) P 0. Box 5329 Macon. GA 31208 Eta lota Lambda (Athens - #264) Hugh Goodrum (CS) P. 0 Box 902 Athens, GA 30603 Theta Nu Lambda (LaGrange - #289) Oliver N. Greene (S) 712 Pyracantha Drive LaGrange. GA 30240 loti Gamma Lambda (Brunswick - #504) Alan). Clark (P) 2901 Albany Street Brunswick. GA 31520 Kappa Tau Lambda (Valdosta - #541) Arthur L Hart P. 0. Box 1684 Valdosta. GA 31601

MISSISSIPPI Director William K. Dease 5980 Huntview Drive Jackson, MS 39206 COLLEGE CHAPTERS •Gamma Upsilon (Tougaloo College - #85) Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Gamma Upsilon Tougaloo College Tougaloo, MS 39174 Delta Kappa (Alcorn State U - #98) Ralph Anderson (P) Box 267 ASU Lorman, MS 39096 Delta Phi (Jackson State U - #307) Louis Thomas (ED) Box 18047. JSU Jackson, MS 39217 Zeta Phi (MS Valley State U - #351) Marshall Davis (CS) Box 899, MVSU Itta Bena, MS 38941 Iota Gamma (Rust College - #400) Benme Jennings (P) Box 3 1 5 - R u s t College Holly Springs, MS 38635

•Kappa Beta (MS State U - # 4 2 1 ) Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Kappa Beta Chapter P. 0. Box 1472 Mississippi State. MS 39762 MuXi (Metropolitan - #454) L D. Barron (CS) Southern Station. Box 9223 Hattiesburg. MS 39401 Nu Upsilon (U of Mississippi - #482) Mr. James S. Blake P.O. Box 3251 University, MS 38677 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Alpha Epsilon Lambda (Jackson - #127) Robert W. Harrison (S) Box 356 Yazoo City. MS 39194 Epsilon Xi Lambda (Mound Bayou - #224) George Bacon (RS) P. 0. Box 5531 Greenville, MS 38701 Ztta Mu Lambda (Biloxi - #244) Don Johnson (CS) Route 3, 202 Leslye Avenue Gulfport. MS 39501 Eta Phi Lambda (Columbus - #275) Alfred Walker (P) 1807 25th St., North Columbus. MS 39701 Theta Sigma Lambda (Natchez - #294) Al W. Johnson (P) Box 552, ASU Lorman, MS 39096 Mu Gamma Lambda (Hattiesburg Laurel - #548) Willie L Blackmon (P) 608 Barry Hattiesburg, MS 39401 Mu Pi Lambda (Brookhaven - #560) Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Mu Pi Lambda Chapter P. 0. Box 268 Brookhaven. MS 39601

NORTH CAROLINA Director Dr. A. M. Witherspoon 2701 Rothgeb Drive Raleigh. NC 27610 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Alpha Omicron (Johnson C. Smith U - #36) Jesse Epps (CS) Box 393. JCSU Charlotte, NC 28216 M a Epsilon (AST State U - #49) Eric Ireland (P) Box A 14, AST State U Greensboro, NC 27411 Beta Zeta (Elizabeth City State U - #50) No Report M a Iota (Winston-Salem State U - #53) Bobby Bennett (P) Box 14318, WSSU Winston Salem, NC 27102 (Shaw U - #60) Therold Bond (S) Box 1875. Shaw U Raleigh. NC 27602 •Gamma Beta (North Carolina Central U - #68) Joe Lacewell (CS) Box 11, Chid ley Hall. NCCU Durham. NC 27707 (Livingston College - #77) No Report Gamma Psi (St. Augustine's College - #88) Marshall Sawyer (P) P. 0 Box 366 St. Augustine's College Raleigh. NC 27611 Epsilon Zeta (Fayetteville State U - #315) No Report Ztta Epsilon (Barber Scotia College - #336) Morns Avery (S) Barber-Scotia College Concord. NC 28025 Eta No (East Carolina U - #365) Andy C. Adiele. Jr. (S) 104-H Cherry Court Greenville. NC 27834 Eta Omicron (North Carolina State U - #367) Orlando Hankins (S) Box 5631. College Station Raleigh. NC 27607 •Kappa Omicron (Duke U - #433) George Neale (S) Box 4783 - Duke Station Durham. NC 27706

Me Ztta (U of North Carolina - #447) Kenneth Hill (P) P. 0. Box 551 Chapel Hill, NC 27514 MuTau (UNC - Charlotte - #459) Ted A. Stewart (CS) 310 Moore Hall - U.N.C.C. Charlotte, NC 28223 NuZtta (Western Carolina U - #469) Vernon McRae (P) Box 543 Cullowhee. NC 28723 ALUMNI CHAPTERS (Greensboro-#110) Arthur Stevens (CS) P. 0. Box 21052 Greensboro. NC 27420 Phi Lambda (Raleigh - #120) LesBrinson(P) 4617 Limerick Drive Raleigh. NC 27604 Alpha Pi Lambda (Winston Salem - #137) Thomas H. Hooper, Jr. 1415 E. 14th Street Winston-Salem. NC 27105 •Beta Theta Lambda (Durham - #152) Roy Street (P) 1106 Magnolia Drive Durham. NC 27707 Beta Mu lambda (Salisbury-#155) Marion Jones (S) 809 W.Thomas Street Salisbury, NC 28144 M a Nu Lambda (Charlotte - #156) George Dunlap (P) P.O. Box 16153 Charlotte. NC 28216 Gamma Kappa Lambda (Wilmington-#176) Johnsie A Lowe (S) 112 South 14th Street Wilmington, NC 28403 •Gamma Psi Lambda (Asheville - #188) Robert Harrell (S) 120 Kenilworth Rd. Asheville, NC 28803 Epsilon Rho Lambda (Fayetteville - #227) Ltc Lyman ). Otey (CS) 7 Pelham Street ft. Bragg, NC 28307 Epsilon Sigma Lambda (Rocky Mount - #228) Lonnie T. Foster (P) P. 0. Box 853 Rocky Mount, NC 27801 Epsilon Chi Lambda (Elizabeth City - #232) Roger McLean (FS) Box 21. ECSU Elizabeth City. NC 27909 Ztta Eta lambda (Kinston - #240) B. F. Hall, Jr. (S) 1007 E. Caswell Street Kinston. NC 28501 Eta Mu Lambda (Gastoma - #266) No Report •Theta Omicron lambda (Goldsboro-#291) John D. Stokes P. 0. Box 788 Goldsboro, NC 27530

SOUTH CAROLINA Director Peter Felder P. 0. Box 41 Claflin College Orangeburg.SC 29115 COLLEGE CHAPTERS M a Delta (South Carolina State - #48) Herman Gladney (P) Box 1954, SCSC Orangeburg, SC 29117 (Allen U - #69) No Report Gamma Pi (Benedict College-#81) Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Gamma Pi Chapter Box 17-Benedict College Columbia. SC 29204 Delta Alpha (Claflin U - #89) No Report Eta Iota (Voorhees College - #362) G, K. Knowles (P) P. 0. Box 564 Denmark, SC 29042 Theta Nu (U of South Carolina - #387) Virgil Givens (P) Box 80026, USC Columbia, SC 29225 Kappa Chi (Francis Marion College - #440) Herman White (P) P. 0. Box 384 Florence. SC 29501

MuPi (Baptist College-#456) Angelo Williams (P) Box 423. Baptist College Charleston.SC 29411 NuPhi (U of South Carolina - #483) No Report ALUMNI CHAPTERS Alpha Psi Lambda (Columbia - #144) Henry Ponder (P) P.O. Box 11466 Columbia.SC 29211 Beta Kappa lambda (Charleston - #154) Raymond Smalls (CS) P.O. Box2714 Charleston. SC 29403 •Gamma Gamma Lambda (Greenville - #169) Z. J. Keith (S) P. 0. Box 1481 Anderson, SC 29621 Delta Zeta Lambda (Orangeburg - #194) William J. Nelson (P) P. 0. Box M Orangeburg.SC 29115 Delta Kappa Lambda (Florence - #198) Joseph Heyward (S) P. 0. Box 384 Florence, SC 29503 Eta Omicron Lambda (Rock H i l l - # 2 6 9 ) Richard Miller (P) P. 0. Box 3563 Rock Hill.SC 29730 Theta Phi Lambda (Bennettsville - #297) Ralph DuPree. Sr. (CS) 203 Beauty Spot Road Bennettsville. SC 29512 Iota Eta Lambda (Denmark - #508) No Report Mu Epsilon lambda (Conway - #550) No Report

TENNESSEE Zenoch G. Adams 1024 Kellow Street Nashville, TN 37208 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Chi (Meharry Medical College - #21) Bayne Spotwood (CS) Box 758, Meharry Medical College Nashville, TN 37208 Alpha On (Fisk U - #43) Paul E. Watkins P. 0 Box 444 Fisk University Nashville. TN 37203 MaXi (LeMoyne Owen College - #57) No Report (Tennessee State U - #58) Edison Mosley (S) Box 419, TSU Nashville. TN 37203 M a Pi (Lane College - #59) Melvin Lumpkin (P) 200 Hays Street Jackson. TN 38301 Gamma Omicron (Knoxville College - # 8 0 ) Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Gamma Omicron Chapter P. 0. Box 382, Knoxville College Knoxville, TN 37921 Eta Phi (UT-Chattanooga - #373) Eta Phi Chapter 651 Vine Street Chattanooga, TN 37402 Theta Pi (Austin-Peay State U - #390) Theta Pi Chapter - Box 8337 Austin Peay State University Clarksville, TN 37040 Kappa Eta (Memphis State U - #426) Jerry Malone (S) 589 Moccasin Memphis, TN 38109 Kappa Theta (Vanderbilt U - #427) Robert Daniels (P) Box 5270 B. Vanderbilt U Nashville. TN 37235 (Middle Tennessee State - #432) Foster Anthony. Jr. (P) Box 655. MTSU Murfreesboro, TN 37132 Mil M a (UT-Martm-#443) Barme Black (H) P. 0. Box 121 Martin, TN 38238 MuMa (U of Tennessee - #450) Gregory Cofield (CS) Box 8317 University Station Knoxville. TN 37916


Mu Kappa Lambda Central Vufinia (Urea V) 'Kappa Pi Lambda (Carbondale - #555) COLLEGE CHAPTERS (Peoria - #538) Carl R. Flowers (P) Kappa Pi Lambda Chapter P. 0. Box 2393 Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity (Virginia Union U - #3) Carbondale. IL 62901 1108 West Bradley AlphaeusR. Forbes (P) Peoria. IL 61606 1500 N. Lombrady Richmond. VA 23220 Beta Gamma Director (Virginia State College - #47) (Northern) John Warrick Russell E Brown (S) 9147 Fordham Street Rm. 232 Puryear Hall - VSC Indianapolis. IN 46268 Ronald McBride Petersburg. VA 23803 COLLEGE CHAPTERS 8828 S. Cornell ThttaRho Gamma Eta (Virginia Commonwealth U #391)Chicago, IL 60617 (Indiana U - #73) COLLEGE CHAPTERS Marcus Clarke (VP) lames Taylor (P) Data Box 301B-Med. College of VA 1600 E. Hillside Drive - #3E (Metropolitan - #8) Richmond. VA 23298 Bloomington. IN 47401 Ezra Hemphill (P) ALUMNI CHAPTERS Gamma Rho 5441 N. Kenmore Nu Lambda (Purdue - #82) Chicago, IL 60640 (Virginia State College- #112) Michael Dowell Alpha Mu Robertnett I Hayes (CS) 613 Waldron Street (Northwestern U #33) 21329 Sparta Drive West Lafayette. IN 47906 Aaron Hamb (S) Ettnck, VA 23803 Zeta Rho 2400 Sheridan Rd Beta Gamma Lambda (Indiana State U - #347) Evanston, IL 60201 (Richmond - #147) Terry Collins Epsilon Phi C. A. Pennington (S) P.O. Box 418 (Northern Illinois U - # 3 2 9 ) 3212 Griffin Avenue Terre Haute. IN 47808 Milton R. Patch Richmond, VA 23222 ThataXi Tidewater North (Area VI) P 0 Box 66 (Ball State U - #388) COLLEGE CHAPTERS DeKalb. IL 60115 lohn H. Walton, Jr. (P) Gamma lota MuMu Box 355 - Ball State U. (Elmhurst College - #452) (Hampton Institute - #75) Muncie, IN 47306 William Kennedy (S) Leonard Chester (CS) •lota Theta Box 6161 - Hampton Institute 190 Prospect - Box 1487 (Calumet College - #405) Hampton. VA 23668 Elmhurst, IL 60126 Clay C. Gates Kappa Pi NuMta 2201 Marshalltown Lane (William i Mary - #434) (Chicago State U - #467) Gary. IN 46407 Connie Swmer. Ill (P) Leandrew Coleman (P) Nu Pi College Station, P O Box 7671 5948 W. Rice (U of Evansville - #478) Williamsburg. VA 23186 Chicago. IL 60644 No Report ALUMNI CHAPTERS Nu Epsilon ALUMNI CHAPTERS Zeta Lambda (Lewis U - #468) lota Lambda (Newport News - #106) CothanM. Pack(P) jjyaK^ (Indianapolis - #109) Claude N. Carter (CS) Lewis University - Route 53 (Box Leon Bradford (CS) 12 Suburban Parkway Lockport. IL 60441 P.O. Box 88181 Hampton. VA 23661 NuRho Indianapolis. IN 46208 Delta Beta Lambda #479) (Illinois Inst, of Tech. •Gamma Rho Lambda (Hampton - #190) Ronald Andre (P) (Gary - #182) Moses Easter. Jr 1227W. Winnemac Michael L. Exum P 0. Box 266 Chicago. IL 60640 5850 Forest Court, Apt. #101 Hampton. VA 23669 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Gary. IN 46403 Tidewater South (Area VII) i, i j „ , M a Theta Xi Lambda COLLEGE CHAPTERS (Chicago - #113) (South Bend - #290) Epsilon Pi Leon Hendricks (P) Inactive (Norfolk State College-#324) 4432 S. King Drive Theta Upsilon Lambda Dennis Cooke (P) Chicago, IL 60653 (Fort Wayne - #296) Box 2033 - Norfolk State College Zeta Xi Lambda Jerry T. White (S) Norfolk. VA 23504 (Evanston - #246) P. 0. Box 5076 NuTlnta No Report Ft. Wayne. IN 46895 (Ok) Dominion U - #471) Theta Mu Lambda Kappa Rho lambda No Report (Joliet - #288) (Evansville - #539) ALUMNI CHAPTERS No Report No Report Alpha Phi Lambda lota Delta Lambda (Norfolk - #142) (Chicago - #505) Arnell Burrus (P) Randy Twilley (VP) 340 Fernwood Farms Rd. 10136 S. King Drive Director Chesapeake. VA 23320 Chicago, IL 60628 Everett A. Mays Epsilon Iota Lambda Kappa Chi Lambda P. 0. Box 533 (Suffolk - #220) (Waukegan - #544) Des Moines. IA 50302 Leon N. Harris (CS) Robert L Thirston (CS) COLLEGE CHAPTERS 5548 Greenwood Rd P.O. Box 512 Alpha Theta Suffolk. VA 23437 North Chicago. IL 60064 (U of Iowa - #30) Epsilon Nu Lambda •Mu Alpha Lambda Preston James (S) (Portsmouth - #223) (DeKalb - #546) P. 0. Box 789 Franklin D. Taliaferro (P) Isaac Stinnette (VP) Iowa City. IA 52242 P. 0. Box 1092 8424 S. Ingleside Alpha Nu Portsmouth. VA 23705 Chicago. IL 60619 (Drake U - #34) Mu Delta Lambda David M. Milliner (Springfield - #549) 921 Crocker Street #143 I. Levern G. Whitt (S) Des Moines. IA 50309 1949 Gregory Court ALUMNI CHAPTERS Springfield, IL 62703 Zeta Kappa Lambda Mu Mu Lambda (Des Moines - #243) (Glen Ellyn #556) (Central) Eddie V, Easley (S) Don Coleman (CS) 1431 41st Place Director U S . 541 Walter Lane Des Moines. IA 50311 Dr. Robert Copeland Napemlle, IL 60540 Mu Tau Lambda 270 Lincoln Hall Mu Chi Lambda (Cedar Rapids - #563) University of Illinois (Rock Island - #566) No Report Urbana. IL 61801 Victor L. Davis (CS) COLLEGE CHAPTERS 1744 West 54th Till Davenport. IA 52806 (U of Illinois - #18) Director Milton B. Armstrong (P) Richard Marshall P. 0. Box 2062 1829 North 76th Dr., #7 (Southern) Champaign. IL 61820 Kansas City, KS 66112 •Epsilon Kappa COLLEGE CHAPTERS Director (Bradley U - #319) Upsilon A. Wendell Wheadon. Esq. Clifford R. Rallins (CS) (U of Kansas #19) 2600 St. Louis Avenue Williams Hall Anthony Randall (P) East St. Louis, IL 62205 821 N University. #100 1014 Mississippi COliEGE CHAPTERS Peoria. IL 61606 Lawrence. KS 66044 Beta Eta •ZetaNu Gamma Chi (Southern Illinois U - #51) (Eastern Illinois - #343) Richard J Gardner (CS) Paul Johnson, III (P) P. 0. Box 1002 (Kansas State Coll. - #87) 808 Van Buren Street Carbondale. IL 62901 Alphonso Watson Charleston, IL 61920 Eta Eta 1805 B S. Homer. Apt. #30 EtaTau Pittsburg, KS 66762 (Western Illinois - #360) (Illinois State U - # 3 7 1 ) Reginald R. Lewis (S) Delta Mu Andre McKenzie (S) 216 Olson Hall - WIU (Wichita State U - #99) P. 0. Box 604 Macomb. IL 61455 No Report Normal, IL 61761 Ma Pi Epsilon Omicron ThetaOmicron (Washburn U - #323) (SIUEdwardsville-#412) (Millikin U - #389) No Report Roland Stewart (S) Charles H. Jones. Jr. (A) Kappa Tau 517 2A Tower Lake Apts. 256 Dover Drive (Kansas State U - #437) Edwardsville. IL 62025 Decatur. IL 62521 No Report ALUMNI CHAPTERS ALUMNI CHAPTERS ALUMNI CHAPTERS Delia Epsilon Lambda Omicron Lambda Beta Delta Ela Lambda (East St. Louis - #193) (Champaign - #501) (Topeka - #195) tesse P. Gurley. Ill (P) Jim Casey (S) Earl Fowler (P) 1758 North 43rd Street 1 Canterbury Lane 1305 West 11th St East St. Louis. IL 62204 Champaign, IL 61820 Topeka. KS 66604

Eta Beta Lambda (Wichita - #257) Henry B. Brown (S) 4830 N. Oliver Wichita. KS 67220








Director Lee Jackson 3640 Bold Bidder Dr. #71 Lexington. KY 40502 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Alpha Pi (U of Louisville - #37) No Report BetaMu (Kentucky State U - #55) Ronald J. Clark (S) 139 East Campus Frankfort. KY 40601 Epsilon Chi (U of Kentucky - #330) Anthony G. Givens (S) 413 Hollow Creek Rd. Lexington. KY 40511 Xi Alpha (Morehead State U - #486) John Merchant (CS) U.P.O. #1397 - MSU Morehead, KY 40351 ALUMNI CHAPTERS (Louisville - #101) Charles R Brown (CS) P.O. Box 11426 Louisville. KY 40211 Alpha Beta Lambda (Lexington - #124) Jay R. Anderson (CS) P. 0. Box 1248 Lexington. KY 40590 Gamma Beta Lambda (Frankfort - #168) D. W. Lyons (S) Box 121 - KSU Frankfort, KY 40601

KENTUCKY (Western) Director Claude Snorton

Box 654 Hopkinsville, KY 42240 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Zeta Omicron (Murray State U - #345) Lewey Knox (P) P. 0. Box 2309 - MSU Murray. KY 42071 Eta Rho (Western Kentucky U - #369) Michael Hughes 1713 PearceFord Tower Bowling Green. KY 42101 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Gamma Epsilon Lambda (Hopkinsville - #171) Claude Snorton, Jr. (P) P. 0. Box 654 Hopkinsville, KY 42240

MICHIGAN Director William A, Tipper 912 E. Wellington Flint. Ml 48503 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Epsilon (U of Michigan - #5) Dennis E. Story (S) 530 S. State Street Ann Arbor, Ml 48109 Alpha Upsilon (Wayne State-#41) Ronald A. Dean (P) 18701 Roselawn Detroit. Ml 48221 Gamma Tau (Michigan State U - #84) Leroy Jackson 811-C Cherry Lane East Lansing, Ml 48823 "Epsilon Eta (Eastern Michigan U - #316) Titus Dawson (DP) 835 Green Road, #301 Ypsilanti, Ml 48197 EtaXi (U of Detroit - #366) No Report Theta Tau „ _ (General Motors Institute # 393 > Leon Simpson (P) 1700 W. Third St. Flint, Ml 48502 lota Epsilon (Grand Valley - #402) No Report ALUMNI CHAPTERS Gamma Lambda (Detroit - #103) Ivan L Cotman (P) 20141 Mclntyre Detroit. Ml 48219 Epsilon Upsilon Lambda (Flint - #230) O'Neil Wiley (CS) P. 0. Box 1247 Flint. Ml 48502 Eta Nu Lambda (Grand Rapids - #267) No Report


Theta Zeta Lambda (Ann Arbor - #283) Watson A. Young 43691 Expressway Drive Belleville. Ml 48111 lota Rho Lambda (Pontiac-#517) No Report lota Chi Lambda (Saginaw - #522) George Adams 4086 Amelia Drive Saginaw. Ml 48601 Kappa Delta Lambda (East Lansing - #527) Richard D. Letts (P) 510 S. Jenison Lansing, Ml 48915

MICHIGAN (Northern) Director Theophilis Duckett 917 Clover Kalamazoo, Ml 49008 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Epsilon Xi (Western Michigan U - #322) Beniamin M. Wagner. Jr. (P) 1087 Mt. Royal Drive - #3A Kalamazoo. Ml 49009 Zeta Beta (Ferris State - #333) Gregory Miller. (P) Box 4 - Rankin Center - FSC Big Rapids. Ml 49307 Zeta Delta (Northern Michigan - #335) No Report ALUMNI CHAPTERS lota Phi Lambda (Muskegon Heights - #521) Alexander Davis (P) P. 0. Box 3972 Muskegon Heights. Ml 49444 Kappa Psi Lambda (Kalamazoo - #545) Robert P Neff (S) P. 0. Box 368. Courthouse Station Kalamazoo. Ml 49006

MINNESOTA Director James Beard 4109 Portland Ave.. South Minneapolis. MN 55407 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Mu (U of Minnesota - #11) Kent Warder (P) 235 Coffman Union 300 Washington, SE Minneapolis. MN 55455 ALUMNI CHAPTERS •Gamma Xi Lambda (Minneapolis - #179) Willie T. James (P) 4352 Arden View Court Arden Hills, MN 55112

MISSOURI (Eastern) Ronald E. Smiley 1562 Mendall St. Louis. MO 63130 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Alpha Eta (St. Louis - #29) Lenell Baker. II (P) 8003 Milan Court University City, MO 63130 Epsilon Psi (U of Missouri-#331) Eric Trice (P) Hwy 63 S Elm Rolla. MO 65401 Xi Gamma Chapter Cape Girardeau - #488) James Brightman (P) 320 N. Sprigg Cape Girardeau. Mo 63701 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Epsilon Lambda (St. Louis - #105) John R. Pope (CS) 6176 Lucille Avenue St. Louis. MO 63136 Epsilon Eta Lambda (Charleston - #218) Booker T. Robinson (S) P.O. Box 828 Cairo, IL 62914

MISSOURI (Central) Director Carl Smith Lakeview Subdivision Jefferson City, MO 65101 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Alpha Psi (Lincoln U - #44) Charles Glasper (ADV) Lincoln University Jefferson City, MO 65101 Zeta Alpha (U of Missouri - #332) Clarence B. Wine (A) 100 Read Hall Columbia, MO 65211

Iota Xi (Northeast Missouri - #410) Michael W. Simms 401 S Washington Traveler's Hotel Kirksville. MO 63501 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Beta Zeta Lambda (Jefferson City - #150) Owen G. Abrahams (P) 1006 Moreau Drive Jefferson City. MO 65101

MISSOURI (Western) Director Jimmie Buford 9807 Smailey Avenue Kansas City. MO 64134 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Delta Rho (U of Missouri - #303) Angelo Stenms 2616 Montgall Kansas City, MO 64127 Zeta Gamma (Central Missouri - #334) Ivory E. Stewart (P) Box #20 - CMSU Union Warrensburg, MO 64093 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Beta Lambda (Kansas City - #102) Milous S. Lusk (CS) 7400 East 127th Place Grandview, MO 64030

NEBRASKA Director David Chase 2503 North 30th Street Omaha. NE 68111 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Beta Beta (U of Nebraska - #46) No Report ALUMNI CHAPTERS Beta Xi Lambda (Omaha - #157) Virgil R. Chandler 4220 Pratt Street Omaha. NE 6811) OHIO


Director Robert Stubblefield 915 Loch Lomond Avenue Toledo, OH 43607 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Epsilon Alpha (U of Toledo-#310) Greg Collier 905 Woodward Avenue Toledo, OH 43608 Epsilon Theta (Bowling Green U - #317) Ronald Winston 130 S, Prospect Bowling Green. OH 43403 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Alpha Xi Lambda (Toledo - #135) Joseph Sansbury (P) 1437 Addington Toledo, OH 43607 •Kappa Mu Lambda (Lorain - #534) Houston Love 1247 West 17th St. Lorain. OH 44052 OHIO


Director James T. Rushin 1186 Wyley Avenue Akron, OH 44306 COliEGE CHAPTERS Pi (Cleveland State/Western Reserve No Report Alpha Tau (U of Akron - #40) Edward Hudson 81 S. Adoiph Street Akron, OH 44320 Epsilon Delta (Kent State U - # 3 1 3 ) Glenn Thornton (VP) 317 Beall Hall - KSU Kent, OH 44243 lota Phi (Mount Union College-#417) No Report ALUMNI CHAPTERS Beta Rho Lambda (Youngstown - #160) Frank Woolen 1734 Glen wood Avenue P. 0. Box 1500 Youngstown. OH 44501 Delta Alpha Lambda (Cleveland - #189) Leonard Hamilton (P) Box 99551 Cleveland, OH 44199 Eta Tau Lambda (Akron - #273) James Rushin 186 Wyley Avenue Akron, OH 44306



Director William Nelson, Ph.D. 2572 Burnaby Drive Columbus. OH 43209 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Kappa (Ohio State U - #10) William Crawford (S) Box 51, Ohio Union 1739 N. High Columbus, OH 43201 Phi (Ohio U - #20) Richard Lancaster (T) c/o Baker Center Athens, OH 45701 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Alpha Rho Lambda (Columbus-#138) Eddie Francis (FS) Box 6821 Columbus. OH 43205 OHIO

(West Central)

Director Edward White 5211 Big Bend Drive Dayton, OH 45427 COLLEGE CHAPTERS 'Xi (Wilberforce U - # 1 3 ) Gregory Cyprian (P) Box 47. Wilberforce U Wilberforce. OH 45384 Gamma Theta (U of Dayton - #74) Casby Harrison. Ill 642 Westwood Avenue Dayton, OH 45407 Delta Xi (Central State U - #300) Donald Brame (P) Box 441 Wilberforce, OH 45384 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Theta Lambda (Dayton - #108) Roy Taylor (P) Box 468. Dunbar Station Dayton. OH 45417 Chi Lambda (Wilberforce - #121) John H. Cooper Box 351 Wilberforce, OH 45384 Zeta Delta Lambda (Springfield - #237) Clarence Harmon (P) 1818 Wittenberg Blvd.. West Springfield, OH 45506 OHIO


Director Clarence Frazier 1145 Wionna Avenue Cincinnati. OH 45224 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Alpha Alpha (U of Cincinnati - #23) Daryl Cox 5910 Jordan Lane Cincinnati. OH 45227 Delta Upsilon (Miami U - #306) Keith D. Hamilton (P) c/o Larry Young 96 Bishop Hall - Miami U Oxford. OH 45056 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Delta Gamma Lambda (Cincinnati - #191) Charles Neal (S) 2840 Melrose Avenue Cincinnati. OH 45206


#15) AdolphusA. Young. Jr P.O. Box 13 Keystone, WVA 24852 COliEGE CHAPTERS •Alpha Zeta (West Virginia State - #28) Francisco B, Newman, III (P) P.O. Box 511 Institute. WVA 25112 'Beta Theta (Bluetield State - #52) Ronald Wright (P) 1001 Hanover Street Bluetield. WVA 24701 Nu Nu (Marshall U - #475) No Report ALUMNI CHAPTERS Alpha Zeta Lambda (Bluetield - #128) AdolphusA. Young, Jr. (S) P.O. Box 671 Bluefield, WVA 24701 Alpha lota Lambda (Charleston - #131) John E. Scott (S) P. 0. Box 303 Institute. WVA 25112 Gamma Delta Lambda (Beckley-#170) Inactive

The Sphinx / Summer 1979

NuEti (Christian Brothers Coll.-#470) Johnny Devould (S) 2390 Twain Avenue Memphis, TN 38114 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Tau Lambda (Nashville- #118) Wilson Q. Welch, Jr. (CS) P 0. Box 5646 Nashville. TN 37208 Psi Lambda (Chattanooga - #122) John Pitts (P) 841 Oak Street Chattanooga, TN 37403 Alpha Delta Lambda (Memphis - #126) George D. Clark. Jr. (S) 1217 Fountain Court Memphis. TN 38106 Alpha Mu Lambda (Knoxville-#133) Horace Andrews (P) 7705 Maida Vale Circle Powell, TN 37849 Beta Upsilon Lambda (Jackson - #163) L. R. Cunningham (CS) 342 Webster Street Jackson, TN 38301 Kappa Zeta Lambda (Clarksville - #529) Roy L Adams (S) 66th Finance Ft Campbell, KY 42223 Mu Nu Lambda (Kingsport - #557) John Harrison (P) 2512 Sanford Drive Kingsport, TN 37664

SOUTHWEST ARKANSAS Director Acie Johnson 1011 S. Hughes Little Rock, AR 72204 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Beta Chi (Philander Smith College - #65) No Report Gamma Delta (U of Ark. at Pine Bluff - #70) No Report Theta Kappa (Henderson State Coll. - #385) Greg Adams (P) Box H 104 Arkadelphia, AR 71923 Theta Upsilon (Arkansas State U - #394) Freeman Montaque (P) Box 380 State University. AR 72467 Theta Psi (U of Central Arkansas - #397) Harry Reeves (S) UCA, Box 646 Conway. AR 72032 Kappa Iota (Southern Arkansas U - #428) Glen Hawkins (S) Box 616, SAD Magnolia, AR 71753 Kappa Kappa (U of Arkansas - #429) Tracy Holmes (P) 477 Razorback Road Fayetteville, AR 72701 •Kappa Psi (UA Little Rock-#441) Johnny Brown (P) P.O.Box 435 Little Rock, AR 72203 Nu Alpha (Arkansas Tech. U - #464) No Report ALUMNI CHAPTERS Pi Lambda (Little Rock-#115) Sherman Tate (P) 16 Windy Court Little Rock. AR 72207 Delta Sigma Lambda (Pine Bluff - #206) Garland Puckett(P) 1400 Beech Street Pine Bluff. AR 71601 Theta Tau Lambda (Helena - #295) George Denton (S) 254 Pine Street Marianna, AR 72360 Mu Omicron Lambda (Blytheville - #559) Robert Jones (P) 1413 Lee Circle, South Blytheville, AR 72315

LOUISIANA Director Mitchell Albert 2375 79th Avenue Baton Rouge, LA 70807

COLLEGE CHAPTERS Beta Sigma (Southern U - #61) Michael C. Livingston P. 0 Box 9929 Southern University Baton Rouge. LA 70813 Beta Tau (Xavier U - #62) Sherwood Baker (CS) 3935 Pine Street Box 114 New Orleans, LA 70125 Beta Phi (Dillatd U - #64) Al Lee (T) Box 365. Dillard U New Orleans, LA 70122 Delta Sigma (Gramblmg U - #304) Carl Williams (S) Box 200 Gramblmg, LA 71245 Epsilon Upsilon (SUN0 - #328) P. Malcolm Robinson (A) 1603 Charlton Drive New Orleans, LA 70122 ZetaXi (USL - #344) George Sonnier (P) P.O. Box 4 1889 Lafayette, LA 70504 Eta Kappa (Louisiana Tech U - #363) Michael Conner (P) 5497 Tech Station Ruston. LA 71272 Eta Chi (Northeast Louisiana - #374) Albert Peoples (CS) Box 4421 -NLU Monroe, LA 71209 Theta Theta (McNeese State U - #383) Charles A. Neal MSU, Box 587 Lake Charles. LA 70609 Theta Phi (U of New Orleans - #395) Keith Lewis (S) UNO Box 1235 New Orleans. LA 70122 Theta Chi (Northwestern State U - #396) Billy C. Culbert P.O. Box 5232 Natchitoches, LA 71457 Kappa Mu (Nicholls State U - #430) No Report Kappa Nu (Southeastern Louisiana - #431) Kevin Armant (P) Box 3917, SLU Hammond. LA 70402 NuPsi (Louisiana State U - #485) No Report ALUMNI CHAPTERS •Sigma Lambda (New Orleans-#117) Walter E. Morial (S) 3328 St Anthony Avenue New Orleans, LA 70122 Beta lota Lambda (Baton Rouge - #153) Norman St. Amant (P) 940 Grebe Street Baton Rouge. LA 70807 •Delta Upsilon Lambda (Shreveport - #208) James Leary (S) 2961 Looney Street Shreveport. LA 71103 Epsilon Kappa Lambda (Gramblmg-#221) Dr. Allen Williams P. O Drawer 604 Gramblmg, LA 71245 Epsilon Psi Lambda (Alexandria - #233) Walter Hadnot (P) P. 0. Box 2030 Alexandria. LA 71301 Zeta Chi Lambda (Bogalusa - #254) No Report Zeta Psi Lambda (Lake Charles - #255) J. Y. Bellard (T) P.O. Box 1102 Lake Charles, LA 70602 Eta Gamma Lambda (Lafayette - #258) Richard Travers (S) 443 LaSalle Street St. Martinville. LA 70582 Eta Delta Lambda (Monroe - #259) Louis Pargoud (CS) 500 Jason Drive Monroe, LA 71202 lota Xi Lambda (Opelousas - #514) Donald Bush (S) P.O. Box 329 Opelousas. LA 70570

OKLAHOMA Director Charles Lewis 1710 West Xyler Tulsa. OK 74127

COLLEGE CHAPTERS Beta Kappa (Langston U - #54) Romeo Alford (CS) Langston U Langston, OK 73050 Epsilon Epsilon (Oklahoma State U - #314) Kevin Basden (S) 408 N. Washington Stillwater, OK 74074 Zeta Zeta (U of Oklahoma - #337) Dennis Sullivan 640 Elm Norman, OK 73019 Zeta Sigma (Central State U - #348) Charles Bible (P) 1000 N. Kennedy Edmond, OK 73034 Zeta Upsilon (Northeastern State Coll. - #350) Zeta Upsilon Chapter Box 340. NSU Tahlequah. OK 74464 Eta Theta (East Central State - #361) No Report Kappa Epsilon (Cameron U - #424) No Report ALUMNI CHAPTERS Alpha Tau Lambda (Tulsa - #140) Thee Mack (S) P.O. Box 6152 Tulsa. OK 74106 Beta Epsilon Lambda (Boley - #149) L G. Ashley Box 247 Boley, OK 74829 Beta Eta Lambda (OklahomaCity-#151) W. G. Henderson (CS) P.O.Box 11105 Oklahoma City, OK 73136 Beta Chi Lambda (Muskogee - #165) Vernon Foshee (S) 725 N. Terrace Blvd. Muskogee. OK 74401 Zeta Gamma Lambda (Langston - #236) Raymond Johnson, II (S) P 0 Box 836 Langston, OK 73050 Eta XI Lambda (Lawton-Ft. Sill - #268) Jewel L. Williams Box A-122. R A H Ft. Sill, OK 73503

TEXAS Director Charles Green 6511 Bridgewater Cove Austin. TX 78723 COLLEGE CHAPTERS •Delta (Huston Tillotson College - #4) Devon Small (P) Huston Tillotson College - Box 324 Austin, TX 78702 •Alpha Sigma (Wiley U - #39) Willie Marshall 2107 Pinecrest Dr.. B 16 Marshall. TX 75670 Gamma Alpha (TexasCollege- #67) Thomas Birt (S) 2215 N Palace Tyler, TX 75701 Delta Theta (Texas Southern U - #96) Henry Porche (P) TSU, Box 748 Houston. TX 77004 Epsilon Gamma (Bishop College-#312) William P. Black 3837 Simpson-Stuart Road Box 233 Dallas, TX 75241 Epsilon lota (U of Texas-#318) Alpha Phi Alpha Box 242, University Station Austin. TX 78712 Epsilon Rho (Lamar Tech - #325) Frank M. Walker (P) 821 W. Gulfway Port Arthur. TX 77640 •Epsilon Sigma (St. Mary's U - #326) Lelaurin Brown (CS) P. 0. Box 2406 San Antonio, TX 78285 Zeta Kappa (UT-EI Paso - # 3 4 1 ) Michael A. Charles 418 Barry Hall. U of Tx. at El Paso El Paso. TX 79968 Zeta Tau (East Texas State - #349) James Jones (P) Box S, ET Station Commerce, TX 75428 Zeta Chi (UT Arlington - #352) Jerry Haggerty (T) Box 19193. UTA Station Arlington. TX 76010

Eta Gamma (Prairie View - #356) Philip Alexander (CS) Box 2255 Prairie View A 4 M University Prairie View, TX 77445 Eta Epsilon (North Texas State - #358) Kevin Carreathers(P) Box 5493, NT Station Denton, TX 76203 EUMu (U of Houston - #364) Melvm Roberts (RS) 6014 Newquay Houston. TX 77085 •Eta Upsilon (Texas Tech U - #372) Barry Bruce (P) 2324 5th - #79 Lubbock. TX 79401 Eta Psi (Texas Christian U - #375) No Report Theta Alpha (Jarvis Christian College - #376) Eugene Roussel! (S) 204 Washington Hall - JCC Hawkins, TX 75765 Theta Mu (Sam Houston State U - #386) Chester Crawford (P) Box 2840, SHSU Huntsville, TX 77341 •lota Kappa (Paul Quinn College - #407) Ernest People 1020 Elm Street Waco. TX 76704 lotaMu (SF Austin State U - #408) Frederick Moore (P) Box 5707. SFA Station Nacogdoches. TX 75962 •lota Omicron (Southern Methodist U - # 4 1 1 ) Perry Johnson (S) SMU Box 3522 Dallas. TX 75205 •Kappa Sigma (West Texas State - #436) David Willis (P) WTSU Canyon, TX 79016 MuNu (Southwest Texas State - #453) Randle D. Howard (T) LB.J. Student Center SW Texas State University San Marcos, TX 78666 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Alpha Eta Lambda (Houston - #129) Donald Bonner (CS) 1519 Ruth Street Houston, TX 77004 Alpha Sigma Lambda (Dallas - #139) Samuel L. Bates (S) 2334 S. Good Latimer Dallas, TX 75215 Beta Tau Lambda (Ft Worth - #162) Wyman Wiggins (CS) 905 Green River Trail Ft. Worth, TX 76103 Gamma Eta Lambda (Austin-#173) Allen M Johnson. Jr. 9901 Mandeville Circle Austin. TX 78750 Gamma Pi Lambda (Galveston - #181) Curtis McGowan (S) 6018 Diamond Court Texas City, TX 77590 Gamma Tau Lambda (Beaumont - #184) William Jones (P) 4145 Simpson Drive Beaumont. TX 77705 Gamma Upsilon Lambda (Marshall - #185) Telly Miller (P) P. O. Box 479 Marshall. TX 75670 Delta Rho Lambda (San Antonio - #205) William Hays, Jr. (P) 6214 Forest Bend San Antonio, TX 78240 Epsilon Alpha Lambda (Tyler-#212) No Report Epsilon Epsilon Lambda (Waco - #216) Mason Yarbrough P. 0. Box 1405 Waco. TX 76703 Epsilon Tau Lambda (Prairie View - #229) Earl Jones (P) P. 0. Box 2241 Prairie View, TX 77445 Epsilon Phi Lambda (Port Arthur - #231) No Report •Zeta Tau Lambda (Amanllo - #251) Donald White (P) 4821 Rusk Street Amanllo, TX 79110 Eta Upsilon Lambda (Odessa - #274) James Bradford (CS) 1315 E. Parker Street Midland, TX 79701

Theta Delta Lambda (El Paso - #281) Edward Williams P. 0. Box 6440 Fort Bliss, TX 79906 Theta Kappa Lambda (Lubbock - #287) Grover Colvin (CS) 1801 East 28th Street Lubbock, TX 79404 Kappa Gamma Lambda (Texarkana - #526) No Report Kappa Sigma Lambda (Killen - #540) Robert Harris (P) P. 0, Box 1338 Killeen, TX 76541 Mu Rho Lambda (Longview - #561) Clifford Harkless (CS) Route 1 - Box 208 Tatum.TX 75691



Director William Corbin 2401 W. Cheery Lynn Rd. Phoenix. A2 85015 COLLEGE CHAPTERS MuEta (Arizona State U - #448) Weyman Watson 909 S. Terrace #1815 Tempe, AZ 85281 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Delta Tau Lambda (Phoenix - #207) William Corbin (CS) 2401 W.Cherry Lynn Rd. Phoenix. AZ 85015 ARIZONA


NEVADA Director Felix Goodwin 7065 N. Stardust Tucson. AZ 85718 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Zeta Theta (U of Arizona - #339) Leslie Boyd (P) SUPO 20825 Tucson. AZ 85720 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Eta Psi Lambda (Tucson - #277) Richard Davis (CS) 5620 E South Wilshire Drive Tucson. AZ 85711 Theta Pi Lambda (Las Vegas - #292) No Report

CALIFORNIA (Bakersfleld-Fresno) Director William H. Day 866 East Fir Fresno. CA 93710 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Epsilon Beta (Fresno State-#311) Dwight King (P) P. 0. Box 12301 Fresno, CA 93710 ALUMNI CHAPTERS •lota Nu Lambda (Fresno-#513) Paul Fuller (P) P. O. Box 12301 Fresno. CA 93701 Kappa Eta Lambda (Bakersfield - #530) Willis Hill, Jr. (P) P. 0. Box 807 Bakersfield. CA 93302

CALIFORNIA (Bay Area) Director Elmon Elmore 2575 Bantry Lane S. San Francisco, CA 94080 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Alpha Epsilon (UC Berkeley - #27) No Report Delta Omicron (Stantord - #301) No Report Nu Sigma (Stanford - #480) Theodore Harris (P) P.O. Box 7110 Stanford, CA 94305 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Gamma Phi lambda (Berkeley - #186) Casper G. Bradham P. 0. Box 3238 Berkley. CA 94703 Gamma Chi Lambda (San Francisco - #187) William Hunter (CS) 255 Urbano Drive San Francisco. CA 94127

Theta Beta Lambda (Oakland - #279) No Report •Kappa Alpha Lambda (Monterey - #524) Clifford McDuffy(P) 1326 Sky View Drive Seaside, CA 93955 Kappa Omicron Lambda (Valleio - #537) Jesse Bethel (S) 315 Pepper Drive Vallejo. CA 94590

CALIFORNIA (San Jose) Vernon Johnson 7356 Maywood Drive Pleasanton, CA 91001 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Epsilon Mu (San Jose State U - #320) Bruce Santos P. 0. Box 486 San Jose. CA 95103 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Eta Sigma Lambda (San Jose - #272) Richard Terrell (CS) 4959 Massachusetts Drive San Jose. CA 95136

CALIFORNIA (Los Angeles) To Be Appointed COLLEGE CHAPTERS Gamma Xi (UCLA - #79) Terry Brown (P) 5131 Coney Covina.CA 71722 •Mu Kappa (UC Santa Barbara-#451) Geoffrey Brown (P) Box 14505, UC Santa Barbara, CA 93106 MuChi (Cal State Long Beach - #462) Louis Noble (P) 11002 a Crenshaw- #4 Inglewood, CA 90303 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Beta Psi Lambda (Los Angeles - # 1 6 6 ) Samuel Davis (RS) 6743 Third Avenue Los Angeles. CA 90043 Eta Pi Lambda (Pasadena - #270) Eta Pi lambda Chapter P. 0. Box 1884 Altadena. CA 91001 lota Zeta Lambda (Compton - #507) Harvey Lehman (CS) 5232 W. Fairview Los Angeles, CA 90056 Mu Sigma Lambda (Culver City - #562) Hodari Kinamo (P) P. 0. Box 36764 Los Angeles. CA 90036

CALIFORNIA (Sacramento-Stockton) Director Clifford Bastield 520 West 5th Street Stockton, CA 95206 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Theta EU (UC Davis - #382) Vincent George Hughes (P) 25 Casellie Circle - #2 Sacramento, CA 95823 NuChi (U of the Pacific - #484) No Report ALUMNI CHAPTERS Zeta Beta Lambda (Sacramento - #235) Heman Smith (P) P. 0. Box 22261 Sacramento, CA 95822

CALIFORNIA (San Bernadlno) Director Kenneth Chapman 846 E Margarita Street Rialto, CA 92376 COLLEGE CHAPTERS •Alpha Delta (USC - #26) Michael Walker (P) 5922 S. Van Ness Los Angeles. CA 90047 lota Chi (UofRedlands-#418) Junius Pierson (P) 2298 S. Martin Street Perns, CA 92370 •lota Psi (California Polytechnic U - #419) Ron Ross(P) P.O. Box 1742 Pomona. CA 91768

ALUMNI CHAPTERS MuXi Lambda (Rialto - #558) Kenneth Chapman (ST) P. 0. Box 7057 San Bernardino. CA 92411

CALIFORNIA (San Diego) Director Samuel McElroy 6531 Hopedale Court San Diego. CA 92120 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Eta Sigma (Metropolitan - #370) Dione. Teague 3983 Miramar Street, Apt. #C Lajolla. CA 92037 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Zeta Sigma Lambda (San Diego - #250) Sam Thomas. Jr. (CS) 7594 Careybrook Lane San Diego, CA 92114

COLORADO Director Melvin J, Norton 2001 East 21st Avenue Denver, CO 80205 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Alpha lota (U of Colorado - #31) Jeftry L P. McDonald (S) 23 Andrews Hall - U. of C. Boulder. CO 80310 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Delta Psi Lambda (Denver-#211) Phillip Cochran (CS) 1165 Orexel Boulder. CO 80303 lota Omicron Lambda (Colorado Springs - #515) Earnest Martin (P) 118 Ithaca Street Widetield. CO 80911 Mu Upsilon Lambda (Boulder - #564) Ronald E. Reese 4660 Kirkwood Street Boulder. CO 80301

WASHINGTON OREGON Director Dewey Tuggle 3401 Narrows Drive Tacoma, WA 98407 COLLEGE CHAPTERS Alpha Xi (U ol Washington - #35) Henry H. Cannon 3510 S. 180th C 7 Seattle. WA 98188 Beta Psi (U of Oregon - #66) No Report •lota Tau (Eastern Washington Stale - #415) Michael Vines (P) P. 0. Box 940 Cheney. WA 99004 ALUMNI CHAPTERS Epsilon Zeta Lambda (Portland - #217) No Report Zeta Pi Lambda (Seattle - #248) Darrell Fregia Box 24572 Seattle. WA 98124 lota Mu Lambda (Tacoma - #512) Dewey H. Tuggle, Jr. (T) 3401 Narrows Drive Tacoma. WA 98407

NEW MEXICO Director Boyd Jackson 1305 Evelyn Court, N.E. Albuquerque, NM 85705 ALUMNI CHAPTERS lota Psi Lambda (Albuquerque - #523) Samuel Hams(S) P. 0. Box 5435 Albuquerque, NM 87115

HAWAII Director C. Edward Singer 410 Magellan Street - Apt. 908 Honolulu, HI 96813 ALUMNI CHAPTER Mu Beta Lambda (Honolulu - #547) Dan C. Matthews (T) P. 0. Box 267 Pearl City, HI 96782

UTAH Director To Be Appointed COLLEGE CHAPTER Iota Upsilon (Utah Slate U - # 4 1 6 ) No Report

The Sphinx USPS 5 1 0 - 4 4 0 4 4 3 2 S. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Drive Chicago, Illinois 6 0 6 5 3 POSTMASTER: If this magazine is undelivered please send form 3579 to The Sphinx, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., 4432 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, Chicago, IL 60653.

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The SPHINX | Summer 1979 | Volume 65 | Number 2 197906502  

Convention Review • 1979 Brothers of the Year • New Regular Features

The SPHINX | Summer 1979 | Volume 65 | Number 2 197906502  

Convention Review • 1979 Brothers of the Year • New Regular Features